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Daily Archives: July 3, 2018

Flash Furniture Mobile Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Chair in Fabric, Great for aligning the back

I have wanted a kneeler chair since i first became aware of them in the1980s but was always put off by the price. This one seemed to offer affordable value. I was concerned about the assembly based on some of the reviews i read. It went together easier than i expected, perhaps because i was forewarned. The directions weren’t great, but my husband helped me and he never reads directions anyway. Between my insistence that we use the guide and lay out all of the parts according to the diagram and his knack for figuring things out, we put it together in about a half an hour. The chair is not as comfortable as the original swedish design, but it offers a nice change and back relief from my standard desk chair, plusi feel like i am more alert in this position as well. I am 5”7′ and it works well for me, but i was surprised that my 6’4′ son likes it and has appropriated it for his own use while he is home on break.

Great idea for keeping my back straight when i sit. It did hurt my knee the first day because i kept them in an incorrect position. Once you get to the correct posture this is a great chair and your knees will not hurt one bit. The best part about this chair is that i can easily stretch my legs after a few minutes and even get up and walk about easily. Since there is no back support it kind of becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, in that i want to walk about every half hour because i feel i am doing something for my healthy back and walking should be part of it. Now i keep thinking ‘why didn’t i get this before?’**update mar 8, 2018 **wood tore off and rendered it useless. Wish it had lasted more than 18 months. Taking away 2 stars due to poor durability.

I’m on my second herniated disc and can’t sit in a normal chair (i can only kneel, stand or lay flat). This chair is a huge blessing. I almost didn’t get it based on some of the 1-star comments though. So, instead of citing all of the positive points that have already been made, i wanted to use my review to give a rebuttal to some of the most common of 1-star complaints:1) rough fabricresponse: this is ridiculous to me. The fabric on this chair is exactly the same as any other fabric you would see on a fabric office chair. If you absolutely can’t stand the fabric, why not throw a silk pillow case on top of it?2) results in sore bottom or more back problems & 3) it leans too much, feels awkward to sit on, etc. Responses: i think the people with these issues aren’t using the chair correctly. This isn’t meant to be used like a regular chair, it’s a kneeling chair. That means that the bulk of your weight should be held up by the knee cushion. The butt/bottom cushion is only to meant to tilt your hips to an ergonomic position.

Key specs for Flash Furniture Mobile Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Chair in Black Fabric:

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Black Fabric Upholstery
  • Padded Seat and Knee Rest
  • Knee Rest Pad: 17.75”W x 9.75”D x 2.75” Thick
  • Height Adjustment Frame
  • Natural Wood Frame Finish
  • Dual Wheel Casters
  • CA117 Fire Retardant Foam
  • Made In Taiwan
  • TAA Compliant

Comments from buyers

“Love, Love, LOVE This Chair for Computer Work–BUT a Caveat Update at End of Review, What they don’t tell you, Not Sure if I’m Keeping It–Some Food for Thought”

This chair’s best characteristics are its solid oak frame and sturdy construction. Most furniture isn’t made of real wood anymore, so that is one thing which differentiates this kneeling chair from most of the others on amazon. Additionally, the casters and other hardware seem like they would hold up to years of regular use. These facts saved it from 2-star purgatory. My biggest problem with this chair is that it did not seem to alleviate my back pain in the slightest. In fact, i felt worse after sitting on it no matter how i positioned myself. Perhaps there is an adjustment period that i was too impatient/sore to labor through, but i think it is more related to my size (6’2′ 190lbs). I also found that the chair elevated me too much at my desk, so i had to hunch in order to comfortably reach my keyboard. The chair adjusts and folds down easily, but there are a limited number of pre-set positions (3, realistically) and even when folded down the chair has at least 8′ to 10′ of vertical height off the floor. My plans to occasionally store the chair under my bed were foiled.

Update:when i received no response from the seller via amazon, i googled the company name ‘flash furniture’ and contacted them via their website. They were quick to respond and sent me replacement parts immediately. I am now using the chair again and enjoying it. I can’t give it more than 3 stars because of the difficulty i had reaching the seller via amazon. However, i do believe that the part i received initially was defective (knot in the wood at the base) and now that it’s been replaced, i anticipate the chair working fine. **********************previous review:put this together about 10 days after i received it. Was easy to put together, loved the looks and the feel of the chair. However, after using the chair for less than 2 weeks, one day the bottom slat of the chair cracked, i fell backwards hitting the back of my head on the filing cabinet. Nothing major, just a surprise.(btw i’m 5’5′, 140 lbs so within recommended weight limits).

Sturdy construction, comfortable chair. Only downside is that with the way it adjusts, it’s hard to get it exactly the right height while still keeping the angles the way i want them. It almost feels like it should be able to adjust in two directions. Not sure how other similar chairs adjust, but it’s something to consider. It’s still working well for me overall though, much better than a normal sit-down chair. I’m able to work at my desk for hours on end without getting a sore back, so i consider it a success. Edit: after using this chair for 2 months, my cat insisted i include his perspective:’i hate this chair. When my human sits in it, she has no lap. This forces me to extend my claws so i don’t slip when i jump up for a cuddle, and that makes her yelp and swat me off. Not only that, but she stays in it for way longer than she ever stayed in her old chair.

I almost gave it only 3 stars. But, i decided that because it did the job i had hoped it would, i would give it 4 stars. I would have given it 5 stars, except that after a couple of weeks, the foam padding on the kneeling board is showing signs of breaking down. It will not last much longer. I’ll have to figure out a way to replace the padding with a good memory foam. Then, it’ll be a good kneeling chair. With that said, i love the chair, or what ever you want to call it. I’ve had it for about 3 weeks now. My lower back, leg and foot problems are dissipating nicely. I was worried that i might be turning diabetic.

 first, i think it is important to inform you all that the black and the grey versions of the chair have different ways to adjust the chair. The black chair, has a bolt that you twist either left or right, while the grey has notches as seen it the picture. Anyway, i originally decided to purchase the chair when it was recommended to me by my guitar instructor, because i experience lower back pain when sitting. My back pain is now much less and i am able to sit for long periods at a time at my workstation, or when playing my guitar. It was very easy to assemble, the instructions are all on one easy to understand page. The finish is pretty nice, but there a a couple rough spots on the chair i received. The cushions are nice and firm, and the ergonomics makes the chair very comfortable. You can adjust the black chair by turning the adjuster bolt left or right. One issue i have with the chair, is that it sits a little higher than what i’m used to. And since i’m a tall guy i tend to slouch a little when using my laptop.

This is a really good chair for the price. I am not handy, but was able to put it together on my own in about 10 minutes, which was nice. I chose to not put the wheels on because the package did not include one of the tools that was supposed to come with it, but ultimately worked out for the best because i think the extra height wouldn’t have worked for me. The downside is that the foam in the cushions is not a good quality. And when i sit it squishes down to the wood on both my butt and shins, which can be uncomfortable. Usually every hour i swap the extra cushion i brought from home from the shin pad to the seat pad. Overall, it’s a great chair. Because of the foam though, i have started to spend about four hours in this chair and four hours in my traditional office chair. I would definitely purchase. The downsides don’t outweigh the positives.

I’ve had a kneeling chair for many years, but it was metal and falling apart. I’d looked for a replacement for it, but all the choices were ridiculously expensive. Fortunately in the case of this chair, low price does not equal low quality. It is well made, simple to put together, and it looks good. Another reason i like it is that it does not take up much space – it simply rolls under my desk. I suspect this will last me the rest of my life.

Grey and black are not the samethere is more than a color difference between the grey and the black version of this chair. I have the black version which has fully adjustable height. The grey version has only three height positions. ) i will upload a link to show the adjustment in the black version. Very comfortable on legs and back. The seat could use more cushion. I find it hard on my butt to sit in it for more than two hours because of the seat. I really wish there was an ‘upgrade’ available for the seat cushion like i have upgraded the set on my bicycle.

I was looking for a non-office appearing chair for a counter desk in my kitchen. A kitchen chair was uncomfortable after awhile. A standard office chair seemed excessive for the area. I came across this style and purchased it. I assembled this chair in about 10 minutes. All the screw holes were pre-drilled and the instructions were easy to follow. The wood is solid and has a finish on it. However, the piece of wood supporting the seat is not finished, nor is it visible, for some reason. I like that the seat is adjustable.

The cushions are 2 1/2′ thick and are filled with a stiff pad that is perfect for a kneeling chair. The wood frame is 1 1/2′ oak that is finished very well. The frame ‘legs’ are 1 3/4′ rounded oak and come attached to the frame. The casters are plastic with a bolt end that you screw into metal inserts in the legs. The center brace, that goes from the bottom knee support frame to the top seat frame, is actually the height adjustment mechanism which is made out of thick metal and is covered with a 2 piece hollowed out oak dowel. It’s basically a very large bolt with a threaded cap on both ends. One cap is attached to the top frame and the other is attached to the bottom frame. If you want the chair higher, turn the metal ring (which is the center of the bolt) counter clockwise. As you make the seat higher, the frame pivots at at the center point. Which means not only will the seat get higher, but it will also draw the cushions closer together and at a greater pitch.

Update: 4 years laterwow, have i really had this for 4 years?. I have used this chair everyday for 8 hours a day. We recently moved into a new house and i’m setting up a home office. And so i need to buy a 4th chair. All i can say is that this chair has held up great – better than some of the other traditional chairs we paid much more for. I no longer even think about it being different, i’m just used to it. The casters still work great, and i roll between my computer and my hardware desks often. I’ve included a picture of my chair in it’s current state. Great chairoriginal: i’m 5’10’ and 185. Our previous office chairs not only left my back sore, but were also causing little boils on my butt.

Use at my computer 99% of time. May take some people some getting use to. Had couple other try it and they were sure if they would or could use it all the time. I ride a bike a lot so my legs are more limber than my two friends so i have no problem as far as my legs curling back. I forces me to keep my back straight. I do think some people may not get use to it if they are to stiff to be able to bend legs and sit straight up but on other hand some might get use to doing that. Had comments of what is that. . I like it and use everyday.

I have several of these, the first of which i ordered in 2011, and i just bought a couple for my son’s girlfriend, who tried them at my house and loved them. I didn’t put the wheels on mine, just a strip of stick-on felt, and they slide fine on both my linoleum and my hardwood floors without damaging them. Since i’m very short, i love that they are adjustable, and that it is so easy to raise and lower them. My very tall sons like them, too. I have only gotten the gray ones; i think the black ones look a little different and perhaps are harder to put together. The seat and knee pads on the gray ones are pretty thick and durable–i’ve never had the upholstery fray, and the padding hasn’t worn down the way some cheaper back chairs that i bought previously have. The fabric has not stained either. You do have to re-tighten the screws every so often as they work their way out. I don’t know if they’d be good for sitting all day. I usually pop up and down a lot during the day and do not work at a desk, but over the years i have sat for hours on them several days of the week at times. I have mine at my kitchen table. When i have a lot of people over, many want to use the back chair rather than a regular chair, so i’ll probably order more for my own table soon. Caution: they cannot scoot in around a table leg very easily. I have a pedestal table, and still need to avoid placing these chairs where the feet of the pedestal flair out.

I’m impressed by the overall quality of this kneeling chair, which tells me taiwan has high production values. The packing was neat with each part separately wrapped, nothing missing. The wooden supports were already attached, so the only customer assembly needed was inserting eight screws to secure the seat and knee pads. Adjustment is a simple matter of moving the seat up and down via the dowel and pegs. I’m 5ft 1in with short legs and am comfortable at the two bottom levels, but even the top rung could be a tight fit for 6-ft people. I have a slippery carpet protector and a low desk so am not using the casters. I guessed correctly that the design would not put pressure on my knees, but it did make my shins hurt at first because i’m old. I put an extra foam cushion on the knee pad and am training my shins to get used to it and not hinder circulation. Meanwhile i can vary my position by using the chair as a stool with my legs stretched out. My reason for trying this kneeling chair is to vary the position of my knees and hips, which were feeling stressed from sitting in a regular chair, even with an orthopedic cushion.

I like the look and sturdiness of this chair. What i do not like is the lack of thick cushioning. This is a chair that should probably only be used for short periods of time. I cannot see anyone not having discomfort in their knees and behind if they’re on it for too long. Also, it’s important to note that as you raise the seat, the whole angle of the chair changes, so by changing the height to suit your needs, you may also be changing the angle to one that is uncomfortable for you. If your body happens to fit one of the three pre-sets, you’ll be fine. Otherwise, prepare to be a bit uncomfortable.

I bought this to provide a place to sit next to my convalescing wife and to watch tv with her. This chair is well made and i love the fact that it is adjustable. It was pretty easy to put together and looks fine. However, i am overweight and short (5’4′) and have found that this combination is not great for using this chair. Even with the adjustable angle, i always feel like the chair is a bit of a stretch, not much, but still noticeable. What really hurts, though, is that neither the padding on the seat nor on the knee pad is cushioned enough for my liking. My knees and my butt both hurt after about 20 minutes on the chair. So, bottom line: well-made, nice looking, adjustable but not properly proportioned for short people and not enough padding for the amount of pressure i put on the seat and the knees.

This was simple enough to set-up and is relatively comfortable for a kneeling chair. It definitely has helped my posture and alignment, as my chiropractor noticed a difference within just a week of using it. Sitting for long periods of time can sometimes cause my legs to tingle, so it’s best to get up and walk around every hour or so. I’m 5’4′ and even with the adjusting mechanism, it’s still a far distance for my knees to hit the cushion while sitting comfortably so i utilize a pillow to add height and cushion at the knee. Overall, it’s a good item for the price point and for the back alignment benefits.

It took me about 15 minutes to assemble this chair. The instructions are very easy to follow and all tools are included to put the chair together. I purchased this chair for fly tying. I had been using a standard kitchen style chair and after about an hour, both my upper and lower back would hurt. I have only used this chair for about one continuous hour so far, but my back felt great at the end of that session. There is a very simple adjustment for height. The seat and knee cushions are adequate and the material feels very durable. My wife has also used the chair for various projects and was totally amazed at how well her back feels after words. I have a similar style stool for work, which i totally love, which is what made me decide to try this chair.

I purchased this chair seven months ago, and have used it daily since. Pros- very easy to assemble, to sit on, and to adjust. – has made significant improvement in my hip pain and given me back some mobility i’d lost. – much more natural posture for typing and sitting long periods. – solid wood frame, well-constructed–no issues at all with parts of the chair breaking. Chair arrived in mint condition. Cons- seven months in, foam is losing its density. – fabric takes stains very easily. – screws securing the seat will loosen (this happens with any piece of furniture, i know.

I’m a freelance writer and spend a lot of time on my laptop. I wanted to find a chair for ‘active sitting’ so i could take some pressure off my lower back. I don’t have back problems, but i periodically spend so much time sitting that i’d get uncomfortable after the first 4 hours or so of a long editing project. I really like sitting/working on an exercise ball (seriously), but hubby over-ruled that idea for my kitchen workstation, simply because it was not quite politically correct and clashed with the furnishings : ) plus, the cat likes to punch and chase the giant ball. This kneeling chair ended up being the perfect answer for me. I had been using a very nice, expensive office secretarial chair, but always found myself sitting on the front edge of it, with my feet wrapped around its leg stand so i could keep my posture comfortably erect. When i saw photos of the kneeling chairs, i knew this was my answer. The only question was whether to go with wood or metal, rolling or not, which type of adjustment, etc. I’m an admittedly obsessive ‘pre-reader’ of amazon reviews before making any purchase (this is getting to be a real problem at the grocery store, btw), so i spent my obligatory hour or two of research before going with this model and i’m glad i did; it’s the perfect fit for me. I like being able to sit upright and the knee support makes this very easy. I can even fold my legs under and behind me, which, for whatever reason, i find incredibly comfortable and relaxing. Looks great with our kitchen furniture (oak table, rolling grey chromecraft chairs with oak). Although this is a slightly lighter shade of wood, it blends well. Metal would have been a mistake for this reason. Seat and kneepad is comfortably cushiony.

I’ve been out of my retail job and into a desk job for six months now. 9 hours slouched low rider in a desk chair at work, to come home and do the same thing for another 2-5 hours just wasn’t working any more. I bough this chair and one of the yoga ball chairs as well (that one should come in tonight). This took about a half hour to build, probably would have gone quicker had i known out the gate that when threading the the rod through the seat brace and extender it needed to go through the wood and the metal (twist it until you line up both sets of wholes. An hour into using it and i like. It’s almost impossible to slouch. (though now i’m going to need a monitor riser. ) the fabric is a little rough on bare legs. It’s easy to get in and out of and it adjusts pretty easy. I’m currently situated on carpet so the casters only make tucking it under the desk a bit easier.