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Daily Archives: January 8, 2019

PINMEI Acrylic Remote Control Holder Wall Mount Media Organizer Box TV Remote Control Holder Universal TV Remote Caddy Organizer – Best purchase under $20 I’ve made in a while!

First one ordered came broken. Second order perfect & working well for a set of theater chairs. We attached it with curving furniture pins.

My husband and i love having our remotes on the wall, rather than sometimes finding them on the floor. We have an adjustable bed with 2 remotes, when we wanted to adjust they just wasn’t where they were supposed to be, now no problem.

The pinmei remote control holder wall mount was perfect for our recently installed motorized window shade’s remote control. It was easily mounted to the wall with the screw that was included. This remote control holder is made of acrylic, sturdy and appearance looks good. Package included: 1x remote control holder, 1x screw and 1 x pair of velcro stickers. Pinmei remote control holder wall mount- acrylic organizer box. Here are the specifications for the PINMEI Acrylic Remote Control Holder Wall Mount Media Organizer Box TV Remote Control Holder Universal TV Remote Caddy Organizer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Material is 100% acrylic; Sturdy, solid, durable
  • No more lost remotes and saving space.High transparent storage box for perfect view of remotes.
  • Please see our other acrylic product listing by clicking on the PINMEI brand.
  • Each remote organizer compartment Dimension: 2.6 x 1.4 x 5.4 inch(L x W x H). Thickness is 4mm, it makes this holder more sturdy and solid.
  • Comes with velcro and screws. Stick the holder to wall or side of furniture

In a classroom environment, where many people are using the room, we needed a holder so that there was an easy, designated space for the controller. This item arrived promptly, well packed for shipping so that it couldn’t be damaged, and with adhesives ready to go for mounting. I have already bought four of these, and will continue to do so as the need arises.

Remote holder were far more than i expected, they were made very well and allow a person to see which remote it is carrying, it is for the standard size remote so if you have one of the remotes with a screen and larger it wont fit.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fully met my expectations. Very nice-looking product. Well
  • May be your only option for large remotes
  • wonderful product.

I really like the idea that these remote holders are narrow and will fit where others wont, i am also very pleased that this company has included several different supplies to attach the remote holders, i was not expecting that. I am very pleased and i would definitely recommend these to a friend.

Perfect for our ceiling fan remotes. We attach it next to the light switches and it was the easiest thing to install into the wall. It holds great, i’ve knocked it a couple of times feeling around in the dark but i’ve never had an issue with is falling down or moving. Perfect size for our ceiling fan remotes.

What an excellent piece of craftsmanshipi bought this to go on the wall beside our bed. I got tired of our remotes being misplaced. So glad i bought this holder from this seller. The packing is excellent, the quality is exceptional and very straightforward design. One has three bays and the other one has just one.

This wasn’t what i wanted, but i was unable to find precisely what i needed, which was a wall mounted remote holder that was not enclosed like a box like this one, but just held the remote at the sides and had no bottom to it. There are such things, but not deep enough to fit my verizon cable dvr remote. This item was large enough to fit it, though the remote is so tall the majority of it sticks above the holder. I didn’t want the type i bought because dust, dirt, lint, whatever, will settle at the bottom and since the plastic is transparent, everyone will see it (yuck). It will be difficult to clean. I’ll have to remove it from the mount and wash it under a faucet. At least if they made it in black then no one would see inside. Maybe i will spray paint it black. I thought about modifying it to make it more like what i need but trying to cut into it will likely result in a disaster. I did not use the velcro attachments because i know they would not stay on the wood surface i was mounting to, so i used the included screw which worked fine.

Exactly what i was hoping it would be. Only beef i have is when i went back to amazon two weeks later to order 16 more of the same item, the price had increased 50%. Or some algorithm that knows i want more, & boosts the price?)well, competitive free market is the solution to that problem. Found the identical item for half the price i originally paid. Guess who got the quantity re-order?pigs get fat.

They have really cleaned up the table by my chair. I have hung them on the wal by my chair using command strips. Placed remotes, ear buds, glasses and other items that were on the table top out of site but close to use.

This is a nice remote holder. It fits a universal remote and air conditioner remote. It will not fit a tivo remote. Since others have complained about the velcro stickers letting go, i used the screws to mount the holder. The holder is made of a very clear plastic and has a sleek design. There are three holes and screws for mounting.

These remote holders are perfecti wanted something to attach to the side of my nightstand for easy access. I purchased a double holder and a single holder. They are thick acrylic and very sturdy. I didn’t want to use the screws and drill into my nightstand so i started with the accompanying velcro discs. They were not very secure under the weight of the holder plus remotes so i opted for command strips instead.

The adhesive that comes with it won’t hold for long story all. I’d say mine held for approximately 6 hours. But with the help of some scotch 2 sided outdoor tape, it’s been on my wall for over 2 months and is holding like a champ. Great product for remote storage. I currently have 2 remotes and a vape that i put in it every night.

The holder is extremely sturdy with the screws & velcro included. Apologies for any glare & ugly wallpaper in the photo.

Just needed something to hold a couple of remotes mounted beside the tv on the wall. I used the 3m command strips to secure it to the wall instead of the included wall screws.

We use this product in our travel trailer to hold the remote controls for tv and dvd. Excellent product in both materials and construction. Very well packaged so that it arrived undamaged. We have the single slot version as well, with the same characteristics. Obviously, the company cares about getting its products to the customer in great shape.

This is a great holder for anything tall and slim as well as all the remotes we all seem to have. I had room behind my night stand. I bought two 3 slot and 1 two slot holders. I screwed them in a line on the wall. I can reach back without much trouble and grab what i need. I also was able to put my reading glasses in one slot, i still take the tv guide and fold up the schedule and it worked perfectly, also my roku3 remote, my fan remote and my window a/c remote and of course my cable and tv remotes. My house is an older house, and i do have paneling in my 3 bedrooms, so anything you screw to the wall has some extra support which made it all easier. I can change things around if i need to. I did organically stick one to the side of my nightstand, which worked, but then i got the idea to put them all up on the wall. I was able to get the round sticky things off without much trouble.

Just what i was looking for the keep the remotes out of our toddler’s reach in his room. I put this up the the quick release sticky stuff that comes with those plastic hooks you can buy from walmart. It has been holding just fine. It is a solid little caddy and should last for a very long time – even through two toddlers.

I recently installed a new security camera system with the electronics placed in a coat closet close to the front door. I ran an hdmi cable to a monitor mounted above the closet door so i can see who is at the door when someone knocks. I use the binmei remote control holder wall mount to put the gyro-remote control mini keyboard in so it is handy to make setting changes and switch the cameras between single and multi camera views. The wall mount holder is well made and works great for me.

This is a very handy product. It really should be just a little deeper (front to back from the wall) for cable company remotes though. It fits but you have to make sure you put it straight in and out. There is no room to angle it even slightly. Would buy it again unless a deeper one was found.