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Daily Archives: December 16, 2018

Sauder 412995 Beginnings TV Stand, Holds a TV. What more do you want?

Easy to assemble, came in protective wrap inside of the box so that all of the pieces were in perfect condition. Have had this for about a year now and it has held up great, no sagging. Compartments and shelves are great size and depth.

I ordered this stand because i needed something quick and affordable and i am very happy with it. It was very easy to put together, only took about an hour. The instructions are very clear, all you need is a screw driver and a hammer. I didn’t bother putting the little feet on the bottom since i have it sitting on thick carpet. I have my 48′ samsung flat screen tv and i love how it looks. It hangs over about an inch on either side, but that was to be expected since the stand is made for a 42′ tv. It seems very sturdy, though i’d still be careful if you have children playing around it.

I bought 1 items for my bathroom before. I was really satisfied with this guys item. I was looking for small tv stand for my son’s room, and i saw the one from sauder. I clicked it and compare the price with other sellers’ products. I found a couple of similar ones with about the same price. But delivery was delayed, i understood it was a busy season. But when i got it and unpacked it, the corner edge was chipped little bit.

Key specs for Sauder 412995 Beginnings TV Stand, 42″, Highland Oak Finish:

  • Holds up to a 42″ TV
  • Two adjustable center shelves
  • Two small adjustable shelves

Comments from buyers

“Functional, understated TV stand, Great, affordable, good looking stand that gets the job done, needed something quick and affordable and I am very happy with it”

This was the easiest piece of furniture i have ever put together. The product came extremely well packed, all parts were included, nothing missing. The assembly instructions were really detailed. Took less than an hour to assemble. I think being a made in usa product helped with the clear instructions. If i need a self assembled item in the future, i will be looking at sauder first.

Bought for my grandson for his new television. Product was bigger than i thought it would be. I was afraid that it would be too short in height. Looks beautiful and the perfect size for any room. Fit with his 40 inch television with room to spare. The price was very reasonable too. Love this product and would order it again if the need arises.

Big enough to hold my electronics ( 45′ flatscreen tv, cable box, amplifier, bluray) with plenty of room left over for disc storage + decor items.

Gave this a five star because it was super easy to put together. The instructions were very detailed. It feels very sturdy when assembled. There were no visible defects, which in my experience is rare for this type of furniture. All of the parts were there and were marked plainly. It was exactly what i needed space wise. Could have been a little taller, but that is my fault for not measuring height i would need. Left feet off as it is on carpet and they didn’t help.

This stand arrived in about 5 days, took less than an hour to assemble and looks great in my small living room. It has plenty of storage space. The lower shelves hold 6 paperbacks or 14 dvds each. More if you don’t mind having two rows on a shelf. The upper shelves are great for knickknacks. They are only meant to hold 10 pounds so use caution when placing fragile items on them. My favorite part is the cord hiding system. The back piece of this stand has holes to feed your cords through which places them out of sight. I have already received compliments on this piece. For the price, you can’t go wrong.

Nothing fancy, just a good basic stand. I’ve never assembled furniture but followed the directions with little difficulty. The middle shelves fit nice and snugly, but the side shelves have a bit of wiggle room- not enough to impact functionality. Overall, the piece is much sturdier than i expected. And it looks great for the price. My only issues are with the backing. First, the circular wire holes are only partially cut out, so you have to cut connections at the top and bottom. With the correct tools (like an x-acto knife), you should be able to manage a clean cut- i was unable to using a small paring knife. The result is a bit messy, though impossible to see once the shelves are full. Second, the alignment of the holes does not match up with the alignment i want for my shelves.

Looks nice and does the job. I wanted a plain basic tv stand for a 40′ led tv and this fills the bill nicely. It is well made and sturdyand costs much less than anything comparable. Sauder is decent stuff and i highly recommend it. It was shipped quickly and was very well packed.

I needed a smaller size for an area and this fit the bill. I looked everywhere to find one that was clean looking and would fit in an area of 41 inches.I’m pleased with the size, style and how fast is was delivered.

Was purchased for a new 40 inch hdtv. The description states the stand can be used for up to a 42′ tv, however i would not recommend any tv over 40 inches.

Very nice tv stand for the money. Easy assembly, with clear, easy to follow directions. It took me about 40 minutes to put it together. It’s sturdy, unlike a lot of the ‘assembly required’ furniture out there. The one modification i made was to drill four holes close to the top of the unit for one of the center shelves, as my dvd player and cable box are only 1-1/2′ high, and i wanted to move the other center shelf, so taller hardcover books would fit on the second and bottom shelf.

I absolutely loved this product. My son assembled it in about one hour. Beautiful color & exactly want i wanted. My tv looks great on it; i have room for my dvd player, spectrum box, dvd’s & photos as well with all the shelves. And best of all, i love the fact that i can ‘hide’ all the cords through the back hole of panel.

Pretty easy to put together, but not as easy as some. The grain is a little washed out in spots, but again, it’s not an expensive piece of furniture. I believe it will serve its purpose.

Shelves hold my dvd player, bookshelf stereo, and a few other decorative items. The speakers fit nicely in the side shelves.

I put my 65′ tv on this and it fit great. Very sturdy and well built and looks very modern.

Really easy to put together. Instructions are nice and believe it or not actually have a sense of humor and motivation to them with the tips. This holds an 80lb 40′ sony bravia kdl-40xbr2 without any issues at all. I don’t recommend putting something this heavy on something not rated to hold it, but i did and it works fine. This also holds my pioneer laserdisc player, vcr/dvd combo player, and bluray player in the central shelves as well as my laserdisc collection in the open left area and my pc desktop in the right. I opted not to add the additional shelves on each end to have more room for the pc and laserdiscs. I highly recommend this- you will not find a better unit for the price.

I recently moved to city to live alone. Excited to decorate my own place, but i haven’t established my taste on choosing furnitures, so my focus was to find simple, basic, cheap but not looking less value less sturdy etc. This tv stand satisfies my needs/wants. Exactly fits my lg tv 43inch. Assembly was not suuuuuper easy, but not toooo difficult. This was my 2nd self-assembly furniture and total 2hrs then is okay enough. You need hammer and no 2 phillips driver at least however. Wooden detail in some part is not perfectly sophisticated but who cares?. I cannot see from sofa in tv watching distance.

Nothing was warped, chipped, or cracked.

This tv stand was easy to assemble and it is more than adequate for my tv and electronic equipment.

Easy to assemble for people with the patience to read the assembly instructions. Solid and symmetrical compartments and top shelf.

Perfect for my small living room. Easily holds my 40 inch flat screen. The shelves are just the right size for cable box and/or dvd player. Doesn’t hurt that i can put out a few decorative items as well. Totally love it and went together in no time.

Everything it purported to be — arrived quickly, there’s hardly anything to putting it together since it doesn’t have any doors or drawers. Just shelves which rest on studs plugged into evenly spaced predrilled holes in the cabinet walls — columns of 5 holes on the narrow side cabinets and 9 or 10 holes in the large, center cabinet. I placed both narrow shelves on one side and left the other side open so that i could stand a playstation upright in it. It looks a lot nicer than it actually is and my living room is an imminently more pleasing and comfortable room. The only drawback i find with it is that, now that the furniture is appealing, clean, and tidy i am compelled to keep the rest of the room that way. Which means i spend more time picking up, arranging, sweeping and dusting than i would like.