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Daily Archives: October 6, 2018

Ameriwood Home Crane Glass Top C Table – but looks quite nice. Some of the screws wouldn’t go in straight

I initially bought this table to go over my computer tower to protect it from the cat jumping on it. It is the perfect height and not too wide to do just this task. It also doesn’t have a back support bar on the bottom so it didn’t need to be as long as my tower, just as wide and tall. I ordered this nov 21 and received it nov 27th, so not a great turn around time. I had read the reviews and saw a few people had assembly issues and others were fine. I personally had assembly issues. The bolt holes for the supports were drilled in at a slight angle, making it impossible to get the bolts in. I managed to get 2 supports in (1 top and 1 bottom support) and put the glass on top and said screw the last support. This process was the most frustrating piece of furniture i’ve ever put together, with that being said, i wanted to return it. I didn’t trust it with a missing support, so i contacted amazon’s return center.

I got this table a few days ago, i was a bit skeptical that it would look nice, but it was packaged very well, good instructions and it went together in about 10 minutes. Finished product upon assembly looks really nice, it’s not designed to hold a lot of weight, just something for drinks or remote controls, which is what i’m using it for. I will have to say that the product is nice for the money, looks like it cost more than that, mainly i believe because of the way the top is made with the black on silver hardware, very classy looking, don’t overload it though.

Work perfectly for our sectional. We bought 4 of them to use because they are tall enough to move close/over our couch for drinks. I purchased felt pads that i put under the bottom legs to minor crookedness. We usually have to do this because we have textured tile. They are a great price and very classy. Here are the specifications for the Ameriwood Home Crane Glass Top C Table:

  • Take a seat on the couch while you work, study or enjoy a snack at the Ameriwood Home Crane Glass Top C Table
  • Able to hold up to 10 lbs., the square glass top is large enough for a laptop, book or food
  • Simple assembly required. Dimensions: 23.625″h x 15.75″w x 15.75″d. Shipping weight is approximately 13.2 lbs
  • The black finish and modern design look great in virtually any space
  • Made from black powder-coated metal and glass

I have a small living room and didn’t want bulky side tables, but needed something. These blend in nicely, look great and are easy to eat in front of the tv too.

After shopping at many box stores as well as furniture stores we discovered this c table on amazon. After receiving and extremely and quick assembly the table went to use. It is extremely sturdy to use your lap top on and work as well as everyday beverage/magazine table. The glass top has nickel fasteners between the glass and the stand and is very high end looking. Their are for legs at the bottom that are adjustable should you have an uneven floor or need to raise the table if you are a taller person. Great deal, sturdy as well as highly recommended for a table that fits with a l shape couch and or goes great with a chair.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice Table – You get what you pay for.
  • Great little table – easy to assemble.
  • Nice tables except

Tempered glass looks tonight. I would say it’s on the larger end of the size of these sort of tables. Slides under my new sectional perfectly.

I spent months looking in stores for a table that could sit against the wall and hang out over our chaise lounge and hold a drink, but didn’t find anything for less than a hundred dollars until i came across this on amazon. It is well made and looks nice but most importantly allows our couch to still sit against the wall.

Just got this and put it together without any assistance from my husband in about 20 minutes start to finish. I should have measured the height of the arms of our couch i envisioned the table coming over the arm of the couch from the side but it is not high enough for that so we use it it just on the couch itself which is actually perfect because you can get it in right next to where you’re sitting and it’s a good height. I’m using it also for my laptop when i sit on the couch and it’s great. Assembly is pretty easy – once you figure out that the nicer sides of the two ‘c’ sections are to face out (my mistake the first time around), it’s intuitive but there are decent instructions. It came in 6 pieces, the two ‘c’ parts, three identical bars that go exactly where you’d think they would based on the product pic (two on top under the glass and one on the bottom and the glass top. The bars are screwed in easily with the allen wrench provided. Then there are plastic floor guards that screw into the bottom part of the c sections, and then the glass top is screwed in from underneath. You can kind of see it in the product pic but the glass sits slightly atop the c sections and there are four visible nice silver nickel-width discs that sit between the glass and the table. We put a square placemat on top of it to protect the glass when we use it and it looks good.

This table looks nice and was put together fairly easily. We had none of the problems that some people have had. However, it does have its drawbacks. It was not tall enough to fit over the side arms of the sofa (or matching chair) and the mechanism of the (new for us) sofa (and matching chair) with their recline abilities prevented the table from being capable of being pushed under anyway. I caution people to measure their furniture carefully before ordering the tables designed to go under the couch or chair it will be utilized with — and to make sure there is enough free space beneath the piece to slide the table ‘leg’ under. Our table ended up being placed beside the combination rocker/lounger and works beautifully there. As an aside, this table does fit nicely under the middle of the couch (no reclining mechanism there) if that placement is what you’re looking for.

Better than i thought it would be. Works nicely sliding over the couch and has enough weight where a glass of water won’t tip it over. Glass (tempered) is nice dark tint and again heavy enough to have to worry about it. If i could ask for anything it would for rounded corners on the glass. Packaging was proper as well, box was broken but glass was in tact.

I have no desk in my tiny living room but with this table i am able to sit comfortably on my couch while being on my laptop. I do admit there’s one screw under the table that won’t stay in but i will be using glue to keep it in place. It was rather easy to assemble as well.

I liked this so much that i bought another for guests. I don’t want to have to share.

We have a large u-shaped couch in the basement with no good table options. This one is the perfect height to slide up over the cushions and put a drink or snack near me while we are laying down and watching movies in the basement. It is exactly what i needed at a great price. I have seen some comments from other reviewer’s about damage to the table or things wrong with their’s. Everything is in perfect working condition for mine and went together very easily. I am happy with the purpose and may get an additional one**if you found this review helpful please select the appropriate button to help my amazon profile.

I ordered this to put by the couch for my new samsung tablet. The size is great, and it slide under the couch so i can bring it up close. The only downside is that it is a little hard to level (has adjustable screws on the bottom). I also stuck little felt pads on the bottom so that it didn’t scratch the hardwood floors. Keep in mind that the top is glass, so it does show fingerprints worse than a wood one. Overall, i’m very pleased with it.

I would have given it 5 stars, but it was shorter than i expected. I have one that i purchased at pier one for a much steeper price that sits taller and i thought it would be the same. I do like it’s style and was a great buy. No tools are needed, it comes with everything to assemble so ignore the instructions regarding tools. All you need is a allen key, and it’s included. I highly recommend this table.

Easy to assemble and it looks quite nice. People have mentioned it breaking easily. I don’t see how that happens unless you’re moving it and it drops or you attempt to pick it up by the glass but for me it seems sturdy. I have my 55 in flat screen sitting atop of it. It deffo helps make your space.

We fight over who gets to use this table. It’s perfect for sitting on the couch and eating, working crosswords or even playing cards. It’s just the right height to go over your legs and the base slides under the coach or chair. I haven’t had any problems with the glass separating from the frame. We are careful to only move it by grabbing onto the frame.

It was really easy to put together and had no issues with it. There’s not much room between the top of my couch, and the bottom of the table, (probably only about 2 inches), but that’s what i was looking for, i wasn’t expecting it to be over my lap on top of the couch. The table is very sturdy, and after reading several reviews about the glass popping off the circles, i made sure to only tighten it enough to make it stable and not loose, but not super tight either. Great table, and definitely worth the money.

I like this table a lot, finding lot’s of uses for it on the couch. For snacks, put the projector on it, a drink. I put the lap top underneath the top on the couch cushion when i’m not using it. I like putting furniture together that i purchase online so i didn’t mind putting this together, wasn’t hard at all. I like the glass top, it’s tempered, it’s sturdy.

Love this table, was exactly what i wanted. Very easy to assemble and durable. My only complaint is the height. I wish it was higher, especially for eating off of. I have a normal size couch and the table sita just 2′ above the cushion. If you’re just looking for a place to sit your phone and drink on, i’d definitely recommend it. If you’re trying to eat or use your laptop on it, i’d look for a taller option.

Easy to put together , few screws here and there. Sturdy, not heavy therefore easy to move around to where ever u need it. The surface is bigger than i thought like a square glass. I can use it as a side table for my coffee or pull it in front and eat dinner on it.