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Daily Archives: December 15, 2018

DHP Manila Metal Daybed and Trundle : castors bent after regular use

The box arrived someone opened via fedex and i signed ‘damaged’ just in case. But thankfully, all the pieces were there and nothing was damaged inside the box. The instructions are relatively easy and i did this completely on my own using some help with an ottoman to ‘balance’. The most important thing is to count and make sure everything is there, then read the instructions thoroughly and pay attention to ‘detail 1’ and ‘detail 2’ — and do not tighten the ‘bolts’ until the end in case you do anything wrong. Look at the picture and the side of each ‘piece’ to make sure it’s correct and ‘up’. Overall, it took me under 45 minutes to put the entire bed together from beginning to end. (please note: i hate putting things together, too) the bed resembles something from the victorian/early 1900s era too. I’m thoroughly pleased i do not need a box spring and that i can use the storage underneath.

I am very happy with this purchase. We purchased this for our guest room. It took me about 2 hours to assemble this daybed, but that was because i assembled it myself. I recommend assembling this daybed with a partner to cut down the time. It has wheels which you can lock. I tested it and the daybed holds me and my husband. We have a combined weight of 350 pounds. For the trundle, i feel that it’s more sturdier than the full. My son is 106 pounds and he said the trundle was very comfortable. We tested it, and we approved. I know my guests will love them too.

DHP Manila Metal Daybed and Trundle, Twin Size Daybed and Trundle, Multifunctional, White

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  • Designed with Victorian rounded finials that give any room a spark of style that’s both modern and timeless. It is perfect for sleepovers for kids and a great option for anyone needing an extra sleeping space with its handy pull-out trundle.
  • The sturdy metal frame comes with metal slats for extra support that ensure air moves freely around your mattress to keep it fresh for years to come.
  • The trundle includes four easy-glide casters – two locking and two non-locking. Designed to fit one twin size mattress on daybed (maximum 8 inches) and one twin size mattress on trundle (maximum 6 inches) – both sold separately.
  • This multi-functional piece is ideal for small living spaces and accommodating guests. Set up this daybed in minutes—everything you need is inside the box.Assembled product dimensions (L x W x H) 77.50 x 41.50 x 41.50 Inches
  • Weight limit daybed: 400 lb. Trundle: 225 lb.

Great bed especially for the price. I didn’t get gray fasteners for bottom trundle though, of course i haven’t contacted company yet. But overall it’s really nicenote: finish is textured, some of the screws are exposed.

I was anxious after reading all the 1-star review was due to missing screw and or directions. My mattress has been on the floor long enough. I did not want to endure the horror of these other reviewers (so sorry for you). I was praying while opening my box that it will have everything.I open to find a sheet of screws and a booklet~ phew-a good sign– every piece was labeled with a letter sticker so it was very easy to count out if i had all the pieces. As instructed by other positive reviews, i did not tighten, just followed the instruction, they’re fairly simple. I asked my sister for help to hold some parts as i connect them. Over all it took me approximately 3 episodes of the office (i had netflix on :p so about 1 hour)i love the edwardian-esque design. I’m so happy the structure fits my ikea full mattress perfectly.I don’t experience any squeaking (some reviewers mention it).

We are so pleased with this bed. It arrived as expected yesterday. Part of the box was open, so we worried, but thankfully, all of the pieces were inside. My husband was able to put it together within 30 minutes or so without any issues. It’s very lightweight & perfect for the price. My 3 year old daughter loves her ‘big girl’ bed. It does not need a box spring, as our mattresses are so thick, that with both, it just looked ridiculous & hid too much of the headboard. A mattress is fine & comfortable, as i slept with her on it last night. It’s super cute, we love the ‘olden days’ look of it.There were not any damaged parts.

DHP Manila Metal Daybed and Trundle, Twin Size Daybed and Trundle, Multifunctional, White : I am very happy with this bed. We just got it and it took my husband and i about an hour to put it together. We did use the instructions but they were pretty easy to follow. It looks beautiful in our farm house style home. Love the bronze color, it is like a dark brown, looks kind of antique. I am using a box spring and it’s still very low to the floor. It is sturdy feeling and beautiful.

Took a while to assemble, but not due to difficulty. Has good instructions/pictures. I’m amazed at the quality of this bed.It’s very heavy and solid, the trundle rolls easily but not so easy that it slides all over the place, and there are wheel locks for when it’s in use. I can’t believe it was less than $200. I was surprised at how big it is, but that’s not any reflection on the bed. I guess i just forgot how big a full size bed was and realized when it was assembled that it was going to look like a full size bed with the headboard on the wrong side. I purchased it for a guest room (used mostly by my small grandchildren) thinking it would be a place to sit and read etc as well as sleep. Well, it doesn’t really function as seating as the full size would have one’s legs stretched out in front of them.

Searched for the longest for a full sized daybed with a trundle and this one just kept sticking out. After reading the reviews i figured i’d purchase it. I needed it for our guest room and it’s just what i wanted/needed and it was easy to put together. My husband was shocked) it arrived super fast and everything was intact. It’s sturdy and comfortable.

I, a 30-something fairly handy momma of 3, put it together with only my 2-year old to help me and it took us only 2 hours. Although i haven’t put the trundle together yet as we don’t need it right now. All 3 of my kids played on the bed last night and she’s still holding strong :-). I did have one of the support rails not fit exactly in the space but once i double checked that the bed was ‘square’ it slipped right in. So if you’re having a fitting issue make sure all your corners are at a 90 degree angle. The measuring is that precise. I do wish that the welds were a little cleaner but for the price i’m impressed. My daughter loves her big girl bed.

I’ve had this bed for a little over 3 months now. I bought it, because i have a small room but also entertain my fair share of overnight guests. For that purpose, it has been wonderful. The bed underneath pulls out easily and goes back under easily. I took one star off for three reasons. Reason one: the welding seems very sloppy (see picture). It is like that at all connection points. (2) the color is misleading. It says it’s white, but it’s really a cream/off-white color. I’m not sure if that is what they mean by ‘manila’ because it reminds me of a manila envelope, but since manila is not a color, and it states it’s white, i expected pure white.

I ordered it ( $100 cheaper than kmart) for my back room. Partially disabled its now more convenient for me to sleep in my back tv/comp room than climbing stairs — i wasnt sure how much weight it would hold but lets say between me, the mattress and sometimes 2 dogs, way over 300# . It is very study, nothing cheap in this product. I love the trundle, not only for my dogs to sleep on next to me, but my older girl uses it to hop up onto the high daybed. Recommend this one for anyone wanting a nice looking sturdy product.

9may2017 update:metal on metal, just like wood on wood, over time will begin to squeak. Such was the case with this bed to the point it was driving me and my guest crazy. Even after tightening the screws as i had done before. I googled my problem in the hopes of finding some sort of relief from all of the squeaking. Someone suggested locating the screw(s) that were causing the noise. After i located the guilty screw on the deck (front left) that was the noise maker, i used the sealant tape which was what was suggested to use to wrap around the screw. It has been a month with no complaints. No squeaksshipping and packaging:i purchased the above on 25sept2016 and received it on 28sept2016 (wed. ) it must have rode on a jet stream because i requested free shipping and it arrived in 3 days. The box was tightly sealed like a drum with no dents, rips nor tears.

This bed just arrived to my house today. It was too heavy for me to carry up the stairs by myself so i carried it up in pieces and set it up in about an hour using the tiny tools they provided. All in all it was fairly easy to put together by myself using the instructions. I wish the 4 main feet on the bed had some sort of pads because the plastic just slides around on the hardwood floor and two of the legs in the middle of the bed are too short to serve any purpose (they just kind of dangle) but otherwise a seemingly sturdy and well built bed.I highly recommend it for the price. Couldn’t find anything this nice in this price range at ikeaupdate a few nights later: the slats didn’t quite fit properly which i think is leading to some discomfort on my mattress. The largest support beam in the middle i can definitely feel while i’m sleeping. I think i am going to need a piece of plywood to go across to level it out. The memory foam mattress just doesn’t feel quite right on this bed.

Very heavy package so i had to get crafty and opened the package outside and brought in the pieces a few at a time. The ‘bronze’ color is still very dark and appears almost like a matte very dark brown. It could easily be mistaken for black from a distance. Has a nice matte rough texture to it which keeps grubby fingerprints from showing as easily. This was super straightforward, simple, and quick to assemble. Easier than ikea furniture, even. I am a petite female and had no problems doing it on my own, probably took me about an hour and half to put together both the bed and trundle. Once the bed is assembled and all the screws tightened the thing is very sturdy and i couldn’t make it squeak. No blemishes and no missing pieces—mine came with a couple extra plastic rod connectors, not sure if this was by mistake or in case one or two break down the line. The trundle has room for a 10 inch mattress to fit comfortably.

5 star review, rounded up to 5 stars. My 2 year old was ready for a big girl bed, and this was the one i decided on after reading tons of reviews. I’m very happy with my decisioni am amazed at how sturdy and nice this bed is. My number one worry with this bed was that the spacing between the slats would be dangerous for a toddler or that my daughter would bonk her head on the metal in her sleep, but we’ve had this bed a couple weeks now and she’s had zero issues whatsoever. I bought her a ‘bed buddy’ (search it on amazon) so she doesn’t fall out and it works wonderfully with this setup. I put 8′ mattresses on both beds. (i can’t even believe i’m writing ‘both beds’, after just paying $150). For the trundle, i think 6′ would have been too short and 10′ would have been too tall, so go with the 8′.

The daybed came in without anything broken but. . I was missing the knobs for the top of the bed and the casters for the trundle. I called the number provided and 1 of the 2 parts were on back order with no knowing when it it will be in stock. It finally arrived so i have everything i need. Not sure where they get that this bed is ‘strong’ and ‘sturdy. ‘ after putting in the slats, i’m not a heavy woman but when i lightly pressed against the slats, it moved downward – even after the plastic clips were installed. I put the mattress on but afraid to even sit on it for the sake of it bending before the guests arrive. It’s white but not a true white. You can’t notice that it’s not a true white unless you have it pressed against something that is and you have a bright light but again. It’s cute to ‘look at’ but not sure how it will hold up.

I bought this as a guest bed/sleepover trundle for my kids room. It arrived on time and in good condition. The first piece had a hole that was drilled too small, so it was not possible to even get very far on the assembly. I was obviously very frustrated to find this defect. I emailed the seller and got a very quick response. Within a week they had a replacement unit out to me and i was able to put it together with very little trouble. I just got unlucky with the first one, but the unit is very solid and i would highly recommend it. Overall it took me about 1 hour to put it together (including the trundle underneath which is optional). The instructions are pretty straight forward. It looks a bit intimidating because of all the parts, but it really goes very quickly.

What a great buy at a great price. The packaging was better than expected, no broken parts or missing pieces. The items were well organized and the instructions were easy to follow so installation was a breeze, although i would recommend having two sets of hands. The bronze color is perfect and the metal frame has a roughened texture that i really like. I love the frame design, it’s simple yet elegant. The size of the frame is true to standard mattress sizes so my full mattress fits perfectly. My daughter loves it because it feels like an oversized couch to her. The trundle is easy to slide in and out and provides us with extra room for friends to sleep over. I can see this bed lasting for a very, very long time.

Pros: can hold my weight (250 lbs) plus my toddler son (37 lbs) with no problem. I put this together myself (i’m a woman) in about 1. You get 2 bed frames for a really affordable price. There is a lot of space between the trundle and bottom of the bed (i don’t have a mattress on the trundle). Therefore, you can shove a lot of crap/boxes/storage under the bed and/or on top of the trundle. Cons: the trundle lays flush with the bed, so if you put the bed in a high traffic area someone is bound to stub a toe on the trundle. I don’t plan on using the trundle unless i have company (1 or 2x a year) so i’ll store it in my garage. The trundle doesn’t look attractive lying under the bed, so get a bed skirt. And possibly buy a pool noodle or something else to cushion the trundle so you don’t stub a toe.

Got this bed for my son, who wanted to downsize from a queen bed, so he could have room for a desk and other stuff in his room. Boy, very big kid, and he fits in the bed, but if he grows two more inches, he probably won’t, lol.It is very sturdy, not squeeky and wobbly like many metal beds are. Not sure on the trundle yet, as it hasn’t been tried out, but everything seems to be of good, solid quality. The 16-year old put it together himself, so not too complicated, although he is good at that type of thing. So far, pretty satisfied overall with this bed.

The first word that comes to mind is ‘sturdy’. While i was in the market for a wooden daybed with trundle, this metal version fit the trick. The price was what made the sale. For a small room and need to sleep 2 young boys, i couldn’t find anything better unless i got bunks. Safety concerns led me to opt for a daybed. The paint texture is reminiscent of antiqued furniture and not a stark white. More of a soft white, really. It goes together easily, even with only one person assembling. The part that took the most time was clipping on the stabilizers and rail clips.