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Coaster Home Furnishings Oversized Faux Leather Storage Ottoman Dark Brown – Amazing quality! Again!

This was purchased for my husband for christmas. We have four kids, so i had to shop for something that looked like it would hold up to jumping, rolling, crawling, stuffing, etc. It’s holding up to the girls just fine, and it’s big enough inside to hold dvd or wii game cases. We keep all of our wii accessories, games, and family movies in there. It’s super comfortable, and just the right height for a foot stool. It’s big enough that my husband and i can both use it at the same time while sitting on the couch. The only problem is that when it came, there was a broken piece near the hinge of the lid on one side. We weren’t sure at first if it was broken, or if it was supposed to be that way. A few days of our older kids sitting on it to play the wii during christmas vacation exacerbated it, and now you can really feel and see that it is split in there.

The material finish reminds me of my grandmother’s fine antique furniture protected by plastic covering. Except more like saran wrap pressed on it. The legs feel like foam and have a reddish gleen as if they were originally designed to be cannon balls at a children’s circus show. I was hoping for the item to look ‘like’ the advertised picture. My cat enjoyed chasing the buttons on the top that started popping off when i sat my feet on the lid. For the entertainment, i recommend this item; it was worth the price just for laughs.

I received my ottoman yesterday and after screwing the feet into the bottom – fortunately the only assembly required – one of the feet snapped off when i turned the ottoman upright. An insert that the feet are screwed into had snapped completely off the frame. Fortunately, i was able to put it back on with some wood screws. I’m not very happy about that, but arranging a return would have been problematic since i could only get the ottoman out of the box it shipped in by tearing the box apart. The rest of the ottoman seems sturdy enough but i was surprised that when you open the top, there’s no way to lock the hinge to keep it open. Given the other glowing reviews here, maybe i just ended up with a lemon, but i can’t help feeling a bit disappointed.

  • Wow, very nice and prime shipping in 20 hours!
  • Great deal for the price
  • Mostly Great, One Small Problem

I have had this for a little over a year now and i am very pleased. It is a good quality, and just as pictured. It has a very nice storage area and looks way more expensive than it was. I had done research and priced several other ottomans that were not nearly as nice as this one is and for more money. My living room is very small and i needed storage space and a place to prop feet from the sofa. Whenever i have company i serve drinks on a serving try and it works out nicely. Assembly was very easy (single mom here did it in just a few minutes) the free shipping is great incentive as well. Great product, highly recommend.

I have a bad habit of reading the bad reviews *after* i order, so i stared skeptically at this for several days expecting it to fall to pieces or evaporate or something- it’s aok though. It’s much nicer and more substantial than target’s similarly priced faux leather tufted ottoman. Maybe 4-6′ wider and longer. Quality is fine- i would guess it would be 2-300 bux in a furniture store. Bit darker than pictured; i would post a pic- but it makes it seem too dark. I would say it’s more espresso than dark brown. My only complaint would be that the seam on the trim is off center on the hinge side; so i have the hinge side pointed toward the loveseat this is paired with as the other side looks nicer. All in all a good value though- very quick shipping. I suspect if i don’t let my kids (who ruin everything they look at- good thing they’re cute. ) play on this, it will hold up just fine.

Features of Oversized Faux Leather Storage Ottoman Dark Brown

  • Set includes: One (1) ottoman
  • Materials: PVC, flakeboard, plywood, hardwood and sponge
  • Fabric Color: Dark Brown
  • Finish Color: Dark brown
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Tufted accents
  • Storage compartment
  • Upholstery type: Leatherette

You just can’t tell it’s faux leather, the quality is outstanding. The seams are well stitched. The upholstery tension is just right for use as a coffee table, while allowing comfy cushioning for seating if used as a bench. Lots of storage space, easily giving me room for 2-3 queen size blankets and a pillow or two. There are soft-close hinges to prevent crushing curious little fingers on close. My only gripe is the paint job on the screw in feet; the medium/dark cherry finish was not uniform, but you can’t really tell once they’re on the ottoman. 99 3 year warranty on stains, punctures, rips and breakage etc. Offered in the cart, this ottoman is absolutely a great buy.Caution: the well packaged shipping box weighs over 70 lbs so you may need help getting it into the house.

For the price, this is a great piece of furniture. It is well made and sturdy and comes put together. I love the storage as it holds a lot. It really completes our bedroom. It takes a beating from our dogs jumping on it to get to the bed and it still looks brand new. Best purchase i have made in a long time. The color is exactly as shown – a chocolate brown. It also scoots easily on our laminate floor for cleaning under. It sets well too and could hold a very, very large person.

This ottoman is very nice in actuality. I thought it would be a chocolate brown, but it is like a dark cocoa brown. The color is ok for our purposes. The length is perfect for us because it is for a loveseat sofa. This is filling a small living space for us and the storage is helpful.This ottoman is versatile because it can be used as a footstool, storage space, ‘coffee table’ and expansion of a loveseat into a ‘lay down’ type of space.

The look of it and frame are great. But after having it in our tv room 3 weeks with moderate use as a coffee table we can see where the vinyl around one of the buttons is pulling and exposed the white stuffing underneath. If we bought it at a store i’d have returned it by now for bad craftsmanship. But it’s too much of a hassle online so we’re keeping it, especially since its too hard to find another bench this size and price and 99% of the time your never notice it.

This my second unit, my first one held up for about five years. The moves and teenagers finally damaged the hinges and the edges of the unit. I still have it just in the not in the living room anymore.

The price of this ottoman seemed too good to be true, but we tried it anyway. I would not have ordered furniture on-line if it weren’t for amazon prime. That being said, this is a nice ottoman. The leather-like material is a good quality and has a nice feel. The hinged top stayed up and the piece as a whole seemed very sturdy and well made. The problem we had with this piece was that the tufted upholstery on the top was not straight. You could easily see how the buttons drifted off to the lower right corner – very noticeable. I would have hated to have to pay for the return shipping on this one.

I have had this ottoman for almost 4 years and it is still in excellent condition despite a lot of use and abuse. My kids were 5 and 7 when i got it and our great dane uses it as a way to get to her favorite corner of the couch. It is used heavily every day and i have had only one button come off. I tacked down the material around the button indent and sewed the button back on and that worked. The amount of storage is amazing as well. I store blankets and comforters in it. I highly recommend this ottoman.

It’s really nice look dark brown ottoman. It had everything in good condition. I was looking for what i wanted something that would look good have it in my master bedroom and store bed liners and blankets in it behide my bed what i needed for store and sit to change socks, shoes. This is really great quality for the price and look way more expensive. You won’t be disappointed and you will love it. Yes it is described ottoman.

The shipping was fast and there was no outside damage to the box. The ottoman, itself is a rich chocolate brown color and is truly sturdy. However, imagine my surprise when i opened the box and found no invoice from the company nor feet for the ottoman. In the box, under the lid and even under the ottoman itself, thinking it was enclosed in a zip up compartment. I contacted the company via email through amazon’s site. Will keep everyone posted regarding their timely response and how fast they solve customer issues. Otherwise, it’s a very nice ottoman, it just now looks more like a fancy trunk. Update: i contacted superior importers to ask if they could send me the feet to the ottoman.

Despite my concerns about it looking potentially cheap i have found that in person, it looks quite nice. The leather like material has held up well but keep in mind we do not have children. It only takes a moist cloth to wipe it clean and an occasional vacuum around the buttons. We store extra blankets and a comforter inside. It came in a box with the legs unattached so you just have to screw on the legs and you’re good to go. I imagine that you could change out the leg style to change the ottomans appearance but i rather like the stubby wooden legs.

Really looks and feels like leather. Is very nice quality, and comes all in one piece except for screwing on the legs, which is easy. It is in front of my two br windows, and they can look out the windows at the view or nap in the sun, and enjoy the breezes. Wish it was deeper in the storage area, really, but i am still happy with it. All the ones i have seen are never very deep in the storage area. Sturdy to sit on, looks a lot more expensive than it was, and the color goes great with my dark walnut br suite. Would look great at the foot of my bed, but not enough space between bed and dresser. I store my throws inside it.

Ordered on 10-19 and received today 10-25. I requested a tracking number twice from the seller and never received it. Had to call my local fed ex to track it. Luckily they were able to assist without a number. That’s poor customer service to me on the sellers part for not responding and providing in the first place. Ottoman is nice however, the legs are no where near the same color as the photo. They are a very light reddish brown color and one of the legs was scratched up. Now i will need to purchase some stain to match and take the time to stain something properly that should have been included in the purchase. This is very noticeable and should have replaced before shipping.

I’ve had a storage trunk in our living area for the past decade for the kids toys, games & crafts. Its been repaired a few times over the years, and finally it fell apart a couple days before christmas. I was looking for a storage ottoman, and i did not want to spend a lot of money. I was a little nervous hoping the item was as good as it looked. I’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for. But i took the chance and ordered it. I was really pleased when it arrived to find the item to be better than i expected. The color is true to the picture, a deep dark chocolate brown, the tufted top is well done and looks much more expensive that it cost. The hinges on the lid seem to be good quality and work smoothly. The lid stays up when lifted and closes without slamming back down when closing.

Bought this ottoman as an extra sitting space for family hanging about our living room during holiday gatherings. It is larger than what we could find in the local furniture stores and at fraction of the price. It was missing a slider on one foot peg but other than that, it worked as we had intended and looks great. It has since moved next to a window and serves as storage space for board games.

I have been looking for about 2 years for a storage bench for our foyer. I had found this one about a year ago but wanted to be sure i couldn’t find one that was better somehow. I couldn’tthe price is better than any other i checked out. I found some that i liked equally as well but they were in the 700$ price range – no thank youi love the storage option – some others utilized baskets under them and that wasn’t the look i was going for. The compartment for storage is nicely lined with some sort of black facing material. We are going to store winter hats, scarves & gloves in this. Possibly our boots too – they will fit lying down. The legs on this are short and substantial – so when the kids plop down i believe they will hold up. The legs are also solid, real wood.

I purchased this to go in front of my sectional as a table/ottoman. I have put a small flat tray in the center and put a colorful arrangement of baby pumpkins and leaves and pine cones on it for the fall season. I can move it around although it is not a light piece, during christmas when the family comes for extra seating and it allows for plenty of room in the middle of the floor. I don’t have a real large living room. The buttons are tight, the color is a dark brown and it opens to reveal a huge area to store items. I keep my yankee candles in there and remotes, dvd’s cookbooks, or whatever i want to hide away. It is great to put your feet up now and there is no damage to it as it isn’t a table. The grandson won’t get hurt around it and i just put a small table cloth over it if he wants to play ‘cars’ on it. It came shipped totally put together and all the hubby had to do was screw the legs on.

I really wanted to love this item, but there are few problems. The leg color did not match the item description. Contacted the company, and was told they cannot be liable for color variations. They color is clearly not as described, the espresso colored ottoman has dark red legs. I wished they would have added that to the description. There was also some identations to one of the coners which they agreed to partial refund. If not for the hassle involved i would have returned the furniture. *update*this ottoman didn’t last very long, the hinges broke after a couple of months, buttons started coming off. We barely used the storage, and the fabric inside started to rip.

Ok, so firstly, i ordered this around 3 pm yesterday and it arrived at 10 am this morning – gotta love that prime membership – there were cheaper prices, but once you added shipping it was less than $10, and i have waited weeks for other companies to send stuff, so i trust amazon fulfillment to deliver when requestedsecondly, this item is really good quality – it does look like leather, it’s very nicely made, lots of storage, easy to assemble, not that heavy to move by yourself if you have to (i’m 5 ft and had to carry it upstairs, another person would have helped a bit). The photo on amazon is pretty good at representing the color – it is a very dark brown – it is not a medium or milk chocolate kind of brown. Lots of storage room inside, but only about 8-9 inches deep, but very wide and long so wuld easily fit blankets, a couple of pillows etc. Now, to answer some of the bad reviews you may have read giving it one star:- this item said made in 2010, but wherever mine was stored it didn’t smell and there was no plastic smell after it was unwrapped either. – the legs i got were the right ones, but were more of a cherry/ mahogany color and i would call the ottoman more of a dark mahogany color – that might bother some people (doesn’t bother me). – i checked the item thoroughly, all the lines on the top of the ottoman line up nicely and are well sewn and sturdy looking. – there were a couple of loose staples on the underside attaching the mesh that tidies up the bottom (underside) of any furniture – i realized those staples had gone in crooked and totally missed the frame, so i took a small hammer, lined them up at a different angle and tapped them back in and all fixed – make sure you check this and fix it right away or the whole thing could start to separate and it’s an easy fix. – the legs lined up nicely and went on easily, didn’t have any issues that people have mentioned with those legs. – the hinges are very sturdy – the lid stays open nicely (doesn’t fall at all) when you’re adding things and the lid closes down tightly so it looks just like a seat – this way you have hidden storage. I have added a couple of photos – one of the piece by the end of my king size bed and one of it open to give you an idea of how big it is – check them out at the top in the photos area.

ElecMotive 72 Pcs 6 Packs Beautiful 3D Butterfly Wall Decals Removable DIY Home Decorations Art Decor Wall Stickers & Murals – Great for a little girl room, lots of parts for you money

I put this in my granddaughters room after i painted was afraid it wouldn’t stick per some reviews but it’s been a week and still looks great she loves italso supposed to be 5 foot wide but the wall we put it on was smaller so we went taller still looks great i wish i could add a picture.

The tree is a good size and very easy to put up. My 5 year old daughters were able to put up all of the hearts and flowers by themselves.

Took forever but well worth it.

  • Wonderful, cheery and easy!
  • Tree is beautiful and large
  • Easy to put together

Took me more than 1 hour to spread them all on the wall. The effect is nice and doesn’t look too cheap.

My daughter and i both love it.

Features of ElecMotive 72 Pcs 6 Packs Beautiful 3D Butterfly Wall Decals Removable DIY Home Decorations Art Decor Wall Stickers & Murals for Babys Bedroom TV Background Living Room (72 pcs in 6 Colors)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Easy to Apply, Removable, Durable, Pressure Resistance, Shock Resistance, Moisture Resistance
  • Different colorss can be designed according to different preferences, beautify the walls, creating a variety of styles
  • Perfect design. Roundly includes 6 large ones in size 11*9.5 cm, 30 medium ones in size 9.5*8.5 cm, and 36 small ones in size 6*4.5 cm
  • A perfect gift for any special occasions like Christmas, wedding, birthday, anniversary, engagement, new-born baby
  • You can stick it to refrigerator with magnet in butterfly’s stomach position, or stick to wall or door with the double-adhesive foam in same package

I got them for our daughters room. We spent several hours building her tree. The decals came on 4 separate sheets. You just peel them and put them where you want them. I love the fact that it is at your choice where you put what. After we put the tree branches up, our 11 year old spent a couple of hours putting her hearts, butterflies, flowers and dots where ever she wanted. I have tested that they do peel off the wall even after it has been applied. The colors are bright, they actually look like the picture.

We had fun doing it together.

Just be prepared for a stick-o-thon, lol. It paired well with the hello kitty decals and bedding i bought.

It took a while to get it exactly like the picture but it is definitely worth it.

Tree is beautiful and large. Each piece of the tree is an individual stickers so it does take some time to put it up. Stickers do not stick very well so i bought some wallpaper paste to keep them on. Overall i’m very satisfied with this product.

I am really impressed with these. It looks adorable and my girls love it.

It was delivered quickly and in excellent condition. The morning after applying the stickers i noticed thst some were starting to peel off the wall. I just used my blow dryer like the instructions said in a case like this and it worked. I also had a ton of stickers left that i’m going to use to decorate other walls in my daughter’s room.

Love it big n pretty fun to decorate.

Comes really tightly wound & is having a hard time staying on the wall. Hope that the hair dryer method works to kinda ‘melt’ them flat and provide a better adhesion.

Super adorable but takes forever to put up, so make sure to have an hour or so free.

Looks beautiful in her room.

This was purchased for my granddaughters’ bedroom. Three little girls in need of some cheer and this tree succeeded with aplomb. The 2 and 4 year old loved attaching the butterflies and hearts to the wall. The baby watched and smiled. We all had a great time and spread these all over. The colors are great for little princesses.

Adeco Metal Stackable Industrial Chic Dining Bistro Cafe Side Chairs : Great chairs for my kitchen table

Still seem way smaller than the descriptions. Not built for today’s size people. Unless your small in statue, i wouldn’t purchase.

Just what i expected, and arrived quickly. It’s not the most comfortable chair, but with a few cute pillows the issue can be fixed. Colors are very beautiful, and added a good vintage feel to my dining room.

Perfect for my distressed wood table. The color was nothing like the picture. Mine were a deep maroon combined with a tinge of burnt orange. Was hoping more for a truer red.

These chairs arrived well-packaged, they’re easy to put together, they’re good quality and look great. I’ve searched everywhere and this is by far the best price i could find. As other reviewers mentioned, the backs are a bit shorter than traditional chairs. It took some getting used to that, but now i love that even more about them. They are a bit smaller than the chairs they replaced, but we’ve had guests that are larger framed and they’ve sat in the chairs for long meals without giving any thought to it. My family is smaller to mid-sized and we have given zero thought to the size. I actually appreciate that they are a bit smaller because we can comfortably fit 8 chairs now, versus squeezing an extra two with our original chairs. Lastly, the only minor thing i would change is that the screws/bolts are silver metal – the chairs that i ordered are black/bronze and the bolts stand out if you look at the backs of the chairs. There are 4 screws in each chair – one on each side and two in back. I may paint them, but i’m afraid it’ll chip and look worse.

  • Great quality, great price, look amazing.
  • they’re easy to put together
  • Metal chairs with wood seat

Adeco Metal Stackable Industrial Chic Dining Bistro Cafe Side Chairs, Copper (Set of 2)

  • Material: Steel frame in glossy coating/painting
  • Overall dimensions: 17.5W*20.5 d*33.7 H, Seat Height:17.5, Seat wide:14, Seat deep:14
  • A perfect touch of Vintage industrial modern look to your dining room or breakfast counter, patio, play room, restaurant
  • Polishing Finish. Stackable for space Saving.
  • No assembly required

It was stated the chairs were fully assembled. I bought them because they stated they were fully assembled as i won’t be able to fix this problem.

The ‘wooden’ seats are rough and could snag clothing. But, most of my family and friends like the style.

The sheen on these chairs is much nicer in person, it adds a depth and richness to the industrial look that i didn’t expect but am happily surprised by. I have little kids, too, so they seem like they’ll be a breeze to clean. These chairs are also more comfortable than you might expect (i’m short, so i don’t know if that makes a big difference, but my husband is 6′ and he hasn’t complained yet.

Great chairs for reasonable price. Attractive, sturdy chairs that look great with farm table. Had to put together but not too difficult. Can accommodate all sizes of folks.

They are perfect, easy to clean. They are small but perfect for our small house.

These chairs fit perfectly with my mid century table, i’m a larger women as is my oldest son, 250, and they hold us just fine. They very sturdy and sharp looking.

They are nice looking chairs and feel very sturdy. They are a little small both in the seat width and depth dimensions. If you are a tall or wide person they might not be really comfortable. Overall i am very happy with them.

Great chairs for my kitchen table. Might be too small for 250 lb people, but my 200 lb husband is comfortable in them.

Great quality and very comfortable. They are easy to assemble and very sturdy.

Go great with my farmhouse breakfast table.

I love the powder coating on these chairs. It’s like a blue gun metal if there was such a thing. I’ve seen these in other finishes and it’s not the same. . The finish makes the difference and the shipping packaging keeps them well protected.

Wish seat was bigger or my butt smaller.

I love these even more than i thought. The look really cool and are way more comfortable than they look. Putting them together was super easy.

Love these chairs with my farm table. Good material and easy to put together.

I am in love with these chairs. I bought a small black table with silver legs and i wanted something ultra modern that would match. The backs were easy to install. Plus, they were a lot cheaper from this seller than they were on overstock.

I purchased about 20 of these for commercial use. They look great and have held up so far against daily use. We’ve been using them for bout a month with no issues.

I like these chairs my only complaint is that the wood on the seat is incredibly scratchy just don’t have bare legs on it.

Sonax S-107-NHL Hawthorn Tall Bookcase, Easy to put together, great storage space!

For the price this is a very nice shelf. I bought two to house all my daughter’s stuffed animals, and they worked perfectly.

Super easy to build and a nice sturdy book case. I love the scallop detail which makes it look vintage.

We purchased this bookcase for our 8 year old daughter. It was a little bit smaller and less impressive than expected but ‘you get what you pay for’. It fits all of her books, so it is getting the job done. It was very easy to put together. I was able to put it together all by myself in about an hour.

Key specs for Sonax S-107-NHL Hawthorn Tall Bookcase, 60″, Midnight Black:

  • Midnight Black finish
  • Beautiful curved accents
  • Open shelves perfect for books & DVD’s or a touch or personal style
  • Slender vertical space saving design.
  • Easy to assemble contemporary design

Comments from buyers

“Overall happy with my purchase, Cute and Functional, Bookshelf – Strong & Weak Points”

Great value, if you are willing to have the nail heads being exposed. This price is great but just be aware you get what you pay for. It is a great addition to my daughter’s room, but its not the highest quality.

I love this book case for my baby girls nursery. It’s super cute and narrow great for a child’s room .

Very simple to put together. Purchased fabric storage bins to use on upper shelves for workout clothing & clothing accessories. . Socks, bras, stockings, etc which is working very well. I use the bottom for storage of other items i do not need to access very often. Great price, delivered right to my door. Took me about a half hour to assemble if that. Only tool i needed was a hammer to tack on the backing.

It does its job of holding up books, but it is very cheaply made and not totally worth the money. I would have definitely invested a little bit more money into much better quality bookshelf.

This bookshelf is really great. Good size holds all my stuff and i even put extra stuff on the top. The only thing that i don’t love about it is that it has two panels in the back and you can see the seam if you don’t cover it with books.

The price is good, but the item is lacking. It’s really smaller than it seems so make sure to measure out the space you want to put it, so you know how it will look. Really seems like something that belongs in a kids room than anywhere else. The product is obviously cheaply created – it’s just particle boards and doesn’t seem all that stable. Only the tops of the shelves are finished so if you are a little farther back you will see the unfinished bottoms of the shelves which really bothers me.

This has served the purpose. We wanted cute bookshelves for our daughters room and weren’t ready to invest in study wooden furniture yet. As long as you manage your expectations then you will be happy with this. It looks cute but, as you should expect for the price, its just flimsy pressboard ‘wood’. We suspected that would be the case given the price and other reviews so are happy with it.

Edit: i have since lowered my review from 4 stars to 3, because now all the shelves are visibly sagging. I haven’t loaded them heavily either, they are just really cheap. I am going to have to buy white melamine shelves and cut them to fit, replacing these crappy ones. Very annoyedfirst review: i debated whether to give this four stars or five, and i have decided to give it four. Here are my pros and cons of the bookcase that will hopefully help someone decide if these are the right bookcases for them. (i ordered two white ones, 72 inches tall each. )pros:- i assembled them completely by myself, in about one hour. I am a woman, i love putting things together and these didn’t give me a bit of trouble. All the holes are pre-drilled correctly, and everything fit together perfectly. The directions were very easy to follow, so much so that after looking at the directions for the first one i did the second one perfectly without looking at them once- all the pieces were in great condition, nothing arrived scratched, bent or warped.

I put it together by myself pretty quickly. It is perfect for what i needed – i am very happy with it.

I was looking for more storage that wasnt too big and bulky for my upstairs hallway and this is just right. I was also able to put this together on my own very easily. In my opinion, this shelf does not seem unstable or flimsy. I was worried about that when i purchased it from what some other reviews have said.

The shelf took all of 25-30 mins to put together, and it seems really sturdy. . I will be anchoring mine because i feel it’s so tall and narrow that it would fall over easy (i have not had this issue yet but i don’t want to risk it with 2 kids ages 1 and 6) i would definitely recommend it to others.

Updated review (5 of 5 stars): i just bought a second one of these to match my original. They are now on either side of my tv and look great. The reason this deserves an update is because the company has greatly improved the quality by finishing all sides of the exposed bookcase, which i complained about in my previous review. I think the company really took a look at the reviews they were getting, and made moves to fix their downfalls. One other plus is that the assembly of this bookcase was easier than the first by implementing different types of tools and procedures. I’m super happy with this second bookshelfprevious review (4 of 5 stars): ‘for the price, this works really well in my beach-themed bedroom. It looks nice, but as others have said, it is fairly low quality particle board, and it is somewhat wobbly. However, i do believe that it is sturdy enough that it will not break or fall easily. This may not be a good option for a bedroom with rowdy pets or kids, as they may be able to knock it over, but for an adult or safe room, it shouldn’t be a problem. The other downside is that not all of the shelves/surfaces are finished, which is noticeable from different angles.

This bookshelf is lovely and pleasing to the eye by shape and color. It is also fairly easy to assemble. But, it’s also made out of particle board and is not ideal if you plan to use it for a bookshelf. Particle board is temporary – so don’t plan on it being in the family for generations. If you’ve seen the picture – then i wouldn’t put much more on it than is pictured. The back is also in two pieces. It would have been better to have the back in one complete piece which would have stabilized the shelf better. I did some extra work on my shelf in order to make it less flimsy. Despite these flaws, i still like the shelf very much.

The dimensions seem to be correct, and it is black, but it was an annoyance to put together as the pieces just are not quality. The backing board does not line up, so i had a couple nails through the front. Only one side of the shelves are painted so you can see unfinished wood. It’s not the best quality, but it will work for what i need. It is currently holding fabric and lives behind an open door. It functions as it’s supposed to, but someday i’ll get something better quality to replace it.

Got it for my wife crafting room.

This bookcase is certainly not high quality, but it seems to be as good as what you can get in this price range. It’s the typical particle board you get at any target or walmart. I read the reviews saying it is not stable. Which i agreed with until my husband came home and tightened all the screws and put the back sections on properly (good thing for handy husbands :)). Seems to be perfectly stable now. There is an obvious line on the back ‘wall’ because it’s almost impossible for the 2 very thin particle boards to be perfectly straight, so after installing them we just laid some masking tape across the line where the 2 boards meet to seal them together which made the line hardly noticeable. I am not in love with the quality of it, so only gave 4 stars, but its a cute bookcase that fits well in my daughters room and i didnt have to spend hundreds of dollars to get it.

Easy to assemble and looks very nice.

I ordered this shelf for my husbands new ou man cave i created in the gararge during his deployment to display his sports memoribilia and stereo to keep it all safe from the tiny, curious hands in our house. Not only does it look great, it is very sturdy and was easy to put together.

The two piece backing doesn’t look bad once you have some books on the shelves. If it bothers you, i guess you could get a piece of plywood cut to measure, paint it white, and bobs your uncle.

Super cute bookcase for the money. Although the backing is applied in two pieces so you can see a line right down the middle of the case. Read the reviews so i already expected it but still what a bummer. Nothing a little cloth backing won’t fix.

The case was very easy to put together. The only problem is the piece that goes on the back is two vertical pieces, and very flimsy. The seam is extremely visible. I will have to caulk it, or put white tape on the back. Other than that, it is exactly what i was looking for.

PINMEI Acrylic Remote Control Holder Wall Mount Media Organizer Box TV Remote Control Holder Universal TV Remote Caddy Organizer – Best purchase under $20 I’ve made in a while!

First one ordered came broken. Second order perfect & working well for a set of theater chairs. We attached it with curving furniture pins.

My husband and i love having our remotes on the wall, rather than sometimes finding them on the floor. We have an adjustable bed with 2 remotes, when we wanted to adjust they just wasn’t where they were supposed to be, now no problem.

The pinmei remote control holder wall mount was perfect for our recently installed motorized window shade’s remote control. It was easily mounted to the wall with the screw that was included. This remote control holder is made of acrylic, sturdy and appearance looks good. Package included: 1x remote control holder, 1x screw and 1 x pair of velcro stickers. Pinmei remote control holder wall mount- acrylic organizer box. Here are the specifications for the PINMEI Acrylic Remote Control Holder Wall Mount Media Organizer Box TV Remote Control Holder Universal TV Remote Caddy Organizer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Material is 100% acrylic; Sturdy, solid, durable
  • No more lost remotes and saving space.High transparent storage box for perfect view of remotes.
  • Please see our other acrylic product listing by clicking on the PINMEI brand.
  • Each remote organizer compartment Dimension: 2.6 x 1.4 x 5.4 inch(L x W x H). Thickness is 4mm, it makes this holder more sturdy and solid.
  • Comes with velcro and screws. Stick the holder to wall or side of furniture

In a classroom environment, where many people are using the room, we needed a holder so that there was an easy, designated space for the controller. This item arrived promptly, well packed for shipping so that it couldn’t be damaged, and with adhesives ready to go for mounting. I have already bought four of these, and will continue to do so as the need arises.

Remote holder were far more than i expected, they were made very well and allow a person to see which remote it is carrying, it is for the standard size remote so if you have one of the remotes with a screen and larger it wont fit.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fully met my expectations. Very nice-looking product. Well
  • May be your only option for large remotes
  • wonderful product.

I really like the idea that these remote holders are narrow and will fit where others wont, i am also very pleased that this company has included several different supplies to attach the remote holders, i was not expecting that. I am very pleased and i would definitely recommend these to a friend.

Perfect for our ceiling fan remotes. We attach it next to the light switches and it was the easiest thing to install into the wall. It holds great, i’ve knocked it a couple of times feeling around in the dark but i’ve never had an issue with is falling down or moving. Perfect size for our ceiling fan remotes.

What an excellent piece of craftsmanshipi bought this to go on the wall beside our bed. I got tired of our remotes being misplaced. So glad i bought this holder from this seller. The packing is excellent, the quality is exceptional and very straightforward design. One has three bays and the other one has just one.

This wasn’t what i wanted, but i was unable to find precisely what i needed, which was a wall mounted remote holder that was not enclosed like a box like this one, but just held the remote at the sides and had no bottom to it. There are such things, but not deep enough to fit my verizon cable dvr remote. This item was large enough to fit it, though the remote is so tall the majority of it sticks above the holder. I didn’t want the type i bought because dust, dirt, lint, whatever, will settle at the bottom and since the plastic is transparent, everyone will see it (yuck). It will be difficult to clean. I’ll have to remove it from the mount and wash it under a faucet. At least if they made it in black then no one would see inside. Maybe i will spray paint it black. I thought about modifying it to make it more like what i need but trying to cut into it will likely result in a disaster. I did not use the velcro attachments because i know they would not stay on the wood surface i was mounting to, so i used the included screw which worked fine.

Exactly what i was hoping it would be. Only beef i have is when i went back to amazon two weeks later to order 16 more of the same item, the price had increased 50%. Or some algorithm that knows i want more, & boosts the price?)well, competitive free market is the solution to that problem. Found the identical item for half the price i originally paid. Guess who got the quantity re-order?pigs get fat.

They have really cleaned up the table by my chair. I have hung them on the wal by my chair using command strips. Placed remotes, ear buds, glasses and other items that were on the table top out of site but close to use.

This is a nice remote holder. It fits a universal remote and air conditioner remote. It will not fit a tivo remote. Since others have complained about the velcro stickers letting go, i used the screws to mount the holder. The holder is made of a very clear plastic and has a sleek design. There are three holes and screws for mounting.

These remote holders are perfecti wanted something to attach to the side of my nightstand for easy access. I purchased a double holder and a single holder. They are thick acrylic and very sturdy. I didn’t want to use the screws and drill into my nightstand so i started with the accompanying velcro discs. They were not very secure under the weight of the holder plus remotes so i opted for command strips instead.

The adhesive that comes with it won’t hold for long story all. I’d say mine held for approximately 6 hours. But with the help of some scotch 2 sided outdoor tape, it’s been on my wall for over 2 months and is holding like a champ. Great product for remote storage. I currently have 2 remotes and a vape that i put in it every night.

The holder is extremely sturdy with the screws & velcro included. Apologies for any glare & ugly wallpaper in the photo.

Just needed something to hold a couple of remotes mounted beside the tv on the wall. I used the 3m command strips to secure it to the wall instead of the included wall screws.

We use this product in our travel trailer to hold the remote controls for tv and dvd. Excellent product in both materials and construction. Very well packaged so that it arrived undamaged. We have the single slot version as well, with the same characteristics. Obviously, the company cares about getting its products to the customer in great shape.

This is a great holder for anything tall and slim as well as all the remotes we all seem to have. I had room behind my night stand. I bought two 3 slot and 1 two slot holders. I screwed them in a line on the wall. I can reach back without much trouble and grab what i need. I also was able to put my reading glasses in one slot, i still take the tv guide and fold up the schedule and it worked perfectly, also my roku3 remote, my fan remote and my window a/c remote and of course my cable and tv remotes. My house is an older house, and i do have paneling in my 3 bedrooms, so anything you screw to the wall has some extra support which made it all easier. I can change things around if i need to. I did organically stick one to the side of my nightstand, which worked, but then i got the idea to put them all up on the wall. I was able to get the round sticky things off without much trouble.

Just what i was looking for the keep the remotes out of our toddler’s reach in his room. I put this up the the quick release sticky stuff that comes with those plastic hooks you can buy from walmart. It has been holding just fine. It is a solid little caddy and should last for a very long time – even through two toddlers.

I recently installed a new security camera system with the electronics placed in a coat closet close to the front door. I ran an hdmi cable to a monitor mounted above the closet door so i can see who is at the door when someone knocks. I use the binmei remote control holder wall mount to put the gyro-remote control mini keyboard in so it is handy to make setting changes and switch the cameras between single and multi camera views. The wall mount holder is well made and works great for me.

This is a very handy product. It really should be just a little deeper (front to back from the wall) for cable company remotes though. It fits but you have to make sure you put it straight in and out. There is no room to angle it even slightly. Would buy it again unless a deeper one was found.

Prepac WEHW-0200-1 Floating Desk : Great Space Saver!

Did a lot of researching before finally deciding on buying this desk. After reading all the comments i was afraid of getting the wrong color or have missing parts but all my worries disappeared when i opened up the box. Everything was there and even had extra parts left over. My small desk i had in my bedroom took up too much room. Years ago i had purchased a floating shelf and loved it. I finally found the desk to match. Looks like they were made for each other. Put the desk high enough so the arms of my chair fits underneath and if i wanted to stand it wouldn’t be too awkward. Now my whole area is compact but yet have plenty of room for “stuff”. I put the desk together by myself and it was kind of hard for me but after several attempts i got it together.

If you are looking for a desk and have no much space in your area this is a very smart way to go about it. Everything about this product is good. The quality the color and the price just made it a perfect match for me.

It is actually a pretty decent unit, but the unit shipped to me had nothing in the form of a metal hanging bracket nor is it mentioned in the “one” page of instructions that came with it. I cant imagine how they even expect someone to assemble this unit without instructions. I have been in the construction trades for 25+ yrs, so i was able to figure it out. Good luck to you if you do not have some real knowledge about how things should be built. I also had to make my own hanging device. Overall, it worked out fine and my daughter is happy with the unit. I’ll attach the one page instruction sheet in case you want to study it before you buy one. I just assembled a 24 dollar tv cart from walmart that had 4 pages of instructions and 1/10 of the pieces. Like i said, overall it is a decent unit. Just be prepared for a nightmare assembly process.

It opens up the floor underneath my desk and makes it looks so clean. The cords are kept hidden away and tidy. I put mine in a corner where a normal desk makes it seem so dark but this desk brightens it up and is very functional. There is a short horizontal piece behind where you keep the monitor (you can see it in the pictures) and this covers part of the hanging system but i have found it very useful by purchasing peel and stick dry erase board and attaching it so that now it’s a mini dry erase area great for little notes and inspirational quotes.

  • Brillant Idea – Great Desk!
  • much space in your area this is a very smart way to go about it
  • Great Space Saver!

Prepac WEHW-0200-1 Floating Desk with Storage, White

  • Mount at any Height with Prepac metal hanging rail system
  • Cable and wire management features keep your desk organized
  • Side compartments with two removable shelves each are ideal for speakers, electronic devices, books, photographs and other personal items
  • Store books, photographs and other items on the Top shelf
  • Proudly manufactured in North America

I bought this desk about 2 years ago ams wanted to wait to post my review because often times when you buy furniture that are priced at a steal, a year later they tend to warp, chip, and eventually look like what you paid for. I have inatalled her, took her down, moved with her, installed again and my baby is still as beautiful as the day i first got her. There is plenty of space, however, i do wish that the little shelves were able to be secured to the unit because i wouldn’t have lost them in the move if they were still attached but eh. Lol people compliment me on this desk all the time (especially living in brooklyn where space is limited in apartments) and i doubt that i could’ve made a smarter buy. I highly recommend this desk to anyone and oh. I saw a review of someone who gave it one star because they claim to keep bumping their knees on the bottom of the desk but, easy fix. . Make sure you install the desk high enough on the wall.Only takes a second to measure properly ;).

This unit has made a huge difference in our home-office. Did not realize just how crowded we were until we installed the desk. One side of our office now looks great, so much so, that i just ordered a second unit to clear up the other side. Assembly can be a bit taxing but they tell you up front that this is a two person job. Pay very close attention to the different types of bolts used throughout the assembly. The parts description is very detailed and if you put everything together as instructed, you will have no parts left over. Assembly time for two fairly intelligent folks is about 90 minutes. If you have questions, there are videos and tech support to take you through it, very well supported product. Photo attached is moments after install, still organizing.

If you are think about getting this i recommend getting it i turned it in to a vanity in my room. It really doesn’t take up that much space.

Lil space for the missus to use as vanity.

South Shore 4-Shelf Storage Bookcase – Excellent for the price

I had been looking for an item of this description for almost a year. I needed an additional bookshelf which would fit inside the closet in the spare bedroom/den/office. An earlier attempt through target online came a cropper when a similar item arrived broken in two due to its poor construction, poor packaging and poor handling in transit. I had despaired of finding a solution but decided to give it one more try through amazon. This item is similar in size to the item i had ordered previously. It is of sufficient height to be useful, but just short enough to fit in the closet without removing the clothes bar. The item arrived via the same shipping company, but the item was in good order due to its stiffer construction and packaging. It was easy to assemble by myself and has alleviated the shortage of shelf space in the den/office. The mid level shelf is part of the structure and does not adjust.

It’s under my tv because my living room setting is strange. Wouldn’t recommend any heavy things on the shelves just the bottoms. Although it seems sturdy enough. Everyone’s reviews were commenting on how it starts to bend. I probably have around 10-30 pounds on each shelf and it’s holding up perfect. I made holes in the back to hide my tv and console cables.

I was a bit hesitant to order this and especially having to essemble it all by myself but it wasn’t bad at all. Maybe took me an hour or so. Glad i didn’t overspend for a simple and nice bookshelf for my kids room. The quality is definitely better than what it looks. Here are the specifications for the South Shore 4-Shelf Storage Bookcase:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • VERSATILE BOOKCASE: With 4 open and easily accessible storage spaces, you can instantly organize and display books, decorative items, toys and more on this practical furniture.
  • SIMPLE AND CONTEMPORARY: With clean lines and sleek modern styling, the bookcase makes an attractive addition to any bedroom, living room or home office decor.
  • ADJUSTABLE STORAGE: Featuring 2 adjustable shelves supporting 25 lbs each, the practical bookcase also has a single fixed shelf.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Made in North America with non-toxic laminated particleboard, this piece of furniture meets or exceeds all North American safety standards.
  • 5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: Shop with confidence knowing that we proudly stand behind this piece of furniture with a full 5-year limited warranty. Assembly is required.

The price was right and it was easy to put together. I’m a petite woman and did it all by myself. The trick is dragging the heavy box is comes in, into your house and unpacking. Lay it flat and just pull the pieces out one at a time. Construct it on the floor close to wear it will live. I followed the directions and everything lined up perfectly. I have it in my office and was able to get a lot of books on the shelf as needed for awhile.

We bought this for our small professional office. My ten year old daughter put it together (under supervision) with no issues. A drill/automatic screw driver of some sort is very useful for the assembly process. It looks great and is exactly what we expected. I’m considering buying a second so we can place them side by side for additional room. The top and bottom shelf are adjustable height while the middle is fixed for additional stability. It was easy to transport assembled, we put it together at home and then moved it to the office with no issues at all. Good product for less than we could find something similar at local chain stores.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great for a “hacked” wall unit.
  • Very satisfied, ignore the negative reviews!
  • it looks just like when I first got it

I’m not very pleased with this bookshelf. The shelves are too far apart to place books nicely and it’s way too deep. The middle shelf cant be adjusted and so the gaps are so big when placing the top and bottom shelf equidistant from each other. If you try and adjust, then it looks stupid with two shelves narrow and the middle gap huge. I know this probably doesn’t make sense but dont buy this if you just want a bookshelf. This is more for decorations and knick-knacks than as a dedicated bookshelf.

My wife is an elementary school teacher and needed something for staging books and materials in her home office. She didn’t want to spend much for an expensive piece of furniture in a workspace that people rarely go in. We bought this shelf unit based on price and the reviews from others. I’ve put together plenty of these types of units through the years and have to say that for the price, it’s probably the best value to quality unit i’ve seen. It was packaged well, no busted corners from shipping. All parts plus some extras were included (no missing bits). I turned on a one hour true crime show and finished putting it together before the show was over. It looks good and will do the job without breaking the budget. The only reason for 4 stars instead of five is that i prefer the shelf holders that go in the small holes for adjustments to be metal. This unit comes with plastic ones. They seem fine, but don’t know how they hold up yet.

First, let me say this is not a high end item. It is laminated particle board, so i did not expect it to be a fine piece of furniture. I bought two of these for my daughter’s room for her books and toys. For $60, they are actually pretty great. They are easy to assemble and quite sturdy. The bottom shelf, top of the cabinet, and center shelf are all fixed, but the other two shelves are adjustable. As a side note, i originally found these book shelves on kohl’s web site for about $120 each. Finding them on amazon for so much cheaper is great.

The particle board seems to be especially low density compared to some other brands like sauder which uses slightly smaller particle sizes. This unit will break apart along the bottom edge if not carefully moved as chips pull out. You will need to be extra careful on carpet as the wood catches on the fibers. They include felt pads for those on hardwood. This unit was not damaged, but i ordered two other products from south shore that did have damaged parts. South shore customer service is responsive and ship replacements promptly, but that takes several extra days. The buttons on the screws stick out visible on the sides. I wish those screws were recessed and had plugs instead of the larger plastic buttons. The buttons do not sit flush, instead there’s about a 0. 5mm gap between them at the sides.

This, after i finally got it out together looks really good and is sturdy. But i am not very handy and it ended up taking me 3 hours to finally put it together. The directions seemed slightly off, as in putting together certain areas it just wasn’t right when i did it. But, i finally got it together and it was good practice, so maybe the next thing i have to put together won’t be so bad.

I have five of them—three of the tall 5-shelf, one of the medium 4-shelf, and two of the tall, narrow ones. I also have the tall, narrow version in white. (plus, i bought a set of the matching nightstands) not one of these bookcases has let me down. They’re relatively easy to assemble, especially if you’re familiar with do-it-yourself furniture. Each one took my husband about an hour, give or take. The 4-shelf one was the easiest, since it’s short. He assembled it on his own, without any help from me, which should tell you how easy they are to put together. The color is a gorgeous deep cherry wood. There’s one shelf that’s permanently attached, while the others can be adjusted. The adjustable pegs are clear, so they vanish against the wood. There’s a narrow decorative panel that goes across the top, kind of a lip that fits underneath the top of the bookcase. It’s a simple design detail, but it looks great.However, it limits the height of the objects you can place on the top shelf.

I ordered fur of these bookshelves knowing they weren’t high end furniture, so my expectations weren’t unrealistic. I was disappointed by a couple of issues that are clearly quality control and easily avoidable. First, the parts go together with holes and dowels to align them properly. Unfortunately, i found that some of the holes weren’t drilled on center, which misaligned the parts. Second, the edge vernier on one of the side panels was noticeably irregular, right at eye level. It can be lived with, but their quality control should have caught it. Third, their instructions included a measurement used to position nails connecting the backing panel to the center shelf. Unfortunately, the measurement indicated was incorrect and had i used it the nails would have missed the shelf entirely. Luckily, i noticed the discrepancy before i nailed the back panel and found the correct location for the nails on my own. Fourth, take care when installing the plastic cover plugs over the screws.

I actually really liked this. It’s just the size i need but i also read the dimensions very carefully prior to buying. I’d like to think i have intermediate assembly skills. I’m 5 ft 115lbs and i had no issues following the directions and putting it together alone. It took me less than an hour. Note, the directions does recommend 2 people for assembly. I saw other reviews with damaged product but mine was not damaged. I also received extra screws so that was nice. The instructions were randomly cute, recommending to put on music while working. Lol they also say you have a 5 year warranty and to contact them if you receive damaged or missing items.

I wanted a basic looking black bookshelf, but didn’t want to break the bank. I also didn’t want a piece of crap cheap shelf either, because that can be worse. There is nothing worse than a cheap bookshelf with sagging shelves. I will say the finish on this one is quite nice and looks really good in the living room. It was extremely simple to assemble, but the first one i received was damaged during shipping. Make sure you check all the pieces first before you build. It’s really difficult to get it all back into the box. I contacted amazon, and they sent a replacement out immediately. The next one was perfect, so i installed it. I will say the backing is pretty cheap, as it’s that black cardboard like material you nail in place, but you really can’t tell it’s a cheap material unless you are really up close.

Good product, was exactly as expected for a cheap bookshelf. Perfect for our temporary needs in an apartment & later on when we get a house ill stick them in a kids room or something i suppose. I agree with another commenter that the back panel could be left off as it does cheapen the look a bit more. South shore should consider making more creases so it looks like bead board or the illusion of something more durable rather than a cardboard look. I may end up purchasing my own bead board and paint it a fun color before nailing it on there, but overall i am happy with this product for this price-point. I ordered 2 & thought i was going to have to wait to have my hubby put it together, but none of the pieces were missing & the instructions were pretty easy to understand so i had them both up pretty fast.

I bought 4, easy to put together, are filled with books, even across the top shelf. Screwed them together, then used the included angle irons to attach to wall studs. Looks great and holds a lot of books and dvd’s. Remember, that top shelf can hold plenty. Shipping was perfect – not a scratch. Every screw and nail was bagged and ready. The boxes are heavy, well padded. Delivery was amazon’s wonderful prime service. I bought one, then two more, then one more. Assembly time was about 45 min for the first, then 20 minutes for each as i got used to the method.

I am giving it four stars because i have just built it but not used it. I bought it for my 9 year old daughter; and the many negative reviews had me all prepared for a dusty, incomplete and poor quality package- but i thought: what the heck. I need it for a couple of years, then i will get something good for my daughter. But i was in for a pleasant surprise- first of all; it is not as dusty as many people have complained. I did use my wash rag, but at the very end. Second, none of the parts, not even nails, were missing or defective. Third, yes, it is manufactured wood-but hey, you get what you pay for. As for being lightweight and a risk for falling over; there is decent size warning in the instructions plus there is an attachment for the wall. So, i don’t see why people were disillusioned. I haven’t put the books yet, but i have heeded the warnings from others, and have metal supports for the shelves in case plastic doesn’t hold; but once again, i am going to give the factory pieces a try first.

I’ve had this bookcase for over 5 months, it went through a moving with me recently and seriously, it looks just like when i first got it. Perfect size, not too big, not too small, not too heavy. Wood is nice and thick, i put all together by myself when i was 8 months pregnant and took me 25 minutes.

Yep, they are cheap particle board. But, they are a good deal and i used three of them and then trimmed them out with real wood for the top of a hutch i put together in family room. Secured to the wall and with additional finishing nails and trim they work beautifully. These are a great shelf to ‘hack’ a wall unit. At 58in high they fit perfectly on top of standard box type cabinet bases with a toe kick.

Yes, this bookcase is priced very low but don’t let that fool you. The color is pure white, no cream or off-white shading at all. It’s very easy to put together and can be done by one able-bodied person, however having an extra warm body to help doesn’t hurt. That just helps it go a bit faster. The shelves are sturdy as is the frame. It’s true that the backing on the bookcase is very thin but it’s nailed all around the back of the frame and is workable, especially since it’s tinted white to match the bookcase itself. I bought two of these to use one on each side of a white desk in the craft area of my guest room (one room doing double duty). I admit i’m not using the shelves for books, other than a few hardback stitching books. The shelves are holding stitching fabrics, embroidery threads, knitting supplies, craft supplies, etc. However, the two bottom shelves are holding 4 heavy binders and also my sewing machine.

I am really glad that the did not look at the reviews before purchasing. Yes it’s a cheap product but if you are not rough and take care of it, it turns out really nicely and looks fantastic. Putting it together took a couple hours by myself, but then again i’ve only ever put together a small ferret cage so this was also a learning experience. If you pile big heavy books on the upper shelfs, yes it will bow. But if you read the instructions heavier objects should be placed on the bottom. This is the problem with the other negative reviews, they are left by people who do not know how to read the instructionsoverall i’m very happy with this product (:.

Cozy Sack 3-Feet Bean Bag Chair – BEST PURCHASE EVER!

These are great lounge bean bag chairs big enough to hold an adult comfortably with room to spare. In fact we have had an adult and 2 kids on one of ours watching tv. They take a beating and always bounce back to their very plush size.

I have mixed feelings about this product. I had no problem with it fluffing to its full size. This happened within a few hours of me removing everything from the box, and with very little effort on my part to speed things along. It was also easy to get it into its cover. My concerns are to do with it’s overwhelming size, yet simultaneous lack of support. As tall as my daughter’s bed and also as wide. However, when we sit on it we find ourselves in a lying position. It’s true that if you flip it onto its side and sit on it it’s a bit more supportive, but it just seems strange that as large as it is it doesn’t offer more back and head support. All of this said, my daughter is thrilled, and i think i would recommend it to others. Here are the specifications for the Cozy Sack 3-Feet Bean Bag Chair:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Protective liner, child safety zipper; Microfiber cover can be removed and machine washed
  • Recommended floor space 3′ x 4′
  • Super comfortable, foam filled furniture that changes shape and size to conform to owners weight and sitting position
  • Fluffing the Cozy Sack after use restores our foam filled bean bag to its original shape
  • Made in the USA by Cozy Sack

First and foremost, i am not sure where the concept of 6 feet comes in. The must be the minimum size. When we got this, we received a square of compressed matter. You have to let it decompress; so sit back and watch it grow into the thing we call ‘the blob. ‘ or if you are needing some stress relief, kick the square if you think your karate kind or if you like to box use your fists to break it apart. Reminder while it is decompressing to turn it over and over as it will help with the fluff. I say within 72 hours you will have a ‘blob’ of your own. It will take up a good bit of real estate in your chosen room. Second and speaking of chosen room, definitely pick which room you are going to put it in and leave there. It seems moving it room to room might be a bit much and would definitely take 2 people and hopefully you can compress it back in enough to get it thru door ways.

Our family loves this bean bag. We weren’t sure if we should order the 6 or 7-ft, but went with the 6-ft based on other reviews describing the size. On movie nights there’s 3 people laying on it very comfortably. My husband and i can both lay on it with our 4-year old and 8-year old and no one feels squished. When it starts to flatten out, just pick it up and push the foam around and it’s big and comfy again. We ‘fluff’ it up about once a week because we constantly have children or adults laying on it (or doing ninja rolls onto it). I was concerned the microfiber cover would make me hot after laying on it for awhile, but it doesn’t. I have back and neck issues and will wander out to the bean bag in the middle of the night when i’m in pain. The pain goes away on the bean bag because the memory foam conforms to your body and doesn’t hit any pressure points that cause pain.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Is it time for you to own your own blob?
  • Will fit three average sized young adults no problem! And GREAT for gaming too!
  • With a little work this Cozy Sack is absolutely awesome!

What an awesome piece of ‘furniture’ ;)a little tough to unpack and separate, but we were able to get to full fluff within only 6 hours. This cozy sack 7-feet bean bag chair is worth its money, in our opinion. At the end, i included my thoughts on the dislikes mentioned, about this product, by other reviewers. It arrived 5 days earlier than promised2. Chocolate color is exactly as expected3. Size is very generous, but after reading many reviews i was prepared for it. It is no bigger than 7 feet, though. Fully fluffed it is over 3 feet tall. Extremely comfy, very soft, and we never sink even near the floor as mentioned in another review5. We love the feel and look of the microfiber cover, excellent quality. I washed it upon arrival and it’s still perfect6. It doesn’t seem to collect lint/animal hair very easily (we have 3 cats who love this thing as well, lol)7. Adding a person only minimally (if at all) shifts the one already on it, very nice. The 70 lbs of weight are actually keeping the cozy sack right where it is supposed to be. My teenagers wanted this bean bag and i, personally, did not expect to like it as much as i do10.

I purchased the 4′ size in denim for $89 with free shipping (price always colors reviews so i want to put that out there). It took 9 days from date of purchase to receive. I did a lot of research before making this purchase. The issues with other products that i saw (hard bits of plastic, poor construction) are not present in this product, at least at the time of this review. Pros: all 4 kids love cuddling on this for movie night. The foam does mold to your body (speaking from experience) so it is actually easier to get out of than a beanbag of similar size. The reviews are accurate when it says that you end up kind of laying in it instead of sitting in it due to a lack of internal structure, but this can be augmented by having it up against a wall or another piece of furniture with non-slip feet. Every single person in my family loves this (including the furry ones) and it is extremely durable. My kids love jumping off their drawing table or top bunk (not recommended, seriously terrifying to walk in on) and this bag totally absorbed and cushioned their landing while bouncing back fairly well between bounces. Cons: this is the only reason i am taking off a star and it’s really more of a suggestion for the manufacturer and only because it’s such a simple fix: there has to be a water proof option somewhere.

This item is large, it fits three average sized adults comfortably. We use it in our game room in front of the tv. It comes packed tightly and required a fair amount of fluffing to get it fluffed up right. This required turning and shaking it for about 15- 20 mins. The color (purple) came exactly as pictured online. We have had this for quite a while (almost a year now) with regular use. After using a few times it becomes a little flattened so we have to fluff it up by rolling it a couple times, and then after a good fluffing it again has all the original fluff that it had to begin with. It is stuffed with pieces of foam like from couch cushions and such, no beads. It does not get hot and it is built well with good stitching. This is an obvious quality product.

Safavieh Shadow Box Shag Collection SG454-8080 Grey Round Area Rug – Best rug purchase in a long time!

This rug is super soft and the perfect shade of a neutral dark gray. No weird undertones which is what i was trying to avoid. I bought this rug to put in our master bedroom closet since the floors are tile and absolutely freezing when i get ready for work in the morning. Nice large size that doesn’t need a rug mat underneath and a subtle pattern that can easily fit into any room decor should we decide to move it. Plus it doesn’t show pet hair easily which is a huge bonus.

It was a pretty rug, but the color did not look like the picture at all. It was a much darker tan, almost gray. I would suggest they update their picture to reflect the darkness of the rug.

This came on time and was packaged well. It is very thick and comfortable underfoot. I have bought several rugs from this seller and always am happy with the purchase. Here are the specifications for the Safavieh Shadow Box Shag Collection SG454-8080 Grey Round Area Rug:

  • This aesthetically appealing yet understated design provides depth and textural appeal
  • A geometric modern design with an impeccably relaxed look will complement any décor with a contemporary accent
  • High-density polypropylene pile provides one of the plushest feelings available in a rug, and its power-loomed construction makes this rug durable and virtually non-shedding
  • Pile Height: 1 inch
  • For over 100 years, Safavieh has been crafting rugs of the highest quality and unmatched style

Its shag but not to deep and cheesy. Rug seems like fairly high quality and matches the color depicted on amazon very accurately. It is off white or very like cream. Packaging was also sufficient.

Sounds cheesy but it’s true, every time you walk across these rugs you notice how nice they feel especially barefoot. We have them in our hallway to the bedrooms and my son has mentioned at least three times now how much he likes the new rugs.I purchased the 5′(ft) square and the 26′ x 48′ rugs-really happy with the beige color which has a kinda tweedy coloring in the shag design.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Super Soft Neutral Rug
  • It is very thick and comfortable underfoot. I have bought several rugs from this
  • Do it! You won’t regret it

I bought the beige rug and i am extremely pleased with it. No odor and it is very soft. I needed a rug that was soft but that a roomba could go over and this rug works perfect. I have gray and beige/taupe in my living room and the beige works perfectly to bring in the two colors.

I use this rug for my living room (i’ve had it for a few months now & thought i’d finally do a review on it). I’m extremely picky when it comes to picking home decor & im happy i took my time. I’ve already dropped something on it (a drop of hot sauce) and it came right out using water & a rag. Definitely wasn’t intentional, but i’m glad it came out easily & most likely won’t let anything worse than that happen. Looking forward to buying another one for another use.

Exactly how it looks in the picture. It slides easily if you have wood or tile, so you need something under it for that.

Was delivered today and it’s perfect. I’m hoping as time goes by that it will settle out. Color is slightly darker than the picture but still works out well where i need it. Delivered on time and in strong plastic. Might be needing another one for another spot in the house so i will definitely be reviewing this seller’s inventory.

So comfy, great thick quality.

Safavieh Lyndhurst Collection LNH312B Traditional Oriental Light Blue and Ivory Area Rug : great value for the price

I am so happy with this rug. The color is beautiful and it is so soft and nice to walk on. The pictures really don’t do it justice. I also bought the recycled felt pad (amazon rug pad warehouse) for underneath which gives it a really nice thick feel and protects my newly refinished floors. I thought the shipping was great. I had no problem with the gaseous smell or curled up corners as mentioned in other reviews. However, i would like to have rated this rug a five star but unfortunately they way it was packed (without the thick cardboard tubing inside) it has some pretty significant creases. I am hoping that over the next few weeks they will smooth out and lay flat??. I did try to contact the rug company without any success.

We couldn’t be happier with the rug that we purchased for our newly tiled sunroom. We ordered the 8 in square rug, and it is exactly what we were hoping it would be. The colors and patterns are beautiful and the rug flattened out almost completely in just a couple of days.

I saw this rug online and read the reviews. I am very pleased with the color and quality of the rug. It does have some “ripples” because it was rolled (probably for a while) but i think they will resolve with time. I put a rug pad under it to protect my wood floor, and it makes it comfortably cushioned. The only issue i have with this purchase is the delivery. The service used did not provide a tracking number or exact date of delivery. I “found” my rug when i went out to pick up my morning newspaper. The rug had been left leaning on a stairway that leads from my driveway to my (covered) front porch, instead of being left on the porch. It snowed overnight, but luckily the rug was entirely wrapped in a heavy plastic cover, so it wasn’t damaged.

For the price this is a great rug. It’s plush, it rolled out a bit curved on the ends but i put a chair and my backpack on the ends and within a day or so it was flat as a pancake. 🙂 i’m using it my dining room which is being used as an office. I needed a rug to protect my wood floors from the rollers on the chair and this has done the job and more. It has “tied” everything together in the room – giving it a little pop since it’s the only piece with a design on it. Wish i could buy one for my living room but the larger sizes are out of my price range right now.

  • Great rug for the price!
  • Beautiful traditional rug
  • great value for the price

Safavieh Lyndhurst Collection LNH312B Traditional Oriental Light Blue and Ivory Area Rug (8′ x 11′)

  • Traditional Oriental pattern with a timelessly beautiful floral design
  • Charming and versatile, this rug works in the bedroom, living room, playroom, foyer, or dining room
  • Refined power-loomed construction and enhanced polypropylene fibers ensure an easy-care and virtually non-shedding rug
  • Low 0.5-inch pile height for a sleek look
  • For over 100 years, Safavieh has been a trusted brand, crafting rugs of the highest quality with unmatched style

Great looking rug but it sure does have a chemical odor. I don’t understand how some commented that there is “no odor”. Anyway, the rug is of good quality and quite soft actually with no pad underneath. If it wasn’t for the overwhelming odor, i might have bought another with a different color/pattern. I’m not sure i’d want to go through inhaling that all over again. . Although, the odor is becoming less noticeable after two- weeks or so. Update: it’s been weeks now and there is absolutely no odor at all with this rug. And i guess it was worth putting-up with the carpet odor as i did.

Pucrhased this rug for my home office. It is beautiful, nice colors, but, it look more like a bedroom rug than an office, probably due to my taste and the flowered border. It is well made, it’s also an 8′ square rug which is not easy to find. I may leave it in the office. One there is furniture, i’ll give it another chance. It is a little priey but i got the size i wanted and the quality is fantastic.

Purchased the larger carpet for a considerable master bedroom, lovely. Of all the carpets purchased from safavieh, this has met with my expectations. That said, i have purchased six from this company, three excellent, and three, well pretty much worthless. If i purchase a seventh, i will call the company directly. Read the reviews for all of their products, then, leap or jump.

I think this rug is very nice for the price. The color definitely looks different depending on the lighting and viewing angle–more blue or more gray, darker and lighter. These photos show the difference. I had previously purchased a smaller size (3×5) and there seems to be less color variation in the smaller size, but is still a light gray-blue. One tip–check the “used” listings. I saved about $25 (off what is already a great price for a 6×9 rug) by purchasing a “used, like new” rug from the amazon warehouse. It was packaged well and really is like new.

Initial impression is that it is well made. Good value for the money for someone who could not tell the difference between a $2000. 00 indian made rug and a$100. One negative is the packing in which it arrived. Basically a clear plastic wrap. I am surprised that it did not get damaged in transport.

I had read some reviews before purchasing this rug so i knew basically what to expect. I was not disappointed with the look or quality of the rug. I purchased the 18′ runner for my hall. The only thing is i wish i could have gotten it just 6″ longer; the 19′ would be too long. Overall through it really looks and works well. Also, one review stated they had a problem with the runner laying flat. I put it down on the opposite side for a few minutes after unrolling. This took care of most of the problem but i did use wide shipping tape to keep the corners flat for the first few hours. I did not purchase a pad but i am planning to purchase one soon.

The blue is a classic light sky blue. The rug itself is fairly thin-mine is still pretty bubbly from being rolled. Overall, for the price, i think i like it :).

This rug is huge and very soft it took no time for the curling of the ends to become straight i will buy another rug from this company delivery was safe and fast i have nothing negative to say no smell no odor. Was easy to unroll and super easy to sweep. Its very expensive looking true to picture.

Beautiful rug, and beautiful color. But, with the first vacuuming, the wrapped edge in 2 corners just frayed out so it was a trailing fluffy thread that is gradually unraveling. That, and for some reason, no matter what vacuum i use, i can only vacuum in one direction or it has a hard time going over the nap. Gave up and gave it to our son who has more muscle to clean it (and doesn’t mind the unraveled corners). Next rug i buy will need to have wrapped edges with a binding on the back.

The rug is soft and the colors are vibrant and beautiful. The rug have been rolled up tightly for so long that it was difficult to get it to lay flat. Even after three weeks it is still really curling up despite us constantly trying to make it laydown and weighing it down with things.

Very satisfied with this rug. Great quality for the price. With a house full of kids and dog i don’t believe in getting expensive things that one would worry over getting damaged. Desire good quality that is durable and economical and this fit bill for us. The blue is not as pictured though. It is more of a silvery-blue. Not greenish-blue as it looked to me in pic. Still very pretty but i will change out a little of my decor around it to complement better.

The quality is good, and it’s a beautiful rug. However, i ordered two rugs in the same pattern, a runner and a round one. The runner arrived three days after the expected delivery date, and the two rugs have different colors/patterns. The runner is much lighter, a gray/blue, while the round rug is a much darker blue. The difference between the two is enough that they will be going back.

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this rug. For the money, i wasn’t expecting much, but it’s lovely. Looks like it’s much more expensive. My hallway is about 18 feet long, and it fits perfectly. I’ve had this for more than a year and it shows very little wear.

Saw this rug on sale and decided to get the 8’x11′ one. I have young children and was thrilled to see that you can actually hose it off since it is made of polypropylene. The color is lovely and the design is elegant (i have gotten so many compliments on it). I would highly recommend in pet and young child homes since this thing is so easy to clean(one note: one edge of the rug is not perfectly straight (it is one of the long sides). It is enough of a crooked edge that if you look at it, you can tell but not so much that it is a constant glaring problem. Considering the price and the ease of use, i would still highly recommend this product. But if you are super focused on detail, be prepared to possibly need to send it back for a replacement if it is off.

I was disappointed after reading all the great reviews. However, i ordered two rugs in the same pattern, a runner and a round one. The runner arrived three days after it was expected, and the rugs do not match. One is a light silver/gray, while the other is much darker, with two differently distinct patterns. The differences between the two are enough that they will have to be sent back.

Really nice rug, especially for the price. I love that there are so many sizes to choose from.

Color is more slate grey/blue. I like it very much i see this lasting a long time.

This is a really nice rug for the price. It gets 4 stars based on merit as an area rug irrespective of the price. This is a synthetic rug and it feels like it. The pile is not as dense as a high quality wool rug nor as ‘tall’ but it is better than most cheap synthetic rugs such as the ifsahan rugs or ottomanson rugs also on amazon. The rug is fairly soft but not as soft as a natural rug but it is softer than other cheaper synthetics. I put it under a kitchen table on hardwood floors with a 1/4 inch nonslip rug pad under it. Without the pad it feels cheap but with the pad it feels really nice with adequate cushion. It is not super plush with the pad but enough to keep feet warm and cozy while eating meals. The color is just slightly more vivid in reality than the picture. The picture is more muted on amazon but the blue is more baby blue.