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Daily Archives: January 6, 2019

South Shore 4-Shelf Storage Bookcase – Excellent for the price

I had been looking for an item of this description for almost a year. I needed an additional bookshelf which would fit inside the closet in the spare bedroom/den/office. An earlier attempt through target online came a cropper when a similar item arrived broken in two due to its poor construction, poor packaging and poor handling in transit. I had despaired of finding a solution but decided to give it one more try through amazon. This item is similar in size to the item i had ordered previously. It is of sufficient height to be useful, but just short enough to fit in the closet without removing the clothes bar. The item arrived via the same shipping company, but the item was in good order due to its stiffer construction and packaging. It was easy to assemble by myself and has alleviated the shortage of shelf space in the den/office. The mid level shelf is part of the structure and does not adjust.

It’s under my tv because my living room setting is strange. Wouldn’t recommend any heavy things on the shelves just the bottoms. Although it seems sturdy enough. Everyone’s reviews were commenting on how it starts to bend. I probably have around 10-30 pounds on each shelf and it’s holding up perfect. I made holes in the back to hide my tv and console cables.

I was a bit hesitant to order this and especially having to essemble it all by myself but it wasn’t bad at all. Maybe took me an hour or so. Glad i didn’t overspend for a simple and nice bookshelf for my kids room. The quality is definitely better than what it looks. Here are the specifications for the South Shore 4-Shelf Storage Bookcase:

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  • VERSATILE BOOKCASE: With 4 open and easily accessible storage spaces, you can instantly organize and display books, decorative items, toys and more on this practical furniture.
  • SIMPLE AND CONTEMPORARY: With clean lines and sleek modern styling, the bookcase makes an attractive addition to any bedroom, living room or home office decor.
  • ADJUSTABLE STORAGE: Featuring 2 adjustable shelves supporting 25 lbs each, the practical bookcase also has a single fixed shelf.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Made in North America with non-toxic laminated particleboard, this piece of furniture meets or exceeds all North American safety standards.
  • 5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: Shop with confidence knowing that we proudly stand behind this piece of furniture with a full 5-year limited warranty. Assembly is required.

The price was right and it was easy to put together. I’m a petite woman and did it all by myself. The trick is dragging the heavy box is comes in, into your house and unpacking. Lay it flat and just pull the pieces out one at a time. Construct it on the floor close to wear it will live. I followed the directions and everything lined up perfectly. I have it in my office and was able to get a lot of books on the shelf as needed for awhile.

We bought this for our small professional office. My ten year old daughter put it together (under supervision) with no issues. A drill/automatic screw driver of some sort is very useful for the assembly process. It looks great and is exactly what we expected. I’m considering buying a second so we can place them side by side for additional room. The top and bottom shelf are adjustable height while the middle is fixed for additional stability. It was easy to transport assembled, we put it together at home and then moved it to the office with no issues at all. Good product for less than we could find something similar at local chain stores.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great for a “hacked” wall unit.
  • Very satisfied, ignore the negative reviews!
  • it looks just like when I first got it

I’m not very pleased with this bookshelf. The shelves are too far apart to place books nicely and it’s way too deep. The middle shelf cant be adjusted and so the gaps are so big when placing the top and bottom shelf equidistant from each other. If you try and adjust, then it looks stupid with two shelves narrow and the middle gap huge. I know this probably doesn’t make sense but dont buy this if you just want a bookshelf. This is more for decorations and knick-knacks than as a dedicated bookshelf.

My wife is an elementary school teacher and needed something for staging books and materials in her home office. She didn’t want to spend much for an expensive piece of furniture in a workspace that people rarely go in. We bought this shelf unit based on price and the reviews from others. I’ve put together plenty of these types of units through the years and have to say that for the price, it’s probably the best value to quality unit i’ve seen. It was packaged well, no busted corners from shipping. All parts plus some extras were included (no missing bits). I turned on a one hour true crime show and finished putting it together before the show was over. It looks good and will do the job without breaking the budget. The only reason for 4 stars instead of five is that i prefer the shelf holders that go in the small holes for adjustments to be metal. This unit comes with plastic ones. They seem fine, but don’t know how they hold up yet.

First, let me say this is not a high end item. It is laminated particle board, so i did not expect it to be a fine piece of furniture. I bought two of these for my daughter’s room for her books and toys. For $60, they are actually pretty great. They are easy to assemble and quite sturdy. The bottom shelf, top of the cabinet, and center shelf are all fixed, but the other two shelves are adjustable. As a side note, i originally found these book shelves on kohl’s web site for about $120 each. Finding them on amazon for so much cheaper is great.

The particle board seems to be especially low density compared to some other brands like sauder which uses slightly smaller particle sizes. This unit will break apart along the bottom edge if not carefully moved as chips pull out. You will need to be extra careful on carpet as the wood catches on the fibers. They include felt pads for those on hardwood. This unit was not damaged, but i ordered two other products from south shore that did have damaged parts. South shore customer service is responsive and ship replacements promptly, but that takes several extra days. The buttons on the screws stick out visible on the sides. I wish those screws were recessed and had plugs instead of the larger plastic buttons. The buttons do not sit flush, instead there’s about a 0. 5mm gap between them at the sides.

This, after i finally got it out together looks really good and is sturdy. But i am not very handy and it ended up taking me 3 hours to finally put it together. The directions seemed slightly off, as in putting together certain areas it just wasn’t right when i did it. But, i finally got it together and it was good practice, so maybe the next thing i have to put together won’t be so bad.

I have five of them—three of the tall 5-shelf, one of the medium 4-shelf, and two of the tall, narrow ones. I also have the tall, narrow version in white. (plus, i bought a set of the matching nightstands) not one of these bookcases has let me down. They’re relatively easy to assemble, especially if you’re familiar with do-it-yourself furniture. Each one took my husband about an hour, give or take. The 4-shelf one was the easiest, since it’s short. He assembled it on his own, without any help from me, which should tell you how easy they are to put together. The color is a gorgeous deep cherry wood. There’s one shelf that’s permanently attached, while the others can be adjusted. The adjustable pegs are clear, so they vanish against the wood. There’s a narrow decorative panel that goes across the top, kind of a lip that fits underneath the top of the bookcase. It’s a simple design detail, but it looks great.However, it limits the height of the objects you can place on the top shelf.

I ordered fur of these bookshelves knowing they weren’t high end furniture, so my expectations weren’t unrealistic. I was disappointed by a couple of issues that are clearly quality control and easily avoidable. First, the parts go together with holes and dowels to align them properly. Unfortunately, i found that some of the holes weren’t drilled on center, which misaligned the parts. Second, the edge vernier on one of the side panels was noticeably irregular, right at eye level. It can be lived with, but their quality control should have caught it. Third, their instructions included a measurement used to position nails connecting the backing panel to the center shelf. Unfortunately, the measurement indicated was incorrect and had i used it the nails would have missed the shelf entirely. Luckily, i noticed the discrepancy before i nailed the back panel and found the correct location for the nails on my own. Fourth, take care when installing the plastic cover plugs over the screws.

I actually really liked this. It’s just the size i need but i also read the dimensions very carefully prior to buying. I’d like to think i have intermediate assembly skills. I’m 5 ft 115lbs and i had no issues following the directions and putting it together alone. It took me less than an hour. Note, the directions does recommend 2 people for assembly. I saw other reviews with damaged product but mine was not damaged. I also received extra screws so that was nice. The instructions were randomly cute, recommending to put on music while working. Lol they also say you have a 5 year warranty and to contact them if you receive damaged or missing items.

I wanted a basic looking black bookshelf, but didn’t want to break the bank. I also didn’t want a piece of crap cheap shelf either, because that can be worse. There is nothing worse than a cheap bookshelf with sagging shelves. I will say the finish on this one is quite nice and looks really good in the living room. It was extremely simple to assemble, but the first one i received was damaged during shipping. Make sure you check all the pieces first before you build. It’s really difficult to get it all back into the box. I contacted amazon, and they sent a replacement out immediately. The next one was perfect, so i installed it. I will say the backing is pretty cheap, as it’s that black cardboard like material you nail in place, but you really can’t tell it’s a cheap material unless you are really up close.

Good product, was exactly as expected for a cheap bookshelf. Perfect for our temporary needs in an apartment & later on when we get a house ill stick them in a kids room or something i suppose. I agree with another commenter that the back panel could be left off as it does cheapen the look a bit more. South shore should consider making more creases so it looks like bead board or the illusion of something more durable rather than a cardboard look. I may end up purchasing my own bead board and paint it a fun color before nailing it on there, but overall i am happy with this product for this price-point. I ordered 2 & thought i was going to have to wait to have my hubby put it together, but none of the pieces were missing & the instructions were pretty easy to understand so i had them both up pretty fast.

I bought 4, easy to put together, are filled with books, even across the top shelf. Screwed them together, then used the included angle irons to attach to wall studs. Looks great and holds a lot of books and dvd’s. Remember, that top shelf can hold plenty. Shipping was perfect – not a scratch. Every screw and nail was bagged and ready. The boxes are heavy, well padded. Delivery was amazon’s wonderful prime service. I bought one, then two more, then one more. Assembly time was about 45 min for the first, then 20 minutes for each as i got used to the method.

I am giving it four stars because i have just built it but not used it. I bought it for my 9 year old daughter; and the many negative reviews had me all prepared for a dusty, incomplete and poor quality package- but i thought: what the heck. I need it for a couple of years, then i will get something good for my daughter. But i was in for a pleasant surprise- first of all; it is not as dusty as many people have complained. I did use my wash rag, but at the very end. Second, none of the parts, not even nails, were missing or defective. Third, yes, it is manufactured wood-but hey, you get what you pay for. As for being lightweight and a risk for falling over; there is decent size warning in the instructions plus there is an attachment for the wall. So, i don’t see why people were disillusioned. I haven’t put the books yet, but i have heeded the warnings from others, and have metal supports for the shelves in case plastic doesn’t hold; but once again, i am going to give the factory pieces a try first.

I’ve had this bookcase for over 5 months, it went through a moving with me recently and seriously, it looks just like when i first got it. Perfect size, not too big, not too small, not too heavy. Wood is nice and thick, i put all together by myself when i was 8 months pregnant and took me 25 minutes.

Yep, they are cheap particle board. But, they are a good deal and i used three of them and then trimmed them out with real wood for the top of a hutch i put together in family room. Secured to the wall and with additional finishing nails and trim they work beautifully. These are a great shelf to ‘hack’ a wall unit. At 58in high they fit perfectly on top of standard box type cabinet bases with a toe kick.

Yes, this bookcase is priced very low but don’t let that fool you. The color is pure white, no cream or off-white shading at all. It’s very easy to put together and can be done by one able-bodied person, however having an extra warm body to help doesn’t hurt. That just helps it go a bit faster. The shelves are sturdy as is the frame. It’s true that the backing on the bookcase is very thin but it’s nailed all around the back of the frame and is workable, especially since it’s tinted white to match the bookcase itself. I bought two of these to use one on each side of a white desk in the craft area of my guest room (one room doing double duty). I admit i’m not using the shelves for books, other than a few hardback stitching books. The shelves are holding stitching fabrics, embroidery threads, knitting supplies, craft supplies, etc. However, the two bottom shelves are holding 4 heavy binders and also my sewing machine.

I am really glad that the did not look at the reviews before purchasing. Yes it’s a cheap product but if you are not rough and take care of it, it turns out really nicely and looks fantastic. Putting it together took a couple hours by myself, but then again i’ve only ever put together a small ferret cage so this was also a learning experience. If you pile big heavy books on the upper shelfs, yes it will bow. But if you read the instructions heavier objects should be placed on the bottom. This is the problem with the other negative reviews, they are left by people who do not know how to read the instructionsoverall i’m very happy with this product (:.