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Achim Home Furnishings Madera Falsa 2-Inch Faux Wood Blind : Excellent blinds

I’m giving these blinds 3 stars because they do look great – except for the missing top valence, but who looks up there anyway?. Despite the attractive appearance, these blinds were apparently designed by the same 7-year-old in china that manufactured them. The raising/lowering mechanism barely works at all. I struggled to initially get the blinds lowered into an acceptable length for use, and then i don’t plan to ever raise them again. The clips that are supposed to attach the valance after mounting don’t fit the valence even a little bit, so the valences for the 4 blinds i bought are stacked in the basement in case some day a solution appears. All in all, they are working out well enough for a child’s bedroom, and they were definitely a good price – but you get what you pay for, and if you are looking for something that will actually work, keep looking.

Shipped very fast even through it was not prime. The valance is incorrect for the clips that attach it or the clips are incorrect for the valance. The groove on the valance is way to narrow shallow to allow the clips to be inserted. Had to use a flat screwdriver to pry up the pvc lip on the back of the valance groove and twist/turn the clip into the groove. The valance cannot be attached while the blinds are on the window. That is the only way i was able to attach the valance using the provided materials. I bought 4 of these same exact blinds 3 years ago and this issue did not exist 3 years ago. I noted that the valance provided now looks the same on the front but is different on the back then the ones bought 3 years ago. The string pull ends are different than 3 years ago but do look similar to the ones in the picture. The blinds itself has still uses a similar steel frame on top and steel mounting hardware which good.

These shipped much faster than i expected, and they look great. You can’t really tell that they’re not real wood unless you’re up close and touching them. Heads up though: i ordered 33″wide – its actually the overhead brackets that are 33wide – the blinds themselves are about 32.

These look very nice and everyone who has seen them has commented on how nice they look- they don’t look cheap at all. Despite this though, we did have a couple complications with installation. There are suppose to be two support pieces that hold the blinds towards the middle. Our package only came with one and we put it in the middle- which you are not suppose to do as this restricts the string pulley mechanism. We lucked out as this set of blinds was in our bathroom and the blinds are not opened often. The other complication was the fact that the blinds were a half inch or so too short even though when i measured the window it was exactly 29in. Apparently they send a slightly smaller size to compensate for the fact that most people measure the wrong part- i measured correctly and therefor had a harder time installing the blinds (they did not reach each side perfectly). Also the screws included were very cheap and stripped almost instantly.

  • Good blinds, baaaad accessories
  • indestructible to cats!
  • Buying more for the house

Achim Home Furnishings Madera Falsa 2-Inch Faux Wood Blind, 46-Inch by 64-Inch, White

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  • Made from cellular foam artificial wood
  • Supported by steel headrail
  • Looks and feels like wood
  • Unlike Wood, Resists Warping, Moisture, Sun Damage, Insect Damage
  • Measuring should be done on the inside of the window sill

Look, these aren’t high-end expensive blinds that someone installs for you. What they are is nice-looking inexpensive blinds that are true to measure. They were beautifully packaged in original sealed boxes inside shipping cartons. They aren’t any more tedious and aggravating to hang than any other of the many blinds i’ve hung. The hardware is standard, which means only a long-shank screwdriver will work, screws are unnecessarily long, just the usual. I changed out to much shorter screws for my 36 inch blinds and did not install the center supports on these short blinds. I had thought i wanted off-white, but saw these mahogany ones, decided to try them and love the way they look. Originally ordered two: was so pleased, even after the ladder, the marking, the pilot hole drilling, the three screwdrivers, the dropped screws, etc. The price is excellent, less than matchstick roll-ups.

These blinds were way higher quality than i expected for the price and some peoples’ bitchy reviews. The mounting brackets are all metal with hinged retention clasps on the end units. The screws it comes with are just fine however i wound up using some massice deck screws i had laying around due to the lack of a close upper wood frame (concrete block house). My window measured at 36″ exactly and this blind was just slightly shorter than 36″ which allowed it to fit perfectly snug. These are much heavier than the cheap mini blinds i am used to so i used a few screws on the end brackets. They look really good and what a fraction of the price compared to buying them at the home improvement store.

I ordered these as a test set. And they are 35″ including the brackets. While i was able to install these on my 35″ exact window. It was a tight fit and took a little work in my part. I recommend undersizing from what ever your windows inner dimension is. Now these are nice looking blinds. They do have a pull string to open and close rather than the standard rod. Only thing i dont like is the gap at the top. Some light comes through and is kinda minor.

We ordered two white 29 inch. The width is actually 28 1/2. So keep that in mind when you order. One is bright white and one is a slightly creamy white. Most likely not noticeable to other people. All the hardware was included in the box. One installed easily, the second did not. The strings that open and close the blind had come loose from the anchor but we were able to re attaché them. Both of the metal headers were slightly bent but it does not affect the function and the valance does cover it so it is not visible. Attaching the valance was challenging.

The other day, i totally destroyed my blinds somehow, they cracked in half. The dog already broke off a piece of the blind anyways, so it was on its way out already. I don’t utilize this room often so i wasn’t looking to spend a lot on a replacement for cheap blinds that came with the house i bought 5 years ago. I looked to my trusting amazon. Com for a quick replacement, and found a set to replace them cheaply. I was able to install the blinds with ease. It’s fairly straight forward to begin with so i didn’t bother looking at the directions. The blinds are made kind of cheaply, but they look great and function. If they last, maybe i’ll replace a few more sets of blinds around the house.They pass as blinds that would cost much more.

Absolutely fantastic for the price. I read the negative reviews. Larger blinds = more weight. It’s physics, not poor design. The hangers, brackets, mechanisms and design are all very durable, well thought out and put together solidly. If you expect these to act like a set of pvc mini blinds, they won’t. But the design and implementation are good and they function extremely well. From my observations during install and initial use, i expect they will provide years of solid operation.

I have lived in my home for 10 years and had originally purchased the same style blinds (different brand) when we built our home. After a decade of having them, it was simply time to start replacing them throughout our home. Although, we dusted and washed them several times a year, they were starting to look a bit dingy and yellowish. We definitely got out money’s worth. So we began our search to purchase and update the blinds throughout our home. We came across these blinds which were pretty identical and very reasonable in cost. The only difference between our old blinds and these is that it has strings to open and close the slats vs the stick that you twist to open and close the blinds. As always, ordering online is a bit worriesome until you can see the product in person. We have received and hung the the 2 we purchased.

These are great blinds look like they were more expensive than what i paid. We had custom blinds installed in few rooms and spent close to 1k and i feel pretty dumb because these looks very similar to them. I will order more for other windows.

The odor being reported is accurate. Putrid is the best word for it. I have read reviews indicating the odor will dissipate in a few days. I hope so, i have house guests coming which is why i made this purchase. After the blinds were installed i wiped them down with baking soda and water, which did nothing. I have two candles lit in the room now. If anyone knows a more effective way of shortening the time it takes for these to become tolerable please comment below. They’re in the bathroom, i think that makes it worse since it’s a confined area. The good news is the blinds looks great and seems very well made. My husband did swear a few times installing them but he didn’t read the directions and just tried to wing it.

While the blinds themselves seem to be of decent quality, it’s the parts and accessories that are just awful. First the good: the blinds are well packaged, and they are well designed and nicely laid out. I like the two-string pulley to rotate the blinds from up position to neutral to down position. The three-string pulley is also nicely designed with a good tight string stopper to hold the pulleys in place after you make adjustments. The color is exactly mahogany, with a non-glossy finish. Important note: while the blinds are 2 inches, the blinds bracket is nearly 3 inches. Make note of that when you measure the depth of your window recess. Since my recess is 2 inches, i now have a big metal bracket sticking out of the recess by about 1 inch and it looks really goofy. First, the included screws are cheap and they strip easily. I had to work very hard to get them out when my screwdriver stripped them. Use real brass wood screws insteadthen, the instructions are in very poor english with the most important parts glossed over, and the insignificant issues receiving a weird amount of attention. Is it really so hard to have an american intern take an hour and rewrite this thing?next, there is a vinyl face that you mount to the metal blinds front so that you don’t see ugly metal. Problem: the vinyl face is half an inch shorter than the blinds, and the plastic clips that mount the face to the metal force the face out by nearly half an inch.

I needed to replace the wide blinds in my bathroom. The window is unusually wide. These blinds were perfect — about 1/4″ too narrow on each side, but the brackets were big enough so i folded some bits of the cardboard box that these were sent to my house to help fill in the gap on both sides of the blinds. They’ve been up — securely — for about 6 months. The blinds are extremely heavy, so you’ll need to mount them securely — too wood if at all possible. Dry wall would be tough but possible with really long screws. Gorgeous & extremely well made. The cords have never tangled or failed to function properly. I highly recommend these blinds & will purchase more for my kitchen as soon as those need to be replaced.

I was reading a lot of reviews for all sorts of things for the past month and i decided to go with this for the windows i just bought a new home and i wanted something that looked awesome but i was a little sketchy about which one in particular. Mainly because when i was reading other reviews for different kinds people was saying they didn’t all look the same color or was damaged on arrival i have 3 floors in my new home i didn’t want to buy something then they all look a diffrent tint of color. I bought 3 of them one for my room and 2 for the second room but i will be making another order for these i want these all over the house other then the bathroom because it makes no sence in there i’ll just get walmart brand for that people will be taking showers and stuff i don’t want anything to happen to it over time but it does look stunning i just painted my rooms and re done the floors all hardwood and it makes my home look so different it just amazes me because i never had those type of like blinds before it is worth every penny my brother came over and my dad to see how it looks because i was moving stuff in my new home and they want some for there room as well so i guess i’ll have to get it for them too because they know nothing about amazon lol. The only thing that bothered me but it really wasn’t enough to care was when they give you an extra blind that you mount on the top there in the pic i didn’t put the blind up b cuz the piece they give you to put it on the braket does not fit like it wasn’t designed to fit the extra blind they give you i’m just gunna put the extra 3 i have in storage i have curtains and it’s not a big deal. No one noticed nor cared either way lol. Everyone was all it looks so modern and old fashion at the same time lol. It’s not enough to turn me away from buying more that’s for sure and 2 other people seen it and thought fancy lol.

I originally purchased two 36 inch shades and discovered that they weren’t quite wide enough for my large set of windows, so i returned them for two 39 inch and i’m glad i did. These shades look and work very well. The instructions are on a single sheet of paper, but it provides enough detail to figure it all out. The other nice thing is that the brackets contain a lot of holes for screwing through the top of the bracket, the side, or the back. With all of those mounting options, you can choose to mount these inside the window frame, or on the outside, possibly mounted to the wall or even above the entire window. I opted to mount them inside the window frame for my installation. The instructions suggest that you have 2 1/4 inches of depth for an ‘inside’ installation, which i did not have, so i was initially concerned that these might pull out after a bit of use. After i was done with the installation, i’m no longer concerned about that. I started out by holding one up in the place they were going to be installed to see if they were the right size. In my case, they were just a fraction larger than my window frame, so in the end i just used a chisel to cut out about an eighth of an inch for the outer brackets.

Slats are thicker like real wood would be and not paper thin like regular ‘venetian’ blinds. I have 6 narrow windows in a row along one wall in breakfast room and these look great. The wider, thicker slats give the look of plantation shutters on these narrow windows.

We got these because our cats destroy basic, soft-plastic blinds. We’ve had these for a couple of months now and they have held up and actually deter our cats from getting into the window. We think they don’t like having to push through these heavier blinds. When we have them tilted open, the cats will lay their heads on them and fall asleep and while the blinds do bend down to the weight of their heads, they haven’t warped or anything. Our cats are about 10-15lbs. They are holding up really well and block tons of light. We bought two of these and will definitely be buying more to put around the house. We love them and definitely recommend.

I got these blinds to replace a set of cheap vinyl mini-blinds that my cats broke, just trying to look out the window. These blinds solved the problem. They are strong and the cats can’t bend them. They were easy to install and do the job.

If your windows measure 35 1/8 inches like mine do, then order the 34 inch blinds. I ordered 12 of the 35 inch blinds and they measure exactly 35 inches. When you put the brackets up, there’s no room to make them fit. I didn’t want to deal with returning them, so i took the metal support brackets off the ends of them and they barely fit. I couldn’t thread a hair in between the space of the blind and the wall bracket if someone paid me to do it. Don’t do what i did (because those metal support brackets are there for a reason). Get the 34 inch blinds to have some wiggle room. As far as functionality goes, they work ok but there’s a bit of a drag when pulling the strings to open and shut them. They do look like wood and the slats are very sturdy.

Omg i love these curtains so much. They literally make my room look so much better than with normal blinds. I am eventually going to get these for every room in the house. My only concern is that it may be hard to lift up and down all of the time because it does seem a bit heavy so when i lift it i give it a push from the bottom. So if you’ve kids who will be messing with it i am not sure how it would last but because the blinds are so thick when you just leave down when the blinds in a way where there is a slit so the light comes through it looks beautiful.

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