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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Willow Tree hand-painted sculpted angel, More sentimental than flowers

I gave this angel to someone who was mourning the loss of a loved one. The sculpture is sweet, petite, beautifully crafted and brought something a little more special than flowers to this grieving person ~ a keepsake that can bring lasting comforting.

Beautiful with my other 18 willow tree angels surrounding my angel tree.

My family is a big fan of willow tree. You can’t go wrong with these.

Key specs for Willow Tree hand-painted sculpted angel, a tree, a prayer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Sentiment: ”May you find strength, beauty and peace each day” written on Enclosure Card
  • This figure communicates through gesture, to represent an emotion or mark a memory. Willow Tree sculptures express love, closeness, healing, courage, hope… emotions of a life well lived
  • 5.5”h hand-painted resin figure with wire wings. Packaged in fitted box ready for gift-giving
  • Artist Susan Lordi hand carves the original of each Willow Tree piece from her studio in Kansas City, MO. This piece is cast from Susan’s original carving and painted by hand.
  • Since 1999, Susan Lordi has worked in partnership with DEMDACO to produce, market and distribute Willow Tree, her line of carved, figurative sculptures.

Comments from buyers

“We love Willow Tree figures., Made my wife happy., She said when she opened the box she had wonderful memories and tears of happiness”

I purchased several willow tree angels for my administrative assistant. This one was for her birthday. She absolutely loves it, and it also fell on earth day, so the tree that’s incorporated into its design is an extra bonus.

This was a christmas gift, and loved by the person that got it. I will purchase more of these from this person.

These products are always so well made and worth the money. I just received the package today, and just love the angel. I will have to buy more as gifts for my family and friends.

This will be given as a christmas gift and i am sure the person receiving this as a gift will love it.

Makes an excellent gift for a grieving friend/client.

Beautiful, as all willow tree products are.

Gave this as gift, the collection is so nice different & really can be a nice sentiment.

I bought this for a gift for my adult daughter who was being baptized, making her first holy communion and her confirmation all in the same day. It was perfect for her fire place mantle, not too large.

Christmas gift and was perfect.

This was for my daughter and she loves it. The transaction went smoothly, no problems. She is very pleased with all the figurines she has gotten.

One of my favorite gifts to give others.

Person i gave this to loved it.

I sent this to a friend whose husband died two years ago. I was not aware of the fact that he gave her a willow tree angel every christmas and that she had not received one since his death. She said when she opened the box she had wonderful memories and tears of happiness.

My wife love it as a christmas gift.

Love the ornament but disappointed in the box it came in. . Was going to give it as a gift but am keeping it for myself.

Added this angel to my willow tree nativity set. I put it with my christmas set but then keep it out all year because i like the design.

Signature Sleep Ultra Steel Bunkie Board : It was not comfortable and always moving around with me when I tossed

This was easy to put together, and it is sturdy. We have an antique metal frame bed, which is a little irregular in size, so we still had to leave a couple of boards under the bunkie board, but we were able to take out the box spring. This lets my daughter’s short legged fur babies to easily get in and out of bed.

I’ve only had it for a couple months, but so glad i purchased this one. I’ve seen so many terrible quality bunkie boards and was hoping this wasn’t another. I went by the other reviews and wasn’t let down.

Signature Sleep Ultra Steel Bunkie Board, Full

  • Quilted, polyester fabric included
  • Premium metal frame construction
  • Ideal for use with platform beds, bunks and daybeds with supporting slat system
  • Can be used with any mattress
  • Provides a solid surface foundation and additional support

Turned our crib into a full size bed and this bunkie board fits like a glove.

I’m dropping this two stars due to inaccurate size description on here. I bought two of these for my kid’s bunk bed to replace the wooden slats. The bunk has a narrow (1/2”) lip on either side and i measured that i need a 38 3/4” to a 39” width to make sure the board will sit securely. The description on the site says 39”, which is perfect. However when i try to put the board in, it wouldn’t reach both sides. I brought it down for a measure and it’s only 37 3/4”. That’s a whole inch and quarter short of the stated width. Naturally i can’t use these and need to return them. Otherwise product looks like it’s well constructed. Just wish i could’ve used it.

I bought this as a modified box spring for my toddler’s full-sized mattress. I didn’t get a regular box spring because it would have made his bed entirely too high and he wouldn’t have been able to climb into it. This bunkie board is absolutely wonderful. It provides outstanding support for his mattress and made an immediate difference. It’s very easy to put together – took less than 5 minutes. My 130 pound dog, my two year old, and myself have all been in this bed and the support is incredible. I recommend this to anyone looking for a ‘shorter’ boxspring option for their mattress.

Signature Sleep Ultra Steel Bunkie Board, Full : Bought this for use with the dhp brooklyn bed frame. I hate the look of box springs, but this particular frame has just slightly too much space between the rungs to support a foam mattress comfortably. My mattress was also not heavy enough to prevent the rungs from clanging and squeaking loudly against the rest of the frame. This product solved both problems perfectly. It actually took longer to unpack from the box than it did to assemble. Literally 2 hex-screws and 1 zipper for the cover, and you’re done. It was very well-packed, and the cover itself came in its’ own protective bag. The attention to details like that is appreciated.

Great product and great price. Most of the bunkie boards you buy are more expensive and are just wood, this is solid steel, i wouldn’t even recommend the warranty. It’s solid and fits full size perfectly.

Been using plywood support for my son’s full, captain bed. Hated the smell of the wood and even the low profile (5′) box spring we received with new mattress was too high. Great support and comes with cover to protect the mattress you put on top.

Purchased this to reinforce the slats on my teen daughter’s metal frame daybed. The bed came with steel slat bars that hook into the frame. They were then secured with plastic stabilizing hook clamps to prevent the slats from separating and sliding out of their assigned slots in the frame. My daughter, at almost 6 ft tall weighs in at 210lbs. The metal frame would squeak terribly whenever her friends came by and sat around in the room. Pillow fights would make me fear that all the slats would bend into a u-shaped mess. I did a bit of research and determined the signature sleep ultra bunkie board to be my best rated and. Most economical option for a durable steel frame support. It arrived in a slim box and consisted of 2 frame pieces, hardware and frame cover. My daughter, in a rush to go out with her friends, assembled and mounted the frame support on top of the slats of her daybed.

These were just the ticket to use with 4′ foam mattresses to give our growing grandchildren more room in their bunks at nanny and grandpa’s lake house. Sturdy, easy to put together, great support.

Just what i needed to firm up a daybed; so that an adult could sleep comfortably. I had purchased a new firmer mattress for the daybed in my study. But was very disappointed that it still was not comfortable to support an adult with 200+ pounds. I purchased this steel bunkie board to help add the firmness and support that i hoped for. It arrived in two pieces that fit together (which my 70 year old clumsy self) and was able to fit it together by myself although i said a few #%&*@ words, broke a sweat and wished several times i had an extra arm/hand or two. But i got it together along with the quilted cover. And now the day bed is comfy for skinnies and fatties as well.

This seemed to be the only bunkie board i could find that fit what we were looking for. We wanted something that wasn’t too tall for our toddler’s bed (under 2′), something metal so he wouldn’t instantly break it, and covered in cloth so it wouldn’t slide or rip up the sheets. We purchased a panel bed which had 3 support boards. As other reviewers have noted the frame does not measure 39′ – more like 37. 5′; it would not reach the side supports of the bed. We had home depot cut 5 additional trim boards for extra support and set the bunkie board on top of the 8 boards. The box was extremely beat up and the screw box was open, but the unit looked to be in pretty good shape. When we slid the 2 halves together only 1 screw would go in – the other hole was rotated on the pole and could not be reached through the slot. It seemed like someone else had discovered this and returned it. We ordered a 2nd unit hoping for better quality.

I’m using this bunkie board with a twin size memory foam mattress (no box spring), and the support is exactly what i was looking for. It’s made out of solid metal, is easy to assemble, and fit perfectly with my bed frame – i have one of those simple metal frames that come in 2 pieces.

After spilling a bottle of windex on my sons mattress, which promptly soaked thru his memory foam mattress and onto his bunkie board (who came up with that name??) my husband and i were in a panic. Didn’t realize what a piece of crap old board was, literally became a warped piece of cardboard. Searched and this sounded like the best bet. Just got delivered by ups, took about 3 minutes to put together and it’s on his bed. It’s very solid and i am happy :).

It fit perfectly and made the bed so much more stable & comfortable. Thinking of buying another one.

I’ve had lower back issues for most of my adult life, nothing to serious but annoying enough to really affect my everyday life. In september it got worse when i moved in with my girlfriend. We bought a king size memory foam mattress (i was on a full memory foam for 3 years prior and back was ok) and we put this bed on a platform frame with wood slats. It was pretty cheap like 250 for a king frame from zines but good quality mostly except for the slats. So i assumed my back was just hurting from moving all the furniture and playing a ridiculous amount of golf. But fast forward almost a year later and my back is much worse even when i first wake up it wasn’t stiff anymore it was painful. So i bought this and it too 5 minutes to put together very simple and slid it under my side of the king size bed for extra support. It has definitely firmed up the bed just a tad and added support. My back has now gone back to just being stiff and not so much pain and i’m hoping over the next few weeks with exercise it gets better.

Purchased this to use under a daybed mattress so i could use a safety rail for my 94 year old mother. Also purchased safety rail from amazon and couldnt be more pleased.

Had my doubts but it ended up being perfect for my youngest son’s pb daybed trundle. I wasn’t comfortable with just the wooden slats and wanted an extra layer of support. Pottery barn makes lasting furniture, however the spacing on their trundle daybeds is awkward. I was going to add foam to make up the difference from the bunkie board and the frame, but ended up using a long body pillow we had and it worked perfectly with no additional out of pocket. Attached pics to show the bunkie board on top of the wooden slats – perfect fit. I also have to add that the cover is essential to the mattress not slipping and moving around. Also, this purchase was absolutely necessary in order to have the bed rail up and supported for safety. Hope this helps y’all transitioning your babies into big kid beds.

Solid construction, cover is snug which is nice. Width is too narrow however for my standard full size bunk bed. I have to lay it on top of the bunkie boards (which i was hoping to replace with this) so it doesn’t fall to the floor underneath. I’ll have to get wider pieces of edge support wood to keep this in place.

Quality is fine and it was well-packaged. Unfortunately, it was not wide enough for the platform bed we bought. It would not even reach one side when balanced on the interior rail on the other side. We did put it on the bed (a return would have been expensive given the weight) but had to put in all the pine support slats that came with the bed (which we had hoped to avoid, and thus the reason for the bunkie board).

I just purchased a daybed with wooden slats for its base. I needed firm support that would be relatively thin at the same time. It’s easy to assemble–just 2 pieces that slide together and are bolted. The instructions were very clear. The quilted cover was easy to slip on. I appreciate that it has a zipper closure. It’s sturdy without weighing very much. With an 8′ gel foam mattress i get the security and support i wanted and still find it pretty firm but still comfortable.

This works perfectly in-between a memory foam mattress and daybed trundle.

Serta Works Ergonomic Executive Office Chair – Many options to adjust your seat and change positions often. Good quality

A very nice comfortable chair to work on the computer with. It wasn’t very hard to assemble it arrived on time and i’m still trying to really figure out the adjustment for the back of the chair. The extra lumbar cushion will never be used by me the one that’s fastened in the chair is not as comfortable as i would like for it to be. I haven’t figured out a way to adjust the chair where that cushion is in the sink in my back since i do have a behind. It never gets really into the sink of my back right it needs to be.

I was unsure like others when i first received this chair. I’ve never sat in a chair like it. I’ve had a non-stop back issue for 2-3 months from an injury that just never seemed to get better. I sit at least 6 plus hours a day working and usually more. After a few days my back is already feeling better to the point where i really haven’t noticed it. Which for me lately is a big deal. I’ll update after i break it in a bit. The quality of the chair is also very nice so it should last a long time.

It went together easily enough with no help, directions were adequate and i used the box to hold the chair upside down while i assembled it. However, this chair is just barely short enough for me at 5’3′. My feet touch the floor when sitting forward but not when leaning back. Additionally, its too tall for my work surface, but i can remedy this by raising the table surface with bed risers or something. I may need to find smaller casters if the height proves a problem. I like the extra lumbar cushion, since i work in a somewhat forward-leaning position assembling things, so it gives good support in my particular sitting position. The seat cushion feels a bit hard initially; i work in this chair for many hours a day, so we’ll see how it feels after a long work session. I will update this review a few months down the line.

  • frikkin’ amazing chair! I had surgery on L4/L5/S1 years ago
  • This chair is great! I am at my desk for 8 to
  • Good for lower back pain and posture

I started my search for a new chair and did about a month of research. I had already owned a ~$150, rather nice office max chair. It was a decent chair, but a chair’s comfortability is more important to me than most people, sans a few who may be in a similar boat as me. I suffer from rsd (reflex sympathetic dystrophy), and it is a degenerative, disabling disease that causes chronic pain in limbs; in my case, i suffer from nearly constant burning pain down my left leg, blow-torch burning. I’d rather be water-boarded than spend an hour in an average high-school metal chair. Now that i have stated that, you know how important a good chair is for me. I happen to spend several hours a day at my home office, sitting for more than half the day working, playing, et cetera. In the beginning of my research, i debated between those high end mesh chairs, high end gamer chairs like dxracer, and this serta chair. I was really torn between the three. I was afraid the mesh wouldn’t be comfortable enough, and feared the dxracer would be geared more toward young adult gamers than office workers (though i am a gamer as well).

Its a pretty good quality chair. I guess some people might not like the rotating action it has, but i do. It adds to back support when sitting up and i like to move around postions in the chair from leaning back to sitting straight up. I like how its got alot of options for that.

Features of Serta Works Ergonomic Executive Office Chair with Back in Motion Technology, Black Bonded Leather

  • Back in Motion Technology pivots the lower back forward to flex pelvis and keep your back in a positive neutral position
  • Thick, ergo layered body pillows, cushioned headrest and padded arms are comfortable and supportive
  • Ergonomic armrest, height and seat adjustment makes it easy to find – and lock – the most comfortable positions
  • Supple bonded leather or soft fabric upholstery give any workstation an instant upgrade
  • Some assembly required

I had surgery on l4/l5/s1 years ago and have trouble sitting anywhere for too long. The seat has a pivot, front to back. With the lumbar support attached to the seat and not the seatback, it moves with you as it pivots, allowing motion in the hip flexors, which keeps the blood flowing altogether. This chair is indispensable to me now.

Have had literal crippling pain for a decade. I could not sit in an office chair or do office tasks for more than 12 minutes without crying and having to stop. With this chair i can sit for 2 hours, ok i lost track of time and it was 4 hours and had zero pain. I now get up every 2 hours because my pt said too, but even after 4 hours i didn’t even have tingling in my feet. So comfortable my ex keeps stealing it when he visits the kids. Lol getting another one when i get cleared for a job.

Thus chair us very supportive. It is not perfect but, because the extra cushion can move up and down, fairly customizable. I think the extra pad is too much, unless i put it up enough to be able to slide my bum all the way back still. It’s the perfect lumbar support for me. That’s the most important part to me, so i gave the 4 starsit is a bit high. You’ll most likely need a foot rest of some kind. I’m 5’7′ and when i sit my toes can touch, but i can put my heels on the groundgreat task/work chair for tall people, as it goes much higher as well. I’m very happy the armrests have good padding. I do wish they could adjust more than up and down.

My office provides only basic task chairs with no support so i splurged with christmas gift money. Assembly was easy, though i’d recommend having a 10 mm socket wrench on hand rather than using the dinky allen wrench. The lumbar part stays with the seat, not the back, so as i move around it keeps the support against my back. I found the extra cushion to be too much, but i’m holding onto it in case i later change my mind. Armrests are at the right height. The seat sloping downward is the best part for me, i can keep my feet flat on the floor and not feel pressure on the backs of my thighs. I got the dark grey fabric because i hate the slippery feel of leather; i want to stay in place when i sit down. It reclines just a little bit when i need to lean back and think or be comfortable on a conference call.

If you’re looking for a non-fake-leather chair that’s doomed to peel then you know that you’re fabric options are limited these days. Crappy bonded leather has taken over the market. This grey fabric chair is nice in that i don’t have to worry about it peeling. But you’ll either love this chair or despise it. But what you’ll either love or hate is the fact that the mid back part of the chair is connected to the bottom cushion, that portion of the back moves with your butt. Sometimes it’s great, sometime it annoys the crap out of me. But i could see how some people would hate it.

For someone who has had a bad lower back, and very recently had a back fusion, this chair is amazing. After researching and reading reviews, i decided to go for this serta back in motion chair, rather than a more costly chair. And am so glad with this decisionthankfully, my mechanically-inclined cousin and her daughter visited and assembled it for me, although the directions did seem pretty straight forward. She sat in it, and didn’t care for the extra padded lumbar support (which is removable). However, i absolutely love it. I can finally sit back in my chair while working, now an then, and have my lower back fully supported. Plus, and perhaps more importantly, since i tend to sit forward while on the computer working, the way the seat moves does help my back. When i got up from my old office chair, i was very stiff, and walking as such. Now, i get up and feel fine. Thank you, serta for making this fantastic, and affordable chair.

This chair is very nice, love the extra back support. Very plush in the butt area. The chair is a bit heavy, rolls a little tough on carpet. Everything about the chair is great i only have one complaint. The arms are shaky and loose. They have buttons on the outside for adjusting the height for the arms but by adding this feature, it comes at the cost of having loose. The arms are stable and strong and can hold all my weight (200 lbs) but they are not solid in structure, they wobble and rattle if you shake them. If you have a dog that likes to push against you for attention, the dog could push his/her body up against the outside of the arm which pushes the button in and causes the arm to drop in adjustment. Unless the arm is already adjusted to its lowest level.

I’ve had a few back injuries, one in my low back that constantly causes me pain/discomfort. So far, i am loving this chair. My back has been hurting for the past month and i have noticed an immediate improvement after getting the chair. My old chair would cause pain to build up in 10 minutes of sitting. I have been able to sit in this chair for up to 4 hours without getting up and when i do stand, i am a bit stiff but feel no pain in my low back. The seat back only comes up to my shoulders so i can’t rest my head when leaning back (i thought it might be comfy enough to nap in once in a while. But it was not meant to be, i’m only 5’11” so i’m not tall for the chair). Assembly was pretty easy which was a good thing as the instructions were missing from my box. Personally, i recommend this chair for people with low back injuries or anyone who sits behind a desk all day and wants to prevent back problems caused by sitting.

I bought this chair for my wife. It is a very well built chair. Since i am 6’4′, i would have to use the extra lumbar support. I want to use this chair for a couple of hours to see if it would be ok for me. I have arthritis in my lower back and i can’t stay in one position for very long. It does take a little longer to put together because of the extra lumbar support and the cables, but it isn’t hard at all.

The padding is not so plush for skinny butts. I feel the plywood base under the foam padding. I had to drill out 4 of the supposed ‘pre drilled’ holes for the controls. Both of the plastic cable retainers for controls were broken. It does not effect the usage. The extra lumbar support pillow is hard to add after the fact. I just tuck it behind me when i want to use it rather than slipping it on with it slip guide. It’s a reasonable price i suppose. I set it up alone but two people would be much better.

Serta 44186 back in motion health and wellness mid-back office chair, black very very comfortable, i’m 235lbs and it supports me perfectly, plenty of room and love that you can adjust that tilt until it’s almost like a rocking chair. Arms adjust to a good range up and down and a few inches side to side. Comes with an extra lumbar support pillow that i don’t need but if you are smaller it will help keep you forward in the chair.

I have had this chair for a few weeks now and find it to be comfortable, supportive and good for preventing lower back pain. If you are a desk jockey like me, you probably have back pain from leaning forward at your desk and computer. This medium-height chair provides firm, upright support between the natural waist and tailbone, alleviating my lower back ache. ) all the chair parts (seat, headrest, sides, armrests) are plush. The padded lumbar support moves with me as i lean forward and backward, and it always presses a little into my lower back but in a comfortable way. This chair naturally promotes sitting up straight with good posture and does not allow much slouching. If you prefer a super cushy chair that you can sink into and lean back or rock, this is probably not the one for you. The wheelbase glides nicely on the floor with smooth, quiet motion. The seat adjustment controls work well and have nice levers that are well-marked and easy to operate.

This is a great chair and very comfortable. I wouldn’t recommend it to a large frame person as it does have a small seating area but for me being petite at 5’3′ it is perfect. The only drawback and the only reason i am giving it a 4 star vs a 5 is that the back is not adjustable so i cannot bring it to a more upright position where i like, it leans a little too far back but i am still able to use the chair as the lumbar support keeps my lower back in place.

I’m torn on how to rank this chair. I needed a chair with exceptional lumbar support, and this chair has it. Love this ‘back in motion’ feature. However, the box clearly states this is a task chair, not an executive chair and the title implies. It is a mid back height chair only, much shorter than i was expecting. Also the chair seat is shorter than i’d prefer. When you use the additional lumbar pillow over the base support, it makes me feel like i can’t sit far enough back into the chair. Like i’m about to slide out of it. I may get used to that feeling, as i have never actually slid off the chair. Note: i’m 5’11’ so if you are shorter, maybe the seat length will not be an issue for you.

I am at my desk for 8 to 10 hours per day, and my previous chair was not very comfortable. This chair gives me the right amount of support and comfort throughout the day. When i bought it i was a little skeptical about the back support tilting as i sat up, but now that i have tried it, i think it works wonderfully. When i need to sit straight up the lower support is there. This is a great buy for those who are at their desks for prolonged periods of time. The only thing that i am disappointed about this, is the fact that i didn’t buy it sooner.

I have occasional back problems, and when i started working from home two days a week, i quickly learned that my existing chair was not designed for people with these issues to sit in for 8 hours a day. So – i embarked on a lot of research on the web, mostly reading customer reviews, to find the best-reviewed chair by people with occasional (or chronic) back pain. The serta back in motion chair won, so i took a chance and ordered it. Thanks to amazon prime, i had it in two days, and it took my husband no more than 30 minutes to assemble it. I am so happy with this chair. I wish i had purchased one years ago. When i sat in it the first time and felt the lumbar support from the (removable) additional back cushion. I immediately wanted to take a nap in the chair. I have now had it for well over a month and have spent a dozen or so 8-hour days in it with no issues whatsoever.

Easy to assemble and very comfortable. With the removable cushion in place the seat will be a little short for a person 5’7′ and up. It is a ladies chair in my opinion. Tilt mechanism is very stiff. I am the stated height and wish the seat was a little wider, because i use the extra cushion. The seat padding is rather thin and will not hold up for the long haul. It is a good deal for the price and the quality is really nice.

This chair is very comfortable. I’ve had it for a couple of months and am pleased so far with it. The extra lumbar support works great, but takes a little getting used to. I wish the back of the chair went up a bit farther. I’m 5’10’ and the back comes up to my shoulders. The chair is made well and seems solid. All in all, i’m pleased with it and believe it to be a great buy.

Winsome Wood Rochester Console Table : Great desk, easy assembly!

I am very happy with my purchase, i ordered this item 11/12/12 and it arrived 11/14/12. I was surprised at the quality, it isn’t cheaply made as some of the review suggest and or to each its own. I also noticed how it was pretty much assembled upon arrival, all i had to do was attach the legs (whew whoo). The package arrived in one box and was a little bit heavy but then again, thats a good thing?.It took me about 5-10 mins to put togather, which gave me time for other things, last but least, this was a great purchase. Good job winsome, for putting the table togather already with little work for me.

I have taken over a relatively small bedroom for an office, so space is at a premium. My main desk doesn’t give me all the surface room i need, so i wanted to find something that fit well in front of the window, but didn’t come out too far. This piece is slightly taller than i wish, but, as you can see in the pictures, does well. Now, that’s not why i gave this five stars. If it didn’t fit it would be my fault, not the product’s. :-)the reason for the five star rating is that this is a high quality table that is incredibly easy to put together. If it isn’t mostly real wood, they fake it amazingly well. And all you have to do is screw on the four legs (8 screws with washers), attach the handle for the drawer, and put in a small wooden dowel (that keeps the drawer from falling out). It comes with the allen wrench for the legs, but you will need a phillips screwdriver for the handle. Finally, it’s just plain beautiful.

I bought this to use as a computer desk. It has more than enough room for my 24″ lcd, large keyboard, mouse and speakers. It was very easy to assemble (only had to attach the legs to the top and screw in the drawer’s knob) and is a very solid piece of furniture with a beautiful finish. If you live in a small apartment like me and want a stylish computer desk that is comfortable to work on but doesn’t take up much space, this is a great choice.

I actually got this table for another use but found that it was the ideal height and size ( 29 h x 44 w x 16 d) to hold a 32 inch tv. The table has a simple easy to dust shaker design that blends into any decor. This winsome wood one drawer table was very easy to assemble and i found no flaws in the finish. This is such a versatile and unobtrusive table that i am considering buying another.

  • Awesome product!!
  • Perfect as a computer desk
  • An attractive solid wood console table

Winsome Wood Rochester Console Table with one Drawer Shaker

  • Wood Console Table ; Color Finish: Antique Walnut
  • Drawer with pull for storage ; Material: Solid / Composite Wood ; Assembly Required: Yes
  • Traditional Styling compliments most decor ; Drawer provides storage and features brushed-nickel hardware
  • Antique walnut finish ; Sturdy square legs which taper downward
  • Sleek design ; Easy to assemble with parts and tools included

I bought 5 at differing times from amazon with my prime membership. I use them as a work desk for my small home office. Although they aren’t quite deep enough to truly function as an office desk (limited depth for writing and having gadgets scattered), arranging in l configuration, or side by side, helps give more space. They are in fact wood, deeply stained and varnished. If you use them in an l config, you’ll have to allow enough room for the drawers to open. The drawers aren’t big, but hold office supplies easily. Very sturdy, easy to assemble. I have a five gallon fish tank on one, very stable. One arrived with a ding that broke thru the box, the styrofoam insert, and into the table top.

This is a great little table. I use this as a computer table in the corner of my living room. It is a good-looking table and made of real wood, not the cheap particle pressed board. It tool me about 20 minutes to unpack and assemble. The only reason i subtracted a star from the rating is that one of the threaded holes in one of the legs was about 3/8″ of an inch off. I wasn’t able to get the screw to thread in that hole. I put that leg on the back in order to minimize the risk of bumping in to it.

Super cute desk and so easy to put together, i did it myself in about 10 minutes.

My package arrived one day early and was in great condition. I saw that some people had damage to parts and pieces inside the box, but this was not the case for me. It was very easy to put together–5 to ten minutes at most. This desk fits perfectly where i wanted it. It’s sturdy and very good looking. The drawer is small, but it’s perfect for pens, pencils and such; the top of the desk fits my 17. 3″ laptop perfectly with room to spare for books, photo frames, lamp and a mug of coffee. The desk was actually nicer than i expected for the price i paid. I’ve seen lesser desks for more at supposed discount stores like walmart and target.

Luv this piece of furniture. We are using it for a desk in my dad’s room so he can have a place to prepare paper work and pay bills. He is absolutely satisfied with the price and workmanship.

I picked this up as a small desk for my wife in our office at home, but after seeing how nice the console table is it seems like a waste to hide it away. If we had more room in the dining area we might move it out there since the stain is very similar to our dining table. It really is a very attractive table, a nice finish and solid construction. Assembly is quick and easy, 2 hex screws for each leg and one phillips for the drawer hardware. Made in malaysia stamp on the bottom. Cleaning instructions are a damp cloth, easy on the soap. This had been in my wish list for a while, even with all the good reviews i was uncertain, but i needed to get her something and when i saw the price drop $10 i went for it. I’d buy it again in a heartbeat.

Sauder Shoal Creek 4-Drawer Chest : Very nice looking dresser

The box is very heavy but came packaged very well. It took me over three hours to put it together but the instructions were clear. Just make a pot of coffee and take your time. You will not be disappointed in the end result.

I can’t believe (for this price, $145), how well made and solid this item is. It came pretty beat up and one end ripped open but surprisingly, everything was there and nothing was damaged. It took my husband about 2 hours to put it together but he’s pretty methodical so maybe it will take others a shorter amount of time. Even though it’s not real wood, it’s very heavy. And i love the fact that you can’t open another drawer until you close the previous one. This prevents children from leaving all of the drawers hanging open at once.

I love the look of it, no problems with functionality. I am a fairly out-of-shape woman in my late 20s and it was a work out putting it together but i did it on my own and it’s almost perfect. I do think it would be almost impossible without an electric drill and hammer though. I used the blunt end of a screwdriver because the hammer was missing. Which i don’t recommend but it worked. Lol very sturdy and the instructions were pretty easy to read. Took me about 4 hours total to put together- but worth it.

Don’t let the bad reviews sway your decision. Yes, the box is very heavy when delivered (over 100 lbs. ), but as long as it was taken care of by the shipping company (fedex, ups, etc. ), you should be in good hands. My box contained all the correct pieces and the manual was very detailed with pictures, labels and written instructions. It did overall take me about 3-4 hours to put this together, but believe me, it’s sooooo worth it. Extremely sturdy and i love the locking drawer system. Very high quality looking dresser for a fraction of the cost. I now plan to purchase the matching night stands this month and my set will be complete.

  • GREAT product, terrible packaging!
  • 120 pounds, 4 hours to assemble, and 5 shots of tequila
  • Don’t let the bad review sway your decision

Sauder Shoal Creek 4-Drawer Chest, Jamocha Wood

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Drawers with metal runners and safety stops feature patented T-lock assembly system.
  • Jamocha Wood finish.
  • Three lower drawers are extra deep

The first thing i need to say is that when purchasing anything online you’re going to have to take something of a leap of faith, because there’s always the possibility that the product won’t be exactly what you expected, that it might not align properly with what you’ve already got in your house, and because there are going to be so many contrary reviews over it. I spent over an hour reading various reviews on this site and contemplating whether or not i wanted to take the time to purchase the product knowing that i might not be happy with it because someone else wasn’t. At the end of the day i went ahead and did it and i’m glad i did. Personally, i think some of the complaints people have over the product are silly. For example, if any of the pieces in the product are missing, chipped, or even broken (something that can happen, with the latter two often being an unfortunate part of the shipping process) the company allows you to call them directly and have replacement or missing parts sent directly to you. Sure, take a star or two off for the inconvenience, but don’t let that impact your view of the final product itself. I didn’t have any missing products. Nothing came chipped or broken. The directions were included and were very clear to understand. I want to take some time to emphasize that last part, because another product i purchased on amazon around the same time (a bookcase) came with terrible instructions, with little writing that actually explained how the pieces were supposed to be setup and placed together.

I was a bit skeptical on this dresser due to the very low price but i had bought a set of nightstands several months ago and was pleasantly surprised (especially on the second one after learning to put the first one together). It’s sturdy and it looks great. It is just composition wood but the look when it’s put together is very nice. Now putting it together is another story. The directions are vague and i found them hard to follow. I actually gave up on it until i found a guy to help out. You just need to take the time and have the patience to put it together. I didn’t even get it together “exactly” as the directions stated and it’s still sound and very attractive.

We really liked this dresser. It was a good size and a perfect addition to our daughters nursery. The drawers are a little tight to pull in and out but we are hoping they loosen up with time. This dresser is definitely heavy duty.

I’ve had this item since march 2017, almost a year and a half. I purchased this, the armoire, and 2 night stands. I feel like this is definitely a step up from ikea furniture. The drawers hold a lot of clothes, and they glide smoothly on the tracks – even when heavy. The whole set looks nice in my bedroom, and i’m planning on buying the larger dresser as well. The material is a magnet for fingerprints. Not a huge deal, but something to know. Also, we moved last month, and due to the design, the front right leg came off in transit. This also happened with one of the night stands.

I’m amazed at how every hole lined up perfectly after putting this dresser together. Sauder has come a long way with quality. I really like the appearance and size. It easily supports my 50″ lcd tv. The shipping box was heavy and corner protectors were taped on and i’m sure it helped prevent damage to the dresser. I’m pleased with the end result and i normally avoid pressboard furniture altogether instead choosing real wood craftmanship. My only advice is to pay attention when installing the drawer slides because the tiny screw that holds in the slide can easily strip out the drawer material which i believe is mdf and doesn’t go in very deep. This may be an area that sauder could improve on. Also, if you’re like me and are bothered by heavy off-gassing from the glues used to produce pressboard products then i suggest you give it a few days next to an open window. For an apartment dweller this dresser fits the bill.

This is a very heavy functional dresser with a nice beach cottage look – but definitely on the cheap side. The drawers open and close smoothly and are deep enough to hold plenty of t-shirts, shorts, etc. While heavy, the all-particle board construction is not particularly sturdy (i split one of panels mid-assembly and had to repair it with lots of glue). The backing panel is very important for adding strength. I decided to use a 1/8″ wood luan panel instead of the cheap cardboard. I also dressed up the top with white ceramic tiles and molding. The white finish is starting to wear through on the edges, so a paint job might be the next step. The delivery packaging was barely enough to protect and contain the parts. Assembly was pretty smooth and took a couple afternoons, as expected. At under $150, it is not bad for a spare bedroom or starter apartment, but i would recommend spending more for something with real wood.

Took a while to put together (woman alone doing it) but looks great. Drawers line up just perfectly with a small amount of adjustment which was easy to do. Had a small issue with the top (my fault) and i went on the sauder website as instructed in the manual and they replaced it, no questions asked and it had it in 3 days. Have ordered sauder products in the past and am replacing a sauder set that i bought 12 years ago and that set is still in good condition. Will be ordering the rest of the pieces to make a complete bedroom set.

It’s a lot of pieces, i just don’t have the stomach for putting together stuff anymore. But since i bought, it was delivered, i decided to go ahead and put it together. I was about 30% of the way though, someone came in to talk to me and i leaned against it and broke 3 of the clamshell connectors off from the wood. It wasn’t fixable, so slowly i have been breaking it up piece by piece and throwing it in the trash.

For years, i have enjoyed putting furniture together in all of my transient living locations, but this chest was by far the most difficult piece of furniture i’ve ever tried to assemble. I’ve spent hours/days putting together complicated ikea furniture, but this chest was just unbearable. Everything went relatively well until all of the drawers were assembled and the rails would not easily align with the rails that had pre-set holes in the frame of the chest. Pain points:1) i had to purchase wd-40 and douse the rails on the frame so that the drawer rails would easily roll on. 2) at the very end of the instructions, there is a small note about rotating some of the screws to either sit “high” or “low. ” i had to adjust each screw on either side of each drawer over and over to get the four drawers to sit evenly on the rails without hitting the adjacent drawer. The drawers now function after i’ve put clothing in them and let the wd-40 ease the rails in, but i would not purchase this again or wish construction of this on anyone.

The side posts are made from particleboard and easily pull out the anchor bolts. Not for moving around, if you don’t like the position it is in. I had to drill additional pilot holes and used long drywall / wood screws to secure the side posts, since one came right out of the anchor bolts. It matches nicely the computer table i also purchased, that has the same problems as this one. Other than that and if you have some tools and skills to repair the things that can break when moving it around, it is nice to look at, has enough storage for my purpose. The top drawer is a single drawer and not three little ones.

I ordered one for my daughter and when i received it the box was in shambles, torn on one side, loosely packed in a plastic. I didn’t bother opening it because i could see a broken piece of wood through the torn box. I called amazon and they were terrific, they had it picked up by ups and a replacement sent. When i received the replacement it looked terrible once again but i could see no broken pieces. My husband put it together and it looks real good. It was time consuming but i’m happy with it.

Easy to put together,,would recommend using hand tools only,,lay it out in parts ,,then put it together,,but,,this thing is heavy,,even the delivery man complained,,,about 150 lbs give or take,,,your not going to kick this thing around,,be very careful if you use a drill,,remember this thing is particle board,it will strip out like right now if your drill is set to high.

This dresser is very impressive for the price. It is a very heavy piece of furniture. I was a bit taken aback when i saw the two bags of hardware (about ten difference kinds of screws or nails, et cet). However, there were no nicks or scratches on the furniture. I am a woman who enjoys putting things together but i will have to say this was very time-consuming. If you don’t enjoy assembling things, this dresser is not for you. However, instructions and diagrams are spot-on and everything that was supposed to be there (plus a few extras) was there. Very frustrating to find that pieces are missing when you go to put something together. However, it took me four hours to do, mostly going back and forth between the hardware pieces and furniture pieces to make sure i was doing it right.

This is no lie 120 pounds at time of delivery and it really does take four hours to assemble. I usually take amazon reviews with a grain of salt, but four hours of work and 5 shots of tequila later, let me say, this thing is work. The laminate was cracked in a few places at time of delivery, but after hauling it upstairs before finding this out, i was fine with it. It looks sharp, but i wanted something cheap, something that’d arrive in two days, and something i wouldn’t mind tossing in two/three years. And the verdict: it’s cheap, came in two days, and i’m ready to toss it in two years.

Good quality, woul dlike to point out the fact that the top drawer is not 3 seperate draws but instead just a single draw (same as the drawers below it) just the outside design is different.

It looks beautiful in our room. We are able to set our 32′ flat screen on top with no problem. Many of the dressers sold at this price have a cheap backing that makes the entire set-up flimsy. But to me, that is a good thing. The drawers are roomy and slide easily. The handles are nice and sturdy. I love that only one drawer can be opened at a time. I also love that the dresser flows with my modern/shabby chic style of decor. It’s not annoyingly bright or too dull.

Seems like a solid piece of diy furniture but with a huge however. . If you aren’t good at doing this sort of assembly, do not try this. The instructions are great in some parts, but leave out major important information, such as that the ‘cam lock’ inserts should face inward instead of outward. I now have 6 more cam locks i have to go buy. The cam locks are essential to hold the legs on and if you put them in wrong at first, they are ruined. There is a diagram of how to do the cam locks on page 10, but the first use/insert of them is on page 7. Also, i don’t understand why the entire back isn’t particle board. They divide the back into 1/2 particle board (bottom half) and cardboard for the top. Bottoms of drawers are thin board-wouldn’t put anything heavy in them. But i think it will work just fine for clothing in a guest room. I’m good at assembly item, and this silly thing took me 3 hours just to get the chest basic assembled. Once i get the new cam locks, i can do the drawers. If you get this, it does look nice, but buyer beware the assembly issues and the cheapness of having half a back.

Very pleased with this purchase. It is a typical, build it yourself chest of drawers, but surprisingly sturdy for the price. The instructions were fairly good and easy to follow. No problems there, though it took me awhile to get it all together. The back of the chest if half thick fiberboard, half cardboard. Not sure why it couldn’t all be the heavier fiberboard. The box that it came in was very heavy. I needed to wait for my husband to come home to help me get it in the house. Perhaps the backing is half cardboard so that the unit isn’t any heavier. That said, i think the construction and styling are well done and would recommend it for a guest room or any room that won’t have constant use.

Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa : it is so wonderful to know that people who make things here to

This couch was a temporary fix until i could buy a real couch. I put blankets over it because i knew with for cats that would be the possibility of punctures. For about a month it was perfect and nobody really bugged it but then one day my baby cat started to scratch at it. I would recommend do not get this if you have cats, even though a lot of heavy blankets over it will not stop them from inadvertently puncturing it. All in all it’s a sweet couch it would hold up without cats. It would have received 5 stars had it been made a little stronger.

Great temporary couch for my new condo while waiting for an ordered couch. Took about 10 min to blow up with electric pump and has held air for 4 weeks now with moderate use. My wife and sister in law laughed at me but they won’t stay off. Obviously it is firm but it has a microsuede coating and deep seats that make it suprisingly comfortable. An easliy fit 6ft person laying down. People are taking dibs on it when my permanent couch comes in.

I got this to get me off the floor while i saved money for a reach couch. This held up as a good substitute. A lot of people didn’t even realize it was inflatable just by looking at it till i told them. I plan to keep this for as long as possible. Also, i have 2 little dogs with nails (haven’t had nail cuts in months although they need it lol), and their nails weren’t able to put a hole in it, so it’s pretty tough material. My dogs were all over this couch too. The portion you sit on and would basically come in touch with your skin has a velvety touch while the other parts like the bottom were plasticy feeling – like an inflatable bed plasticy.

Exactly what we were looking for. Different compartments for inflation and cushions separate. Even with small dogs jumping around on it, it’s not shown any sign of issues. We use in our playroom and it’s perfect. Easy to put away or move when extra space is needed. Now if we could find a recliner type chair of the same quality. My mom was so impressed, she couldn’t believe it was inflatable.

  • I’m so glad I bought this sofa
  • Good option for a temporary situation
  • I love it, even with the Cons.

Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa, 101″ X 80″ X 30″

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Designed with a waterproof-flocked top surface and a vinyl bottom, this sofa provides an incredibly comfortable sitting surface for any occasion
  • A 2-in-1 valve with extra-wide openings ensures fast inflating and deflating
  • Upon deflating, the corner sofa folds compactly for storage or travel
  • Approximate inflated size 101″ x 80″ x 30″
  • Weight capacity 880 lbs

The seam split and the back off the couch deflated. I have had it for about one week. Other than that, it is comfortable and it meets our temporary needs.

My fiance and i were looking for temporary furniture, so our apartment wouldn’t be completely empty and we could have a place to sit and watch tv. This has been a great blow up couch. Very comfortable i usually fall asleep on it. It looks very nice a lot of my guest can’t notice its blow up until they sit on it. I haven’t had to put more air in the couch since the 2nd day that we bought it and the couch was stretching. I would highly recommend, it has worked great for us.

My neighbors had this couch at coachella and it was dope. I’m for sure getting one next year.

It isnt as easy to inflate as other intex products, but it does the job once you get the hang of how to use the portable pump.

We bought this for our casita. We have had it for 3 months, and have not needed to add air as of yet. Comfortable and a very nice color. I was worried that it would mark easily, since kids use it, and it is a light color. Seems to hold up to the kids.

Nice size couch that holds a lot of weight. Minus stars because the main air valve is underneath so not very convenient. Also minus cuz all 3 cushions have popped or loose air quickly the first happened within the first month.

My boyfriend and i purchased a brand new couch when we moved in to our new apartment. Of course we received a delivery estimate of 8000 years from now, so decided to search for a temporary couch while we waited. We looked at cort and other furniture rental places but they charge at least 500+ per month and usually have a 3-6 month minimum (our real delivery estimate was about 8 weeks from when we moved in). After nearly settling on buying a cheap piece of junk couch from craigslist, we stumbled upon this inflatable couch on amazon. It started as a joke, but as we went through the benefits of purchasing this couch rather than the alternatives, we realized how brilliant of an idea it was. Getting any other couch in to the building and elevators is a nightmare in itself. Using someones old disgusting furniture was outputting. And any other expensive rental option was nauseating after thinking about how much we had already paid for the new couch. We are now about 5 weeks into full time use of this couch. We have only had to re-inflate it once.

Can stand outdoor elements (i live in rainy area, not so much of the hot/cold extremes). It’s pretty cool and people are always impressed with it. Cons: the felt-like surface easily collects lint, hair, and other fine particulates. There are a total of 7 air ports that need to be filled, not all easily accessible. Air pump not included, all 3 air pump nozzles are needed. The back of the couch is not flush, the bottom layer sticks out so, you can’t rest the back again the wall.

Great purchase-i have been wanting furniture for my semi-finished basement but i really wanted something that was not fabric and that could be easily cleaned. I am very happy with the sectional-it has good support-its roomy-it looks good=perfect size-easy to move around. My friends can’t believe its inflatable. I have been using for about 2 weeks, still fully inflated, i’ve sat on it and even taken a nap. Only drawback is that its a little low and you need to push up-definitely not a deal breaker.

I was so excited about this couch when i ordered it. And when i first inflated it. But i have cats and i didn’t think it through. If you don’t have cats, or yours are declawed, this is probably going to be the best thing ever. If you have cats, don’t buy this. It does not come with an air pump. I bought a cheap one at walmart for $10 or $15. It inflated fairly quickly and it didn’t take long to figure out which cushion fit where. It was pretty comfortable, but will deflate with a lot of use.

Now let talk about this item. It is so wonderful to know that people who make things here to sale is a genius. This sofa looks like a real sofa and when you sat on it it is a dream to just ohh awwwwwwwwwww. Thank u again amazon your the best store there is.

Bought this couch for camping at a festival. It held up well, no holes despite being outdoors for 5 days. As other people have stated, and it clearly states on the box, you do need to be prepared to re-air it up several times when it’s new. We had 4-5 adults on it at a time and everyone loved it.

I am working in a foreign country, living in a 20 foot living container (containerized housing unit (chu) they call it). Man this thing makes my chu the most happening chu in country. 🙂 i wasn’t expecting it too be as durable and ‘cool’i’m going to get a couple for home when i get back. Great for additional seating for parties, etc. Great for a teen’s room, etc. Inflates and deflates in minutes, no hassel at all.

Bought this along with the empire inflatable chair. I used it to create a lounge area for a party i was decorating. It’s well made and looks really nice. I added a few pillows, a pianted tarp for an area rug and a lighted table. The client was blown away by how great it all looked and we stayed on budget.

I’m so glad i bought this sofa. I’m 6’1′, and can lay down perfectly on the long side, so this easily doubles as a bed. It’s pretty thick, so i don’t feel too nervous about putting a hole in it. The base of the couch has its own inflation chamber, each armrest has their own inflation chambers, the backrest has its own inflation chamber, and each of the couch cushions inflate. With that said, since i was trying to inflate it in the tight corner i had planned for it, it took a little effort. Even if i do pop a hole in something, it has so many air chambers, it’ll still be useful. I’ve enclosed a few pictures i took with my digital camera to better illustrate the size and nature of this sofa.

Purchased for extra sleeping area when my sister, husband and 10 kids visit. Plan on using it outside on the terrace for extra seating too. Did not take long to inflate.

You use a cover and this is as comfortable as any actual wood furniture. It’s sturdy, and keeps air well, no patch kit or pump so buy before, it is good looking in my living room. It’s just a temporary place so i have bought intex living room and intex bed.

My husband was relocated for a few months and needed an apartment so the kids and i could visit. His apartment is on the second floor with a narrow stair case, so inflatable furniture is a great temporary option. The first couch we ordered wouldn’t sit level, one end was off the floor. Other than that it was great. I contacted the seller and included photos, they graciously sent me a replacement. It’s not the most comfortable couch, but it looks good, accommodates multiple people well and the kids love to lounge on it. It’s sturdy and has held up to quite a bit of flopping around.

Dorel Living Script Cube Ottoman – This ottoman looks even better than the picture

Compact but big enough to store many things and put your feet on when sitting on your couch. It looks classy too and could go with any decor.

I searched through hundreds of ottomans before purchasing two of these because i’m ocd like that. The quality is great for the price. I was looking for something to go with a brown leather couch without being to matchy matchy and these worked perfectly. I love the storage feature too. The only draw back is that it says you can’t sit on them. It seems like you could, but i have not wanted to test that.

Nice beige linen look fabric with dark brown script. The hinges are the safety type so they won’t mash little fingers. Looks great in my bathroom as a vanity stool with extra storage to boot.

  • Attractive and Sturdy
  • Love This Ottoman!!!
  • Nice ottoman for the price

Perfect size for helping my dog get on and off the bed without hurting her shoulders. It’s good looking and you can store stuff in it.

Purchased to store items within reach while i watch tv. Product arrived on time, packed well, exactly as advertised, fabric matches sofa pillows.

Features of Dorel Living Script Cube Ottoman with Storage

  • Versatile cube storage ottoman with convenient hinged top
  • Antique look Nail head trim
  • Upholstered in an elegant script pattern fabric
  • Nicely padded ottoman top
  • Neutral palette

Great storage unit and sized perfectly for our living room. Provides extra seating but the manufacturer says it is not meant for sitting. Made it through 2 christmas celebrations in a row as extra seating and is still with us, so.

It is exactly what i wanted. I keep it next to me favorite chair(which is a recliner) and store my sewing stuff in it. Its also good for sitting because my kids tend to sit on it when while talking to me.

I’m overall pleased with the quality of this ottoman, it’s firm and just the size i wanted. Love the extra bonus of being storage as i’m using it with a small sofa in my craft room. Would have given 5 stars but the background on the fabric is more taupe-y than i expected. The scripting is a green color which actually works well with the sofa i’m using it for. Very easy to attach the legs and this was offered at another online retailer for $30 over what i paid at amazon, so all-in-all i’m satisfied.

I got this to put in front of a reading chair in my neutral bedroom. It is sturdy, however, there are loose threads around the seams. Also, the background color isn’t a true beige/taupe, but has a very small tinge undertone of olive in it (not green in anyway though), so if you are looking to put it with a taupe that runs to the pinkish side, it may not match. It isn’t as wide as my chair, which is of average size, but it does hold quite a bit on the inside. It is a good weight, and easy to move around. The price is extremely good for what you get. The manufacturer advises not to sit on it, but it is sturdy enough to sit on.

I really love this ottoman cube – it went perfectly with my brown leather sofa. I still haven’t put the feet on yet because the sofa and cube are the same height. I will probably put something on the bottom so that it won’t scratch the tile (altho it hasn’t yet when i’ve moved it but would be easier to move). This was the best piece of little furniture i’ve bought and the first piece i ever bought from amazon – it’s a winner.The nailheads are real and there’s space for a blankie inside.

It is creative and just the right size for putting up my shoes so the dogs don’t get to them. It fits nicely in a small nook or corner or can also be used for a great foot stool, next to a chair.

This ottoman is very cute and functional. I love the way the top hinges and stays open.

I ordered this to sit in front of a script chair i purchased elsewhere. I am very pleased as it matches perfectly. Packaging was a little tight, but that was not an issue. Assembly only took a few minutes. Nice height, sturdy and also fairly deep. Very satisfied with this purchase.

For an inexpensive piece, this is great. It isn’t used too much, so it pretty much just sits in my living room. It arrived in perfect condition, the legs screwed right on and are fine. The hinged top works as it should, and the fabric is heavy enough to appear to stand up to some feet resting on it, so for the price it was a good buy. It will occasionally be another seat in my house – and for now holds two lightweight throw blankets.

Be aware this does not match the chair as well as you would think since it’s a recommended item. The ottoman has much darker writing then the chair so you can’t put them together. The legs are also a different color. Storage size is great and it looks nice just not what i expected.

It is a nice ottoman, however, the legs that came with it (2 of them) were with cracks. It is the manufacturer’s issue, no complaints to the seller at all. Other than that looks great, also, it says can not sit on it ( only 50 lbs), tried and sat on it, it did not break down:))).

This ottoman looks even better than the picture. It is a high quality and has met all my expectations and more. The only assembly it needed was to screw on the four legs which was extremely easy to do.

A great stool with a nice amount of space for storage. This is a sturdy stool that comes fully assembled except for the legs that are easily screwed into the bottom. The top of this stool will probably not hold a great deal of weight but my 120lb wife uses it to sit on at her makeup table. We are very happy with this purchase.

I have been looking for an ottoman that would go with my leather chair, and i had not found anything that i liked. I stumbled on this one sunday night, and i just really loved it. It coordinates well with the brown leather furniture while bringing a little brightness to the dark pieces. The storage areas holds two blankets that were always getting in the way before. It took about three minutes to attach the legs, and it is such a reasonable price. All in all, a fabulous find.

I bought this for the end of my bed so my small dogs can use it as a step stool for getting up and down. It works great and looks much nicer than the cheap fake leather you find on most of these.

We bought this to help our dogs get on the bed. And we keep our sheets inside.

This is technically supposed to go with a chair amazon pairs with it automatically as a suggestion you know. So that’s why i bought it because i was buying the chair. Unfortunately this ottoman is too tall for the chair they pair it with by an inch. If you didn’t stick the legs on it would go perfectly with the chair amazon suggests with it.

Was hard to get out of the box (it was very tight) but easy to put legs on. Also, mine doesn’t smell like some reviews, but i put a half sheet of fabric softener (dryer sheet) anyways. Looks great and the olive green lettering goes great with my couch and chair.

Flash Furniture Contemporary Hot Pink Vinyl Kids Recliner – Won’t regret purchasing this chair!

My youngest of 3 yrs is what i call a roughien. She is so rough with every thing. Pleasingly, the chairs have withheld her abuse. These chairs definitely obtain the 3 big factors mom’s look for; looks great and adds to the room decor , doesn’t stain which makes them easy to clean & the kiddo’s love it.

Very cute and my daughter loves it, however, i really wish the chair would stay reclined. There is no locking mechanism so that when she climbs in and out it doesn’t fall right back into the regular position. Overall was worth it but really wish that wasn’t an issue. She gets so upset when it doesn’t stay reclined.

I ordered two of these chairs. The colors are beautiful and vibrant. Putting them together was a piece of cake. One for my 4 year old and the other for my 1 year old. It was a little tall and hard for my 1yo to climb into (hence the little blue stool) but with the stool he climbs in and out just fine. And my 4 year old loves it and has no difficulty getting in and out. Only thing that seems to be a little issue is the fact that when the chairs are in “recliner” mode it doesn’t quite stay. When my 4 year old tries to recline in it and puts his legs out the chair doesn’t hold. It’s almost as if his legs are too heavy?.And the chair closes on him.

  • Perfect for my 3 and 5 year with plenty of room for growth!
  • Good purchase. Easy to use, even for young ones.
  • Adorable for 2 year old

Set up was supper easy one person can do it. Cup holder is perfect for his chocolate milk. Fabric is easy to clean in case of a spill. He finds it hard to push back and recline but nothing we can help him with. My mother in law sat in it she’s about 150lbs and it did not brake luckily lol my son just really wanted her to sit in it. I like it, he likes it and enjoys it very much.

Very sophisticated and sturdy chair. My almost 2 year old seems to like it. The recliner part is not easy for a kid to do. It requires pushing back on the chair with some strength. When we first got it, yesterday, my son would sit in it and then i would lift the foot extension part up for him which kind of freaked him out. Today he has already found his own solution. He lifts up the foot part and then climbs into the chair from the side. The seat itself is a little stiff/poofy but i believe that he will break it in over time. While it is only day two, i have no regrets about buying this chair.

Features of Flash Furniture Contemporary Hot Pink Vinyl Kids Recliner with Cup Holder and Headrest

  • Child Sized Recliner
  • Plush Padding for Extra Comfort
  • Oversized Headrest with Additional Headrest Cover Included
  • Durable Hot Pink Vinyl Upholstery
  • Easy to Clean Upholstery with Damp Cloth
  • Cup Holder in armrest
  • Solid Hardwood Frame
  • Raised Black Plastic Feet
  • 90 lb. Weight Limit
  • CA117 Fire Retardant Foam

Our 2 year old son love his chair and will sit in it when he watches his favorite shows or movies. It’s made of good material and is easy to clean. The cup holder is large enough to hold any of his cup or snacks. It reclines and is easy to maneuver. The chair is not very heavy either.

I bought this little cute couch to match my parents new couch they had just recently purchased for their living room. This couch was specifically for my son who is turning 2 really soon and loves to sit on small couches for some odd reason. Upon receiving it, i didn’t think it would be any good based on the price and wow, was i mistaken. This little cute couch came packaged well and was extremely easy to assemble. Only need to screw on the bottom pegs and click the back of the couch to the seat. The material obviously isn’t real leather but its still made with pretty darn good materials. I’ve had it for about 2 months now and my son just cannot get over it. He likes to sit with his grandpa and watch a movie.

We bought two, one for my 6year old, and the other for a 3 year old. Perfect for the little guy with some room to grow. For the 6 year old it may be a bit too small. Her head stick above the top. Still usable, but not for long. Quality of the build is pretty good. Fabric seems pretty durable, kids haven’t ripped it in the first week just yet. Overall we really like this as an addition to our living room.

Bought this little chair for my 1 year old gradson. I spent a hour looking at all the different kid recliner chairs on amazon, and was worried that it wouldn’t be good quality with such a good price. My son just texted me a picture of my grandson in the chair. My son says the leather is better quality than his recliner. I’m a happy grandma with my decision to purchase this chair.

The color looks more coral in the picture and in person it is a soft baby pink but i am still giving it 5 stars because it is the cutest chair and very sturdy. I am sitting in it now as i am typing and it is very soft and sturdy. My 1 year old daughter is going to love this so much, she’s obsessed with chairs and now she has one of her very own.

Excellent for the price we paid which was around the vicinity of 89. We also had a gift card which made it cheaper for us personally. It’s a really great chair and looks rather luxurious for a toddler chair. I would be a little disappointed if i purchased the chair for my son if her were older than maybe 3?.I can’t imagine this chair being comfortable for a 5year old or older. The back could be a little taller as well.

Perfect for my 1 and 3 year old. I think they are good for ages 1 to 5 for the size of the recliner. Honestly, i probably wouldn’t have even bought one for my bigger 3 year old. She really is almost getting too big for it. I didn’t want them fighting over it. One came a day earlier than the other. They were fighting like hell to both sit on it. I’m glad we only had one day of fighting the other came the very next day.

I did have difficulty with shipping and delivery. The first time i attempted to buy two of them one of my orders got cancelled and i had to rebuy my second one. You can imagine how devastated it was for a two year old who had to wait four more days to get her own. Otherwise the product is good and now thing is wrong with it. I have a 6 year old who is on the shorter side and she is to big for these chairs. Was hoping they were bigger but they will work for my young kiddos.

We now have 3 of these as each princess ‘needs’ one. They match perfect with our couch which is why we originally got the first one. Love the cup holder feature and that it reclines. I would definitely recommend.

Bought these as gifts for two youngest grandchildren. Thought hard between fabric or leather. After first day of the youngest one drooling all over it – i was definitely glad we got the leather. The other one is in the process of ‘potty training’. No accidents in chair – yet. Looks nice with other furniture in their living room. Was very easy to assemble back onto the chair. Everything else is assembled. I did it myself, even though it does say two people.

I ordered them for my 1 year old and (tall) 3 year old. I was so sick of scrubbing down the cheaper character themed chairs because they got so dirty so easily. They are certainly large enough for both my kids and they enjoy them so much. I ordered purple because at the time they were $30 cheaper than the other colors.

I have a 10 mos and 5yrs boys and they love these chairs. My 5 year old is 4ft 2in and sits comfortable in this chair. The bay can climb in but not out so i am glad i got two so they can have their own recliners. Because i have tall children i was skeptical from some of the reviews but i decided to choose for myself and i am so excited i did. I now have an area for my boys to sit and enjoy snacks at the little table i got them without any issues.

This turned out to be a really adorable sturdy little chair that was easy to assemble (feet and the backrest) in about 5 minutes. Got it for a average size two year old, and he will definitely be able to use for several years. It reclines smoothly, and the material seems fairly hard to puncture, even with my kid and a cat climbing all over it. We have had it for a month now and no tears or marks, food and drink wipe off easily. Cupholder is a little small for standard sippy cups. Find that it is safer to back it up to a wall or other furniture because when climbed on it can tip over but that might just be my kid.

Well made, sturdy , perfect for our two year old son. It is easy to clean and light enough to move if need be. If you are debating which chair to get for your child, this is it. The color is great and it has held up our rambunctious two year old.It reclines very easily and our son absolutely loves it.

The chair came in this past saturday. My grand daughter was very excited. I unpacked carefully and followed the directions. I started putting the chair legs twisting it into the screw mounts under the chair. The first 3 went in no problem but the last one was stripped. It took me over 1 hour to do a fix for the plastic screw in leg would hold. So far the chair is holding up well but didn’t like the additional time to fix something that should not have been broken in the first place.

Had it about 2 weeks now and could not even be happier about this chair. Got it for our little girl for christmas after going back and forth for days over the different kinds. The quality of this is amazing. The leather is a beautiful matte finish and well made and put together. The cup holder is great i know i read a review about that somewhere. It reclines not easy but not hard either. Just the right amount of pressure bu my little one is only 18 months. Can’t do it on her own yet but i count that as a good thing. She has even stood in it and the chair’s weight prevents tipping but she and i can move it about pretty easily.

This chair is absolutely adorable. Right when my husband opened the box to put it together (2 piece assembly, simple) my son was all over it. He knew exactly where to put his juice cup. It may take him a while to figure out how to recline it (being he’s only 15 months old), but with the quality of the cushioned seat, this should last quite a while.

Bought two for great-grandsons. Assembly extremely simple (screw on four legs, chair-back has guides that lock onto mechanism. Jtwo and a half year-old boy has no trouble reclining. Even uses foot rest to hide his thomas trains from his eight-month old brother. Little brother thinks he’s a hot shot when he sits in his chair. Older boy now lets dad sit in the big chair.

Ameriwood Home Crane Glass Top C Table – but looks quite nice. Some of the screws wouldn’t go in straight

I initially bought this table to go over my computer tower to protect it from the cat jumping on it. It is the perfect height and not too wide to do just this task. It also doesn’t have a back support bar on the bottom so it didn’t need to be as long as my tower, just as wide and tall. I ordered this nov 21 and received it nov 27th, so not a great turn around time. I had read the reviews and saw a few people had assembly issues and others were fine. I personally had assembly issues. The bolt holes for the supports were drilled in at a slight angle, making it impossible to get the bolts in. I managed to get 2 supports in (1 top and 1 bottom support) and put the glass on top and said screw the last support. This process was the most frustrating piece of furniture i’ve ever put together, with that being said, i wanted to return it. I didn’t trust it with a missing support, so i contacted amazon’s return center.

I got this table a few days ago, i was a bit skeptical that it would look nice, but it was packaged very well, good instructions and it went together in about 10 minutes. Finished product upon assembly looks really nice, it’s not designed to hold a lot of weight, just something for drinks or remote controls, which is what i’m using it for. I will have to say that the product is nice for the money, looks like it cost more than that, mainly i believe because of the way the top is made with the black on silver hardware, very classy looking, don’t overload it though.

Work perfectly for our sectional. We bought 4 of them to use because they are tall enough to move close/over our couch for drinks. I purchased felt pads that i put under the bottom legs to minor crookedness. We usually have to do this because we have textured tile. They are a great price and very classy. Here are the specifications for the Ameriwood Home Crane Glass Top C Table:

  • Take a seat on the couch while you work, study or enjoy a snack at the Ameriwood Home Crane Glass Top C Table
  • Able to hold up to 10 lbs., the square glass top is large enough for a laptop, book or food
  • Simple assembly required. Dimensions: 23.625″h x 15.75″w x 15.75″d. Shipping weight is approximately 13.2 lbs
  • The black finish and modern design look great in virtually any space
  • Made from black powder-coated metal and glass

I have a small living room and didn’t want bulky side tables, but needed something. These blend in nicely, look great and are easy to eat in front of the tv too.

After shopping at many box stores as well as furniture stores we discovered this c table on amazon. After receiving and extremely and quick assembly the table went to use. It is extremely sturdy to use your lap top on and work as well as everyday beverage/magazine table. The glass top has nickel fasteners between the glass and the stand and is very high end looking. Their are for legs at the bottom that are adjustable should you have an uneven floor or need to raise the table if you are a taller person. Great deal, sturdy as well as highly recommended for a table that fits with a l shape couch and or goes great with a chair.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice Table – You get what you pay for.
  • Great little table – easy to assemble.
  • Nice tables except

Tempered glass looks tonight. I would say it’s on the larger end of the size of these sort of tables. Slides under my new sectional perfectly.

I spent months looking in stores for a table that could sit against the wall and hang out over our chaise lounge and hold a drink, but didn’t find anything for less than a hundred dollars until i came across this on amazon. It is well made and looks nice but most importantly allows our couch to still sit against the wall.

Just got this and put it together without any assistance from my husband in about 20 minutes start to finish. I should have measured the height of the arms of our couch i envisioned the table coming over the arm of the couch from the side but it is not high enough for that so we use it it just on the couch itself which is actually perfect because you can get it in right next to where you’re sitting and it’s a good height. I’m using it also for my laptop when i sit on the couch and it’s great. Assembly is pretty easy – once you figure out that the nicer sides of the two ‘c’ sections are to face out (my mistake the first time around), it’s intuitive but there are decent instructions. It came in 6 pieces, the two ‘c’ parts, three identical bars that go exactly where you’d think they would based on the product pic (two on top under the glass and one on the bottom and the glass top. The bars are screwed in easily with the allen wrench provided. Then there are plastic floor guards that screw into the bottom part of the c sections, and then the glass top is screwed in from underneath. You can kind of see it in the product pic but the glass sits slightly atop the c sections and there are four visible nice silver nickel-width discs that sit between the glass and the table. We put a square placemat on top of it to protect the glass when we use it and it looks good.

This table looks nice and was put together fairly easily. We had none of the problems that some people have had. However, it does have its drawbacks. It was not tall enough to fit over the side arms of the sofa (or matching chair) and the mechanism of the (new for us) sofa (and matching chair) with their recline abilities prevented the table from being capable of being pushed under anyway. I caution people to measure their furniture carefully before ordering the tables designed to go under the couch or chair it will be utilized with — and to make sure there is enough free space beneath the piece to slide the table ‘leg’ under. Our table ended up being placed beside the combination rocker/lounger and works beautifully there. As an aside, this table does fit nicely under the middle of the couch (no reclining mechanism there) if that placement is what you’re looking for.

Better than i thought it would be. Works nicely sliding over the couch and has enough weight where a glass of water won’t tip it over. Glass (tempered) is nice dark tint and again heavy enough to have to worry about it. If i could ask for anything it would for rounded corners on the glass. Packaging was proper as well, box was broken but glass was in tact.

I have no desk in my tiny living room but with this table i am able to sit comfortably on my couch while being on my laptop. I do admit there’s one screw under the table that won’t stay in but i will be using glue to keep it in place. It was rather easy to assemble as well.

I liked this so much that i bought another for guests. I don’t want to have to share.

We have a large u-shaped couch in the basement with no good table options. This one is the perfect height to slide up over the cushions and put a drink or snack near me while we are laying down and watching movies in the basement. It is exactly what i needed at a great price. I have seen some comments from other reviewer’s about damage to the table or things wrong with their’s. Everything is in perfect working condition for mine and went together very easily. I am happy with the purpose and may get an additional one**if you found this review helpful please select the appropriate button to help my amazon profile.

I ordered this to put by the couch for my new samsung tablet. The size is great, and it slide under the couch so i can bring it up close. The only downside is that it is a little hard to level (has adjustable screws on the bottom). I also stuck little felt pads on the bottom so that it didn’t scratch the hardwood floors. Keep in mind that the top is glass, so it does show fingerprints worse than a wood one. Overall, i’m very pleased with it.

I would have given it 5 stars, but it was shorter than i expected. I have one that i purchased at pier one for a much steeper price that sits taller and i thought it would be the same. I do like it’s style and was a great buy. No tools are needed, it comes with everything to assemble so ignore the instructions regarding tools. All you need is a allen key, and it’s included. I highly recommend this table.

Easy to assemble and it looks quite nice. People have mentioned it breaking easily. I don’t see how that happens unless you’re moving it and it drops or you attempt to pick it up by the glass but for me it seems sturdy. I have my 55 in flat screen sitting atop of it. It deffo helps make your space.

We fight over who gets to use this table. It’s perfect for sitting on the couch and eating, working crosswords or even playing cards. It’s just the right height to go over your legs and the base slides under the coach or chair. I haven’t had any problems with the glass separating from the frame. We are careful to only move it by grabbing onto the frame.

It was really easy to put together and had no issues with it. There’s not much room between the top of my couch, and the bottom of the table, (probably only about 2 inches), but that’s what i was looking for, i wasn’t expecting it to be over my lap on top of the couch. The table is very sturdy, and after reading several reviews about the glass popping off the circles, i made sure to only tighten it enough to make it stable and not loose, but not super tight either. Great table, and definitely worth the money.

I like this table a lot, finding lot’s of uses for it on the couch. For snacks, put the projector on it, a drink. I put the lap top underneath the top on the couch cushion when i’m not using it. I like putting furniture together that i purchase online so i didn’t mind putting this together, wasn’t hard at all. I like the glass top, it’s tempered, it’s sturdy.

Love this table, was exactly what i wanted. Very easy to assemble and durable. My only complaint is the height. I wish it was higher, especially for eating off of. I have a normal size couch and the table sita just 2′ above the cushion. If you’re just looking for a place to sit your phone and drink on, i’d definitely recommend it. If you’re trying to eat or use your laptop on it, i’d look for a taller option.

Easy to put together , few screws here and there. Sturdy, not heavy therefore easy to move around to where ever u need it. The surface is bigger than i thought like a square glass. I can use it as a side table for my coffee or pull it in front and eat dinner on it.

Winsome Wood Round End Table : For the price I think these are terrific. Very easy to assemble and they look very

It’s so hard to purchase furniture without seeing it in person. After reading reviews and comparing measurements, we were hopeful that these would work. Turns out they are completely true to size and color, look great and will function perfectly in our smaller living room. They look quite elegant and were a reasonable investment. Bonus – they assemble quite easily.

I received this table a week ago. It is adorable, but two of the cams were defective. I immediately called amazon and they gave me the customer service number for winsome trading. I placed the call and was connected to a lovely customer service representative immediately. She was very apologetic and said that i would receive the two replacement cams within a week. This weekend i will finish putting this table together. A lovely little table at a good price. So happy i did not have to return this little gem. Love amazon customer service and am pretty impressed with winsome trading too.

Winsome Wood Round End Table with Drawer and Shelf, Antique Walnut

  • Round End Table sits on sturdy legs and feature a small drawer plus shelf.
  • This table will add warmth and charm your living room.
  • Solid Beachwood in Antique Walnut Finish
  • Assembly Required

The table is very heavy and nice wood. There were a few rough spots on the legs but nothing really bad. Instructions could be better — there is a wooden dowel with no instruction of what it was for. My neighbor took a look and told me it was to be used to stop the drawer from falling out when pulled open. My bad for not realizing this. Also, there were a lot of holes on the under side if the top __ why i don’t know. They were not needed and there were no plugs to place in these holes. It’s a nice little table though.

I purchased this product based on price as well as product type. I was very pleasantly surprised to find the pieces were well wrapped with no scratches or dents in the packaging. The wood is solid, the stain applied expertly and the pieces easily fit together. Tips for construction, use the directions by not attaching the legs to the top first as the shelf pieces requires the screws to be inserted first so shelf can be attached. You will end up loosening all of the legs and removing at least two of them to get the shelve attached. Another suggestion would be to use something to keep the screws in place when attaching the top so they will not work themselves out. A small amount of wood glue on the screws or a drop of lock-tite should do it. I am very pleased with the casual elegance of the piece.

This is a really nice table for the money. We traveled out of state to move my grandma into a smaller house after my grandpa died. We looked at 5 stores for bedside tables to match her antique walnut bedroom set. I saw these and ordered 2 of them. They arrived very well packed and are beautiful. They look way better than other tables we saw for over double the price. They are solid wood and very sturdy. It only took about 20 minutes to build both tables. We are very impressed with the quality.

Winsome Wood Round End Table with Drawer and Shelf, Antique Walnut : Put it together in about 20 minutes. It’s real wood; not pressed sawdust. The color is great; it blends perfectly with my entertainment wall. Reasonably priced and well worth every penny.

This is a good value for the money. Table is made of solid wood and has a nice brown warm finish on it with just a hint of cherry. Easy to assemble, finish is good quality and drawer goes in and out smoothly. One assembly tip i have is too leave the eight screws attaching the legs to the base loose until all four legs are on and then go around and tighten each a little at a time. This will make the legs fit better and prevent gaps where the legs meet the rounded base.

For the price i think these are terrific. Very easy to assemble and they look very nice. My only complaint is that they do wobble a little bit but nothing some felt on the bottom of the legs can’t fix.

After looking in many, many furniture stores for a small wood table i decided to take a chance and buy this, sight unseen, from amazon and i’m so happy i did. It looks exactly like the picture and the wood top makes it look far more expensive than it is. I didn’t watch my husband assemble it but it didn’t take him very long and he said it was pretty easy.

This is by far the best piece of furniture i have ever bought online, anywhere. Ups delivered it – earlier than expected – yesterday in a snow storm. I had it put together in about five minutes. Incredibly solid, looks beautiful, great price.

I needed a small side table for my small family room. Did not want to spend a lot of money because i knew it would be scratched and pop cans put on top. Went to various websites and finally found this one. Cannot believe how well it blends in with my entertainment center. It is the perfect size for a lamp, room enough to put your coffee cup on. Insrtuctions were at first hard to follow but finally was able to put it all together.

Finish is not great, some bare areas that i tried to cover with brown shoe polish, some worked better than others. Cams on legs are iffy, one keeps falling out. Screws to attach legs worked great on 3 legs, 4th leg a bit unsteady. Bought these and the console table for a guest bedroom, and they’re lightly used so will be ok, but wouldn’t get them for a heavy traffic room.

This thing came out of the packaging and i immediately had mixed feelings on it when i saw it disassembled, and an allen wrench included. I’m one of those guys that really hates the cheap ‘build it yourself’ kind of furniture. But the good feelings came that a: i didn’t have to build the top/drawer assembly piece. Its just attaching the legs and shelf. And b: its a pretty good quality wood. Its together now and looks fantastic, i use it as a side table and it sits perfect height up next to my recliner.

The table was easy to assemble but the instructions are hard to follow because it only gives a composite drawings of how the pieces fit together and not which pieces need to be installed in what order. You have to install one leg to the table top, insert the bottom shelf into the retaining bolt on the leg, and then install the remaining legs. The table feels very solid, no wobbles, and the finish looks good.

These tables are awesome for the price. I was worried because of some negative things said in the reviews (very few). But these (i bought 2) tables arrived in record time and they are exactly what i hoped for. They went together easily and we had no problems with any of the fits. The coloring throughout was great. The drawer is just big enough to toss your remote in or some other small items. I would not hesitate to purchase these tables again. I looked at similar tables locally and they were $50 – $75 more than i purchased these for. Again my hats off to them for the record time they arrived in.

I bought two to put on each side of our bed and they’re beautiful. I couldn’t be happier with these and for the price i paid i can’t get over how well these are built and put together. Not flimsy at all like you would think because of the price.

Matched the coffee table we bought. Does seem to tilt a bit though.

Love this table is of good quality and looks great than expected.

We bought two of these recently (aug 08). We were able to search the web to compare prices, so we found a good price. They were fairly easy to assemble, but we broke several of the metal screw inserts by twisting them too hard (they aren’t completely necessary, anyway), and we had to drill 2 holes because the existing holes didn’t line up properly. Overall, we’re happy with the look, finish, sturdiness & price of these small tables. They fit perfectly in the small space between our couch and chair.

I bought these for bedside tables in our guest room. They are easy to assemble except the bolt included for the drawer knob is too short. I had to go to the hardware store for different bolts. Other than that these are sturdy, nice and certainly look and feel much more expensive than they are.

We’ve had them for almost a year and got them to replace our overly large rectangular ones so our daughter, who was learning to walk at the time, wouldn’t have a hard corner waiting for her tipsy little noggin. They have held up very, very well. They look great and we get compliments on them regularly. The storage drawer is small, but we don’t use it for anything because, well, toddler. But they’re big enough to hold a couple of remotes. We did have an issue with a stripped screw but amazon refunded us the cost of the screw and we just went and bought one at the local hardware store.

I purchased two end tables and i love them. They were in perfect condition when they arrived and they match the coffee table. I would definitely recommend them.