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AS Quality Rugs Persian Style 5×8 Oriental Area Rug 5×7 Carpet Tabriz Design Rugs : Excellent value for the money!

Exactly what i expected for the price. Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Yes, the shipping is high but you are paying a low price for what you are getting and to me it evens out more than nicely. I have seen less quality things in all the local home decor shops, quality or not, which cost 2, to 3 times as much. I would recommend this purchase.

We’re still trying to get one stubborn corner to lay flat after about two weeks, but that aside this rug is great. Looks fantastic, cleans easily with the dyson and the price cannot be beat.

It’s pretty, but i still haven’t been able to smooth it down flat. I’ve been trying for 4 months.

I used double sided tape to keep it flat with limited success. Looks good though, as long as you don’t walk on it.

  • Second Rug I Have Purchased
  • Good value but much smaller than expected
  • Satisfied Customer

Black Persian Style 5×8 Oriental Area Rug 5×7 Carpet Tabriz Design Rugs

  • Great for any decor, adds texture to the floor and complements any decor.
  • Resistant to soiling, stain, and fading.
  • Vivid Colors Won’t Fade Over Time. Enhanced soft polypropylene pile keeps dirt out and keeps these rugs looking great for years.
  • This polypropylene rug provides a luxurious look to your room. The stain resistant rug can be easily cleaned with a mild soap and water. Bring home the polypropylene rug to add color and functionality to your room.
  • To See All Sizes of this rug visit, (copy and paste link below)

I originally bought the 8×10 for our nook and the 5×7 for our entryway. The colors are vivid, and they feel great under our feet. If you want a rug that looks great and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars for a genuine persian rug, these are the ones for you. We’re very happy with this purchasethe only problem is the 8×10 is too large for our nook – it’s practically wall to wall carpeting, so we’re using it under our dining table instead. I ordered another 5×7 for under our smaller table in the nook, which should be just right.

Love the pattern and colours, but it was wrapped so tightly after weeks of trying i still haven’t been able to get it to lay completely flat in places.

Came rolled up but flattened out nicely and edges have not curled yet. Although it is thinner than the more expensive brand, i have this in my oversize side entrance way/laundry room and it looks great. For the price i would definitely buy it again.

Happy with purchase and transaction. The carpet is thin but i bought a rug mat.

Didn’t take long to flatten out the rolled up ends. Only negatives is how thin it is and all the waves. Btw it’s not exactly 5×8 about 2 inches short of that.

It’s even nicer than you think very elegant, tasteful, and well made. Where’ve you been all my life??.

Colors are beautiful and it looks fabulous with dark furniture. Really decent quality for the price.

I purchased one for the dinning room in my new house. After it arrived, i loved it so much, that i purchased another one of my living room. Quality is great, and i really like the color pattern. Classic persian/oriental style rug.

I was expecting it to be a bit thicker, but the colors appear to be as the picture shows – i find that it isn’t exactly the length it claims to be either.

I received my rug today a little sooner than expected. It’s much nicer than the one- and two-star reviews led me to believe i’d be getting. The color is just as pictured. I don’t mind the new-carpet smell at all. It’s far from being obnoxious as i thought it might be from reading some of the low-rate reviews. This rug fills the bill for me at the best price i could find. When i started shopping, i had set a budget of $100. I saw plenty of rugs this size that i liked and the prices were never lower than $119 plus shipping. This one came in at less than $65 including shipping.

Delivered on time and was well worth the money. I love the design and well made.

I bought this rug for a heavy traffic area. The colors are beautiful and it blends with and accents the room beautifully.

This is a great carpet for the price. Im editing this to add that my cat, who shredded his scratching board. Has been attacking this carpet non stop and trying to tear it apart. The carpet remains unharmed and is holding up well with with over 6 months of heavy traffic.

Still having trouble getting the corners to smooth down after nearly a week. Very tight weave, but perfect for entry ways. I bought 2 and would buy again. The colors are very neutral with the exception of the super dark burgundy. The black edges do attract animal hair, so if you have a white pet you may want to go with something lighter.

Its cheap and stretched out a little from shipping. I bought it to keep under the dining table in my apartment so that i wouldn’t spill food on the carpet so it serves its purpose.

‘it really ties the room together’ and the price is right.

First of all, my 8′ x 11′ rug is actually 7’5′ x 10′. One foot shorter than expected. For the price, i expected a lower quality rug and that is what i received. Tans, browns, black, cream and sage. It is very thin, but soft to the touch. If you have an issue with chemical odors, you might want to unroll it in your garage or spare room and leave it there for about a week to air out. Maybe throw some baking soda on it and vacuum it a few times as well. I’ve had mine for 6 days and the odor is almost gone. It also flattened out fairly quickly.

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Black Persian Style 5x8 Oriental Area Rug 5x7 Carpet Tabriz Design Rugs
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