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ACME Arcadia Sage Microfiber Recliner – got the recliner

If you are looking for a lazy boy quality chair this is not it. Come on people you are buying affordable furniture don’t expect a $1,000 quality chair. It was super easy to assemble. The material is polyester microfiber. It’s a bit rough and not as soft as you usually expect with microfiber. Any water or liquid will stain it. My dogs love the chair and often sleep on it.

Quite nice for the price – i find it very comfortable. As other reviews have noted, this seat is narrow – just 16′ between the large arm cushions. At 240 lbs i’m a bit wider than that, but i can wiggle my butt and compress the side cushions a bit without discomfort. The microfiber is coarse and looks like a psuedo-suede (i got the chocolate brown color). The footrest kicks up easily enough when the side lever is released, and the back tilts with a push of your back & shoulders. A small person might not have enough oomph for that, though. Can’t comment yet on how well it holds up or cleans. One of the reasons i chose the dark color is so i won’t have to worry so much about stains.

Well to be perfectly honest, i bought this chair for hospice care for my father. He had extensive stage small cell lung cancer and couldn’t sleep in a bed due to breathing issues. Unfortunately, from the time my father came home from the hospital to my home until he died was only a week. So he only used the chair 7 days. During those 7 days, it lasted ‘ok’. It’s not the easiest to recline and was hard to get back into position. After he passed, we stuck the chair in the den. My husband sits in it to watch sports and it’s already falling apart. Mind you, we have only had it about 2 months now. I mean it’s priced cheap, but not that cheap. I think people are better off buying a more expensive and well know brand that wasting their time with this one. The only reason i am giving in three stars is, it did serve it’s original purpose. Here are the specifications for the ACME Arcadia Sage Microfiber Recliner:

  • Sage microfiber
  • Padded Accent Piece
  • Encased Coil

You insert backrest on the base prongs and voilagot it on sale on prime day for about $169. Surprised a simple item like this was listed at $577.

I was sad to realize it doesn’t rock when we set it up, but that was my fault for not reading better. It is not wide in the seat, so it fits a small person, which most adults aren’t this size, even if they aren’t overweight. But, we can still wiggle in there and get comfortable. We use it in our bedroom to put on shoes and occasionally watch tv, so it’s not a heavily used piece of furniture, but i can’t see it holding up to a lot of every day use. If that is what you are looking for and you are an average size or larger adult, spend more money and buy something nicer.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I was well aware I was buying a cheap chair
  • Doesn’t last very long.
  • Spend more money if you are adult size or larger

I’ll admit that the quality of this chair probably is not the best. And others are right in that it is small. It’s exactly what we were looking for. We just wanted an inexpensive recliner that wasn’t huge that we could put on our newly enclosed front porch. . I find it pretty comfortable and for where i’m putting it, the size is perfect. Reclining mechanism works fine and the sage color is very nice. Since the price of this was very low, my expectations were not high. But i gave it 4 stars, because it serves our purpose very well and it’s not bad for the money.

Super seat in a super chair — another flawless order at amazon. I ordered it for my wife and it arrived it perfect time for her release after major surgury. She could not navigate to a recliner upstairs so we needed a new chair for her to recover in and this arcadia recliner was a perfect find. Bless the fedex driver who brought it in the front door for us. In 20 minutes, the chair was unpacked, the back section installed (no tools needed) and my ailing wife as comfy and ready for the first of many, many hours of sleep and rest. Thanks, amazon — you did it again.

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