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Daily Archives: November 28, 2018

2×4 Basics Hopkins AnySize Table – Great, sturdy bench

There was no least – the anysize bench and anysize table went together very nicely. I used 4 foot redwood with an exterior reddish stain for the bench and table (18′ x 18′). They both sit under one of our palo verde trees next to the bird bath(feeder). It’s a nice place to relax after an afternoon of bbqing. One 7′ skill saw and a battery powered screw driver for construction. One disposable brush for the stain. A beer or two waiting for the stain to cure. That is all that is needed for construction >unless you want to get fancy with a carpenters square and sanding block and other stuff for precision work and esthetics. The table and bench sit out in the weather in az.

I made total 3 bench, all by myself for my kid birthday. Almost 15 kids played on theses,jumped on them so all gone well. Knowing fact that i have crafted them, helped me gained some praise.

I will be purchasing other kits from them. The directions had a few spots that weren’t exactly clear, and i can’t imagine making this larger then 6ft without additional supports.

  • Used Composite deck lumber instead
  • Great way to make cheap, sturdy benches!
  • Great little bench!

Wanted to have a bench on the front porch. This allowed me to cut the ben to the exact size i wanted. It only takes minutes to put together and i have had numerous complements on it.

I bought two of these and put them together in a couple hours. Assembly was as simply as it looks and they feel fairly sturdy. Using pressure treated lumber, i suspect they will last a good while, and considering the price point, i won’t be devastated if one of them is damaged. I opted to miter the ends of my boards for a little extra style, but otherwise, i think they could be assembled very quickly. They would also serve as a fairly good project to do with your children. A miter saw helps cut the boards quicker and more accurately, but not having one isn’t a deal breaker. Other than that, you really only need a tape measure and drill. I used 5 8′ long 2×4’s to make my pair of benches. I opted to make one bench 3. 5′ long and both are sturdy, though for the 4. 5 long, i decided to add a pair of boards underneath, type the seat planks together to make it a little stiffer. I think this would be especially helpful if you plan to go for a 5′ bench. For a 6′ bench, i’d strongly start considering adding and intermediate support. Overall, a cool outdoor bench at a good price, a fun do it yourself project and a nice conversation starter.

Features of Hopkins AnySize Table, Sand

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Build your own low table, side table, or coffee table any size up to eight feet using our AnySize Low Table Kit and your 2x4s
  • Assembly is simple
  • Made of durable, maintenance free structural resin
  • Includes two bench end supports, hardware, and assembly instructions (lumber not included)
  • Limited two year warranty

Love love love if i had a house would have them scattered in my back yard. I used this for outside an office so clients can sit. Very pleased with the result. Not as easy as some would make out in their reviews. If you want longer benches would recommend buying another set to use one in the middle for support. The plastic needs a lot of sanding in order for spray paint to take and not flake off but once painted looks great.

We are basically 2×4 basics addicts. My husband loves building things for our home and we have never been disappointed with any product that we have purchased from 2×4 basics. Can’t wait for it to warm up a bit more so we can enjoy our new outdoor furniture.

I purchased 8 benches – 4 for our house and 4 as house warming gifts for friends who relocated to the country. These benches were a breeze to put together. After thinking it over i decided to incorporate 2x6s in place of 2x4s where i could to prevent warping. 2×6 lumber fits perfect into this construction. I’ve attached photos above – check 2×6 construction. The 2×4 braces below make for solid shake-free benches. I sanded and finished mine with three coats of thompsons ‘honey gold’ tint watersealant. After this summer and winter in ok i’ll report back on how well these held up. All construction so far has been 6 feet long. You have to realize it’s wood you’re working with and prepare accordingly.

Easy to use, i made a bench that can double as a coffee table.

Wow, saved me a ton of time. Built a bunch of these for our garage. Painted the wood prior to assembly.

The bench feels very sturdy. Overall, very happy with the purchase and the outcome. As suggested in earlier reviews, i used paint stirrers as spacers during installation. One thing to note, there is nothing underneath the legs to prevent it from sliding. I noticed when its placed on the tiled floor.

I’m kind of shocked but i actually made two 6’ benches to set my container vegetables on this summer. Gets them off the ground and i don’t have to bend over at all, or at least as far, to tend them. I’m going to make a shorter 3rd one to use as an outdoor coffee table in front of our bench. If i can do it, then anybody can do it.

I bought this to make a bench that my son and i could use while waiting for the bus in the morning and the afternoon at the end of our driveway. We’re on a fairly busy street and i’m still not entirely convinced that a bench placed there isn’t going to up and disappear one day. So rather than spend a ton of money on a nice wooden bench (which, while beautiful, would pain me greatly if it ‘walked’), i decided to give this a try. I figured that if this did disappear, i’d be out a fraction of the cost of a more expensive bench and i would kick myself for a far shorter duration. While the instructions aren’t the most descriptive (think ikea with even less detail and no smiley man showing you what to do), it was fairly straightforward as to how to assemble. The assembly itself wasn’t quite as easy as i had hoped. While there are cutouts in the legs where you put the included screws, my wood kept moving on me, which was really annoying. Since this is intended for use with 2×4 lumber, i almost wish there were ridges to help guide you where to put the lumber and help you keep in in place while screwing it in (and help you keep the recommended 1/4′ space between the boards for drainage). And speaking of screwing, i had some issues getting the screws to go in easily for a couple of the spots closest to the ends. Those spots didn’t have as much room directly above the cutout due to the curve of the leg support and my drill had some issues getting the correct angle.

My husband wanted me to send this back so he would make one. I didn’t want to wait years for him to get around to it so i kept it and made it myself. I had lowes cut the 2×4’s sanded them and stained them. Screwed them in and painted on a protective coating. It took me a while b/c i wanted it to be nice as i’m using it at the kitchen table. Will update with a photo later. My kids all insist on sitting on it. Would be super quick if you were using it outside and bought treated wood.

You can make just about any size – at least lengthwise – you want. I wanted a small bench for my front deck, could not find one that was inexpensive. Then i saw this product, and my son used scrap lumber from the garage, and he had the bench made in no time. Couldn’t be more pleased with this product – what a great idea. You can put outdoor cushions on it, but i like the looks of it plain, and in the winter – i can use it as a bird feeding platform – just throw the seeds on it, instead of freezing while refilling the feeders.

My husband then bought the wood and assembled it. It was easy to put together and we loved the look so we we ordered three more. We now have four around the fire pit and they are perfect for that use. We were looking at benches and they were either cheaply made or poorly reviewed on wayfair or very expensive to have them custom made.

Very happy with this product. I recommend using bullseye 1-2-3 or coverstain to prime and then paint with your choice of rust-oleum spray paint. The color choices are endless. I have built 4 of these as benches 6ft long, they are wonderful at my creek patio.

I made a 40” bench with it. Instructions were easy to follow and the bench went together quickly. Doesn’t tip when the other person stands up like my other benches. Now im using it as a plant bench. Great size for a lot of uses.

It’s so very easy, all you need is wood of your choice. I had made a bench seat out of some reclaimed pallets and i felt like it needed a foot rest/coffee table/something i could use for additional seating during big parties. This things was picture perfect.

Just add 2×4 or 2×6 and this will last you a lifetime. I don’t usually write a review, in fact, this is my first review in amazon, but this deserve a kudos to the manufacturer and it is made in the usa. I wish they will pre-paint it with various color selections. I spray paint mine with espresso brown to match the wood stain. See the matching chairs from the same company in the picture. The jack daniels looks great on top of it lol.

I bought this bench because i was in a diy mode. Well, my husband ended up sanding the wood and putting it together for me. We use it as a front entry way bench in our home.

Warning, if put outside in the sun, uv rays will cause the plastic to degrade. I highly suggest painting the plastic and staining the wood before assembly if the bench is going to be outside in order to give your bench both a quality look and long life. If kept indoors the sun will not degrade the plastic and it can be left unpainted. Each unit comes with screws, cut one 2×4 the length you want the legs to be apart. I think i used a #3 phillips head bit, trial and error to find the best fit but i think it was bigger than the #2 which is probably the most commonly used. I suggest having a variable speed electric screwdriver, the manufacturer left some room to make it easy to get the 2×4’s in, so you can over tighten the screws on the legs and bend the plastic, which could lead to premature cracking. I’m extremely happy with the 4′ bench, it is extremely sturdy. The 8′ bench is probably a little too long, not as sturdy and could possibly be overloaded if you have a lot of people sitting on it. If you are like me and started looking at the outrageous prices of benches and decided to build your own, this is an easy way.

Building this bench couldn’t have been easier. My kids and i spent the first part of a sunny morning staining the lumber and let it sit for a few hours. Later that evening i assembled the pieces with the screws provided and it was done. I’m thinking of buying another and the matching table to have a complete picnic set.