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Daily Archives: July 6, 2018

Atlantic Gaming Desk – Gaming Computer Desk, Good for a short-term workstation

Atlantic gaming desk – not machine specific i bought this desk for myself for christmas primarily for pc gaming. It has plenty of space for my keyboard and mouse and perfectly fits my xbox one underneath the monitor shelf as seen in the picture. Speaking of the monitor shelf, i was surprised it fit my 32 inch vizio without any problems considering it says it supports up to 27 inches maximum. The finish on the top is a very nice smooth but stylish carbon black that nicely accents my peripherals. The charging station works very nicely with a tablet, and is extremely handy for viewing computer stats and temperatures with the logitech arx app. The media rack is also very sturdy and has no problems fitting 2 (or 3 with the optional third rack) xbox one controllers. Another good mention would be the cable management slits along the back which are very useful for running wired mice and keyboards through to keep the whole desk clean and clutter free. The surge protector rack is very useful, however it is very loose and mounted kind of awkwardly. Similarly the front drawer is a nice touch for storing tv remotes or batteries in the included plastic holder, but it also falls victim to being loose and can be completely pulled off the rails if you bring it out too far. My two biggest issues so far are probably the assembly of the desk, and some small air pockets along the front that showed up after about a week.

A little smaller than i visualized, but decent enough. I’d like a larger monitor stand for my 30′ monitor, because the monitor’s stand doesn’t entirely fit on the desk’s stand. The carbon fiber look to the top is pretty nice, with just a little bit of traction to keep things feeling anchored without actually interfering with moving anything around. It also looks pretty snazzy. Headphone hangar is a nice thing to have, and the cupholder is something i don’t know how i lived without. The ‘media’ holders are a little less great. They sag slightly even when empty, no matter how tight you screw them in, and who needs quick access to cds these days anyway?. I’d rather have a little boxlike holder for random small objects instead. Another thing i’d like is speaker mounts, so you can solidly mount your speakers instead of having them just sitting on the desk, taking up room. But these quibbles are only mentionable because the desk as a whole is great.

Overall excellent quality, especially for the price of the desk. There are tons of pros and a handful of cons, but the pros really do outweigh the cons. Pros-sturdyvery clean, sleek, black finishvariety of helpful add-ons such as the media holder, cup holder, speaker stands, etc. Tons of leg roomwire managementthe only real con to this desk is the assembly. It is very, very difficult and tedious. The instructions say to not use any power tools, which is difficult when the holes given are 5 times as small as the screws. Got it done without the power tools, but assembly took 90+ minutes, and some parts were very difficult to understand. I finished assembling and putting everything together about two hours ago, and have been using it since. The looks are amazing, and i love everything about it. For now, i’m giving it five stars because the quality is fantastic for the price.

Key specs for Atlantic Gaming Desk – Gaming Computer Desk:

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  • MADE FOR GAMERS – Atlantic’s Gaming Desk is specifically designed for all your gaming gear, so you can focus on that epic battle. Made with sleek charcoal colored carbon fiber laminated top, provides ample room for your monitor, PC, laptop, games, speakers and more and monitor shelf dimensions- length is 15.5 inch left to right ,width is 7 inch front to back, height is 6.25 inch from desktop
  • FEATURE RICH – this gaming computer desk includes a charging stand for your tablet or smart phone, speaker stands, game storage, under-desk basket, controller stand, built-in wire-management, rear power strip holder, cup holder and headphone/VR headset hook
  • MONITOR & SMART PHONE STAND – this PC gaming desk sports an elevated monitor stand that supports monitors up to 32”. You can also charge your smart phone or tablet and have it comfortably at hand. These features free up valuable desktop space and with its smooth contours offer a contemporary style that adds a touch of sleek sophistication to any home office, dorm room or bedroom
  • GAME ROOM ORGANIZATION – whether you have a dedicated game room or a just place where you need a desk, the Gaming Desk helps you work and play. Keep all of your video game equipment in one place where it is easy to use
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE – our Customer Service team, based right here in the U.S.A. works hard to provide support for a wide assortment of items. For more than 30 years, California based Atlantic, Inc., receive calls with various questions about our products and we apply our best possible efforts to deliver the best possible solution for your purchase

Comments from buyers

“It’s like the iPhone of desks: simple, elegant, and beautiful. The only difference is I hate iPhones, Great quality desk, Perfect to keep all their electronics”

Bought 2 for each of my sons. Perfect to keep all their electronics.

I’ll preface this by saying that i am not using any of the racks or shelf that came with it, except the bottom drawer. I use this as an electronics workbench in my apartment, and it is stable enough to hold my soldering station and not move while i solder. I don’t know how i’d like it as a computer or ‘gaming’ desk, as it will be tight with 2 24′ monitors, especially with the racks and shelf in place, but i would purchase another if i needed a sturdy, flat surface to work on (i live in an apartment, and will need to disassemble most of it one day). Metal legs, wooden top covered in some kind of ‘carbon fiber’ laminate. I have an esd mat on mine, therefore i can’t comment on how well the surface reacts to anything.

Sturdy, roomy, simple design. I love having the monitor on its own rack. Cup holder, headphones holder, phone charging station and power strip holder — absolutely genius. I didn’t bother with the controller or game-holding racks. The finish on top just looks nice. Setting it up isn’t the easiest thing in the world but it can be done alone by one person. Just requires putting in screws while lying on your back and the screws might fall in your eyes if you drop them. Also requires some muscle getting the last screws in on the legs. Instructions tended to include a lot of stuff in one ‘step’ which got confusing and i had to backtrack a little bit.

Very sturdy desk that’s not too heavy or clunky. The surface area is actually more spacious than i expected. It can easily be used for gaming or just an office desk in your small office or apartment. I’ve got it set up in the corner of my bedroom since i don’t have an extra room to really create a gaming/office setting in. The material it’s made out of is very easy to wipe clean. I also purchased the professional installation and i’m glad i did. The technician arrived as expected and used a power drill to put it together in under an hour. Please note that the diagram the desk comes with instructs to install the shelves as what first appears to upside down. But upon further inspection, the shelves can be installed upside down or with the open part up. If installed as the picture on amazon is displayed, you can put things inside the shelves like speakers.

This is everything i’ve ever wanted and needed in a desk. Pros:-very sturdy-simple, easy, pretty-allows you personal customization of parts-small footprintcons:-honestly, none so far. Will update at a later time if something arisesi haven’t owned this desk for too long so far, only a week i believe, but this is definitely one of the best desks i’ve ever owned. You may question: ‘oh, but erik, you are only 24, how many desks could you have possibly owned in your life???’.To which i would respond: ‘stop reading in to what i’m saying so much’. I have personally owned 4 separate desks, and my biggest complaint about all of them is that there’s *so much* to them, overly complicated, too many drawers, heavy, etc. I just wanted something that was light, simple, and appealing to the eye. Yes, i’m a gamer but the fact that this is a ‘gaming desk’ was the least of the reason i went for it. Assembly was pretty easy, i saw a video on youtube about someone complaining about how difficult it was to understand the instructions. No, ignore this idiot, it’s incredibly easy and straightforward.

After reading the reviews and despite all the comments regarding the difficulty putting it together, i decided to buy it anyway. I hope to answer a lot of people’s questions. Table dimensions w/out attachments: 40. 5’table dimensions w/attachments: 49. 25′ x 24′ obviously this is measuring the table with the speaker trays. 5′ front to back is due to the monitor panel being attached. Floor to table height: 29 3/8’adriennes: i think they listened to your suggestions, almost all of the holes were pre-drilled in my desk. All except for the media holder, no pre-drilled holes for it.

At first i was a little skeptical about buying this product. After watching several video reviews, i decided to go ahead and buy it. I didn’t bother to attach the cellphone\tablet rack or the controller rack because i installed a dual monitor mount. It’s sturdy enough to support dual 27′ monitors with a mount and you can’t beat the price. Any gamer that is looking for an inexpensive desk, look no further.

Notes:-add on parts, such as the headset hook, do not have to be installed in the predetermined locations. The accessories can be attached to the desk in custom places with the included self tapping screws. Although, to do so, pre drilling a hole helps tremendously. -the desk is quite sturdy-slides easily on carpet-great width, plenty of room for keyboard and mouse-cup holder simply hooks onto the leg supports (whichever leg you choose, by the way), so it’s not as stable as i’d like. I fixed this with 6 zip ties. -‘media stand’, ie game case and controller rack, does wobble slightly, only because its tall. -drawer wiggles slightly from side to side. I’m sure this could be fixed by drilling holes slightly closer, but i didn’t feel like taking the effort to do so, as it’s not that important to me. -drawer will also pull straight out, there is no stop mechanism-i attach my headset’s on cable mute and volume control (logitech g430’s) to the drawers handle for easy access and so the cable is out of the way when i get up-when screwed in, the monitor stand’s bars hover above the surface of the table, but i am thinking of fixing this by putting washers underneath the screws so that the bar is level with the desk’s surface-the cable management basket underneath the rear of the table is loose so that you can pull it out, and it will sit at an angle, allowing you to more easily put something big like a surge protector in it. I didn’t like this though, so again, fixed with a few zip ties.

I like this desk but i don’t love it. It was easy to assemble and the dimensions are perfect for a gaming setup with one monitor, but a few of the pieces have come off the final assembly in the few months that i have had it. Also some of the pieces are of borderline usefulness anyways. However i would very likely still by one for my kids gaming machines as the price is good and the quality of the actual desktop and monitor stand is great. A couple of things i didn’t use/like. The speaker stand on either side went back in the back and did not get used. They seem a little limited on the size speaker they can handle. I use headphones so this is not an issue for me. The headphone holder is limited to install on the right hand of the deski(without drilling a hole). I wound up not using this either.

This desk is an excellent upgrade from an equivalently sized glass top metal frame desk i’d had for over 10 years. This desk has a place for the monitor raised off the main desktop area, while there is no slide out keyboard try like my old desk, this won’t exactly be missed as that ended up being somewhat cramped and after the years the sliding mechanism didn’t work so well even with yearly lubrication. Now i can also put my cup ‘on’ my desk, via the cup holder and not leave stains or water marks on my actual desk surface or need a cup place mat. I also like the carbon fiber looking wrap finish as this looks like it’ll be way easier to clean dirt, stains or dust off of vs my old desk made of glass that made any little tiny bit of dirt easily visible. The little things to place cds (does anyone really use that anymore?. :p), speakers, cup, and gamepad controllers and even headphones off of the main desktop surface is a nice tough. Size is reasonable, not large so don’t expect massive free space to have a keyboard and places for paper or to write on, but large enough you can easily fit a comfortable full-sized keyboard, and mousepad. The little area under the front of the desk (where a slide out keyboard try would typically exist) is just a fixed tray to hold miscellaneous things, but out of the way and out of view, potentially useful touch that i might use. The cord cutouts on both sides is also a nice thoughtful touch. The only real complaint that i have is that the tray in the rear of the lower side of the desk meant to hold a surge protector didn’t seem to be deep enough.

Purchased for my son’s gaming setup. The desk is exactly as advertised. However, after waiting two additional days to receive our desk, due to shipping delays, my son and his father went to put the desk together and discovered that the desk top was damaged on one edge. From what i read on reviews this is a common issue. Serious packaging design flaw in my opinion. The desk is still functional but if i had just wanted a functional table top i would have just used any average table. Disappointing but as this is a packaging design flaw and not a product flaw i did not remove a star. We understand the shipping delays due to the time of year but wish that this flaw would be fixed as soon as possible. We hope that others may enjoy without concerns about condition of product when received or that the product won’t hold up to regular wear and tear.

Great desk, seems very durable and strong. Assembly was annoying due to the screw placement, hard to get your hand with a screwdriver in the tight places required. The screws seems cheap as well and were easy to strip out the heads with the required force. The monitor stand part seems flimsy, put a 29 inch ultra wide monitor on there and when applying pressure on the from on the desk causes the screen to wobble around, which is a bit annoying. However that could be an issue with my floor not being 100% level. It’s larger than i expected which is a good thing, the pictures don’t do it justice in that category. Avoid hot drinks or food on here though the carbon fiber material is a grease and fingerprint magnet.

Been using this computer desk for two years and it is still sturdy. I don’t use all of the stands due to installing a dual monitor stand on it. Other than that, the quality is amazing and worth the price.

The desk arrived on time and in perfect condition. Every pre drilled hole on the desk board lined up perfectly with the supporting bars. I put it together by myself which was very very easy. I am big fan of the additional shelf in the center as well. I do have a few complaints that give this review a 4 star. My first complaint is that i am a console gamer and this is designed with pc gamers in mind. The reason is the keyboard holder under the desk and the game holders on the side. The keyboard holder will hit your forearms and arms when playing with a controller. The other thing is that the game holders on each side of the desk are designed for pc game or something slimmer. The ps4 games are a super tight fit and you have to literally shove them in to place. My last complaint is that of the material used which is a thing pvc coating. Do no place anything hot on this desk such as a hot dinner plate or a laptop that gets super hot, the pvc will melt off.

Love the desk, very solid and much sturdier than i expected. My only complaint would be that i’d like an option for a keyboard tray instead of the storage tray that came with the desk. I’m very happy with the fact all of the optional shelves/attachments are exactly that, optional. All of the holes for fixing each of the attachments on the desk are underneath so you’re not screwing anything into the top of the desk which leaves you with a clean flat surface if you choose not to attach everything. I did attach most of the extras and i’m happy with how they fit. I find most of them don’t make any extra sounds or anything if i bump the desk, which means i’m not having any extra noise from the desk picked up by my mic when gaming. So far i’m very happy with this product and i’ll update my review once i find out if i’m able to attach the keyboard/mouse shelf i purchased at the same time. I installed the alera aleva312812bk valencia series underdesk keyboard/mouse shelf, 28w x 12d, (black) and it just fits perfectly. I know i installed it a little off center but i’m not going to fuss with moving it at this point. It was a little tricky to attach near the desk legs and the bar down the center under the desk limited my options a little unless i wanted to unscrew that and reaffix it depending on how that was attached.

Just put the desk together today. Needed a computer desk for a small area. Wanted dual monitors and boy did i get it. Only installed the headphone holder, cup holder, and power surge tray as far as the add-ons. I preferred a clean looking work surface. I installed two 27inch viewsonic (va2759-smh) monitors on avivo dual monitor mount (stand-v002). Added an ‘alera aleva312812bk valencia series underdesk keyboard/mouse shelf. ‘ i saw another reviewer added the keyboard tray and i thought i would like to do the same. Frees up a lot of key real estate.

Worth the money definitely a good buy for me since i already had a 27 inch monitor. The stand for the monitor is a little smaller than the base of my screen which doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that i have to look slightly up at the monitor. I’m big on posture and for a more ergonomic feel, i feel like i should just take the part off and i’d be better off and probably will. I like the slots they leave in desk for cables, makes for a very tidy desk appearance. While i dont have the disk holder, controller holder or speaker mounts, i do not need any of these things so i just kept them in case i wanted to attach them later. In case anyone was wondering i did buy the dx racer chair they reccomend to buy with it and i have a review for that as well, but this is only pertains to the desk because i wanted to mention that the chair sits me comfortably at the desk. Keep in mind i’m 5’10, but overall i would say that if you are alot shorter than that, say 5’5 you will definitely need to not use the monitor stand or your neck is going to be at a wierd angle. Note: this is all with reference to the dx racer chair.

Worth every cent and probably a few more. I cannot emphasize just how perfect this desk is, no complaints whatsoever. I would probably not recommend this desk for anyone 6 feet tall or taller though. If you are between 5 to 6 feet tall, that is the sweet spot for this desk. Materials are solid as others have mentioned and keeps my monitor and peripherals firmly in place. I will buy another one some day when i build another gaming rig for the office.

Don’t have much to say that hasn’t been said/. Be warned that some of the parts are quite fragile. During initial assembly one of the ‘game/book’ shelves that double as speaker stands broke with only slight bending pressure applied to it. It snapped the top row off and i had to glue it back on and put a videogame case under it to support it so it can hold my speaker up. Also when i had to move house, i took the legs off and reattached them when i got to the new place. When i was putting them back together, one of the outer casings popped open and had to be squeezed back together around the cap with pliers so the desk could properly support its own weight. Though this issue was likely a result of me moving it around, let that be a warning that this desk is best set up in one spot and left there, too many small parts and attachments hanging off that could break if you decide to move it somewhere.

All in all a pretty good desk for the money. Very sturdy, and has plenty of surface are for large keyboards and mouse pads. The monitor riser can accommodate a pretty large monitor, i’ve got a 27 inch on there with a few inches to spare. Also has some additional features such as: a ‘charging station’ you can set your other electronics on, a small pullout drawer in front, a media/controller holder, a headphone holder, and hilariously, a cup holder. My one huge problem and what kept it from 5 stars is the lack of cable management options. It has a small tray underneath for a surge protector, but thats it. For something labeled a ‘gaming desk’ i would have expected more in that department.

I bought this desk when i was moving into a new apartment and downsizing my home-office space. Pros: one of the things that influenced my decision was all of the ‘bells and whistles’ on this desk — but i didn’t want *all* of the accessories. I chose to attach the the speaker holders, headphone hook, charging station, front drawer, surge protector drawer, and cup holder but left off the the monitor platform and media/controller storage accessories because (a) i don’t use controllers and most of my games are downloads, and (b) i run a setup with 2 24′ monitors and wanted extra surface area for that. I really liked the option to pick and choose which accessories work for me. It was easy to put together. The instructions were clear and had decent (if small) illustrations, and the only tool i needed was a screwdriver. I am *not* a naturally handy person, and the whole process took about 2 hours. Cons: the plastic surface for the charging station is pretty flimsy and ripped while i was attaching it. I also think the drawer would be more useful with a flat surface instead of just wire. You can’t really put any small objects in it because of that.