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2×4 Basics Hopkins AnySize Table – Great, sturdy bench

There was no least – the anysize bench and anysize table went together very nicely. I used 4 foot redwood with an exterior reddish stain for the bench and table (18′ x 18′). They both sit under one of our palo verde trees next to the bird bath(feeder). It’s a nice place to relax after an afternoon of bbqing. One 7′ skill saw and a battery powered screw driver for construction. One disposable brush for the stain. A beer or two waiting for the stain to cure. That is all that is needed for construction >unless you want to get fancy with a carpenters square and sanding block and other stuff for precision work and esthetics. The table and bench sit out in the weather in az.

I made total 3 bench, all by myself for my kid birthday. Almost 15 kids played on theses,jumped on them so all gone well. Knowing fact that i have crafted them, helped me gained some praise.

I will be purchasing other kits from them. The directions had a few spots that weren’t exactly clear, and i can’t imagine making this larger then 6ft without additional supports.

  • Used Composite deck lumber instead
  • Great way to make cheap, sturdy benches!
  • Great little bench!

Wanted to have a bench on the front porch. This allowed me to cut the ben to the exact size i wanted. It only takes minutes to put together and i have had numerous complements on it.

I bought two of these and put them together in a couple hours. Assembly was as simply as it looks and they feel fairly sturdy. Using pressure treated lumber, i suspect they will last a good while, and considering the price point, i won’t be devastated if one of them is damaged. I opted to miter the ends of my boards for a little extra style, but otherwise, i think they could be assembled very quickly. They would also serve as a fairly good project to do with your children. A miter saw helps cut the boards quicker and more accurately, but not having one isn’t a deal breaker. Other than that, you really only need a tape measure and drill. I used 5 8′ long 2×4’s to make my pair of benches. I opted to make one bench 3. 5′ long and both are sturdy, though for the 4. 5 long, i decided to add a pair of boards underneath, type the seat planks together to make it a little stiffer. I think this would be especially helpful if you plan to go for a 5′ bench. For a 6′ bench, i’d strongly start considering adding and intermediate support. Overall, a cool outdoor bench at a good price, a fun do it yourself project and a nice conversation starter.

Features of Hopkins AnySize Table, Sand

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Build your own low table, side table, or coffee table any size up to eight feet using our AnySize Low Table Kit and your 2x4s
  • Assembly is simple
  • Made of durable, maintenance free structural resin
  • Includes two bench end supports, hardware, and assembly instructions (lumber not included)
  • Limited two year warranty

Love love love if i had a house would have them scattered in my back yard. I used this for outside an office so clients can sit. Very pleased with the result. Not as easy as some would make out in their reviews. If you want longer benches would recommend buying another set to use one in the middle for support. The plastic needs a lot of sanding in order for spray paint to take and not flake off but once painted looks great.

We are basically 2×4 basics addicts. My husband loves building things for our home and we have never been disappointed with any product that we have purchased from 2×4 basics. Can’t wait for it to warm up a bit more so we can enjoy our new outdoor furniture.

I purchased 8 benches – 4 for our house and 4 as house warming gifts for friends who relocated to the country. These benches were a breeze to put together. After thinking it over i decided to incorporate 2x6s in place of 2x4s where i could to prevent warping. 2×6 lumber fits perfect into this construction. I’ve attached photos above – check 2×6 construction. The 2×4 braces below make for solid shake-free benches. I sanded and finished mine with three coats of thompsons ‘honey gold’ tint watersealant. After this summer and winter in ok i’ll report back on how well these held up. All construction so far has been 6 feet long. You have to realize it’s wood you’re working with and prepare accordingly.

Easy to use, i made a bench that can double as a coffee table.

Wow, saved me a ton of time. Built a bunch of these for our garage. Painted the wood prior to assembly.

The bench feels very sturdy. Overall, very happy with the purchase and the outcome. As suggested in earlier reviews, i used paint stirrers as spacers during installation. One thing to note, there is nothing underneath the legs to prevent it from sliding. I noticed when its placed on the tiled floor.

I’m kind of shocked but i actually made two 6’ benches to set my container vegetables on this summer. Gets them off the ground and i don’t have to bend over at all, or at least as far, to tend them. I’m going to make a shorter 3rd one to use as an outdoor coffee table in front of our bench. If i can do it, then anybody can do it.

I bought this to make a bench that my son and i could use while waiting for the bus in the morning and the afternoon at the end of our driveway. We’re on a fairly busy street and i’m still not entirely convinced that a bench placed there isn’t going to up and disappear one day. So rather than spend a ton of money on a nice wooden bench (which, while beautiful, would pain me greatly if it ‘walked’), i decided to give this a try. I figured that if this did disappear, i’d be out a fraction of the cost of a more expensive bench and i would kick myself for a far shorter duration. While the instructions aren’t the most descriptive (think ikea with even less detail and no smiley man showing you what to do), it was fairly straightforward as to how to assemble. The assembly itself wasn’t quite as easy as i had hoped. While there are cutouts in the legs where you put the included screws, my wood kept moving on me, which was really annoying. Since this is intended for use with 2×4 lumber, i almost wish there were ridges to help guide you where to put the lumber and help you keep in in place while screwing it in (and help you keep the recommended 1/4′ space between the boards for drainage). And speaking of screwing, i had some issues getting the screws to go in easily for a couple of the spots closest to the ends. Those spots didn’t have as much room directly above the cutout due to the curve of the leg support and my drill had some issues getting the correct angle.

My husband wanted me to send this back so he would make one. I didn’t want to wait years for him to get around to it so i kept it and made it myself. I had lowes cut the 2×4’s sanded them and stained them. Screwed them in and painted on a protective coating. It took me a while b/c i wanted it to be nice as i’m using it at the kitchen table. Will update with a photo later. My kids all insist on sitting on it. Would be super quick if you were using it outside and bought treated wood.

You can make just about any size – at least lengthwise – you want. I wanted a small bench for my front deck, could not find one that was inexpensive. Then i saw this product, and my son used scrap lumber from the garage, and he had the bench made in no time. Couldn’t be more pleased with this product – what a great idea. You can put outdoor cushions on it, but i like the looks of it plain, and in the winter – i can use it as a bird feeding platform – just throw the seeds on it, instead of freezing while refilling the feeders.

My husband then bought the wood and assembled it. It was easy to put together and we loved the look so we we ordered three more. We now have four around the fire pit and they are perfect for that use. We were looking at benches and they were either cheaply made or poorly reviewed on wayfair or very expensive to have them custom made.

Very happy with this product. I recommend using bullseye 1-2-3 or coverstain to prime and then paint with your choice of rust-oleum spray paint. The color choices are endless. I have built 4 of these as benches 6ft long, they are wonderful at my creek patio.

I made a 40” bench with it. Instructions were easy to follow and the bench went together quickly. Doesn’t tip when the other person stands up like my other benches. Now im using it as a plant bench. Great size for a lot of uses.

It’s so very easy, all you need is wood of your choice. I had made a bench seat out of some reclaimed pallets and i felt like it needed a foot rest/coffee table/something i could use for additional seating during big parties. This things was picture perfect.

Just add 2×4 or 2×6 and this will last you a lifetime. I don’t usually write a review, in fact, this is my first review in amazon, but this deserve a kudos to the manufacturer and it is made in the usa. I wish they will pre-paint it with various color selections. I spray paint mine with espresso brown to match the wood stain. See the matching chairs from the same company in the picture. The jack daniels looks great on top of it lol.

I bought this bench because i was in a diy mode. Well, my husband ended up sanding the wood and putting it together for me. We use it as a front entry way bench in our home.

Warning, if put outside in the sun, uv rays will cause the plastic to degrade. I highly suggest painting the plastic and staining the wood before assembly if the bench is going to be outside in order to give your bench both a quality look and long life. If kept indoors the sun will not degrade the plastic and it can be left unpainted. Each unit comes with screws, cut one 2×4 the length you want the legs to be apart. I think i used a #3 phillips head bit, trial and error to find the best fit but i think it was bigger than the #2 which is probably the most commonly used. I suggest having a variable speed electric screwdriver, the manufacturer left some room to make it easy to get the 2×4’s in, so you can over tighten the screws on the legs and bend the plastic, which could lead to premature cracking. I’m extremely happy with the 4′ bench, it is extremely sturdy. The 8′ bench is probably a little too long, not as sturdy and could possibly be overloaded if you have a lot of people sitting on it. If you are like me and started looking at the outrageous prices of benches and decided to build your own, this is an easy way.

Building this bench couldn’t have been easier. My kids and i spent the first part of a sunny morning staining the lumber and let it sit for a few hours. Later that evening i assembled the pieces with the screws provided and it was done. I’m thinking of buying another and the matching table to have a complete picnic set.

Deco 79 Tree of Life Wall Art Decoration Branch Shells Home : Beautiful wall decor!!!

Absolutely beautiful piece that finished off our dining room wall perfectly. The hole for the screw to hang it was not flat to the wall, unfortunately, so the item sits slightly off of the wall, or did before tweaking it a bit to sit flat.

It arrived in perfect condition and is beautiful. I combined it with a vinyl wall cling (also purchased on amazon) and an old family picture (see pic). Almost everyone who’s visited my home has commented on how lovely it looks. The seller was bombay jewel. I would absolutely recommend others buy.

Tree of Life Wall Art Decoration Branch Shells Home

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Suitable to use as a decorative item
  • Best for both indoor and outdoor use
  • This product is manufactured in China
  • Traditional style
  • 30 inch updated traditional bronze finish iron tree of life wall sculpture

Beautiful metal art design well worth the price. Not too heavy or light weight. Husband hung in literally seconds with one nail. The opaque shimmering shell leaves matched our beige mosaic lamps perfectly. Super fast on shipping and well packaged.

Wonderful wall accent for my living room. The only downside was how it was packed for shipping. The bubble wrap was not above the top layer of leaves and the box was too big for the item. Top and side layers of leaves arrived bent but were easily moved back in place.

Like some other reviews i read – i was a bit disappointed when it arrived. The construction is somewhat sloppy. It had some leaves missing – so just a wire that goes up to. I wouldn’t buy it all over again at this price – but since i already did it is hanging on my wall.

Tree of Life Wall Art Decoration Branch Shells Home : I needed something for above my couch and this “tree of life” was perfect. It filled the spot just as i had hoped. The leaves are quit a bright green and browns which are just what i wanted. I hadn’t read the description very well and was surprised at the fact the leaves were shells, but not disappointed at all. Arrived very quickly and in perfect shape.

I decided to take a chance on this tree despite some complaints with flimsy packaging and the oversized box it was shipped in. For the price it’s a nice looking tree with those eyecatching leaves which really draws your attention to it, most reviews that i read were very positive. Although there were a few minor adjustments you had to make like carefully bending a few branches so that it would hug the walls better. A few leaves were a little loose because the wires holding them were not as tight but you could easily make them tighter by squeezing the wiring a bit which worked for me. However, i’m still curious why i received two trees in the packaging one of which did have some missing leaves while the other was fully intact. I went to the question and answer section to find out why it came in two sections and so thought they both had to be assembled together. Maybe i should have been clearer with my question because both trees were not broken aside from one of them having missing leaves. But i thought that the trees came this way even though others were saying that theirs came in one piece. Anyway, i’m still happy with the tree and if anything happens to the good one, i’ll use some of the leaves if any do break over time.

The tree of life (fruits of the spirit) is very meaningful in my spiritual philosophy. I have a small collection of tree of life items throughout my home. I have been wanting a piece of wall art to put over my sofa. However, most items are not in my budget. When i saw this piece i knew this would be perfect, especially at this price point. While the colors are not bright. I would say more understated, it does add color to my wall. The tree and branches are made of tin and the leaves are shells that are wired to the branches. My tree arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I was able to hang it up myself.

This is absolutely a beautiful piece. If you order it, you will love it. The leaves look gorgeous when the sunlight shines on it and are golden, bronze, and avocado colored. I do wish it were a little bit bigger or at least if they offered this size and a larger size. For where i decided to put it (above the fireplace), it does look a little bit small but i decided that i loved it enough to keep it. My other complaint is that it does not come with any screws or nails so you will have to get your own. It has one place where you can hang it but after you do that, the tree kind of doesn’t stay up against the wall if you know what i mean. I put it another screw between two of the branches so it stays up against the wall. Oh ya, and the price can’t be beat.I would recommend to others.

When reading some of the previous reviews, i was a bit hesitant about ordering ( i. E broken leaves and bent wires, not packaged well etc). However; i am so happy that i ordered this beautiful tree. I have at least 3 places i want to put it. It was not packaged well but, i was very lucky that it was in perfect condition. I love it and would recommend it to anyone for any room in the house.

I love this, it is absolutely beautiful. It was difficult to hang though, since it did not lay flat on the wall. I had to bend it a little and then i was worried about breaking it so i took a small white nail and nailed down the bottom between 2 leaves as well as hanging it on the hook.

I have been remodeling (slowly) the home that we purchased a few years ago. We finally got to the hallways and stair case. Exposed the gorgeous hardwood floors, and painted the dated walls. I needed the perfect accent piece to hang at the top of the stairs. I came across this and instantly knew it was perfect. The leaves are made from a sea glass type of material. The tree is lightweight and stunning. I have received compliments from everyone that has seen it. You can’t beat the price for such a statement piece of art.

My sister initially bought this for me as a christmas present and had it delivered to my parent’s house (where we were all going to be celebrating). My parents thought it was for them, opened it, loved it, and hung it on their wall. Much laughter ensued after they realized what happened but i went and ordered a second one so they could have their own and i could have my own. It’s a classic yet simple piece of art that looks good (i can truly attest) in many homes.

Unfortunately the package arrived open – there were several leaves missing – one was still in box – since this is a common complaint with this item i asked for a few replacement leaves which is not possible. You would think they would enclose a few extra in the bubble wrap and make a lot of people happier – it is really pretty and i am keeping it sans a few leaves.

I was tasked with decorating a room for my friends while they were away getting married. I thought this would be nice on one of the walls, a tree of life as they begin their new life. It was much more stunning in person than i imagined. The leaves are made of gorgeous shells and shimmer in the light. I was worried it could arrive with some of the leaves cracked and/or broken, but it was packaged very nicely. My friends love the piece, so everyone came out happy. I doubt anyone could order this and not love it5 stars.

I ordered this for the dining room of my new home. It was packaged nice, arrived in one piece and was exactly what i wanted. I thought it might be too big but was amazed how nice it looks. Easy to hang and not that heavy.

This metal base tree is beautiful. We have dark brown leather furniture and tan colored walls in our living room and this really horrible blank space above the tv that just needed a perfect little something. This tree has amazing colors that match our furniture and decor really well. The leaves are delicate and they seem to change colors depending on the way the light hits them. Other reviewers have mentioned that the leaves get broken in shipping due to the lack of proper packaging. The box was pretty beaten up when it arrived, but the tree was in perfect shape. I have decided to lean our tree against the wall on a shelf instead of hanging it so i can’t review whether or not it hangs crooked like others have mentioned.

For the priced listed i was worried it would look cheap but i needed something to hang over my range until i can find the tile i want for my back splash so i crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. I didn;t want to spend a lot of money for something that was a temporary fix but also didn’t want anything that looked really cheap either and capping the budget at $30, i know i was asking for a lot. Lucky for me, this tree of life wall art delivered. Very happy with the product and will have to find another place for it when it’s no longer needed in the kitchen.

There is no way to get this to lay flat against the wall. It was easy to hang and it is nice looking but it is poorly designed.

I have been looking for a tree of life wall hanging for about a year. When i first saw this one i really liked it, but couldn’t make up my mind. My husband surprised me with it, and it looks wonderful on my wall, wish i had gotten it sooner.

I ordered this tree of life to go with a fruits of the spirit vinyl decal bible verse that i am planning on putting up in the front room of our new house. My husband is active duty in the air force and we just moved on base. We are allowed to paint the walls, but we have to paint them back when we leave so i decided to decorate with wall art and vinyl decals instead. My tree of life got here today. I was suprised at how fast it got here. I was a little worried about it being broken when i saw the packaging. It was in a flattened box so i was nervous that it would have broken pieces, but it was wrapped in bubble wrap, so it was fine and there were no broken pieces at all. I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful it is in person. I love it and i am so glad that i decided to buy it.I can’t wait to get the tree of life and the vinyl decals put up so that i can show it off to our friends and family.

Looks good in picture, will probably look ok on the wall. I will let my critics decide(my daughters). Very cheap careful removing from packaging it bends easily. Really looks like a $15-$20 piece of art. Nah, i think its going back.

The Furniture Cove NEW Chairside End Table in Rich Espresso Cappuccino Oversized Drawer, Very nice product.

Well built, and the subtle design in the tabletop adds a nice touch. The drawer is useful, i just wish there were 2 drawers instead of one. But all in all, it’s well worth the price. And it comes fully assembled. You just take it out of the well padded box and put it where you want it.

I think the quality of the wood in this product is quite nice for the money and i like the styling. It was very easy to put together.

Purchased two end tables which arrived assembled and in good condition. The cherry undertones blend with other furniture in the room. However, would have had second thoughts had i been aware of the care instructions. . Do not write on surface, do not place in direct sunlight, do not use rubber based placemat, do not use commercial waxes and polishes, do not place hot kettles, pots; do not use glass cleaners, do not allow liquids of any kind to be placed on furniture. Fortunately the tables are being used in the bedroom and not in the living room where they would have been subjected to many of the ‘do nots. ‘ otherwise pleased with the items.

Key specs for NEW Chairside End Table in Rich Espresso Cappuccino Oversized Drawer:

  • Wood Chairside Table 24″ Tall
  • Rich Cappuccino Espresso Finish
  • One Deep Drawer 5 1/2″ wide x 7″tall x18″deep
  • Drawer Has Double Nickel Pull Handle
  • New on the market. Top shelf 6″tall x

Comments from buyers

“Outstanding Piece, Very happy with purchase, Cute Tables – Just Not For Me”

Ordered two tables; one was fine, the second one was in bad shape when it arrived and it was clear that the table was put in the box in that condition (it did not suffer damage in shipping). The drawer was not screwed together and the drawer was coming apart. They requested pictures, which i immediately sent. First response was that they wanted to give me a partial refund which not acceptable as the table could not be fixed by me. Second response was to tell me to wait for their next message, but they were sending a new table. I did receive a new table fairly quickly which was in good condition. However, the next correspondence came from ups wanting to pick up the table without any further correspondence from the vendor. Emailed the vendor twice with no response; called the vendor and they showed no record of ever ordering the pickup from ups. They called me back after talking with ups and gave me the go-ahead to have ups pick it up.

I ordered two of these for my family room, they are the right size for the limited space i have. Nice tables but they’re darker than i expected. The picture of the top made the appear to have some dark reddish cherry hue to them, but they are simply very dark. One is kind of loose and wobbly, even on carpet. The shipping was frustrating but the seller communicated well and took care of the issue for me. Not having the troubles with the drawers at others are reporting,.

I needed a small end table and after a little guessing, i thought this table would be the right fit. It delivered today, and it is exactly what i needed. It came assembled and arrived in perfect condition. I removed it from the box and put it in place. The table is very sturdy and looks quite nice for the price, which i think is very fair. The picture for this item is accurate for the item. I would say that the vendor packages it well. Considering what items go through in transit. I used to work for one of the big shipping companies, so i would know.

It is a decent piece of furniture and works for what we need it for but it is a more cheaply made table. With this price that was what we expected however it did come with a couple of defects. The defects were not caused by shipping; more like damage occuring as it was made. It wasn’t worth returning the table so just couldn’t to suck it up but i can’t give it 5 stars either.

We had been looking at similar tables in furniture stores, and the price (on sale) was over double the cost of this end table. That naturally made me skeptical. I am glad i overcame my concerns and purchased this table. The coloring is richer than i had imagined, with just a hint of red rather than the dark, almost black associated with espresso. The table was wrapped to protect it (definitely childproof) and arrived in excellent condition. We love the extra tall drawer and the shelf.

I ended up returning both of these tables as one of the drawers was completely inoperable (the guide on the bottom of the drawer arrived broken) and the other table had more nicks and scuffs than i cared to deal with. The seller was exceptionally gracious, professional and helpful throughout all of my emails with him. The items arrived well packaged, but the issues with them should have been caught by the manufacturer, in my opinion.

Nice little tables, but the veneer stayed to peel away from the edges on one of the tables within the first year of purchase. Other than that, they are still very attractive.

I like the look of the tables but the workmanship is very poor. They use a single drawer guide for a tall drawer which made it wobble and very hard to open and close. One of the guides was broken out of the box. As i said i like the tables so i installed double ball bearing guides on each drawer. I wish the manufacturer would have done this, it would make the table so much better. Also the legs are different lengths, i had to repair that also.

This is a really high quality end table, especially for the price. It came very well packaged and fully assembled.

Just got this, and was very pleased. It came already assembled which surprised me, and looks just like the pictures. The drawer is nice and is lined.

Wood is a little soft and nicks easily, but a nice fit in small room with storage space.

Comes fully assembled and well protected within the box. It arrived within 3 days of ordering (i live in nj and it appears to have come from a warehouse in pa) so i was pleasantly surprised all around. Definitely pleased and would recommend.

I received these endtables in about a week. They are beautiful and look exactly like they are described. We have a living room with an odd set-up and we needed narrow tables. These are perfect and they match our other furniture. They have a slight cherry tone to them. The tables were packaged well in shipping and arrived in perfect condition. I highly recommend these tables.

For the price i was not expecting what i got. . 🙂 it sure looks like a very nice piece of furniture, very pretty sitting there with my new tiffany lamp on it.

It’s nicely constructed and came well wrapped so there was no damage. I love the color and the wood finish. The price was right and the quality is better than i expected.

I spent a fair amount of time online and more time in furniture stores looking for a compact table for a small space. I read a lot of amazon reviews and was hesitant to buy furniture from amazon. A lot of reviews focused on the color of the table and the fact that it is advertised as espresso but is actually closer to cherry. I agree, it is cherry finish. We really needed a cherry finish to match existing furniture so we are happy with this. It is constructed adequately, the finish is homogeneous. I give it 4 stars because i like it, not 5 stars because i ‘love’ it.

I should add that i am writing this review about a year after i purchased it.

Love that they came assembled, but as others have said, that meant a lot of packaging to get through and throw out. The color is definitely a red-ish cherry versus a dark cherry. Our other furniture is dark cherry; in some lights they match just fine, in others you can tell they are different. But it is not so apparent that it bothers us so we will be keeping them. Drawers are deep and provide for good storage.

I purchased this table to place it in a corner of the room,to place a small lamp on it. I should have bought a better product. Save your money not a great item for the money.

The others i had were big and round and took up a lot of space. These end tables are smaller but hold much more with the drawer.

I was expecting to have to put it together but it arrived whole covered in bubble wrap. The dual drawers are actually a facade; it’s really one high drawer. It’s narrow which is exactly what i needed and the color is true to what’s pictured. I wouldn’t plant my big butt on it for sitting but it looks like it can handle a stack of heavy books. There were no scratches or dents or chips on it.

Diagona Designs Traditional Persian Oriental Medallion Design Area Rug : This rug is just as good of a quality as any other I have gotten

It does not shed, it is soft and plush and feels way more expensive than it actually is.

Made my apt look big and fancy, lol. Feels good, looks good, no horrible plastic fake cheap rug smell.

Diagona Designs Traditional Persian Oriental Medallion Design Area Rug, 7’10” W x 9’10” L, Teal & Beige

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 7’10” X 9’10” – (94″ X 118”) Area Rug with durable synthetic pile and jute backing
  • Machine made in Turkey. Power loomed constructed pile ensures long lasting quality.
  • This rug will naturally resist stains, fading, and soil.
  • The pile on this area rug is made from 100% polypropylene to prevent shedding.
  • Please Note: Rug colors may vary slightly due to differences in computer monitors. Patterns may vary slightly according to shape and size selected.

Excellent quality , looks just as pictured.

The teal works perfectly in our more formal living room. We have dark gray walls, dark couches. The teal is not bright or overwhelming.

The color and design was exactly what i was looking for in a rug. The only problem was a small imperfection in the weaving in one spot. Because it was so large and bulky to return, i decided to live with it.

Diagona Designs Traditional Persian Oriental Medallion Design Area Rug, 7’10” W x 9’10” L, Teal & Beige : Color was true to description.

Love the look and quality is nice. Corner still rolls up a little or this would be 5 star review.

It is a beautiful carpet, i love the colors and the thickness is decent. It unrolled easily and lays flat nicely. The only complaint that i have is that since it is covering my tile floor, the fact that it is not exactly even is noticable. One side is about a inch narrower than the other. But i dont think anyone else can notice it.

It’s exactly as pictured and it arrived earlier than expected. I will definitely buy from this seller again.

It seems relatively durable. This is the perfect large rug to use over an existing carpet to avoid wear/tear, stains, etc. I’m certain it would be nice on hardwood too – but we’re using it to save wear and tear on the nice w2w carpet in our lower level tv room outside of the laundry/utility room. If you need a good looking, large, and durable rug for any purpose – this is it.

Good quality rug at affordable prices. Do look out for some curling after tripping over the corners.

Soft, beautiful, doesn’t curl.

I just receive my rug today, it is beautiful. So happy makes my living room.

It’s not quite an oriental rug, but looks nice. I’m hoping it holds up well.

It is very thick and well made for the price. Loved the soft almost greenish blue.

This is a beautiful, soft rug, and matches my decor perfectly. There are no flaws that i can see, and it rolled out and laid great from the very beginning. Great room rug for the price.

Exactly as expected and for less than $100. I am very pleased, the color is exactly as pictured, a teal color with beige, and is rather plush. The inside of the rug was lifting up so i put some weight on one end for a few days, moving it around, you could do heavy books too, but a few weeks later, it looks regal. Super happy with my purchase.

Very nice rug for the money.

The design is understated and doesn’t overpower the base color.

Gorgeous rug at a great price and arrived very fast.

This is a good-looking rug for the price however it is already coming unraveled on the ends and corners and i’ve only had this a couple of days. . There hasn’t been a lot of walking on this rug. I don’t understand why it would start to come unraveled the only thing i can think of is it is cheaply made because of the price.

This rug was beyond my expectations. Its soft n has a great design that you could not appreciate from the picture.

Benzara Deco 79 99139 Metal Wall Decor Plaque – Attractive Wall Art

I love how this looks on my wall, but i hung it sideways because i liked how it looked better. The hook in the back is only for hanging one way so i had to improvise. It is solid metal and looks great.

Challenge to hang but i love the way it looks on my wall.

It’s a beautiful addition to my style. There was a few raised squares that are bent. Maybe better inspections would help??. Here are the specifications for the Benzara Deco 79 99139 Metal Wall Decor Plaque:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Unique design; Modern artistic appeal
  • Made from metal of top quality
  • Minimal styling and clean details
  • Antique style
  • Dimension: 27.5″ H x 20″ W

As in other reviews, the colors are not as bright as it shows. It came shipped in a box with no padding or packaging materials. Unfortunately, it came a little bent and twisted. The corners were bent in and some of the paint was scratched off. I was able to bend it back into place pretty well. If it were hung on a wall it would not lie flat. I hung mine over the fireplace on stone, so the unevenness is not very noticeable.

The picture is better tahn the item received. The colors are not as vivid as those depicted, but it is still a nice item.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A beautiful piece of art!
  • Damaged, scratched and bent from shipping. Otherwise an interesting piece of art.
  • Absolutely love this thing

I was so excited when my package came. They look amazing and the quality is the best and the price was just right for my budget. There are several different colors in the art piece that i can bring them into the room with cushions and napkins and holders. I bought this one and the 2 piece as well that match as well. I had never thought to hang 3 pieces of identical art together, but they work well together. They are an excellent quality and size. I hung them in my dining room with my modern decor. I changed the lighting to match and bring out the color. I’ve received so many more comments with these pieces of art than any other pieces in my entire house.I had originally bought them for my bedroom, but loved them so much i didn’t want to hide them away in there.

I read reviews about this piece not hanging straight, but the size and comments about its beauty swayed me. My solution was to use an extra screw in the wall to straighten out the piece, and it looks great. The hanging bracket is welded to the back and cannot be adjusted, so if you get one that is crooked, it will hang crooked. This is the reason for the 4 stars. But i love the piece and it looks great on my wall.

The colors are not what i expected. You can barely see the colors unless you turn the lights on. I’m not pleased but i will make it work.

I don’t know why people are posting that the colors aren’t bright or are hardly visible. Even after reading those comments, i went ahead and ordered this piece and find it to be colorful and oh-so-beautiful. No, the colors are not bright, but they’re not bright in the picture either. They are supposed to be subtle, and that they are.

I am very happy with seller and service, but the product came up a little short. The colors in the mid section were not very colorful under dim lighting. I repainted all the colored sections. Now i am very happy with it.

Had trouble with hanging it though. It doesn’t hand straight without something other than the supplied hook. Other than that, it is very pretty and exactly what i wanted for my office. The color is much softer than what is pictured.

We hung this outside on our long, beige garage wall. Several of our neighbors were really impressed.

Yes miss honey, i recommend this, i love mine. You go out and get one, it’ll really dress up your boring walls that you all have, i’m sure.

I have two fireplaces in my home, one being in my tv room which is unused. I’ve searched in vain for a piece of art to place in the opening and when i found this piece i ordered it immediately. It arrived quickly (amazon prime) and was packaged well, maybe even over-packaged. Upon opening the box i was very pleased, amazed actually, with the looks and excellent construction. Nothing like what i had expected. I thought this thing would be made of lightweight tin but it’s very solid and ruggedly-built iron. My plan is to mount it, turned horizontally, with the round shape at the top, and centered in the opening of the firebox. In that positiom it looks fantastic, with several pieces of modern pottery on the sides of the hearth. It’s been said here that the colors are not as vivid as expected.

It doesn’t look too industrial despite the metal framing. It’s warm and sophisticated and very modern.

Love this piece it is a great addition and the colors are wonderful.

I was some what disappointed in this item due to the color in it wasn’t as pictured and after buying the two smaller ones that had the color as pictured i almost returned it but it was a gift and they were not satified but kept it anyway. I don’t recommend this at all.

Colors are mostly painted over by black paint and there is no way to hang sideways.

It gives a room a rustic but modern feel. The colors are good, not over bearing. I wasn’t looking for bold or loud colors. . This fit the bill perfectly. This piece accents the rest of my decor perfectly without being intrusive. Also, it’s very light weight and easy to hang but strong and sturdy.

This plaque looks very nice on the wall, but the design makes one side heavier than the other, so it will not hang straight using the attached hanger. I had to place an inconspicuous nail to one side so that it would hang straight. Nice looking but poor hanger design.

However, not carefully balanced and having only one place for a hook hangs with a tilt. Given the design, it’s very hard to straighten it without exposing your efforts. So, i kept it but had to find a different place to hang from what initially planned.

Sauder Carson Forge Sofa Table : Awesome product! Highly recommend!

Arrived quickly and securely packaged. Total assembly time was three hours including checking for all parts and damage. Directions were clear and easy to follow. Easy enough for one person to assemble but as this piece is heavy once assembled, it wouldn’t hurt to have help available. A philips screwdriver and hammer are all that’s needed for assembly. Sliding shelf, adjustable shelf and door round out this solid, affordable piece of furniture. Wiped down with furniture polish after assembly and it looks great. Would definitely recommend this product.

Review of:sauder carson forge side table, washington cherry finishskip to point “4 – finish” for the only real complaint if you dont need all the other details. Pros:great price, easy assembly for intermediate builders, strong structural construction, great appearance (see cons for finish issues)cons:paper thin surfacing is easily scratched and not so easy to cover up or mend. Door hinges are good quality but very hard to “tweak” for the perfect alignment. Top shelf drawer did not sit straight in either unit. I have broken the full review into 4 sections, packaging, assembly, fit and finish. At the header of each section i have a rating on a 1 – 5 scale with 1 being the best grade and 5 being the worst. I assembled two of these in under 2 hours. For the record i’m very handy with tools and furniture builds having apprenticed for several years as a cabinet maker. I have scratch built numerous furniture pieces over the years as well as having assembled countless prefab pieces like these. 51 each for these with free shipping and feel this is a fair price. Much more than $100 total cost and i would think twice before buying. 1) packaging (grade 1)to some extent the packaging is as sturdy as the side table. The thick cardboard box is packed tightly with solid styrofoam filling in any empty spaces in the flat pack. The box was then reinforced along all edges with very heavy cardboard “v” tracks.

Purchase two one for me and one for my husband. I was tired of seeing a pile of cords every where. Now all the cords stay in the inside. I have a lap top iphone and ipad and ipad minnie and they all fit inside the table with room to spare. It did come in a lot of pieces and took some time to put together it was easy and the instructions was well written. I will post a picture of the inside so you can have an idea of all the space on the inside.

This desk is great for the price. Forget those reviews that are whining about putting the desk together and the quality being subpar. It takes one screwdriver, 3 hours and some good music to assemble.

  • After reading all the reviews both good and bad I decided to just order it
  • Sauder Carson Forge Side Table – Good at Under $100
  • Another reviewer quips “Pretty nice, once put together”

Sauder Carson Forge Sofa Table, Washington Cherry Finish

  • Easy-glide drawers
  • Wrought iron style hardware
  • Finished on all sides

I was looking for an inexpensive desk for my office. After reading all the reviews both good and bad i decided to just order it. It was delivered as expected and very heavy. I first made sure all the pieces were there and in good condition. Everything was in the box with no blemishes. I proceeded to put it together. I am a woman in my 60’s and have not tackled a project like this before. It did take me a few hours to complete. The instructions were very explicit, only needing a phillips screwdriver and a hammer.

My husband just finished assembling this desk for my sewing room. It is beautiful and you really just can’t tell that it is particle board unless you seriously study it. He said that the instructions were very clear and the diagrams were excellent. Including unpacking the box and sorting/organizing parts and pieces, it took him about six hours to construct. It is also very heavy, so he recommends assembling it in the room it will be kept in. I was excited that i could buy it as an amazon prime item, but when i went to put it in my cart, it was not available through amazon prime after all, so i bought it from another vendor and it cost me thirty five dollars more than the amazon price. Today, i see it is available through amazon prime again for the same great price. If you are on the fence about buying this desk, you should grab it while you can get it on prime.

This unit has some of the best, friendliest instructions i’ve yet encountered for ready-to-assemble furniture. It appears to be the first piece of furniture ever where the directions are written in native english instead of translated. (the directions even have some actually-quite-funny jokes, so have fun with that. ) the one caveat is that as with so much furniture, i wish they would have you attach drawer rails and door hinges to the interior cramped spaces **before** you assemble the outer frame. I would recommend reading the full directions first and modifying as needed. Also, be very careful to place the interior shelf the correct direction, with the holes for the door stop in front. I didn’t until it was too late (i. The cardboard back was already attached), and i had to drill my own hole for the door stop. It’s particle-board furniture of acceptable quality.

It looks very nice and sturdy. It wasn’t missing any pieces and came very quickly. The only thing i don’t like about it is that there is a small gap between the door and the side. I can deal with it, bc the rest of it is great.

This is my fourth piece from this collection and i am thrilled with all four of them. I normally do not write reviews. I decided to write this review after reading some of the other posted whiny reviews. In my opinion sauder does not get a fair shake in some of the posted reviews. One reviewer complains that sauder is misleading customers on the number of drawers that the product has. The customer thought the product had 7 drawers. This would have been obvious had someone read the question and answer section before making their purchase. Another reviewer quips “pretty nice, once put together”. Did he plan on not putting it together?another writes “don’t be fooled by the description, it’s made entirely out of particle board with a cherry veneer.

Walker Edison Furniture Company Walker Edison Glass Oval Coffee Table – Decent product for the price

Some of the reviews said it was a bit too low or something but it is just perfect to us.

Cheap, sturdy, and well-designed. Uh, easy to assemble, but you need to be paying attention to detail. I’m delighted with the finished table. However i can see why some reviewers saw it as wobbly or whatever. Halfway through the build, you’ve got four rods firmly screwed into the top, yet the damn things appear to flop around maybe 5 degrees or more because of loose tolerances between the male and female threads. That seems ominous, and i suspect that a number of people stopped at that point and returned it. But if you complete the build, the wobble completely disappears, because the table is what is called a ‘tension structure’; iow, when you screw the legs tight, the resulting tensile force powerfully *pulls* on the rods, putting an equal and opposite compressive force on the shiny tubes. It is these balancing forces that drive the structure into rigid alignment. There are a couple of issues that require attention while building the thing.

I lifted one piece of the ‘frosted’ glass out of the box and the moisture from my thumb wiped out a portion of the ‘frosting’. The table looks great, and is a really nice value. Just be careful handling the ‘frosted’ glass cause that stuff just wipes right off. Here are the specifications for the Walker Edison Furniture Company Walker Edison Glass Oval Coffee Table:

  • Oval-shape with distinct curving legs
  • Beveled, tempered safety glass
  • Frosted finish on lower shelving
  • Sparkling steel legs
  • Ships ready-to-assemble with step-by-step instructions

Smaller than i thought it would be but still a cute little coffee table. Super easy to put together (15 minutes, tops) and very attractive once completed. No damage/flaws to the product upon receipt and it has held up well over the last few weeks i’ve had it. The bottom pieces are frosted glass that appear periwinkle or gray-ish depending on the light.

We have cats that scratch furniture and i avoid buying wooden furniture. This glass coffee table is perfect for my 20ftx13ft sized living-dining room (no scratching, easy to clean). I have hardwood floors and unlike some reviews here, it is not wobbly or uneven. It is sturdy even when my naughty cat jumps and sleeps on it. I put magazines on the lower shelves (the color is not as blue as it looks here but the shelves are slightly frosted). I am extremely happy with this product. This table compliments our ikea klippan loveseat well. If you have big pieces of furniture or if your room is too big ,this may not be ideal since it will look small but for a small living room with contemporary couches, it is a good buy.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Decent product for the price
  • Wobble? Rickety? Not if assembled thoughtfully.
  • I am super happy with this purchase Item size is perfect if

Purchased a new living room set and this piece complemented the contemporary style. Assembly was simple and directions were well documented. Quality was as expected and shipped without damage; packing was exceptional to avoid damage.

Easy set up and great quality for the price.

This table is a little smaller than i thought but it makes my living room look so much bigger. It was relatively easy to put together. It’s very modern looking – i love it.

I love how it looks in my living room. It’s perfect for the amount of space i have. And the shipping was so fast.

I am always a little intimidated when it comes to putting any furniture piece together -not just for the challenge of it as i am not bob the builder but also because of how it will appear once done. . I am so pleased with the easy instructions and also the finished product it is perfect. It is small in size for those with small spaces.

This just looks amazing; we are extremely happy to have purchased it. Assembly is easy, hardly takes few minutes. Table is pretty big and strong than we expected.

It is very securely packaged and arrived without any damage. Box is not heavy, easy for one person to carry. All parts were labeled with both written directions and pictures and no tools needed for assembly. Took maybe 5 minutes to put together. Each part had small numbered sticker on it which came off easily, one of the frosted glass pieces had it on surface so there is clear spot left where it was but not really noticeable. The only negative thing, which is why it is only 4 stars is they have a 4×4 inch sticker on surface of clear glass. . The top of the table that does not come off. I spent about 10+ minutes on it, more than twice as long as actual assembly.

Small but i guess i overestimated the size. One leg broke shortly after purchase (2 months after purchase). I ordered it late one night and the next morning before 11 am it was already at my door.

Looks nice how ever this piece is excellent for a small living room area but will not look good on a large living area (1000 sft). Other than that im happy easy to put together.

Ok for the price but smaller than expected, it’s a nice table for an small room. We thought it was a bit bigger though. Sometimes is not strong enough.

This table is exactly what i wanted. Yes, it is small, so measure it out before you order to make sure it’s the right size for your room. It’s perfect in my tiny living room, looks very smart. It’s very easy to put together. No tools and a woman can do it easily. The glass top is a bit heavy but that makes it sturdy. Excellent instructions, very clear, and a clever design. It looks exactly like the picture.

To begin- i would expect to pay more for just the slab of glass that makes up the top portion of this table. I have been putting together a lot of furniture as i just moved and this piece was a breeze to assemble. Everything was in tact- the instructions were pretty straight forward and the table was constructed in about 15-20 minutes. The box is quite heavy so that is a consideration if you need to carry it far once it makes it to your doorstep. For a small living space, i can say that this is- by far- the best inexpensive furniture purchase i have made so far. Buy it- i doubt you will be disappointed.

I needed something small for my small, oddly shaped living room. Gives it a nice modern look.

Scratch resistant and not too heavy to scoot or pick.

Very nice and very easy to put together.

This table is small and does wonders in a corner or against the wall holding decorative items or pictures. I was actually pleased on how easy it was putting it together by myself, each piece is numbered with stickers which i recommend taking the stickers off as you place each piece in tack. It makes an easier clean up instead of going back peeling each sticker off after the table is put together.

Winsome Wood Toby Coffee Table, Well made and attractive

Took me 15 minutes to put together. Beautiful heavy all wood table. I have found furniture made in malaysia or thailand is usually always wood and made very well. Price was great for the quality.

Perfect, just what i needed, good quality for the price too.

Easy even for me to put together about 30 minutes but im not good at assembling things. For the average person should only take 10 minutes or so.

Key specs for Winsome Wood Toby Coffee Table:

  • Round Wood Coffee Table
  • 30-Inch Surface, Beveled top adds to rich look
  • Sturdy construction
  • Dark Espresso finish
  • Easy to assemble with parts and tools included

Comments from buyers

“A little smaller than anticipated but great overall., Nice table, please use coasters, Very sturdy! It’s gone through a lot with my 3 “

Extremely easy to put together. Very nice and looks even better in person. The only issue was that it did not come with the 8 philips screws listed so i had to use my own. Other than that, great product.

I waxed it before use just to protect it. Right off the bat i had company sit a glass/cup on it and it without using the multitude of coasters in the room, and it left a ring. Good place to set a decorative bowl. ): although a water ring is not the fault of the table, i have rescued glasses off other tables and inserted a coaster, and not ended up with damage. This was quickly damaged and i don’t know why. It is overall a very nice table, it has been sturdy. If i have to refinish it someday, so be it.

This table is really nice for a small place. I have a small apartment and an l shaped couch so it works perfectly. It arrived quick and has no damage. Set up was easy except one leg did not fit in the knotch so i had to screw on a diagonal because i do not feel like returning this. Overall, its a cute table that does not wobble and does its job. The misaligned knotch is the only thing keeping me from giving it five stars.

Very sturdy, and easy to put together. The wood is strong and sleek looking, and the color is spot on. The hardware is easy to install, and they include extra l-bracket supports (which we did not even use) to hold the table together. This will definitely stand up to rough boys in the house.

I purchased this table because of the price and it’s simple design. It’s sturdy and large enough to act impromptu dining table. My only issue is that finish has peeled in a few places and there are scratches.

Everything about the table is great, besides the fact that it came damaged in few places. One of the legs was damaged due to which the table wobbles a little. The top also has few scratches here and there. It still looks good in my living room. However, i expected a new table to look and feel new as well.

Flat-pack furniture for less than $100 is always a gamble. It’s either pretty good, or starts to break after a while. Or sometimes during assembly. Wow was i surprised to find that these tables are made of real wood (i mean it might be veneer) with pretty hefty craftsmanship (i can stand on it no problems) and a pretty durable finish. This is in our ‘man cave’ and has had everything from bourbon to hot sauce spilled on it. After over a year, the stain and varnish are still in great shape and clean up like new. As others have said, this is pretty red for an ‘espresso’ finish, but i really didn’t mind.

The table itself is beautiful. Not small or huge just the right size but one of the pieces was not packaged properly and came broken in two. I reached out to customer service and they responded very quickly; however, i just received the tracking information for the broken piece today when i submitted the request for replacement a week ago. That would not be an issue if delivery date was not until next week. So i will have an incomplete table in my newly decorated living room for another week. The table is great quality i just wished that all the pieces were packaged properly.

It’s gone through a lot with my 3 year old. He plays his toys on it, runs his cars over it, climbs and jumps from it, spills his juice over it, leaves his play doh on it. And it looks just as good as the day i got it.The color is still in tact and smooth. The legs hold up pretty well and has not wobbled even after constant pulling of the table for relocation.

Reasonably priced and looks more expensive.

I love this coffee table for function and looks. Nice weight and can fit into a smaller space for a sectional.

This compact sized cocktail fits perfectly in my living room. It arrived promptly and went together very easily in about fifteen minutes. I will be ordering the matching round end table as well.

Great material, wood, nice color, easy to assemble.

We purchased this coffee table for our living room. We have three young children so we did not want anything very expensive because our kids destroy things very fast. Despite the low price, it is attractive and stylish, but smaller than i expected. Keep in mind when you assemble this that there are some sharp edges around the woods seams on the inner edge of the table. I cut my finger pretty good while putting it together. Besides that it’s a great piece for the price.

Very easy to assemble and surpassed all my expectations. Looks like a much more expensive piece of furniture.

This table is sturdy, looks great, and is exactly what we needed. Our usual coffee table was too large for our little one learning to walk. We needed an inexpensive option to use until she is steadier and less likely to tumble and bump her head.

Exactly what we were looking for. Perfect table for the price. Nice and sturdy plus the rounded edges are great for our 10 month old who is just learning to pull up.

This is a very nice table for a small space. Wish it came in 36′ size, but the 30′ works. The woodgrain shows and the color is rich. Minus one star for a damaged table that had to be replaced. The packaging is barely sufficient and it was annoying to have to return the first table and wait for the replacement. Amazon took care of everything for me as always, but since the reviews indicate previously damaged tables, it’s surprising they don’t improve the packaging. I love the table now that it’s here, however, so all is well.

Great table, solid construction. This is a heavy little table that went together easy and is great looking. I thought it would be made of composite material. To my surprise it was solid wood.

Put a 5′ christmas tree on this table. It is nice enough to replace our current coffee table when the season is over. There is tension between the legs and the underside bars. I did split the wood on one of the underside bars where the two bars join in the center. Hairline crack, easily fixed with wood glue and clamps. The table is very stable and will not wobble.

Ameriwood Home Parsons Desk – This is a great little desk

I bought this desk to use as a vanity it is the perfect size and very sturdy. The instructions were easy to follow and it went together quickly and easily.

Nice and sturdy for a cute vanity.

This is a great little desk. I use mine as a vanity to do my hair and make up in the morning and it is perfect. It was easy to put together and looks more expensive than it is. I am really glad i purchased it.Has a small drawer where i keep my hair brushes and some other small goodies.

  • This is a great little desk
  • Desk turned Vanity
  • Great little desk! Exactly what I needed

Pros: dual 24′ monitor lcd arm clamp fits perfectly and securely: http://www. Com/gp/product/b002r9hqli/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=utf8&psc=1fits keyboard, mouse well. Can also fit decent sized speakers if you use one monitor or dual lcd clamp. Cons: i can see a leg breaking if trying to drag across carpet while there is weight on desk. Move it carefully and the wood should not break. Worth the $50 (as of 5/12/2015).

I received this altra parsons table in about a week, i read a lot of bad reviews so i was very skeptical. But once i opened the box, saw how easy the instructions were and put the table together i wondered why there was so many bad reviews. I’m using it as a vanity and it’s perfect. It is rather small so it’s perfect for a small room. It reminds me of the ikea malm table somewhat. The drawer has enough space for all of my makeup palettes and room to grow. The drawer doesn’t pull out all the way however (similar to the ikea malm dressing table) i really love this table for the price you can’t beat it (i bought a used one for $40 instead of paying the original price) people were also complaining that it came with wood glue, the glue is to secure wooden dowels into the leg post. Don’t listen to the bad reviews this is a decent table especially for the cost it looks more expensive than it actually is. My table doesn’t shake or anything like others have complained.

Features of Ameriwood Home Parsons Desk with Drawer, Espresso

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The simple Ameriwood Home Parsons Desk with Drawer will be your perfect home office accessory
  • The single drawer will hold all of your small office supplies while the spacious desk top is perfect for your laptop and paperwork
  • Care Instructions: Dust and wipe with a dry cloth and if needed, a damp cloth may be used sparingly
  • The beautiful espresso woodgrain finish gives this desk a high end look for an affordable price
  • This Parsons Desk is constructed of laminated particleboard and MDF for a long lasting build

Worked perfectly for what we wanted.

As seen below i am using mine as a vanity, and have since added storage on top of the desk as well. It’s a great value for the price, though it’s not the most sturdy piece of furniture. It comes with everything you need aside from a screwdriver, and only took about half an hour to put together.A friend of mine and my little sister saw this desk and immediately wanted the link to get one of their own. Perfect for small spaces, great for everyday use.

I ordered this as a study desk and i love it already. It came in perfect shape and putting it together took 10 minutes. Great desk for the price i highly recommend it.

I am honestly in love with this desk. My dad put it together for me, and it took him only around 10 minutes. It’s is super sturdy, and the paint job looks great. The drawer on one side sticks a little bit out but it’s only noticeable if you inspect like i did. It’s comes with the four legs separate and the top all put together already. I am using it for my vanity area, just waiting on my chair? i would definitely get this if you’re needing a cute desk for a semi small area.

The desk is undeniably beautiful and very simple to assemble. And trust me, coming from me is saying a lot. All you have to do is turn the desk over to assemble the legs. Then you apply the included wood glue in each of the four corners. Each leg will be marked either b or c and you will input each of them as directed by their directory booklet. Then you insert two screws in each leg and tighten them with the included allen wrench. I would also like to add that i appreciate the easy to follow directory, it makes a huge difference when assembly directions are easy to follow. However, the allen wrench i received was inefficient on the short side, while the long side fit into the screws like a glove. Thus making the final tightening of the screws a bit frustrating.

LANGRIA 5-Tier Metal Mesh Rolling Cart Trolly Organizer Shelves Handle Portable Utility : Easy to assemble, and very handy!

I bought this to hold hair products, skincare and lotions etc. In our bathroom because it was getting out of control in there. It is made very well and is easy to put together. One person can put it together without an extra set of hands and pieces fit together without much force. I had bought a different kind before this and this one is so much better. It is taller than an average vanity because of that 5th level. The hook attachment holds brushes nicely so now they don’t fall down. Everything is organized now and i love it.

The company was very prompt to work with me on my issue. Seems like i just got a funny one because most others seemed to have no issues with it wobbling. I am going to take the wheels off and use pads to even it out. So i am just giving 2 stars because i believe mine is defective. Once i put the baskets on it becomes uneven. I have tried to tweak it and put the baskets on a little different but it still wobbles like crazy. The pros, its light weight, cute, and easy to put together. I hate having to return large items so i may just take the wheels off and use pads to even the bottom out but then its not the height i was hoping for.

LANGRIA 5-Tier Metal Mesh Rolling Cart Trolly Organizer Shelves Handle Portable Utility, Easy Moving

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • STURDY MATERIALS: an all metal frame means the unit effortlessly supports whatever you store and is less likely to bend or warp during shipping and during use
  • DEEP SHELVES: the metal mesh shelves feature a front and back bend and keep things in place when you are storing them or moving the unit around
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: the shelves drop into a frame and are interlocked with the frame itself, allowing for super easy assembly without any tools
  • NEUTRAL DESIGN: the whole unit is coated with a white varnish, making it match and fit into any location or design scheme
  • CASTERS: 4 omnidirectional casters allow the unit and be moved around, and can be locked when stability is needed

Perfect for storage and getting rid of clutter.

For some reason it was a bit shorter than i expected, but overall it is excellent. It’s not for heavy use but definitely a plus for organizing my office space. Well worth the purchase price.

This rack is easy to use and holds a lot of stuff. I bought this after my over-the-door rack ruined my door.Do not buy/use those over-the-door racks coz the weight of your stuff will pull your door to one side, esp. If you have kids at home who never close the pantry door, and the bolts will come loose.

LANGRIA 5-Tier Metal Mesh Rolling Cart Trolly Organizer Shelves Handle Portable Utility, Easy Moving : I knew for the price it wouldn’t be extremely sturdy, but it does the trick. I keep it in the kitchen for things like dry beans, spices, things i just wanted to clear out of my cabinets so i had room for pots and pans. It doesn’t quite roll, but it also moves pretty well. Just don’t try to test its strength :).

It’s sturdy enough for my purpose of holding snacks and other light pantry items. It does roll easily but does not change directions super easily. That is the casters turn around and so for a short slide in and out of the area i store it the casters don’t pivot quickly. If i were not sliding it in and out of a pantry space then i would give it 5 stars.

It works well and match with my desk.

Was hoping they were taller and more sturdy.

It leans on one side, off balance.

This is my second one of these – i just love them. They have a very small footprint, and are very functional. Super easy to assemble, and seem to be sturdy as well.

Helped me to clean up my desk space.

Slightly smaller that what i thought it would be, but its ok.

I love its perfect for what i need to keep my counters uncluttered. I just put extra things on the cart and the fact it has wheels makes it better.

Easy to put together, relatively sturdy product. Took one star off because wheels do not roll well. Also, you need to be really careful when dragging it or it might topple. A little pricey for the quality, but does the job. Instagram: @snippetsofjeanne.

It works great in our closet for extra storage for small and medium sized accessories.

Great price and the most rediculously easy thing to put together. I use it in my bathroom for my make up and hair supplies. I can roll it to my room or hallway if i need to for lighting and it’s great.

The 5-tier cart is very nice, quite sturdy. I use it to store cat food cans which i stack 3-deep on each shelf. This cart appears to be well-constructed and capable of being wheeled around fully loaded. The white coating on the cart is well-bonded, not the soft plastic used on less-expensive storage products. I was also pleased to find 2 of 4 wheels had breaks to keep the cart from moving around, although it wasn’t included in the installation instructions these be placed on the same narrow end of the cart. The cart is easily put together by one person. I only gave 4 stars because i think the utility hook portion is too sharp for safety – i recommend anyone planning to use the hook attachment either turn it in toward the cart (as i did), or add corks to the ends of the hooks to avoid injury. Otherwise, i’m quite satisfied. It’s a good quality product, and it appears to avoid the problems of cheaper carts i’ve used in the past, where the wire baskets popped away from the frame, leaving exposed wires and a weakened structure, or the soft plastic coating eventually cracks.

I bought this to store laundry supplies (laundry soap, dryer sheets, spray & wash, etc. It is a great size and is really sturdy. I can hold the large boxes of laundry soap from costco with no problem. The design makes it so things cant fall off.

I ordered 2 of these, and use them everyday. It would be nice if they were a little stronger, but that would make them heavier and more expensive. I can live with them, as is.

I bought two of these, one to corral all the video tapes and dvds falling all other the place to store them in a closet and the other to keep next to my art table to hold multiple containers of pencils, brushes, etc. The carts is light weight (empty i can lift a cart with one hand). Based on my art cart it holds a variety of shapes and sizes of containers and a few books. I think loaded my art cart weighs about 30 lbs. The manufacturer’s description says it will hold up to 66 lbs. I have no problems rolling these loaded carts around. Because i don’t plan to move them a lot and they aren’t where the cats can get to them to climb or sleep on, these should last a long time. As to stability, i think for overall use they are very stable but i also think that a toddler trying to climb one could tip it over or dent the shelves.

I am completely overhoyed with this product. It is exactly how i pictured it and so easy to put together. I am planning to buy 2 more. One for my sewing supplies and one for current projects and supplies. Thank you for quick delivery alsovk.