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Daily Archives: October 9, 2018

Flash Furniture Contemporary Hot Pink Vinyl Kids Recliner – Won’t regret purchasing this chair!

My youngest of 3 yrs is what i call a roughien. She is so rough with every thing. Pleasingly, the chairs have withheld her abuse. These chairs definitely obtain the 3 big factors mom’s look for; looks great and adds to the room decor , doesn’t stain which makes them easy to clean & the kiddo’s love it.

Very cute and my daughter loves it, however, i really wish the chair would stay reclined. There is no locking mechanism so that when she climbs in and out it doesn’t fall right back into the regular position. Overall was worth it but really wish that wasn’t an issue. She gets so upset when it doesn’t stay reclined.

I ordered two of these chairs. The colors are beautiful and vibrant. Putting them together was a piece of cake. One for my 4 year old and the other for my 1 year old. It was a little tall and hard for my 1yo to climb into (hence the little blue stool) but with the stool he climbs in and out just fine. And my 4 year old loves it and has no difficulty getting in and out. Only thing that seems to be a little issue is the fact that when the chairs are in “recliner” mode it doesn’t quite stay. When my 4 year old tries to recline in it and puts his legs out the chair doesn’t hold. It’s almost as if his legs are too heavy?.And the chair closes on him.

  • Perfect for my 3 and 5 year with plenty of room for growth!
  • Good purchase. Easy to use, even for young ones.
  • Adorable for 2 year old

Set up was supper easy one person can do it. Cup holder is perfect for his chocolate milk. Fabric is easy to clean in case of a spill. He finds it hard to push back and recline but nothing we can help him with. My mother in law sat in it she’s about 150lbs and it did not brake luckily lol my son just really wanted her to sit in it. I like it, he likes it and enjoys it very much.

Very sophisticated and sturdy chair. My almost 2 year old seems to like it. The recliner part is not easy for a kid to do. It requires pushing back on the chair with some strength. When we first got it, yesterday, my son would sit in it and then i would lift the foot extension part up for him which kind of freaked him out. Today he has already found his own solution. He lifts up the foot part and then climbs into the chair from the side. The seat itself is a little stiff/poofy but i believe that he will break it in over time. While it is only day two, i have no regrets about buying this chair.

Features of Flash Furniture Contemporary Hot Pink Vinyl Kids Recliner with Cup Holder and Headrest

  • Child Sized Recliner
  • Plush Padding for Extra Comfort
  • Oversized Headrest with Additional Headrest Cover Included
  • Durable Hot Pink Vinyl Upholstery
  • Easy to Clean Upholstery with Damp Cloth
  • Cup Holder in armrest
  • Solid Hardwood Frame
  • Raised Black Plastic Feet
  • 90 lb. Weight Limit
  • CA117 Fire Retardant Foam

Our 2 year old son love his chair and will sit in it when he watches his favorite shows or movies. It’s made of good material and is easy to clean. The cup holder is large enough to hold any of his cup or snacks. It reclines and is easy to maneuver. The chair is not very heavy either.

I bought this little cute couch to match my parents new couch they had just recently purchased for their living room. This couch was specifically for my son who is turning 2 really soon and loves to sit on small couches for some odd reason. Upon receiving it, i didn’t think it would be any good based on the price and wow, was i mistaken. This little cute couch came packaged well and was extremely easy to assemble. Only need to screw on the bottom pegs and click the back of the couch to the seat. The material obviously isn’t real leather but its still made with pretty darn good materials. I’ve had it for about 2 months now and my son just cannot get over it. He likes to sit with his grandpa and watch a movie.

We bought two, one for my 6year old, and the other for a 3 year old. Perfect for the little guy with some room to grow. For the 6 year old it may be a bit too small. Her head stick above the top. Still usable, but not for long. Quality of the build is pretty good. Fabric seems pretty durable, kids haven’t ripped it in the first week just yet. Overall we really like this as an addition to our living room.

Bought this little chair for my 1 year old gradson. I spent a hour looking at all the different kid recliner chairs on amazon, and was worried that it wouldn’t be good quality with such a good price. My son just texted me a picture of my grandson in the chair. My son says the leather is better quality than his recliner. I’m a happy grandma with my decision to purchase this chair.

The color looks more coral in the picture and in person it is a soft baby pink but i am still giving it 5 stars because it is the cutest chair and very sturdy. I am sitting in it now as i am typing and it is very soft and sturdy. My 1 year old daughter is going to love this so much, she’s obsessed with chairs and now she has one of her very own.

Excellent for the price we paid which was around the vicinity of 89. We also had a gift card which made it cheaper for us personally. It’s a really great chair and looks rather luxurious for a toddler chair. I would be a little disappointed if i purchased the chair for my son if her were older than maybe 3?.I can’t imagine this chair being comfortable for a 5year old or older. The back could be a little taller as well.

Perfect for my 1 and 3 year old. I think they are good for ages 1 to 5 for the size of the recliner. Honestly, i probably wouldn’t have even bought one for my bigger 3 year old. She really is almost getting too big for it. I didn’t want them fighting over it. One came a day earlier than the other. They were fighting like hell to both sit on it. I’m glad we only had one day of fighting the other came the very next day.

I did have difficulty with shipping and delivery. The first time i attempted to buy two of them one of my orders got cancelled and i had to rebuy my second one. You can imagine how devastated it was for a two year old who had to wait four more days to get her own. Otherwise the product is good and now thing is wrong with it. I have a 6 year old who is on the shorter side and she is to big for these chairs. Was hoping they were bigger but they will work for my young kiddos.

We now have 3 of these as each princess ‘needs’ one. They match perfect with our couch which is why we originally got the first one. Love the cup holder feature and that it reclines. I would definitely recommend.

Bought these as gifts for two youngest grandchildren. Thought hard between fabric or leather. After first day of the youngest one drooling all over it – i was definitely glad we got the leather. The other one is in the process of ‘potty training’. No accidents in chair – yet. Looks nice with other furniture in their living room. Was very easy to assemble back onto the chair. Everything else is assembled. I did it myself, even though it does say two people.

I ordered them for my 1 year old and (tall) 3 year old. I was so sick of scrubbing down the cheaper character themed chairs because they got so dirty so easily. They are certainly large enough for both my kids and they enjoy them so much. I ordered purple because at the time they were $30 cheaper than the other colors.

I have a 10 mos and 5yrs boys and they love these chairs. My 5 year old is 4ft 2in and sits comfortable in this chair. The bay can climb in but not out so i am glad i got two so they can have their own recliners. Because i have tall children i was skeptical from some of the reviews but i decided to choose for myself and i am so excited i did. I now have an area for my boys to sit and enjoy snacks at the little table i got them without any issues.

This turned out to be a really adorable sturdy little chair that was easy to assemble (feet and the backrest) in about 5 minutes. Got it for a average size two year old, and he will definitely be able to use for several years. It reclines smoothly, and the material seems fairly hard to puncture, even with my kid and a cat climbing all over it. We have had it for a month now and no tears or marks, food and drink wipe off easily. Cupholder is a little small for standard sippy cups. Find that it is safer to back it up to a wall or other furniture because when climbed on it can tip over but that might just be my kid.

Well made, sturdy , perfect for our two year old son. It is easy to clean and light enough to move if need be. If you are debating which chair to get for your child, this is it. The color is great and it has held up our rambunctious two year old.It reclines very easily and our son absolutely loves it.

The chair came in this past saturday. My grand daughter was very excited. I unpacked carefully and followed the directions. I started putting the chair legs twisting it into the screw mounts under the chair. The first 3 went in no problem but the last one was stripped. It took me over 1 hour to do a fix for the plastic screw in leg would hold. So far the chair is holding up well but didn’t like the additional time to fix something that should not have been broken in the first place.

Had it about 2 weeks now and could not even be happier about this chair. Got it for our little girl for christmas after going back and forth for days over the different kinds. The quality of this is amazing. The leather is a beautiful matte finish and well made and put together. The cup holder is great i know i read a review about that somewhere. It reclines not easy but not hard either. Just the right amount of pressure bu my little one is only 18 months. Can’t do it on her own yet but i count that as a good thing. She has even stood in it and the chair’s weight prevents tipping but she and i can move it about pretty easily.

This chair is absolutely adorable. Right when my husband opened the box to put it together (2 piece assembly, simple) my son was all over it. He knew exactly where to put his juice cup. It may take him a while to figure out how to recline it (being he’s only 15 months old), but with the quality of the cushioned seat, this should last quite a while.

Bought two for great-grandsons. Assembly extremely simple (screw on four legs, chair-back has guides that lock onto mechanism. Jtwo and a half year-old boy has no trouble reclining. Even uses foot rest to hide his thomas trains from his eight-month old brother. Little brother thinks he’s a hot shot when he sits in his chair. Older boy now lets dad sit in the big chair.