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Daily Archives: June 3, 2018

Linon Tavern Collection 3-Piece Table Set – Good, inexpensive table that only needs a few mods to make it great

I bought this table when i was living in a studio apartment. Space was limited ( though it was a big studio) and i needed a table that wouldnt take up too much real estate, but still felt upscale. This table was perfect, the slim design made it easily fit into the kitchen area whilst providing enough space for my sewing table as well. The table was super easy to assemble, and the notches to cover the screws gave it that upscale feel of something from a furniture store. The fact that the stools easily fit underneath the table made my apartment seem that much bigger, though i wouldnt suggest sitting for extended periods of time, as with no back rests make it become uncomfortable after a few hours of computer work. All in all, a fantastic buy- and now that i have moved to a new place, its taken the job as my plant holder- which i will be recovering (moving the plants have scratched the table facing) because i love the table so much i want to keep if for a long time.

Excellent table for the price. The stools seem a little weak, but the table is sturdy. I suspect within in a year i’ll be replacing the stools. I expected that anyway for a 3 piece set at this price. If you want better quality, buy a more expensive set.

Okay, so it’s been about 4 months. I rarely use this table for anything but sitting and having coffee and i live alone (no kids, no pets). Aside from the damage that was present when i received this, i was moving this to a different spot in the apartment and noticed another site of damage. Part of the faux covering is chipped on one side. I think i will have to lacquer this spot to keep it from spreading. I don’t know how it even got there or if i just didn’t notice it when i got it. Still, the table is gorgeous and i get nothing but compliments from anyone who sees it. I knew this was a fragile item and warned buyers with kids. I guess i have to let everyone know to be extra careful. Lolthis is a beautiful table.

  • You will love it!
  • Looks like a bistro!
  • Beautiful Set, Great Price!

It’s very well made and pretty easy to assemble.

Great product, arrived a week earlier than expected. It arrived in perfect condition and was very easy to put together. We purchased it as a laptop/snack area to amplify our dining room. Perfect for our cause, wouldn’t recommend as a primary dining table unless you want a small, inexpensive alternative. If you’re in a hurry don’t try to put together, it took me a total of 45-55 mins to put together and clean up after myself. 10 mins to unpack and inventory, 10 mins for the table, 20 mins for the stools 10 mins to put tools away/clean up. Be prepared for a lot of packing material and cardboard so plan accordingly. Good quality, looks sharp, blended in with our dark wood furniture and overall a great product. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

Features of Linon Tavern Collection 3-Piece Table Set

  • Attractive 3-piece table set from Linon’s Tavern collection; set includes rectangular table and 2 stools
  • Hardwood construction with espresso finish; faux stone paper-wrapped table top
  • Padded stool seats with black vinyl upholstery; stools tuck under table for storage
  • Requires home assembly; assembled table measures 42 inches wide by 22-1/4 inches deep by 36 inches high
  • Space saving design and convenience
  • Attractive 3-piece table set from Linon’s Tavern collection; set includes rectangular table and 2 stools
  • Hardwood construction with espresso finish; faux stone paper-wrapped table top
  • Padded stool seats with black vinyl upholstery; stools tuck under table for storage
  • Requires home assembly; assembled table measures 42 inches wide by 22-1/4 inches deep by 36 inches high
  • Space saving design and convenience.It can also fit in your man cave, den or kitchen nook as an additional dining area

Was super easy to put together, but one of the stools is slightly wobbly (no problem if it’s on carpet) and i tried to fix it, but no luck. The other stool was assembled solid with no problems. The only main issue i’m having is the little wood buttons that cover the screw holes. None of them fit correctly leaving it looking slightly tacky. Overall worth the money to serve it’s purpose.

After reading the goods review i say to myself iim gonna buy this and see how it looks cuz i need it a small table for my kitchen well. I had no problems at all every piece was in tact, i finish it putting the table together omg i fall in love. Brautifull i love it i recommend this set to anyone.

Very nice for the price , chairs are not very comfortable but for the pics is great.

This table set is a great piece of furniture for the money. I was a little concerned after reading the reviews but everything worked out. The hardware came in a bright red bag with a part of the bag sticking out of the box as a tail. No idea if that was intentional so the packers knew the hardware was inside. The bag included the exact amount needed to assemble. I was able to put the table together myself in about 20 minute. All you do is attach the legs to the top. The stools were a little more time consuming and i did run into some trouble. I can’t attach one of the legs fully to the support – the screw mechanism won’t catch. Two issues with the stool cushions.

Sturdy as you’d expect a hand put together table and stools to be. The seat cushions on the stools are very nice. The tile top of the table is also nice and the wood is a rich fisnish.

This is a very nice table with good construction quality and with a very attractive appearance. It’s not super heavy duty but it will suffice in most cases for a household and for people of most sizes and weights. It is certainly a good bargain for the price. This table fit my apartment exactly at the right size and shape, and also i noticed that the ends of the table do not have crossbars, making it comfortable to sit at either the ends or on the sides. I received my table with small but barely noticeable damage to two places on the table top. It was easy to hide and so i decided to live with it as opposed to putting everything back in the box for a return (very annoying). If you are picky, you might be taking your chances with this. It might be worth taking the chance, because this is really a nice piece. This table top is made of a laminate material that can possibly be damaged easily if bumped into something. It can also chip on the corners. I corrected a small chip on one corner with a sharpie marker, and now you can’t see it. The other damage was a small dent that caused a minor crack on one edge, about the size of my fingernail. I decided to push it up against the wall and put some rubber cement on the crack, which is almost invisible. You can feel it when you run your hand along the edge.

Another one of those ‘for the price it’s good’ items. I have a one bedroom apartment and was looking for a mini kitchen table/bar table. This worked out pretty nicely for me. A little tedious putting together the stools but in about 2 hours, not bad on the diy meter. Anyone complaining about the stools being ‘wobbly’, make sure you wrench them in all the way. The holes are very deep for the screws and you really have to work them in. . Very simple instructions and if you follow them and screw everything in tight, you should be fine. The marble finish on the table is very nice. This is by no means a giant kitchen table for the family to be eating dinner. It’s for a single person or a couple to enjoy lunch or just use it as a decorative piece in your home, coffee/liquor bar.

Great price for this set on amazon. It was significantly less expensive than some of the other online furniture retailers wanted for similar sets. This set came in perfect condition and my hubby put it together in about 20 minutes (he has practice with rta purchases). There was no damage and the set looks great in our guest casita. We wanted something that would allow guests to have morning coffee or use their laptops, but not take up too much space. I love how the stools tuck neatly under the table and you can use them from the side or the ends. I would highly recommend this set for small spaces that need a quality pub set. Lastly, another bonus on how quick this item arrived.With all this, you can’t go wrong with the price and the quality.

This arrived waay later than the expected date of delivery, but i’m not even mad about it anymore because the table is beautiful (a little less sturdy than i like) but for the price, it works well. Very easy to put together, and i’m one who usually struggles reading assembly instructions.

At the beginning i was hesitant between buying or not buying this table since many reviews stated that it arrived in terrible conditions. Nevertheless i took the risk and i found out the following, hope it is useful for those who would like to acquire this product. 1) the seller seems to have taken into account the previous reviews because the package i received with the table had some wooden pads that protected the corners. 2) the table was packed in a very secure way. Once i opened the box i knew that it was impossible that the table had suffered any damage3) after assembling the table and the stools i have to say that this table seems pretty sturdy and durable definitely is the best you can get for the price. All the hardware was organized and complete.

Overall, i’m very happy with this table. It fit my needs and was relatively easy to put together, as well as insanely cheap. The faux marble actually looks pretty nice. I feel bad putting place mats on the table because i want to ‘show it off’. I see some people complaining about the instructions. It’s a table and two chairs. If you’ve ever put together ikea furniture, or just picked up a screw driver, this is very simple to put together. That being said, i am removing a star because of how annoying the little spacers that cover the screw holes are, and the fact that the wood screws were not long enough for the cushion.

After all the pictures i saw of the table being damaged i was pretty nervous, but decided to take my chances. I purchased this as a breakfast table to put in my kitchen. It was easy to assemble my friend and i put it together in a little over an hour from opening the box to having it all in place. A drill was the only tool needed that it did no come with and that was to secure the cushions to the stool which you don’t really need to do because it fits securely without the screws.

Awesome table set for the price. My only complaint is that one of the stools is a bit wobbly because 1 of its legs is just a tad shorter than the other 7 stool legs. I’d put something under it to stabilize it if it was the table but it’s not possible to do that with a stool that is constantly being moved. Living with it seemed more rational than disassembling the whole thing, attempting to repackage it then haul it to a ups or fedex store on the hope that the replacement wouldn’t have the same issue. It’s well manufactured, sturdy, gorgeous and the perfect size.

I bought this table for my apartment because the kitchen is small and you can not get a regular table in there. When i got the table in the mail it was heavy but i could carry it. When me and my sister attempted to put the table together it was fine not that bad but when it came to the stool omg its took us forever. And the instructions didn’t help it was a picture of what it was suppose to look like and the letter of the screws. We gave up by the end of the day and came back to it the next because we were so mad. I am a pretty handy for a girl but i never had so much trouble in my life. Day 3 we got the stools together they are still wobbly to this day and it 4 months later. Now i swore to myself i am paying extra to have it already assembled because i don’t want the headache.

I’ve ordered this same item previously, and was happy overall. Be warned, the stools are flimsy — in the current and previous set i ordered. I wanted to use two sets together for my desk. The original set i purchased works great. The problem is the new set is a different height. It’s almost an inch higher so using two tables together for an extended work space just doesn’t work. Overall craftsmanship on the new set is much poorer. The bolts to screw in the legs are not long enough (on two of the legs, even with the bolts screwed in completely, the legs wobble as the bolts are too short). While i can go get new bolts at the hardware store that are the proper length, this shouldn’t be a problem for a brand new item purchased — with all hardware included.

The good:- incredible value for bar table and 2 stools- easy assembly process (took my 38 minutes by myself). You only need a phillips screwdriver as it comes with an allen key- looks great for the price in my office- table and stools are sturdy- decent looking fake marble top from a distance- comfortable for having a drink atthe bad:- some quality control issues since it came with 2 minor cracks in the wood under the table top (pics attached). It doesn’t seem to affect the sturdiness of the table but aesthetically it looks badthe bottom line:i wanted a cheap decent looking bar table and 2 stools for my office. This set looks great and was easy to assemble. It’s also pretty sturdy and is comfortable to sit at. However there are some quality control issues as there are 2 minor cracks in the wood that runs along the side the table top. It doesn’t seem to affect the sturdiness of the table but it is noticeable. Overall even with this flaw, i would still purchase again because it’s hard to find this decent of a bar table with 2 stools for this price. *if you found my review helpful, please let amazon know by clicking the helpful button below.

I ordered this on wednesday and it arrived thursday morning. The box was banged up but there where zero damage to the table or stools. I have a tiny apartment where i have one big room and a kitchen, no dining area, and this fits so nicely up against a wall where i could easily seperate living from dining. I also have a 6 year old that is up and down of course on the stools and they’ve never come loose. Very easy to put together as well, took maybe 20 min.

This is a great side table to have in your home for whatever you need it for. I have a rather odd wall that i needed to fill the space and also make it functional. So if i needed to do a little bit of work at home on my computer or just to sit and watch tv while i eat, this fits the bill. It was rather easy to put together so that wasn’t a problem the only problem i did have is there are labels on the chair legs that i can’t get off they’re still there. The sticker is very sticky and not easy to peel off. I’ll give it a go later on but for now it’s fine. Also had difficulty anchoring cushion to the chair as well. There are also things to put into the holes on the chair and they don’t fit they just fell out so i left them out. For me none of that is deal-breaking at all. I still am in love with this table.