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Daily Archives: January 5, 2019

Cozy Sack 3-Feet Bean Bag Chair – BEST PURCHASE EVER!

These are great lounge bean bag chairs big enough to hold an adult comfortably with room to spare. In fact we have had an adult and 2 kids on one of ours watching tv. They take a beating and always bounce back to their very plush size.

I have mixed feelings about this product. I had no problem with it fluffing to its full size. This happened within a few hours of me removing everything from the box, and with very little effort on my part to speed things along. It was also easy to get it into its cover. My concerns are to do with it’s overwhelming size, yet simultaneous lack of support. As tall as my daughter’s bed and also as wide. However, when we sit on it we find ourselves in a lying position. It’s true that if you flip it onto its side and sit on it it’s a bit more supportive, but it just seems strange that as large as it is it doesn’t offer more back and head support. All of this said, my daughter is thrilled, and i think i would recommend it to others. Here are the specifications for the Cozy Sack 3-Feet Bean Bag Chair:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Protective liner, child safety zipper; Microfiber cover can be removed and machine washed
  • Recommended floor space 3′ x 4′
  • Super comfortable, foam filled furniture that changes shape and size to conform to owners weight and sitting position
  • Fluffing the Cozy Sack after use restores our foam filled bean bag to its original shape
  • Made in the USA by Cozy Sack

First and foremost, i am not sure where the concept of 6 feet comes in. The must be the minimum size. When we got this, we received a square of compressed matter. You have to let it decompress; so sit back and watch it grow into the thing we call ‘the blob. ‘ or if you are needing some stress relief, kick the square if you think your karate kind or if you like to box use your fists to break it apart. Reminder while it is decompressing to turn it over and over as it will help with the fluff. I say within 72 hours you will have a ‘blob’ of your own. It will take up a good bit of real estate in your chosen room. Second and speaking of chosen room, definitely pick which room you are going to put it in and leave there. It seems moving it room to room might be a bit much and would definitely take 2 people and hopefully you can compress it back in enough to get it thru door ways.

Our family loves this bean bag. We weren’t sure if we should order the 6 or 7-ft, but went with the 6-ft based on other reviews describing the size. On movie nights there’s 3 people laying on it very comfortably. My husband and i can both lay on it with our 4-year old and 8-year old and no one feels squished. When it starts to flatten out, just pick it up and push the foam around and it’s big and comfy again. We ‘fluff’ it up about once a week because we constantly have children or adults laying on it (or doing ninja rolls onto it). I was concerned the microfiber cover would make me hot after laying on it for awhile, but it doesn’t. I have back and neck issues and will wander out to the bean bag in the middle of the night when i’m in pain. The pain goes away on the bean bag because the memory foam conforms to your body and doesn’t hit any pressure points that cause pain.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Is it time for you to own your own blob?
  • Will fit three average sized young adults no problem! And GREAT for gaming too!
  • With a little work this Cozy Sack is absolutely awesome!

What an awesome piece of ‘furniture’ ;)a little tough to unpack and separate, but we were able to get to full fluff within only 6 hours. This cozy sack 7-feet bean bag chair is worth its money, in our opinion. At the end, i included my thoughts on the dislikes mentioned, about this product, by other reviewers. It arrived 5 days earlier than promised2. Chocolate color is exactly as expected3. Size is very generous, but after reading many reviews i was prepared for it. It is no bigger than 7 feet, though. Fully fluffed it is over 3 feet tall. Extremely comfy, very soft, and we never sink even near the floor as mentioned in another review5. We love the feel and look of the microfiber cover, excellent quality. I washed it upon arrival and it’s still perfect6. It doesn’t seem to collect lint/animal hair very easily (we have 3 cats who love this thing as well, lol)7. Adding a person only minimally (if at all) shifts the one already on it, very nice. The 70 lbs of weight are actually keeping the cozy sack right where it is supposed to be. My teenagers wanted this bean bag and i, personally, did not expect to like it as much as i do10.

I purchased the 4′ size in denim for $89 with free shipping (price always colors reviews so i want to put that out there). It took 9 days from date of purchase to receive. I did a lot of research before making this purchase. The issues with other products that i saw (hard bits of plastic, poor construction) are not present in this product, at least at the time of this review. Pros: all 4 kids love cuddling on this for movie night. The foam does mold to your body (speaking from experience) so it is actually easier to get out of than a beanbag of similar size. The reviews are accurate when it says that you end up kind of laying in it instead of sitting in it due to a lack of internal structure, but this can be augmented by having it up against a wall or another piece of furniture with non-slip feet. Every single person in my family loves this (including the furry ones) and it is extremely durable. My kids love jumping off their drawing table or top bunk (not recommended, seriously terrifying to walk in on) and this bag totally absorbed and cushioned their landing while bouncing back fairly well between bounces. Cons: this is the only reason i am taking off a star and it’s really more of a suggestion for the manufacturer and only because it’s such a simple fix: there has to be a water proof option somewhere.

This item is large, it fits three average sized adults comfortably. We use it in our game room in front of the tv. It comes packed tightly and required a fair amount of fluffing to get it fluffed up right. This required turning and shaking it for about 15- 20 mins. The color (purple) came exactly as pictured online. We have had this for quite a while (almost a year now) with regular use. After using a few times it becomes a little flattened so we have to fluff it up by rolling it a couple times, and then after a good fluffing it again has all the original fluff that it had to begin with. It is stuffed with pieces of foam like from couch cushions and such, no beads. It does not get hot and it is built well with good stitching. This is an obvious quality product.