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Daily Archives: July 9, 2018

acelitor AMAZLINEN 52×84-Inch Grommet Top out Curtains, Excellent Product!!

I am absolutely in love with these curtainsi have 2 french doors who are exposed by the sun the whole entire day. I live in nc and it gets hot in this place (my kitchen – living room) and i have tried many other curtains before to keep this area cool. I wasn’t looking for curtains that could keep the light out, but more important to me was to keep the heat outso far this is exactly what these are doing. It is nice and cool in my kitchen now. It’s a bonus to me that it is dark as well. The curtains are super soft and do not have the ‘ugly’ white backing. They are the same color front and back. I did not have to iron my curtains at all. They look wonderful and i am sure i will buy more for the rest of the windows of my house.

Chose the grey and i’m very happy with them. I have three windows side by side and bought two sets. These block the light very well but may buy one more set for extra coverage. The color is more of a grey/green with an almost metallic finish. Fyi, the grommets are bronze on these curtains.

Great quality, arrived on time and just so classy. We waited a while to write a review just to make sure we didn’t have any issues. Like discoloration by the sun or anything like that. They definitely blockout the sunlight.

Key specs for AMAZLINEN 52×84-Inch Grommet Top Blackout Curtains with Tie Back, Charcoal Grey (Set of 2):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Fabric 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • MEASUREMENT–Blackout curtains for bedroom packed in set of 2 panels£¬each panel is 52 W X 84″L,blackout curtains 84 is easy hanging with 8 antique bronze metal eyelets each panel,1-3/5 inch inner diameter for rods up to 1-3/8 inch diameter.
  • ULTRA SLEEP–Blackout curtains dark grey for bedroom are blocking 95% lights and 100% UV (darker colors have a better effect),reduce outside noise,create a privacy peaceful sleep environment.
  • SAFETY HOME DECOR –Innovative triple weave technology brings true physical blackout , eco-friendly finish ,no chemical coating,no toxic smell, ideal blackout curtain for bedroom.
  • SAVE MONEY–Blackout curtains 84 Charcoal Grey,suitable length to prevent heat loss in winter and cold loss in summer,save energy bills by better solution.
  • MAINTAIN & CLEAN–Machine wash in cold water,do not bleach,tumble dry low, wrinkles will be disappeared after hanging for a few weeks,or warm iron.

Comments from buyers

“Elegant and effective, TRUST MY REVIEW! I’ve searched everywhere for blackout curtains!, I absolutely love these!”

Works like a charm to keep out streetlights and sunlight. I have an east-facing sliding glass door in the bedroom with streetlights glaring in at night and the colorado sun waking me up in the morning. These curtains keep the room really dark and warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. My sleep improved 100% after installing them.

We got the charcoal and they are great. They really help block out the sun. I got a double rod and added a sheer white curtain as well but that’s more for looks.

Best curtains ever, hands down. They are thick fabric, super soft, and keep the light out- not pitch black but they do darken the room tremendously. Also keep some of the cold out. This is the second set i have purchased and will only ever buy this brand again. Just make sure you measure and you’ll never need a crappy curtain from wallyworld again.

The product description is no joke; these curtains block out all natural/artifical light. My new townhouse has metal drawstring blinds (garbage) and i needed something that was going to keep the light out in the morning (i’m a light sleeper). You literally can’t see the light coming through with the exception of a tiny bit at the top (which is inevitable). I took an iron to them since they were a bit wrinkled from packaging and they look great now.

I’ve bought 3 pair of navy blue and 1 pair of light teal. They don’t block out the light 100%, of course — there are little spots here and there, almost like tiny far off stars. They’re so much better than the stuff i picked up from walmart a decade ago. I’ve attached a comparison picture to my review.

I bought these curtains for my boyfriend who will need blackout curtains when he goes to night shift. We tried them out during the day and do an excellent job darkening the bedroom. To achieve maximum darkness, i would suggest using blinds as well. They also block the drafts coming through the windows. I would say they are a medium weight, not light, but not super heavy either. The grey is a perfect color and ended up matching our bed set nicely. I would most definitely recommend these curtains.

I could not be happier with these curtains. I bought them because i have a 1 yr old and despite having thick blinds in his window, the sunlight was pouring through in the evening so he had trouble going to sleep. I put these up and it is literally like night and day. These curtains are thick and good quality and they absolutely block the sun.See the photo for a side-by-side comparison.

I ordered beige and they look very elegant and are a great addition to our living room. We have some in our bedroom and they are really good at room darkening. It doesn’t create a blackout effect like a movie room but it does keep a room dark in the morning.

These are the perfect drape panels and tiebacks for my guest room. I love the material and they really are blackout panels. I have many plants in this guest room and i like being able to close the drapes at night against a chilly winter draft @ 5000′ and yet be able to open them in the light of day so those same plants can get their indirect sunlight. But the very best part is that this color goes with everything??. I enjoy changing out the bedding with the seasons and these drapes will compliment the blues, oranges, reds, etc. . These lovely pair of drapes are very affordable. Thank you for such an nice product at a great pricep. . They wash & dry in the machines like a dream.

These curtains do block out most of the light and the room is dark enough to sleep in during the day. They hang very nicely, fabric is very good quality, feels silky smooth but thick and sturdy. Lining is same color as curtain. Wrinkles ironed out perfectly (a seamstress told me the secret is to iron them once before you wash them–then the package creases will fall out and not come back after washing. ) only negative is that the color is a bit more on the blue side than the picture–and i bought them for a ‘green’ room. They’re fine and i’d never return them for such a minor issue, but just in case you’re really trying to match something, that’s what i got. (keep in mind that different dye lots can produce different results, so the next batch may be greener) also arrived well within the promised time and were well packaged/protected during shipping.

The online photo color is not accurate (see my pics). I expected a gum-pink based on the picture provided but it’s more ‘dusty rose’. Not entirely horrible but not what i thought i was getting for my kiddos room. The fabric is a thick polyester. It reminds me of an vintage dress. . Kind of has a sheen to it, heavy and i think it would ‘pull’ if it rubbed against something sharp. It does do a decent job at blocking the sun though (see pics). The grommets are nice as they allow easy opening/closing.

They definitely block the afternoon sun which made it hard to take a nap. (even though my blinds are supposed to be room darkeners). I have found no cons but i’m exchanging for a different color. I got the teal and it’s a gorgeous shade. But not light enough to match the mint green in my new bedding set. I want to do a lot of rooms with these but then people would think they were cheap. And they are, but only price wise. They look expensive and the quality is great. I’ll probably still do the guest room also. Wish i had known about these years ago.

These curtains do a great job blocking out light. When i hung them, my first response was wow, these are no joke. The material is attractive and sort of satiny – they look pretty up. And most importantly the direct morning sun is completely blocked out and my baby is sleeping peacefully.Very pleased with this purchase and will be ordering more for my older child’s room.

Bought these curtains for our bedroom. The fabric is thick and heavy. But they don’t block out 100% of daylight. A grommet top lets some sunlight through. However, i think you can avoid this just hanging the curtain rod higher above the window. The photo color is not quite accurate – the real color is more blueish. Yet, the color is very nice anyway. Four stars, because they don’t exactly meet our expectations as master bedroom curtains. We’ve decided to keep them and use for our boy’s nursery instead.

My place has very large west-facing windows, so there is a ton of light in the afternoon, and it blocks all of it out. Nice slinky material and easy sliding open and closed.

I have order 2 sets of the gray one and set of the black ones in the long ones for our master bedroom since my husband works graveyard shifts and he can sleep great with these curtains shut during the day. I also bought shorter ones for my 3 kids bedroom, brown and navy blue and i love the top also, nice quality, hard rings so they open and shut very easily. Happy happy happy customer and the price is not too bad either.

These curtains were perfect for my needs. My apartment walls are gray, but my bedroom colors are tan and blush pink. I chose the grey color to blend in with the walls, but it has a warmer tone than the charcoal grey colored curtains. It doesn’t clash with my tan bedding at all. The fabric is smooth and very soft. There were minimal wrinkles coming out of the package (i hadn’t yet steamed them in the photo). I am a nurse working night shifts and i got the best sleep in months after i put these up. I can see the faintest outline of the window pane during daylight hours, but my room is probably 97% darker than with just my blinds. I haven’t really been able to tell how much they reduce noise, although i did buy them for that purpose. There is no lining either, which i like because both sides are pretty.

Do a fantastic job of blocking out light. First picture is with flash on. These do a great job of keeping the light out. They are pretty plain looking but material is soft.

They do as they say, block out the sun’s harmful rays and keep the energy bills down by day and block out the street light at night. They are not total darkness during the day (light will obviously still escape from the sides) but close to it. Make sure to measure your window, however, before buying in case you need extra shams. Mine are a bit shorter width wise than i should have gotten, but still do a decent job. Material feels a little cheap, but if you’re not super serious on your window dressings these will be perfect for you.

These curtains look really nice and do a sufficient job of blocking sunlight. I purchased two sets of these, one in grey and one in black. The colors are true to the picture shown. I like the grommet top and the hole was large enough to put my existing curtain rod through without any issues. My husband was worried that a grommet top would let more sunlight through but this does not seem to be an issue. The curtains cover the window sufficiently. (i have already measured my windows and knew what size i needed – i always recommend measuring windows and not just guessing the size or you will end up with curtains that do not fit. ) i felt that i got a good deal for the price that i paid. I also appreciated that it came with two panels instead of 1. They are thick enough to block out most of the sunlight.

I purchased these for controlling outside ambient light for a portrait studio and they work great. If its a cloudy day, no problem, but if the sun was out in full it would raise havoc on trying to perfect the studio lighting for portraiture work. Only issue i have is when new if made the room smell like it was a colorado pot house. After a couple of months with windows open when you could, the smell eventually left. (or my nose could not smell it anymore. ) wondered what kind of toxins were emitted from these things during this time. Overall they do work if you want to block the light out.