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Daily Archives: January 9, 2019

Sonax S-107-NHL Hawthorn Tall Bookcase, Easy to put together, great storage space!

For the price this is a very nice shelf. I bought two to house all my daughter’s stuffed animals, and they worked perfectly.

Super easy to build and a nice sturdy book case. I love the scallop detail which makes it look vintage.

We purchased this bookcase for our 8 year old daughter. It was a little bit smaller and less impressive than expected but ‘you get what you pay for’. It fits all of her books, so it is getting the job done. It was very easy to put together. I was able to put it together all by myself in about an hour.

Key specs for Sonax S-107-NHL Hawthorn Tall Bookcase, 60″, Midnight Black:

  • Midnight Black finish
  • Beautiful curved accents
  • Open shelves perfect for books & DVD’s or a touch or personal style
  • Slender vertical space saving design.
  • Easy to assemble contemporary design

Comments from buyers

“Overall happy with my purchase, Cute and Functional, Bookshelf – Strong & Weak Points”

Great value, if you are willing to have the nail heads being exposed. This price is great but just be aware you get what you pay for. It is a great addition to my daughter’s room, but its not the highest quality.

I love this book case for my baby girls nursery. It’s super cute and narrow great for a child’s room .

Very simple to put together. Purchased fabric storage bins to use on upper shelves for workout clothing & clothing accessories. . Socks, bras, stockings, etc which is working very well. I use the bottom for storage of other items i do not need to access very often. Great price, delivered right to my door. Took me about a half hour to assemble if that. Only tool i needed was a hammer to tack on the backing.

It does its job of holding up books, but it is very cheaply made and not totally worth the money. I would have definitely invested a little bit more money into much better quality bookshelf.

This bookshelf is really great. Good size holds all my stuff and i even put extra stuff on the top. The only thing that i don’t love about it is that it has two panels in the back and you can see the seam if you don’t cover it with books.

The price is good, but the item is lacking. It’s really smaller than it seems so make sure to measure out the space you want to put it, so you know how it will look. Really seems like something that belongs in a kids room than anywhere else. The product is obviously cheaply created – it’s just particle boards and doesn’t seem all that stable. Only the tops of the shelves are finished so if you are a little farther back you will see the unfinished bottoms of the shelves which really bothers me.

This has served the purpose. We wanted cute bookshelves for our daughters room and weren’t ready to invest in study wooden furniture yet. As long as you manage your expectations then you will be happy with this. It looks cute but, as you should expect for the price, its just flimsy pressboard ‘wood’. We suspected that would be the case given the price and other reviews so are happy with it.

Edit: i have since lowered my review from 4 stars to 3, because now all the shelves are visibly sagging. I haven’t loaded them heavily either, they are just really cheap. I am going to have to buy white melamine shelves and cut them to fit, replacing these crappy ones. Very annoyedfirst review: i debated whether to give this four stars or five, and i have decided to give it four. Here are my pros and cons of the bookcase that will hopefully help someone decide if these are the right bookcases for them. (i ordered two white ones, 72 inches tall each. )pros:- i assembled them completely by myself, in about one hour. I am a woman, i love putting things together and these didn’t give me a bit of trouble. All the holes are pre-drilled correctly, and everything fit together perfectly. The directions were very easy to follow, so much so that after looking at the directions for the first one i did the second one perfectly without looking at them once- all the pieces were in great condition, nothing arrived scratched, bent or warped.

I put it together by myself pretty quickly. It is perfect for what i needed – i am very happy with it.

I was looking for more storage that wasnt too big and bulky for my upstairs hallway and this is just right. I was also able to put this together on my own very easily. In my opinion, this shelf does not seem unstable or flimsy. I was worried about that when i purchased it from what some other reviews have said.

The shelf took all of 25-30 mins to put together, and it seems really sturdy. . I will be anchoring mine because i feel it’s so tall and narrow that it would fall over easy (i have not had this issue yet but i don’t want to risk it with 2 kids ages 1 and 6) i would definitely recommend it to others.

Updated review (5 of 5 stars): i just bought a second one of these to match my original. They are now on either side of my tv and look great. The reason this deserves an update is because the company has greatly improved the quality by finishing all sides of the exposed bookcase, which i complained about in my previous review. I think the company really took a look at the reviews they were getting, and made moves to fix their downfalls. One other plus is that the assembly of this bookcase was easier than the first by implementing different types of tools and procedures. I’m super happy with this second bookshelfprevious review (4 of 5 stars): ‘for the price, this works really well in my beach-themed bedroom. It looks nice, but as others have said, it is fairly low quality particle board, and it is somewhat wobbly. However, i do believe that it is sturdy enough that it will not break or fall easily. This may not be a good option for a bedroom with rowdy pets or kids, as they may be able to knock it over, but for an adult or safe room, it shouldn’t be a problem. The other downside is that not all of the shelves/surfaces are finished, which is noticeable from different angles.

This bookshelf is lovely and pleasing to the eye by shape and color. It is also fairly easy to assemble. But, it’s also made out of particle board and is not ideal if you plan to use it for a bookshelf. Particle board is temporary – so don’t plan on it being in the family for generations. If you’ve seen the picture – then i wouldn’t put much more on it than is pictured. The back is also in two pieces. It would have been better to have the back in one complete piece which would have stabilized the shelf better. I did some extra work on my shelf in order to make it less flimsy. Despite these flaws, i still like the shelf very much.

The dimensions seem to be correct, and it is black, but it was an annoyance to put together as the pieces just are not quality. The backing board does not line up, so i had a couple nails through the front. Only one side of the shelves are painted so you can see unfinished wood. It’s not the best quality, but it will work for what i need. It is currently holding fabric and lives behind an open door. It functions as it’s supposed to, but someday i’ll get something better quality to replace it.

Got it for my wife crafting room.

This bookcase is certainly not high quality, but it seems to be as good as what you can get in this price range. It’s the typical particle board you get at any target or walmart. I read the reviews saying it is not stable. Which i agreed with until my husband came home and tightened all the screws and put the back sections on properly (good thing for handy husbands :)). Seems to be perfectly stable now. There is an obvious line on the back ‘wall’ because it’s almost impossible for the 2 very thin particle boards to be perfectly straight, so after installing them we just laid some masking tape across the line where the 2 boards meet to seal them together which made the line hardly noticeable. I am not in love with the quality of it, so only gave 4 stars, but its a cute bookcase that fits well in my daughters room and i didnt have to spend hundreds of dollars to get it.

Easy to assemble and looks very nice.

I ordered this shelf for my husbands new ou man cave i created in the gararge during his deployment to display his sports memoribilia and stereo to keep it all safe from the tiny, curious hands in our house. Not only does it look great, it is very sturdy and was easy to put together.

The two piece backing doesn’t look bad once you have some books on the shelves. If it bothers you, i guess you could get a piece of plywood cut to measure, paint it white, and bobs your uncle.

Super cute bookcase for the money. Although the backing is applied in two pieces so you can see a line right down the middle of the case. Read the reviews so i already expected it but still what a bummer. Nothing a little cloth backing won’t fix.

The case was very easy to put together. The only problem is the piece that goes on the back is two vertical pieces, and very flimsy. The seam is extremely visible. I will have to caulk it, or put white tape on the back. Other than that, it is exactly what i was looking for.