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Daily Archives: December 11, 2018

BarnwoodUSA Rustic Farmhouse Blanket Ladder – Our 3 ft Ladder can be Mounted Horizontally or Vertically and is Crafted from 100% Recycled and Reclaimed Wood | No Assembly Required | Weathered Gray – perfect for my front porch!

I saw a ladder in hobby lobby but forgot it behind the register and i’m glad i did because this one is so much nicer. Very rustic which is what i wanted. Not sturdy enough to climb obviously but it will hold blankets and holds its shape (unlike the one in hobby lobby).

I had big doubts about this item, but ordered it anyway as my daughter really wanted one. The more rustic the better, she said. This ladder from barnwoodusa fit that bill to perfection. It’s sturdy and holds blankets beautifully and out of the way. It was a huge hit at christmas, we love it.

It’s a lovely piece to add a rustic touch to any home. Here are the specifications for the BarnwoodUSA Rustic Farmhouse Blanket Ladder – Our 3 ft Ladder can be Mounted Horizontally or Vertically and is Crafted from 100% Recycled and Reclaimed Wood | No Assembly Required | Weathered Gray:

  • WEATHERED GRAY RUSTIC LADDER SHELF FARMHOUSE DECOR; 3′ long, mount horizontally or vertically.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY; Crafted from 100% reclaimed and recycled wood. *Ladder will have a raw edge on the back.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE; If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll refund every penny.
  • COMES FULLY ASSEMBLED — Nothing to build, and no complicated instructions.
  • LOOKS GREAT IN ANY HOME; Hundreds of five star reviews from other customers!

It looks great in our home and my wife loves it. I thought it was expensive for what you get, but i tend to be the logical one in this relationship.

This ladder is adorable plus strong and solid , i was debating whether i should hang it on the wall or lean it up against the wall instead, this was my decision. Beautiful addition to my newly decorated living room .

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I use it to hold my blankets and it’s annoying pulling blankets off it and you have to pick
  • Couldn’t be happier with it
  • Beware of splinters

Rustic and perfect for that farmhouse chic look that is popular now. I have it against my living room wall, holding a throw blanket. Love the imperfections and the old grey bar wood color. Had a problem with my original order but barnwoodusa fixed it immediately. Highly recommend this ladder.

Used this hung on wall of laundry room to hang wet clothes. It looks fabulous and i love it.

Nice rustic look, just beware of splinters. A bit more narrow than i had expected but it is a nice versatile piece.

I’ve been working on ‘southwesterning’ up my front porch and saw this rustic-looking ladder and just had to have it. I’ve had it outside for about a week now. The first day it was out there, it was incredibly windy with lots of rain and when i looked outside a few hours later it had fallen over and was soaked through and through. I wedged it behind my bench a bit and ever since it’s been perfectly fine (and we have had a lot of windy days).I have another ladder that is a very heavy pine that i keep indoors that holds a mexican blanket (bought it years ago in mexico and paid next to nothing for it). This ladder is very lightweight compared to that one, but i’m not planning on hanging anything on it (maybe a few lights around the holidays). It’s rustic, weathered-looking, can survive the hot summers and rainy monsoon seasons of southern arizona and it ‘southwesterns’ up my front porch just fine. Even loki, my cat, agrees (she can be seen peeking out the window).

I purchased this ladder to hang from the ceiling in my laundry room to use as a drying rack (using hangers) for the clothes i don’t want to put in the drier. The ladder is the perfect color to match the rest of my laundry room décor. The size is small, but perfect for what i needed. If your thinking of purchasing keep in mind this is a decorating piece, not meant to be used as a real ladder, the wood seems reclaimed, so i don’t think it would hold a person’s weight, but again to decorate, maybe place against a wall with some blankets would be perfect.

It has some rough spots and splintered wood. Resembles being made from pallet wood. Very lightweight and perfect for a blanket rack. The legs should probably be cut at an angle to ensure it is stable leaning against the wall. I will likely be doing that soon. The wood appears to be weathered in appearance, not painted. Down the line it may be worth taking some chalk paint to this as well.

Exactly what i was looking for. Looks so beautiful in my house.

Perfect size to hang in my wall as a decoration. I sound the idea from pintrest and it turned out great:-).

I just read a negative review that said i’d never recommend this item or product.

Love this ladder that i turned it into a shelf.

I ordered this because it is the only shelving that would fit in my tiny city apartment bathroom. It looks nice and it fits a tiny space, so i appreciate that. But boy is this cheaply made. Not worth the amount charged. The shelves aren’t even nailed in, they are stapled in. It is good enough to hold light, unbreakable things, like decorations, or toiletry items in a bathroom, but it is not sturdy enough to use as real shelves.

Looks good, serves its purpose as decor in my rustic chic dining room. I would say it’s a little over-priced, as it seems like someone just quickly threw some stain on it and called it a day. But that’s ok because it’s supposed to look distressed. In my opinion, it’s worth about $35. I got the brown which has a greyish brown tint to it. The steps (shelves) are not that deep so a large picture frame probably won’t sit on it. You would need a small frame or little trinkets.

It does bother me that you get splinters every time you touch it though. I use it to hold my blankets and it’s annoying pulling blankets off it and you have to pick pieces of wood from your blanket. Also, if you have small children crawling around and try to touch the ladder, they could get splinters too and could turn into an infection if you don’t notice. Just a couple of things to think about. If it’s hung on the wall or put back in a corner used as a shelf, i think it would be a better buy.

I agree with all the other reviews, needs sanding, but if you’re going for the rustic look then it works especially for the price. Not as wide as i thought but i use it as decor only so.

Exactly what i needed for my project. Couldn’t be happier with it.

I purchased this decorative ladder for the living room to hang throw blankets on. I took a risk on purchasing this ladder even after reading all the reviews which consisted of “a lot of splinters” and the ladder itself being “very lightweight” which both statements stood to be true. The price was a bit more than what i would have liked to have paid. ($20-$30 is a more reasonable price) overall i’m satisfied with this purchase and it definitely serves its purpose.