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Daily Archives: September 4, 2018

Relaxzen Leisure Recliner Chair – Assembly headache but worth it.

This is surprisingly comfortable and well worth the money on that basis. However, the massage aspect of it is weak, as reported by others. It’s partially a function of appropriate expectations: if you think your getting the benefits of a $1,000 massage chair at this price, you’re just being unrealistic.

Its very comfortable and the massage works good. The seating is nice and wide and the back is broad. Im short and small but if your tall this would be a great chair for you. It was a blind purchase and i got lucky on this one.

The relaxzen recliner chair is one of the most comfortable chairs i have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. The chair alone is amazing, add heat and it becomes a wonderful experience. The vibration massage is nice but even without the massage the chair is great. The material does feel like real leather, it is soft and very comfortable. The wires are descrete and the assembly is easy. Highly recommend this chair.

  • Assembly headache but worth it.
  • Positive Reviews Well Deserved
  • Nice chair in this price range.

I bought this chair in order to facilitate the relaxation i normally achieve through whiskey–it works. It took about an hour of set up, but nothing too complicated even for me. Now, put together, it’s fantastic. It looks a couple of hundred dollars more expensive than it actually is, and the combination of vibration and heat make it a trap i can sink into for several hours. Personally, i like a constant background vibration, and don’t care for the kneeding of swedish massage models, so this chair suits me fine. Overall, for this price, this is an excellent product.

I purchased this relaxzen leisure recliner chair to replace my broken office chair and it arrived within the promised date in a large cardboard protected box. Assembly of the chair took 20 minutes using the installation kit (none of your own tools are required). The chair color is good and is very close to the color in the product picture. The chair i purchased is brown and it went very nicely with my maple office furniture. I just needed a comfortable chair and didn’t require the message features, but i thought that would be nice to have. After thoroughly using this chair, i would say that the message feature is the worst part of this chair. One of the four zones is very loud when activated, the other three were quiet. The 4 zones don’t message you like the high end chairs, they only vibrate and the intensity of the vibration has 5 different settings. If you are looking for a true message chair, then you should keep looking. Using the chair without the message feature makes this a decent chair, but there is a potential issue with the base attachment, in that it is not built to last.

Features of Relaxzen Leisure Recliner Chair with 8-Motor Massage & Heat, Black

  • Black Comfort soft upholstery looks and feels like top quality leather
  • 8 vibration massage motors relax the upper back, mid back, thighs and calves
  • Choose independent massage zones or from 9 pre-programmed random modes and 5 intensity levels
  • Features swivel, recline and recline tension adjustment
  • Chair capacity, 300 lbs.

I was unsure whether to order this recliner: i didn’t know whether it would be comfortable nor if it would be as attractive as it showed in the picture. After reading the reviews, i decided to give it a try. First, i want to thank everyone who takes the time to review products. I really rely on those reviews and read all before purchasing an item. This chair received good reviews and everyone was spot on. This was bought for my husband’s man cave and it looks wonderful in there and that is where it should have stayed. The weather was so nice that we decided to sit on our newly built front porch. We needed extra seating and this chair is not heavy, so we put it on the porch. Okay, guess where this chair is – still on the porch.

The heat is only in the lower back and doesn’t spread much. The description says massaging but it really just vibrates. There’s no massaging or kneading. This is what i expected for the price, though. It’s made very well and looks great.

I ordered 1 chair and i liked so much, i ordered 2 more. The seat cushion is firm, not soft. I am 6ft tall and my head can rest on the back of the chair. I have had other low cost recliners that broke at the base but this looks like it will last. I have been sitting in it for two hours now and my but is a little soon do to the firmness of the cushion. One i am now using as my computer chair for flight simulation. I need a chair that is not on wheels because both feet are on rudder pettles that bush me away when i apply pressure. Message is a nice touch in the morning.

I bought this for my mom and she likes it a lot. She doesn’t quite give it a five. The vibration isn’t all that strong, but it feels nice. Also, it could recline much further back than it does. It’s still a very, very relaxing chair and she enjoys sitting in it much more than the couch due to her back pain. Also the price was pretty good, considering how attractive/quality the chair is. Just a tip on assembly: you may have to switch around steps (i believe) 3 and 4. I couldn’t get the thing to assembly when i tried to attached the bottom hinge after the sides. I had to attach the bottom and then the side screws.

Second camo recliner, different style. Looks good, sturdy, and heat/massage works well.

Comfortable and the vibrator works well. It was difficult to connect the seat to the back when assembling the chair. The arms were also a little hard to align with the holes. I haven’t used the chair long enough to know how well it will hold up, but it looks like it is well made and should be durable. Even with the difficulty in assembling the chair, i would buy it again.

Not as comfortable as some other reviews led me to believe, but when you turn on the vibrate setting, it totally makes up for it. Contrary to what i read in one review, the heat does work without the vibrate setting being turned on but it only heats the lower lumbar area. The chair is as difficult to put together as everyone says. I put it together alone, it may be easier with two people. I wish the cushion in the head rest was about 2-3′ thicker i feel a little like i’m getting ready to have my teeth cleaned when i recline in this chair. Speaking of reclining, the recline ‘feature’ reminds me of adjusting a bucket seat in a small coupe like a honda civic. I feel like the chair might break every time i recline.

I didn’t buy this chair with only a piece of furniture in mind but the chair is attractive. I have seen much more expensive chairs with the basic same design but did not have the message feature which i use because of chronic back pain. I use the chair while spending time on the computer writing a book. My back does not become fatigued as quickly. You must have some assembly skills to assemble the chair but the instructions are adequate but could be better. I am a male and believe that most women could not assemble this chair. I have seen stand alone back vibrators with heat cost as much as this chair. The chair cushion might too firm for some but suits me fine.

I like this chair very much. I looks good and is relatively easy to install even without any instruction. What i didn’t like it, is the massaging capability. It’s basically a vibration kind of massage, not the rolling up and down type. But heck, with the low price i pay, i don’t think i should complain at all. What i can say is, you won’t be disappointed with this chair in 360 degree.

We bought this chair for my parents who had a similar brown leather chair that was broken and nobody wanted to sit in it. The price was great so we researched the reviews and found good stuff on this chair. The chair was shipped quickly. When i got it i assembled it by myself and we brought it to my parent’s house on christmas.Now everybody uses the chair and comments on how comfortable it is. It is a fake leather but, it looks pretty good. The chair is comfortable to sit in and does recline. The massage options are ok at best. If you are looking for something to be a true massage chair you will have to spend more money.

Sitting in it now at my desk. I have permanently stashed the ottoman under my desk and i pull the chair right up to my desk. My keyboard sits comfortably on my lap and my mouse stays on the wide arm rest. Besides being comfortable and warm, the best part is that my wrists no longer hurt from reaching up to my desk. That is not why i bought this chair but just one of the many benefits that have come from my wise investmentit was easy to put together and i have had no malfunctions with any of it. If i could change one thing it would be the option to use heat only.

Outside of the trauma of putting it together which was not all that bad i love this chair. It swivels, it vibrates and it has a heater. To be honest i haven’t really reclined it back and forth, i just found the position i liked and left it there. Maybe i should give it a four but really, i love it.

This thing feels almost too good (almost). But seriously, i never want to get out of it. Whether you just need to chill or something is sore, this will help.

Great chair but the arm were super difficult to screw on. The arms are very tight between the arm frame and seat cushion. The holes for the screws did not line up well and had to be manipulated several ways to get it done. In the end i had to remove the chair from the stand to turn the chair upside done to get these four screws in. Other wise, following the instructions you wide up standing on your head to try to get it done. The chair works fine and other than the arms was easy to put together. It will take some hand strength to get that done. The arms had a couple of flaws but the company jumped all over it and was quick to ship two replacement arms. Good chair coupled with a great company customer support equals 5 stars every time.

I like the posture of the chair a lot and got it instead of a recliner because of my small room. The seat cushioning is not very good after almost two months of use, but i like everything else about the chair that i will make it work. Update 5/27/2018 i still like this chair quite a lot. The cushioning is completely useless, so i now use a seat cushion on top of it. The frame has slightly bent on one side so it’s not perfectly even. Still, that’s not too bad for the time i’ve had it.

The chair and ottoman took about 30 minutes to assemble. Directions to put pieces together were good but how to use the chair was not clearly written. The chair is quite nice to sit in, and it reclines at a good angle to be able to watch tv without craning my neck. The heat works good, and it is really not massaging, but vibration. There are different zones and different levels of intensity. Favorite is heat and lower back. The chair is a good value for the price and would and have recommended it as a good buy.

My husband likes this chair. It was easy to put together and is comfortable enough for his shed/man cave. It is not ‘sinkable soft’, but sufficient. It is lightweight and can tip over if you sit too close to edge. The massage is a series of pulses. The heated seat is his favorite feature. Product is as described, just being informative as a service to my fellow consumers. A very nice looking chair that is perfect if you don’t have enough room for a big recliner.

Haven’t had much time in it yet but so far so good. Two of us girls assembled it so it wasn’t that difficult. However, i thought we were getting a tan or light brown chair and it was dark brown. It still matches my living room furniture but i had hoped for contrast. Any way, i am happy with the order.