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Daily Archives: September 21, 2018

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go TV Stand : Great product for the price. Not a complicated install

It goes well with my other furniture, and the storage space below is perfect for housing my dvd’s as well as other things. It took my grandson & his 2 friends about a half hour to assemble it. The price is terrific as well.

Our new tv stand went together quite easily. One of the cabinet doors was broken, but a call to convenience concepts took care of that — they immediately sent a new one at no charge. This stand is inexpensive, but it looks nice, easily handles our new television and is quite stylish. We’re very happy with our purchase and the service we received.

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go TV Stand with 3 Cabinets for Flat Panel TV’s Up to 50-Inch or 85-Pounds, Cherry

  • Easy assembly tools provided
  • 3 cabinets, 2 feature black opaque plastic doors, 1 features a solid cherry wood door
  • Beautiful Wood grain finish
  • Contemporary design
  • Will provide years of enjoyment

I am going to tell you a little bit about the product, as well as address some of the reviews, which had me hesitant when i purchased this. This looks:this looks very nice and eye pleasing. I want functionality, but i would not have purchased this if it was not eye pleasing, considering it is in open view and i get to look at it all the time. (similarly i will not purchase something that does not work)the construction:this is largely made of laminated osb wood. Most furniture is made of this stuff, unless it is high end. It is not bad, and you probably own furniture made of this already. The 5 posts that you see on the picture that hold the top board where the tv would sit on, to the bottom portion are made of plastic. They look metal, but they are plastic. I am not afraid that these will not hold. Again, they are rated for 85 lbs, so just make sure you are within the limits and you will be fine. The 2 doors on the sides are made of plastic. While i think glass would have been better, this is not a problem for me. Besides, you do not have to install them if you do not want to. You can leave them out, and it looks just as good.

First, it goes without saying that you get what you pay for. If your looking for a premium quality tv stand, then go purchase a $400-$500 stand elsewhere. But if your looking for a nice looking stand for less than $100, then you will not be disappointed. I recently received my stand and it was very well packaged. The assembly took about 40-50 minutes and the finished product looked as good or better than i expected for this price. Pro’s:instructions easy to follow if you follow the pictures closely during assemblyparts fit snuggly together and well alignedstand is lightweight but sturdy if correctly assembledrounded corners and finish looks attractive next to my black media cabinetcon’s:(2)outer doors are a glossy lightweight plastic (easily scratched if not careful)knobs & end caps are plasticwood grain visible in paint. I like but some may not want to see itcenter door knob would not tighten completely so i used a little teflon tape to tightenthe edge of the top shelf had a couple of small nicks easily filled with a thin black markersuggestions:have a wet wash rag and drying towel to clean after applying a water based glue (elmer’s)and inserting the wood dowelsafter inserting the dowels use a rubber mallet to gently tap them completely into the holesbe sure the carn dowels are tightly installed for stabilityfor best results do the assembly on a soft surface like a rug or carpetdo not lift stand using the top shelf (plastic parts) use the middle shelf or lift from the bottomsuggested tools:phillips screwdriver, rubber mallet, wash rag & towel, water based glue, black fine tip marker (touch-ups).

Was not expecting the black doors on the front to be a sort of flimsy plastic, but the fact that they are so shiny that they look like very tinted glass makes up for that. Also the door in the middle opens like a garage door and is super cool. My dad had a little trouble putting it together where he had to backtrack a bit, so make sure you read the assembly directions carefully.

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go TV Stand with 3 Cabinets for Flat Panel TV’s Up to 50-Inch or 85-Pounds, Cherry : When the product arrived, one of the large wooden panel was cracked. I email the manufacturer and they shipped out a replacement right away.

The package arrived on time, as promised, which is always a good thing. It’s was fairly easy to put together, and looks great when finished. Couldn’t give it a five star due to cheap quality materials. Be careful when tightening screws because i actually put a screw right through a part of the shelves by accident. The plastic doors look nice, but are very flimsy and cheap. I bought this for the tv in my ‘man cave’ but would not recommend it for a formal living room due to it’s quality of construction. I knew off the bat that you get what ya pay for, but it does look nice.

I would have given it 5 stars except they sent an extra door with a door knob attached and one of the panels is not the correct panel. Which caused complete confusion when putting it together. Also the two doors that actually belong to the cabinet are cheap looking plastic. The extra door was wood and looked nicer, but couldn’t use it. Thank god all the other pieces were correct and i was able to put it together (even with one incorrect piece that worked).

Measures 47′ across and about 25′ from ground to top. My tv is 60′ and sits comfortably because the stands underneath it are about 45′ wide. The edges hang off a little bit. Sturdy and easy to assemble. Did it by myself in about an hour without rush.

 this is definitely a sturdy tv table. A bit heavy but very sturdy. Nice convenient storage compartments. Only problem was it came without the instructions so i had to contact amazon who gave me the number for me to call. I called and they immediately sent me the instructions. Overall happy with the product.

Shipped missing many necessary parts, took them nearly two weeks to send the parts. When building it, the quality feels quite poor. The holes don’t align perfectly, the parts have many chips in the paint, and some of the camlocks came loose. It doesn’t help that the two side doors are plastic and the middle door is barely held in place. That being said, the final product looks quite nice from a distance, and feels relatively sturdy as a whole so far.

Bought for game room and looks better than i thought it would. Ppl complain about the plastic doors, bad instructions, and poor quality. I did have to find the right phillips head but after that the pieces locked in and was sturdy. I could almost put together looking at just photos (i’ve been working long hours and no sleep when i assembled it). Plastic side doors only look plastic cause you know they are. At a glance they appear to be glass. As far as the quality, it’s exactly what i expected it to be. There are real wood stands with thick metal parts and i’ll bet they even use real glass.

It’s the perfect size for my small game room/studio, and fits my 36′ flatscreen nicely, with room to spare if i ever want to get a larger tv. I’ve got my wifi router and such tucked behind the tv as well, with no trouble being able to reach back there when i need to. The open shelf underneath is ideal for game consoles, and the closed cabinets on the bottom are perfectly sized for dvds and game cases. It’s not fancy, but it is decent quality for such a cheap price.

Very good tv stand, holds all i need.

I decided to get this in spite of reading the reviews because i’m not someone who cares too much about how something looks, i’ve got plenty of other particleboard furniture, and plastic doors don’t seem that bad to me. After receiving it, here are my thoughts. The price is good — you’d be hard pressed to find another stand made for 50′ tvs at this price. The main unit (sans doors, back) is nice and sturdy, even if mainly made of particle board. But there were a few too many ‘off’ things that made me somewhat regret my decision to get this instead of the $20 more expensive altra carson 50′ tv stand, which is the most popular non-mounting tv stand. For example, the back of the bottom unit might as well not be there (in fact, i decided against installing it–no sense in nailing a centimeter of thin wood into the back). My main qualms with the unit are nothing fits as you’d expect it to–while you can force a fit, none of it fits perfectly. Half the camlocks that came with my unit were either falling out of their holes (the holes were too big) or jammed in there sideways. You doubt the integrity of the camlocks, too, because it’s hard to turn them more than 30 degrees.

For 60 something dollars you get what you pay for. >the wood is cheap>the doors are cheap plastic. >requires you to glue stuff while assembly. Be careful to not glue it the wrong way. Like assembling all cheap things, it might be a good idea not to over-tighten screws. (actually i don’t even tighten it much until it starts to come together. )for 60 something dollars it looks very good>it looks very good as long as you don’t come close and examine it. >i can’t say about the plastic doors. I don’t use those that much.

After reading ither reviews i was worried setup would be complicated but it wasn’t. All parts came in clearly marked separated bags. 12 steps instructions with good pictures. I’m not extremely handy but put it together in 2-hrs while mainly focusing on watching netflix. It’s strudy and except for the outside dark plastic door looks much more expensive tuen it is.

This was much better than i expected. The size was great for my 52′ tv and it is a very sturdy piece of furniture. If i have any complaint at all, it’s that the plastic doors are kind of cheap. They look ok but instead of cheap plastic, they could have been made out of something better. Especially with the overall value.

Although the doors are plastic(except for the middle one) which i already knew cause i read the reviews b4 hand, i like it. Took a while to put together cause i was confused and the instructions weren’t all that helpful so i just kinda went with my own flow and put it together. Although everyone’s experience is different.

This console was styled with a pair of ladder bookshelves that accentuates a pleasingly not too feminine decor. It softens all the straight lines. There are three doors to this unit. In order that the doors fit and work properly, all parts must be properly aligned, if not, the doors will not fit properly. The middle door is a swing door that swings forward set on tracks that extend to the back of this unit. I would delay tacking on the back panel til the middle swing door is completely set in place. After the unit was completely assembled and all the doors set in place, when i attempted to move the unit, the middle swing door fell off its tracks. The only way i could reinstall the door was through the back of the unit turning the door diagonally til it realigned with the tracks, pushing it forward on the tracks. That was the most frustrating part of the assembly.

I was super skeptical about buying it and having to assemble it but it wasn’t bad at all. Fyi the black doors are plastic, but you can’t tell at all once it’s assembled, and it doesn’t look cheap.Definitely a great bang for your buck.