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#1 All Systems Super ning Gel- 8 Oz [Misc : Works a little. But stain is still there.

Lid was partway opened and leaked all over the inside of the shipping package. I see many negative reviews with people saying they even left it overnight and it didn’t work. The instructional videos specifically state you have to use it multiple days in a row before washing it out.

I have been using this daily on both of my maltese and im still hoping to see more improvement. After the first 3 applications i noticed a slight lightening of their stains which i was very happy about but i haven’t noticed anything since. I’m going to keep using it and hope for the best.

#1 All Systems Super Whitening Gel- 8 Oz [Misc.]

  • Apply to clean
  • dry coat with clean fingers or a small cosmetic brush. Keep out of eyes. Reapply as necessary to a clean
  • dry coat. Wash
  • rinse
  • condition and dry thoroughly no less than every third application.

This product has worked better than any i have tried for whitening my maltese tear stains. It takes repeated applications and continued use, but not as frequently once the stains lighten.

Great for getting rid of staining on white coated dogs.

I have a white/cream long haired chihuahua and i have applied this less than half a dozen times thus far and i can honestly say that you see a difference after just 1 or 2 applications. I do use tear wipes in between but this stuff really works. I recommend it to anyone, it’s worth trying because if anything is going to work it’s this product. Please be careful not to get it into your dogs eye though. Our dogs health should come before our own aesthetic desires and if you cannot carefully apply it, do not use it.

#1 All Systems Super Whitening Gel- 8 Oz [Misc.] : Even asked the vet on what to do. She said that no products sold in the us actually work, as most are dangerous. I saw some youtube videos on this one. Used it diligently for 2 weeks. I think how it works is you put the gel on the dog hair 3 times, and the tear stains seems to wash out after you use tearless shampoo and massage the gel out.

This product does work but it takes more than three applications to see an improvement more like daily. Twice and i wash my doggies faces nightly but after about a week of daily applications and using spa lavish tear stain shampoo to wash it’s made a huge difference.

My video review & instructions here in youtube just lookup the user cloud9malteseyoutube. Com/users/cloud9malteseamazing. I can’t believe i didn’t know about this product before. I don’t know why more people aren’t raving about it, like the ‘pros’ that use this should be telling everyone about it.But maybe they want to keep it a secret?. I have a maltese, and she does not come with the best genes since she’s a byb dog, so she has had tear stains that just make it look like her face is dirty, when it’s not. People that don’t know about dogs tear stains really do think i don’t clean her well enough. But i would never dare give my baby ‘angel eyes’, that’s just horrible for her. So i was glad when i found out about this product and thought i would give it a try. It’s actually quite gentle but powerful.

The only reason why i’m giving this item 4 stars is because i feel like if it’s not used properly it might be harsh on the hair. . My dog hasn’t experienced any skins issues etc. But keep in mind i opted to wash it out daily and then reapply just to be safe. Ok i purchased this item in anticipation that eye envy would not work (and it didn’t after 15 days of use). At any rate, this product actually does what it says. So be very careful it is a bleaching agent. But i will say this it did not bother my bentley one bit. Although, i did use the gel slightly differently. First off, i washed bentleys face with just some regular oatmeal dog shampoo i have.

I gave this product 5 stars because despite the fact that it doesn’t simply immediately take away the stain, (it takes several days, several times), it’s the best thing i’ve found. Most of the products for tear stains do nothing at al. It was nice to find something that did lighten them over time at least.

If you have dogs with white on their faces shazam is a must have. I keep one up stairs and one down at all times this is the only product i have found that actually works and it doesn’t irritate your dogs skin.

Does really works if u use it few times a month.

This does but follow instructions. It does smell a bit so i do 2 days on, then wash off. Then do not use for a time then 2 days on again.

Nothing works overnight, but this works the best. I have tried chews and rinses but this gel works the best for my dog’s tear stains. When the gel dries, it gets kind of cakey and stiff, which seems uncomfortable so i don’t leave it on between baths as it says you can. I start seeing results after the first application but it’s not super noticeable until a few days or applications. There is also a lot of gel and it will last a long time before i need to repurchase.

You have to apply is 3 times. I put some on his stains on monday evening, tuesday evening, and wednesday evening, and washed it all off thursdy evening, and it definietly lightened them alot. After 3 applications of the same process, the stains were gone.

I have a white havanese with horrible eye stains. I liked the idea of the gel because my dog tends to get sick from the other product that i have tried (tearplex). I have used the product 5 times so far and there is definitely a difference. It’s still not perfect but the stains are much lighter. I’m hopeful that more applications will help. The jar is big and will last a long time.

I really don’t see a difference when using this. Truth be told i feel all these products are a gimmick and its just a matter of your dogs genetic disposition. We simply need to learn to love our dogs as they are. If its that big of a deal for you maybe see a vet.

Professional seller, excellent product.

It took a few weeks as i used it as described, applying once every 3 days and much to my surprise, it really did work. The stains i have been trying to remove for months was gone.

Ive tried everything on the market for urine stain removal on my paralyzed dog that doesn’t have bladder control. Used as directed (well sorta, i used a lot more of it for pretty heavy saturation) after three times the stains were not gone but much much lighter; and no skin irritation at all; didn’t make hair feel gucky after applying three days in a row and then bathing.

Our westie gets brown tear stains and brown fur around his mouth in the summer and fall months. We think this is partially from allergies and possibly the mineral content of our water. We were hoping that this whitening gel would help eliminate the problem. The gel does work, and if applied regularly will whiten the area it is regularly put on. However, the gel doesn’t really eliminate the color. I wish it worked a little better, although i imagine a stronger product might be irritating for a dog. Still, this is the best thing available now that the fda has banned no more tears and similar products. This gel doesn’t eliminate the source of the tears or fur browning (which those products did do) but can help deal with the stained fur itself.

I have been trying for years to find a whitening product for under my maltese eyes. I cannot believe how well this works and almost immediately. The first time i started it i used it 3 consecutive days since he was badly discolored. Then washed it off and did 3 more days. Now i only have to use it only occasionally when the area starts to darken and only need it once. This is the most fantastic product i have ever used. Also the price is very reasonable and the jar will last a very long time.

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#1 All Systems Super Whitening Gel- 8 Oz [Misc.]
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