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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Tot Tutors Kids’ Toy Storage Organizer – Perfect for toy organization!

Perfectly fit for my 3yr old kid. My son was very eager and started picking his toys in one go. This would definitely help him to be more organised. There are few alternate products for lower rates but not sure if they could maintain same quality of materials.

Great product for maintaining sanity when your living space has turned into play space for your 1 year old. Was so sick of toys everywhere because she empties the toy exploring her options. Now it’s all in sight and she just grabs what she wants. And it’s quick to tidy up when she’s done. Looks nice in our dining room/living room area too. It’s cheaply made, but looks nice and perfect for what we need it for. While it’s not a piece of furniture we plan to keep for more than a few years, it’s ideal for right now. Also super easy to put together. Took 15m including tethering it to the wall with a piece of fabric.

It’s a cute design and easy assembly however the design could be improved. One of the rods that come with the package was bent when we opened the box causing very sharp edges. Tape and some shaping helped it a bit. They do no make spare parts and pieces. We ended up calling amazon customer service and they were wale to help by sending us another organizer set so we could swap the rods. The organizer isn’t as big i would hoped so we contacted the customer service and kept both sets of organizers. One thing am iffy about is not having a wall anchor but my husband is able to macgyver a strap to attach to the wall so it won’t tip. Here are the specifications for the Tot Tutors Kids’ Toy Storage Organizer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Removable toy storage bins for playtime and easy clean up
  • Easy to assemble toy organizer for blocks, crayons, toy trucks, dolls, and more is great for boys and girls ages 3 years and up
  • 12 rugged plastic toy bins are interchangeable, 8 standard and 4 large storage containers
  • Additional standard and large bins sold separately
  • Sturdy engineered wood construction is durable, easy to clean, and includes steel dowels to support toy bins
  • Perfect gift for boys and girls ages 3-8 years
  • Comes in multiple color options -Primary: Natural finish with primary bins (red, green, blue, yellow), Pastel: White finish with pastel bins (pink, light green, baby blue, light yellow), Espresso: Espresso finish with white bins
  • Ideal for organizing your toddler’s bedroom, playroom, nursery, or the living room
  • Great storage alternative to toy boxes
  • Product sizing-34″W x 11″D (15.5″D with stabilizing braces) x 31″H, Standard bins: 11.75″L x 8.25″W x 5.25″H, Large bins: 16″L x 11.75″W x 5.25″H

Arrived in time, easy assembly, no scratches or broken bins. It’s sturdy and holds everything i needed it to. Love how de-cluttered my son’s play area now is. Also bought the matching toddler bookshelf from this company.

I bought this as a much needed form of organization for my daughter’s toys. I wanted something that was inexpensive and would help keep the toys organized. I shopped around and went to a couple of furniture stores looking for something, but just couldn’t find the right thing. For the price, this is an awesome little piece of furniture. It looks great in my daughter’s room and was super easy to put together. I think it took me 20 minutes max to put it together and get it all setup. I did need to use a screwdriver, phillips. Packaging: my item was shipped right away, and i received prompt notification. I received it on time and it came as expected. Thank you for reading my review, please let me know if you found this to be helpful.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Easy to setup and is the perfect piece of furniture to organize toys
  • Great toy organizer but watch your toes!
  • Best Cure for my OCD!

The first one we have had over two years and has survived rough play by my toddler son and his cousins. After all this time, the only casualty is one of the bins finally cracked slightly (from inappropriate use by a toddler boy trying to ‘ride’ in it, use as a step stool, etc – lol). We just purchased the pastel version for my daughters room. It arrived with two of the bins broken, but i contacted tot tutors directly (they have an easy online form for missing/damaged parts) and they sent me two brand new bins, which arrived less than a week later. If i try to use a toy box or large bin, my kids just dump the entire thing. This slows them down a little as they can see what they are looking for. The only thing to watch out for, is if it starts to feel wobbly, just check/re-tighten the screws. We had to do that once on the original, but it took over a year of rough play and moving it around before they started backing out.

We rigged anchor to wall which has been fine. My daughter loves rummaging through her toys with this and the colors are really bright but not garish which we love.

When my husband went to pick this up at ups, he said the clerk raved about this toy storage system (there’s a pic on the outside of the box). She said she loved it so much, she had to buy another. Well, i have to say, if i had the room, i’d buy another, too. You can see everything, everything goes in and out easily in its own bin, the bins are bright, colorful and in different sizes to accommodate all kinds of toys, games, books. It’s a great organizing tool that makes picking things up a little less tiresome.

I read more than one review before i purchased this stating that it was very difficult to put together. My husband was able to put it together in under 15 mins no problem. I had even told him before he started that people said it was difficult and afterwards he laughed and said he had no idea what they could have struggled with or found so difficult/confusing. He hooked the top bar through a furniture wall strap as he assembled it so we could fix it to the wall which worked well and i will totally recommend because our 9 mo pulls on it and tries to climb it. I love that the bins are easy to clean and are slanted to show you all the toys. My 9 mo doesn’t have the easiest time pulling out the bins and instead has just been able to pull out the toys which is great and what i wanted. With a cube organizer she just pulls out the fabric bins and dumps them out which means you have an empty cube organizer and all of the toys on the floor. We have only had it for a week but it seems pretty durable for the price compared to other items and it has helped us stay organized. This also looks really nice in our play room in the espresso color.

The look of the toy organizer is great. The problem i found is the buckets crack too easily. While i do have two toddlers, i was hoping the buckets would last a little longer. Another issue i found is the screws in the shelves come unscrewed. I find myself tightening the screws at least once a week.

I was hesitant to buy this seeing all the negative reviews, but they couldn’t be more wrong. The plastic is thicker and durable which is great for kids. The steel poles are quality. The sides are cheaper but it works. With a screwdriver it took me 15 minutes, and i’m someone that struggles putting ikea furniture together. Came in three days with all pieces and nothing broken. It’s the perfect size to hold toys but not so big that it takes up a lot of room.

Works great with all the little pieces of toys that you do not want to step on. Would definitely recommend to all; parents & grandparents.

This toy storage was the answer to my prayers. It keeps the toys from the floors, organized in the bins, and easily accessible for future play. We got this for as a christmas present and it was super easy to assemble. I did it in under 30 minutes during baby’s  nap time, so yeah it’s quiet to do so too. The material is similar to the old kitchen cabinets​  and just as cheap in that respect. So this thing will get easily scratched, swollen in wet, and beat up if not properly taken care of. But for the purposes of storing toys, it is right on point. It brings 2 boards which are the sides and support, 8 metal bars, 8 long screws, 8 small bins, and 4 big bins. The bins are a good thickness plastic. They are not too deep which is perfect to keep them from piling on too many things that can make them heavy and not easily removed by a toddler.

I can’t say enough good things about this product. I bought this toy storage for my 4 year old son, he has tons of toys and so when they were in baskets he was constantly dumping all of the toys out to find the one he wanted. With this toy organizer he can see where what toys are where and if he still can’t find it he only dumps out one of the boxes instead of all of them. He has climbed on it several times to reach the top bins (not because its to tall, but because he’s a monkey) and it has never started to topple over or even rock, i dont have it up against a wall either, its just free standing in his room. Its not heavy even with all his toys so its easy to move around to other spots when i rearrange his room. It did not come with brackets to secure it to the wall, im sure you could somehow do that but honestly you really dont need too. I have nothing but great things to say about this and would definitely recommend to anyone.

Best organizing solution i ever bought. Holds so much and makes clean up a breeze.

I was really excited to get this organizer and to get it so quickly was definitely a big plus. We had just moved into our new home and our daughter needed more storage space in her first big girl loft room. I love the colors of bins, such pretty and happy pastel colors, they fit great in the theme we have going for her room. The large and smaller size bins are good for storing different sized toys, accessories, etc. I really love the functionality, cute colors and the amount of storage space it has for such a small piece. My only issue with it is quality control. Mine came in looking used, missing two screws, a few of bins were chipped and cracked and the particle board was chipped and dirty and honestly looked like it had been used already. I found spare screws around the house and reinforced the bins with tape and glue. I scrubbed the particle board clean and faced the sides with the more chipping/dents towards the wall. I would give it five stars were it not for the issues listed above.

Needs to come with wall mounts, made my own (see photos). Besides that a great product and solid.

I bought this to help store smaller toys in our play room. We already have a few shelving units but the bins were so big it was hard for my daughter to find what she wanted. This resulted in her either dumping the contents of the bin all over the floor or just not even trying to sift through them. Now that she can see everything her toys get more play. She also loves that she can take out and carry the bins anywhere she wants. I assembled this myself in about 10 minutes. The hardest part was separating some of the bins. It’s very sturdy once assembled. It’s the perfect size–not too big, not too small–and holds a surprising amount of toys.

We had a large toy box with shelves above it that was supposed to be one of the best boxes sold at the local toy store. My son had to take everything out of the box on a daily basis to get to his cars and monster trucks. Now, with the tot tutors toy organizer, he can have one bin for each kind of little toy and no longer has to make a huge mess to get to the toys he wants to use. The organizer is sturdy, well made and easily assembled. I highly recommend this organizer for any parent tired of seeing a thousand toys on the floor while their child plays with only a few chosen toys.

So glad i bought this, it holds so many of my granddaughters toys. She loves that she had everything at her fingertips.

This toy storage system does a good job of holding my son’s smaller, lighter toys such as blocks, hot wheel cars, and wooden train tracks. The way the bins are angled on the supporting rods combined with the height of this system makes it impossible for us to use this for big or heavy toys. We’ll have to stick with a toy chest for the majority of his toys.

Timber Artbox Large Family Tree Photo Frames Wall Decal – The Sweetest Highlight of Your Home and Family – Awesome tree! Great Price!

It looks good, but i had trouble getting the ‘frame’ parts to stick. The frames aren’t quite true to size. I ended up using modge podge to make it stick, as they were literally falling off every day. So that makes them a little shiny around the edges, but they stick. I also had trouble getting the branch segments to touch, but overall, for the price it looks really nice. When we move, i will throw this away, as the adhesive isn’t fantastic, and it will be too cumbersome to reassemble. (it’s about 25 pieces, not including wording and leaves. ) when we’re homeowners, i’ll have a tree painted instead. Update: i have now had this on my wall (in a high traffic hallway) for 4 months. Unfortunately, i am now need to repurchase it or remove the entire tree and do something else.

It looks very nice in my living room and i can’t wait to fill it with pictures. The set up was a bit daunting with all the small pieces but once i mapped the size with the first few parts i was able to get it stuck up without any problem. My only complaint is with the photo frames. It is hard to get them on flat and straight. I will most likely put up actual frames over the sticker frame spaces.

I ordered this to go in our living room. It was fairly easy to put up as all the pieces are numbered, and you get a diagram to go by. I was a bit worried because the leaves looked to be such a bright, almost garish, green on the sheets, but they look perfect on our wall. I did not use the vinyl picture frames that came with the tree, but used my own wood frames, which i think add a little more dimension. I used four 5×7 frames and eight 4×6 frames and there is still room for a few more. We have 10ft ceilings, so i started the bottom of the tree about 36′ above the floor and put a table in front of it. If fills up our wall so nicely, and we have gotten so many compliments on it. It truly looks like it was hand painted on the wall. I am so very pleased with the quality, and the excellent price.

  • Love it! Was very easy to apply and looks
  • Looks Fantastic!
  • Super happy customer

We got this for our newly painted and remodeled family room. After filling all the holes in the wall from previous pictures, both my wife and i were hesitant to put more holes in the wall. She found this and we decided to give it a shot. We love it and think it looks great on our walls. Some people have even asked if we painted it until they get close enough to realize it’s peel and stick. We didn’t have good luck with the peel and stick frames holding the pictures, but double sided tape seems to work fine. We do have to fix them sometimes, but mostly because our boys are constantly throwing dog toys at the wall and knocking them down. It’s nice and easy to change the pictures out whenever we want. Totally worth the money and we really do enjoy this.

Easy to hang – i laid everything out on the floor and took pieces from there to get a better sense of where things should go. It’s been up for about 2 months now and so far nothing has started peeling off. My only complaints is the frame pieces. They were so flimsy as to be impossible to work with and so thin that you could see the outline of the frame underneath. I ended up going out and buying cheap plastic frames in the same sizes and hanging them on the branches instead. But even with that design flaw, i’d happily buy it again.

Features of Timber Artbox Large Family Tree Photo Frames Wall Decal – The Sweetest Highlight of Your Home and Family

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 4 sheets of 35″x13″ sticker. Easy to apply, decals better than wallpaper, painting & art murals.
  • 85 precut self adhesive, total 4x 6R & 5x 5R photo frame stickers. Come in scroll packing.
  • Special PRIME deal! Buy any 2 Timber Artbox wall decals & get 20% off. Enter 36HQYZQZ.
  • Add colors without paint. Bring so much love, life, memory and happiness, get many compliments.
  • Adhere well, removable and repositionable without damaging your wall. Great for rental property.

I used this in my sunday school class and placed each of the kids pictures on the tree. I felt a little intimidated when i first started putting it up, but i love it.

My mother lives in a senior apartment building so we wanted some wall art that was removable and wall-friendly. I ordered this thinking ‘gee, i wish it had more leaves on the tree and looked fuller. ‘ that is still my only complaint and the only reason this review is missing a star. As a result, i’m thinking of it as a tree in early spring where all the leaves haven’t grown in yet. The stickers came in a tube that we unrolled. It came with a sample arrangement guide that was on one of the pages. I cut that out and stuck it on the wall in an unused corner and went to work. It was a cinch assembling the puzzle with all the pieces numbered.

The color is natural and moderate. The surface of the materials is not the shiny type that i have had at home which has vivid and catchy color. Instead, these materials feel soft and perfectly blend into the wall, so the tree appears to be painted on the wall rather than being a sticker to it. The instruction comes with the package is easy to understand and follow. I started putting up the stickers from the bottom trunk to the sides and to the top. Don’t forget to leave enough space for your picture frames if you’re going to use yours. There is only one con, which didn’t show until a few months later. These stickers are stretchable and seem to shrink over time. Therefore, if you want to avoid tiny gaps between those connected branches, you should overlap two branches for at least 1/16 inch instead of just matching the ends together.

And i decided to install ours without the picture frames and we are happy with the results. It took a little bit of trimming on the branches that were supposed to lead into frames but overall it wan’t a difficult install. My favorite thing is the adhesive. It’s plenty strong to keep the tree on the wall but not so sticky that it gets stuck to your hands when you are trying to install it. Everything is pre-cut and layed out nicely.

After seeing another purchaser’s photo i picked up some frames from the dollar store to use with this instead of the frame decals which i think really enhances the look. I was a little worried at first because i have a slight texturing to my walls and some reviews seemed to indicate possible peeling on textured walls, but thus far i’ve had no peeling. If nothing else should it start to peel in the future it can act as a stencil and i can just trace the shape onto my wall and paint by hand directly to the wall thus keeping the look. I would recommend an extra set of hands to apply the larger sections.

By far my favorite wall decal. I couldn’t believe how amazing it turned out. It wasn’t too difficult to put up. I did it by myself with no problem. My one and only complaint is that i could not get the ‘picture frame’ stickers to work. I actually ruined a few pictures because the sticker would get stuck and rip the ink off of the picture. Luckily i have a photo printer so it wasn’t a big deal but i imagine this would be a problem if you’re having your pictures printed elsewhere. My recommendation would be to just buy the picture frames and if you don’t want to spend too much, they usually sell them at the dollar store. I bought some from target and for this reason alone, i had to give it 4 stars but it truly is an excellent product.

They stuck on the wall pretty easily but were also easy to remove and restick if i made a mistake. The instruction guide was very helpful. I just pasted it on the wall and used it to place each piece. I love it and it makes the room complete. I just need to add photos now. My only complaint was that when i used a credit card to smooth out pieces, the color would rub off or scrape but i solved that by using the rubber end of my scissors to smooth most of it.

The tree decal stuck well to my hallway wall. I cleaned the wall really good the day before i hung the tree decal. I would have given this a higher rating if the instructions were better. The limbs of the tree were numbered but i did not see a picture of the tree done with precise numbers as to where to put each decal. I bought 10 4×6 brown picture frames from the dollar store which worked out well.

I am surprised how huge it is and how pretty it is. It was a breeze to put together. The person, whose bright idea it was to number each piece and include an image that details where each number piece should go, deserves a metal. The material is nice and sturdy and even survived one of the longer pieces getting tangled badly (after i dropped it). If there is any downside, it is that it’s not wise to use the included frames to hold the pictures. I used one of the frames to check the placement of one picture and unwisely placed the picture using the frame to hold it up.That adhesive is so strong i thought i had destroyed the picture.

I had purchased a family wall decal a few years ago from a local store and loved it. We recently moved and i needed to purchase another one for our new home. I ordered this one online and when it arrived i immediately placed it on the floor with some books on it to straighten it out – it was in a roll when it arrived. The next day i cut all pieces out and started to assemble it on the floor. It took some time to put everything together, but then i started putting it on the wall. I thought it was fairly easy to put up, but the key is to assemble it on the floor just the way you want it to look, prior to putting on the wall. I absolutely love the result. This one is brown and all of the green leaves just make it stunning. I certainly would recommend this wall decal to anyone.

I placed the tree in our hallway near the front door. I made sure to measure the wall than tape the pieces to see how it would look before removing the decal and applying it to the wall. It took time, however, i did miss a step and had to remove a branch to place it in the correct spot. By my surprise it is still sticking to the wall after constant rubbing of nothing but my fingers. I only had an issue with one cut out of a photo frame. I used double sided tape to attach the frame and all the pictures. Some of the pictures are not matching the frames exactly but it’s only slightly off. It bothered me at the beginning but after i began receiving more compliments from family and friends i let it go.

I am a 66 year old grandmother with a two-year old grandson and another on the way. My daughter’s old room has become the room my grandson sleeps in when he is staying overnight. He is out of a crib now and i wanted to redo the room from an adult guest room to a child-friendly room. I took out the queen bed and replaced it with twin beds and used some antique quilts on the beds. The tree looks lovely between the beds. I haven’t added all the photos yet as i’m still sorting through them. The room was painted last fall and i simply dusted it off before applying the tree. It went up easily and i could reposition some of the limbs with no trouble and everything is staying attached to the wall very well. There is also an angle in the wall where the roof joins it, so the top of the tree is angled over the beds (see photo). This was not a problem for me.

I went with this tree based off of reviews. Although this tree cost more then the others i researched, you get quality and convince. The tree comes in segments and is on a number system to assemble together. I cut my pieces on day one and pre taped the tree on day 2. On day 3 i peeled off the stickers and assembled it. My walls are textured so i went with another review and bought modge podge which is craft glue and painted it on top of the tree. I’m 3 months in writing this review and so far no problems. People think it’s painted from a professional.

I bought this exact one like 2 years ago, and it’s lasted all this time; but my dogs ripped the bottom of the tree. Our walls are not smooth, so once it started lifting; i had to pull it off. I am only replacing the bottom branch.

It was easy to apply once you get everything lined up. Just put up today so can’t attest to the sticking factor. May have to go back and apply some hodge podge to help stick. Someone recommended using credit card to smooth out bubbles. I found that a small sponge paint roller worked best for me. I agree that i don’t like the peel and stick picture frames that come with, so i will purchase picture matted frames and use. For the price, it was fun to put up.Plan for 2 hrs for the project, and wash walls first to help stick.

It applies to the wall very good. Artwork and construction are excellent.

Love, love, love itthe decals came rolled in a plastic tube and in perfect condition. It is time consuming to cut all of the pieces out and lay it out prior to applying, but worth it. I recommended leaving the pieces on the paper and taping to the wall (which they recommend) to make sure everything fits the way you want it. I used real picture frames and added more than their diagram showed, so i had to make adjustments to fit. But the results are even better than i imagined.

Updatea few pieces on one side started to loose their stick and peel off within a few days. I’m not sure why these pieces and not others. I did some googling, brought some wallpaper paste and used that to restick them. Applied with one of the kids small paintbrushes. Worked great, and won’t mark the wall if i want to remove. I’m leaving this at five stars, because it could be our textured walls or it could have been that i handled or repositioned those pieces too much. Have used many wall decals and these are the best so far. Very impressed by the quality. Our walls were more textured than i realized, and i did more editing and moving of the pieces than i would have liked, so not sure how long they’ll stick for, but for now it looks fantastic. The price is such a steal, if it stops sticking i’ll just order another one to replace it.

Winsome Wood Cassie Accent Table : Nice table for the price

Solid, looks like it’s made from oak, grain of the wood is bold. Seems solid and is a nice piece for the $$. The lower shelf on my was damaged , threaded shaft was pushing through the top of the lower shelf. At this time my rating is fair and will be revised based on how the manufacturer handles the replacement.

Great price, great product and it looks fantastic.

Winsome Wood Cassie Accent Table with Glass Top, Cappuccino Finish

  • Round wood and glass accent table
  • Sturdy construction with traditional styling
  • Cappuccino finish
  • 20-Inch diameter by 27-Inch height
  • Ready to assemble with parts, tools and instructions

A beautiful table assembly is very easy and a great price.

Bought one and went back and bought another.

I am very pleased and impressed with this accent table. Very study and very easy to assemble it took me about 45min.

Winsome Wood Cassie Accent Table with Glass Top, Cappuccino Finish : One of the better rta things i’ve bought. Nice touches to help with assembly like theaded metal inserts so the bolts go in nicely, clear bumpers to place under the glass, and pads to put on the bottom of the legs to protect your floors. The finish isn’t real durable; it will nick & chip easily.

This table is perfect for a small living room or an office. The table is a little lighter in color than the picture and has wood grain finishing – not a solid color like the image. I had it together in about 10 minutes. My recommendation in construction, put all the screws in loosely, then come back and tighten.

The table is a great size and looks and feels solid. I would say it is good value for the money. The reason for the markdown is the finish. The color is definitely more red than brown. I even looked at the described color and made sure the box also indicated the correct color. The color received, though it will work, was not what the pictures or descriptions seems to indicate.

Nice, match color and size great the only thing not sturdy that much.

Was the perfect size to go between two of my new chairs.

Not exactly what i expected, but worth the price. It’s not horrible, but it’s also not very high quality. Some of the wood seams show through and it’s a bit taller than i expected. It seems to to the job if it’s in a corner. I’m keeping it and not entirely dissatisfied.

We moved in to our new house and needed more furniture. Their not very big, but they add a air of class to the room. I need one more table and will be getting another one of these. The assembly was fast and easy.

Matches perfectly to my living room table set (which is same color but square shape with glass part in the middle), very nice and easy to assemble accent table. Only part i am not very happy about is that it came with little scratches on the legs. Didn’t even bother calling amazon becase it is on the inside part of the leg and if i turn the table with the scratched part towards the wall, no one can even notice it.

Very satisfied with this purchase.

Beautiful accent table, i placed it by the window holding small indoor plant.

I use it to sit lamp on by sofa, good height for that. Would of been helpful if box had included instructions. But was not hard to figure out.

We bought this table for our living room, to match our other espresso furniture (open floor plan with espresso dining table). Arrived quickly and packaged well, especially with the glass. It was easy to assemble with one person, although some of the holes didn’t match up 100%, so i had to put a bit of muscle into it when screwing the pieces together, and was a bit wobbly, so i had to add one felt bumper to the bottom of one leg (they provided in package) to make it level. Like another reviewer said, the color ended up being just a tad lighter than what the picture shows; almost a half shade lighter than your normal deep espresso furniture. However, since we didn’t have other espresso furniture right next to this piece, it works out ok. Overall, i am happy with the purchase, as it looks like an expensive product for half the price.

Was easy to put together (just assembled it today). The height was just perfect, we were looking for a tall end/corner table and this was just what we were looking for. And i have to say the wood finish is excellent. The glass center makes it look very sophisticated, and looks way more expensive than what we paid for. Overall, very happy with the purchase and would recommend it in a heartbeat.

Beautiful accent table, looks way more expensive than it is.

Did not match the unit amazon matched with it- completely different model name/design. Item arrived slightly damaged but still useful.

Table came in parts that was easy to assemble.

Tried to use as a side table but it was too tall for the sofa.

Guardian EcoGuard Indoor Wiper Floor Mat, It will have to do

I ordered two of these and i am in love with them. In fact i just ordered another one. I bought one for my camper and one for in my mudd room. They are heavy so the ends do not curl and very sturdy. A+++++ product, highly recommend, especially for the awesome price point.

Heavy weight and classy texture. Edges and corners do not roll. Catches the tracked in dirt, etc. Using over inlaid indoor/outdoor carpet in our entry porch with pet and kid traffic, but also a nice stylish greeting for guests. Paired 3 x 5 and 2 x 3 for fully coverage.

I used this to protect the wood floor under the dog dishes so water doesn’t damage the wood floors. Works great, this is heavy duty and well made. It could be used as an entrance mat.

Key specs for Guardian EcoGuard Indoor Wiper Floor Mat, Recycled Plastic and Rubber, 3′ x 5′, Charcoal:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Carpeted surface is made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles.
  • Backing is made from used tires.
  • 24 oz. fibers for better absorbency.Dimesnion:36″ x 60″.
  • Bi-level construction traps dirt below surface.
  • Carpeted surface is made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles.
  • Backing is made from used tires.
  • 24 oz. fibers for better absorbency.
  • Bi-level construction traps dirt below surface.

Comments from buyers

“Durable, functional, soft., I returned it on viewing it in person, good quality, catches dirt well”

This mat is large and looks ok, however, don’t wipe your feet on it. The friction causes it to ball up and pill, and it will never look the same again. What good is a door mat if you can’t wipe your feet on it?.

This is a solid mat but there were a few things that put me off on it and i returned it. I was planning to keep it until i saw comparable, but much thicker and heavier duty mats at costco for $19 each. I also saw a lot of reviews about fuzziness, which i didn’t want to deal with. If i didn’t find better options, i might have kept this mat, but it doesn’t seem like it’s anything special and it is $40 which isn’t exactly cheap for an all black recycled rubber mat.

I have some water hog mats and was hoping these would be comparable. They are ok but nowhere near the quality of a water hog. I should have known by the much cheaper price.

Would have rated only 1 star after our first mat which refused to flatten out. The box clearly states to let it rest for a few hours at room temperature prior to unrolling which we followed. Pretty certain it was packaged poorly as the end of the mat was literally folded over almost creased. Anyways after days trying to flatten with weights, heat etc we returned/replaced with another. Second mat settled and flattened fine. Using it at our back garage door entry and seems to pull debris from our shoes fine. Check the end of the mat and make sure its not creased. If it is, dont waste your time trying to flatten it and replace immediately.

Awesome mat that i have inside by our door that goes out to the fence. Our wood floors stay so much cleaner after the dog comes in – it definitely catches the access dirt 🙂 looks really nice as well. Looks much more high quality than i expected. Will try to add a picture soon.

Delivery took a couple weeks but i won’t take off any stars for that.

We started with a small doormat and tested that throughout the winter. It did such a superior job collecting mud and water that we bought two of the large mats. All three mats are in our mud room. Since we’ve had them, the amount of dirt getting into the house has been minimized. They’re easy to clean — i just vacuum with the vacuum set to the shortest pile. At some point, we’ll take them outside and hose them off. However, in the meantime, they have been worth every penny.

Terrific mats for the office. We bought them to save ourselves the cost of having them brought and cleaned every month by a service company. We can buy a complete set of these mats for the cost of renting them for 3 months – so we can buy them and then buy new ones every three months or (hopefully) every six moths and save a lot of moneywe were able to order 4 different sizes to fit each doorway and corridor that we needed to cover. Guardian ecoguard indoor wiper floor mat, recycled plastic and rubber, 3′ x 4′, charcoal.

I’ve only had it a few days and use it as an indoor mat. I was worried about smell because some of the reviews on other mats but this one only smelled a bit when i first opened it but it has pretty much vanished now. I like the feel of the mat and the pattern. Its firm enough to easily wipe dirt, snow, salt, etc. From your boots but not scratchy when you walk over it with bare feet. I ordered the 2′ by 3′ and it is slightly smaller (about a half inch on both) but that wasn’t a big deal to me.

I bought this for use as a gun cleaning matt, after looking at all available items this seemed to make sense and if it didn’t work i had a outdoor matt. Well low and behold this is a great multi use matt the rug is nice to hold all the springs and screws without rolling off. It is soft enough to protect the stock and when working on the hand gun it covers the entire width of the table. It is a little heavy but the great thing is nothing get through the matt, clean up is easy. Oh one other thing when cutting or filing this gives me a place that does not slide. So feel comfortable about using this for any hobbies you might have.

I bought 2 and i’ve had the mats down for a week now. If there’s a problem with longevity i will update this review. But they look very well made, feel durable, and man are they smooth on the feet. They’re soft to stand on and heavy, reducing sliding. They’re not a ‘no-slide’ design, but movement is minimal. They do catch a lot of the crap i track inside at the door. I’ll add that they’re supple, not thick and rigid like many door mats.

I ordered these for a friend who is in a wheelchair. He uses them over the threshold area between his kitchen linoleum and his entry linoleum where the carpeting meets up with the harder flooring area. It makes it easier for his wheelchair to glide over where the two types of flooring meet. Seems sturdy and easy to clean.

These are great rugs for the entryway. Trying to get two small kids out of their wet winter things was a bit tricky on a tile entryway. These are soft on top and heavy and don’t slide. Only had them a few weeks so i can’t speak for durability, but they seem very well made.

I actually love this little mat at our back door. Catches a lot of dirt and debris from the bottom of shoes and paws because of the material and texture. My cats love to use it as a scratching pad so they are pulling it apart. Not the fault of the manufacturer. It’s a great mat and apparently the cats agree.

I use this as a mat for the dogs food and water bowls once it gets too dirty i take it out and blast it off with the hose and then let it dry. Highly recommended and so far has held together even with the dogs trying to dig and fight with it.

We placed this mat at the entrance from our garage, and it passes the opening to our mudroom. It has been fantastic at catching all the grime they are bringing in from the winter weather. Very happy with the purchase.

My daughter’s (unattached) garage has a cement floor which, if you step down into it from the outside with snow on the bottom of your boots, is extremely slippery. I almost took a nasty fall, which prompted the search for a non-slick mat. This one totally fits the bill. The mat stays put on the cement floor (without additional adhesives) and permits a secure entry.

Only complaint is despite what a couple of reviews said, it does have a noticeable rubber odor. It’s not overwhelming but it is there.

I had previoisly bought a coconut fiber mat that looked great at first but then looked disgusting after it got rained on a few times. I did a massive search for a 36 inch mat and i made the best choice ever. I have problens with my balance and this mat is thin enough but dense enough to provide a solid surface to walk on. The corners lie flat and color looks great even when it rains.

Advertized 3 x10, the one i received is only 9. 5 feet and the color looks more like a black. I am hoping that the other one i bought matches this one here b/c the color is also listed as charcoal.

Got the mat today and it looks like a quality one. I believe that because it is made of re-cycled nylon fibers that it will hold up to the nw weather here on the coast of wa state. Another winner by amazon imo.

Cotton Craft Hand Knitted Cable Style Dori Pouf – Beige – Floor Ottoman – 100% Cotton Braid Cord – Handmade & Hand stitched – Truly one of a kind seating – 20 Dia x 14 High – Stylish and Sturdy

I really love the look of these. They were exactly the same size as i anticipated. I ordered two in cream, and the color was great. They are very solid construction (hard, so you can put your feet on them or a tray without tipping). My husband thinks they are the oddest trend and mentions it every time he uses them, which is multiple times a day 🙂 the material that the ball is made with is very sturdy and a little course. It feels like it will last for quite a while. The only reason i can’t give this five stars is because one of them arrived as the picture of perfection. The second one arrived slightly lop sided and oddly shaped. It wasn’t so much that i went through the hassle of returning it, but i definitely notice it when i walk in the room. Because it is packed so tightly, it isn’t the type of thing that you can push around to reshape it.

Beautiful and works perfectly in front my couch. It is way smaller than expected but it does fit the dimensions. It’s pretty hard and stands up to my 5 year old sitting and jumping on it. The fabric is not soft as i was expecting. Overall, it’s beautiful piece in our living room.

So cute and makes a perfect seat or ottoman in my town house. Here are the specifications for the Cotton Craft Hand Knitted Cable Style Dori Pouf – Beige – Floor Ottoman – 100% Cotton Braid Cord – Handmade & Hand stitched – Truly one of a kind seating – 20 Dia x 14 High:

  • 20″ Hand Knitted Cable Style Dori Pouf – Floor Ottoman – Beige
  • Hand knit beanbag chair/foot rest
  • Size: 20 Inches Diameter x 14 Inches Height
  • Care should be exercised near open flames or with burning cigarettes.
  • Shop with confidence and trust. You will be delighted with your purchase.

After reading many, many terrible reviews i decided to gamble and order this pouf ottoman anyways. Luckily, the one i received was in good condition and has worked out for us. I’m using it in my son’s nursery paired with a rocker/glider chair. This pouf works great because of its round shape and ability to rock with the chair. I also like that it’s light weight and can be tossed to the edge of the room if i want more floor space. The look is great and the teal color is a nice teal. I would recommend this, however, i understand that other buyers have not had the good experience that i have had.

This is just as cute as pictured, but i expected it to be way softer. I expected it to be kind of like a bean bag pouf. Instead it’s very tough and not flexible. Just a note to someone who may be looking for something soft.It’s super cute though and works great as a footstool.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I bought this ottoman in January and was so happy with it
  • Beautiful in my home
  • Just ordered a second one after unpacking the first one!!

I have had this product for almost 10 months now and it has held up the shape very well. I have purchased poufs in the past which just shrunk to the ground in just a few months. But this one is pretty sturdy. Also its knit beautifully all around so top/bottom does not matter so much.

Really cute and goes well with the nursery. A little stuff but i’m sure it’ll loosen over time. My only complaint is that it’s pretty dirty. Looks like it got rolled around on a shelf before being sent out. Pretty disappointed in that for what it costs but i’m sure they all look that.

The color went with our chair and carpet perfectly, we were very happy with that. The pouf otherwise looks exactly like shown is a nice addition to our family room. As with all poufs, you need to rotate them to prevent them from getting flat in certain spots. They do ‘deflate’ over time and become a bit misshapen.

I just recently moved to la and chose a color scheme of white and gray. I bought two of these to go next to my sofa table (on each side). They are comfy/stiff at the same time. Great pattern, and very strong and good quality material. My dog tried to bite/rip them and nothing happened. I also bought these on amazon because of the price. I found similar ones in cb2 where i originally looked for $120. Buying two of these for $60. 00 were a steal, and they look and feel great in my living room.

After using this item for one week i have noticed it is very uneven. I’ve tried to bolster it up by squishing it, but to no avail. Unfortunately, after receiving the first ottoman and after only a few days, we ordered a second one so we would have a his and hers. We are not very pleased at this point with the performance of these items. I will say they are very decorative but do not function as promised. I am very disappointed in this product, especially for the pricei want to edit my review regarding this product. After using it for several weeks i’ve noticed the item has evened out. In fact, you can turn the ottoman and rest your feet at intervals and it will even itself out. Actually, i have sat on it and has evened itself out also. Sorry for the first review which wasn’t very good.

I’m in between a 3 and 4 star for two reasons. One, mine came already flattened down and squished more then i would like. Also this item is surprisingly light. I plan on using it with a glider and i don’t think it will stay in place. A slight tap and item moves, pretty disappointed in that. . ) i have discovered that item is a inflated rubber ball covered with bag and then rope. I’m contemplating popping that ball and filling with heavy fluff. However, i have also discovered that one can spray paint the crap outta item and it works pretty well. I got black but upon changing room ideas i decided that navy blue was better. I wish amazon would like me attach pictures using my phone but alas not yet an option.

As you can tell by the five stars, i’m a big fan of the pouf. Mine is ivory, but no doubt it would be just as fabulous in any of the other colors. I use mine as a footstool in our bedroom seating area, and it does its job beautifully. I am guessing, as the need arises, that i will buy another to use in another room in our home. I must comment on the photo that an unhappy customer posted of a collapsed pouf; in order for that to happen, someone would have had to jump up and down on it until the inner lining exploded allowing the fill material to leak out. I can’t imagine any other scenario than ‘pouf abuse’.

This was purchased to use as a foot stool with a rocker in my new baby’s nursery with hopes to use it as a seat for him in the coming years. It is nice and firm, great as a foot stool and will support an adults weight as a stool. The color in the photo is very accurate and lovely in person. The cotton yarn it is knitted from is smooth and soft but still sturdy.

This little poof ball arrived timely. It is firm, the weave is tight and there are no gaping holes. I got the grey shade which matches this photo. The only complaint i have is that it had small rope ties for some tag or something on it, and they are still there, because i’m afraid to damage the weave on the ball by cutting them off. Good productupdate: purchased in april, 2016–updated october, 2016. I downgraded my review from 5 to 3 stars. After a little less than 6 months of use, the pouf is completely deformed. It is utilized just for propping up feet about 1. The knot that ties it has been visible the entire time i’ve owned it.

I read all the reviews before ordering these poufs. They were exactly as described and the photo was true to color. I purchased two of the teal and would recommend.

Most people that give bad reviews is due to it going flat. It isn’t supposed to be a chair but something for your feet. The added pressure of sitting will surely flatten it. I was waiting for the ivory to be back in stock and jumped on it quickly.

It’s a perfect stool for in front of the rocking chair, and it’ll be a perfect place for him to sit as he gets older.

It was delivered pretty fast and packaged well. Its very sturdy i could not find in flaws with my product at all. The only thing that was needed was a little reshaping which i just tap on the sides and top thats it. Fyi this is a foot rest not something you sit on. Unless you weigh like 15 pounds. Again it very well made and its beautiful i love the look it added to my living room. I will recommend this product to my friends and family.

Ordered the ivory stool for our chair in the nursery and it came exactly as pictured however it is a little smaller then expected. I’m 5’9 and my husband is 6’2 so we could use a bigger one but it will do bc it looks cute in the room.

Got two of these and had them for a while now. They are cute and have been holding up. Toddler sits and lays and rolls all over them and we use them as a foot stool and just for cute decor.

I got two poufs and they are so cute and are holding up so well even with my kids rolling them around sometimes and they love to sit on them. They look so nice in my living room.

acelitor AMAZLINEN 52×84-Inch Grommet Top out Curtains, Excellent Product!!

I am absolutely in love with these curtainsi have 2 french doors who are exposed by the sun the whole entire day. I live in nc and it gets hot in this place (my kitchen – living room) and i have tried many other curtains before to keep this area cool. I wasn’t looking for curtains that could keep the light out, but more important to me was to keep the heat outso far this is exactly what these are doing. It is nice and cool in my kitchen now. It’s a bonus to me that it is dark as well. The curtains are super soft and do not have the ‘ugly’ white backing. They are the same color front and back. I did not have to iron my curtains at all. They look wonderful and i am sure i will buy more for the rest of the windows of my house.

Chose the grey and i’m very happy with them. I have three windows side by side and bought two sets. These block the light very well but may buy one more set for extra coverage. The color is more of a grey/green with an almost metallic finish. Fyi, the grommets are bronze on these curtains.

Great quality, arrived on time and just so classy. We waited a while to write a review just to make sure we didn’t have any issues. Like discoloration by the sun or anything like that. They definitely blockout the sunlight.

Key specs for AMAZLINEN 52×84-Inch Grommet Top Blackout Curtains with Tie Back, Charcoal Grey (Set of 2):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Fabric 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • MEASUREMENT–Blackout curtains for bedroom packed in set of 2 panels£¬each panel is 52 W X 84″L,blackout curtains 84 is easy hanging with 8 antique bronze metal eyelets each panel,1-3/5 inch inner diameter for rods up to 1-3/8 inch diameter.
  • ULTRA SLEEP–Blackout curtains dark grey for bedroom are blocking 95% lights and 100% UV (darker colors have a better effect),reduce outside noise,create a privacy peaceful sleep environment.
  • SAFETY HOME DECOR –Innovative triple weave technology brings true physical blackout , eco-friendly finish ,no chemical coating,no toxic smell, ideal blackout curtain for bedroom.
  • SAVE MONEY–Blackout curtains 84 Charcoal Grey,suitable length to prevent heat loss in winter and cold loss in summer,save energy bills by better solution.
  • MAINTAIN & CLEAN–Machine wash in cold water,do not bleach,tumble dry low, wrinkles will be disappeared after hanging for a few weeks,or warm iron.

Comments from buyers

“Elegant and effective, TRUST MY REVIEW! I’ve searched everywhere for blackout curtains!, I absolutely love these!”

Works like a charm to keep out streetlights and sunlight. I have an east-facing sliding glass door in the bedroom with streetlights glaring in at night and the colorado sun waking me up in the morning. These curtains keep the room really dark and warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. My sleep improved 100% after installing them.

We got the charcoal and they are great. They really help block out the sun. I got a double rod and added a sheer white curtain as well but that’s more for looks.

Best curtains ever, hands down. They are thick fabric, super soft, and keep the light out- not pitch black but they do darken the room tremendously. Also keep some of the cold out. This is the second set i have purchased and will only ever buy this brand again. Just make sure you measure and you’ll never need a crappy curtain from wallyworld again.

The product description is no joke; these curtains block out all natural/artifical light. My new townhouse has metal drawstring blinds (garbage) and i needed something that was going to keep the light out in the morning (i’m a light sleeper). You literally can’t see the light coming through with the exception of a tiny bit at the top (which is inevitable). I took an iron to them since they were a bit wrinkled from packaging and they look great now.

I’ve bought 3 pair of navy blue and 1 pair of light teal. They don’t block out the light 100%, of course — there are little spots here and there, almost like tiny far off stars. They’re so much better than the stuff i picked up from walmart a decade ago. I’ve attached a comparison picture to my review.

I bought these curtains for my boyfriend who will need blackout curtains when he goes to night shift. We tried them out during the day and do an excellent job darkening the bedroom. To achieve maximum darkness, i would suggest using blinds as well. They also block the drafts coming through the windows. I would say they are a medium weight, not light, but not super heavy either. The grey is a perfect color and ended up matching our bed set nicely. I would most definitely recommend these curtains.

I could not be happier with these curtains. I bought them because i have a 1 yr old and despite having thick blinds in his window, the sunlight was pouring through in the evening so he had trouble going to sleep. I put these up and it is literally like night and day. These curtains are thick and good quality and they absolutely block the sun.See the photo for a side-by-side comparison.

I ordered beige and they look very elegant and are a great addition to our living room. We have some in our bedroom and they are really good at room darkening. It doesn’t create a blackout effect like a movie room but it does keep a room dark in the morning.

These are the perfect drape panels and tiebacks for my guest room. I love the material and they really are blackout panels. I have many plants in this guest room and i like being able to close the drapes at night against a chilly winter draft @ 5000′ and yet be able to open them in the light of day so those same plants can get their indirect sunlight. But the very best part is that this color goes with everything??. I enjoy changing out the bedding with the seasons and these drapes will compliment the blues, oranges, reds, etc. . These lovely pair of drapes are very affordable. Thank you for such an nice product at a great pricep. . They wash & dry in the machines like a dream.

These curtains do block out most of the light and the room is dark enough to sleep in during the day. They hang very nicely, fabric is very good quality, feels silky smooth but thick and sturdy. Lining is same color as curtain. Wrinkles ironed out perfectly (a seamstress told me the secret is to iron them once before you wash them–then the package creases will fall out and not come back after washing. ) only negative is that the color is a bit more on the blue side than the picture–and i bought them for a ‘green’ room. They’re fine and i’d never return them for such a minor issue, but just in case you’re really trying to match something, that’s what i got. (keep in mind that different dye lots can produce different results, so the next batch may be greener) also arrived well within the promised time and were well packaged/protected during shipping.

The online photo color is not accurate (see my pics). I expected a gum-pink based on the picture provided but it’s more ‘dusty rose’. Not entirely horrible but not what i thought i was getting for my kiddos room. The fabric is a thick polyester. It reminds me of an vintage dress. . Kind of has a sheen to it, heavy and i think it would ‘pull’ if it rubbed against something sharp. It does do a decent job at blocking the sun though (see pics). The grommets are nice as they allow easy opening/closing.

They definitely block the afternoon sun which made it hard to take a nap. (even though my blinds are supposed to be room darkeners). I have found no cons but i’m exchanging for a different color. I got the teal and it’s a gorgeous shade. But not light enough to match the mint green in my new bedding set. I want to do a lot of rooms with these but then people would think they were cheap. And they are, but only price wise. They look expensive and the quality is great. I’ll probably still do the guest room also. Wish i had known about these years ago.

These curtains do a great job blocking out light. When i hung them, my first response was wow, these are no joke. The material is attractive and sort of satiny – they look pretty up. And most importantly the direct morning sun is completely blocked out and my baby is sleeping peacefully.Very pleased with this purchase and will be ordering more for my older child’s room.

Bought these curtains for our bedroom. The fabric is thick and heavy. But they don’t block out 100% of daylight. A grommet top lets some sunlight through. However, i think you can avoid this just hanging the curtain rod higher above the window. The photo color is not quite accurate – the real color is more blueish. Yet, the color is very nice anyway. Four stars, because they don’t exactly meet our expectations as master bedroom curtains. We’ve decided to keep them and use for our boy’s nursery instead.

My place has very large west-facing windows, so there is a ton of light in the afternoon, and it blocks all of it out. Nice slinky material and easy sliding open and closed.

I have order 2 sets of the gray one and set of the black ones in the long ones for our master bedroom since my husband works graveyard shifts and he can sleep great with these curtains shut during the day. I also bought shorter ones for my 3 kids bedroom, brown and navy blue and i love the top also, nice quality, hard rings so they open and shut very easily. Happy happy happy customer and the price is not too bad either.

These curtains were perfect for my needs. My apartment walls are gray, but my bedroom colors are tan and blush pink. I chose the grey color to blend in with the walls, but it has a warmer tone than the charcoal grey colored curtains. It doesn’t clash with my tan bedding at all. The fabric is smooth and very soft. There were minimal wrinkles coming out of the package (i hadn’t yet steamed them in the photo). I am a nurse working night shifts and i got the best sleep in months after i put these up. I can see the faintest outline of the window pane during daylight hours, but my room is probably 97% darker than with just my blinds. I haven’t really been able to tell how much they reduce noise, although i did buy them for that purpose. There is no lining either, which i like because both sides are pretty.

Do a fantastic job of blocking out light. First picture is with flash on. These do a great job of keeping the light out. They are pretty plain looking but material is soft.

They do as they say, block out the sun’s harmful rays and keep the energy bills down by day and block out the street light at night. They are not total darkness during the day (light will obviously still escape from the sides) but close to it. Make sure to measure your window, however, before buying in case you need extra shams. Mine are a bit shorter width wise than i should have gotten, but still do a decent job. Material feels a little cheap, but if you’re not super serious on your window dressings these will be perfect for you.

These curtains look really nice and do a sufficient job of blocking sunlight. I purchased two sets of these, one in grey and one in black. The colors are true to the picture shown. I like the grommet top and the hole was large enough to put my existing curtain rod through without any issues. My husband was worried that a grommet top would let more sunlight through but this does not seem to be an issue. The curtains cover the window sufficiently. (i have already measured my windows and knew what size i needed – i always recommend measuring windows and not just guessing the size or you will end up with curtains that do not fit. ) i felt that i got a good deal for the price that i paid. I also appreciated that it came with two panels instead of 1. They are thick enough to block out most of the sunlight.

I purchased these for controlling outside ambient light for a portrait studio and they work great. If its a cloudy day, no problem, but if the sun was out in full it would raise havoc on trying to perfect the studio lighting for portraiture work. Only issue i have is when new if made the room smell like it was a colorado pot house. After a couple of months with windows open when you could, the smell eventually left. (or my nose could not smell it anymore. ) wondered what kind of toxins were emitted from these things during this time. Overall they do work if you want to block the light out.

Atlantic Gaming Desk – Gaming Computer Desk, Good for a short-term workstation

Atlantic gaming desk – not machine specific i bought this desk for myself for christmas primarily for pc gaming. It has plenty of space for my keyboard and mouse and perfectly fits my xbox one underneath the monitor shelf as seen in the picture. Speaking of the monitor shelf, i was surprised it fit my 32 inch vizio without any problems considering it says it supports up to 27 inches maximum. The finish on the top is a very nice smooth but stylish carbon black that nicely accents my peripherals. The charging station works very nicely with a tablet, and is extremely handy for viewing computer stats and temperatures with the logitech arx app. The media rack is also very sturdy and has no problems fitting 2 (or 3 with the optional third rack) xbox one controllers. Another good mention would be the cable management slits along the back which are very useful for running wired mice and keyboards through to keep the whole desk clean and clutter free. The surge protector rack is very useful, however it is very loose and mounted kind of awkwardly. Similarly the front drawer is a nice touch for storing tv remotes or batteries in the included plastic holder, but it also falls victim to being loose and can be completely pulled off the rails if you bring it out too far. My two biggest issues so far are probably the assembly of the desk, and some small air pockets along the front that showed up after about a week.

A little smaller than i visualized, but decent enough. I’d like a larger monitor stand for my 30′ monitor, because the monitor’s stand doesn’t entirely fit on the desk’s stand. The carbon fiber look to the top is pretty nice, with just a little bit of traction to keep things feeling anchored without actually interfering with moving anything around. It also looks pretty snazzy. Headphone hangar is a nice thing to have, and the cupholder is something i don’t know how i lived without. The ‘media’ holders are a little less great. They sag slightly even when empty, no matter how tight you screw them in, and who needs quick access to cds these days anyway?. I’d rather have a little boxlike holder for random small objects instead. Another thing i’d like is speaker mounts, so you can solidly mount your speakers instead of having them just sitting on the desk, taking up room. But these quibbles are only mentionable because the desk as a whole is great.

Overall excellent quality, especially for the price of the desk. There are tons of pros and a handful of cons, but the pros really do outweigh the cons. Pros-sturdyvery clean, sleek, black finishvariety of helpful add-ons such as the media holder, cup holder, speaker stands, etc. Tons of leg roomwire managementthe only real con to this desk is the assembly. It is very, very difficult and tedious. The instructions say to not use any power tools, which is difficult when the holes given are 5 times as small as the screws. Got it done without the power tools, but assembly took 90+ minutes, and some parts were very difficult to understand. I finished assembling and putting everything together about two hours ago, and have been using it since. The looks are amazing, and i love everything about it. For now, i’m giving it five stars because the quality is fantastic for the price.

Key specs for Atlantic Gaming Desk – Gaming Computer Desk:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • MADE FOR GAMERS – Atlantic’s Gaming Desk is specifically designed for all your gaming gear, so you can focus on that epic battle. Made with sleek charcoal colored carbon fiber laminated top, provides ample room for your monitor, PC, laptop, games, speakers and more and monitor shelf dimensions- length is 15.5 inch left to right ,width is 7 inch front to back, height is 6.25 inch from desktop
  • FEATURE RICH – this gaming computer desk includes a charging stand for your tablet or smart phone, speaker stands, game storage, under-desk basket, controller stand, built-in wire-management, rear power strip holder, cup holder and headphone/VR headset hook
  • MONITOR & SMART PHONE STAND – this PC gaming desk sports an elevated monitor stand that supports monitors up to 32”. You can also charge your smart phone or tablet and have it comfortably at hand. These features free up valuable desktop space and with its smooth contours offer a contemporary style that adds a touch of sleek sophistication to any home office, dorm room or bedroom
  • GAME ROOM ORGANIZATION – whether you have a dedicated game room or a just place where you need a desk, the Gaming Desk helps you work and play. Keep all of your video game equipment in one place where it is easy to use
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE – our Customer Service team, based right here in the U.S.A. works hard to provide support for a wide assortment of items. For more than 30 years, California based Atlantic, Inc., receive calls with various questions about our products and we apply our best possible efforts to deliver the best possible solution for your purchase

Comments from buyers

“It’s like the iPhone of desks: simple, elegant, and beautiful. The only difference is I hate iPhones, Great quality desk, Perfect to keep all their electronics”

Bought 2 for each of my sons. Perfect to keep all their electronics.

I’ll preface this by saying that i am not using any of the racks or shelf that came with it, except the bottom drawer. I use this as an electronics workbench in my apartment, and it is stable enough to hold my soldering station and not move while i solder. I don’t know how i’d like it as a computer or ‘gaming’ desk, as it will be tight with 2 24′ monitors, especially with the racks and shelf in place, but i would purchase another if i needed a sturdy, flat surface to work on (i live in an apartment, and will need to disassemble most of it one day). Metal legs, wooden top covered in some kind of ‘carbon fiber’ laminate. I have an esd mat on mine, therefore i can’t comment on how well the surface reacts to anything.

Sturdy, roomy, simple design. I love having the monitor on its own rack. Cup holder, headphones holder, phone charging station and power strip holder — absolutely genius. I didn’t bother with the controller or game-holding racks. The finish on top just looks nice. Setting it up isn’t the easiest thing in the world but it can be done alone by one person. Just requires putting in screws while lying on your back and the screws might fall in your eyes if you drop them. Also requires some muscle getting the last screws in on the legs. Instructions tended to include a lot of stuff in one ‘step’ which got confusing and i had to backtrack a little bit.

Very sturdy desk that’s not too heavy or clunky. The surface area is actually more spacious than i expected. It can easily be used for gaming or just an office desk in your small office or apartment. I’ve got it set up in the corner of my bedroom since i don’t have an extra room to really create a gaming/office setting in. The material it’s made out of is very easy to wipe clean. I also purchased the professional installation and i’m glad i did. The technician arrived as expected and used a power drill to put it together in under an hour. Please note that the diagram the desk comes with instructs to install the shelves as what first appears to upside down. But upon further inspection, the shelves can be installed upside down or with the open part up. If installed as the picture on amazon is displayed, you can put things inside the shelves like speakers.

This is everything i’ve ever wanted and needed in a desk. Pros:-very sturdy-simple, easy, pretty-allows you personal customization of parts-small footprintcons:-honestly, none so far. Will update at a later time if something arisesi haven’t owned this desk for too long so far, only a week i believe, but this is definitely one of the best desks i’ve ever owned. You may question: ‘oh, but erik, you are only 24, how many desks could you have possibly owned in your life???’.To which i would respond: ‘stop reading in to what i’m saying so much’. I have personally owned 4 separate desks, and my biggest complaint about all of them is that there’s *so much* to them, overly complicated, too many drawers, heavy, etc. I just wanted something that was light, simple, and appealing to the eye. Yes, i’m a gamer but the fact that this is a ‘gaming desk’ was the least of the reason i went for it. Assembly was pretty easy, i saw a video on youtube about someone complaining about how difficult it was to understand the instructions. No, ignore this idiot, it’s incredibly easy and straightforward.

After reading the reviews and despite all the comments regarding the difficulty putting it together, i decided to buy it anyway. I hope to answer a lot of people’s questions. Table dimensions w/out attachments: 40. 5’table dimensions w/attachments: 49. 25′ x 24′ obviously this is measuring the table with the speaker trays. 5′ front to back is due to the monitor panel being attached. Floor to table height: 29 3/8’adriennes: i think they listened to your suggestions, almost all of the holes were pre-drilled in my desk. All except for the media holder, no pre-drilled holes for it.

At first i was a little skeptical about buying this product. After watching several video reviews, i decided to go ahead and buy it. I didn’t bother to attach the cellphone\tablet rack or the controller rack because i installed a dual monitor mount. It’s sturdy enough to support dual 27′ monitors with a mount and you can’t beat the price. Any gamer that is looking for an inexpensive desk, look no further.

Notes:-add on parts, such as the headset hook, do not have to be installed in the predetermined locations. The accessories can be attached to the desk in custom places with the included self tapping screws. Although, to do so, pre drilling a hole helps tremendously. -the desk is quite sturdy-slides easily on carpet-great width, plenty of room for keyboard and mouse-cup holder simply hooks onto the leg supports (whichever leg you choose, by the way), so it’s not as stable as i’d like. I fixed this with 6 zip ties. -‘media stand’, ie game case and controller rack, does wobble slightly, only because its tall. -drawer wiggles slightly from side to side. I’m sure this could be fixed by drilling holes slightly closer, but i didn’t feel like taking the effort to do so, as it’s not that important to me. -drawer will also pull straight out, there is no stop mechanism-i attach my headset’s on cable mute and volume control (logitech g430’s) to the drawers handle for easy access and so the cable is out of the way when i get up-when screwed in, the monitor stand’s bars hover above the surface of the table, but i am thinking of fixing this by putting washers underneath the screws so that the bar is level with the desk’s surface-the cable management basket underneath the rear of the table is loose so that you can pull it out, and it will sit at an angle, allowing you to more easily put something big like a surge protector in it. I didn’t like this though, so again, fixed with a few zip ties.

I like this desk but i don’t love it. It was easy to assemble and the dimensions are perfect for a gaming setup with one monitor, but a few of the pieces have come off the final assembly in the few months that i have had it. Also some of the pieces are of borderline usefulness anyways. However i would very likely still by one for my kids gaming machines as the price is good and the quality of the actual desktop and monitor stand is great. A couple of things i didn’t use/like. The speaker stand on either side went back in the back and did not get used. They seem a little limited on the size speaker they can handle. I use headphones so this is not an issue for me. The headphone holder is limited to install on the right hand of the deski(without drilling a hole). I wound up not using this either.

This desk is an excellent upgrade from an equivalently sized glass top metal frame desk i’d had for over 10 years. This desk has a place for the monitor raised off the main desktop area, while there is no slide out keyboard try like my old desk, this won’t exactly be missed as that ended up being somewhat cramped and after the years the sliding mechanism didn’t work so well even with yearly lubrication. Now i can also put my cup ‘on’ my desk, via the cup holder and not leave stains or water marks on my actual desk surface or need a cup place mat. I also like the carbon fiber looking wrap finish as this looks like it’ll be way easier to clean dirt, stains or dust off of vs my old desk made of glass that made any little tiny bit of dirt easily visible. The little things to place cds (does anyone really use that anymore?. :p), speakers, cup, and gamepad controllers and even headphones off of the main desktop surface is a nice tough. Size is reasonable, not large so don’t expect massive free space to have a keyboard and places for paper or to write on, but large enough you can easily fit a comfortable full-sized keyboard, and mousepad. The little area under the front of the desk (where a slide out keyboard try would typically exist) is just a fixed tray to hold miscellaneous things, but out of the way and out of view, potentially useful touch that i might use. The cord cutouts on both sides is also a nice thoughtful touch. The only real complaint that i have is that the tray in the rear of the lower side of the desk meant to hold a surge protector didn’t seem to be deep enough.

Purchased for my son’s gaming setup. The desk is exactly as advertised. However, after waiting two additional days to receive our desk, due to shipping delays, my son and his father went to put the desk together and discovered that the desk top was damaged on one edge. From what i read on reviews this is a common issue. Serious packaging design flaw in my opinion. The desk is still functional but if i had just wanted a functional table top i would have just used any average table. Disappointing but as this is a packaging design flaw and not a product flaw i did not remove a star. We understand the shipping delays due to the time of year but wish that this flaw would be fixed as soon as possible. We hope that others may enjoy without concerns about condition of product when received or that the product won’t hold up to regular wear and tear.

Great desk, seems very durable and strong. Assembly was annoying due to the screw placement, hard to get your hand with a screwdriver in the tight places required. The screws seems cheap as well and were easy to strip out the heads with the required force. The monitor stand part seems flimsy, put a 29 inch ultra wide monitor on there and when applying pressure on the from on the desk causes the screen to wobble around, which is a bit annoying. However that could be an issue with my floor not being 100% level. It’s larger than i expected which is a good thing, the pictures don’t do it justice in that category. Avoid hot drinks or food on here though the carbon fiber material is a grease and fingerprint magnet.

Been using this computer desk for two years and it is still sturdy. I don’t use all of the stands due to installing a dual monitor stand on it. Other than that, the quality is amazing and worth the price.

The desk arrived on time and in perfect condition. Every pre drilled hole on the desk board lined up perfectly with the supporting bars. I put it together by myself which was very very easy. I am big fan of the additional shelf in the center as well. I do have a few complaints that give this review a 4 star. My first complaint is that i am a console gamer and this is designed with pc gamers in mind. The reason is the keyboard holder under the desk and the game holders on the side. The keyboard holder will hit your forearms and arms when playing with a controller. The other thing is that the game holders on each side of the desk are designed for pc game or something slimmer. The ps4 games are a super tight fit and you have to literally shove them in to place. My last complaint is that of the material used which is a thing pvc coating. Do no place anything hot on this desk such as a hot dinner plate or a laptop that gets super hot, the pvc will melt off.

Love the desk, very solid and much sturdier than i expected. My only complaint would be that i’d like an option for a keyboard tray instead of the storage tray that came with the desk. I’m very happy with the fact all of the optional shelves/attachments are exactly that, optional. All of the holes for fixing each of the attachments on the desk are underneath so you’re not screwing anything into the top of the desk which leaves you with a clean flat surface if you choose not to attach everything. I did attach most of the extras and i’m happy with how they fit. I find most of them don’t make any extra sounds or anything if i bump the desk, which means i’m not having any extra noise from the desk picked up by my mic when gaming. So far i’m very happy with this product and i’ll update my review once i find out if i’m able to attach the keyboard/mouse shelf i purchased at the same time. I installed the alera aleva312812bk valencia series underdesk keyboard/mouse shelf, 28w x 12d, (black) and it just fits perfectly. I know i installed it a little off center but i’m not going to fuss with moving it at this point. It was a little tricky to attach near the desk legs and the bar down the center under the desk limited my options a little unless i wanted to unscrew that and reaffix it depending on how that was attached.

Just put the desk together today. Needed a computer desk for a small area. Wanted dual monitors and boy did i get it. Only installed the headphone holder, cup holder, and power surge tray as far as the add-ons. I preferred a clean looking work surface. I installed two 27inch viewsonic (va2759-smh) monitors on avivo dual monitor mount (stand-v002). Added an ‘alera aleva312812bk valencia series underdesk keyboard/mouse shelf. ‘ i saw another reviewer added the keyboard tray and i thought i would like to do the same. Frees up a lot of key real estate.

Worth the money definitely a good buy for me since i already had a 27 inch monitor. The stand for the monitor is a little smaller than the base of my screen which doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that i have to look slightly up at the monitor. I’m big on posture and for a more ergonomic feel, i feel like i should just take the part off and i’d be better off and probably will. I like the slots they leave in desk for cables, makes for a very tidy desk appearance. While i dont have the disk holder, controller holder or speaker mounts, i do not need any of these things so i just kept them in case i wanted to attach them later. In case anyone was wondering i did buy the dx racer chair they reccomend to buy with it and i have a review for that as well, but this is only pertains to the desk because i wanted to mention that the chair sits me comfortably at the desk. Keep in mind i’m 5’10, but overall i would say that if you are alot shorter than that, say 5’5 you will definitely need to not use the monitor stand or your neck is going to be at a wierd angle. Note: this is all with reference to the dx racer chair.

Worth every cent and probably a few more. I cannot emphasize just how perfect this desk is, no complaints whatsoever. I would probably not recommend this desk for anyone 6 feet tall or taller though. If you are between 5 to 6 feet tall, that is the sweet spot for this desk. Materials are solid as others have mentioned and keeps my monitor and peripherals firmly in place. I will buy another one some day when i build another gaming rig for the office.

Don’t have much to say that hasn’t been said/. Be warned that some of the parts are quite fragile. During initial assembly one of the ‘game/book’ shelves that double as speaker stands broke with only slight bending pressure applied to it. It snapped the top row off and i had to glue it back on and put a videogame case under it to support it so it can hold my speaker up. Also when i had to move house, i took the legs off and reattached them when i got to the new place. When i was putting them back together, one of the outer casings popped open and had to be squeezed back together around the cap with pliers so the desk could properly support its own weight. Though this issue was likely a result of me moving it around, let that be a warning that this desk is best set up in one spot and left there, too many small parts and attachments hanging off that could break if you decide to move it somewhere.

All in all a pretty good desk for the money. Very sturdy, and has plenty of surface are for large keyboards and mouse pads. The monitor riser can accommodate a pretty large monitor, i’ve got a 27 inch on there with a few inches to spare. Also has some additional features such as: a ‘charging station’ you can set your other electronics on, a small pullout drawer in front, a media/controller holder, a headphone holder, and hilariously, a cup holder. My one huge problem and what kept it from 5 stars is the lack of cable management options. It has a small tray underneath for a surge protector, but thats it. For something labeled a ‘gaming desk’ i would have expected more in that department.

I bought this desk when i was moving into a new apartment and downsizing my home-office space. Pros: one of the things that influenced my decision was all of the ‘bells and whistles’ on this desk — but i didn’t want *all* of the accessories. I chose to attach the the speaker holders, headphone hook, charging station, front drawer, surge protector drawer, and cup holder but left off the the monitor platform and media/controller storage accessories because (a) i don’t use controllers and most of my games are downloads, and (b) i run a setup with 2 24′ monitors and wanted extra surface area for that. I really liked the option to pick and choose which accessories work for me. It was easy to put together. The instructions were clear and had decent (if small) illustrations, and the only tool i needed was a screwdriver. I am *not* a naturally handy person, and the whole process took about 2 hours. Cons: the plastic surface for the charging station is pretty flimsy and ripped while i was attaching it. I also think the drawer would be more useful with a flat surface instead of just wire. You can’t really put any small objects in it because of that.

Winsome Wood Coffee Table – Perfect for my needs

My boyfriend and i got this for our apartment and it is perfect. Perfect size, very sturdy, and it looks great. Solid wood is a wonderful bonus. It was easy to put together, all you need is a screwdriver. I highly recommend this coffee table to anyone looking for a quality table for a great price.

Table isn’t high but it states the measurements. Two drawers are for paper or something small.

I like the way they look in the room – need to be careful, paint chips very easy.

  • Great Coffee Table!
  • Good looking table and sturdy
  • Good Little Table-But There Are Things You Need To Know!!!!

Easily assembled and sturdy. Matched my black leather furniture excellently. It was smaller than my current heavy glass top coffee table but, it made my small living room look less crowded, not to mention much easier to move when cleaning.

Said it needs two people to assemble. Completed by one 65 y o woman. Added corner guards to protect little ones. Liked the drawer stops to prevent kids from pulling them all the way out.

Features of Winsome Wood Black Coffee Table

  • Country-inspired coffee table offers rustic yet modern tailored style
  • Crafted of solid beechwood with rich black finish; brushed chrome door pulls
  • 2 storage drawers and open shelf; paneled sides and simple carved legs
  • Some assembly required; measures approximately 37-3/4-inch wide by 18-1/4-inch deep by 18-inch high
  • Matching hall and end tables available

Well packaged and easy to put together. Just follow the directions and have an extra pair of hands for a minute. Fits perfectly in mine living room and look great.

It looks and feels really nice and i like it a lot, would have liked it to be a little higher.

This is a great little coffee table, especially considering the price. The table looks great, has a nice black paint job. The two drawers slide in and out smoothly. The overall stance of the table is low and stout (check the measurements before purchasing — it’s not very tall so beware), the bottom shelf is stiff and can hold some weight. It’s exactly what i was looking for and i’m very glad that i made the purchase. I’ve seen complaints about both the paint and the process of putting it together in other reviews on amazon. The paint on the table i received was perfect, very nice actually. And i’m not quite sure how you would consider this difficult to put together unless you’ve never handled a screwdriver before in your life, that claim is completely laughable to me. The entire table is already assembled aside from the legs and the bottom shelf, it can’t possibly be any easier to assemble than it already is. Even then all it takes is eight bolts and a four cam lock screws.

Easy to assemble and it is the perfect size for what i needed. It is small so make sure you check the dimensions or you may be disappointed.

This table and the matching console and end table are wonderful. The quality is perfect for the price. I didn’t want anything expensive with having a baby who will be a toddler soon. I think they will survive just fine. With added bumpers for the corners, of course.

I bought this companion piece to the company’s end table, so the same comments applied to my review of that table. You’ll want to use a ratchet and extension, but assembly is easy. There is a slight imperfection on one drawer. I wanted a table with drawers and shelf, so this is just what i needed. It’s small, but so is our condo.

Very nice table and the two drawers are very handy. I put a oblong basket on bottom shelf to put magazines in. Was easy to put together all parts fit nicely.

Overall i am impressed however- directions were not 100% clear and my table top arrived cracked.

Mine had a couple of minor dings, but i don’t expect it to be a piece of family heirloom furniture, just something that looks decent to prop up my feet or put the remote control. Assembly was easy, if you follow the directions, but i suggest using a power screwdriver if you can, to speed up everything with installing the legs.

So perfect with my furniture. Easy to put together and impressed on the quality. Have the matching end tables too. Compare to the furniture stores very reasonably priced.

I like the way how the top of the table is ready to go for us, so when you open the package, you would think just 4 legs and the lower panel and its easy to do in 30 minutes or less. But, as i started putting together, i realized that, it would greatly help if there is step-by-step instructions along with the pictures. When i was doing it, i forgot to look carefully at the pictorial illustration, and screwed all the four legs without fitting the middle panel, and later i had to take two off and screw them again, in order to fit the middle panel. That is one thing you might want to look carefully while assembly. Overall, i am happy with the table and its good for the price. I should agree that the table is not too big, and if you have a large living room, you might want to check the dimensions.

I’m really happy with this table. Living in a city row-home means searching for items to work well in limited space. It seems the usual furniture retailers only carry massive coffee tables that don’t work in my 14’x20′ room. Even after some trial & error with a few ikea tables, i found this one to be just the perfect size. After reading all of the reviews on here, i was a little worried about this table’s quality – like, it showing up with missing paint and scratches, or made of cheap, flimsy material, but that wasn’t the case. Though there is a *very* tiny paint scuff on an edge of a leg, it’s very fixable with a small dab of black paint – i’m really critical & hate having to fix things that i’ve just bought, so i can’t stress enough how extremely minor this mark was. Also the table was heavier than i expected, and once assembled, is rather sturdy. Of course, time will tell how long this table will last, but with it just out of the box, i’m really rather pleased.

Looks great with my other pieces.

It was easy to assemble–you only have to attach the legs and the shelf–the top portion is all assembled already. If assembling by yourself, the shelf is a bit tricky. I attached 3 legs and left one very loose, then attached the shelf to the other 2 legs, then pushed on the third one. I just put it together, but it seems very sturdy. I put my printer on the bottom shelf with no sagging or fear of breakage, like some other reviews seemed to imply would be a problem. I kicked it a couple times and it didn’t budge. A lot of the negative reviews are because it is small. The dimensions are right in the product description.It’s perfect for my sectional; leaves enough room to walk around it and sit down.

I read the reviews where people kept saying ‘can assemble in 30 minutes’ so i ‘challenged’ my buddy to try and put it together in under 20. He assembled it in 13 minutes flat. And since i lost the bet, all it cost me was 12oz of budlight.

My son put this together for his ‘man cave’ of a living room.

The packaging on this item was very good; it was easy to open and easy to take out the pieces. I read a lot of the reviews on this before purchasing so i’m disappointed that it was not as easy to assemble as people claimed. I either have huge fingers or they have small fingers. I found it difficult to turn the bottom bolts (once the table is upside down). The bolts did not hand tighten even a little and it was hard to get good leverage because a wood piece was in the way on both sides. The upper bolts fastened easily enough with the tool or my wrench. I took one reviewer’s advice of leaving the legs loose to make it easier for securing the shelf. The legs are not labeled so use common sense when attaching to the top and look at the diagrams. It took me over an hour to assemble by myself, but only because of the problem with the bottom bolts. Ascetically i don’t like how silvery the handles are but otherwise it looks really good.

Safavieh Courtyard Collection CY6914-246 Anthracite and Beige Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug : Brown color w/ a green cast.

I wasn’t disappointed in the quality, although you would definitely have to have a mat underneath to keep it from slipping and you might have to hose it down and dry it so it would lay flat. The thing that threw me off was the color. The screen looks like a med. This rug looks brown with a cast of green to it. I purchased it for my bathroom which is a couple of different shades of brown/beige and a pale pink. I took it out on the front deck to lay it down on a light grey deck. The chairs are a dark brown and the door is cherry. It looked on the green side out their too. I don’t know if it will show up in the pics but i have included a couple. Disappointed but i’m returning this.

As an “indoor/outdoor” option, this feels more like an outdoor option. There is not a lot of padding and the texture is much like an outdoor patio rug that can be washed. I’m sure i can use this in some application of my home, but it won’t work for its intended purpose.

This rug is a perfect outdoor rug. The gray and beige makes it so neutral to match most anything. It took only a couple days for any wrinkles to fall out, mine was heavy due to the large 9×12 size. I personally feel this is just for outdoors due to the type of material. Maybe a mudroom/laundry room too.

Material is exactly what i wantes & needed. . Taking awhile for the creases to come out though, as it came rolled up. Vacuums up soooooo easily, dog does not pee on it. A must have if you own a dog that is peeing on your carpets & also doubles as outdoor decor if you wish (or later down the road if redecorate your home).

  • Perfect outdoor rug
  • Beautiful and Practical Runner!
  • Side by side comparison

Safavieh Courtyard Collection CY6914-246 Anthracite and Beige Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug (9′ x 12′)

  • The high-quality polypropylene pile fiber adds durability and longevity to these rugs
  • The power loomed construction adds durability to this rug, ensuring it will be a favorite for a long time
  • The modern style of this rug will give your room a contemporary accent
  • Pile Height: 0.25 inches
  • For over 100 years, Safavieh has been crafting rugs of the highest quality and unmatched style

Not only beautiful, but drys quickly and creates a safe surface for my kiddos to play without shoes on. Our deck needs updating, but it wasn’t in the budget this year.

I’m really pleased with this rug. It’s been exposed to the sun and two rains and still looks pristine. I plan to roll it up for the upcoming winter to preserve it, if the weather is going to be rough, which is rare for cali. I’m keeping out throughout fall as i’m sure it will be fine. Looks great with my new black wicker patio furniture, red throw pillows and red sun umbrella.

What a difference this simple colorful runner made under our bench, end table and more just outside our door, adjacent to the house and under the porte-cochere. Looks great, cleans up easily.

The color is very vibrant and it is a really nice, thick outdoor rug. It isn’t the plastic feeling outdoor material. I was surprised at the quality for this low of a price.

Love this rug at my front door. It makes a striking statement. I have had it for 1 1/2 months and it still looks great despite wind and rain.

I bought an 8 ft square rug for my deck about a month ago and i love it. It arrived rolled up within a couple of days. The rug has strands of royal blue and navy- looks good. My dog gets her dirty paws on it but it sweeps away. My round table and chairs fit on it perfectly.

Has a great neutral color and matches well in her house. The rug itself is very thin. Almost an outside rug mat feel to the material. She has had it since christmas and the corners are already starting to fray. Not exactly what i expected from the description and pictures so, 3 strars.

I like the rugs; however i am knocking off a star because there are a few imperfections in the looping(see pic). I can live with it so i don’t see the sense of sending them back especially when they were on sale. I ended up purchasing two small square rugs because i couldn’t find a length and width that suited my balcony space. These fit perfectly and look nice.

I use it just inside the front door to keep dirt from being tracked into the house.

The colors are perfect and the texture very nice. Laid out really well with few creases which i am sure will level out in time. The rug did have a few snags in a couple of places but nothing too severe.

I was going to use it in my bedroom but the navy color doesn’t fit my color scheme. It goes great out in my kitchen though. Durable material and cute design.

I have had this on my exposed back deck for over a month now and it has not had any issues.

I hava a concrete covered porch and our dogs would always make it muddy and dirty. I always had a time trying to keep it clean. But with this rug, it gave our porch style, looks very inviting, and you can’t see any dirty paw tracks.

I ordered it to use in my kitchen, beneath my kitchen table. Because of that, i like that it feels like an indoor/outdoor rug – not too thick, with a flat pile. My only problem is that it was damaged when i opened it. It has a 5-inch ‘slit’ near one edge. It looks as though it has either been cut with a blade or it was rolled too tightly and some of the fibers pulled apart. Regardless, i am keeping the rug because the damage is very difficult to notice once the rug is on the floor (and i don’t feel like dealing with a return of this nature). The rug rolled out well and is currently on my kitchen floor. Unlike the issues some of the other reviewers had, it is perfectly flat after 12-hours. I expected to use a rug pad, so it was no surprise that i needed one.

I bought two of the 8′ round in navy for my enclosed patio; i love the color. It is more a denim navy and matches all tones of blue very well. (the pics show them not quite flattened out yet but i literally laid them down and took a photo so give it time).

First one shipped was damaged. We have 2 dogs and their nails easily scratched and pulled fibers in the rug.

I have 2 active pre-teens, a large furry dog and a very busy calendar. We’ve been looking for a rug that could work in our lifestyle and we’ve struck gold. I have been worried to have any rugs with lighter colors due to the dirt my family and pup tracks into the house but this outdoor rug is a dream. Vacuums easily and even after 2 weeks of heavy oregon-rain-wear it still looks brand new. I will be buying more to go in my home.

This is the second time i buy safavieh outdoors rugs. It just take a quick rinse with the water hose and it looks new again.

Flash Furniture Mobile Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Chair in Fabric, Great for aligning the back

I have wanted a kneeler chair since i first became aware of them in the1980s but was always put off by the price. This one seemed to offer affordable value. I was concerned about the assembly based on some of the reviews i read. It went together easier than i expected, perhaps because i was forewarned. The directions weren’t great, but my husband helped me and he never reads directions anyway. Between my insistence that we use the guide and lay out all of the parts according to the diagram and his knack for figuring things out, we put it together in about a half an hour. The chair is not as comfortable as the original swedish design, but it offers a nice change and back relief from my standard desk chair, plusi feel like i am more alert in this position as well. I am 5”7′ and it works well for me, but i was surprised that my 6’4′ son likes it and has appropriated it for his own use while he is home on break.

Great idea for keeping my back straight when i sit. It did hurt my knee the first day because i kept them in an incorrect position. Once you get to the correct posture this is a great chair and your knees will not hurt one bit. The best part about this chair is that i can easily stretch my legs after a few minutes and even get up and walk about easily. Since there is no back support it kind of becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, in that i want to walk about every half hour because i feel i am doing something for my healthy back and walking should be part of it. Now i keep thinking ‘why didn’t i get this before?’**update mar 8, 2018 **wood tore off and rendered it useless. Wish it had lasted more than 18 months. Taking away 2 stars due to poor durability.

I’m on my second herniated disc and can’t sit in a normal chair (i can only kneel, stand or lay flat). This chair is a huge blessing. I almost didn’t get it based on some of the 1-star comments though. So, instead of citing all of the positive points that have already been made, i wanted to use my review to give a rebuttal to some of the most common of 1-star complaints:1) rough fabricresponse: this is ridiculous to me. The fabric on this chair is exactly the same as any other fabric you would see on a fabric office chair. If you absolutely can’t stand the fabric, why not throw a silk pillow case on top of it?2) results in sore bottom or more back problems & 3) it leans too much, feels awkward to sit on, etc. Responses: i think the people with these issues aren’t using the chair correctly. This isn’t meant to be used like a regular chair, it’s a kneeling chair. That means that the bulk of your weight should be held up by the knee cushion. The butt/bottom cushion is only to meant to tilt your hips to an ergonomic position.

Key specs for Flash Furniture Mobile Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Chair in Black Fabric:

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Black Fabric Upholstery
  • Padded Seat and Knee Rest
  • Knee Rest Pad: 17.75”W x 9.75”D x 2.75” Thick
  • Height Adjustment Frame
  • Natural Wood Frame Finish
  • Dual Wheel Casters
  • CA117 Fire Retardant Foam
  • Made In Taiwan
  • TAA Compliant

Comments from buyers

“Love, Love, LOVE This Chair for Computer Work–BUT a Caveat Update at End of Review, What they don’t tell you, Not Sure if I’m Keeping It–Some Food for Thought”

This chair’s best characteristics are its solid oak frame and sturdy construction. Most furniture isn’t made of real wood anymore, so that is one thing which differentiates this kneeling chair from most of the others on amazon. Additionally, the casters and other hardware seem like they would hold up to years of regular use. These facts saved it from 2-star purgatory. My biggest problem with this chair is that it did not seem to alleviate my back pain in the slightest. In fact, i felt worse after sitting on it no matter how i positioned myself. Perhaps there is an adjustment period that i was too impatient/sore to labor through, but i think it is more related to my size (6’2′ 190lbs). I also found that the chair elevated me too much at my desk, so i had to hunch in order to comfortably reach my keyboard. The chair adjusts and folds down easily, but there are a limited number of pre-set positions (3, realistically) and even when folded down the chair has at least 8′ to 10′ of vertical height off the floor. My plans to occasionally store the chair under my bed were foiled.

Update:when i received no response from the seller via amazon, i googled the company name ‘flash furniture’ and contacted them via their website. They were quick to respond and sent me replacement parts immediately. I am now using the chair again and enjoying it. I can’t give it more than 3 stars because of the difficulty i had reaching the seller via amazon. However, i do believe that the part i received initially was defective (knot in the wood at the base) and now that it’s been replaced, i anticipate the chair working fine. **********************previous review:put this together about 10 days after i received it. Was easy to put together, loved the looks and the feel of the chair. However, after using the chair for less than 2 weeks, one day the bottom slat of the chair cracked, i fell backwards hitting the back of my head on the filing cabinet. Nothing major, just a surprise.(btw i’m 5’5′, 140 lbs so within recommended weight limits).

Sturdy construction, comfortable chair. Only downside is that with the way it adjusts, it’s hard to get it exactly the right height while still keeping the angles the way i want them. It almost feels like it should be able to adjust in two directions. Not sure how other similar chairs adjust, but it’s something to consider. It’s still working well for me overall though, much better than a normal sit-down chair. I’m able to work at my desk for hours on end without getting a sore back, so i consider it a success. Edit: after using this chair for 2 months, my cat insisted i include his perspective:’i hate this chair. When my human sits in it, she has no lap. This forces me to extend my claws so i don’t slip when i jump up for a cuddle, and that makes her yelp and swat me off. Not only that, but she stays in it for way longer than she ever stayed in her old chair.

I almost gave it only 3 stars. But, i decided that because it did the job i had hoped it would, i would give it 4 stars. I would have given it 5 stars, except that after a couple of weeks, the foam padding on the kneeling board is showing signs of breaking down. It will not last much longer. I’ll have to figure out a way to replace the padding with a good memory foam. Then, it’ll be a good kneeling chair. With that said, i love the chair, or what ever you want to call it. I’ve had it for about 3 weeks now. My lower back, leg and foot problems are dissipating nicely. I was worried that i might be turning diabetic.

 first, i think it is important to inform you all that the black and the grey versions of the chair have different ways to adjust the chair. The black chair, has a bolt that you twist either left or right, while the grey has notches as seen it the picture. Anyway, i originally decided to purchase the chair when it was recommended to me by my guitar instructor, because i experience lower back pain when sitting. My back pain is now much less and i am able to sit for long periods at a time at my workstation, or when playing my guitar. It was very easy to assemble, the instructions are all on one easy to understand page. The finish is pretty nice, but there a a couple rough spots on the chair i received. The cushions are nice and firm, and the ergonomics makes the chair very comfortable. You can adjust the black chair by turning the adjuster bolt left or right. One issue i have with the chair, is that it sits a little higher than what i’m used to. And since i’m a tall guy i tend to slouch a little when using my laptop.

This is a really good chair for the price. I am not handy, but was able to put it together on my own in about 10 minutes, which was nice. I chose to not put the wheels on because the package did not include one of the tools that was supposed to come with it, but ultimately worked out for the best because i think the extra height wouldn’t have worked for me. The downside is that the foam in the cushions is not a good quality. And when i sit it squishes down to the wood on both my butt and shins, which can be uncomfortable. Usually every hour i swap the extra cushion i brought from home from the shin pad to the seat pad. Overall, it’s a great chair. Because of the foam though, i have started to spend about four hours in this chair and four hours in my traditional office chair. I would definitely purchase. The downsides don’t outweigh the positives.

I’ve had a kneeling chair for many years, but it was metal and falling apart. I’d looked for a replacement for it, but all the choices were ridiculously expensive. Fortunately in the case of this chair, low price does not equal low quality. It is well made, simple to put together, and it looks good. Another reason i like it is that it does not take up much space – it simply rolls under my desk. I suspect this will last me the rest of my life.

Grey and black are not the samethere is more than a color difference between the grey and the black version of this chair. I have the black version which has fully adjustable height. The grey version has only three height positions. ) i will upload a link to show the adjustment in the black version. Very comfortable on legs and back. The seat could use more cushion. I find it hard on my butt to sit in it for more than two hours because of the seat. I really wish there was an ‘upgrade’ available for the seat cushion like i have upgraded the set on my bicycle.

I was looking for a non-office appearing chair for a counter desk in my kitchen. A kitchen chair was uncomfortable after awhile. A standard office chair seemed excessive for the area. I came across this style and purchased it. I assembled this chair in about 10 minutes. All the screw holes were pre-drilled and the instructions were easy to follow. The wood is solid and has a finish on it. However, the piece of wood supporting the seat is not finished, nor is it visible, for some reason. I like that the seat is adjustable.

The cushions are 2 1/2′ thick and are filled with a stiff pad that is perfect for a kneeling chair. The wood frame is 1 1/2′ oak that is finished very well. The frame ‘legs’ are 1 3/4′ rounded oak and come attached to the frame. The casters are plastic with a bolt end that you screw into metal inserts in the legs. The center brace, that goes from the bottom knee support frame to the top seat frame, is actually the height adjustment mechanism which is made out of thick metal and is covered with a 2 piece hollowed out oak dowel. It’s basically a very large bolt with a threaded cap on both ends. One cap is attached to the top frame and the other is attached to the bottom frame. If you want the chair higher, turn the metal ring (which is the center of the bolt) counter clockwise. As you make the seat higher, the frame pivots at at the center point. Which means not only will the seat get higher, but it will also draw the cushions closer together and at a greater pitch.

Update: 4 years laterwow, have i really had this for 4 years?. I have used this chair everyday for 8 hours a day. We recently moved into a new house and i’m setting up a home office. And so i need to buy a 4th chair. All i can say is that this chair has held up great – better than some of the other traditional chairs we paid much more for. I no longer even think about it being different, i’m just used to it. The casters still work great, and i roll between my computer and my hardware desks often. I’ve included a picture of my chair in it’s current state. Great chairoriginal: i’m 5’10’ and 185. Our previous office chairs not only left my back sore, but were also causing little boils on my butt.

Use at my computer 99% of time. May take some people some getting use to. Had couple other try it and they were sure if they would or could use it all the time. I ride a bike a lot so my legs are more limber than my two friends so i have no problem as far as my legs curling back. I forces me to keep my back straight. I do think some people may not get use to it if they are to stiff to be able to bend legs and sit straight up but on other hand some might get use to doing that. Had comments of what is that. . I like it and use everyday.

I have several of these, the first of which i ordered in 2011, and i just bought a couple for my son’s girlfriend, who tried them at my house and loved them. I didn’t put the wheels on mine, just a strip of stick-on felt, and they slide fine on both my linoleum and my hardwood floors without damaging them. Since i’m very short, i love that they are adjustable, and that it is so easy to raise and lower them. My very tall sons like them, too. I have only gotten the gray ones; i think the black ones look a little different and perhaps are harder to put together. The seat and knee pads on the gray ones are pretty thick and durable–i’ve never had the upholstery fray, and the padding hasn’t worn down the way some cheaper back chairs that i bought previously have. The fabric has not stained either. You do have to re-tighten the screws every so often as they work their way out. I don’t know if they’d be good for sitting all day. I usually pop up and down a lot during the day and do not work at a desk, but over the years i have sat for hours on them several days of the week at times. I have mine at my kitchen table. When i have a lot of people over, many want to use the back chair rather than a regular chair, so i’ll probably order more for my own table soon. Caution: they cannot scoot in around a table leg very easily. I have a pedestal table, and still need to avoid placing these chairs where the feet of the pedestal flair out.

I’m impressed by the overall quality of this kneeling chair, which tells me taiwan has high production values. The packing was neat with each part separately wrapped, nothing missing. The wooden supports were already attached, so the only customer assembly needed was inserting eight screws to secure the seat and knee pads. Adjustment is a simple matter of moving the seat up and down via the dowel and pegs. I’m 5ft 1in with short legs and am comfortable at the two bottom levels, but even the top rung could be a tight fit for 6-ft people. I have a slippery carpet protector and a low desk so am not using the casters. I guessed correctly that the design would not put pressure on my knees, but it did make my shins hurt at first because i’m old. I put an extra foam cushion on the knee pad and am training my shins to get used to it and not hinder circulation. Meanwhile i can vary my position by using the chair as a stool with my legs stretched out. My reason for trying this kneeling chair is to vary the position of my knees and hips, which were feeling stressed from sitting in a regular chair, even with an orthopedic cushion.

I like the look and sturdiness of this chair. What i do not like is the lack of thick cushioning. This is a chair that should probably only be used for short periods of time. I cannot see anyone not having discomfort in their knees and behind if they’re on it for too long. Also, it’s important to note that as you raise the seat, the whole angle of the chair changes, so by changing the height to suit your needs, you may also be changing the angle to one that is uncomfortable for you. If your body happens to fit one of the three pre-sets, you’ll be fine. Otherwise, prepare to be a bit uncomfortable.

I bought this to provide a place to sit next to my convalescing wife and to watch tv with her. This chair is well made and i love the fact that it is adjustable. It was pretty easy to put together and looks fine. However, i am overweight and short (5’4′) and have found that this combination is not great for using this chair. Even with the adjustable angle, i always feel like the chair is a bit of a stretch, not much, but still noticeable. What really hurts, though, is that neither the padding on the seat nor on the knee pad is cushioned enough for my liking. My knees and my butt both hurt after about 20 minutes on the chair. So, bottom line: well-made, nice looking, adjustable but not properly proportioned for short people and not enough padding for the amount of pressure i put on the seat and the knees.

This was simple enough to set-up and is relatively comfortable for a kneeling chair. It definitely has helped my posture and alignment, as my chiropractor noticed a difference within just a week of using it. Sitting for long periods of time can sometimes cause my legs to tingle, so it’s best to get up and walk around every hour or so. I’m 5’4′ and even with the adjusting mechanism, it’s still a far distance for my knees to hit the cushion while sitting comfortably so i utilize a pillow to add height and cushion at the knee. Overall, it’s a good item for the price point and for the back alignment benefits.

It took me about 15 minutes to assemble this chair. The instructions are very easy to follow and all tools are included to put the chair together. I purchased this chair for fly tying. I had been using a standard kitchen style chair and after about an hour, both my upper and lower back would hurt. I have only used this chair for about one continuous hour so far, but my back felt great at the end of that session. There is a very simple adjustment for height. The seat and knee cushions are adequate and the material feels very durable. My wife has also used the chair for various projects and was totally amazed at how well her back feels after words. I have a similar style stool for work, which i totally love, which is what made me decide to try this chair.

I purchased this chair seven months ago, and have used it daily since. Pros- very easy to assemble, to sit on, and to adjust. – has made significant improvement in my hip pain and given me back some mobility i’d lost. – much more natural posture for typing and sitting long periods. – solid wood frame, well-constructed–no issues at all with parts of the chair breaking. Chair arrived in mint condition. Cons- seven months in, foam is losing its density. – fabric takes stains very easily. – screws securing the seat will loosen (this happens with any piece of furniture, i know.

I’m a freelance writer and spend a lot of time on my laptop. I wanted to find a chair for ‘active sitting’ so i could take some pressure off my lower back. I don’t have back problems, but i periodically spend so much time sitting that i’d get uncomfortable after the first 4 hours or so of a long editing project. I really like sitting/working on an exercise ball (seriously), but hubby over-ruled that idea for my kitchen workstation, simply because it was not quite politically correct and clashed with the furnishings : ) plus, the cat likes to punch and chase the giant ball. This kneeling chair ended up being the perfect answer for me. I had been using a very nice, expensive office secretarial chair, but always found myself sitting on the front edge of it, with my feet wrapped around its leg stand so i could keep my posture comfortably erect. When i saw photos of the kneeling chairs, i knew this was my answer. The only question was whether to go with wood or metal, rolling or not, which type of adjustment, etc. I’m an admittedly obsessive ‘pre-reader’ of amazon reviews before making any purchase (this is getting to be a real problem at the grocery store, btw), so i spent my obligatory hour or two of research before going with this model and i’m glad i did; it’s the perfect fit for me. I like being able to sit upright and the knee support makes this very easy. I can even fold my legs under and behind me, which, for whatever reason, i find incredibly comfortable and relaxing. Looks great with our kitchen furniture (oak table, rolling grey chromecraft chairs with oak). Although this is a slightly lighter shade of wood, it blends well. Metal would have been a mistake for this reason. Seat and kneepad is comfortably cushiony.

I’ve been out of my retail job and into a desk job for six months now. 9 hours slouched low rider in a desk chair at work, to come home and do the same thing for another 2-5 hours just wasn’t working any more. I bough this chair and one of the yoga ball chairs as well (that one should come in tonight). This took about a half hour to build, probably would have gone quicker had i known out the gate that when threading the the rod through the seat brace and extender it needed to go through the wood and the metal (twist it until you line up both sets of wholes. An hour into using it and i like. It’s almost impossible to slouch. (though now i’m going to need a monitor riser. ) the fabric is a little rough on bare legs. It’s easy to get in and out of and it adjusts pretty easy. I’m currently situated on carpet so the casters only make tucking it under the desk a bit easier.