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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go TV Stand : Great product for the price. Not a complicated install

It goes well with my other furniture, and the storage space below is perfect for housing my dvd’s as well as other things. It took my grandson & his 2 friends about a half hour to assemble it. The price is terrific as well.

Our new tv stand went together quite easily. One of the cabinet doors was broken, but a call to convenience concepts took care of that — they immediately sent a new one at no charge. This stand is inexpensive, but it looks nice, easily handles our new television and is quite stylish. We’re very happy with our purchase and the service we received.

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go TV Stand with 3 Cabinets for Flat Panel TV’s Up to 50-Inch or 85-Pounds, Cherry

  • Easy assembly tools provided
  • 3 cabinets, 2 feature black opaque plastic doors, 1 features a solid cherry wood door
  • Beautiful Wood grain finish
  • Contemporary design
  • Will provide years of enjoyment

I am going to tell you a little bit about the product, as well as address some of the reviews, which had me hesitant when i purchased this. This looks:this looks very nice and eye pleasing. I want functionality, but i would not have purchased this if it was not eye pleasing, considering it is in open view and i get to look at it all the time. (similarly i will not purchase something that does not work)the construction:this is largely made of laminated osb wood. Most furniture is made of this stuff, unless it is high end. It is not bad, and you probably own furniture made of this already. The 5 posts that you see on the picture that hold the top board where the tv would sit on, to the bottom portion are made of plastic. They look metal, but they are plastic. I am not afraid that these will not hold. Again, they are rated for 85 lbs, so just make sure you are within the limits and you will be fine. The 2 doors on the sides are made of plastic. While i think glass would have been better, this is not a problem for me. Besides, you do not have to install them if you do not want to. You can leave them out, and it looks just as good.

First, it goes without saying that you get what you pay for. If your looking for a premium quality tv stand, then go purchase a $400-$500 stand elsewhere. But if your looking for a nice looking stand for less than $100, then you will not be disappointed. I recently received my stand and it was very well packaged. The assembly took about 40-50 minutes and the finished product looked as good or better than i expected for this price. Pro’s:instructions easy to follow if you follow the pictures closely during assemblyparts fit snuggly together and well alignedstand is lightweight but sturdy if correctly assembledrounded corners and finish looks attractive next to my black media cabinetcon’s:(2)outer doors are a glossy lightweight plastic (easily scratched if not careful)knobs & end caps are plasticwood grain visible in paint. I like but some may not want to see itcenter door knob would not tighten completely so i used a little teflon tape to tightenthe edge of the top shelf had a couple of small nicks easily filled with a thin black markersuggestions:have a wet wash rag and drying towel to clean after applying a water based glue (elmer’s)and inserting the wood dowelsafter inserting the dowels use a rubber mallet to gently tap them completely into the holesbe sure the carn dowels are tightly installed for stabilityfor best results do the assembly on a soft surface like a rug or carpetdo not lift stand using the top shelf (plastic parts) use the middle shelf or lift from the bottomsuggested tools:phillips screwdriver, rubber mallet, wash rag & towel, water based glue, black fine tip marker (touch-ups).

Was not expecting the black doors on the front to be a sort of flimsy plastic, but the fact that they are so shiny that they look like very tinted glass makes up for that. Also the door in the middle opens like a garage door and is super cool. My dad had a little trouble putting it together where he had to backtrack a bit, so make sure you read the assembly directions carefully.

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go TV Stand with 3 Cabinets for Flat Panel TV’s Up to 50-Inch or 85-Pounds, Cherry : When the product arrived, one of the large wooden panel was cracked. I email the manufacturer and they shipped out a replacement right away.

The package arrived on time, as promised, which is always a good thing. It’s was fairly easy to put together, and looks great when finished. Couldn’t give it a five star due to cheap quality materials. Be careful when tightening screws because i actually put a screw right through a part of the shelves by accident. The plastic doors look nice, but are very flimsy and cheap. I bought this for the tv in my ‘man cave’ but would not recommend it for a formal living room due to it’s quality of construction. I knew off the bat that you get what ya pay for, but it does look nice.

I would have given it 5 stars except they sent an extra door with a door knob attached and one of the panels is not the correct panel. Which caused complete confusion when putting it together. Also the two doors that actually belong to the cabinet are cheap looking plastic. The extra door was wood and looked nicer, but couldn’t use it. Thank god all the other pieces were correct and i was able to put it together (even with one incorrect piece that worked).

Measures 47′ across and about 25′ from ground to top. My tv is 60′ and sits comfortably because the stands underneath it are about 45′ wide. The edges hang off a little bit. Sturdy and easy to assemble. Did it by myself in about an hour without rush.

 this is definitely a sturdy tv table. A bit heavy but very sturdy. Nice convenient storage compartments. Only problem was it came without the instructions so i had to contact amazon who gave me the number for me to call. I called and they immediately sent me the instructions. Overall happy with the product.

Shipped missing many necessary parts, took them nearly two weeks to send the parts. When building it, the quality feels quite poor. The holes don’t align perfectly, the parts have many chips in the paint, and some of the camlocks came loose. It doesn’t help that the two side doors are plastic and the middle door is barely held in place. That being said, the final product looks quite nice from a distance, and feels relatively sturdy as a whole so far.

Bought for game room and looks better than i thought it would. Ppl complain about the plastic doors, bad instructions, and poor quality. I did have to find the right phillips head but after that the pieces locked in and was sturdy. I could almost put together looking at just photos (i’ve been working long hours and no sleep when i assembled it). Plastic side doors only look plastic cause you know they are. At a glance they appear to be glass. As far as the quality, it’s exactly what i expected it to be. There are real wood stands with thick metal parts and i’ll bet they even use real glass.

It’s the perfect size for my small game room/studio, and fits my 36′ flatscreen nicely, with room to spare if i ever want to get a larger tv. I’ve got my wifi router and such tucked behind the tv as well, with no trouble being able to reach back there when i need to. The open shelf underneath is ideal for game consoles, and the closed cabinets on the bottom are perfectly sized for dvds and game cases. It’s not fancy, but it is decent quality for such a cheap price.

Very good tv stand, holds all i need.

I decided to get this in spite of reading the reviews because i’m not someone who cares too much about how something looks, i’ve got plenty of other particleboard furniture, and plastic doors don’t seem that bad to me. After receiving it, here are my thoughts. The price is good — you’d be hard pressed to find another stand made for 50′ tvs at this price. The main unit (sans doors, back) is nice and sturdy, even if mainly made of particle board. But there were a few too many ‘off’ things that made me somewhat regret my decision to get this instead of the $20 more expensive altra carson 50′ tv stand, which is the most popular non-mounting tv stand. For example, the back of the bottom unit might as well not be there (in fact, i decided against installing it–no sense in nailing a centimeter of thin wood into the back). My main qualms with the unit are nothing fits as you’d expect it to–while you can force a fit, none of it fits perfectly. Half the camlocks that came with my unit were either falling out of their holes (the holes were too big) or jammed in there sideways. You doubt the integrity of the camlocks, too, because it’s hard to turn them more than 30 degrees.

For 60 something dollars you get what you pay for. >the wood is cheap>the doors are cheap plastic. >requires you to glue stuff while assembly. Be careful to not glue it the wrong way. Like assembling all cheap things, it might be a good idea not to over-tighten screws. (actually i don’t even tighten it much until it starts to come together. )for 60 something dollars it looks very good>it looks very good as long as you don’t come close and examine it. >i can’t say about the plastic doors. I don’t use those that much.

After reading ither reviews i was worried setup would be complicated but it wasn’t. All parts came in clearly marked separated bags. 12 steps instructions with good pictures. I’m not extremely handy but put it together in 2-hrs while mainly focusing on watching netflix. It’s strudy and except for the outside dark plastic door looks much more expensive tuen it is.

This was much better than i expected. The size was great for my 52′ tv and it is a very sturdy piece of furniture. If i have any complaint at all, it’s that the plastic doors are kind of cheap. They look ok but instead of cheap plastic, they could have been made out of something better. Especially with the overall value.

Although the doors are plastic(except for the middle one) which i already knew cause i read the reviews b4 hand, i like it. Took a while to put together cause i was confused and the instructions weren’t all that helpful so i just kinda went with my own flow and put it together. Although everyone’s experience is different.

This console was styled with a pair of ladder bookshelves that accentuates a pleasingly not too feminine decor. It softens all the straight lines. There are three doors to this unit. In order that the doors fit and work properly, all parts must be properly aligned, if not, the doors will not fit properly. The middle door is a swing door that swings forward set on tracks that extend to the back of this unit. I would delay tacking on the back panel til the middle swing door is completely set in place. After the unit was completely assembled and all the doors set in place, when i attempted to move the unit, the middle swing door fell off its tracks. The only way i could reinstall the door was through the back of the unit turning the door diagonally til it realigned with the tracks, pushing it forward on the tracks. That was the most frustrating part of the assembly.

I was super skeptical about buying it and having to assemble it but it wasn’t bad at all. Fyi the black doors are plastic, but you can’t tell at all once it’s assembled, and it doesn’t look cheap.Definitely a great bang for your buck.

Ollieroo Faux Leather Folding Storage Ottoman Bench Seat Foot Rest Stool Coffee Table – Nice-looking, Sturdy and Stores a Lot!

So, we are retired and now live in a 45’ motorhome with storage space at a premium. I bought these bcz our kids were coming to visit and we don’t have foot rests for the couch. I also wanted to use the footrests for storage, but be able to store them easily if we decided we only needed them periodically. They collapse, but they’re super sturdy and will hold an adult’s weight if you wanted to actually sit on them. We also have an upscale motor home, so i didn’t want them to be too cheesy (cheap-looking). We ordered the chocolate brown. They look great and hold way more than i expected.You won’t be disappointed. I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how nice they look, how sturdy they are and how much they store for the money.

Just received my ottoman today. Needed a footstool for my husband’s long legs in our motorcoach, so it was great that i could store things inside as well. It seems exceptionally well built, sturdy, looks like real leather.

I moved into a new house that had a built-in vanity. I bought this to be my ‘chair’ for that area. Even though it says the weight rating is high enough for me to sit on it, i was very worried it wouldn’t actually hold my weight (150 lbs. I’ve only been using it for a few weeks so it may eventually break down from me sitting on it, but it seems extremely sturdy. There’s plenty of storage room inside. It did smell slightly funny when it first arrived, especially the inside. But it wasn’t a very noticeable smell in the first place and it wore off quickly after being put together.

  • Great little ottoman
  • Yes Virginia, some nice products can actually be cheap! Strange! LOL
  • Just what he needed!

My father-in-law really likes to have his throw blanket within reach but it isn’t always the most tidy look to have it strewn on the chair, so this was the perfect solution. My mother-in-law was skeptical about it being fold-able and able to be used as an extra seat but it passed the test. It’s a very sturdy ottoman and the faux leather looks classy and sophisticated.

It gives us extra storage for guide books and maps in our rv. It can be sat on without any problems with ‘giving’ even if it’s an adult. It’s a little too high for use with the rv furniture as a footstool which was disappointing but it’s exactly the height the description said it would be so it’s certainly not the fault of the seller or the product. We use it for storage and an extra seat and it works fine for that.

Features of Ollieroo Faux Leather Folding Storage Ottoman Bench Seat Foot Rest Stool Coffee Table (15”X15”X15” Beige)

  • Brand:Ollieroo
  • CLASSIC DESIGN – High Quality PU leather is not only wear resistant, waterproof and easy to clean but also as fashion as artworks; Spacious hidden storage room for sundries including shoes, toys, blankets, de-cluttering your entryway & bedroom
  • STABLE & GREAT BEARING CAPACITY – Test is carried up to 440LB (Thickened E1 Standard MDF construction )
  • SOFT & RESILIENT – The top part is filled with high rebound sofa sponge,providing soft and comfortable feelings, and the soft corner is safe for kids
  • FOLDABLE – Makes it space-saving when not in use; It can be used as sandries organizers, stools, scoop chairs, dressing stools and coffee table stools ; Product Dimension(LxWxH): 15”X15”X15”, comfortable height for sitting & resting your feet or legs. ; Material: Medium density fiber board , Cover PU leather

This item is a very good buy and provides hidden storage for two pair of leather boots in my small condo – where storage and organization ideas are necessary to keep my home looking neat (yes, i am a bit ocd). Must admit that i measured the height of my boots that were not 15′ tall but they cannot be sitting straight up in this ottoman – they need to lean a bit for this to work. However, the way they are leaning will not crease the leather – so i am pleased that this item is working for the purpose intended – it also could store mittens, books, magazines, dvds, living room throws – maybe i need another one :-). It also looks more expensive than what i paid – who doesn’t like to get excellent value for their money??.

This is a perfect little item. I needed a small ottoman in my home office for the occasional use, but i didn’t want something that would always be sitting out. It folds up neatly into the size of the top cushion which makes for easy storage when not in use. The quality is great for the price. It’s very sturdy when assembled. And for those who don’t need it to fold up to store away, the entire interior can be used for storage itself. I’d highly recommend this produck.

I was hesitant that the concept wouldn’t be satisfactory at the price point this ottoman/footrest/storage cubby was offered. I really expected something flimsy or ‘cheap’ feeling. The sides are solid and the stool feels sturdy to sit on (i’m 6’1, 210) and fits well in my apartment. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend it to others.

A nice, lightweight, comfortable little stool for the open space under our his/hers sink area in the bathroom. It’s great to pull out and sit on whenever we want to or need to. I was surprised the collapsible frame is so strong, but it says it supports over 400lbs and it surely feels sturdy enough when one of us is sitting on it. Plus, there’s plenty of space inside to store towels, toilet paper, whatever. I think it’s great for the price i paid, around $23. I would buy again if i needed another one.

I have a semi-furnished rental. There’s a very comfy, cushy, low-slung leather chair and i wanted an ottoman or foot rest where i could elevate my legs. This is the perfect height and such a close match to the color of the chair. Really, i couldn’t have done better if i had spent ten times the price.I was pleased to discover that my two hanging file boxes store neatly in the bottom of this ottoman, too.

Super convenient little ottoman. I live in a very small space, so its hard to get comfy sometimes. I use this as a foot rest when i’m watching tv shows on my computer and to sit on when i’m playing my guitar and then when i’m done this thing folds up and goes under my desk. The only downside is that it had a rather strong chemical smell when i first got it, its since dissipated, but it was quite unpleasant for the first couple of days.

I purchased this for a changing seat for my elderly mother weight 130-135. Has had for a couple months. She really likes the niceness of this storage box / seat. Easy to fold out of box to erect from ready to assemble shipping folded. Very innovative and should save space when moving.

This is a nice storage cube. Dimensions were true and it is the same height as another of another make i had purchased. There is plenty of room inside for video games, cd’s, etc. And they are now hidden away and i can put my feet up too. A great solution for something that looks like a piece of furniture but is really a box. It is faux leather and that pleases me and i am sure it is also a relief for the real animals.

I wanted to love this ottoman. I bought two and the price was terrific. But and it is a big but to me is it produces a horrible odor. I may be sensitive to scents so take my review as it is. I have had them for 72 hours. So simple to put together and pleasant to look at. I have tried lysol and now they are just sitting outside. I am in a hot dry climate so i hope after a few days the smell will go away. I’m sure it is the product process used to pressed the wood pieces together. I will update review if the airing out corrects the problem.

I’m 195 lbs and i can stand on it without breaking it. Another nice aspect is that it’s not cloth. A cloth ottoman i had once would absorb dust which would lead to an ordor.

I bought three of these in white and brown: two for my dog to scurry up to the windowsills where she likes to hang out and one for under my feet at my desk. They assemble in a jiffy, hold a ton of stuff, and even my dog’s nails haven’t scratched them. The one at my desk is the perfect height to put my feet up. There is a bit of an odor when they’re new, and they’re very clearly not real leather, but overall i’m very pleased.

This ottoman has completely surprised me. It took less than 5 minutes to un-package and unfold it. It looks nice, especially for the money and i cannot believe how sturdy it is. I am not small any more, and this really held my weight without issue and never made me feel that i needed to be careful. My daughter and son-in-law both like it as well with the only wish of my daughter being that it’s an inch higher. Personally, i love the height as i’m not very tall (just heavy) and this floor to seat height is perfect for me and both feet can be firmly and comfortably on the floor. My daughter is about 5 inches taller than me and she prefers her lap to be more horizontal. However, my son-in-law feels the height is perfectly fine and he’s even taller than my daughter – so i guess it’s up to personal preference. I am definitely buying a couple more of these.

This was a nervous purchase for me, as i’ve tried similar items that have been low quality, but it’s really been great. No sign of wear after me using it as a foot rest for months, very sturdy, plenty of room for storage inside. I can’t think of any negatives, very pleased.

I didn’t think they would be as nice as the picture, but what a nice surprise. They match my leather couch exactly. This is exactly what i wanted and i won approval from my very picky boyfriend. He didn’t think i could find a collapsible ottoman but i showed him.He was also very impressed with the quality. We will only use these as foot rests, not seats because we don’t want to take a chance. They are exactly what i was hoping for, but better. And the price was excellent.

I’m impressed with this purchase. For the money, this is a great ottoman. I’ve filled it with all kinds of stuff and use it as a foot rest at my desk. Feels pretty sturdy when you’re standing on it. I let my dog sit up on it to look out the window and it appears to be holding up well. My only complaint is that when you go to move it, it feels like the sides without reinforcements are going to buckle. I have to move it very carefully because it seems like it’s going to shear the sidewalls. So as far as weight from sitting or standing directly on it, it does great. But any force from the side could do damage. I still gave it four stars because for the price, i think it’s worth it.

Quality is good and i like that i can fold it down since i use it in my rv. While we are camping i keep my kids toys inside and use it as my footstool and it works great.

I actually expected that i wouldn’t like it but was desperate and needed to get it anyway. I have problems with my knees and must often elevate them while working at the computer. This ottoman turned out to be more comfortable than i expected, the perfect height, and the storage area worked better than i thought also. I was concerned about the fake leather surface (those often stick to the skin), but this hasn’t been a problem so far. I had an ikea ottoman that this replaced and it was a much better choice. It fits well inside the leg space of my computer and still leaves room for ice packs.

Super easy to set up and works great for our spare bedroom. Doesn’t take up too much room and can be used for storage. Our cats seem to think i put it in there for them to use. I could have gotten this at one of the big box stores, but there wasn’t a color choice. This is the color i really wanted, so i was pleased to find it on amazon.

Slipstick CB605 Furniture Wheel Caster Cups / Floor Protectors : Perfect for the caster wheels on my dresser.

I put these under my piano and it made it easy to slide it across the floor when we wanted it on a different wall. The piano took 4 men to move it in the first place. One just to slide it across the floor.

My furniture stays exactly where it should. My furniture used to be all out wack, throw off my vibe and relaxation. I’d be like “ where do you think you’re going?” and it would be like “ anywhere i want. ” then i got these, and they help me lock my furniture where i want it. Now i’m all like “stay put, bench” and it’s like “. ” because furniture that’s locked in place doesn’t speak.

Slipstick CB605 Furniture Wheel Caster Cups / Floor Protectors with Non Skid Rubber Grip (Set of 4 Grippers) 1-3/4 Inch – Chocolate Brown

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Holds wheels or legs in place while protecting floors from indentation and damage
  • For use with beds, pianos, furniture, pool tables, appliances and more
  • Caster cup design cradles wheels and legs securely rubber bottom stops movement
  • Ideal for furniture wheels or legs up to 1-3/4″ inches (4.4 cm)
  • Supports up to 500 lbs per caster cup (227 kg) 4 cups per pack

Use them under my shredded to keep it in place.

Although the rubber part compresses, if you need to adjust your item (baby grand piano, in my case), you can tweak around the placement. That is, these things are not stuck to the floor like limpets. They do keep the piano from moving when i play loud, athletic stuff.

Works great for my heavy couch.

Slipstick CB605 Furniture Wheel Caster Cups / Floor Protectors with Non Skid Rubber Grip (Set of 4 Grippers) 1-3/4 Inch – Chocolate Brown : Put these under bed wheels, no more sliding.

I have an antique kitchen table on castors which used to slide all over the room and destroy the wood floor.

My dresser’s caster wheels no longer slide around gouging my wood floor when i open the drawers. Who would think caster wheels on a dresser are a good idea?. Don’t know but these cups fixed the problem.

These are just fantastic i bought two sets and put them under our craftmatic beds. We have wooden floors and the bed always moved over the place. No we bought these and they’re perfect the bed doesn’t move around when you try to get in it. I bought them for both beds. The wheels are kind of oblong so there pretty snug. They could have been a little lighter this type of bed. But they’re great and we love them.

Exactly what i was looking for. I bought these gorgeous chesterfield sofas with those tradional wheels, but they would slide back on the stone floor in my house when we would sit down on them. These are the perfect size and good quality.

Seems to work perfectly for my intended use.

I bought these to keep my sofa from sliding back on our marble tile floor every time someone sat on it. I kept finding sliders, which are meant to help furniture slide. After living in our new house for a year, i was tired of constantly pushing the sofa back to were it belonged. This was practically a daily task. They are just the right size and quite unobtrusive. When i put them on, i noticed that the sofa has 5 legs. So, i’ll be ordering another package. But, even with just the 4, my sofa is not moving around anymore.

Used under the legs of our piano after getting wood floors. Very thick and sturdy and the rubber on the bottom is very good at preventing slipping.

We got these for our 4 year old’s bed that has wheels. We could have just removed the wheels but then the bed skirt would be too long and drag the floor. With the castors, we were able to leave the wheels on and not worry about our son’s bed moving all over the room.

I bought these to put under the non-locking castors on my chairs and couch. We have hardwood floors and every time someone sits on one of the chairs (or couch) it moves. Generally speaking, guests are expecting the furniture to roll away from when when they’re trying to sit on it. I had bought a different set of castor cups, but the castors just roller out of the cups when people went to sit on the furniture (particularly the chairs)- so not only was the furniture rolling away, but it was doing so in a jarring fashion when the cups tipper over. The slipstick cups actually stay put and i haven’t had a single castor roll out of the cups. I’m pretty happy with this purchase.

I have an antique bed with 1 inch wheels that moved around on the hardwood floor when sitting, making the bed. These did the trick perfectly, they contain the wheels and also are high enough to prevent stubbed toes.

Wow, these things are awesome. My couch legs fit into the grippers perfectly. I have hard wood floors, and my couch doesn’t move an inch with these grippers. Best grippers i’ve bought, hands down. The contoured shape of the grippers couldn’t be a better fit for my casters.

We put in saltillo tile (soft ceramic from another era). The upright piano has tiny steel casters. These would be death to the saltillo. These little casters (size small) turned out to be perfect. An almost hemispheric cup on top with very sturdy sides is deep enough for no escape. The underside has a ring of more yielding plastic that grips the floor without yielding too much to the bulk of the piano.

I used them for an antique dinning room table than has small little wheels. The only thing that was missing in the description was the measurement of how much it will increase the height of the table, it is only about a 1/4 inch.

We’ve had such success using the larger slipstick cb840 caster cups — the word ‘castor’ means something else entirely. — to keep our lightweight hans wegner chair in place that we decided to purchase this smaller size cup for a small bench seat. The bench no long skids out of place when you sit down or get up, and our lovely hardwood flooring is protected from the scratches and scuffs that would otherwise result from every use. For excellent gription on smooth floor surfaces, we recommend these very highly.

Bed stays put on wood floor. Highly recommend for bed frame with small wheels.

These are perfect for protecting our new floors from being scratched by the old casters on our antique china cabinet. Since our floors are brown tones, they are not obvious and do not detract from the appearance of the furniture.

The Lakeside Collection Geometric Side Table : Decent C-Table . . .

I received my table with no issues, no damage. After reading some of the comments i was afraid of damage but i took the chance. It looks like the picture but it is much lighter in weight than i thought it would be so you might want to be aware of that. You also have to assembled it yourself. The ’tiles’ are made of a thick cardboard, not real tile material but ok with me because the colors match my living room. It has been working for us so far with the living room sofa. I have put a stone coaster on it to prevent water stains and any other damage. This little table has been so useful for us because we do not have a coffee table but a cloth ottoman so this has really been in use, wish i would have bought this long ago.

It was easy to put together even for arthritic hands. It came in a very well packaged container. I actually used the cardboard from the container for another project, because it was so sturdy. Every part was in the box and the instructions were easy. I got this on sale and my only regret is that i only bought one. The table looks as good as it’s picture and was perfect for the sofa, however i use it as a side table for my recliner. I wanted to know if it would fit the sofa and this picture proves it.

Geometric Side Table

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Slate Trimmed Sofa Side Table
  • Slides under Couch for Drinks and Snacks
  • Decorate table at a Great Price!
  • Features solid wood tabletop
  • Does Require Assembly – assembly hardware included!

Could have been little better quality but you get what you pay for 20 bucks wasn’t expecting ashley table in the mail see photos attached. It works perfect would like to find one in this style that is made to last or at least strong enough that i don’t have to hide it or put it away when grand babies come visit. It looks as if we have had it for a year and only had it for couple of months, no tile decor and about as strong a photo frame.

I wasn’t sure if i wanted to buy this as many as the reviews were not great. First of all the green yellow color plates are not bad, they look exactly like the picture, nothing fancy but cute. The top is a redish/cranberry color. Mine had a little scratch on it, nothing major. The top looks as if it is made of contact paper, i might actually buy some contact paper and make it a little nicer and get rid of the scratch. There is also now a water spot that was left from a glass being on it at one time. (i have had it for several months now. ) but, it is sturdy and overall not bad for the price. My boyfriend loves it and has started to use it for eating small meals. So overall it is nice for a casual room.

Bought this for my camper–light weight and fits perfectly. However, the description says, ‘features solid wood tabletop’ and, if it is solid wood, they have chosen to finish it with contact paper.

Geometric Side Table : They are shorter than they appear. Each one was assembled very differently (despite being exactly the same product), which implies poor quality control. But in my case, it doesnt matter and does the job. Do not set too high expectations. On plus side, they are stable and hold drinks well.

For what it’s worth the quality is to be expected. They are stickers to give the look. As far as the alignment, use some muscle (doesn’t take much) the medal flexes, so it’s easy to move into place to hand screw into the medal. It works great for what i needed. Delivered very fast and was easy to put together (for me).

Nice little table but wish little taller.

I could not get the table top completely attached at the bend, because i could not get enough pressure with my small screwdriver. As a tiny female, i would suggest having someone with a lot of hand strength put it together. Otherwise its an ordinary table. The ‘slate’ is merely a photo but you cant tell unless you get really close.

I bought 2 of these end tables because i liked the design. It had all its pieces and clear instructions. It isn’t as big as i thought it would be. Would definitely brag on this to friends and neighbors.

You think it’s gonna be stone but it’s just paper on the metal. Most of my issues are because i didn’t read every detail. Like the picture looks like it would go over the side of a normal couch but nope.

I don’t care what others negatives reviews said about this product. I took the chance and didn’t disappoint, it met or even surpassed expectations because it works for what i bought it and for the price you pay has good value ratio of quality and price. I have the popular coaster one for controls which is a little larger and this one with my drinks to keek it separated. I even sometimes put snack in between drinks. Sometimes the snack fit perfect in between drinks sometimes i make room, that depend of snack size. But this one is a little smaller than the coaster one which i liked when having both in between sofas.

Exactly as i expected it to be — a very nice little table. I was looking for an inexpensive but nicely styled table for my small sitting room, and this table fit the description perfectly. The faux wood tabletop may not last, but the construction and materials allow for a real wood replacement later if i wish.

Fast shipping, took 5 min to assemble on my own. Not too sturdy but definitely does exactly what i need it to. I purchased 2 of these to hold potted flower and remotes, etc. They look fabulous and classy. For the price they are perfect.

These fit right over the couch. I’m a fan of open floor space instead of a big coffee table. These are a perfect alternative. Docking a star because i do believe they are way overpriced for the quality and size. I couldn’t find anything else like it though.

The table is made from five soft metal pieces and a cherry-finished hard wood top. The build quality is decent. Its a humblelittle c-table with chintzy particle board squares and rectangles along the side. The one major problem concerns the building process. For the most part, everything came together fine. Until you reach thetable top. First, the four tiny holes drilled along the sides of the top are too small. Second, even if you can get theequally tiny screws into those holes – good luck – they don’t fit the holes along the metal rods. I ended up gluing the top onto the frame.

Just like everyone else, the pre-drilled holes on the table top didn’t match up with the frame, however with a little elbow grease (even from a woman) you can coax the screws into the ‘wood’. I wanted to get rid of my obtrusive coffee table and these little tables are perfect for the job. Measure the height of your couch before you order, these tables are only a little shy of 21 inches tall. My couch is 18 inches high, so they work for me. Also, check the clearance space between the floor and the couch to make sure they can slide under. I was able to get rid of my coffee table and rearrange my furniture in such a way that i wasn’t able to before. I have to say these little tables also give my living room a more esthetically pleasing and unique look. . A+ for concept/idea, but c- for quality.

Safavieh Lyndhurst Collection LNH329A Traditional Medallion and Ivory Area Rug – Very pretty colors and fit is perfect!

Safavieh lyndhurst collection lnh329a traditional medallion black and ivory square area rug (6′ square) received this yesterday and have been trying to get the wrinkles out – could not believe how sloppily this was rolled – great big crease in the center. It came factory-sealed so it has nothing to do with amazon or ups. It is a pretty rug so i am hoping the creases will eventually smooth out. I took photos that show how wavy it looks, and that is after leaving it flat overnight. This is now hung across a railing to try and get the middle creases out before using it because it will be a huge trip hazard the way it lies now.

Beautiful rug and extremely soft.

This rug is a great look for our world-themed office. All of the colors and sizing is to perfection and this arrived on-time. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great priced accent to their home.

  • Luxurious look, easy to care for, and a great price
  • 6′ Square Safavieh Rug
  • I was blown away by how much I liked this rug especially for the price

Soft, great coloring and it fits perfectly in the area in front of our door. I also love that when i vacuum it, it does not get sucked up into the vacuum. It is a sturdy rug, and a very good buy.

Believe it or not i purchased this on a whim for my kitchen. . And i have never been more pleased with an impulsive buy. Everyone comments on how pretty and practical it’s turned out to be, buy the quality was a surprise. Getting up to make coffee is now fun.

Features of Safavieh Lyndhurst Collection LNH329A Traditional Medallion Black and Ivory Area Rug (4′ x 6′)

  • Power-loomed construction ensures a virtually non-shedding rug
  • The rug’s various colors allow for seamless integration into any existing style of décor
  • Delicate in appearance with a durable construction, this rug is a vision with its timelessly beautiful floral design
  • Pile Height: 0.5 inches
  • For over 100 years, Safavieh has been crafting rugs of the highest quality and unmatched style

I put this beautiful runner in my bathroom and it transformed it to a bathroom that you would find in a tuscan villa. It has a very expensive look and feel and looks much more beautiful in person.

I was blown away by how much i liked this rug especially for the price. I bought the 8′ rug for the living room and liked it so much i bought another for the dining room. The colors look pretty much the same as in the picture and it has a very soft feel underfoot. Yes when you purchase a rug of this type that has been shipped tightly rolled it takes a while to flatten out completely. I purchased a high quality pad for the living room rug because it gets more traffic and a cheaper pad for the dining room because the rug is mostly under the table. I am waiting for the rugs to completely flatten and stretch before i trim the pads maybe a few more days but they look fabulous.

. It was exactly what we needed and no question was the best price ive found a+++ for the seller and fast shipping.

I am happy with this purchase. I received it last night so my pictures might still look a little wrinkly but i am still impressed with how quickly it flattened out. I used dumbbells on it overnight and it seems to have done the job. For the price you can’t beat this rug. Time will tell how it hold up but in the meantime i am very happy.

Colors are true to pic and very soft. I wish it had fit in where i wanted it to go but it’s a hair too wide. Will just have to find another place for it.

And so does my dog 🙂 great quality and true to picture.

Very bright and rich looking.

Ordered this rug and in less than seven days we received and placed it in our dinette. It is beautiful to the eyes as well as to the touch. The quality is fantastic and colors are true to the picture. First time to order and will do again, the service has been great and the product above my expectation.

I brought this along with a dunes brand. It is good quality but not as heavy as the dunes is which why it gets 4 stars. Also, i believe it cost more, but it was the size i needed and i could not find the size in the dunes brand. I’m happy with the color and style. All in all it works for me, in my kitchen which black appliance and honey oak wood work, and flooring. I put a non skid pad under it. But lately i find that my cats are able to move it around. I haven’t seen how they are doing this yet, we are back to the weight, not heavy enough.

We purchased 3 of these runner rugs for a hallway. The color is darker than sage, in my opinion-almost a olive green-but is very pretty nonetheless, and they look great on our painted floor. The rugs are soft and cushiony but are still low profile. I love that they were shipped in heavy clear plastic. It protected the rugs but used very little packaging. I consider this excellent value for the price and the shipping was fast.

Exactly what i wanted and needed for my entryway. Love it and looks beautiful.

The rug is well made, and the colors are vibrant and exact to the picture detail and coloring. The background is a true black. All colors are true to the picture. Very happy with this purchase. Also very easy to vacuum, and nice to walk upon.

I bought this rug for my kitchen after realizing that my much-beloved gelpro mats were disintegrating and could not be fixed. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on gelpro right now, and was actually a little tired of the same-old look in my kitchen (don’t get me wrong – i love gelpro and they last a looong time). If you look at traditional style rugs, they are expensive. I have 2 small children and 3 dogs. I have no desire to spend $200+ on a rug that will no doubt be spilled on, drooled on (dogs, not kids), shedded on, and driven over by the flotilla of large and small toy vehicles we have. There weren’t a lot of reviews, but the colors and size were just right and the price was incredible. I took the leap of faith, and i’m so happy i did. The rug is very nice and looks much more expensive than it is. It cleans up easily if something spills on it and vacuums beautifully.

Rec’d this rug today much quicker than expected & i love it. Due to the great price i wasn’t expecting it to be this well made & pretty. Was purchased to go under the round coaster table in a small breakfast nook. It’s perfect, colors are true to the illustration. Since its rolled tightly so the bottom is on the outside it had wrinkles, but i rolled it tightly in the opposite direction & it’s flat now. If it’s going on tile or wood it needs a rubber rug pad for underneath as it will slide without it. They’re pretty inexpensive; i have one previously purchased from amazon. And you just can’t beat the price for the quality & beauty. Will probably buy another larger one for my entry hall.

This is a very nice rug, just what i expected after seeing it on the website. I have it in a high-traffic area , and in a sense, would consider it a replaceable item. I did not want a very high-quality rug in that area. I think it is a good value, and i’m pleased with my purchase.

I wish it were more red and less burgundy looking. But it’s large and still sericeable. In hindsight, i would have paid a little more for better quality. It’s too much of a hassle to return it or i would.

Great product and very fast service. The rug was just as described and in fact better quality then i was expecting for the price.

Sauder Carson Forge Smartcenter Side Table : Awesome table with great hidden benefits

Purchase two one for me and one for my husband. I was tired of seeing a pile of cords every where. Now all the cords stay in the inside. I have a lap top iphone and ipad and ipad minnie and they all fit inside the table with room to spare. It did come in a lot of pieces and took some time to put together it was easy and the instructions was well written. I will post a picture of the inside so you can have an idea of all the space on the inside.

This table is an amazing value. Yes, it took a while to put it together, but for the price. The piece is heavy and well made. It surpassed our expectations and it beats spending $400 on something that would accomplish the same thing. We have well made leather furniture in our living room and it fits in very well. You absolutely can;t go wrong and now all of our cords are hidden and accessible. We had no issues with missing or damaged parts. I was skeptical about sauder products, but i am ordering the coffee table.

Sauder Carson Forge Smartcenter Side Table, Washington Cherry Finish

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Mobile electronics storage and charging beneath sliding top
  • Power strip with concealed cord management
  • Felted storage surface
  • Sliding top reveals charging station with power strip and felted bottom for quiet and protective mobile electronics storage
  • Ventilation in charging station improves air flow and extends component life
  • Full extension, ball bearing slides, Open shelf for additional storage
  • Cord management system, Washington Cherry finish

So far i love this side table, very easy to assembly, ( if you don’t have 3 babies around you like in my case), now i can have all my devices in one place, charging and secure. Just one little thing, be careful where you place the top of the table when you are assembling, i my case i did not notice but there is an small scratch on it, or maybe one of my babies did it before i could finished it.

The rich color is gorgeous and the height is perfect with my couch. I bought two of them for my front room. Easy enough to put together(about hour each) and great to hide all our cords for random devices. I would give the tables 5 stars, but both came with scratches on the top pieces. I didn’t want to deal with return, so i deal with the scratches.

I am so impressed with the quality of this piece. I carefully followed the directions and had a beautiful and quite useful table. One of the boards i received was cracked and a phone call had a replacement delivered in a couple of days – no hassle. These guys are a good company and make a great product.

Sauder Carson Forge Smartcenter Side Table, Washington Cherry Finish : Solid piece of furniture once made, not a total fan of the finish versus other sauder furniture that i have bought over the years. . Once it was put together, it was too big for the space i needed it for. Measure carefully for side tables. Ending up keeping one of two for a table in front of my bay window instead of an end table. The “matching” coffee table really did not match, but again, nice design.

This is not my first sauder purchase and won’t be my last. Not easily scratched and the color looks good in my living room. I had a hard time finding a basket that would fit in the open space for my craft stuff, but finally found the perfect one and is so functional now. This piece will last for years.

I bought it to be able to charge my electronics. My friend was able to put it together without a problem. One of the pieces was damaged and one piece was missing. The company was quick to send out replacement parts. Remember to check all of the parts against the master list in the directions. I like this table so much that i am thinking about getting a second table and i would recommend this product to my friends.

I am giving this tables 3 stars for the quality of the furniture. I assumed these were made of wood not realizing they were all particle board/ pressed wood. For the price i was paying at least the table top or base should have been solid wood. Otherwise they were rather easy to put together and they do look nice. Having the power strip so accessible is truly handy.

Had to drill a couple of holes to install the stops on the sliding drawer. Other than that, it was perfect. Love the charging station feature. This will never be heirloom furniture, but it is sturdy and will last a long time. It looks good and you can’t tell it’s really particle board.

I would give this 5 stars if i bought it and the drawer was an actual drawer. They really should put a pic showing that 2/3 of the top actually slides out and opens up. It is cool they provided a power strip with it and i can see how people like it the way it is, i just don’t like surprises.

Do you find yourself wondering how you can purchase this end table at such a low price?. It is because you will be assembling the entire unit yourself. It comes with wonderfully worded/pictured instructions that anyone can follow. As other reviews have mentioned give yourself about 1. There is no short-cutting the process and you will not be able to look at it and predetermine how it goes together without the instructions. Not all the pieces are solid wood but i was surprised at how sturdy and well built the table was. The power chord comes out the back and is maybe 2. If you are not placing it beside an outlet you will need an extension chord. You only need a phillips screw driver and hammer to assemble.

Its very nice for particle board furniture. It’s actually very difficult to tell if you don’t inspect underneath to see the unfinished portions. It’s a pain to put together, but all the instructions are very well laid out and the pieces all matched perfectly.

This table is sturdy, well-made and downright cool. My niece put it together for me and said the directions were very straight forward. I love having the sliding top with the charging station inside. I now keep my iphone & ipad chargers right there and drop my electronics in before bed in to charge.

It took a while to assemble. Lots of little parts to put together. But in the end it’s worth it. It’s mostly particle board with a nice veneer, so be aware if that isn’t what you’re okay with. But over all it’s a nice table and we will get lots of enjoyment out of it.

This end table really fit the bill for us with its pull out top to hide all of the families electronics and chargers and a nice little gap which lets an ipad or two charge on the table top while keeping the wiring and plugs hidden. It was a bit of a chore to put together with many many pieces, but overall if you follow the directions carefully it is pretty straightforward to build.

Non wood product, this item is made of press/particle board wrapped in a pretty cover. Very nice couch side table to store laptop and power adapters. I do love the concept just wish it was made of real wood.

This is a really cool table. From a distance, it also looks really nice. However, keep in mind this is just particle board with a very thin laminate material. The metal hardware does look a bit cheesy up close. Not recommended for placing drinks without a coaster. I really like the design; i would gladly pay more for a real wood version or a wood veneer version.

For pressed board these actually look quite nice. Took me just over an hour to put two together, by myself, taking my time. They seem fairly study, open smoothly and look nice. It is nice to be able to hide my ipad, remote charger and other gadgets inside the table to charge. My only complaint is the cheap surge protector, but that was easily replaced by a couple good ones i had around the house.

One for each side of the couch. Decent quality for mdf furniture. Somewhat lengthy but easy assembly. Came well packaged with no scrapes or dings. The whole top slides out revealing the storage area. Thought it was weird at first, but now i like it. There is a lot of storage space for an end table.

I love the hidden compartment that slides open to reveal an electrical power strip. So convenient to use with your laptop. I’m a 65 yr old female and i didn’t have any trouble putting this together alone. It probably took me a little longer than someone who can move around on the floor more easily–but i still did it.I have purchased this end table, another smaller end table and the lift-top coffee table. It is just the right blend of casual and sophisticated. I am so impressed with the little ‘extras’ that sauder has built into this line. I was concerned that the quality might be questionable. But sauder has come along way since the days of the old bookcases that i put together probably 25 years (or more) ago.

I really enjoy having the storage for all my electronic gadgets. This keeps them organized and charged at the same time.It came in quite a few pieces and was a bit of a challenge to put together, not difficult just took a long time. The drawer rolls very smoothly. Great product and quality seems quite high.

Relaxzen Leisure Recliner Chair – Assembly headache but worth it.

This is surprisingly comfortable and well worth the money on that basis. However, the massage aspect of it is weak, as reported by others. It’s partially a function of appropriate expectations: if you think your getting the benefits of a $1,000 massage chair at this price, you’re just being unrealistic.

Its very comfortable and the massage works good. The seating is nice and wide and the back is broad. Im short and small but if your tall this would be a great chair for you. It was a blind purchase and i got lucky on this one.

The relaxzen recliner chair is one of the most comfortable chairs i have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. The chair alone is amazing, add heat and it becomes a wonderful experience. The vibration massage is nice but even without the massage the chair is great. The material does feel like real leather, it is soft and very comfortable. The wires are descrete and the assembly is easy. Highly recommend this chair.

  • Assembly headache but worth it.
  • Positive Reviews Well Deserved
  • Nice chair in this price range.

I bought this chair in order to facilitate the relaxation i normally achieve through whiskey–it works. It took about an hour of set up, but nothing too complicated even for me. Now, put together, it’s fantastic. It looks a couple of hundred dollars more expensive than it actually is, and the combination of vibration and heat make it a trap i can sink into for several hours. Personally, i like a constant background vibration, and don’t care for the kneeding of swedish massage models, so this chair suits me fine. Overall, for this price, this is an excellent product.

I purchased this relaxzen leisure recliner chair to replace my broken office chair and it arrived within the promised date in a large cardboard protected box. Assembly of the chair took 20 minutes using the installation kit (none of your own tools are required). The chair color is good and is very close to the color in the product picture. The chair i purchased is brown and it went very nicely with my maple office furniture. I just needed a comfortable chair and didn’t require the message features, but i thought that would be nice to have. After thoroughly using this chair, i would say that the message feature is the worst part of this chair. One of the four zones is very loud when activated, the other three were quiet. The 4 zones don’t message you like the high end chairs, they only vibrate and the intensity of the vibration has 5 different settings. If you are looking for a true message chair, then you should keep looking. Using the chair without the message feature makes this a decent chair, but there is a potential issue with the base attachment, in that it is not built to last.

Features of Relaxzen Leisure Recliner Chair with 8-Motor Massage & Heat, Black

  • Black Comfort soft upholstery looks and feels like top quality leather
  • 8 vibration massage motors relax the upper back, mid back, thighs and calves
  • Choose independent massage zones or from 9 pre-programmed random modes and 5 intensity levels
  • Features swivel, recline and recline tension adjustment
  • Chair capacity, 300 lbs.

I was unsure whether to order this recliner: i didn’t know whether it would be comfortable nor if it would be as attractive as it showed in the picture. After reading the reviews, i decided to give it a try. First, i want to thank everyone who takes the time to review products. I really rely on those reviews and read all before purchasing an item. This chair received good reviews and everyone was spot on. This was bought for my husband’s man cave and it looks wonderful in there and that is where it should have stayed. The weather was so nice that we decided to sit on our newly built front porch. We needed extra seating and this chair is not heavy, so we put it on the porch. Okay, guess where this chair is – still on the porch.

The heat is only in the lower back and doesn’t spread much. The description says massaging but it really just vibrates. There’s no massaging or kneading. This is what i expected for the price, though. It’s made very well and looks great.

I ordered 1 chair and i liked so much, i ordered 2 more. The seat cushion is firm, not soft. I am 6ft tall and my head can rest on the back of the chair. I have had other low cost recliners that broke at the base but this looks like it will last. I have been sitting in it for two hours now and my but is a little soon do to the firmness of the cushion. One i am now using as my computer chair for flight simulation. I need a chair that is not on wheels because both feet are on rudder pettles that bush me away when i apply pressure. Message is a nice touch in the morning.

I bought this for my mom and she likes it a lot. She doesn’t quite give it a five. The vibration isn’t all that strong, but it feels nice. Also, it could recline much further back than it does. It’s still a very, very relaxing chair and she enjoys sitting in it much more than the couch due to her back pain. Also the price was pretty good, considering how attractive/quality the chair is. Just a tip on assembly: you may have to switch around steps (i believe) 3 and 4. I couldn’t get the thing to assembly when i tried to attached the bottom hinge after the sides. I had to attach the bottom and then the side screws.

Second camo recliner, different style. Looks good, sturdy, and heat/massage works well.

Comfortable and the vibrator works well. It was difficult to connect the seat to the back when assembling the chair. The arms were also a little hard to align with the holes. I haven’t used the chair long enough to know how well it will hold up, but it looks like it is well made and should be durable. Even with the difficulty in assembling the chair, i would buy it again.

Not as comfortable as some other reviews led me to believe, but when you turn on the vibrate setting, it totally makes up for it. Contrary to what i read in one review, the heat does work without the vibrate setting being turned on but it only heats the lower lumbar area. The chair is as difficult to put together as everyone says. I put it together alone, it may be easier with two people. I wish the cushion in the head rest was about 2-3′ thicker i feel a little like i’m getting ready to have my teeth cleaned when i recline in this chair. Speaking of reclining, the recline ‘feature’ reminds me of adjusting a bucket seat in a small coupe like a honda civic. I feel like the chair might break every time i recline.

I didn’t buy this chair with only a piece of furniture in mind but the chair is attractive. I have seen much more expensive chairs with the basic same design but did not have the message feature which i use because of chronic back pain. I use the chair while spending time on the computer writing a book. My back does not become fatigued as quickly. You must have some assembly skills to assemble the chair but the instructions are adequate but could be better. I am a male and believe that most women could not assemble this chair. I have seen stand alone back vibrators with heat cost as much as this chair. The chair cushion might too firm for some but suits me fine.

I like this chair very much. I looks good and is relatively easy to install even without any instruction. What i didn’t like it, is the massaging capability. It’s basically a vibration kind of massage, not the rolling up and down type. But heck, with the low price i pay, i don’t think i should complain at all. What i can say is, you won’t be disappointed with this chair in 360 degree.

We bought this chair for my parents who had a similar brown leather chair that was broken and nobody wanted to sit in it. The price was great so we researched the reviews and found good stuff on this chair. The chair was shipped quickly. When i got it i assembled it by myself and we brought it to my parent’s house on christmas.Now everybody uses the chair and comments on how comfortable it is. It is a fake leather but, it looks pretty good. The chair is comfortable to sit in and does recline. The massage options are ok at best. If you are looking for something to be a true massage chair you will have to spend more money.

Sitting in it now at my desk. I have permanently stashed the ottoman under my desk and i pull the chair right up to my desk. My keyboard sits comfortably on my lap and my mouse stays on the wide arm rest. Besides being comfortable and warm, the best part is that my wrists no longer hurt from reaching up to my desk. That is not why i bought this chair but just one of the many benefits that have come from my wise investmentit was easy to put together and i have had no malfunctions with any of it. If i could change one thing it would be the option to use heat only.

Outside of the trauma of putting it together which was not all that bad i love this chair. It swivels, it vibrates and it has a heater. To be honest i haven’t really reclined it back and forth, i just found the position i liked and left it there. Maybe i should give it a four but really, i love it.

This thing feels almost too good (almost). But seriously, i never want to get out of it. Whether you just need to chill or something is sore, this will help.

Great chair but the arm were super difficult to screw on. The arms are very tight between the arm frame and seat cushion. The holes for the screws did not line up well and had to be manipulated several ways to get it done. In the end i had to remove the chair from the stand to turn the chair upside done to get these four screws in. Other wise, following the instructions you wide up standing on your head to try to get it done. The chair works fine and other than the arms was easy to put together. It will take some hand strength to get that done. The arms had a couple of flaws but the company jumped all over it and was quick to ship two replacement arms. Good chair coupled with a great company customer support equals 5 stars every time.

I like the posture of the chair a lot and got it instead of a recliner because of my small room. The seat cushioning is not very good after almost two months of use, but i like everything else about the chair that i will make it work. Update 5/27/2018 i still like this chair quite a lot. The cushioning is completely useless, so i now use a seat cushion on top of it. The frame has slightly bent on one side so it’s not perfectly even. Still, that’s not too bad for the time i’ve had it.

The chair and ottoman took about 30 minutes to assemble. Directions to put pieces together were good but how to use the chair was not clearly written. The chair is quite nice to sit in, and it reclines at a good angle to be able to watch tv without craning my neck. The heat works good, and it is really not massaging, but vibration. There are different zones and different levels of intensity. Favorite is heat and lower back. The chair is a good value for the price and would and have recommended it as a good buy.

My husband likes this chair. It was easy to put together and is comfortable enough for his shed/man cave. It is not ‘sinkable soft’, but sufficient. It is lightweight and can tip over if you sit too close to edge. The massage is a series of pulses. The heated seat is his favorite feature. Product is as described, just being informative as a service to my fellow consumers. A very nice looking chair that is perfect if you don’t have enough room for a big recliner.

Haven’t had much time in it yet but so far so good. Two of us girls assembled it so it wasn’t that difficult. However, i thought we were getting a tan or light brown chair and it was dark brown. It still matches my living room furniture but i had hoped for contrast. Any way, i am happy with the order.

Flash Furniture Vibrant and Chrome Drafting Stool – in front of my standing desk when I feel like sitting down for a while

So, when folks complain about the seat being slippy. The seat is ‘slippy’ because the back rest does sit back enough and/or cant be adjusted for proper bun placement. Also, this seat can’t be lowered for standard table height. 21′ is the height of seat–which makes it difficult to place feet on floor. Making it necessary to use foot rest—leading to knees rising above the seat level. Meaning you will need to use this chair at a high table that will give you at least enough room for your knees.

I have bought 4 of these stools. The first was lime green on wheels, no back. I love it, bought 2 years ago, still in fabulous condition, despite kids thinking it’s an indoor xtension of the outdoor playset. I use it at my kitchen desk, but can also use it as an extra stool at my island, should i need to. Because i love it so much, and because i was a bit bored with my kitchen, i purchased 3 more to replace the cheap, falling apart kitchen island stools i’d been dealing with. It may have been add, it may have been wine, it may have been a complete misplaced sense of style, but i decided to buy three different colors. Red, blue, and yellow-orange. Now, to be fair, i thought the yellow-orange would be more orangy than yellow, but it’s bright yellow. Like, kindergarten classroom, primary colors yellow. If you like yellow, you will be thrilled.

Just received the chair today. It came in a small box and went together with a few pieces and an allen wrench (included). My husband noted that it was hand-packaged – it’s made in china – the quality is superb. The tractor seat pieces are super glossy and feel sturdy. It easily adjusts from a regular-height chair to a drafting stool – well tall enough for my 40′ tall desk. The first thing i noticed was how large the seat actually is – and it is very slick. So if you like sitting indian-style on your chair, you can do it if you’re small enough (i can easily), but you will need to stick yourself into a position that works, and stay there, lest ye slide out of your half-lotus. I do like that you can literally slide in and out of it, which makes it a pretty fun chair. And, it swivels like a champ, so a +1 on fun. *and another+1 on fun if you have small children, who will sit in the chair at its low setting and then pull the lever, rocketing them up to space.

  • Was OK ’till it broke – UPDATE: fixed – UPDATE PART 2: Broke again, same place – UPDATE 3: fixed again
  • Exactly what it is advertised to be. I find it a good product for the price.
  • I seldom give five-star reviiews

Easy to put together and fairly sturdy. You’ll need to add felt pads on the bottom as the were scratching the wood floors. I love the bright color that pops in my room. They do chip quite easily though. So i took the top in and matched it to some nail polish. They are super cheap and super comfortable. There’s a reason that that tractor seat design is so long lasting. Great item for the price just make sure that you get some paint to match.

This is based off me being a larger than average person. The stool was super easy to assemble. The stool is a little more flimsy than i would have liked. It wobbles back and forth, but for the price i wasn’t expecting much. The screws had fallen out of their bag and were loose when i opened the box and i was missing one screw. (that might be where some of the wobble is coming from. ) the description and color online were spot on. Hopefully it holds up to a couple hours a day at the standing desk to give my back and legs a break.

Features of Flash Furniture Vibrant Red and Chrome Drafting Stool with Tractor Seat

  • Contemporary Draft Stool
  • Red Finish
  • Comfort Molded ”Tractor” Seat
  • High Density Polymer Construction
  • Swivel Seat
  • Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment
  • 8.5” Height Range Adjustment
  • Chrome Foot Ring
  • Heavy Duty Chrome Base
  • Black Plastic Floor Glides

This is a fabulous chair for the price. It is not as industrial-grade, heavy-duty as it might look in the pictures, but it seems solid. It’s easy to put together, it elevates and descends smoothly and easily, the plastic seat and back rest look great – though they are plastic. I am recovering from an injury/ surgery and can’t put weight on my leg for about 3 months, so i needed something in the shower to sit/ perch on. This isn’t made to be getting wet, so i’ll see how it holds up. Most stools that are made for showers are so low, i don’t understand why they’re made that way, unless you’re getting onto them from a wheelchair or something. With this, i can adjust the height, and i can be almost standing. It feels a lot safer than having to lower myself down to some really short stool, and it’s easier to bathe, and i don’t have to get the water blasted in my face the whole time i’m in the shower. The base is solid and doesn’t slip.

The good: very easy to assemble. With the included tool it can be assembled in just a few minutes. Better than what i anticipated. It’s very stylish and makes a nice accent piece. The bad: if you have short legs and a long torso, this is probably not the chair for you. I’m 5’10’ and just shy of 200lbs. The bad: the plastic is very slippery and one can easily slide off of it if you don’t sit on it carefully. People who are elderly, disabled, or heavyset should be very careful sitting in the chair. Now that i realize how much of a hassle returning this will be (more on that shortly), i think the best thing to do would be to modify the chair with some non-slip strips or tabs or a non-slip cushion.

As someone of average-to-low-height and weight (150lbs, 5′ 8′) for an adult male i find this chair to be more than adequate for the price. I think some of the complaints that are not to do with being an abnormally large person, but rather with materials and processes, have been addressed. The threads that the bolts engage on the seat are no longer directly in the plastic, for instance. They are in brass bolts molded into the plastic of the seat. Once you have sat in the thing for a few minutes it becomes impossible to separate the base from the stem, and the stem from the seat, so it quite easy to move the chair once assembled and sat in for a minute. The plastic on the bottom of the feet makes the chair slide pretty easily on hard flooring and carpet alike, so there is that as well. The only complaint i have is that the finish of the seat makes to too easy to slide off of. I have modified it with a little velcro tape and a memory foam chair cushion i got from kmart and it’s now very comfortable to sit in all day long.

This is a good chair if you have a standing desk and want to sit occasionally throughout the day but would not be good for a full day of sitting. The back rest only sits on the connecting rods and is prone to pop off. The chair is a bit wobbly at the base because the only things that are bolted down is the seat to the top of the center bar. The seat is also very slippery so you can lose you footing while adjusting or moving around in the chair. Still this chair works for my needs as i will lonely be sitting in it 1-2 hours a day spaced throughout the day.

Seems to be a pattern among the reviews, there is a design flaw with this chair causing it to break where the back connects to the seat. That said, for the money it’s a great chair and the company does stand behind the product. I too had mine break and after emailing the company, they honored their warranty and shipped out a replacement seat right away. While they might need to adjust the design a little, i would still recommend this to anyone looking for a stool. Just don’t lean against the back too hard or it will snap.

I purchased this for my son’s room, we are re-doing it with industrial look and this fits in perfectly. The chair was easy to put together and seems sturdy. The only drawback is that he isn’t heavy enough (at 70 lb) to make it go down, he has to get me or my husband to help him. I would definitely recommend and buy again.

Listen folks, it’s a very cheap shop chair. This isn’t going to be super sturdy, rugged or heavy duty. It’s meant for a very casual use chair. Understanding that, and reviewing it for what it is, it’s exactly what it claims to be. I didn’t pay $100 for this, so i shouldn’t be expecting a $100 chair. I wish people would review this as the cheapest possible way to get a shop chair in their garage. Shock works well, it cushions when you sit on itnice travel and seat height options. Pretty comfortable and contoured about right. Cons:i wish the back bars were stronger but again. I wish they’d threaded some lock-tite but again, price?. Throw a bit on and keep the bolts tight.

It’s a nice chair that came very easy to assemble. The only issue that i have with it, is that it is extremely hard to get the chair to lower again after raising the seat with the lever underneath, at least it is for my son, whom i purchased the chair for. I bought this chair for my son bc it looked much cooler in his room with his desk than the one that his desk came with, that was not adjustable and is still currently too low for him. -but when my son lifts the lever to raise the seat on this chair, it automatically lifts him all the way to the top and he can not get it to go back down even a little bit. He is constantly having to have someone much bigger/heavier than he is, adjust the seat for him. (for an idea of what i am talking about, he is 8 years old & even on the taller/bigger side, yet the seat still goes flying up with him in it & as i said, when he pulls the lever and will not budge even a millimeter downwards) other than all of that, once the seat is adjusted and left alone, it is very nice & looks just like the picture.

It’s not the greatest quality as was expected. I saw all of the reviews about the chair breaking in the same spot. The chair is in a bind on the back screw so i added a washer to fill the gap between the bracket and the plastic seat and it seems to have fixed the issue.

For the price it is hard to beat. I have a standing desk that i normally use while working, but there are times when i don’t want to be standing. I keep this chair in the background and pull it up occasionally to the desk (which in case you are wondering is the safco muv stand-up adjustable height workstation). This chair is tall enough that i can still comfortably do my typing at the standing desk, although as another reviewer stated, it would be ideal if it could be raised a wee bit higher. For a plastic chair it is reasonably comfortable, but my caveat is that i have not used it for long periods (hours). It was easy to assemble, with only 5 bolts to screw in (an allen key is included). I found that the blue model was cheaper than the others (at the time of my purchase). Overall recommended unless you want something very sturdy that will be where you park your butt all day long, in which case i might recommend spending more $$.

The only reason this doesn’t get 5 stars is that some parts are held in place by gravity only. The seat and foot rest are not secured in any way so when you need to lift and move the chair you have to do it by the feet. I wish it had wheels and will see if i can’t make that happen. It was easy to assemble and very comfortable. It is rich and reminds me of a really good paint job on a car.

I seldom give five-star reviews that don’t have the caveat ‘for the price. ‘ i think people need to get used to the idea that you don’t get to expect five-star quality for a two-star price, that being said, i like this chair. It was well packaged in multiple layers of paper, bubble wrap, foam and cardboard. The hardest part of the assembly was removing the packaging, it took less than ten minutes. It is very comfortable — a major consideration for me, being two weeks post prostate surgery. I bought it to be my shop workbench chair and it is great. The seat is made of plastic and the backrest doesn’t adjust front to back at all — even so, it works very well for me. If it continues to work well, i may buy another shorter with casters for my office. This could be a nice bar stool if your decor is techno-industrial.

The base is sturdy and solid metal. The plastic for the seat back and bottom do feel a little flimsy. I wish they had an option made of wood or metal. I use this chair at my standing desk which is 43 inches tall (i am 6ft) and it is just tall enough. I’m pretty thin and the chair only goes down about 1 inch when i sit at it. Others mentioned it going much further down so i imagine it depends on your weight. I have the white version and i noticed the small metal buttons on my jeans (sewn into the corners of my hip pockets for some reason?) have scratched the paint already. This chair is crazy cheap for what it is, so i would still recommend it. I would happily 2-3x as much for a version with metal or wood instead of plastic though.

The stool is decent quality, especially for the price, and would be fine for kitchen/bar use, but not the height of a standing desk which needs to be 34-36′ +/-. However, i bought this because it says that it extends up to 34’+. The lowest part of the seat (the cup of tractor seat) is where your butt will sit on the stool, and on my stool that maximum height measures as: 30′. I bought this for a standing desk, and it is not tall enough for my needs.

I’m sitting in it right now. It goes up and down and has a place for my feet and just enough support for my back. The plastic is thick and durable and the color vibrant. It went together in 5 seconds (not counting removing packaging). I’m really happy with this chair. I’m using it in my art studio for my sit/stand digital painting, my drawing board and easel. I’m a small woman and the chair feels like it has plenty of space and i have to push on it a bit to go down so it will support a larger person too.

The plastic seat broke where the backrest supports connect to the seat. Photos show where break is located. This one was sold by amazon and shipped by amazon, not one of the other sellers. Update: emailed flash furniture and they emailed me back within 24 hrs; replacement seat was shipped out promptly and i just installed it. Parts are warranted for 2 years of purchase date evidently. Update on the update: yep, the replacement seat broke in pretty much the same place. I’m getting the impression the mold used to make these seats was intended to cast aluminum, not plastic, because the gussets that break around the rear center screw do nothing to add strength. Photos 1&2 are of the first break, #3 is of the replacement update, #4-7 are of the break in the replacement. Update #3: new replacement seat arrived promptly from [email protected]

This is a pretty nice chair, especially for the price. Some reviewers have commented that you tend to slide around on the chair a little because it is smooth plastic, which can be true. I find that as long as you have something to put your feet on it works well. Assembly was easy and i probably had it put together in 15 minutes or so. I really like the color (green) and the overall look of it. It is pretty comfortable, but i only sit in it for maybe 15 or 20 minutes at a time so i can’t really speak for sitting in it for hours. Overall i am happy with the purchase.

Bought this for my husband to use at his standing height workstation. He has severe back pain and needed a sturdy chair that forced him to sit up. Purchased this and he loves it. It has helped his back pain during the day and he has been able to get more of his project accomplished. It was very easy to assemble and a great price. We will be purchasing 2 more in the near future.