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Monthly Archives: May 2018

2xhome Set of Two, Sturdy and easy to assemble

The chairs came about 2 days earlier than expected, well packaged with very easy instructions and assembly. They came with very minor scratches you can hardly tell. Also one of the legs came a little uneven, but when i sit on it, the chair doesn’t rock. Besides that they are sturdy and most importantly they look nice.

These eames style chairs were exactly what i wanted. They were easy to assemble and are very comfortable.

I bought them to complement a fairly neutral kitchen/living room area and they’re perfect. They’re surprisingly comfortable, fairly light, seemingly sturdy (although i have not had a dinner party yet so they haven’t been heavily used) and easy to put together.

Key specs for 2xhome Set of Two (2) – Eames Style Side Chair Black Wooden Legs Eiffel Dining Room Chairs No Arm Arms Armless Molded Plastic Seat Dowel Legs (Grey):

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  • Pair of Eames Style Side Chairs / Accent Seats – Black Wood Legs – High Quality Dining Room Chairs
  • Heavy-duty molded contemporary plastic seat (matte finish) – PLEASE NOTE: You may see similar chairs from other sellers, but their chairs have indents/imprints on top seating, where the base attaches at the bottom. Our top seats are completely smooth, not indented like the thinner plastic chairs sold by other sellers.
  • Straight wooden dowel legs w/ floor protectors for sensitive flooring
  • Ergonomically shaped & comfortable curved seating – Great for both Home and Office use – Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Bedrooms, Nurseries, Offices, Waiting Areas, Parties, Banquets, and many more!
  • Multiple colors available – (Please see our others listing!)

Comments from buyers

“Sturdy and easy to assemble, Beautiful looking chairs and comfortable too!, Comfortable and festive!”

Chairs are very easy to put together, comfortable and sturdy.

The chairs are attractive, comfortable and easy to assemble. They arrived quickly and well packed with no damage. They are lightweight and flexible, but sturdy.

I was very apprehensive to buy these chairs after reading reviews people complained about them being flimsy and while yes they are slightly flexible i feel they are very sturdy. People have complained about the bars underneath bending and i have not had that problem i tightened all of the screws snugly without over tightening them. Max weight we have tested is probably 165 lbs. Also people complained about the material being coarser than they expected and not smooth or easy to clean but i find that with lysol scrubbing wipes they come clean very easy. I love the look and for the price i think this is a great deal to get these high-end looking chairs. I am very happy with my purchase and would buy a few more when i move to a bigger place.

LANGRIA 3 Tier Baker’s Rack : bought four of these so far and they are great. They are sturdy

I want to say it’s a nice rack for my kitchen, it’s really inexpensive so you can’t expect it to be without faults – one of it’s faults is that it is not the size of what you would expect, the whole thing comes to right about my chest. The top shelf which holds my microwave has a shelf that has an upward wire lip, which keeps me from opening the door to my microwave. I am going to have to get something to put under it, because i can’t open the door to use it. The assembly looks harder than it is, but i mean – the shelf holes fit over the clap things and that keeps them in place,. The instructions are fairly simple, and it takes no time to put together. Be extra cautious when you assemble making sure everything goes the direction it should, and you will be fine. It’s cute for what it is – just gonna need to make my microwave higher so i can open the door – due to the shelf.

I’ve bought four of these so far and they are great. They are sturdy, easy to put together, you can adjust the bottom for uneven flooring and fit perfectly into our closets. The shelves are adjustable which is very convenient. The only negative thing i could say, is that the black pieces can fly off when you are placing the shelf onto them. But, generally it’s because i didn’t position it correctly. Highly recommend them for adding storage.

First there is only 1 shelf that can be turned to “not have edges” and that’s the top shelf (but you can put that shelf anywhere). The little black brackets to hold the shelves on the pole hardly hold together, so when you are trying to put the shelves on the poles the hardware falls off consistently, its a little frustrating. This is an ok small shelf if you need one.

First this stand is smaller than they have made it look in their picture. Frankly, upon looking closely, the stand i have is not the same as in the picture. Anyway, this stand is short. It set up fairly easily, but the little skids used to hold the racks slip before you can get it finished and that meant adjusting a few times. The microwave was not a fit, although the measurements were correct, so more finagling ensued. Overall for $50, it is worth it.

  • Perfect closet shelves!
  • Not a bad little rack
  • Good product, great seller!

LANGRIA 3 Tier Baker’s Rack, Microwave Stand Kitchen Oven Rack with Wire Mesh Shelves 4-Side Hooks, 165lbs Weight Capacity, Silver Finish

  • EXTRA STORAGE: 4 side hooks hang pans kitchen tools and dish cloths; sturdy mesh wired built shelves offer many storage solutions and can support your microwave oven and other accessories; the weight capacity is 165 lbs. maximum
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN: thanks to its metallic structure, the unit is less likely to stagger or become damaged even using it on a daily basis; the additional board made of MDF material is water resistant and provides extra stability to this shelving unit
  • ADJUSTABLE FEET: 4 levelling feet keep the unit in place and allow you to balance and stabilise it, accounting for any unevenness on the floor
  • OUTER FINISH: an all powder-coating matches most décor schemes; the outer finish protects the unit from water and rust, perfect for home and industrial environments
  • SIMPLE ASSEMBLY: set the shelves, at your convenient height, on the top of the clips that hold them in place; LANGRIA recommends that you make sure that the shelves are well positioned so that they fit perfectly

I actually bought this for my bathroom. I needed shelves and counter to fit a certain size space. I didn’t want a wooden one, everything in the bathroom is chrome. The other standard metal ones were too wide, couldn’t be adjusted enough to give easy access to the wall outlet, or match the vanity height. Don’t know why i looked at baker’s racks but glad i did. It fits perfectly, looks great and with the high upper shelf i can use the wall outlet with no problem. The fact it had a shelf cover and the price was good really was the icing on the cake.

This product is sturdy, easy to assemble, and is now serving as our kitchen pantry. The assembly instructions are relatively intuitive, but not the most clear i’ve seen. Make sure to pay attention to the details in the diagrams. Otherwise, it was a fairly easy assembly. The shelf heights are customizable, so you can adjust for different needs. We have been using it for about a month now, and it feels sturdy enough for moderate weight. It holds our smaller appliances (blender, coffee grinder, etc) and canned foods very easily. It is sturdy enough to hold a heavier crock-pot, but it stays on the bottom shelf so we don’t risk anything. The wire shelves can make it difficult to store anything with small feet on it, as the might fall between the wires, but this could be easily solved with shelf mat or liner. We use it without any additional liner or insert, and it works great as a pantry for cans, boxes, and small appliances.

The langria 3- tier is exactly what i was looking for, would have liked if was had more height. It’s easy to assemble even without reading instructions. I would have given it 5 stars but i gave 3 stars because the clips are a pain and won’t stay on the poles when trying to add the shelves. Pros: shelves are adjustableyou don’t need all the shelves for the unit to stay in place ( it won’t fall apart). Which means if you want to put larger size microwave you could by omitting a shelf or two. In my case i was able to fit a mini fridge (1. 6 cubit feet) on the second tier.

This is the best small kitchen cart anyone can ask for. It holds quite a bit and keeps you nice and organized. I am very glad i purchased it.

I’ll be moving from a 4br house to a 2br apartment and need all the counter space i can get. This will hold my microwave and a few of my other kitchen appliances. It won’t hold a huge microwave, though, but i didn’t have to worry about that. My microwave is a little bit bigger than those tiny, cheaper models and it fits just fine. This rack is sturdier than it looks and it was pretty simple to put together. The company sent me an email with more detailed assembly instructions soon after i ordered it, but i didn’t need to refer to them as it was relatively simple to put together. Just make sure you know which direction the shelves are supposed to go. They look very much alike, but are different. The shelves are adjustable and can easily be moved up and down to suit your needs.

For the reviews that describe it as not being strong enough, i think they have put it together improperly which i did the first time. The bottom 2 shelves need to go with the lip facing up in order for it to work right. The top shelf has the lip facing down. Makes a big difference in the stability of the rack. Once it is put together correctly it works fine. It could be a little more heavy duty, but the quality is more than reasonable for the price.

When i initially received the box i checked over the pieces and thought i got irregular length legs for both the middle and top portions of the shelf. I contacted the seller and they were very responsive and helpful to get things corrected. Of course a few days later when i was going to send them a photo of the legs, i found that i made a mistake and had the wrong legs in the wrong location. After making the corrections i was able to successfully set up the unit and use it immediately. What i really like is that the feet are adjustable, especially since i bought a house that has carpet in the kitchen, yes i know. I filled the shelf up and i am good to go.

These shelves are exactly what i wanted. They couldn’t fit my closet better if i built shelves myself.

It’ll work for its intended use which is to hold my microwave and free up counter space, although there were a couple problems with the unit i received. First issue: i received 2 shelves that have an upward lip on the edges, and 1 shelf with a downward lip. Only the shelf that holds the microwave is supposed to have the upward lip. The other 2 shelves are supposed to have a downward lip so that you can slide items on and off the shelf. The instructions also indicate this, but i received 2 and 1 instead of 1 and 2. Second issue: there is a problem with the very top of the back left post, causing the cylindrical plastic stopper to not fit into the groove and thus slide down to the next groove. Therefore, i wasn’t able to mount the top shelf in the highest position. It had to be 1 position lower instead. Third issue: this is more by design and not a problem with my specific unit. The hooks should be able to face right or left, but they can only face to the right no matter which side of the unit they’re attached to.

I got this microwave cart, and a tall, five shelf one. I have them sitting next to each other in our small kitchen and they look fantastic. It created a very clean, stream lined look that i love. The shelves are very easy to put together and the instructions are very clear. I am disabled, and i was able to put them together quickly and easily. :)i also purchased a roll of shelf liner to ensure a smoother setting for my appliances, and that was super easy to use also. Overall, i really like these shelves.

Ended up having to add weights to make it stay leveled. *update* the seller reached out to me to say they were sorry for the issues i encountered with the product. They offered me a $10 credit, and then after a month has never held up their end by crediting that to my account or to amazon. Their follow-up was nice, but never kept their end of the deal in regards to the proposed credit.

Love it, was a little difficult to put together, but definitely worth it.

I was leary about the quality but they are quite sturdy and well made. I bought them to use in my pantry so they are now loaded up with cans and boxes and are taking the weight just fine. The hooks they can with a perfect for hanging odd sized bread baskets and strainers that won’t fit in a drawer and take up a lot of room in a cupboard.

It does come all in pieces and ready to assemble, but that was fairly easy to figure out. Bought this as a makeshift pantry in a tight space next to my fridge. Works great solved a big kitchen clutter issue. My biggest concern is that is a little ‘flimsy’ compared to more expensive ones with thicker diameter posts. But its only being used for kitchen stuff so no biggie, would not recommend it for garage or heavy storage.

I needed something for a specific space for extra kitchen storage. So far it’s holding juices, cans, chips, but never would i trust it with a microwave. Used little plastic sleeves to hold the shelves up. Works for what i needed, but it’s not for a microwave.

Our half bath had limited (ok, no) counter space and we needed a place to safely keep an electric toothbrush. The shelves are really basket like so not worried about anything accidently falling/pulling off. The shelves work great for various supplies and extra towels. Wheels so we can move it around (we have to pass through to get to the basement). This was easy to put together, the hardest part was to get the first basket in to hold the end pieces together. Solved that by leaning one of the ends against a wall. Once all the baskets are in it is fairly sturdy.

Lightweight, until i put multiple item’s on it, my 2 year old grandson was moving it around. So even if it has to temporarily block anything it is quite easy to move. Assembly was required, simple, and quick; bonus points for this. However it was shorter than i expected so make so to read the description thoroughly.

Needed shelves a certain height and width to fit into closet to replace shelves that were breaking down. This was almost exactly the measurements i needed and i could only hope that it would be fairly simple to assemble. Was very pleased to receive an email right after my order was placed that offered detailed assembly instructions that were very helpful. I was able to get the shelves together without any difficulty and they are a perfect fit for my closet. Highly recommend for linen-closet-type use. Not sure how sturdy this would be for heavier items.

South Shore Axess Collection 5-Shelf Narrow Bookcase : Spruce your space without breaking the bank

I had one small area for a bookcase to go. My apartment was decorated and beautiful and i love it, but the problem was i needed a bookcase. My original bookcase broke and i needed somewhere to put all my books though i only had one tiny spot for them to go and this bookcase had to fit. It fit beautifully, but then there was another problem. I have too many books because i love to read. So i had to double up on the shelves and amazingly the shelves are still holding up great. I don’t feel like it will topple over and now i get to see all my books. Now i have to organize my books, yea.

Love the bookshelf was so easy to put together it almost did it. Took no more than 20 minutes to put together. Hardest part of the assembly was opening the box.Very securely packaged and shipped. Works perfectly in my office.

South Shore Axess Collection 5-Shelf Narrow Bookcase, Pure White

  • Narrow configuration means it can be placed in tight spaces
  • Features 5 open, practical and accessible storage spaces, separated by 1 fixed shelf that can support up to 25 lb and 3 adjustable shelves that can support up to 15 lb
  • Features 5 open, practical and accessible storage spaces, separated by 1 fixed shelf and 3 adjustable shelves
  • Made in North America with non-toxic laminated particleboard
  • Accessories not included, 5-year quality guarantee

Easy to put together and sturdy. I purchased this as a nursery bookshelf and glued fabric to the back to match nursery decor. When hammering in the tiny nails to the back be careful because one nail was put in a little off and chipped the inside of the bookshelf. I feel like it’s a little pricy for such a plain bookshelf with no detailing.

We ordered this and it actually came in pretty much shattered in the box. We called them and they were really cool about it. They immediately got replacement pieces in the mail and it came in a few days later. Everything went together really easy and we liked the end product which we used between two storage cabinets.

I’ve built numerous shelving units bought from places like target, ikea, home depot, etc. This one was the ideal size (the ikea billy is its closest rival) for my needs. First off, i like that the piece numbers (letters) are stamped on the naked edge of the particle boards. Makes assembly pretty straightforward. As far as manufacturing, most of the pre-drilled screw- and dowel-holes are spot on. Not so much the case when you buy stuff made in china (are you listening, ikea?), where drill holes are frequently off by a millimeter or two. The only issue i had with this product (made in mexico) is that a couple of the dowel holes were bored out too wide, making the plastic dowels jiggle inside them and the seam not flush until the screws were tightened to a point probably beyond the recommended torque. The other thumbs-down i give to this is the packaging. For shipping purposes, the entire unit is shrink wrapped with a kind of adhesive plastic, and that plastic stuck to the side of c1 (the side that is most visible in my setup, unfortunately). To avoid damaging the ‘finish,’ you’re not supposed to clean these with any abrasives or chemicals, only a damp cloth, and the sticky glue/stain resulting from the over wrapped plastic, running almost the entire length of one side, was virtually impossible to eliminate.

South Shore Axess Collection 5-Shelf Narrow Bookcase, Pure White : I ordered two of these to hold towels/linens for a new guest bedroom/bathroom we’ve constructed. The items are a good basic value, but were a bit more flimsy than i expected and both were damaged slightly (chips in side panels) during shipment. This wasn’t noticed until after they were unpacked and assembled, so i simply repaired them as best i could by myself. Overall, they are a good value for the price, but check for shipping damage before assembly.

Everyone)when i purchased this, i went on a limb and got https://www. Com/gp/aw/d/b072k548nf?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_pd_title too – 2 orders, since there are 3 storage bins per order. I hoped and prayed these bins would fit. These bins are perfect for this shelving unit. Seriously, they are snug but not squeezed in. I haven’t put the rope handles on yet, but there is room in the shelf for them to fit comfortably. Yes, the bins hang over the front by about 1/4 an inch, but i’ll take iti may adjust the shelf spacing later so they are “even”, but it’s been a long day and i’m tired.

I assembled this during my lunch break with plenty of time to spare. The only issue i have is assembly steps 5 & 7 should be reversed. I caught it, which prevented me from anchoring the cabinet to the wall, and then undoing it to pull the cabinet away from the wall to install the screw caps. This is a beautiful piece of furniture for my office, easily assembled, and strong enough for my manuals and binders.

I started to put it together at night but couldn’t complete out of consideration for my neighbors since you need to hammer in the nails. The box came slightly damaged (corners crumpled, rip in one of the sides) and when i took the pieces out i got a bent shelf corner and the top piece broken and bent, pictures provided. Fortunately i was still able to put it together, but take note: ordering this item is like a crap shoot on whether your item will return without damage. I consider myself slightly lucky since i am still able to have a working bookshelf. It’s a decent bookshelf, the attached shelves should hold up 30 pounds easily even thought it’s a composite material, but nothing to rave about. They did a decent job protecting the edges within the packaging, but don’t plan on having a bookcase without damage.

I usually stay away from ‘fake’ furniture. But, this was on sale for $54. , i ordered two, as bookends of a wall unit with rods i was building for a room sized closet. Then realized, i’d rather just build the units myself with real wood. It was too late to cancel my order, so they came a few days later. They were in great condition considering how heavy the boxes are. Easy to put together, very heavy duty, look good, nice color. Often the compressed wood can feel cheap and like it would break easily, these are not like that. As the product they are, they are excellent- admittedly, i don’t love laminated particle panels so i would not order again, but if i did, i would definitely but this brand.

I ordered two (2) of these bookshelves and they are ok, about what i expected. I did not expect them to be made from particle board though since the description on the amazon page stated they were made from wood. But they will serve their purpose. Upon delivery one of the boxes had lots of damage and when i opened it one of the smaller pieces was cracked, but luckily with a few clamps and wood glue i was able to fix it. I believe these boxes are just too heavy and awkward for one person from ups to deliver them, but after putting them together and trimming them out with some wood molding sprayed with black semi-gloss paint i think they turned out rather good looking and for the price are well worth it.

This was exactly what i was looking for. Something narrow and tall to fit in my small master bedroom in order to put various things. It is sturdy and i think the best option considering price point (very reasonable). I knocked off a star because we did not receive all of the correct parts. Some of the shelves were supposed to come pre-drilled, but none of them were. Instead of offering replacement parts, which i was hoping for, i was offered a partial refund and we made do. Not ideal but it still worked.

I ordered this bookcase to hold my comic books and stuffed animals. The parts arrived quickly in perfect condition, but it was a nightmare putting them together. The back panel arrived folded, and when my dad tried to apply it, it split down the middle very easily. It caved inward, pushing the topmost shelf out by half an inch. My dad also found that a piece of the instructions was incorrect, and one of the holes was not deep enough for the screw. Assembling this takes some improvising. We sealed the rip with white tape, but luckily for me, my items are tall enough to hide it. The bookcase is very sturdy, as i didn’t need to use a wall anchor. I just placed a small ceramic tile underneath the front edge to keep it from tilting forward. Upon shaking it lightly, it doesn’t move.

The morgan cherry color matched exactly with my other middle-brown furniture and it slide perfectly into the space that i staked out for it. It was easy to put together and move around even for my 5’3′ frame. Two issues with assembly:- nailing the backing to the frame – i wasn’t quite sure how much space i had to hammer the nail in. – attaching the upper decorative overhang. The phillips i had was too small to catch the corners of the square head screw, however i just have it hanging there since the whole bookcase is fitted together tightly enough to just wedge it in. I assume that as long as i don’t hit it, it’ll be fine. After assembling, i immediately moved the bookcase to its corner and proceeded to fill it with books. I put my heaviest books on the middle support shelf and spread the rest out on the remaining shelves. I kept the heavy ones to the sides, but even still, i see no evidence of sagging.

Very heavy, had to take it out piece by piece. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. No missing pieces, in fact a few extra. This is your basic bookcase, good bargain. Yes, it is pressed wood but does look nice. The walnut color went with my other pieces that were made of wood. The only thing i did different was to take the top piece used as decor, cut it in half and screwed each half to the back for support. This way it would survive a california earthquake.

We wanted a bookcase to hold our printer and various office supplies. We had a very specific spot in mind for and the bookcase was about the only one narrow enough to fit the space that i liked. Also we did not want to spend a ton of money, and we knew that we were going to get something we would have to assemble, and that it would not be solid wood. One of the pieces arrived damaged (it was cracked through the middle, and i am sure it got damaged during shipping) but i had to call the company twice to get a replacement. The first time i called about the damage i was sent the wrong piece and had to call them again. Each time they were very nice and apologetic and the replacement piece arrived quickly. But it did mean we had to wait over a week before we could assemble the bookshelf. The bookshelf was easy enough to assemble (my husband did it by himself in like 20 minutes) and it fits in the designated space perfectly. I like that 2 of the shelves are fixed and the others adjustable. I placed the heaviest items on the fixed shelves (printer, notebooks) and the adjustable shelves got the lighter weight items such as pens, tape, etc.

This book case fits the file boxes and many books; it is attractive and fits into a small space. My son helped me lift it, but i fit all the shelves in. A few small parts, shelf holder pins and screw back covers, were missing. The company mailed them to me right away with no charge. I just emailed to them the part number from the instruction book. The instruction book has each part listed by number and the instructions are very easy to follow.

This is a perfectly serviceable product, which does what it does just fine. It does not purport to be high end furniture, but it fits well in confined spaces. My beef is not with the bookshelf, but with the terrible set of instructions that came with it. These instructions consist almost entirely of pictures — there is very little narrative. And the pictures are misleading. They illustrate some screw-like part which, as far as i could tell, did not exist, and if it did, it served no purpose. One of the earlier frames depicts pegs to be inserted into the side of some of the shelves for support, and then the picture showing the insertion of the shelves into the sideboards does not show the pegs. And of course the narrative does not mention why the pegs are there, or what to do with them. It took me about an hour and a half to assemble the bookshelf, and it should have been possible to assemble in about twenty minutes. If as much care had been lavished on the assembly instructions as on the bookshelf itself, i would have given this product a five.

This is four and a half stars. Some dents, minor chips at edges and very very strong smell: might take a month for that to go away. But, the package is covered with instructions to call them if any parts are missing or damaged so i think they are really backing the product. Fortunately for me all of the parts are included. I needed it for a small corner in my office and the height was perfect as was the depth. For reference, the chocolate matches a color called ‘black-brown’ in an ikea desk that sits beside it: it is very dark but that is what i wanted. Overall, it is a decent product at a good price. Some assembly notes: the top panel ‘a’ has two small holes to connect the front piece. I didn’t notice them during assembly so they ended up on top of the bookcase. Also, the back panel tears easily.

It’s tall enough, has the minimum number of shelves that i needed, and is a nice bright white. I truly wish it had been 3 or 4 inches wider to fit in the space. Unfortunately, no one had one that specified width, so i went with this. A bit difficult to put together. Something just wasn’t working well and there were 2 of us and once i had a third person helping to hold the sides even just to get the bottom and top on correctly. Not sure why it wasn’t going together smoothly as we are all used to putting together these types of things. It looks nice when put together and seems to be substantial enough for my books (which are many).

First, it took 10 days to receive this product, so don’t let the “usually ships in 3 days, etc” fool you. After it’s way late and you call, you will be told “that was just an estimate”. I ordered these shelved because they are delivered, and i don’t have a means to haul shelves to my house from a store. These shelved are super cheap, both financially and from a quality standpoint. The back panel is literally a folded piece of printed cardboard. Not some super-pressed ultra-structured piece of cardboard either. It’s exactly the same kind of cardboard that would box a large toy. I almost threw it away until i noticed i was missing the back panel. This must be tack-nailed onto the back of the unit. The shelves are pressed particle board.

Its decent for the price i actually put the back in wrong but by the time i put it together i was too lazy to turn it around lol other than that the thing is perfect.

SagsAway Sagging Cushion Support – – Early review So far so good

As soon as i received these i inserted them into/under my cushions & wow, just wow.A small investment to extend the life of your cushions. Don’t hesitate to purchase these, they work.

We just got the board and it is fantastic as of right now. The most used spot on the couch was sagging and hard to get up from, even with pillows under you. My hubby and i are both tall and big so we were you have to call it first. We are very happy with the purchase and the product so far. It was easy to put in the cushion and i am very happy with the ‘new couch’ feel.

Not enough good things to say about these. We have a loveseat that is only a couple years old and i never have been happy with the firmness of the cushions. Got a set of these and finally the loveseat has the comfort i wanted. Here are the specifications for the SagsAway Sagging Cushion Support –:

  • Follow 3 Easy Steps and Watch Video (before you order) to enjoy restored COMFORT and SUPPORT when inserted INSIDE your zippered cushion cover. 3 steps indicate if this can help your situation. Package = one insert to restore one cushion. Made in USA.
  • Cushion Height (-) Sag Depth = Remaining Foam Thickness. Less than 2” of remaining thickness indicates either the cushion foam or the spring deck is too weak. Your measurements determine your results to restore seat cushions, not weak or broken springs.
  • No Sags is DIFFERENT. A military grade foam inserted INSIDE the cushion cover to compress the remaining seat foam to increase firmness. Laying it the under the cushion is a mistake and results won’t last as the foam product settles into the spring deck
  • STEP (1) Measure for size (Regular) 20″ x 18″ or (Large) 20″ x 27″. STEP (2) Measure cushion height with no one sitting. STEP (3) Measure cushion sag depth while sitting. With 6” cushion: less than 3” use 1” Severe (or) sags 3” to 4″ use 1.5” Extreme
  • Try One – TEST RESULTS. Then if needed, cut and trim to fit or customize for any size cushion by purchasing an extra insert for additional filler. Instructions and phone help are included. Amazon handles all returns within 30 days – less return shipping

I have three of these – two ‘extreme,’ one ‘severe. ‘ there are two seats on my couch that get used more than the third so i got these to fix the broken down feel and even things out. For about $100 my couch feels like it has more comfort and support then the day i bought it. My back doesn’t hurt anymore while i watch a movie.

These work impressively well, either inside or under sofa cushions. We have had bad luck with several sofas and solutions like planks, and these seem to work the best. Worth the cost for 5 of them.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great price and work great!!
  • Excellent product.
  • YES. Amazing. Back to order more!

The cushions on my couch were slightly sagging on a flex steel frame after 10 year. I was having trouble with my back and was using pillows underneath and blankets and things to boist and support the cushions but nothing worked. I bought medium support and it was not enough. So i purchased two of the severe inserts and i think they work really well. The couch looks better and my back is not hurting anymore. I cut down the smaller support and used it in a chair and that also helped with support. The product is a little expensive but it works well and much better than the cost of new replacement cushions which i don’t think would hold up.

I wasn’t really expecting much with this. I purchase one to start then ended up ordering two more. My couch was getting a little low and pretty uncomfortable. These supports bought me some time. I’m not sure how long they will hold up but my cushion support is like brand new.

Best solution to a sagging sofa. I ran around to several upholstery stores and they wanted hundreds of dollars to fix my cushions. I wasn’t satisfied with their solutions to my problem. So when i went to amazon the no sag popped up. I read the instructions, ordered 1 as they recommended and it came in 2 days with prime. I ordered the second (as i have 2 large cushions) and bingo problem solved. I highly recommend this product. I can sit comfortably on my sofa once more.

Oh the difference the supports have made. The cushions are no longer saggy. This is notably felt between the two cushions. Since the support has to fit snugly, my only concern is that the fabric will rub against the support when standing up and sitting down. Over time, this may cause the fabric on the cushion to thin where the support is touching it. As preventative measure, i am going to put a thin layer of material between the support and the cushion. Overall i am really happy with this product and would recommend it.

I bought one to test on the center cushion of my office sofa. It made a difference although i’m still debating if it is enough to warrant buying two more for the end cushions. It should be noted that i requested firm cushions when i ordered the sofa and they are well-stuffed, but for some reason still mushy. I can’t say if the product would work better on thin, worn cushions.

Bought one to try in my couch. I agree with the other poster about price. It is kind of expensive for what you get but it will be worth it to save my couch, which is in excellent condition otherwise. They are hard to get inside the cushions. You have to go very slow and it takes awhile but it will be worth it. I recommend trying one out if you’re not sure.

I guess it would work but after i providentially removed the fabric on the bottom of my sofa i found the real problem. One of the support cables snapped. Possibly the result of my kids jumping on it at some time. Anyway, you may want to look. Here i fixed it with a garage door cable and some cable clamps from a local home center for around 15 bucks. Now what to do with the cushion support.

I don’t typically write reviews, but these are so awesome i had to share. They rejuvenated both of my sofas and improved the look, feel and longevity of them both. Super easy to install (less than 10 minutes) and worth every penny.

Then my wife was happy enough to buy 2 more. It’s no miracle but the extreme version is much better. I may buy the less extremes to give it even more boost. But they are so damn expensive. It’s hard to say if the $100 i’ve spent so far is better than putting plywood underneath. This seems to be the best and least damaging solution to boosting a $1000 couch.

What a differencei like the look of my couch, but i don’t like sitting in it anymore. I hate feeling like i’m sinking into the cushions, which is what happens with most foam cushions after a few months of use. So after reading all the positive reviews, i thought i would give this a try. I put it in the cushion closest to the armrest, since that’s the one that gets the most use. As you can see in the pictures, it made a visible difference. I measured the sag with me sitting on the seat. And sitting on the cushion was much more comfortable. The seat felt firm, but still comfy since it’s my couch cushion, but i was no longer sinking down. Installation couldn’t have been easier, unzip cushion, insert no sag between foam and fabric, zip cushion back up.

I ordered one of these, per the companies suggestion, to see if it would work. This is great, & beats buying a new couch & love seat. I will be ordering more to cover my whole sectional in the next few weeks. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

This is just what we needed. My hubby had hip replacement 2 months ago and the sagging seat in our sofa made it difficult for him to be comfortable. This firmed the seat perfectly and an added bonus is ‘the sofa looks great’. We’ll buy more in the future.

I’m using them for a 10yr old down sectional that has lost all support and seemingly some coiling. (that will not be replaced until the kids move on. They work better inside the cushions but i feel they can work outside of the cushions like a board across the supports as well.

I got a hand me down couch, which while i am grateful for, can be a bit saggy in the cushions. Because of how the cushions were manufactured, i wasn’t able to put the cushion support in the cushion itself. So i put the cushion under my couch cushions and i believe it worked quite nicely. Of course, this isn’t a complete fix, but i could tell a great difference as to which side had this cushion and which one didn’t.

I am so happy with how these cushion supports worked. My couch is about 8 years old, but it is the perfect size for the room it’s in. It is in pretty good shape, other than the sagging cushions. They were to the point that you sunk in when you sat down. The quotes i got to have them re-stuffed were not even worth it. These made our couch cushions look and feel brand new. I attached a picture showing one cushion without the support and one with. They filled out the cushion cover and boosted up the seats, which are comfortable again.These are the most affordable fix you will find for sagging cushions, and they work great.

These are not really properly sized to support the entire cushion of a couch. I can’t deny they lift, one also found that one was always falling off the edges, one would have to order extra to completely cover the springs in order for this to work.

Ameriwood Home Galaxy TV Stand – Minimal. Small Footprint. Modern.

This review is for the up to 70′ tv stand with drawers. I originally started putting this together thinking it would only take an hour or two, but no. This took me a solid five hours to put together. The instructions recommend two people, but, honestly, i don’t think having a second person there would have made the construction a) easier or b) faster. The instructions themselves are also not the best in the world. Even if you have experience putting various stands, tables, ikea-like constructables, this project will probably give you a stumbling block somewhere. Personally, i had to change the drawer tracks four times before i finally got them in the correct orientation. As others have said, the instructions are not clear. The instructions also start you off with putting all the cam bolts into the various pieces of wood to aid construction later on, although, due to the poor images in the manual, it can be difficult to tell exactly what holes you’re using. I skipped past that and went right to assembling things, so i could see exactly where everything went in relation to each other.

One corner was slightly scuffed but not noticeable and i’ll probably be able to get it out. Some people said the instructions are unclear; they’re not. If you pay attention and organize everything prior to starting it won’t take long at all. You do have to be careful of the cam locks, as too much force will crack them. Even tho it’s partical board it feels sturdy and solid. I put my 50 pound 65 inch vizio in it and so far it hasn’t collapsed.

This tv stand looks great in the description on amazon’s web site. The actual item, when it finally arrived (10 days) via ups shipping, falls short. The box it was shipped in was ragged from handling and had been dropped on one corner which resulted in a slightly dented shelf. Upon opening, the parts to the stand were neatly stacked in the box. However, it became clear that there were no construction instructions included. I went online and downloaded the instructions from ameriwoods site. How does a company not include instructions, especially 21 pages?.Additionally, of the 16 locks for inserts, which are necessary for construction, 5 were bent to the point they and to be bent back into shape.

  • I was worried about putting my 65′ tv but it feels really sturdy, good purchase ??
  • 70″ TV Stand Review
  • Good TV Stand with Some Nice Features

This darn thing has some serious issues. First: the glass shelf was suppose to slide into a mounting bracket to keep the shelf securely in place. Unfortunately the predrilled hole, that you screw the mounting bracket into, was not drilled in the correct location, and the shelf was completely blocked from sliding into the space because the mounting bracket actually blocked it. We had to slide the shelf in without the mounting bracket. Seems a bit dangerous, especially if you whack your shin on it in the dark. The entire shelf might go flying right out of the grooves, and take a person’s leg off. Secondly: the top of the two side panels would not line up properly. There is a gap of about 1/4′, but the television blocks this from view once it is mounted on the brackets. Thirdly: when we installed the bottom stand shelf, the part that keeps the entire thing from falling over, the screws went right through the particle board. Looks horrible if you view it from the right angle.

Very sturdy for my 50′ tv, ps4 and speakers. I love this set up b/c it is uncluttered and fits perfectly in my limited tv space. Not the easiest piece i have ever put together but if you take your time and read the instructions carefully you can get it done. Would definitely recommend this tv stand.

Features of Ameriwood Home Galaxy TV Stand with Mount for TVs up to 50″, Black

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Take advantage of small spaces by adding the Ameriwood Home Galaxy TV Stand to your living room, family room or dorm
  • Two fixed shelves and 2 storage cubbies make electronic organization simple
  • Two people are required for proper assembly. Dimensions: 49.0625″h x 29.5″w x 23.625″d. Shipping weight is approximately 38.59 lbs
  • The smooth black finish is accentuated by the glass shelf
  • This unit was constructed from laminated MDF and particleboard with a metal mount and tempered glass shelf

I will start by saying that when all is said and done, it’s actually a very nice stand, seems solid, and looks really nice. However, if you are not a handy person, just forget about assembling yourself. If everything goes together perfect, and you follow the instructions closely, you can get it together, but the hardware that is provided(screws, bolts, nuts, etc. ) is really cheap, and the machining is not very good. So the likely-hood that you will get through it without stripping a screw or cross threading a nut or bolt is slim at best. I’m a very handy guy with plenty of experience putting this kind of stuff together, and this thing kicked my but, i kept running into thread problems with the nuts and bolts, and also with some of the anchors in the press board. I recommend being very meticulous and careful when assembling, and maybe with some luck with getting good hardware, you can get it done, and have a really nice tv stand when done.

This tv mounung stand has really given our entertainment a clean polished look. We have a 40lb smart tv and have no concerns about the durability of the stand. This is great if you like the look of being mounted on the wall, without having to do the work of mounting and then having to install shelving for storage beneath the mount. I was not happy with the way the product was packaged. All boards were placed together with only a very thin, paper-like foam. This resulted in several scratches in the wood. Due to the heaviness and poor packaging, one of the o rings for cable management was also crushed upon delivery also. The directions are a little confusing, i recommend having two people put it together but doing it by yourself is possible. To clarify when you’re putting it together, there is only 1 ‘o’ board – the directions weren’t very clear on that.

The galaxy tv stand is a good piece of ‘assembly required’ home furniture. You will need some hand tools. Short handled screwdrivers are useful because the galaxy tv stand does assemble with a few tight areas. I would be very cautious with power tools because too much torque will easily ruin the press-board wood. That said, the assembly was overall pretty simple. I was able to assemble the unit in about two hours–note i am extremely ‘not handy’: if you are visual and good at projects, i imagine this may take you considerably less time. The finished product has some nice features that aren’t always found at this price point for furniture. The central stand (the neck between the base and you tv) assembles as a box and is great for hiding a lot of cords and wires. The tempered glass shelf is really sharp looking. And i like that the stand has little feet that i can put felt pads on to protect my new wood floors.

Be careful to install exactly as the instructions say and make sure everything is tight. A narrow stand like this could cause problems if you don’t install correctly. But if you do, it’s a great stand. Hold my 50′ panasonic perfectly. Takes up way less space than other stands. I would definitely recommenddefinitely don’t try anything above 50′. As you can see in my pic, my 50 is almost too big, but still looks great.

Not the fanciest stand on the planet but overall i’m very satisfied because the shelves are large and it’s a very practical piece of furniture if nothing else. Pay very close attention to the instructions when assembling it because i messed up with a minor thing and had to rebuild it all over again. Too bad i can’t remember what step it was anymore, sorry lol.

The stand is kinda low to the ground for my taste, which isnt a dealbreaker for me its a little bit smaller than i anticipated but it holds up my 65 inch t. Will update with pictures later. Picture of this stand supporting my 65′.

Looks just like in the picture. It took my husband and i about an hour to put it together. I liked how all the pieces came numbered in the little bags with how many each had inside, that was very helpful.

I put a couple of pieces together backwards and i’m afraid to take it apart so i just ordered some more black screw cover stickers so i can cover the screws. It’s short but i knew that when i ordered it. I just didn’t realize how short. My 50” is very secure though. I purchased a “like new” stand from amazon warehouse. For the price, i’m satisfied.

At first i was worried because the box it came in looked pretty beat up on one corner. But everything was in good condition and no damage after all. Putting it together took awhile even with 2 people. At the end it looks awesome.

I like this stand a lot and really hope to be able to use it. However, the last page of the directions states that it must be placed against a permanent wall. I had bought this for my very strangely shaped family room and hope to be able to put it in a corner. At the moment, it’s together and seems sturdy, but i will need to refigure all the furniture to use it and i am not sure that will be possible with the cables. It would have been nice if the specifics had said it needed to be placed against a wall. Perhaps i should have assumed that?my son helped me put this together and there were times the directions–which are all pictures–confused us a bit. It was hard to tell from some of the pictures just where some of the hardware went. Also, if i had not know already how to use the cam screws, we would have been lost.

Was getting tired of my very old and impractical tv stand. I wanted a cleaner and fresher look. Family member recently ordered the 70 inch stand (the model up from this with a drawer) i was impressed on how heavy the box was. There was no way i was going to a furniture store and paying 300 to 700 dollars for a stand like this. 00 for this with tax and free shipping thanks to amazon prime. It arrived in about a week, i didn’t really need it fast so i chose the slow delivery option. Have seen numerous complaints about boxes being damaged during shipping. Mine had a slight tear in the box, but all parts remained intact and didn’t get damaged. This can be a time consuming project. The instructions suggested 2 people for proper assembly. I was able, however to get it together all by myself. The instructions leave a lot to be desired, but if your good with visuals, and take your time you shouldn’t run into too many snags i would like to point out what issues i ran into. When mounting the bottom piece to the stand, you have to first put in 4 barrel nuts.

Opted for the 70′ for a 65′ lg oled tv, and it works perfectly. Ameriwood home galaxy tv stand with mount and drawers for tvs up to 70′ wide, blacksome tips (as mentioned by others here):1. Don’t overtighten, you will end up shattering the particle wood and never get it tight again. When putting the two drawers together, note that they are particular about how the side rails go on, and if you get it wrong, you will only find out after the whole stand is put together and you go to slide the drawers in. You will notice that one sits below the other :)take your time and review the instructions carefully. I was able to find an online version of the manual via the ameriwood website before purchase, so i was prepared and checked to make sure all parts were included before starting. All the parts have letters marked on them to indicate how they go together, which helps immensely. If you ever have to ship the whole thing back for whatever reason, it won’t be easy. Knocked one star off because one of the two plastic circle fittings that goes over the two holes on the back arrived shattered in the pack.

I am so thankful for my little drill. My regular elbow grease wasn’t enough. The instructions say don’t tighten too much but i had to take the entire column apart because it wasn’t tightened enough and the shelf to hold the glass wasn’t close enough together to get the screws in. There’s a bajillion pieces and it took me longer than it has ever taken me to out anything together. But it is together and holding my 49 inch roku tv it feels sturdy. Just wish assembly wasn’t so intense. For the same price or a couple more dollars i’m sure i could have gotten something that didn’t feel like chinese arithmetic.

Have had it for about 2 months exactly what i expected, i was worried about putting my 65′ tv but it feels really sturdy, good purchase ??.

Took awhile for it to become because of the shipping company. Amazon tried their best but the shipper wasn’t good. I love this product but two things i must say is that the glass piece doesn’t seem completely stable. I feel like the design could of been better. If you’re trusting your devices to sit on it or below it, you want to feel safe. But it doesn’t give you that security. Which is really upsetting because the picture advertise that it’s clear. But even after all that i got a great price for it.

First want to note that i have only had this for a week. Looks good and functions like it should. There was some scuffing/scratches on the ventral surface of the base piece, but one has to be super close to notice it. I considered giving this only 3 stars after going through the hellish nightmare that was the assembly. Instructions need more pictures and more text. For something that looks so simple and relatively uniform in design, the assembly of this product was very involved and frustrating. I have put beds and dressers together faster. It took me about 3 hours to assemble this product, and that was after 15 minutes of fighting to get through the packaging (great if deterring theft). The negative aside, the product is as i wanted — a wall mount like feature for my television that takes up little space and looks modern. If you have more than a single dvd player or cable box that you want to plug with your television, you will have to do some decision making as to where and how to organize the boxes on the limited shelf space.

Since i’d just shelled out a bunch of money for a new tv, speakers, and new graphics adapter for my pc i wanted to go cheap on the stand. I was definitely worried about the qualify of this product, but so far it’s worked well. Setting it up was almost a breeze even without anyone to help me. For one or two of the first few pieces it wasn’t entirely clear which way the boards should face, but after that the instructions were perfectly clear and assembly easy. Having two people to put it together would definitely have been easier at times. All the boards felt sturdy enough and when assembled the stand as a whole felt sturdy. Mounting the tv was easy and so far i don’t see any risk of tipping. None of the exterior coating on the wood is peeling, and the solid black looks reasonably good for being a low-end product. The two shelves provide plenty of space for my speakers, xbox, etc.

First order had 3 parts missing,called mfg. For parts and was told to send back as parts were not available. Amazon sent return shipping and shipped another quickly. All the parts were included with 2nd package but 2 parts were not pre drilled and had to do so myself. Instructions were pretty straight forward and took about 40 minutes to complete once i drilled holes. I did have my 11 year old daughter help as a 2nd set of hands are helpful for a few steps. Not a bad stand but wasn’t very happy about sending first package back and getting another not completely ready to assemble.

Homall Bar Stools Swivel Bonded Leather Barstool Adjustable Counter Height Bar Stool – “Weebles Wobble, But They Don’t Fall Down”

We received the armless style as wedding gifts and after reading one of the reviews we decided we’d add these. They seem to be sturdy and are very comfy. They’re a wonderful addition, were relatively easy to assemble, and look very nice in our home.

Nice build quality and good solid foam. The only issue i have with it is the base is not real wide so not quite as stable as some other swivel chairs i have sat in. Works fine unless you really lean over but just something to be aware of. Also just a heads up that the seat back is not real high like a standard chair. Not an issue for me but others might prefer a chair with a higher back. Still, i think this is a great value and it really does look nice.

Very nice chairs wouldn’t recommend if you have little ones these can fall over easily. Not true leather but nice and soft. Here are the specifications for the Homall Bar Stools Swivel Bonded Leather Barstool Adjustable Counter Height Bar Stool:

  • *Function:360° Swivel with Air-lift handle for easy direction and height adjustment
  • *Load Capacity:280-pound maximum weight capacity; Seating Area Dimension: 16.1″ X 15.4″;Suitable for most people and large guy
  • *Material: Black boned leather around seat and back, good for your skin; 3.3 inches high-density thicker sponge, provide you have an extremely comfortable seating
  • *Design: Stylish Modern design perfectly decor your living room and also add an contemporary touch to your office, bar or restaurant.
  • *Easy to use: Homall chair have detailed instruction and easy to steup,helping you finished installation within 20 minutes

Its ok product, i like it however looks like its not gonna last for long time. Its comfortable and good design it gets spots very easily, even if your hands little wet and u touched them it stays till u clean it with some kind of cleaning products.

The base is not sturdy for child’s play. Really enjoy the adjustable heights.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great price for decent, small stools
  • Good looking stools
  • Love these bar stools!!

Decent set of relatively small bar stools. I weigh the stated limit and wouldn’t dare have a drink and try to sit in these, but for my kids and wife in the kitchen for breakfast they’re good. The material is unexpectedly soft and cushioned. Setup was very easy and required to tools other than the required allen wrench.

They are small, they fit me perfectly and i’m 5’2 130lbs. Either way, they are soft and looks so nice. So happy we found them at such a reasonable price and great delivery – thanks amazonprime.Lastly very easy to assemble.

I bought these barstools to use with my standing desk at work. They look high quality and work well for either ‘chair height’ work or to lean back on while standing. I did have an issue with one of the stools’ soldering on the bottom, but homall was very responsive and kind and worked to resolve my issue quickly. I would definitely buy from them again given their responsive customer service and beautiful products.

I like the semi-sleek, simple modern design of these chairs. They are even comfortable to sit in. If the chair isn’t holding your weight, well don’t think that’s the chairs problem. The company was quick in correspondence and very helpful.

Easy to assemble, no additional tools required. I have a little trouble bringing the height of the seat down, just have to bounce up and down to do so. It is tiny bit wobbly when getting on and off, but not enough to be a problem. The back of the seat is a little shorter than what i was expecting, but it is still comfortable. Overall, i am very satisfied with my purchase.

Fairly easy to assemble, look great, sit nicely. When i sit down they sink some, but i’d probably sink a bit if i sat on me (nothing serious, just a bit more than a chair with similar adjustable :-).

For the price, these bar stools are wonderful. I can see how people of larger stature may not like them because the base of the chairs are pretty light. However, i am approx 125lb and my boyfriend is 170lb, and it works perfectly fine for the both of us. If you are looking for some nice, inexpensive chairs, i think these are a good choice. They look exactly like the picture and are actually comfy enough to use for studying at the bar table.

I love these chairs and i can’t believe how low the price was. Putting them together was very easy. Exactly what i was looking for.

These chairs are amazing and go great with the bar top that i purchased. They’re comfortable, but please note that the back of the chair won’t cover your entire back. Just to about your ‘mid back’ area. So if youre looking for stools where you can really lean back in, these aren’t for you.

They are adjustable and comfortable. I use one in the kitchen and the other as a barber’s chair to cut mu husband’s hair. They also are easy to wipe off if food from my counter finds it’s way to my chair.They also do not take up much room.

We are very happy with our stools and particularly like the adjustable heights. Our counter is in an older home and many of the bar stools had heights that were either to high or to low.

The only reason i am not giving a full 5 stars is because the stools are very lightweight. You have to be very careful when sitting in them. If the base were weighted, that would help tremendously. My 3 year old niece can move these chairs around by herself. Seems very unsafe in my opinion. I’m considering buying weights to wrap around the bottom to help stabilize the chair.

Love these chairs for the high table i bought. Only problem was i had trouble assembling them to stay at a certain height. After messing around with it several times it finally just clicked and stayed. Possibly user error, it it was major frustrating.

If you want a good posture this stool provides it. Used at our counter, easy to put together, seat is a little small for some:) but comfortable enough to sit on for long periods which i do when using my tablet.

Not to comfortable for bigger people to sit in but still nice.

Very pretty and they do not look cheap one bit. Easy to assemble by yourself in about ten minutes or less. Adjust the height, stable and not wobbly, good weight capacity and perfect for high counters or resting while you cook if you hurt standing up from health issues.

Simpli Home Avalon Faux Leather Rectangular Storage Ottoman – Great for toy storage and playing on

Lots of storage for blankets, video game controllers, etc. Great for people who want to be able to hide all the remotes and stuff when they aren’t being used. We usually flip the middle cushion over and use it as a coffee table to hold a candle or some drinks (on coasters, of course). Perfect size for our one bedroom apartment.

This ottoman came on time and is a beautiful addition to our living room. It is sturdy and has lots of space to store blankets, pillows, etc. And as an added bonus it almost matched our sofas exactly :).

I replaced my typical wooden coffee table for this sleek ottoman because i was looking for a space saver and something multi functional. You can flip all three over and lay your feet on it or mix and match to be more decorative. They trays are secure and heavy. It doesn’t seem flimsy at all and is perfect if you also want to put it on your lap. I also cut a vinyl placemat (got idea from another reviewer) to fit in the tray to add more cohesiveness with the rest of the living room and protect cold glasses from dripping onto the wood tray. It’s great having the hidden storage so the house doesn’t look cluttered. What i love most about this ottoman is how soft it is. We plan on having children soon and this would be perfect for a growing child to have and not hurt themselves with. We have vinyl floor planks and the ottoman did slide around quite a bit. We had to buy rubber adhesives to prevent it from moving. Here are the specifications for the Simpli Home Avalon Faux Leather Rectangular Storage Ottoman:

  • Midnight Black faux leather with beautiful stitching
  • Hand constructed using solid and engineered woods
  • 42 inch wide rectangular storage ottoman features 3 flip over serving trays and large interior storage
  • Legs come unattached and must be assembled
  • All efforts have been made to reproduce accurate colors, however variations in color may occur due to different computer monitor types and photography

This is working great as our family’s toy chest/extra seating for the kids/coffee table. I love that all three cushions have a tray underneath, and are completely removable. I have used them on the couch several times to hold snacks and coffee, never worrying about spilling a drop. They are also easy enough to remove for my 3 and 5 year old to access their toys or use it for their snacks, but not so loose that they wobble around in their place. I love that it matches our leather furniture, but has so many functions to it.

My 9 month old is just starting to pull up on things and our last coffee table wasn’t stable enough. This one is great super sturdy and no risk of her bumping into a sharp edge. I love the storage, you can put a lot in there. Although the sticker says not to use it as a toy box, i am using it as a toy box, and it’s perfect. One of the best purchases i’ve made on amazon. And i’ve bought a lot of stuff.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice for the Price!!!
  • I absolutely LOVE, LOVE
  • Kick your feet up and get this ottoman

This ottoman surpassed my expectations. I bought it to keep all my throw blankets in, which i have a lot of. I am able to fit ten throw blankets in the storage area. The trays feel sturdy and look very elegant with a dark stain on the wood. The leather like material on the outside is a very good quality and has not scratched yet even with my dog and toddler playing on it. The black color of the ottoman is very rich and does not clash against a dark brown recliner we have. The ottoman is also strong enough to have two adults sit on it and does not feel shaky at all. The cushion on top is thick and comfortable to sit on so far. I tried the ottoman without the legs and with the legs, each way it seems sturdy, it only adds about two inches to the height. So far loving this ottoman will update in a couple months.

I bought this for my living room. To put my feet up on as well as storage for my son’s toys. It is not real leather (obviously), but it looks nice and it is durable and holds a decent amount of toys. My favorite thing about it is the lids. I can turn them over and they have a flat surface. My son will play with his legos on top of it.

It was fine at first, but during the last month, the item became defective. One side started bulging out, making the trays fall into the ottoman, and thus rendering it unusable. Update: i put the rating back to four stars. I got in touch with the manufacturer after the first ottoman broke and got a second one for free.

Has enough storage inside for logitech driving force pro wheel and pedals, plus my diy steering wheel mount, 2 guitar hero guitars and some controller pads, with room to spare. Very useful feature of being able to flip the cushions to reveal a tray which can then be held on your lap while you eat from a plate or be used to hold drinks for several people. I don’t really use it to sit on, so i’m not sure how well the upholstery would hold up for that, but the box construction itself is very sturdy.

I was looking for a storage ottoman for our recently renovated basement. We have a simple black faux leather couch from ikea and we needed to be able to lounge a little bit. The ottoman is well built, with plenty of storage. All three trays fit snuggly. The trays and ottoman are constructed very well for faux leather. You can sit on the ottoman, but i would be careful with anyone over 200 pounds. I may need to get felt cushions to place under the legs. They have those plastic ends that may scratch the floors thanks b ?.

Nice ottoman, but absolutely wreaks of chemicals / dyes/ adhesives. There’s no way i would store a blanket inside. I tried airing it out with a fan, an ozone generator, a carbon filter, and even some air freshener. Whatever they treat this thing with, is here to stay and it stinks.

Pros: great color, style and size. Cons: i was excited to have the flexibility to flip from cushion to tray, but the functionality is not quite there. Right out of the box, the piece bowed out in the center causing the cushion/tray pieces to fall into the storage bin. To fix this, we added two thin rails of wood to the frame to prevent the cushions falling through.

We absolutely love this piece. It has replaced a large lift-top coffee table and we have loved the change from day one. Nothing accumulating on the table anymore. (lots less dusting) there is a comfy place to put our feet. The middle section is turned tray side up for our drinks and a few coasters. There are a couple light blankets, a small pillow, our laptop, and some games inside. Honestly we could not be happier with this purchase.

We tried three other ottomans in this size range before getting this one delivered. I am so glad we didn’t settle. Each of the three sections can be independently flipped and reinserted or held like a tray in the lap. It’s the best of both worlds. We can set our hot cocoa on it as a flat, stable, spill-proof surface if we want, or we can have our legs propped up on a soft cushion. This isn’t one of those fold flat ottomans. It comes pre-assembled in a large box, and you need only to screw in the small legs. I’m over 200 pounds, and i don’t think twice about plopping down on it to tie a shoe or something.

Came fully assembled besides the legs and those were incredibly easy to assemble and it took no longer than 5 minutes to unbox it and assemble the legs. I love the sturdy-ness of it and it can easily seat two people with plenty of room left. The serving trays are very nice and i find myself bringing drinks to it just to use it.I would recommend this ottoman.

This is a great piece with the three-division convertible tops and the storage inside. The padded cover is great for resting your feet and also for sitting on should you need extra seating. The color is great and fits with our other decor. The only assembly needed is screwing the four feet into the base (really easy).

Looks beautiful in my living room and fits nicely in front of my regular-sized couch. I can’t believe the price for such a nice item, especially compared to similar items. I researched groupon, overstock and several sights before settling on this item. The ottoman has plenty of storage space and the 3 trays fit nicely across the top. You can place the trays each up or down, on the base. You can sit on the cushions when they are up, if you like.

Awesome storage ottoman for the price. The 3 panels fit very securely into the base regardless of which side is facing up. Very nice to have drinks or your feet up on it and still be able to access the storage area. Haven’t experienced any noticeable wear after several months of everyday use.

Was looking for this exact type of ottoman. It is perfect for my living room. I flip the middle cushion over to utilize the tray feature to hold my remote controls and any beverages being enjoyed. Perfect for two people to prop their feet on. Storage compartment is roomy and holds games and blankets. Minimal assemblage required; you only have to screw on the legs.

Leather is always getting scratched. Have had for 2 yrs and holding up okay though.

I am a steady amazon shopper and read reviews thoroughly before purchasing. This item by far exceeded my expectations. I have been in the furniture industry and have seen some of the cheap stuff manufactured overseas. This item for the money was well made and is sturdy and very versatile. I would have no hestitation in buying this item again. It is perfect fit for our sun room.

Heart to Heart Girls Flower Floor Pillow Seating Cushion, they love them! We got the medium size

These pillows are so cute, i purchased two for my daughters (light pink, blue) so they could use them as a floor pillows, they love them. We got the medium size, and it was a bit smaller than i expected, but it was not a problem at all. The pillows came on time and were delivered in an unmarked box, so no need to worry if it is a surprise. We are pleased with the quality of these pillows and will order the large ones for their reading nook. The fabric is so soft and the have a decent amount of stuffing, more may need to be added over time for longevity purposes though.

My little 20 month old granddaughter loves he large pillow. I bought it for her to sit on/lay on while she’s watching her favorite cartoons. Very pillow with plenty of stuffing and softness.

My expectations were completely met with the girls floor pillow and small head pillow. The packaging was exceptional and my four year old couldn’t get it out of the box fast enough. Her favorite colors to date, are green and purple. With this in mind, i ordered the large purple floor pillow and the small green head pillow. The quality of this product is made very well. There is no shedding and the texture is absolutely soft enough, that i find myself asking my daughter if i can use them. I recommend this product for your daughters, or even yourself as a mother. And definitely recommend as a gift. And i was not paid to write this review.

Key specs for Girls Flower Floor Pillow Seating Cushion, for a Reading Nook, Bed Room, or Watching TV. Softer and More Plush Than Area Rug or Foam Mat. 35″, Blue:

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  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
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Comments from buyers

“Absolutely adorable!, Not enough stuffing, Highly recommend”

The cutest softest pillow for a little girl’s bedroom floor. I bought it for my one year old grand-daughter who has a pink princess hanging ‘harem’ tent. She loves climbing on it and the light pink matches the tent so well. Highly recommend as it is very well made. But, the cuteness factor is priceless.

My 14 month old granddaughter loves this pillow. I bought the small one to go with her marshmallow fold out couch. She lays back on it when she’s watching tv. She’s now 20 months and still loving it.

Bought 3 of these: the biggest one, medium one, and small one. Whenever people come over and see the large on in our play area, they always ask where we got it because they love it so much.

We bought the large and we’re glad cause all 3 of us fits haha. Very happy with lounge pillow for our one and only baby girl :).

Our grand daughter loves it. I have two, the pink and the green.

I bought two of these pillows, one pink and one purple. Beautiful pastel colors, soft fabric, great quality, wonderful addition to any nursery. Also, i machine-washed them, didn’t fade, didn’t lose shape.

My 4 year old daughter and i both love these pillows. They are super soft and have the perfect amount of stuffing. I would definitely recommend these to anyone.

I wanted something unique for a puppy bed and found these. I bought the small which a little too small for my puppy. But i used it as an insert for her other bed. I bought a medium size also which was perfect for her. It’s so pretty and she loves it and looks adorable sitting on it. I’m so glad i bought them. They are also machine washable. Makes a perfect pet bed and are so beautiful.

These are so cute for my daughter’s bed. I got one large and one medium, sometimes she curls up and sleeps on the large one. For shams i recommend medium/small. For play space/reading nook seating go with the large. The pink (lrg) and green(med) color look as pictured.

The pillow is very cute but it seems that some people get good filling and some don’t. The pillow i received for my daughter could have used a lot more filling, which is disappointing.

This is a great pillow for floor play. It’s large enough for my daughter (2 yrs old) and son (5 yrs old) to lay on together while reading or watching tv. It’s not as stuffed with filling as shown in the picture but it’s very soft and stuffed enough for the kids to be comfortable. Very cute and love the soft color too. I’ve ordered another in a different color to compliment the one she has.

This is the medium,thought it would be a bit bigger but she doesn’t mind.

Let me start from saying that they are absolutely beautiful and my 2 year old daughter loves themi bought a pink and a purple one. The purple one is so much more flat than the pink one. The pink one is stuffed to its fullest and every petal with even amount. The purple one however is quite flat and it looks like there is less stuffing in some petals and more in other petals. Which is quite disappointingwould not order the purple one again.

I sent them to my granddaughters. They look really nice; a little smaller than i thought they’d be, but that’s no one’s fault (i know you listed the dimensions). The quality looks really good. And what a fun way for little ones to curl up and read or take a little snooze(a week later);i’ve seen one out of the package; it’s very nice quality, so soft and cheery. My little granddaughter cozied up to it when she was feeling under the weather recently. Her mom said it arrived (in the mail) ‘just in time to cheer her up’.

I ordered one big size for the green flower pillow and one medium size for the pink one. My daughter love the big size pillow and lay on it right the way and had been using it and laying on it everyday for a small rest and while playing her soft toys. The medium one is much smaller than the big size one, i wish it could be a little bit bigger.

Super cute, bought the large for my almost 4 year old’s reading nook. It’s nice to have an alternative to a bulky bing bag. My daughter likes it and it is very squishy. Update: i just bought the small size as i wanted a back pillow for her nook. It was tiny, more like a small throw pillow. I exchanged it for the medium size. It could use more stuffing, i might just add some myself. If you are thinking about buying 2 i recommend the large and the medium.

I ordered the hot pink in small size for my daughters pixie themed bedroom. It’s bright and vibrant, but not obnoxious or neon. It looks very expensive, very high quality.

I bought 4 of this pillows in 4 different colors, my 15, and 7 love them so much. They are beautiful and truth color.

The pillow is a good size and very soft. I thought the large was going to be as big as the green one pictured but my one toddler takes up most of the pillow when she sits on it. It had an overpowering garlic smell when we opened it – which was odd – but it aired out over night. I am only giving it four stars because it is pretty pricy for what it is.

I want you to know it is not nearly as big as the picture. The quality is nice, but it’s about the size of a small throw pillow. That may just be my fault however. I would never pay 20$ for a pillow this small though. I doubt my niece could use this to sit on as shown in the picture. Very nice quality though and arrived much ealier than expected.

Winsome Wood 5-Piece TV Table Set : I was a bit disappointed when I got them

I have a set of these in the light wood color, and i love them even more than i expected to. My husband and i live alone, and we usually don’t bother eating supper at the table anymore. These trays are sturdy (they feel secure even when using a knife to cut meat), they have a nice finish that wipes clean easily, and the whole set tucks neatly into a small corner. I just bought another set in black for my stepdaughter; she works from home and has to have a desk/work area instead of a dining table, so she and her bf have to eat at the coffee table. These trays will be perfect for them.

I was excited to find these for 40 dollars and the reviews were overall positive. I was a bit disappointed when i got them. They work fine it’s just not as nice as i was expecting. They aren’t so bad that i’d send them back but if i had it to do over again i probably wouldn’t have spent the extra 20 bucks (there’s another nice looking set for 60 on amazon) for something a little better quality.

I had read some of the one star reviews and wanted to advise my experience. First, the set arrived in a box that was solidly packed. Everything was individually wrapped, well done. The tables themselves came ready to go. The stand requires assembly. Everything went together easily. All you need is the allen wrench they supply. I will make a recommendation on the stand assembly. I tightened the screws to about 95% and then put the stand up on the counter and manuvered the cross and bottom horizontal bars so that they were nice and level.

I’ll start off by saying that the product is acceptable for the price. The pictures are a bit deceptive and show a better quality top than you end up with, using finger-jointed small pieces. If you’re not a wood fanatic, it may not even phase you, but it goes beyond wood quality and i thought these things were worth noting. I didn’t expect high-end furniture, but was still disappointed by the low quality control standards. Obviously it’s made overseas. Everything needed was included. The trays themselves are already assembled, you just have to assemble the stand.

  • Solid Trays, Exactly What I Was Expecting
  • Versatile and durable and solid wood
  • Solid, easy to put together Almost perfect

Winsome Wood 5-Piece TV Table Set, Black

  • Set of 4 folding TV tables and matching storage stand have sleek, modern look
  • Crafted of solid beechwood with rich black finish
  • Roomy rectangular tabletops with rounded edges; slender square legs; top handle on stand for easy transport
  • Assembly required
  • Each table measures 19-inch wide by 14.6-inch deep by 26-inch high

All right let’s start with the bad because that’s what people generally want to read about first. When i first received the product all of the hardware and the allen wrench necessary to assemble it was not included. The wood had two defects that were man-made and likely caused by the way it was manufactured, stored, or shipped(see pictures). Next, one set of the pre-drilled holes were out of alignment causing the bracket which holds the tv trays to be not leveled when assembled( see picture). This now causes one of the tv tables to always lean forward while in the stand no matter what (see picture). Now for the good things i have to say. First getting the missing hardware was very simple thanks to the form they provided with the product. They also emailed me shortly after i faxed them the form to get my missing parts to let me know that they were on the way and included a tracking number. That to me is huge in customer service because there was no guessing as to whether or not they received my fax and if they had processed my request to send me the missing hardware. Turnaround time was only about 4 to 5 business days.

There was some hardware missing and i had to write the manufacturer. They were very responsive and quickly supplied the missing screws, but not the needed dowels. Fortunately i had some in my workshop that i was able to cut to fit. With all that, this was still a good value.

Product exactly as expected. Item is very heavy duty wood , quality is excellent and the stand to store them in is convenient. The tables come fully assembled but the stand does not. It comes with an allen wrench so no additional tools are necessary.

I purchased this set as a complement to a pair of similar tv tables that i’ve had for years, left behind by a former roommate. These looked to be similar to what i had, so i got them. They did indeed match the size and the build was pretty close to the older pair. The stand requires a bit of assembly, but it’s nothing too complicated. I was able to assemble the stand in 15 minutes or so. I like this set because it’s made of solid wood, as opposed to a veneered particle board or mdf. A previous reviewer remarked at the ‘cheapness’ due to the wood being smaller pieces that are jointed together. I would disagree, based on having seen andersen window sashes constructed in the same manner, and those are not cheap windows. In any event, only one of the 4 trays in the package i purchased has the top constructed in this way. The trays seem reasonably stable and i haven’t noticed much in the way of wobble, but i’ve only had them for a couple of weeks so far.

The tables were great, however the stand’s top handle piece itself was missing all of the bore holes for the screws and dowels so i couldn’t complete assembly of the stand. I’m going to ask the manufacturer for a replacement handle, so if all goes well with that then i’ll upgrade the rating because otherwise it’s nice but right now it’s got to have a functional stand to make it worth the expense. Update 02/11/14: still no replacement handle for the stand received from manufacturer, so at this point i’d have to say this set is not worth the price or problems with the manufacturer and the parts. Revised 05/13/14: updated for receipt of the replacement handle, which took longer than the expected 10 days to replace but i lived. Once the replacement handle was in place for the stand it’s an acceptable tv tray set. Tables still look good after months of use, though i have to retighten the stand’s screws often, but i am happier with it.

Overall, i am very happy with this set. It was easy to put together – 24 minutes, including taking pictures and finding the rubber mallet for pounding in the plugs. After i put it together, i set it on our carpet which is pretty thick. I put two of the tray tables on one side of the stand to see if it would list. The only reason i am not giving this item five stars is that there is a spot on one of the vertical supports where the veneer peeled away a little bit. I feel like the item description is a wee bit misleading. The table tops are solid wood but apparently the stand is at least partially veneer. As i said it was very easy to put together.

These snack trays are beautifully finished and exactly as pictured. Some assembly is required, but this did not take long. We received the tables within the delivery time frame given. Overall, we are pleased and would buy again.

We got them to give as a gift. We put them together because the box they come in is so heavy. It wasn’t too hard to put them together. My husband and i helped each other. One of the screw holes was stripped. I put a match stick down in it and that allowed the screw to tighten up. I think they look pretty good. I expected that and actually wanted the smaller set.

This was purchased to add to an existing set. It was exactly like the image and better yet, it was exactly the same as the set purchased over 10 years ago. All wood, excellent workmanship and am very very pleased.

I purchased a set of these trays five years ago in oak and loved them. I just purchased the latest version in black last week and was please to find that they made improvements and reinforced the trays. I liked the feel of tying on my laptop so much, i bought another order before posting this review. Buy with confidence and enjoy the portability and stability of this 5-piece tv table set before i purchase them all and i am totally serious.

For the most part they work but then the screws come off. If you are able to screw the screws back in and they stay the trays work otherwise you are at a loss. Maybe some wood glue with the screw might work but haven’t tried it. I guess the same goes for all brands.

This little set is perfect for kiddos who love dinner-and-a-movie nights. I love that we can put the tables away when they’re not in use, too. These tables are pretty sturdy and easy to set up and take down, and the stand only took about 5-10 minutes to put together. (the tool and screws you need come with the set).

However, after putting them together, there were a few pieces that arrived broken. For the price we paid we did not feel like dealing with the hassle of returning them so we fixed them ourselves with some wood glue and wooden dowels which we already had at home (big diyers). For the price they are okay. Sturdy enough and finish seems like it will hold up. Stand is slightly flimsy, yes we assembled it properly, but it sits in a corner and is not messed with until we use a tray so no real issue there. They do what they are intended to do.

We use these tables almost daily and they’ve held up pretty well. They do tend to wobble a bit, but some sanding can easily level them. The wood looks really nice, but it is soft. If you have an animal that likes to chew they can do some damage pretty quickly if you don’t catch them. The surface is nicely treated and makes cleaning easy, and the table holder was easy to assemble when it arrived. We’ve had the tables almost two years, and they are still serving their purpose.

These are very good value for the price. They are all solid wood —a blonde hardwood that i don’t recognize. They go together easily and stack well. Very handy for an extra table for any reason. Some reviews say that the rack is flimsy. It is well made and even has plugs for the screw holes to dress it up. Nicely designed and easy to manage. This would have been 5 stars except one tray has a 4” crack in it. Doesn’t hurt performance but should be fixed.

Got this as a christmas gift for my wife. Was easy to assemble (only real assembly is the stand). Wood seems to be good quality and they have held up nicely for the last three months. Each tray is fairly light weight to move but very sturdy. Color in picture is fairly accurate representation of color you get.

I looked extensively for a set of these tables from target, walmart, etc. And these had the best reviews and price. They come assembled, are great quality and the holding stand is easy to put together. The tables are extremely sturdy and look great- they do not look cheap and are well made.

It came on time and in perfect shape and i would recommend these tables. The tables are already assembled. I put two tables next to each other to make a bigger table and it looks like a darling little bistro set.