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Daily Archives: September 24, 2018

Winsome Wood Round Coffee Table, The Perfect Sized Coffee Table

If you need something temporary in your living room, this coffee table looks ok. I also ordered the matching end tables and all of them are poorly crafted and finished. Craftsmanship like this can be done in anyone’s backyard a lot better. The hardware to assemble the table is also of poor quality. Be careful not too screw the brackets too fast or too far as it will become loose instantly. The glass also looks like little consideration was taken with its handling, as it appears to be visibly scratched. The glass sits loose on top of the table with too much space around it, causing it to make noises as we walk by. I purchased this item for a new apartment rented, and it is likely not moving with me to a new home. So, for what it is, it will work for the time being.

Wanted round table w glass top. A bit rough on the edges very slightly, but that’s what i like about it anyway, informal and simple.

I love the style,of this table but the quality of the wood itself is very poor. Some patches of wood are rough where others are smooth. If you can live with that, then go for it. I purchased the matching end table a few years ago and it is perfect in every way. I expected this table to be of the same quality, but it is not. I kept it because i was able to fix a lot of the dings with a magic marker and the room where it’s being used is on the dark side so you really don’t notice the poor quality. When purchasing this table, i also purchased the matching sofa table. On the good side, they are well built and easy to assemble. Just wish the finish was a little nicer.

Key specs for Winsome Wood Round Coffee Table, Espresso:

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  • Contemporary Modern Style with function and value.
  • Great Coffee Table with Glass inset for any living room.
  • Matching End table and Tall Side Table is available.
  • Espresso Finish
  • Dual paddle control

Comments from buyers

“Great for small space!, Looks OK. Poor finish and poor quality overall., Wonderful table for a perfect price”

I bought this table i think 4 years ago and still using it after 3 moves. Only complaint i have is that dirt collects on the overlay rim where the glass top sits and that part isn’t finished very well (wasn’t sanded and smoothened properly). Especially if there’s a spill and if you remove the glass to clean your paper-towel will tear and little bits will get stuck which then you have to pick out by hand. Other then that it’s exactly how the posting described it. I knew i was going to move a year later so i had held on to just the glass packaging which came in handy.

Once assembled, this is a pretty nice table. I think the picture accurately reflects the size and look of the table. Assembly was easy and only took about 15 minutes. However, the furniture itself has cosmetic issues. The first table i received had to be shipped back due to a large scratch (almost a crack) down the table top. The second one didn’t have any issues nearly that bad, but there were several dings and smaller scratches on the table. If you are not willing to pay this type of money for a table with imperfections, i would highly suggest you look elsewhere. If i had the option to do it again, i would probably avoid purchasing this table unless i could confirm all of the pieces would be in good shape first.

I purchased this along with the matching end tables. I did not expect these to be so heavy for the price but they definitely feel solid. They actually hold up well too. I have a puppy (a lab with the sharpest of nails) who jumps on it.

I bought this as a gift for someone with a small living room. I wish i’d bought it for myself because it’s the perfect size regardless of lr size. And i like the fishbowl inspired glass top. Something decorative can be placed on the bottom while using the top for entertaining.

Very nice table; just a little smaller than i expected. I would recommend this table if you need a smaller-sized coffee table.

This round coffee table is very sturdy and looks great in our family room. It is easy to install (take me about 15 minutes) and looks high quality. My only complain is that after you install, it would not be easy to take down and reinstall because the legs has not metal screw holder. Instead, it only use screw direct into wood.

Stylish, fairly priced and perfectly sized. It’s very elegant and not to big and imposing and not too small. Looks like i received it from a furniture showroom. People are amazed when i tell them i got it off amazon. Not your typical ikea coffee table. Also, we are not handy and this was extremely straightforward and simple to put together.

Item did not match the other table amazon matched with it that we also purchased at the same time. So we had to alter our design plan. Easy to install and seems sturdy. Not big enough for a coffee table but it will serve its purpose as an end table in between our two sofas.

The coffee table is very cute and fits nicely where i am using it. It also was not difficult to assemble however there is a large scratch on the glass. I did not notice this until after assembling the entire table so i was not about to dis-assemble and return it. Also, i would recommend gluing the dowels that hold the shelf and the legs together. There are brackets that screw into the shelf and legs underneath of the shelf but i felt it would be sturdier with the glue.

It’s not the most well-made piece of furniture, but it’s very functional and fits perfectly with my pit group. I’ve noticed a few minor discolorations but no one else would probably key in on them. It was very easy to assemble and seems to be pretty sturdy. When i need to clean the glass, i just pop it out and put it back in. I would recommend this table.

I purchased the coffee table and 2 side tables. They did not take long to put together, fairly easy. It was safely packaged so nothing was damaged. I get tons of compliments like i bought it at a department store.

Perfect table for smaller areas but still has lots of room to place drinking glasses, etc. The texture of the wood on the bottom section was a little rougher than expected. I covered it with a large rattan basket and it looks beautiful.For the price and quality, you can’t go wrong with this table.

I am giving this table a tentative 5 star rating because while i have no complaints, there are enough reviews that makes one question durability – cracks occurring after a short time. That said, there are no defects in the unit i received, is was very well packaged, the instructions were clear, and in my case all of the parts fit perfectly. The only minor thing i found were some fingerprints in the stain on the underside of the top piece – clearly not much of a problem. The color is as expected – ‘espresso’ pretty much describes is accurately. The table is stable and matches some new chairs we got for an office very well.

Bought this table for my sectional and it is perfect. The size is nice for my smaller living room and compliments the corner of the sectional nicely. Construction was easy and the wood is very solid, not like particle board at all. The glass inset is a nice touch although dust can get in the crack between the table and glass, it’s not a huge deal as lifting it out and doing a quick wipe takes all of 15 seconds. The color is a nice dark finish with a slight gloss. The wood is mostly very smooth, not like lacquered up smooth, but like a nice sanded and sealed finish, only a few edges have a grain that can be felt with your finger. I have coasters i use to keep the table looking nice and, luckily, the top of the glass is almost perfectly level with the top of the wood, so there’s no lip to worry about if setting down a plate or glass. Overall, great, sturdy, beautiful table that has already gotten tons of compliments and questions of ‘where did you get it?’.

I was looking for a complementary table for my living room. I wanted something circular and compact and this table fit the bill perfectly. It is well made and not too difficult to assemble. The only issue i have is with the plastic plugs that cover the screw holes on the bottom stand. They are cheap looking and pop out easily, so as long as you don’t have to move the table too often, you will be ok. As far as the rest of the product, i am very happy with it.

I purchased this table, as well as the rectangular end table, for a small alcove in our apartment that will do double duty as a seating area and extra bedroom. I couldn’t be happier with them. Beautiful, solid wood (not particle), classic design, lovely finish and easy assembly. Perfect size for a small space and easy to move to accommodate pull-out sofa bed.

There were some off color areas on the wood, but what irritated me the most were the scratches on the glass top. We used an oil based furniture polish and hope that will fix the wood. As for the scratches on the glass top, i disappointingly will have to cover with a plant or tray. However, the table matches and looks good with the rest of my furniture.

It is modern and good quality. It is exactly what i was looking for and looks as pictured.

After buying new living room furniture i was looking for a small, round expresso coffee table to complete the look. I couldn’t spend a lot of money so i shopped target, walmart, etc. Found this table in walmart and priced it. Then tried amazon – which is amazing.Found exactly the same table, read the reviews – some not so flattering – and some extremely happy reviews. I thought ‘what will i do if there’s something wrong’ at least with walmart i can return it easily. But, with savings on taxes and shipping fees with amazon, the price was almost $100 less. I’ve ordered with amazon many times over the years and have never had a problem so i decided to take a change on a piece of furniture. It only took a couple of days to arrive and it’s perfect. Only took about 45 minutes to put together – is sturdy, glass fit perfectly, color exactly what i wanted and looks amazing in my small space with the new furniture.

The color was spot on and fit perfectly in front of our sectional. It feels very durable and putting it together was very simple.