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Daily Archives: June 2, 2018

Sauder Double Door Storage Cabinet – Obsessed with this cabinet

This item came quickly and is just as decribed. Unfortunately it was scratched in many places. It was easy enough to assemble and seems fairly sturdy though i am still very disappointed in the scratches :(.

We recently built a small cabin on a 100 acres of ranch land. The space is very small with extremely limited storage so we were looking for something inexpensive to use for dishes, canned goods, etc. I have to say that based on the price, i had low expectations going in. First of all, it arrived on time in 2 days and shipping was free so that’s a plus. Also it does serve its purpose and i really like the design on the inside. The right hand door has shelves with a lip so that you can store spices here without them flying out when the door opens. It’s also roomy on the inside and stores a lot, which is what we needed. So ultimately i took off 2 stars because one, it was hard to put together and the instructions were a little unclear in several places. My husband is an engineer and is usually very good on assembly.

Shipped fast, it took me a couple of hours to put it together (by myself). The instructions were excellent, very detailed and easy to read. It looks very nice as a pantry for our kitchen. I’m surprised at how much i can fit in there.It’s heavy, definetly have a buddy help lift it inside the house. Here are the specifications for the Sauder Double Door Storage Cabinet:

  • Double-deep storage area
  • Assembles with swing-out door on left or right
  • Multiple adjustable shelves

It’s a bit of a trick to assemble. The photos aren’t too great about expressing up versus down. Have had for two months now, and some pieces are slipping from joints a little (preassembled door frame). It is great for one place but it will not move well and will probably only be used while living at the current address.

It is a nice cabinet for the most part. For what i paid for it, i am happy with it. It is very sturdy and looks really good in my dining room. It also holds a lot of food, so that is another bonus. My only complaint is that the doors don’t line up. They are off just a little and as someone with ocd, it really drives me crazy. Overall, good cabinet and worth the money.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excited to have a real pantry again
  • Functioned perfectly but difficult to assemble and had several scratches.
  • “Custom” craft cabinet <3

Small imperfections in wood that i easily touched up. This is very heavy and fed ex will not bring this upstairs. I live in a manufactured home with three steps up to a deck that leads to my front door and the driver would not deliver it to my door. Not a big deal, but it was raining and i could not get this item inside until my son came home from school.

Showed up damaged but after waiting that long wasn’t going to pack it all up and ship it back, the damaged parts don’t show unless you know where to look, so i will use it until it breaks, won’t buy this type of product again. It looks good and is serving its purpose it seems like they should be more careful when packaging it. I have had other sauder products that were not this expensive and no issues so.

Even after reading all the other reviews, i can’t believe how big it is and how much it fits — and how nice it looks, too.

I purchased this for my home office and it’s wonderful. What i like most about this cabinet is the small door on the right side, when you open the cabinet the door has shelves and it’s greata little difficult to put together and when it’s delivered it took my husband and the ups guy to bring it into the house it was so heavy. It looks nice and when we finally got it put together it was well worth to trouble.

What a pain in the a** to assemble, but it’s beautiful and functional once you get it together. Instructions were a 3 star deal, but between my mother and i, we put this together in about 3 hours. Lots of storage room inside, i’m using it as a kitchen pantry.

The reviews helped me make a decision and i’m happy with the purchase. The wood is solid and not cheap. I bought this for my kitchen since our kitchen doesn’t have much pantry space. I’m sure when we buy our own home it’ll fit right in.

We just got done putting this together. It took about 4 hours to put together with two people doing it. While it took a long time, it was still relatively easy to put together. All of our pieces fit together well. Only problem with putting it together was that one little piece was broken, but we just didn’t use it in a spot that wasn’t so critical to have it. When we put one of the doors on it, we realized it had a huge scratch that wasn’t there when we unpacked the box. Once it’s all together, though, it looks good and holds a lot of stuff. The shelves appear to be very sturdy and could easily hold lots of canned goods. I will say that when you are putting it together, you will need a power drill.

This cabinet was a little tough to put together. What i thought would be a little while stretched into a couple of hours. However, sauder is a reliable product and must have great quality control because everything fit just the way it was supposed to – true to the sauder name. It provides the extra storage space so well that we needed. I would not hesitate making a purchase from this manufacturer and supplier.

Super happy with this cabinet. I bought it to use as a pantry, and it’s working out perfectly. I too was really worried about assembling it, and had it for almost a month before i took the time and got it assembled. It took me, alone, 5’2′ woman in her 40’s, about 4 hours to assemble it, mostly alone. My son helped me when it came to turning it over. For me, the hardest part was the small door, but i was able to take it apart, and make the adjustments very easily. I originally put the shelves in upside down, and then put the final side into the wrong holes. Totally my fault since the instructions where very clear, with good illustrated step by step instructions. So happy to be able to see all the foods now. It’s so much better than my original solution.

This was somewhat difficult to assemble. I managed on my own until i had to turn it over, then had my son help me the rest of the way. Unfortunately when we were finished the doors were hanging crooked. They work, but it looks a little odd. It goes with my steampunk decor, though. It also holds a lot of stuff.

Great to keep canned goods and laundry items. Not too bad to put together. Takes a while but if you follow the directions it is fine. Screws and pieces are all marked clearly. Very heavy i had to take it downstairs a few pieces at a time.

It arrived with no scratches and no damages. My husband assembled it himself in about 4 hours so it’s a long assembly time but it wasn’t complicated for him. The instructions were easy to follow. The pantry is very sturdy and has a lot of storage space. We are in an apartment with limited space but this fits in perfectly and provides the extra storage space we needed. It looks beautiful and we’re confident it’ll last for a very long time. I would certainly recommend this to anyone. It was worth the money, in my opinion.

First off, lets start with the fact that i heavily modified this cabinet. I wanted one of those scrapboxes but they run around $1,500 and i’m not rich. Instead i scoured amazon and settled on this piece of furniture as a starting point. I read a ton of reviews and was a little wary because some people said it took them around 8 hours to build. Jumped in head first, ordered some other parts that i was sure would fit, and went on my merry way. I pulled the cabinet out of its two packing boxes (seriously they must have packaged this better since older reviews because mine was in perfect condition). Oh, this thing is also extremely heavy, like so ridiculously heavy that the fedex lady left it out front, but luckily my roommate helped me bring it in because otherwise i’d have been pulling pieces in one at a time from outside. Anyway, laid out the pieces and got to work.

The wood components of this cabinet are very sturdy, but it is essentially particle board. It was difficult to put together, although i managed to pull it off, and i’m significantly disabled at this point. But given the materials, and the connectors, i am not convinced this cabinet would survive even one move. I had hoped for something of better quality, but i’m giving it a chance, and will update this review if it fails to hold up over time.

I was leery ordering such a heavy item online, and reading some of the reviews, had some concerns. But i really wanted this cabinet, it was perfect for what i needed it for. As a swim coach, i needed a place to store training, books, videos, equipment. I’ve had good experience with amazon orders and decided to give it shot. So very happy to have ordered it. It arrived sooner than expected, nicely packed, no damage, and went together well following the instructions. My husband said, give it five stars. He said it was well milled, parts clearly marked, and instructions clear. I was excited to fill it and now i have everything neat and at my fingertips.

Love the cabinet, but the directions were a little less clear than ikea instructions. It took about 3 hours for me and my roommate to put it together and you should have a drill(although i made it through the construction without one, but it would have been helpful). We messed up and put some shelves upside down but didn’t realize it until it was finished so we left it. Otherwise it’s a great cabinet and holds a lot of food, and love the door with the shelves.