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Poundex Corner Shelf : more like black walnut

Real wood and feels solid, nice, rich reddish brown color. I put it together with my boyfriend and i think doing it alone would be quite a bit harder (need someone to hold/brace). I followed advice and counted parts before i started building. Also make sure you take the stickers off before you build b/c i didn’t take one of them off and then it was tough to get it out of a corner after it was already built.

These look very nice in my daughters small bedroom. I have no concerns with the way it arrived, there were no scratches or unfinished sides. The biggest drawback on this set of shelves is the assembly. Took two very capable adults two hours to put them together with the help of an electric screwdriver and a few other tools. When ordering something like this, the assembly is expected, but be ready to spend some time on it.

I liked it so much i ordered a 2nd one. 4 stars because the top and bottom piece don’t line up exactly.

Don’t let the discounted price fool ya (at least, it was discounted when i purchased it to $68). It was worth the discounted price, but had i seen this in a store for $68, i would have passed on it. The edges don’t quite line up, it is rather flimsy and i’m not sure i trust putting anything “of weight” on any of the shelves – both because i feel like the shelf may collapse and/or the whole thing may come toppling over. It comes with some straps and two drywall mounts, but i don’t want to drill two holes in my wall to make a shelf stand up. If ya just need something to stick in a corner and put some decorative pieces on, this will do the trick. Not quite what i had in mind for it, but it’s what i’m doing with it now.

  • Okay once you figure it out
  • UGH love hate relationship
  • Nice heavy shelving unit, but did not arrive in perfect condition

Poundex Corner Shelf, Walnut

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  • Attractive corner shelf from Poundex to maximize storage space; great for displaying keepsakes, framed photos, and houseplants
  • Constructed in densely pressed wood with deep chocolate finish; with 5 wedge-shaped shelves
  • Increasing shelf sizes from top to bottom from 20 inches wide by 8 inches deep to 30 inches wide by 14 inches deep
  • Easy home assembly with hardware and accessories included; available also in oak and cherry finishes
  • Assembled, measures 29 inches wide by 21 inches deep by 63 inches high, product is darker than the given image.

I’m used to being disappointed with the “cheaper” stuff you can find in the local brick and mortar stores. The spray nozzle that comes with this hose is pretty nice. It’s someone light weight, has a modern design and grip and the spray adjustment works with pretty good precision. Meaning if you turn it one way or the other, you get a consistent circle of spray and not intermittent like you get with the cheapies. The only thing with the nozzle is that i would recommend some plumber’s tap on the connector. Out of the box, it was a bit loose and when i tightened it, it seemed to leak a slight bit. So i grabbed some regular plumbers tape, gave it a few wraps and works perfect. I really like the color and quality of the outside cover on the hose, it definitely makes it look and feel like it’s better quality. The true test is to see how long it lasts.

Not sure where the 29″ dimension comes from, but the base has a 21″ radius. Anyway, the unit is actually decent, but you should know the following before buying/assembling:1) the t nuts are a bit too small for the holes in which they sit, so, if there’s a hitch when threading the philip head screws through, the nuts will start spinning in their holes instead of sitting (and you can’t really stop them by having another screwdriver holding them). Before you put the nuts into the holes, you need to thread the screw through a few times to make sure that all the hitches are gone, then it will work without issue. (learned this the very hard and frustrating way. )2) the stickers are not the good kind that peel off, so either don’t take them off or be prepared to scrub. 3) the wood is pretty cheap. I actually gouged out some wood with my fingernails while trying to get off the first sticker.

I bought this to go in a small corner of my house. It looks so nice and goes very well with my rustic theme while giving it a very nice look. It has a slight lean back (very slight), which helps it from topping over. My young 3 grandchildren are over often (ages 5,3,2) and there has not been any chance of them trying to climb on it. It came with straps to secure it to the wall, but i did not add them because the shelf seemed to do just fine without it.

This shelf unit is fairly sturdy and easy to assemble. The finish is slightly fragile and easily scratched. There were parts missing; but after contacting the seller the parts were ordered and sent to me. I would recommend this corner shelf if you are looking for good value for your money.

I was pretty impressed with this product. My plants look lovely on it and overall it is quite sturdy and heavy. It says you need three people to assemble it. I was able to do it alone, but you may need a second person to hold up the top while lining it up to the bottom. Pretty easy to put together overalli would buy another one if i had the room.

Not quite cappuccino, a touch more walnut is you ask me. . But i put it together quite easily myself and it is solid wood and sturdy. I did not feel i had to anchor it to the wall, even though it came with all the right parts to do so. It had a couple of small dings-i bought it from the warehouse used at a deeper discount. Once my books were on it, not even visible, since both small scratches/dings were on the back. I’m happy with the size, even though it could be taller for optimum storage.

This shelving unit is the closest thing i could find to match one that i bought at least 10 years ago at ikea. Unlike the ikea unit, this one is veneers rather than solid wood. And also unlike he ikea unit, each long leg is actually two shorter pieces. On the plus side, this unit is stained and finished. I had to stain the ikea unit myself. Hubby helped me to assemble this unit, which would have been awkward to assemble for one person. My review is short a couple of stars for two reasons. The unit arrived with some small veneer chips, which i was able to disguise with a bit of furniture stain. And one leg did not have all of the predrilled holes. Hubby got out the drill and rectified that situation.

As others have noted not very easy to assemble. Instructions could be improved. They say two people are required. I did it alone but did have to undo and redo because the instructions didn’t clearly specify that one side needed to be fully assembled before attaching the other. (this is an issue when assembling the bottom half of the shelf. ) in terms of appearance, i am slightly disappointed that the top and bottom parts don’t fit together after assembly as flush as i’d prefer, but it is minor and given the fairly low cost for a real wood piece not a huge complaint. Nice cherry wood and finish.

It’s a really nice corner shelf; quite large and sturdy. Some of the hardware was missing, or manufactured improperly. ) a couple of the wooden pegs were broken. Neither of these were a big deal. I just had to use a couple of regular screws in a couple of areas, none of this is visible. It’s real wood, it looks great, stands well without wobbling. Would definitely recommend it, so long as you can accomodate a couple of curve balls in the assembly process. When you open the glue bottle for the pegs, there is an internal cap jammed inside, or perhaps the glue was just dried in the tip of the glue bottle. But yeah, don’t just squeeze it harder to try and get the glue flowing. You will end up with a stream of glue clear across your room.

I put the shelf together by myself in about an hour, no problem. The instructions were clear and i didn’t miss having a helper at all. The shelf is heavy and sturdy, i have no worries about it tipping over, and it looks like something i would have paid a lot more for locally. The packaging was very good. There is a slight ding on one edge but it must have happened before it was packaged because the box showed no sign of damage. I received it in about a week with free shipping.

The box that arrived said walnut (and had me scared i ordered the wrong color) but the finish was cappuccino and matched the picture. What i love about this shelf, is it’s a perfect fit for the space. We’ve been looking at ladder bookshelves for a while, even bought two of them, to put in the corner of our family room. None of them quite fit right. Finally found this corner shelf, and are very happy with it. It was easy enough to assemble. I appreciated that the piece labels were mostly in locations that were covered by another piece. I only had to remove a few from the bottoms of the higher shelves. The bolt covers ranged in size, which meant some stuck out more than others. However, all the bolts wind up against a wall, so you don’t even see them.

This is a very nice and sturdy piece. It came packaged carefully, it was all clearly labeled, and had no missing or damaged pieces. Of course help is always better but i’m a petite female and was able to put it together by myself in a little over an hr just fine. I recommend laying everything out first-i did so in the styrofoam and cardboard it came with to not scratch the wood. Do not use your nail to scrape off stickers. Be gentle or you’ll mar the wood. I rubbed them off with my thumb. The legs are of a lower quality material than the actual shelves so they seem to get scratched more easily but it’s not so noticeable. It is not a delicate piece as it is sturdy and very decorative. The cappuccino is medium brown with a reddish undertone-not too red but it’s there.

I really expected a cheap piece of junk for the low price point. After assembling this shelf, i would buy ten more if i had places to put them. Assembles easily in my opinion with dowels and screw/barrel hardware system that i’ve never encountered before. Much better than particle board junk that these things are usually made of. I highly recommend this item and i tend to be rather critical when leaving reviews.

Great deal and quality – fairly easy to put together. Solid wood that goes together with dowels and screws – you don’t need to use the glue since you are screwing the pieces together – the glue just gets messy. You put the top tier together first – then the bottom. I would recommend having it near the location you want it when you attach the top to the bottom because it is a solid wood item and is a bit heavy once connected. I have been looking for a corner shelf unit for a couple of months and have been very disappointed with the qualities seen (very flimsy-water damaged-tape & stickers on the shelves that pulled off the varnish finish) – i ended up returning two previously purchased corner shelves because of packaging damage/poor quality that i got from a local furniture store and were more expensive. So, i took a chance on ordering this one based on what i’ve seen in furniture stores since this was very reasonably priced compared to those. – i was shocked and very pleased with what i got and how great it looks.

It says on the instructions that you need two people to assembly it, but i was able to do it by myself and it was my first time to assemble a furniture. The only reason i gave it 4 stars because for some reason, they lost the first product that i ordered. I had to cancel it and they instantly gave me my money back and ordered another one for $4 less. Other than that i’m happy with this product.

I think the shelf itself is of decent quality for the price but it doesn’t match anything else i’ve purchased for my living room/dining room that is labeled as being ‘cappuccino’ in color. This unit is lighter and has a very red tint which is not what i expected and not what i wanted, so i’m very disappointed with that. I’ve ordered 3 other cappuccino items that are a much deeper, dark brown. If you’re just looking for a fairly solid, simple corner ladder shelf then this unit is nice, but be careful of the color if you want something specific because its definitly not cappuccino.

Looks great, but a hanful of holes i had to rengineer, some of the holes here way off. But overall looks very nice color looks more expensive than it is.

Seems the color varies greatly on this shelf, even in the reviews. I wanted a lighter one, and got a dark stain. It should be consistant, it isn’t walnet, more like black walnut.

Achim Home Furnishings Madera Falsa 2-Inch Faux Wood Blind : Excellent blinds

I’m giving these blinds 3 stars because they do look great – except for the missing top valence, but who looks up there anyway?. Despite the attractive appearance, these blinds were apparently designed by the same 7-year-old in china that manufactured them. The raising/lowering mechanism barely works at all. I struggled to initially get the blinds lowered into an acceptable length for use, and then i don’t plan to ever raise them again. The clips that are supposed to attach the valance after mounting don’t fit the valence even a little bit, so the valences for the 4 blinds i bought are stacked in the basement in case some day a solution appears. All in all, they are working out well enough for a child’s bedroom, and they were definitely a good price – but you get what you pay for, and if you are looking for something that will actually work, keep looking.

Shipped very fast even through it was not prime. The valance is incorrect for the clips that attach it or the clips are incorrect for the valance. The groove on the valance is way to narrow shallow to allow the clips to be inserted. Had to use a flat screwdriver to pry up the pvc lip on the back of the valance groove and twist/turn the clip into the groove. The valance cannot be attached while the blinds are on the window. That is the only way i was able to attach the valance using the provided materials. I bought 4 of these same exact blinds 3 years ago and this issue did not exist 3 years ago. I noted that the valance provided now looks the same on the front but is different on the back then the ones bought 3 years ago. The string pull ends are different than 3 years ago but do look similar to the ones in the picture. The blinds itself has still uses a similar steel frame on top and steel mounting hardware which good.

These shipped much faster than i expected, and they look great. You can’t really tell that they’re not real wood unless you’re up close and touching them. Heads up though: i ordered 33″wide – its actually the overhead brackets that are 33wide – the blinds themselves are about 32.

These look very nice and everyone who has seen them has commented on how nice they look- they don’t look cheap at all. Despite this though, we did have a couple complications with installation. There are suppose to be two support pieces that hold the blinds towards the middle. Our package only came with one and we put it in the middle- which you are not suppose to do as this restricts the string pulley mechanism. We lucked out as this set of blinds was in our bathroom and the blinds are not opened often. The other complication was the fact that the blinds were a half inch or so too short even though when i measured the window it was exactly 29in. Apparently they send a slightly smaller size to compensate for the fact that most people measure the wrong part- i measured correctly and therefor had a harder time installing the blinds (they did not reach each side perfectly). Also the screws included were very cheap and stripped almost instantly.

  • Good blinds, baaaad accessories
  • indestructible to cats!
  • Buying more for the house

Achim Home Furnishings Madera Falsa 2-Inch Faux Wood Blind, 46-Inch by 64-Inch, White

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Made from cellular foam artificial wood
  • Supported by steel headrail
  • Looks and feels like wood
  • Unlike Wood, Resists Warping, Moisture, Sun Damage, Insect Damage
  • Measuring should be done on the inside of the window sill

Look, these aren’t high-end expensive blinds that someone installs for you. What they are is nice-looking inexpensive blinds that are true to measure. They were beautifully packaged in original sealed boxes inside shipping cartons. They aren’t any more tedious and aggravating to hang than any other of the many blinds i’ve hung. The hardware is standard, which means only a long-shank screwdriver will work, screws are unnecessarily long, just the usual. I changed out to much shorter screws for my 36 inch blinds and did not install the center supports on these short blinds. I had thought i wanted off-white, but saw these mahogany ones, decided to try them and love the way they look. Originally ordered two: was so pleased, even after the ladder, the marking, the pilot hole drilling, the three screwdrivers, the dropped screws, etc. The price is excellent, less than matchstick roll-ups.

These blinds were way higher quality than i expected for the price and some peoples’ bitchy reviews. The mounting brackets are all metal with hinged retention clasps on the end units. The screws it comes with are just fine however i wound up using some massice deck screws i had laying around due to the lack of a close upper wood frame (concrete block house). My window measured at 36″ exactly and this blind was just slightly shorter than 36″ which allowed it to fit perfectly snug. These are much heavier than the cheap mini blinds i am used to so i used a few screws on the end brackets. They look really good and what a fraction of the price compared to buying them at the home improvement store.

I ordered these as a test set. And they are 35″ including the brackets. While i was able to install these on my 35″ exact window. It was a tight fit and took a little work in my part. I recommend undersizing from what ever your windows inner dimension is. Now these are nice looking blinds. They do have a pull string to open and close rather than the standard rod. Only thing i dont like is the gap at the top. Some light comes through and is kinda minor.

We ordered two white 29 inch. The width is actually 28 1/2. So keep that in mind when you order. One is bright white and one is a slightly creamy white. Most likely not noticeable to other people. All the hardware was included in the box. One installed easily, the second did not. The strings that open and close the blind had come loose from the anchor but we were able to re attaché them. Both of the metal headers were slightly bent but it does not affect the function and the valance does cover it so it is not visible. Attaching the valance was challenging.

The other day, i totally destroyed my blinds somehow, they cracked in half. The dog already broke off a piece of the blind anyways, so it was on its way out already. I don’t utilize this room often so i wasn’t looking to spend a lot on a replacement for cheap blinds that came with the house i bought 5 years ago. I looked to my trusting amazon. Com for a quick replacement, and found a set to replace them cheaply. I was able to install the blinds with ease. It’s fairly straight forward to begin with so i didn’t bother looking at the directions. The blinds are made kind of cheaply, but they look great and function. If they last, maybe i’ll replace a few more sets of blinds around the house.They pass as blinds that would cost much more.

Absolutely fantastic for the price. I read the negative reviews. Larger blinds = more weight. It’s physics, not poor design. The hangers, brackets, mechanisms and design are all very durable, well thought out and put together solidly. If you expect these to act like a set of pvc mini blinds, they won’t. But the design and implementation are good and they function extremely well. From my observations during install and initial use, i expect they will provide years of solid operation.

I have lived in my home for 10 years and had originally purchased the same style blinds (different brand) when we built our home. After a decade of having them, it was simply time to start replacing them throughout our home. Although, we dusted and washed them several times a year, they were starting to look a bit dingy and yellowish. We definitely got out money’s worth. So we began our search to purchase and update the blinds throughout our home. We came across these blinds which were pretty identical and very reasonable in cost. The only difference between our old blinds and these is that it has strings to open and close the slats vs the stick that you twist to open and close the blinds. As always, ordering online is a bit worriesome until you can see the product in person. We have received and hung the the 2 we purchased.

These are great blinds look like they were more expensive than what i paid. We had custom blinds installed in few rooms and spent close to 1k and i feel pretty dumb because these looks very similar to them. I will order more for other windows.

The odor being reported is accurate. Putrid is the best word for it. I have read reviews indicating the odor will dissipate in a few days. I hope so, i have house guests coming which is why i made this purchase. After the blinds were installed i wiped them down with baking soda and water, which did nothing. I have two candles lit in the room now. If anyone knows a more effective way of shortening the time it takes for these to become tolerable please comment below. They’re in the bathroom, i think that makes it worse since it’s a confined area. The good news is the blinds looks great and seems very well made. My husband did swear a few times installing them but he didn’t read the directions and just tried to wing it.

While the blinds themselves seem to be of decent quality, it’s the parts and accessories that are just awful. First the good: the blinds are well packaged, and they are well designed and nicely laid out. I like the two-string pulley to rotate the blinds from up position to neutral to down position. The three-string pulley is also nicely designed with a good tight string stopper to hold the pulleys in place after you make adjustments. The color is exactly mahogany, with a non-glossy finish. Important note: while the blinds are 2 inches, the blinds bracket is nearly 3 inches. Make note of that when you measure the depth of your window recess. Since my recess is 2 inches, i now have a big metal bracket sticking out of the recess by about 1 inch and it looks really goofy. First, the included screws are cheap and they strip easily. I had to work very hard to get them out when my screwdriver stripped them. Use real brass wood screws insteadthen, the instructions are in very poor english with the most important parts glossed over, and the insignificant issues receiving a weird amount of attention. Is it really so hard to have an american intern take an hour and rewrite this thing?next, there is a vinyl face that you mount to the metal blinds front so that you don’t see ugly metal. Problem: the vinyl face is half an inch shorter than the blinds, and the plastic clips that mount the face to the metal force the face out by nearly half an inch.

I needed to replace the wide blinds in my bathroom. The window is unusually wide. These blinds were perfect — about 1/4″ too narrow on each side, but the brackets were big enough so i folded some bits of the cardboard box that these were sent to my house to help fill in the gap on both sides of the blinds. They’ve been up — securely — for about 6 months. The blinds are extremely heavy, so you’ll need to mount them securely — too wood if at all possible. Dry wall would be tough but possible with really long screws. Gorgeous & extremely well made. The cords have never tangled or failed to function properly. I highly recommend these blinds & will purchase more for my kitchen as soon as those need to be replaced.

I was reading a lot of reviews for all sorts of things for the past month and i decided to go with this for the windows i just bought a new home and i wanted something that looked awesome but i was a little sketchy about which one in particular. Mainly because when i was reading other reviews for different kinds people was saying they didn’t all look the same color or was damaged on arrival i have 3 floors in my new home i didn’t want to buy something then they all look a diffrent tint of color. I bought 3 of them one for my room and 2 for the second room but i will be making another order for these i want these all over the house other then the bathroom because it makes no sence in there i’ll just get walmart brand for that people will be taking showers and stuff i don’t want anything to happen to it over time but it does look stunning i just painted my rooms and re done the floors all hardwood and it makes my home look so different it just amazes me because i never had those type of like blinds before it is worth every penny my brother came over and my dad to see how it looks because i was moving stuff in my new home and they want some for there room as well so i guess i’ll have to get it for them too because they know nothing about amazon lol. The only thing that bothered me but it really wasn’t enough to care was when they give you an extra blind that you mount on the top there in the pic i didn’t put the blind up b cuz the piece they give you to put it on the braket does not fit like it wasn’t designed to fit the extra blind they give you i’m just gunna put the extra 3 i have in storage i have curtains and it’s not a big deal. No one noticed nor cared either way lol. Everyone was all it looks so modern and old fashion at the same time lol. It’s not enough to turn me away from buying more that’s for sure and 2 other people seen it and thought fancy lol.

I originally purchased two 36 inch shades and discovered that they weren’t quite wide enough for my large set of windows, so i returned them for two 39 inch and i’m glad i did. These shades look and work very well. The instructions are on a single sheet of paper, but it provides enough detail to figure it all out. The other nice thing is that the brackets contain a lot of holes for screwing through the top of the bracket, the side, or the back. With all of those mounting options, you can choose to mount these inside the window frame, or on the outside, possibly mounted to the wall or even above the entire window. I opted to mount them inside the window frame for my installation. The instructions suggest that you have 2 1/4 inches of depth for an ‘inside’ installation, which i did not have, so i was initially concerned that these might pull out after a bit of use. After i was done with the installation, i’m no longer concerned about that. I started out by holding one up in the place they were going to be installed to see if they were the right size. In my case, they were just a fraction larger than my window frame, so in the end i just used a chisel to cut out about an eighth of an inch for the outer brackets.

Slats are thicker like real wood would be and not paper thin like regular ‘venetian’ blinds. I have 6 narrow windows in a row along one wall in breakfast room and these look great. The wider, thicker slats give the look of plantation shutters on these narrow windows.

We got these because our cats destroy basic, soft-plastic blinds. We’ve had these for a couple of months now and they have held up and actually deter our cats from getting into the window. We think they don’t like having to push through these heavier blinds. When we have them tilted open, the cats will lay their heads on them and fall asleep and while the blinds do bend down to the weight of their heads, they haven’t warped or anything. Our cats are about 10-15lbs. They are holding up really well and block tons of light. We bought two of these and will definitely be buying more to put around the house. We love them and definitely recommend.

I got these blinds to replace a set of cheap vinyl mini-blinds that my cats broke, just trying to look out the window. These blinds solved the problem. They are strong and the cats can’t bend them. They were easy to install and do the job.

If your windows measure 35 1/8 inches like mine do, then order the 34 inch blinds. I ordered 12 of the 35 inch blinds and they measure exactly 35 inches. When you put the brackets up, there’s no room to make them fit. I didn’t want to deal with returning them, so i took the metal support brackets off the ends of them and they barely fit. I couldn’t thread a hair in between the space of the blind and the wall bracket if someone paid me to do it. Don’t do what i did (because those metal support brackets are there for a reason). Get the 34 inch blinds to have some wiggle room. As far as functionality goes, they work ok but there’s a bit of a drag when pulling the strings to open and shut them. They do look like wood and the slats are very sturdy.

Omg i love these curtains so much. They literally make my room look so much better than with normal blinds. I am eventually going to get these for every room in the house. My only concern is that it may be hard to lift up and down all of the time because it does seem a bit heavy so when i lift it i give it a push from the bottom. So if you’ve kids who will be messing with it i am not sure how it would last but because the blinds are so thick when you just leave down when the blinds in a way where there is a slit so the light comes through it looks beautiful.

Flash Furniture High Back Ribbed Leather Executive Swivel Chair – Sophisticated Comfort

I shoped for a chair for over 2 months. Wanted to get one at crate and barrel , but it was very uncomfortable. Went to a few stores and saw this model in letherette material. Felt compfy so i pulled a trigger on this one. Everything exactly what i expected at @ under $180. Good quality, everything heavy duty metal except wheels, which i dont care since it rolls on the hardwood floors. It does not roll from side to side when you sit in it -on the hardwood, which i am happy about (some type of plastic wheels can’t stay in place on hardwood floors). One complain is the smell, took over a month to get rid of it. Get ready for a smelly apartment with this chair-or open it and let it stay in garage for some time) everything else is great.

I replaced my big bulky ergonomic chair with this one. It’s comfortable, sleek, and fits into a small office space beautifully. It looks great and gives a sophisticated dash of style to your workspace.

This chair was packaged well, delivered ahead of schedule, and was simple to assemble. Although i’ve only had it two days – so i can’t be entirely sure of it’s durability – it seems to be constructed very well and is sturdy. The shape of the back lumbar support is perfect for me (5’10’) but seemed a bit too high for my wife (5’4′). It’s comfortable and keeps my posture good which is very important since i can spend anywhere from 3 to 8 hours per day in this chair behind a desk. While function and support are probably the most important factors for long hours in the chair, the look is also very elegant. The only knock on this chair is that i must apply significant pressure from my feet on the ground to tilt the chair back at all, and must maintain that pressure throughout the duration of the tilt. There is a tilt paddle under the seat but after trying to figure out how it works for several attempts, i’ve given up to avoid potentially damaging the chair. For me this is no biggie though. With that being said, this chair, in my opinion, is a great price and i researched the purchase and compared numerous other chairs before pulling the trigger on this model. I would recommend this chair to anyone who wants to add a beautiful piece to their modern office furniture.

  • I just received my chair today and it looks amazing in my office space
  • Nice looking and comfortable chair, functional and esthetic
  • Very fast assembly, very easy directions.

We bought these chairs to give our office conference room a high end look. And the chairs did not disappoint. We are very pleased with the quality and the materials used. They were very easy to put together and each took less than 3 minutes to assemble.

I bought this chair almost a year ago and i am still sitting in it. In fact, i am sitting in the chair while typing this review. I read that some reviewers had issues with this chair not lasting but i use this everyday and i have no problems so far. It does sit high so if you have a low desk i would take the measurements and see if this suits your area. As far as comfort is concerned, it’s not a la-z boy, it sits stiff and you can recline. The chair is easy to assemble.

Features of Flash Furniture High Back Black Ribbed Leather Executive Swivel Chair with Knee-Tilt Control and Arms

  • Contemporary Office Chair
  • High Back Design
  • Coat Hanger Bar on Back
  • Built-In Lumbar Support
  • Foam Molded Seat and Back
  • Dual Paddle Control
  • Locking Knee-Tilt Control Mechanism
  • Tilt Tension Adjustment Knob
  • Swivel Seat
  • Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment

There are two different bases in the photos, the one i received had the more pointed base, which is unfortunate as i was hoping it would match the chairs i already have in my conference room. Otherwise the quality is fine and it matches close enough.

Looks as good in person, and feels sturdy, with good base and wheels. Was concerned it might clash with my white ikea desk, but relieved when it looked great together. Only downside is that if i spend more than a few hours at my home desk, the thin profile design with minimal padding means it is not as comfortable for long desk sessions as other bulkier office chairs.

Beautiful looking, modern, and stylish. Fits well in any modern-looking office. I had to have one this style, so i went with this one. It seemed a little expensive but i’m glad i went for it. It has held up very well for the past year, the only complaint i have so far is that the metal arms scratch very easily. It is surprisingly more comfortable than you would expect. Packaging was interesting, it came seemingly half assembled, the back is one large piece (the back curved to the seat = one piece), it came in a very large box because of this so be prepared for that. It was then very easy to put together, only took about 5-10 minutes.

It looks good to me, how ever the finish isn’t very smooth on the crome part and the spring to tilt back is stiff, maybe i just need to brake it in ?. How ever it does fit nicely the box arrived broken with a hole in it so i thought it might of been damaged, it was not, it assembled very easily i would choose a chair with more padding next time.

The look and comfort of this chair is excellent. However, the assembly was a nightmare. What initially appeared to be a simple job of connecting 2-3 parts together ended up actually requiring my husband to take apart the pieces that had already come pre-assembled by the manufacturer. The chair came with critical pieces joined together backwards. Putting it all back together was physically extremely difficult as it required stretching the seat out to get pre-drilled holes to match up correctly. Luckily, my husband and teenage son were able to get it all fixed and now we have a comfortable, functioning, stylish chair. I am hoping this was a one time mistake by manufacturer and the rest are rolling off their line correctly as i would not wish this trouble on any other customers.

This chair is great (i’m sitting in it as i type this). The contour of the back is extremely comfortable, the leather seems to be of high quality, it was easy to assemble with the provided instructions, and looks great. My only complaint is the minimum height adjustment seems a bit high. I’m 5’11 with fairly long legs for my height, and my feet just barely brush the ground when i sit upright at the minimum height. Probably wouldn’t be good for anyone much shorter than me.

A handsome replica of the ‘eames aluminum group’ chair for those who don’t want to spend $1800. The tilt / lean has a lock, but the spring is far too tight to use the function even when loosened to the maximum. The height is also pneumatically adjustable. All of the reviews saying that the tilt is too stiff are 100% correct, but i didn’t buy the chair to relax in. It’s my office / desk chair. It serves utility in that sense perfectly. If the chair tilted at all, i’d give it 5 stars.

I don’t remember how much i paid for this chair but if it was over $50 i would not buy it again. Its flimsy and cheaply made but it does the job. It reminds me of an ikea chair. I noticed that my apartment office has the same chair and they only buy modern cheap items.

I have back problems and i’m able to sit in this chair all day for work and it’s much better than any other chair i’ve had. If your looking for a chair that has tons of padding for your bottom, this isn’t it. I’m also able to use my heating pad with this chair very well, bonus.

I just received my chair today and it looks amazing in my office space. I would of gave this chair 5 stars, however the item was delivered with a few small scratches on the arm handles of the chair. I am a little disappointed because the marks are a little obvious and peeling slightly. Besides that the chair itself is beautiful.

I feel like miranda priestly from the devil wears prada. I know this isn’t the ‘legit’ chair but who cares?. Who’s going to ask you if thats a gucci or louis vuitton chair as long as your ass is happy to sit on it. It is functioning very well after 4-5 months now without a single problem. It doesn’t go back like a lazy boy chair like you would expect or like any other fluffy office chair. But it does recline back a little to the point where you’re like, ‘should i just end my life?’. But overall its superior than anything else that you would find. Thats allask me anything you desire.

It’s a beautiful chair and the quality is great. However is not really a comfortable chair. It may be great for a meeting room where you don’t have to be sitting on it for hours at a time. Don’t get it as your working desk chair, it’s definitely not comfortable enough for long sitting hours. There’s a small lumbar support, but not enough for most people. The seat itself has very small cushion and you’ll feel tired real soon. Again, if you buy it for the looks and for short periods of use, it’s great. If you’re buying it for long hours of use.

Comfortable, looks great and moves smoothly. My husband works from home and says it has helped his back much better than our previous chair. The only drawback was it was slightly difficult to assemble bc one of the screws did not line up with the holes on the bottom of the seat.

Updated – 16 july 2014: the last thing i mention is if the chair can survive my cats (i have a lot of cats). There is one ‘claw hole’ near the top of the chair, and some ‘scratch pull’ type marks on the chair as well. I had picked up one of these as a test to see how it held up against our use – and the cats. It appears as though the cats are going to win. I can work in this chair all day long without a problem, but i am going to have to seek another alternative that can survive my cats – who are relentless. If they only made this thing in 100% plastic. First things first – the chair arrived in excellent condition. There is a slight smudge on the top, back, center of the chair around where my shoulders are, but some light washing with dish soap, and most of that came right off. It could have happened anywhere, even while taking it out of the box it came in.

We already had one in our office from a couple of years back and this new one matches it. Super easy to assemble and the chair that we’ve had for 3 years is just as good as the day we got it.

Firstly, one of the previous reviews (and q&a) mentions that this chair is made of leather and given the price i was a bit skeptical of that. As i expected, it is not leather but a leatherette material – although the quality is pretty good. The chair was easy to assemble, and went together in less than 10 minutes. It is comfortable and all of the mechanisms work pretty well. What concerned me was that the packing of the product was terrible. While this didn’t appear to be a returned item, the plastic and bubble wrap was filthy and dusty, and being a white chair, it too was dusty and dirty with fingerprints all over it. I spent approximately 45 minutes cleaning the chair once i got it out of the box and assembled. There is a cloth sling material that attaches the leatherette to the metal base and a couple of those fingerprints got ‘lighter’ but could not be removed. There was also an oily film on the chrome parts, but that wiped off pretty easily with some window cleaner and a soft cloth. Overall, the chair is a good value for the money – you might want to consider the black one because it would not show the dirt that the white one did.

This chair allows me to sit up right in a comfortable position and my back is supported. I am 5′ 6′ when i sit all the way to the back of the chair my feet heels don’t touch the floor by about an inch and a half. I am giving this review 4 stars because of the misadvertisment. The chair is not leather it is man made material and the label on the bottom confirms the material is not leather. I hope that the material doesn’t peel as others have stated in their review.

Stylish chair is not as good as i would have hoped. It’s firm and the lower part of the arm rests bump up against my thighs. This chair is most comfortable when sitting very upright. If you like to slouch or relax, this is not the chair. It’s a working-man’s chair that encourages upright seating. The instructions were easy to follow and i had the thing together in under 30 minutes. When i think executive chair, i think of those big tilting chairs with the boss putting his feet up. Although this chair claims to ‘reclines’, it does barely go back, more of a slight lean.

Coaster Home Furnishings Coaster Mitchell Casual Amber Upholstered Game Arm Chair : Good quality chair and helpful customer service

The seat in this chair is very hard and uncomfortable. Providing measurement from seat to height would be beneficial.

I got these chairs to replace ones that came with my table. They match it so well and i have had several nice comments about these chairs. I love them and would recommend them to anyone. They got here within four days of my ordering them. Much sooner than i expected. I do not have a bad word to say about them.

Coaster Mitchell Casual Amber Upholstered Game Arm Chair

  • The upholstered cushioned seat and padded seat back add to comfort, while the subtle curves of the wooden arms and frame contribute to relaxed style
  • With complete relaxation, enjoy a casual meal or friendly game of poker with this game chair
  • For easy and convenient mobility, this arm chair is equipped with wheel casters
  • This item is eligible for free replacement parts. Contact Amazon Customer Service for more information.

Love my poker chairs use them in the kitchen very comfortable.

Easy to put together and look beautiful. . We bought 6 for our table and will probably buy more for extras.

The chairs were not easy to assemble. Getting the pieces lined up for the bolts to go into the back cushion was the tricky part. The chairs look nice, but the cushions are rock hard. They just aren’t very comfortable to sit in for an extended time. The price was right, but i wish i’d have paid a bit more for more cushy chairs. Two of the armrests out of the four chairs were damaged. Furniture creations was quick to respond and order the replacement parts from the manufacturer. However, coastal was very slow with this process. After about a month, i finally got a tracking number. Unfortunately it was for an address not even in my state.

Coaster Mitchell Casual Amber Upholstered Game Arm Chair : It was more perfect than we ever thought for what we needed it for.

I ordered these arm chairs with casters tan fabric oak finish for the dining room that i am remodeling. Although i had to put the chairs together, the directions were precise, the packaging that they arrived in was amazing (everything was in perfect condition in box and packed carefully – that’s very important to me), each piece wrapped and hardware was clearly marked. I had some dealings with the customer service people at visiondecor furniture, and they were quick to resolve my problems (‘old school’ customer service – again, very important to me) which i very much appreciated. These chairs were even nicer in person than they were online (the oak is fantastic). They are comfortable, sturdy, easy to assemble, and they look much more expensive than actually were. Once more, hats off to visiondecor furniture for their exceptional customer service, not to mention they have the best pricesupdate: the chairs didn’t hold up well overtime. They weren’t that expensive, so what could i expect?. I have teenage sons sitting on these chairs, tipping backwards and falling into them. Held up as well as could be expected with all things considered.

I couldn’t find what i wanted in the stores and brought this based on a website photo. While the picture shows what appears to be a mid-oak color and is labeled ‘oak’, the actual chair is stained dark walnut, and the wood has no distinguishable grain. One of the two chairs purchased is out of level and one of the studs for attaching the arms pulled out of the arm when tightening the nut. If you want walnut, the chairs look great and are comfortable. Not too bad for something made in china. Comes with warnings about chemicals known to cause cancer and only for residential use.

These chairs are easy to assemble with all the parts fitting well. The wood is nicely finished oak. The upholstery is very nice and the fabric is velvety (i think it is darker than as shown in the picture; more olive than tan). The seating is firm and very comfortable. I bought these for our kitchen and they seem a little lower than the previous chairs. I am impressed with the quantity of this product for the price. I have put scotchguard on them and expect them to last for many years.

I ordered these chairs in spite of the really bad reviews that i have read and i am quite happy. I did not receive any broken arms and i had no assembly problems. They look great with my game table. The cushions are a little firmer than i thought they would be but i am ok with that. Just wanted to put a positive out there in case others are interested.

I bought 8 of these chairs from 2 distributors. They are consistent in appearance and reasonable to assemble although the screws that attach the back rest to the upright needs to be about 1/2′ longer. Two were broken out of the box. One had a marred finish on the arm rest. Cudos to carmella at visiondecor and diana at cozystreet for helping me to obtain new parts and making the process easy. Now i’ve owned these chairs for 6 months and although they live up to the bill of being comfortable, the engineered design is flawed and 4 have broken on me as guests have leaned back in them. The armrests come apart from the seat upright supports. The joint has been doweled and glued by the manufacturer, but when leaning back, there is so much stress at this point, the dowels snap. I’ve made repairs by drilling out the broken dowel pieces and replacing and gluing. So far, the replacement dowels are holding (or just haven’t broke yet).

These chairs are comfortable and attractive. I am useing 6 of them around my kitchen table. I like being able to roll around my kitchen as i no longer walk without a walker. The only problem i have is they catch on to my tubing since i am on oxygen. Be prepared to put them together as they arrive in 14 pieces. My grand daughter and a friend put them together for me.

Chairs look exactly as described. Probably too short for larger folks, but we’re all ‘shorties’ in my family, so they’re perfect. Packaged with suitable amount of insulation to keep them from being damaged, all wood parts were wrapped separately, and all the pieces and parts for each one of the six chairs was included in the boxes.Looking forward to dinner and card parties featuring my new chairs.

Chair is ok, casters a little weak.

For the price i paid i think these chairs were a great deal. I am extremely grateful for how quickly the chairs arrived. The cushions (seat/back) are a little stiff, but the chairs are comfortable for an average sized person (i am 5’8′ and 150, but anyone much bigger than that would find the chairs to be small/uncomfortable). Unfortunately, one of the chairs had parts missing. Inside each box that included the chair parts, was a smaller box containing the wheels and all the necessary parts to connect/put on the wheels. This extra box of parts was missing from one of the chairs – so, i could only use 3 of the 4 chairs purchased and contacted visiondecor furniture. While they were responsive and pleasant, they claimed not to know what was missing and twice replied that i had to explain the exact parts missings and it took 2 weeks of me having to continue reminding them my complaint was not resolved until i finally said if they truly had no way to speak internally with their shipping department to understand what was in the smaller box of missing parts (as i apparently was not able to perfectly describe in the correct terms what was missing) they needed to send me a new chair that included all the necessary parts, or i would contact amazona nd the better business bureau. All of a sudden they seemed to understand what was missing and assured me the necessary parts are on their way and will arrive this friday (1/7/2011 and i got the chairs on 12/18/2010). Fyi – other than the incident with missing parts i am very happy with my purchase and would have gien them 5 stars rather than 4 if it wasn’t for the hassle.

Looks good and i use it for a office chair. The only reason i gave it a 4 was because it come with a broken piece – lucky for me my husband fixed it nice and easy. But it does take some expertise to put it together.

Was disappointed in size, very small seat area. Have to watch the roller legs as one tends to run into them with your toes. Can’t lean back in chair, otherwise you will tear the arm off, i know by experience.

I agree that is a nice piece of furniture. Big enough for anyone in our house at least. And comfortable, nice thick solid foam seat and back. The reason the back may have broken with the 2nd review is that they used a short screw. Pick the longer screws for the back. I ordered one chair and now today am placing an order of three more to have a matching set around the dining table. Com/gp/product/b002pbu57a/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00?ie=utf8&psc=1.

Very well made chairs and good hard cushions.

I was worried about delivery, but i got it just about on time. I use it everyday and it’s comfy and the right style.

I rated this product three star , because the product was a very good , but there were two of the casters that were broken in shipment and i’m unsure of the long gevity of the perchase . The products will be ok,i think ====== i am adding another comment ,now that we have used the chairs for about 3 months, we are pleased, and everything is working out well. Except for the clicking of the wood on the base of chairs. This occures when someone happenes to place his foot under one of the other chairs. To ‘visiondecor’ i would suggest placeing a wood wedge between the metal and the wood covering the metal to solve the problem.

Good value but not the highest quality. This is family room not dining furniture. I bought 6 of these chairs – all recently out of stock for several. Months but i waited because they were the only ones that look like oak with armrest. Listening to amazon complaints i think the newer chairs have been improved but not 100%assembly – 5 of the chairs went together no problem. You really have to seat the piston into the swivel legs with a mallet or the piston (and chair) may not sit completely vertical. As shipped the back recline is set far too soft and very easy to topple backwards. I tightened clockwise the under seat adjustment and now it takes some effort to move the backrest too far back. One chair i could not insert all the casters. Upon inspection the holes for the caster pin had metal debris tags and i had to file them down to insert caster.

Persian Area Rugs Gray 7’10×10’2 Floral Area Rug Oriental Carpet Large New, So happy with it!!

I cannot express how beautiful this rug is in person. It is soft and i am just blown away on how pretty the colors are in this rug.

I ordered this rug to compliment the dark furniture in my room. The floral print is very unique and beautiful, i have received so many compliments on itdespite a few quirk i am happy with my purchase and think its a great addition to my room. So here is the break down:pros- gorgeous rug. I have only seen a handful of rugs with a print like this for under $100. – there is a variety of colors in the rug, all of the colors are somewhat mute–they’re very noticeable but not loud. – dense fibers, heavy duty, easy to vacuum. – arrived really well packaged. The kinks and wrinkles were gone by the end of the day. I placed heavy text books on the rolled up corners. Cons- lowpile, short (but dense) fibers, and very thin (need to buy a rug pad).

Just what was needed for the bedroom. This rug is beautiful, soft on the feet and the colors are true to the posting. It doesn’t shed and vaccums beautifully.

Comments from buyers

“No one believes I bought this for $80, The rug is plush & beautiful, but the colors are not the same as , This is easily my favorite purchase in my new house”

Got this on a great lightning deal.

Very soft and great for the price. We are goin to put a pad under it for a little extra cushioning but overall it is beautiful. Colors are brighter than in the pictures.

Love the new area rugs, so pretty.

I just bought this rug with the ivory background in the 7’10×10’2. The colors are true to the picture. It is beautiful and i have already gotten so many compliments on it.It is prettier in person and really soft to sit on.

Great rug, soft and fits well in our living room.

A lot bigger than i imagined. Vibrant colors and brighten a dull carpet and room.

It is beautiful, soft, and inexpensive in comparison to other rugs of its caliber.

Brightens a room quickly and blends with the variety of colors shown. Not a shy pattern, but the flowers keep spots from vexing you. I don’t use a rug pad with this, even though it’s not heavy or rubberized on the back. Once down, it seems to stay down.

I bought this rug in complete rebellion from my pretentious husband after a heated divorce where he demanded to keep all our authentic persian rugs (he allowed no one to walk on). This is easily my favorite purchase in my new house. I have it in my informal dining room with espresso wood furniture, paired with an artsy blue vase with burgundy and natural wood reeds. Despite the fact it’s a dining area, it’s the coziest room of my house. The carpet lays flat, doesn’t easily show signs of my black lab, and is easy on the toes while protecting/enhancing the natural wood floors.

Adds a lot of color to my formal dining room.

Beautiful colors but very thin and not relaxing.

I’ve had this rug for a couple of years now. I absolutely love it and still get compliments every time i have company. I need another one because of normal wear and tear with active family members walking/running/playing on it.

Not as nice as it looks on the picture. I’m using it to exercise on. Way cheaper than the matts,so didn’t matter what it looked like for me. The price was right for the quality of the carpet and size. Had no problem getting it flat.

I wasn’t sure about the colors when i ordered, but it looks great. Beautiful rugit’s now been a year since i ordered this rug. Every now and then i come across it again on amazon and i’m still surprised by how poorly the picture represents the true colors. The background is a little darker than in the picture, but all the rest of the colors – especially the burgundy and blue is so much more vibrant in person. If you want muted colors, this is not the rug for you but i’m very happy with the way it turned out.

It is beautiful and the colors were perfect. I moved into an apartment with a rust colored carpet. Unwanted to lighten up the room and this rug was just what the room needed.

This rug is a lovely addition to our newly redecorated living room. It is exactly what we are looking for- not too thin- not too thick & great price.

Even more beautiful in person.

I bought it to replace the rug in my living room and the color, size and feel of the rug are perfect. Not as thick as as my previous one but softer. Kids say it feels great on their feet.

It goes well with my furniture and the colors are vibrant. It did have an odor initially but with carpet deodorizer odor quickly subsided.

Very nice, soft on the feet and pretty in the room.

I read all the reviews before ordering this rug in ivory-beige. The picture shows a much lighter rug which i didn’t want. The actual colors are much richer and a little darker which i love. The blue is surrounded with antique gold, making it appear teal (perfect for my decor). The rust and burgundy add warmth. You hardly notice the muted, sage green. The smaller one is very slightly darker. I like that the print is scaled down on the smaller rug. I measured twice before ordering; my space is 7’3′.

NICETOWN Drapes – Fantastic quality for the price.

These were even better than i expected. The texture is almost silky and the green color is even prettier in person. I got these for my son’s nursery and the green is more avocado-ish. They block the light very well and have made a big difference in keeping the temp from spiraling in the afternoon when the sun hits that side of the house.

They are a very nice quality, but there are two problems. They are nowhere near white or off white. Had i known the color was so off, i’d have ordered dark grey. These clash with my walls but i missed the return window as we were rebuilding from hurricane harvey flooding. When i ordered these, eye were described as ‘black out. But definitely not black out.

I have two windows in my bedroom that are 40 inches wide each. I got the 100 inch curtains in platinum and they fall beautifully. The fabric is soft and the wrinkles from being packaged fell out very quickly. The platinum is a little lighter than i was expecting, but i still like the color. Here are the specifications for the NICETOWN Drapes:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • ✅ AMAZING FABRIC: The blackout curtain’s fabric is super soft and heavy innovative triple-weave polyester fabric. Same material back as of front makes it appear more elegant. The 14 sliver grommets top (inner diameter is 1.6-inch) adds a modern touch and easy hanging.
  • ✅ MULTIPLE FUNCTIONAL: These extra wide curtains are wide enough to covering sliding door perfectly. Besides, the curtain panel helps your patio door to block out most of light and UV ray, high performance on thermal insulated, noise reducing and privacy protecting.
  • ✅ ENERGY SMART: Triple weave blackout fabric balances room temperature by insulating against summer heat and winter chill, reducing air conditioning costs. Protect your furniture, floors and artwork from the ravages of the sun, the Patio Door Drapes will pay for themselves off over time.
  • ✅ WISE COMPATIBLE: Thread trimmed and wrinkle free, all sets for you to put them up right away. Suitable perfectly for: sliding door, patio door and any large window. These wide curtains can be hung separately, or combine with NICETOWN sheer curtains.
  • ✅ EASY CARE: Good quality finishing will withstand years of use. Machine washable and Wash the water temperature below 86F. Mild detergent no bleaching. Low temperature ironing. Don’t use sharp things scratching curtains. 30 days money back guarantee on return policy.

We purchased 14 panels in total, in various colors and sizes as we redid a kitchen and living room. We have a ton of windows, some very tall but not that wide and a panel was perfect for such thing. Far cheaper than having a blind custom made for each window. Very soft curtain, so i used a steamer to get out creases and hung them in minutes. Great for blocking light on super blinding days, but lets in just enough. Great for keeping the heat out and cool in as well. We have 2 more to hang in the kitchen and it’s complete. We purchased the colors of gray(not pictured in my photos) and taupe. Both were spot on, no variances in any of the panels like some have unfortunately had. No length differences either.

They are thick, light blocking and great quality. They made a huge difference in our bedroom. Really happy with this purchase.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Third times the charm
  • Good Buy! I have a sliding door in my
  • Decent, with minor issues

Relatively nice curtains for the money. One of the two panels that i ordered had rust on two of the grommets. I promptly returned that one. The feel is soft and the white complements my marble fireplace, which is nice. Beware to carefully inspect the grommets before fully unwrapping so that if one is rusted, it is easier to repack for a return.

I received this a couple of hours ago and hung it on my patio doors. You could feel the chill radiating through double panes of glass with louver blinds sandwiched in between. As soon as i drew this curtain, i could feel the difference immediately. No more aggressive cold blasting through the glass or the tiny gap between french doors. The fabric has a nice hand, soft and smooth–not ultra dry and shiny like i anticipated. The back is the same color as the front so the curtain will also look good from outside. The creases from the packaging are already dropping out nicely, but i will probably steam it later to make it look its best. It also blocks all the light. The photo shows it pulled partially across my patio doors.

I love the color and the fabric is soft and sturdy at the same time.

Very soft and supple, not stiff at all, bit of a sheen to it. Darker than the label, although i expected as much from the picture – it is labeled as royal blue, but the picture looks closer to navy, and indeed, it is almost navy. Definitely not royal, so go by the picture not the words. Grommets seem a bit cheap, not sure how they will hold up or how long before they become discolored, but you get what you pay for and this is an excellent curtain for the price. Only problem i have is that there is a snag across the top near the grommets that is clearly visible, and that it came out of the plastic package with dust, bits of cardboard, and what looked like pieces of fur stuck to it. Nothing a lint roller can’t fix. Quite wrinkly, too, i wonder if the wrinkles will come out as it hangs. Good thing it’s just for the kids bathroom and i’m not inclined to be a perfectionist about it.

Very impressed with these drapes. They block out a lot of light. We have an east facing bedroom and the drapes make it dark. Not 100% blackout but with the blinds closed behind it, it is dark. Keeps out the light and the heat. There is a lot of light coming in through the top in the pictures, but we have started twisting the blinds to face down and it greatly decreases the amount of light coming in.

Bought these out of desperation. My ac had broken down during the hottest two weeks of the year and needed something fast to help cut down on heat in the house. Just about my entire front of my house is windows and gets sun all day long so you can imagine the heat build up during the day. I was having indoor temps from 86 to 95.And that was with fans and whatever else i could get. Got these within two days thank you amazon prime, hung them up and the next day the temp inside was only 82. They work like a charm and are very nice looking too. My intentions were to just use them until the ac was replaced, but i like them so much and they work so well i am leaving them up. I will probably be buying more for my bedroom windows also.

These are lovely panels that drape beautifully. I bought the light grey, and they darken the room sufficiently for us. For a total blackout, i imagine the darker colors would be better. The only reason i gave this product 4 instead of 5 stars is because there is virtually no bottom hem, and i would have liked to have inserted weights to keep the corners from flaring.

I purchased these drapes primarily for looks, as a spot of color to frame a set of french doors. . The fabric is a rich vibrant color, with a soft texture and enough heft to fall into nice folds. The product arrived with some wrinkles, so i placed it in the dryer for 7 minutes along with a moistened hand towel. Problem solvedi would definitely purchase these again.

Great quality for the price. Would buy these again in a heartbeat. Love the color, pretty true to the picture. I needed a shorter length and these were perfect. They were longer than i expected but look nice swagged.

This curtain is absolutely gorgeous and it matches my grey and purple theme perfectly. However i accidentally ordered one and assumed two came with it so i had to order another one but it will be arriving tomorrow and i can’t wait to take pics. There was a slight wrinkle in it but it does come folded. You could easily iron that out or wait for the wrinkles to fall out naturally because it is hanging up. But it darkens the room extremely well without having an awkward backing to it. I’ve ordered plenty of room darkening shades that are a completely different color on the side that touches the window, which i can’t stand. These are purple all around. So i’m very pleased with my purchase.

In the package is 1 panel only of the measurements listed. The grommets are silver, regardless of color bought. The color is the same on both sides with the black layer sandwiched in the middle. The material is a soft and heavyweight polyester. It came well packaged, fast, and appears well made along the seams and so forth. There were creases in the places you’d expect as it arrived folded around a heavy-duty piece of cardboard placed in a clear plastic envelope. If you choose to iron i would suggest a cool setting. I used a tension rod to hang mine up, and i decided not to purchase an additional panel for my needs. 2 would be appropriate if you are using it as a curtain. I would also think that a tension rod wouldn’t hold up both panels for the longer width.

Absolutely love these easy to install curtains. We had vertical blinds covering our bedroom sliding glass door for years. My wife and i kept saying ‘we need to get black out curtains’ because the sun would shine through our blinds every morning making it impossible to sleep in. So i finally got off my butt and ordered the curtains and i’m so glad i did.The price was great, they arrived quickly and they were a breeze to install. And now, my wife and i are sleeping much better and i got some major brownie points with her :).

Nicetown blackout curtains obscure well in the dark navy shade. Really a pleasant curtain material in terms of heft, color, generous hemming width, matte sheen and good grommets and function. I bought a slew of them in 2016. Needed one more 100” wide panel in 2018 and was hoping it would be the same quality as before. I am puzzled by the negative reviews. My only suggestion to the manufacturer would be to offer a choice of smaller grommets as well as regular sized. I have found that they muffle outdoor noise somewhat which is all good. I always combine them with https://www. Com/gp/product/b01cs4z9is/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=utf8&psc=1. Deconovo linen look vertical stripe sheers (white) form 54 – 100 inches widths.

Good buyi have a sliding door in my room facing the rising sun. I was hesitant to buy drapes online, i went ahead and i love what i bought. The curtain is thick, heavy, and very soft, large enough to cover my window of course. There’re 14 metal rings on the top and they look quite solid. I took some pics of the fabric and the grommet rings in case you guys want to have an idea. The royal blue color looks beautiful and it is true about blacking out, no light gets through. There is a very noticeable difference in temperature between the curtains bring closed and open. The price was a bargain considering the good quality.

This is a great product; i had a hard time finding a one panel curtain that would cover a sliding glass door and this works perfectly and provides complete privacy. I use them with a privacy/wrap around curtain rod so that each side is flat against the wall. The curtain also folds up nicely against the wall and doesn’t take up much space when it isn’t covering the glass. My only suggestion would be to quit calling this greyish white; it is pale grey, a very pleasant and neutral color, but not at all white. I wish there were a white or off-white option because i would have bought those, but this product is just as advertised.

I bought four of the turquoise 52×84′ panels. These guys are definitely a great deal. I just needed something to put up in my main living room as the previous ones were relocated to a different room. I wanted something different and this color is definitely outside of my comfort zone. I completely overlooked the word ‘slivery’ in the description. What they mean is that the grommets are silver. It is important because to me the grommets seemed more of an oil-rubbed bronze color in the pictures (i thought the silver i did see was a glare/shine). These panels seem well made considering their price point. They are 100% polyester if you need to know. I wanted to give them 3 stars because i think they are just ‘ok’ and nothing more. But, they do deliver great value and are well made. As for the grommet disappointment, well.

Big Joe Large Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair : Great for the money! Gets the job done!

But mine had a funny smell and 1 or 2 pointy pieces inside and when i called to exchange they told me no. I did recieved a partial refund but i know every chair has different filling so i really wish i could go back and not let amazon customer service talk me into a partial refund. The refund was better than nothing. But now i have a slightly less expensive defective chair. Should have stuck to my guns and insisted on an exchange because i barley use it now because i don’t want to be pricked in the back when i lounge. My fault though, and i’m confident this is just the bag i recieved not all of them.

I’m a big guy 5 foot 9 about 300 lbs. Well i just got this couple days ago and boy it was worth the money it’s one of most comfortable thing i ever laid in i practically use it as a bed at this point, the odor that people talk about it’s not as noxious as it seems it’s like sniffing sharpies the smell faded away within an hour or so for me it is pretty clumpy because of the blocks of memory foam but it has a nice cradle in the sack itself if you do buy this i recommend shaking it around and roll it around it i had this sack for almost a month now and it’s still super comfy and it’s large enough for this big guy not to touch the floor but in all honesty i love it and i will most likely buy this as a gift for my friends so they can enjoy this.

We needed extra seating in our family room, but there’s already enough furniture, and besides, i wanted something fun. I ordered this six-foot fuf after scouring these reviews for all the pros and cons. It arrived quickly, packed just as i expected into a bulging box. Once open and flopped onto the floor, the fuf looked meek and humble and my family gave me some odd glances. And then it started to expand. It grew into a gentle beast that we all fell in love with. I am firmly convinced that there is no beanbag-style chair that is as fun as the fuf. My (college-age) kids and their guests jump on it like jumping into a pile of leaves, and the fuf remains good natured. It allows us to pummel and punch it into whatever seating shape we want, and once you sit in it, it is so cozy and comfortable, you really don’t want to get back up again. Be warned, the people you’re watching movies with may get tired of bringing you popcorn and sodas as you loll in the fuf.

Like many others, i read the negative reviews before ordering. My adivce: don’t put too much stock in them. Now, i admit it is a legitimate concern/critique of the product if you buy multiple units of the “same” color at once and the colors don’t match. But some of the others i read??. Claiming that it was despicably advertised as a styrofoam beanbag chair (which it wasn’t), or that it has no filling and you fall to the floor?.Did you not read the directions?it should be seen as a positve that they vacuum pack the sucker into an amazingly small box (considering the final size of the product) to cut on their shipping costs (and to make it possible to move the box around). It clearly states in the included information that you have to wait for it it attain its full expanded shape. Right away, you can get your hands “in there” and knead the memory foam blocks inside, pulling them apart (through the supple cover of course) and shifting them so that the expansion goes as fast as possible but no matter what. They will continue to expand for some time – not exactly sure but i wouldn’t be surprised if there was still some expansion going on at 7 or 8 days. One fact that people need to be aware of though (and some other reviewers have mentioned) is that this thing is big and it is unwieldy.

  • Perfect. Solid. Heavy. Exactly What It Says It Is.
  • Really pleased with this bag, despite the fears leading up to its purchase
  • Great for the money! Gets the job done!

Big Joe Large Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair, Comfort Suede, Blue Sky

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Filled with super spongy and long lasting, upcycled Fuf foam to make this chair as Earth-Friendly as it is happy-body-friendly
  • Re-Fuf by fluffing it up again and again over time to refresh its cushiness
  • Ships in a box a fraction of its size and will expand to its full, glorious size over time
  • Designed and Filled in the USA
  • Approximately 4 ft of cozy length

After a little over a year of use (so just outside the warranty period) i started to notice the stitching come loose in areas and then eventually rip open. Since it was not under warranty any longer i decided to stitch up the holes by hand. Fast forward another year of ownership and this has been a continuing process with having to stitch up rips in the seams and i am about at my wit’s end. Big joe does not offer replacement covers, and considering there is no inner lining anyways that process would mean removing the foam entirely and putting it into a new cover. I’ve looked into replacement covers from other brands which have similar dimensions and promise better quality, but are 2/3rds the cost of just buying a brand new big joe. If deciding to purchase this item just be mindful that it may not hold up as long as you expect and that the cover is not removable which makes cleaning the cover a chore (as opposed to unzipping it and throwing it in the wash). Do your research and look at other brands and before settling on the right choice.

Only complaint: the cover for it is *not* suede. It’s more like a cheap, thin lined, corduroy. I think it feels a bit like a microfiber cloth in that it catches on rough parts of my skin a bit. It looks very nice though, and almost exactly matches our couch. I would urge the makers of this bag to install handles for easier maneuverability. If it had handles, i could move it around the house myself very easily. I’m thinking that i will probably try to do it myself at some point. It is however very large and fluffy. Laid out, it takes up about as much floor space as a full or queen mattress and is 1. This morning, we had 3 people, 1 medium dog, a small dog, and a cat laying stretched on it. If we used it as a wide chair, i think we’d fit 4 people quite comfortably, 6 a little less comfortably. It is also highly dangerous. Do not lay in this unless you have nothing to do for many hours. You will fall into a very comfortable sleep and won’t be able to get out.

Look, it’s around a $100 and it’s a big bag filled with soft stuff. That’s all it is and that is what it’s supposed to be. It’s not going to stop poverty, create world peace or be the single most comfortable thing you’ve ever sat or laid upon,it’s a sack. It’s a big sack with tons of pillowy foamy things in it which holds your body up from the ground or whatever else you were going to sit on. So as far as that goes, it serves its purpose. It’s not filled with memory foam, it’s not super firm but it works. It looks good, it’s comfortable, it’s big and it’s a good value. Yes, it smells when you first get it. Let it air out for a few days (days go by fast nowadays) and it will be fine. Mine does not smell at all anymore.

My wife got me this fuf for a christmas present and despite all the negative reviews i love it. When you read these reviews take the negative ones with a grain of salt. When people complain about “lumpy foam” and “sharp pieces” or “unbearable smell”. C’mon people first off the foam is not sharp at all and second, what do you think it’s gonna be made out of beans?.People are idiots sometimes and also people claim it’s a scratchy non suede material. It’s not scratchy at all it’s a soft suede like material. As far as the smell goes, yes it smells in the beginning like its brand new out of the factory which it’s supposed to smell like and after a couple days you hardly notice it. If it bothers you that much just put dryer sheets in it and just fluff it up some more and boom now you have a pleasant smelling fuf. Also a negative review i read what the size and weight. It’s a six foot bean bag for pete sake. It’s not going to be lighter than airanyway i’m 6 feet tall and my wife and i have no problem laying on it together along with my 18mo old son and 100lb black lab. So do yourself a favor if you are on the fence about buying it for your son/daughter in college or just in general it’s probably more comfortable than the bed he/she is sleeping on haha if you are thinking about buying this for your husbands man cave or just extra furniture in your living room he will be thoroughly pleased and will start doing those small projects around the house that you’ve been asking him to do for months because he is just so relaxed due to his time in the fuf and it will become your new favorite piece. All jokes aside i’m quite glad my wife didn’t stray from this gift because a few people negative pompous comments.

Feels great even after just a daythe negative reviews are pretty sad. Fuf makes it perfectly clear, if you do two minutes of research, that they use recycled foam as filling. The foam is clumpy but soft enough that you can’t feel it when sitting. They were larger than expected, so beware of that. 4′ doesnt seem that big until you actually see it. I’d say for the price it’s incredible. It’s not as comfy as a $500 lovesac, but you can get 5-6 of these for the price of one of them. I bought two of these for a home theater setup and they are perfect. You can move the foam around inside to form the shape that you want.

You gained your nickname when, straight out of the box, you attempted to devour me whole. I’ve spend the vast majority of the last year laying on you, wondering where you had been all my life. Yes, you collect dirt like no tomorrow, and are constantly needing to be fluffed, but these are things i’m more than willing to deal with. I’ve learned, over the last year, to never fall asleep on you. Every time i have, i’ve woken up with the worst back pain ever. But then, daylight comes, and we snuggle until all is forgotten. But now, we’re in a new home and finding a place for you is. I don’t want to send you away, but you’re just so large and it seems like you’ve grown even more.

It really does expand over time and it’s very comfortable. Just make sure to “refuf” it often. Edit 10/30/2016:okay, so i just hauled this thing 2 hours to a new house while strapped to the roof of my dad’s jeep– not only did this thing manage to stay put the entire way, i was able to shake it “re-fuf” and it came exactly back to its monster shape. It’s a solid peice of lounge furniture.

First and foremost, i’d like to address some of the reviews i read about garbage inside of their fuf. I have opened mine and i can assure you there is nothing but memory foam in mine. Second, i’ll explain why i gave it three stars. I bought this for my family to use, and we all love it. The kids nearly fight over who gets to sit in the fuf, it’s a hit. As a buyer though, it is not the quality i’d expect to get if i paid $100 for something. That might not be a lot of money to some, but as an undergrad that’s a decent amount of money to me. After you sit in this, you need to fluff it back up and allow the memory foam to replenish and reach its true fullness again. I have no problems with this. We’ve had this product since christmas, and i’ve noticed the foam’s ability to fluff back up has deteriorated a considerable amount.

When we ordered these we compared them to love sacs and wondered if they were the same size, comparable feel, etc. Well the size is very comparable, but be prepared to fluff for several days to reach their maximum potential. The packages arrived very compressed and almost bursting at the seams. Be careful not to use a sharp object to open the boxes as the material can easily be cut in the unpacking process. Once unpacked you are faced with a box shaped blob. Then the fun begins and the family took turns turning it over and breaking up the materials that are inside the chair. This was substantially accomplished in about 10 minutes. But we also read the directions and fluffed (which consists of turning the chair over several times) each day for about 4 days. It seemed to reach it’s maximum size in 2-3 days. They are comfortable but not quite the same way the lovesacs are.

Just for some background on the person giving this review. I am a guy with his own apartment who just got out of college and needed to be frugal with his money. I’ll bullet out the pros and cons before i talk a bit about why i love this purchase (the big joe xl). Pros:-extremely comfortable. -easy to move around and place around the place. Cons:-has a chemical smell to it when you take it out of its packaging-takes a day or two to settle out of its packing state. It looked extremely lumpy when i first bought it and was regretting the purchase at first. -i saw reviews that made it sound like it could seat 3 people. Realistically, it can comfortably sit 2 people without them touching. -the elevation you are sitting at is fairly low to the ground.

One of my son’s asked for a new bean bag with extra beans for christmas. Compared to the other kids, that was pretty much his list. Ordered a 6 ft bag from another manufacturer and bought a pound of pinto beans. Wellso there i was, needing to order a replacement bean bag because the one i ordered was supposed to arrive the thursday after christmas. I ordered this one because it said two days (just like the first one, but it sat in amazon’s warehouse in california for a three days before going to ups where it sat for another three days. )so it arrived in a fairly normal looking box, until you go to pick it up. The bag is not light but i would not want it to be. I opened it up and went to kneading it and working on it to get it to start fluffing up. The cubed bag, is rock solid. Went to bed with the next day being christmas eve.

I think i spent about 4 months going back and forth about which bean bag to get, of what brand, of what price. The return awkwardness, the fear. . But i’m actually pretty happy i took the leap of faith. I did make sure that amazon was the seller, for the record. My girl and i play video games on this together (among other things). 5 months and it’s served us pretty well. It’s made of memory foam, and holds upright shapes better than traditional bean bags. Beware, the other images of it looking like trash on the inside are no exception with mine.

Very good, i have had the item for a week and it pretty much expanded to full size immediately. It has gotten ‘fluffier’ as far as volume & height, but i’d say 80% of expansion occurs almost immediately and 90% within 48 hours. There is ano odd smell but it doesn’t over power the room and i can only smell it when i am sitting on the thing. There are odd shaped and textured items in the bag when you grab it to feel what’s inside, but these items do not detract from the comfort. There are no ‘hard edged’ items in the bag, but some of the foam pieces must have some kind of plastic (grocery bag like & thicker) backing (i assume because i have only felt them). I don’t regret purchasing this item & i’d buy it again. In my opinion some of the harsh reviews are too much. It’s a big bag with what seems to be odd scraps of foam inside of it, it’s a decent value in my judgment. Pictures are from a couple of hours after unpacking & 48 hours later. It has more volume now (1 week later), with a slightly bigger footprint (largest size).

I ordered this a few months ago and it is absolutely perfect. The bad reviews on it had me a little worried but i figured that it was worth the chance. I have 6 daughters, and 4 dogs who all adore it when they get the chance to sit on it. I have put a queen size bed sheet over it to keep the dog hair off of it of course. I was surprised at how large this chair actually was after the foam had expanded. No problems with feeling any hard or undesirable foam pieces like others had complained about. If there had of been any uncomfortable pieces, it’s a simple process of unzipping it and removing them. I like the fact that i can refill the foam at any time in the future. This was a great purchase and i for see it lasting a very long time.

It is extremely comfortable. But it is huge and i mean big. I laughed when we took it out of the box. :)i’m 5’8′ and can sprawl out on this thing like it’s no big deal. Be being 5’8′, my girlfriend is 5’3′ and we have a 80lb chocolate lab.

This thing is huge my kid hasn’t left it for 17 hours,, awesome product that just keeps growing.

I’ve only had this thing for about 24 hours, but i had to go ahead and write a review for it, because it’s amazing. It’s supposed to take a few days to fully expand, but it’s already huge. To give you an idea of how big it is, i’m attaching photos — one for size reference, which as you can see, it’s as big as my couch. I measured it the best i could, since it’s round/cylindrical, and it’s almost 6 feet long (maybe around 5’11ish) by a little over 4 feet wide, by 2’5′ tall. A few reviews claim that it’s not as fluffy as the picture — well, they must not have read the instructions, because (as you can see) it’s definitely fluffy enough. The box it arrives in is about 3 square feet (i can’t give exact measurements, since it bulges a little bit, but it fit through my front door with about an inch or two to spare). When you cut the ties, the box pretty much opens itself. Just dump the chair out — it weighs 60 pounds, so that might be a challenge for some. Once it’s out of the box, the fun starts. Stretch it out, flip it a few times, shake it, punch it, kick it, jump on it — whatever you can do to separate the foam inside.

I’m sorry–i wasn’t going to spend $800 on a bean bag chair. I would rather buy a nice sofa. My husband loves the lovesac but he didn’t want to spend the money. I saw this and the other alternatives and took my chance with this. We love itno it’s not memory foam. Not sure where the other reviewer saw that. It says ‘filled with super spongy and long lasting, upcycled fuf foam’we’ve had it about a week and it’s filled out quite a bit and and softened. It’s soft, i suppose smoothed out is more like it. My husband loves it and we can both lay down on it, the dog too.

Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Double S Hooks Set – 10 Dual Hanging S Shaped Utility Hook – These are the best hooks I could have ordered

I have it hang in different places at home.

Somehow i missed that these are double hooks, i didn’t bother clicking on the other pictures that show it. The main picture is a little deceiving and look like single hooks so i was a little surprised when i got them. At first i was not thrilled. I didn’t think these would hold up the pots the way i wanted them to, would make spacing odd, and figured the hook would go lopsided if only one pot or pan was on just one hook. I tried them out and was pleasantly surprised. These are a lot sturdier than i thought they would be and i love it. With one hook you have to worry about the whole hook coming off with it if you take the pot off, not with these. Spacing is nice and i love how they looked. I’m glad i got these, they’re better than i expected.

We have shelving in our garage, storage room and the craft studio. These hooks work for hanging bbq tools, bags, etc. These aren’t just for the kitchen.

  • Ok so these do not look at all like the photos on the listing but they do look
  • The main picture is a little deceiving and look like single hooks so I was a little surprised when
  • Versatile hooks for any room in the house

Love these hooks for my kitchen hanging tools.

Exactly what i was hoping for.

Features of Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Double S Hooks Set – 10 Dual Hanging S Shaped Utility Hook for Pot Hanger Bars or Utensil Rails and Heavy Duty Utility Storage Organization In Home or Garage

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • HAVE ACCESS TO POTS, PANS, SKILLETS & UTENSILS MUCH MORE QUICKLY: If you do a lot of cooking in your kitchen, you probably have hundreds of different items in there. Each one serves a different purpose and as any good chef knows, having the right tool for the job is half of what the culinary arts are all about. Using the correct pot or pan can make cooking easier and make the meal better, and that’s why these ‘S’ shaped hooks are perfect for even the amateur chef making meals at home.
  • COMPLEMENTS YOUR KITCHEN DESIGN PERFECTLY: Since these hooks are stainless steel they go with all kinds of kitchen designs; two of the most popular kitchen themes is the ultra-modern look, which features a lot of stainless steel and brushed metal, on everything from appliances to countertops, and the rustic look, which usually features wood countertops, cabinets and retro-style appliances. These stainless steel ‘S’ hooks will go with either one of those designs and thousands more.
  • STRONG & STURDY TO HOLD UP YOUR HEAVIEST KITCHEN NECCESSITIES: These hooks are thick and strong, so you can count on them to hold even most of the heaviest pots and pans in your kitchen. You want a strong S hook rather than a flimsy one because the metal has already been bent into an ‘S’ shape and been allowed to set. If you make ‘S’ hooks out of flimsy metal, you will get the curves bending backwards under even a few pounds weight. But these ‘S’ hooks are forged to last.
  • 10-PACK CONTROLS CLUTTER AND MAKES YOUR KITCHEN MORE ORGANIZED AND EASIER TO USE: Because there are ten of these in every package, you’ll always have plenty to organize your kitchen. No matter how many pots and pans or kitchen utensils like oversized ladles and spoons you have, you’ll always have enough hooks because these packages are priced low and you get ten with every single one. Plus, you don’t have to restrict yourself to the kitchen. Imagine being able to free up space in your garage.
  • MADE TO BE COMPATIBLE WITH MODERN COMMERCIAL KITCHEN FIXTURES THAT YOU CAN USE TO CREATE A PLACE TO HANG STUFF: Grundtal rails and IKEA fixtures are specifically made for hooks like these and are installed in professional kitchens all over the world. These ‘S’ hooks are the choice of chefs everywhere because they fit perfectly on many of those fixtures. That means that if you decide you want to clear out your cupboards and make some space, you can install these fixtures yourself, in your home.

These hooks are strong and attractive.

Great product i liked this deal.

These pro check kitchen tools s shaped hooks can be used for all kinds of different uses. I was asked to get creative with them. I know a lot of people use them to hang their pots and pans on them in the kitchen. And you can use them in your garage to hang wires from. Well i organized my purses in my closet. They seem really sturdy and are awesome to help organize your house. Here is a picture on how i used them. This product was provided to me for free in exchange for inspection and my unbiased review.

Didn’t read close enough–didn’t want double hooks, but not worth to cost to send back.

These are double hooks, not two single hooks next to each other as the picture might imply. Good for heavier duty holding than a single hook. But if you want a single hook, this is not it. The back side is a straight bar across.

Liked so much we ordered another set. They are stable and work well for both towels and pots, etc. Nice weight metal, not ‘chintzy’ at all. Excellent customer service by sprynova seller.

They work great for what i needed.

Arrived as double not single hooks.

Very handy tools for your kitchen, workshop, garage, basement, closet, etc. You can use these just about anywhere to organize and clean up a space. They look great in the kitchen especially – if you hang a bar you can then hang spatulas, spoons, pots, pans, etc. I am using some in my pantry, and some in my kitchen (for hanging pot holders on). I also have plans to hang some of these from the baskets in my deep freezer to hold packages / bags to help keep food items organized and easy to get to. The hooks look very nice, and can handle a fair amount of weight as well. I received this product in exchange for an honest review based on my personal experiences.

Ok so these do not look at all like the photos on the listing but they do look just like the photos in the review section shouldve checked that before ordering.

Very happy with the hooks, a solution to my problems – useful.

They work as intended, nothing special about them, plain old pot hooks. I used them on a rack i made 20 or so years ago.

Beautiful on my pots and pans rack.

It’s nice and easy to install.

Note that two hooks are connected by a piece that is not shown in the main photo (is shown in detail photos).

These were prefect for what i needed them for. . They rest perfect on top of my new shower glass so i can hang my towels.

Excellent product strong and sturdy but nice finish and very ergonomical.

Coaster Contemporary Chrome Arched Floor Lamp, Not bad productfor the price

So happy i ordered this lamp as i was looking at lamps triple the price and decided i had nothing to lose by tying this. Very sturdy base and assembly was easy – box was heavy but was able to quickly assemble by myself (directions are printed on box in multiple places – no paper directions). Buy this lamp if you want a high quality item for a great low price.

I’m really digging this lamp. It’s really great quality,not cheap at all. When i look at it i still can’t believe i got this for under $90. It did not come with instructions,but it was sooo easy to put together. There was no damage,ir was packed well, and nothing was missing. The marble base is so solid and heavy that if you are not careful,you could break a toe. In the base of the lamp pole there is an inner screw that you keep unscrewing until it’s long enough to go through the hole in the marble base, then you tighten the washer and nut to fix the pole to the base. You make sure you unscrew the light fixture and place the half dome metal circleover the metal dome with the holes, then screw the light assembly together. You can also adjust the length that the curved top pole stretches out by twisting the adjustable metal thingy that attaches the two poles.

The lamp in theory is great and does the trick. It’s interesting to assemble a product that doesn’t actually require items being bolted together. The lamp head, for example, requires a part to be screwed into the top (like a bottle cap, versus with bolts), and then two other parts basically ‘sit’ together without any real attachment. I doubt i will be bumping into the lamp all that often, and so i’m sure things will stay in tact. The photo provided makes the lamp appear deep in its bend, where as i feel the lamp i received is taller and less deep. The packaging was damaged upon arrival, likely due to the heavy base, and so the area where the light bulb goes is crooked, and the curved portion of the metal base is ever-so-slightly askew. If someone isn’t staring hard at it, they likely won’t notice (or care). I care because i spent money on this item, however it’s not damaged enough for me to return it.

Key specs for Coaster Contemporary Chrome Arched Floor Lamp:

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  • Contemporary arched lamp in chrome finish with brushed steel and marble base
  • Take home one of these stylish floor lamps to illuminate your living room, office or bedroom
  • Made in China
  • It measures 28 L x13-3/4 Wx 85H (Inches)

Comments from buyers

“Not too Bad for the Nice Price, Well Constructed Lamp, This thing is a gorgeous BEAST.”

The lamp arrived in good condition. Shipment was quick considering that it only had to come from a local warehouse in my area. Even so, the box had a few dents given the size of the package, but the contents were well packaged with styrofoam protecting it in all the right places. Perhaps if they packaged the item in heavier gauge cardboard it would handle the trip better, but not a showstopper at all. Prior to shipping, furniture creations sends the buyer an e-mail giving extensive and well detailed information on what to expect regarding shipping of furniture items. Large furniture items such as couches, sofas, etc. Lamps such as this one ship via fedex. This is a well constructed lamp with a nice appearing nickle finish. In purchasing this lamp one needs to consider where they are going to locate the base and stand, as it has the initial impression of being huge.

So, i have pretty much never written a review on here, mainly because i’m really lazy, but this really is an amazing bargain. I have been looking for one of these lamps for ages, and i have been holding off pulling the trigger on this particular one because of some of the negative reviews, plus i really couldn’t believe that a lamp that routinely costs $350 to $1000 in stores could possibly be purchased for so little, but when i saw it at $87 i thought it was well worth the risk. It honestly is exactly the same as the much more expensive ones you see in stores – solid marble base, around 8ft high at it’s apex, swivel head etc. There are a lot of complaints about the packaging. But mine came pretty much triple boxed – a box within a box, plus they had reinforced the corners with extra cardboard, so it arrived perfectly. Maybe i just got lucky, but i have absolutely no complaints. Took 10 minutes to assemble, although you do need two people to do it since the base is so heavy. It even comes with a spanner to tighten the base screw. I was a little confused by the fact that the screw that goes through the marble base seemed too short, but it unscrews to extend through the base. I can’t believe that they sell this for so little.

Only drawback is you need to figure it out. The base to the arm assembly wasn’t obvious. Luckily stumbled upon the threading of the nut onto the arm. It if we tried what looked like the right thing. Just needed to be screwed on vs trying to remove the cap.

I have a small apartment and was looking for a floor lamp that would arc but not all the way into the living space. Also i didn’t want to spend a lot of $$$. This gave me exactly what i wanted. The package arrived pretty quickly. I had no idea that the box would be so heavy. The marble base was not easy to lift and maneuver. The directions are on the outside of the box printed on the box. You will need to have a phillips screwdriver handy for the small screw that attaches the arc together.

Finding this lamp at such a low price on amazon was great. Personally, i’ve never spent this much on a lamp before though but we have a modern style sectional and wanted something that fit in with the decor. It’s perfect for our living room and i know we’ll get complements on it. We get a lot of natural light so i’m looking forward to seeing it what it’s like in the evening. It’s sturdy enough (especially with the marble base) but if you get nervous about things that lean a little you might want to reconsider. Assembly was a headache for sure and the instructions are vague at best. **when loosening the joint to extend the arm you must turn it to the right not the left. I learned this the hard way and scratched up the joint (with a wrench) trying to figure out how to extend it out but after some angst and cursing i got it done. I will be buying a a chrome bulb later on to see how that effects the lighting. Overall, pretty happy with this purchase.

First let me say the package arrived intact, however when i removed the marble base it had two large chunks taken out of it(see photos) the chunks were not in the box, i think it happened at the sellers. The lamp is very easy to put together its common sense, they did include directions, the lamp is very well made and the arch is the same as the 1970’s lamps. Its very sturdy and looks great with modern furniture, thinking about getting another for my bedroom. I am very happy i took a chance with all the negative reviews, and photos of lamps that are not but together correctly. I will buy another for my bedroom, i have a tiny home and this looks perfect check out my photos. Customer service is sending another base, very happy with light.

I’ve purchased three of these over a year. I put them over my huge sectional couch. I love the pattern that they make on the ceiling. Two of them came with chipped or scratched bases, but the seller gave me a choice between a discount or to replace the bases. (by the way, they are 7 feet tall at the highest.

I was skeptical at first reading about how the marble base was chipped or the lamp wasn’t what it’s shown in the picture. But i still ordered and i have to say i am not dissapointed at all. The marble base was in perfect condition the arc is perfect. The lamp sways a little but that’s because i have it on a carpet, i am sure it would be rock stable on a hardwood floor. My suggestion to anyone reading this is go for it, and you wouldn’t be dissapointed. Also get the ‘ bulbrite 60g25hm half chrome 60w globe shape bulb’ which goes hand in glove with this lamp.

Instructions are lousy, printed on outside of accessory box. Be careful with the screw on top of base post, it is easy to strip. The threaded screw rod on bottom of base pole can be screwed out to meet the nut. Works best with the chrome backed lights available on amazon. The lamp extends from top by lamp, just loosen the knurled nut and pull out.

I had been on the fence for some time about ordering this lamp because of some of the negative reviews. I just kept obsessing about it and finally took the plunge. We received it today—faster than expected—and we are soooo pleased. My mechanically-challenged husband had no problem whatsoever and we had it out of the box, put together and enjoying it all within 20 minutes.It is so beautiful and exactly what we needed in our lake house over the couch. The marble base is very attractive and heavy as others have mentioned, and it does take two people to screw the pole into the base so plan on that. The instructions were printed on the inside of the box but honestly we didn’t even need the instructions. It does comes with the wrench that you will need for tightening the pole to the base. We have a 100-watt reflective bulb in it and i bought a floor dimmer switch to put on it which i’m glad i did now. The lamp looks much more expensive than it is and it puts out a neat light pattern on the ceiling. We seriously could not be more pleased. Amazon rocks yet againupdate. Since this picture was taken, we discovered you can extend the top of the pole out by another foot or so and it looks even better.

I intended on purchasing the $400ish knockoff of this designer style lamp. It occurred to me to see if amazon had the knockoff at a better than $400 price. $100 for this lamp, i was sure it was too good to be true. But the reviews were promising so i gave it a shot. Blown away by how large, high quality, sturdy and beautiful this light is for the price. Looks like i paid much more than i did. I was worried that, being such a low price would mean it would be cheap and possibly tip over. My husband tested it several times when we put it up, trying to bump into it to see if it would tip and each time, it bounced back to the base and never fell. Purchased the recommended silver tipped bulb in 60 watt and the output is greatcan’t believe i got this gorgeous lamp for the price.

Looks very nice when set up. The base is very heavy which makes putting it together a little challenging for one person, but with two people it’s a snap. Packaging was messy but sufficient to protect the lamp. Make sure you read the other review for this product – apparently there’s one particular company that’s fulfilling this order and the product is a crappy knock-off. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case for me.

But seriously, this is a really nice and cool-looking lamp, especially at this price. It has a nice, solid look to it that gives the impression of a much more expensive piece then you actually paid for. The base is very heavy so be prepared for a hefty delivery box, but it needs to be to support the arch and weight of the light. Also, the lamp projects some pretty cool retro-looking light patterns on the surrounding walls due to the holes in the upper sides of the design. Everyone that sees this lamp at our place gives us compliments and is surprised when we tell them what is cost.

It took about 30 minutes to put together. The bottom is so heavy but it needs to be or else it would fall over. I love the pattern it leaves on the walls. I bought the chrome light to go in it.

A little difficult to put together but turned out perfect for my space.

Glad that we read the reviews which told us how to put it together. We had no trouble at all, it took about 10 minutes i just ignored the ‘instructions’ which were printed on the box since they were of no help. My special silver coated glare resistant bulbs will be in tomorrow. Glad i got them since looking at the regular light bulb isn’t very pretty. The marble base is beautiful and of course very heavy. This lamp will not fall over. Everything arrived in perfect condition.

I compared several different retailers to find the ‘arc’ lamp that was the best combination of price, quality, and look – this lamp arrived on time to the midwest, us, and was easy to assemble. The hardest part of assembly was moving the base, as it is somewhat heavy – if you are on the lighter side, you may need one other person to help set the lower portion. In terms of aesthetics, it’s beautiful. Personally, i think it looks its best when the top portion is fully extended (see attached photo) – the semi-circle curve makes a room feel much ‘gentler. ‘i did see reviews complaining about the screw in the middle portion being unaligned – i actually thought this was the case for mine, but i realized that i wasn’t holding the middle part completely tight to the bottom – make sure that it is absolutely even and flush, and the screw will go in securely and easily.

Looks nice and gives me the light and look i want.

Nice looking lamp and good vendor response (very heavy solid marble base arrived chipped/cracked but vendor responded quickly by sending replacement base(which could also have been better packed though double-cartoned (poor grade cardboard cartons) and styrofoam packing wedges-maybe not dense enough?- did not hold up – inadequate considering weight of the item, even though shipped only from the los angeles area to the san francisco bay area. The lamp was easy to assemble. I only wish that the lamp shade could have been more flexible. Otherwise, i would have given it 5 stars.

I’ve liked the look of this type of floor lamp for a while, but they have been out of my budget. I decided to give this one a chance. The shipping was quick – less than a week. The box was in decent shape; don’t throw it away immediately as the instructions on how to put together the lamp are on the box itself. Before trying to put this lamp together, grab yourself a phillips screwdriver and a wrench. You will use the wrench to remove the bolt and washers from the pole, then you will use your hand to unscrew the screw base they were on to elongate it. This was the most confusing part of the installation, i realized i could elongate the screw portion just by chance. You will need to remove a tiny screw from the metal pole to insert the arched part, then put the screw back in to secure it together. The lamp is heavy, good quality materials, but the shade is a bit wonky (two pieces that don’t lay very well together but lucky near impossible to see once the lamp is together and upright) and the arch is not nearly as dramatic as pictured or expected. I bought a 100watt chrome-bottom bulb and it provides comfortable light for my windowless office.

I received the box and was dreading opening it because of the previous reviews. I opened it and it was not nearly as bad as i expected. The styrofoam wasn’t all crushed up and in particles. There were loose beads but nothing more than expected when there is a real heavy marble base. It was very easy to put together. There was a 1/4 inch chip in the base where the pole went into. It’s small, can’t really see it so really no biggie. The wire was pinched by one of the poles and the wire was almost visible.

Home Dynamix Royalty Collection HD5548-450 7’10” Round Area Rug, Looks great and looks new after a vacuum

Swift delivery and a product of the highest quality.

Used for children’s play area and we’ve had no problems with corners curling up. Just plush enough for them to sit on yet the low pile allows for brick and block stacking. Rug cleans up nicely and would look perfect as an accent rug in a living or family room.

I would have given a 5 star rating for the round rug. I love the color, but 3 of the edges were stained. I was able to move it so 2 of stains do not show , since the are under loves eat. I wish i knew how to contact seller. I would have felt better if they would have given me a discountotherwise colors are more of gold and burgandynot red and gold. Color combination is very nicegood price. Wish i could have given 5 stars.

Key specs for Home Dynamix Royalty Collection HD5548-450 Black 7’10” Round Area Rug:

  • The modern styling and bold colors will accentuate any décor
  • A soft plush rug made from 100% Heatset polypropylene yarn
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Unsurpassed in cost and value
  • Stain and fade resistant

Comments from buyers

“Works well. Within a week, a log fell , I love the color, Perfect Rug for a Home Office”

Great size for a big hallway.

The size is great for the area that i needed it for.

Simple basic rug, perfect for under my kitchen table. It totally changes my room without spending an arm and a left. No problems, another great purchase from amazon.

Its a very high quality rug for the price. Corners are flat and it really soft on the feet.

Looks good, pretty thin though, flimsy.

This is beautiful just inside our front door. Classy, but not stuffy for a country home.

This was the exact rug we needed. Very pleased with performance and delivery.

I ordered 39′ round black & tan stripe. Not much more to say about it. Its a basic rug lol i put some stark white styrofoam on it so you can compare to the shade of tan in the rug.

The rug is beautiful and fits perfectly in our dinning room.

This rug came rolled up and i thought thes eis no way it is going to be 8 x 10. It rolled out and sure enough it is the size advertised and it is not thin at all. It s not overly thick but wow for the price and the size and the fact my mother absolutely loves it. Everytime she walks into the living room she says ‘gee i love that rug’ five stars.

Perfect for the price and for my kitchen. The carpet is a tight weave and has a very low pile, i used some padding underneath to give it some bounce. Vacuums well and resists spots.

Perfect fit in front of the fireplace.

Great rug but the one we got has colors completely different than in the pictures. Luckily they work out just great for us but there was no blue or red, just shades of gold, tan and green on dark brown background. I love this rug but it’s not the one pictured.

This rug is very plush, perfect for a dining room. The color is a deeper red than on most screens and the dark circles are black.

I bought this because it was supposed to be for the ‘hearth’. Any time a hot ember flies out and lands on the rug, it melts. It’s a nice looking rug, but not what i was looking for.

Easy to clean-looks great in my family room.

The rug was exactly what i expected when ordering from the design to the actual size of the rug. Although it wasn’t rolled very well in the packaging (seems likely to be an issue of being squeezed flat when shipping), once i laid it out in the room it flattened out with no creases. It fits perfectly in my little home office and makes the room feel more cozy.

Within a week, a log fell out of the fireplace, and the rug kept the fire from burning through and onto the tiles, even though the log was on there for longer than expected.

Has held up for several months now. Looks great and looks new after a vacuum.