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Daily Archives: December 18, 2018

Winsome Wood Single Drawer Kitchen Cabinet Storage Cart, Great addition to my small kitchen.

This cart is solid, sturdy, and stable. The joins are true, and it’s level; the pilot holes are placed with good care and measure, without error. The drawer bottom is the same fancy masonite material as the side and back panels; no big deal and its functional. It’s not that bad for an economical cart. It’s good quality masonite too ( if there is such a thing ). The drawer bottom is easily replaced with something thats about 3/8 inch thick if desired, or 1/4 or 1/2 inch thick. I measured the interior of the drawer at 19 3/16 x 13 3/4 x 3/8 for flush fit bottom, in inches. I wouldn’t trust the drawer with exceptionally heavy items like a lot of cast iron or baking stones, or gold bricks or your cache of diamonds and jewels, unless its replaced with something more substantial. One could replace the side and back panels too, if desired, in similar fashion.

Nice looking piece and very sturdy. The wood is pale and natural and is all really nice, until you get to the side panels, then they went with cheap imitation wood. That was a little disappointing. The other thing is the slotted wood shelves instead of a solid panel, that is a little odd. It took some time to put together and the screws were difficult. The instructions were fine and all the hardware and wood pieces were in the package. The allen wrench tool was a challenge and the regular phillips head screw holes needed to be drilled out.

If this cart cost twice as much, i’d give it four stars but for the price, it deserves five. It’s a nice size, i like the color, and assembly wasn’t that bad. My only mix-up was on parts h and f, you need to put them at the right angle to get the back of the cabinet to slide in. Please take note of this so you don’t have to re-do it like i did. It took me about an hour to assemble this singlehandedly, even with having to redo two parts. It is great because it will get my microwave off my small counter and give me more pantry room. I had stuff stacked high on my kitchen table and it all fit into the cabinet. Potholders and towels and chopsticks and such will easily fit in the drawer. If i had one complaint it is this, the sides and back of the cart are not the same color as the wood, they are more beige-y. This is not a big deal to me, but if you want the whole cart to be the same color, and are fussy about this, you won’t be happy with it.

Key specs for Winsome Wood Single Drawer Kitchen Cabinet Storage Cart, Natural:

  • Compact rolling storage cart offers multi-use workspace for kitchens
  • Solid beechwood body and handles in natural finish; black lockable casters
  • Includes side towel rail, wide utensil drawer, and large 2-door cabinet with shelf
  • Assembly required
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 26.9 in x 18.2 in x 34.3 in

Comments from buyers

“Very Good Quality-Exceeded My Expectations, I JUST ORDERED ANOTHER!, Bathroom Cabinet Replacement”

After much research into size, color, shape, capability, and material used, i chose the winsome roll-around. I received the unit two days earlier than expected, and the shipping box was in excellent condition. After carefully opening, removing and inventorying the contents, i found that i only needed a phillips head screwdriver as an allen wrench was included. Then came the instructions which admittedly left a lot to be desired but the rendering drawings were more helpful. (note: if you buy this unit and decide to follow the drawings for assembly, look at each stage of the drawings carefully before you start each assembly stage. The drawings are very good and accurate so follow them accordingly). The most impressive aspect of this package was the material. Pieces were wrapped in thin styrofoam sheeting and taped to keep from unraveling. Admittedly i have not seen this depth of packaging in some time which told me that this company takes steps to ensure a protected product to the customer. Attachment of all the parts was made thru the use of screw-bolts which had the star shaped head and were screwed in using a star headed allen wrench. In nearly all the instances, the screws went in relatively quick while a few took some time because of their location in the unit. This was not a problem however. By looking at each of the assembly drawings at least 3-5 times, each and every piece of wood was placed in their correct location without any incident. Note: as you assemble each segment, do not tighten the bolts completely down. Tighten to a gentle one-finger pull on the wrench. This will allow some leeway as you get to the next step of assembly and fitting. Once i got all the pieces together, i went back and tightened each screw-bolt using a two-finger pull on the allen wrench.

Winsome wood single drawer kitchen cabinet storage cart, naturalone of the best purchases i have made in some time. As in the other reviews, this is made from solid wood. Every part of the directions do not need to be read. The pictures are more than sufficient. The only thing you have to do is identify all the parts before you start. I’m pretty sure my grand-kids will call this an antique one day.

A solid and well built cabinet. It took over an hour to assemble. The included allen wrench works good, but a ratchet tool would make things easier. Also, a screwdriver is required and not included. The handles are kind of funky, but they seem to be solidly attached and hopefully will remain that way. The most difficult thing to put together on this was the drawer. – 1 star because the height stated for distance between the top shelf and bottom of the draw did not reference the fact that there is a brace in the way that holds the magnets that keep the doors shut. Therefore, some items will need to be tilted to get under the brace before standing them up.

I really like the body of the cabinet as it was easy and fun to put together and the instruction were clear. The best way to put to gather the cabinet is with either a power screwdriver or a ratchet t handle screwdriver. The reason i am only going to give a three is the drawer. The drawer front has two long pin on either side holding the part where front goes on to the drawer body. The pin where loose to start with and pop out when i tried to tighten the front to the body. It’s simple fix as it just need to be glue and some screws into the drawer front. The wood is clean with no dents or scratches and wheel roll along smoothly even on a carpet. When they fix that flaw it going to be a great cart as mine is for my second computer monitor. The cabinet when to gather surprising well with no real special tools, the problem that i had run into was two missing screws.

We used this to replace a small table on which we kept the microwave so as to get additional storage space. Dimensional quality and finish was very good for a product at this price level it went together easily thanks, in part, to the dimensional quality. It would have been a nice touch to include a couple more screw hole covers to conceal holes left when the towel bar is not used. In our case, the other side of the cabinet was not visible so that i ‘stole’ a couple of wooden plugs from there, enlarged the screw holes for the towel bar and finished with a much neater installation. The only minus was that the door handles were of different wood tones making for an unbalanced appearance which i may or may not stain to match.

Got this to replace press board bathroom cabinet/sink. All wood, except for the backpanel and that’s not important. Went together well and easily.

I found this cabinet to be great. I only gave it 4 stars because of some miner problems. As some people have stated the right door is stiff. Left door springs freely but not the right door. Drawer rails are a problem you must push in straight to close easily. There was slight damaged on the back. The cabinet is well worth the money. Arthritis in both hands and i had a stroke. I put it top down on a table and did not tighten the screws tight until it was together. Once it was done i just went around and slowing finishing tightening the screws. Upside down on a table gave you perfect view of job. I also use an old carpenters’ trick by lubricating the screw threads with a bar of soap. Also turn screws in to hard resistance than back out half a turn and then go back in. For me the soap did the trick. I also use the soap on the drawer rails and that work good also.

We like just about everything regarding this kitchen cabinet. However, putting it together requires two people. The engineer who designed this cabinet should be required to assemble one. There are places to where it takes forever to tighten the alan screws because you can’t make a complete turn of the alan wrench without resetting the wrench over and over. Also, the pilot holes are tight and not drilled deep enough to easily tighten things firmly. The alan wrench almost broke and the alan screws are rather soft and easily strip making it impossible to tighten things securely or remove the screw itself.

Okay, so i’ll start out by saying that i like this product. It’s sturdy (made of real wood, no particle board) and looks nice. The casters have a locking mechanism for when you’re not rolling it around, and can be easily locked/unlocked with your foot if you don’t want to bend over. The drawer is the perfect size for a silverware set, cutting boards, or casserole dishes. The towel rack is nice and doubles as a handle to pull/push the cart around. That being said, there were some serious flaws with my unit. I was able to correct them, but i can easily see these being a deal-breaker for someone who isn’t handy with tools. 1) when assembled, one of the doors would swing open by itself. Upon closer inspection, the holes for the hinges were not drilled in the right place, so the bottom hinge was out-of-plane with the top one. The hinges are attached with two screws each, and i had to remove one screw from the bottom hinge of this door.

Looks good and was easy to assemble. After reading the pictorial instructions thoroughly, identifying and setting out all the wooden/hardware parts i was able to finish in 1 1/2 hours. I was dreading putting this together after my experience with the beautiful but assembly nightmare of convenience concepts designs2go contemporary big sur highboy tv stand. There was one tip that i kept in mind from the start: ‘if you get the correct top and bottom rails connected to the first side, you have the project well in hand. So pay close attention to items f, g. The key to assembly of this cart, for me, was my b/d drill and a multi – bit screwdriver with a hex bit.

Just finished putting this together with a friend (she did most of the work, i supervised :)) very impressed at the quality of the cabinet and how well all the pieces fit. Made a couple logistical errors but nothing that we didn’t catch early and change. The drawer fits perfectly and we actually had one piece left over. . A dowel about 3 inches long. Checked the instructions, found the picture and fixed that easily. The dowel goes into the top from inside the drawer to act as a stop. All done and happy as can be. Nicely packaged and wrapped so that all pieces are protected during shipping.

I had a difficulty with doors for proper installation and adjustment, spent at least an hour to figure the problem out, i found that the door hinges are not %100 accurate of being 90 degree, so, took the hinges out from the frame and using bench vice and hammer to solve the angle inaccuracy, so far the doors are working ok, another problem with this cabinet is the drawer, no roller to ease the drawer operation, more important than that the drawer have no stop mechanism to prevent falling down with its content when you trying to pull it out, so far it didn’t, but i’m sure will happen sooner or later, so, i have to solve this problem too later when i had a chance to do. Overall this cabinet have ‘so, so’ and the cost is little high for such a quality product.

This was quick and easy to put together. Some people might have a problem because each individual piece isnot identified by a sticker listing such as part ‘a’ or ‘h’, but it does have a drawing that identifies each piece priorto assembly and it gets easier and pretty much self explanatory as you put more pieces together, following the illustratedinstructions. It appears to be very stable and strong, with doweling and large screws on the major locations of stress. Some type of hardwood with only the back and sides of the lower section made of some type of plywood with a simulatedlight wood grain that looks good and not cheap. It will definitely hold a large microwave or be used as a handy kitchencart with a drawer and two shelves enclosed. A good buy i expect will last quite a while and i expect other items from winsomeare of similar good quality. The packaging was well done and all pieces protected while fitted into a smaller box than you’d expectwhich made the trip from thailand without damage.

When i saw the beat up box i almost wanted to send it back. But i hauled it in and got started. I took a while to get it out of the box and all the parts out and labeled but they were all perfect. I am a little 67 year old lady so it took me about 2 1/2 hours to put it together alone but it was so well worth it. It is really wood and none of that pressed board cheap material. Instructions say it takes 2 people but it can be done with the power of one. Definitely decent picture directions-easy to follow. Best part is that the hinges are already on the doors and slide right in place. I am so pleased with this product and got more than i expected which is awesome.

This was the only cart on amazon that would fit the space i needed it to and fit my gigantic 24x18in microwave on top. My husband and i assembled it very easily in about 45 minutes. The instructions don’t take you step by step, but i don’t think they really need to. If you look carefully at the pictures, it’s pretty easy to figure out. The only dificult part were the screws could be a bit tough to get in, but i’d rather have that and know the cart is stable. I couldn’t be happier with this kitchen cart. I’m very excited to make it a part of my home.

This is a solid and sturdy cart. The photos in the product listing are accurate. Once it was assembled i was pleased with the product. I wanted to order a replacement piece, but there is no phone # listed. To get replacement parts you have to fill out a form and fax it to winsome, and allow 7-14 days for delivery. Fortunately the broken part faces the rear of the cart and did not affect it’s stability, so i just proceeded with the assembly. The assembly instructions are poorly written. In fact they aren’t really written; there are just diagrams. In the entire package only one of the parts that i received had an identifying letter on it.

This cart is heavy, sturdy and pretty. The finish is smooth and will not rub off or chip. Most of it is solid wood except the inside of the side panels, the back and the drawer bottom. It went together perfectly and i was able to assemble myself without extra hands no problem. All the joints are solid and all the angles square and even. The reason this gets a 4 and not a 5 is that you may have to be a slightly experienced handy person to get it together with as much ease as i did. First, get yourself an allen wrench because the one that comes with this kit is soft and will make you want to cry if that is the only tool you have. I had better quality ones on hand and it made the project much more enjoyable. Better yet if you have a powerful cordless drill and a hex bit it could save you a lot of time. Most of the hex screws take a lot of torque to get them in all the way so that is why i say powerful drill or else a good allen wrench and some muscle :)second, one of the supports under the top piece that the side panels connect to was slightly off so that when i tried to put the second side panel on it was in the way by 1/8′.

I put this together in about an hour. Arrived carefully packaged, with each piece individually wrapped. I would have given 5 stars, but the sides and back are very flimsy. Although the description calls it “composite wood”, it actually has the same feel as thick cardboard. Very easy to bend, scratch, puncture, cut, etc. This is inconsistent with the sturdiness of the solid wood components (the solid wood is used for the top and the framework of the back and sides). For over $100, and based on the item description, i expected more solid wood. No one will know by looking that the sides are not solid wood, but any bumps will easily show if there is damage from the inside from storing heavy items, which is why i purchased this “solid wood” item. Disappointing to see so much care go into the design and shipment for most of the product components and then completely disregarded when it comes to the back and especially the sides, which will get banged and bumped often from daily, typical usage.

This cart is exactly how it looks in the photos. Real wood, and fairly easy to assemble. We had to redo some of the legs, but only because we didn’t look at the tutorial pictures close enough and put them backwards, total operator error. It’s not anything fancy, but it doesn’t look cheap or tacky and it holds my pots and pans and some other small appliances inside, and my silverware and utensils in the drawer. When you have a really small kitchen every piece of furniture needs have maximum impact. This cart gives me storage and counter space.

I do like this cart and believe that it uses quality materials for the most part. I found it easy to assemble and would buy it again. Reasons for a three star rating:while the instruction sheets are easy to follow and all of the pieces are clearly labeled on the sheets, the pieces them selves are not labeled. If you are like me and hate that little hex screw thing that comes with kits, you’ll need a drill and a hex set up. Also two screws for the top are quite tight, so you might want to switch a right-angle drill. After i got it all together, the left door wouldn’t shut. So i played around with it and found out that if i just lifted it about 1/8 of an inch, it would catch on the magnet. I wasn’t about to disassemble the whole cart but i also knew that lifted the door would eventually become bothersome. So off to the experts at the local big-fix-it store to speak with the experts. I was told there was a hinge screw i could adjust.

The cart came very well packaged with no damage despite the box having a crunched corner. It was very easy for my husband and i to put together. The side, back, and drawer bottom panels are quite thin plywood, but the rest is solid wood – i guess that’s the best you can hope for in furniture these days for this price. Everything fit together very nice and tidy. This is going to stay in a space between my fridge and counter, so the sides and back won’t be seen, although they do look okay. This is a very nice looking and quite sturdy little cart that i do like a lot.