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Daily Archives: June 7, 2018

eHomeProducts Cappuccino Finish Console Sofa Entry Table – Definitely buy this!!!

When i opened the package, i thought to myself wow, they aren’t kidding when they say it comes with alot of pieces, but after a long hard day at work; i decided to tackle it anyway. I must say it took me a few minutes to even figure out how to begin putting it together, but after i figured that out; the rest began to fall in place without difficulty. It is a good buy for the price.

It’s even a bit more difficult to set up than your average ikea furniture, but it’s in the same ballpark. It’s clearly mass-produced (hence the price, i guess). However the design is very nice. I wish it came with a pain chip touch-up pen, though (like many of these mdf-based furniture pieces do).

This is not a great piece of furniture. Cheap laminate that looks like cheap laminate. Was okay to put together, took two people about an hour. Will replace when/if i find something better.

  • Beautiful table!!!!!
  • ASSEMBLY TIPS INSIDE – VERY POOR directions, but beautiful outcome!
  • Be prepared to spend a few hours building this

Sure, it kind of took a while to assemble, but worth it. Works great for keys and mail.

Beautiful console, but 3 stars because the assembly process was such a hassle. It was quite frustrating at first to understand instructions that had no words only pictures. I ended up assembling the drawers backwards. It would be better to provide written instructions instead of pictures.

Features of Cappuccino Finish Console Sofa Entry Table with Drawer

  • Materials: Wood Veneer, Hardwood, MDF
  • Finish: Cappuccino
  • Features (1) drawer and bottom shelf for storage and space
  • Modern design with clean and fine lines
  • Dimensions: 34 inches high x 32 inches wide x 12 inches deep

Was a little difficult to put together, the instructions are not great and the printed letters on the wood to assemble are not clear to see what the letter is. The drawer sticks out a little i thought it would even out with the top of the table but it doesnt. It arrived quickly other than trying to figure how to assemble the table looks great.

Looks great infront of my wide window. Assembly was not super fun but not super tough. Took me about an hour and a half. You’ll likely have to play with the drawer to get it to close flush and to roll properly but even that isn’t too difficult just tricky.

There isn’t a single piece of solid wood, but it still looks nice. Assembly is a bit involved and will take a while, but it is not difficult at all. The drawer pull (the square piece of metal hardware to help you grab the drawer) looks nice, but is completely impractical. You have to push the top of it in to get the bottom portion to pop out far enough to grab and pull the drawer. You will open just by grabbing the bottom of the drawer. I’m not going to knock it down a star since it looks nice and truly doesn’t make it harder to open the drawer.

Table is sturdy and looks good. The instructions are somewhat confusing. It is not impossible or terribly cryptic, but you have to go slow and read each step carefully. Regarding the glue – do not use it. I did not use it at all, and i do not believe using it would have made any difference in the finished product. It would have just caused headache when putting the table together as i put the wooden pegs in the wrong holes a few times. I also did not nail in the back panel behind the drawer – it just did not seem necessary to do. I suppose it would be beneficial if you have a source of light behind your table that may shine through the drawer area.

This table is the perfect accent for an odd space on a small wall. We love the shape and quality of it.

I almost returned this when i unpacked it and started the assembly. The directions are terrible. There are no written directions at all, only diagrams that are completely ridiculous (overwhelming with how much ‘action’ is going on in them – see photo). I will try to write some tips in hopes it saves somebody else assembly time. Step 1 has you removing the glider hardware. This alone was crazy not to have something written. If you’re like me, you’ll assume you must be misunderstanding the diagram – why would step 1 be to start taking something apart – made no sense. I did it anyhow but i don’t think it needed to be done. I’m assuming now it’s because in step 2 they have you laying it down flat to assemble it to the top of the legs and it won’t lay flat w/the hardware on it. I was doing it on a pretty plush carpet, the hardware would not have been an issue.

Nice table once you assemble it but terrible instructions along with poor part labeling. If you not great at building from scratch i wouldn’t recommend purchasing this table.

Very sturdy even on my carpet.

After reading some of the reviews, i was a little worried. It was a little hard to put together but once u get going it’s not so bad. I really like it and for the money , it is worth it.

My dad put it together and he had no problems with it. Only problem is one screw was missing something we had to go to home depot and buy one for the drawer. Too minor an annoyance to return but one star off because of it. Also was a little bigger than it looks in the picture but overall nice looking piece of furniture for a decent price.

Not superior quality, but it works for me. What do you expect for the price plus some big name stores sell junk for a whole lot more.

I place it in the hallway at the top. Directions are not very explicit. I figured it out from putting other furniture together. At first, i put the railings for the drawer on backward, so i couldn’t put the drawer in. I couldn’t tell by the picture which way to put them back in after the directions had me remove them. So, pay attention to how you unscrew them. Therefore, i had to partially dissembles the console after i had put it together and flip the railings on opposite side. They are stil on somewhat wrong , but the drawer works.

The table looks exactly like the picture and i love it – but the ‘instructions’ to assemble are horrible. There are no instructions, just diagrams that are not clear. Step #1: just loosen the screws that hold the gliders in place on the side panels marked d and e. That will allow you to attach the side panels to the legs. In step #4, just tighten these screws; if you have gotten this far, the rest of the diagram should make sense. When i put the top on, i had a gap of 1/4 inch on one side that would not get flush with the top of the legs but wriggling the camlock back out a bit did the trick. In other words, the hole for the camlock was drilled too deeply. So, after much head scratching (and i have put together rooms full of furniture in my life), i had the piece of furniture that i had purchased. I would have given it a 5 star rating except for the assembly ‘instructions’.

Looks amazing in our entry way with a mini lamp and vase w/ lit up branches in it.

This product is a really great value. Obviously it is not the best quality piece of furniture, but it looks good and functions well for what i needed. I almost didn’t buy it because of the reviews making it seem very difficult to put together. It really wasn’t that hard to build. However, if you don’t own a screwdriver and hammer i can see where you may struggle. It is all put together with cam-locks and dowels and you will need a basic understanding of how the tracks on a drawer should go. Overall if that doesn’t seem too intimidating i would definitely recommend this product.

The table arrived today and is standing already in my entry way. Just what i needed and it looks beautifula few words about the installation:all parts are stamped with a , b , c. Look at the pictures and follow the instructions. . Most of it is self-explanatory. Putting this together was a piece of cake.

Cute table but horrible directions, i built half of it backwards before i realized it and had to try and force the glued pegs out (so don’t glue until your sure). It probably took me a good 45min to put together because of my mistake. It stands mostly level but the drawer sticks out a tad, i feel that may be due to construction design not user error because i corrected my mistakes and the drawer still does not fully close. The table top is 31 1/2 inches long x 11 5/8 inch deep, the foot print/base is 25 5/8 inch long x 11 1/4 inch deep, and it stands exactly 34 inches tall. It comes with a strap to secure it to the wall but it seems to stand sturdy enough not to need that. It is also fairly light and easily moved or carried. It is made of a particle board type wood. I have it sitting in my front hall and it looks great. I deducted a star because i expected a bit better instructions and for the drawer to fully close for a $120 table. It was by far the best table dimension wise, being that it is not too deep and sits fairly close to the wall.