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Daily Archives: August 17, 2018

Winsome Nolan Console Table, Don’t hesitate to purchase!

This is solid wood and very very high quality. I was expecting a cheaper made peice for the cost but it exceeded my expectations. I shop around a lot and the same piece is a lot more expensive at pier 1 imports and wayfair.

Solidly built and easy to put together while looking fantastic. Only eight screws for both layers and you have all the tools you need to easily put it together. End result is a beautiful console table that is solid at a great price. Only regret is i wasted money on a crappy table from cmd and didn’t purchase this one first. Trust me, if you want a great console table at a great price, this is it.

Indeed made of real solid wood instead of plywood or compressed cheap material. The packaging it comes with is also of high quality that ensures the product is free of damage/dent/scratch. However, the size is relatively small for its price. I would think it is slightly overpriced. The assembly process is simple, but some of the pre-drilled holes are not perfectly aligned with each other, therefore you would need some force to put them together, which shouldn’t be happening.

Key specs for Winsome Nolan Console Table with Drawer:

  • Nolan Accent table is great hall way, living room or entryway
  • Overall table size is 40-Inch Width by 15.98-Inch Depth by 30-Inch Height
  • Constructed with combination of solid and composite wood in cappucinno finish

Comments from buyers

“Good quality for the price, Surprisingly very nice table., Great quality! Real wood and the color is very “

Carefully measuring for the table to fit both size and compatibility with our existing furniture, this fits the ticket perfectly.

Easy to assemble – took 10 minutes with an included alan wrench tool.

Very attractive, well packaged, some assembly tricky but very do-able. The hardware was secured in the box so if there were a problem in shipping it would not fall out and except the allen wrench (one included) an extra piece of each type of item hardware was included. I assembled by my self in about 30 min. Thanks to the lady who suggested standing on end to install the bottom shelve. The drawer stop is hard as there is no room to work, but still can be done. Very sturdy and perfect in my dinning room.

Far sturdier than it looks and architectural details that give it a sense of importance. I sat on it, accidentally, and weigh 220 with no disastrous consequences-i do not make a habit of sitting on tables. Fit right where i’d wanted it, with the things on it, very handsome. And the some assembly required?.I can barely tell a screwdriver from a ford and i got it together in under 90 minutes. Also at the price i paid, this was more than a good buy or a great bargain, this was like getting a quality piece for just over the taxes/.

Real wood and the color is very handsome. I bought it to for my husbands and my laptops and they fit perfectly on it. Only this is the screws that at each the bottom shelf (if screwed in too tightly) start to pull out the wooden bracing that support the shelf. However it is unnoticeable and isn’t seeming to affect the quality.

There are two things to really like about this table, ease of assembly and the fact it made from real wood. I’m not sure what kind of wood this is but it’s not press board that i’m certain of. The table is sturdy and well made. I have mind centered on a six foot long wall and it looks great. The drawer is small, mover for looks than anything but it’s big enough for me to store pens, note pads, booklets, phone chargers, batteries etc. As far as assembly goes it’s easy to put together using the included hardware and easy to understand instructions. Some of you might need an extra set of hand securing the bottom shelf but it can be done by yourself if you just take your time. I put my table together in twenty minutes. I actually own all four living room tables in this series and am pleasantly surprised at just how nicely they are made. They’re heavy which is a good thing and the packing of assorted parts is very professional as well.

For the price i don’t think you’ll find a better console table. Just what i was looking for and i was pleasantly surprised at the up close quality.

This is a really nice, sturdy console table. I purchased this to put in my foyer and it’s perfect. It was pretty simple to put together (just attach the 4 legs and bottom shelf part). It says in the instructions that you will need ‘a helping hand’ getting the bottom shelf piece attached, but i just laid it on it’s side and was able to attach it myself perfectly fine. It’s real, solid wood, not that cheap pressed board crap that a lot of computer desks and furniture is made of now. I may have taken me 20 minutes to put it together and that’s with two kids who kept getting into things and hindering the process. I’m really impressed with it. Something like this you tend to find a lot pricier so it’s really a great price for it.

What a great piece of furniture. We have searched for an entry table for quite some time now, wanting one that is a good quality and pleasing to the eye. The table is a rich dark brown wood (actual wood. It is exactly as predicted by the size in the description. The drawer is little though, almost too little to really utilize it, so we purchase a wicker serving tray to place on top of it to organize mail and keys. It looks great in our entry way along with the long horizontal mirror that i have placed with it. So elegant looking at such an affordable price.

I’m a 70 year woman and was able to put together in about an hour.

It’s just like the picture and fits perfect for my space. I’ll be using it for a jewelry storage and with a mirror over it. I think it’s going to work well.

I can never put anything together on my own, but i sat down and tried to do this one night and i was able to put it together in about 30 minutes. I ended up not putting the bottom shelf on because i wouldn’t have been able to hold it and screw it in, but it looks great even without that bottom shelf.

Wasn’t too difficult to assemble, sturdy, & looks nice. Looked around for quite a bit at comparable tables and this was easily the cheapest price per design/quality. We are happy with this purchase.

However, it scratches easy, so be careful during assembly and during transferring from one place to another.

It was pretty easy to put together by my self. Hardest part was the little post inside the draw. I use it for my 55′ tv and have not problems with it.

Received this table yesterday and put it together myself in about 20 minutes. I was able to find a bit that fit and used a power screwdriver to tighten the bolts, etc. , which help speed up the assembly process. I was pleased to see that it is made of wood and not some kind of particle board. It was packed well, although the box looked pretty rough & had a ripped hole on the back side. All-in-all a nice piece of furniture at a reasonable price with fast delivery. Exactly what i wanted for a corner of my bedroom.

I ordered this a couple of months ago and finally put it together last night (single woman and was so sure i’d mess it up). No text for directions, only pictures with parts labeled with letters. I put the parts in piles and put the letter assigned to each on a post it. That helped a lot in putting it together. It took me about an hour because twisting the screws into the wood was very tight and the wrench could not be turned in a full circle due to limited space, that was the most time consuming part. Other than that, i love it it sits right below a mirror on the wall whose wood frame matches the wood on the table perfectly – very happy with it.

Awesome entry table for the price. Beautiful finish and super easy to put together. Took me and hubby about 5 minutes. Not a huge drawer so don’t expect lots of storage.

This item has been returned. The bottom shelf had a ding in the finish near where it attaches to one of the legs. I also want to note for those looking for espresso colored furniture this isn’t what you want. The color of this is cappuccino according to the description and it is a dark brown color, but it’s definitely not close to espresso colored furniture sold by winsome. Their espresso color furniture is darker with a reddish tone. I have a few of the winsome leo shelves, danica sofa table, and round end tables. They’re all labeled with espresso as their color and they work well together in my living room. The winsome nolan line is cappuccino and doesn’t blend well with their espresso colored furniture in my opinion. I’m giving it a 3 start because it was very nice looking and i would have kept it had it not been damaged and not the right color scheme. The return process was very simple and i didn’t have any issues.

Really like the table but i think one leg is shorter than the others. Its ok, will keep it, its minor, looks great in the place i bought it for. Small piece of cardboard under the table, problem solved.

Bought the first one to replace a smaller table that served as my ‘angel table’ (collection of angels to surround my son’s picture); loved it so much that when our second son passed away a month ago, i bought another one for his angels.