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Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner, the product in the mail and everything was just like I expected except the back part of the chair

Almost bought the cheaper wooden gliders but i avoided them due to the durability issues. This chair is worth the extra price. I have two herniated discs and this chair is the only way i can bottle feed my daughter without discomfort. It’s very comfortable and easy to clean. Spills and vomits just wipe off. Arm rest is at a good level for bottle feeding. It’s reclines enough for you to get some rest on those late night feeding with a baby on your shoulder. Just try not to fall asleep in it. My daughter also loves it when i rock her to sleep, she prefers the chair over the expensive swings and baby rockers (we have both the 4mom momaroo and fisher price swing). Only issues is that it does take up some room if you need it to recline and pushing the foot rest back inside takes a lot of pressure.

I searched and searched and searched for the perfect chair for my nursery and this is it. If you’re anything like me, you are probably nervous about not being able to sit in the chair and try it out before you buy it, and i did visit many stores to test out different chairs. I’ll save you the trouble of going to the stores and testing out chair after char – buy this one. I received this as a gift from my mother in law – we have the grey microfiber. It is so soft and incredibly comfortable. Some people have commented that the recliner is difficult to close, but i completely disagree. There is some resistance, but it is easy to close as you stand up out of the chair, no problem. Think about it – you don’t want it to fall down while you’re trying to rest with your legs up – so yes it is sturdy, but not too difficult to close i promise. It is tall enough to lean my head back (i’m 5′ 7′) as i sit in upright and recline position.

This was super easy to assemble. The fabric is very soft and super comfy seat. The only thing i would agree with the other reviews is that it does take some strength to get the recline to come up and down. And it would be awesome if it glided when reclined, which it doesn’t. Overall, we are excited to use it.

Key specs for Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner, Gray Microfiber:

  • It reclines! Super comfy, Nursery Swivel Gliding Recliner with track arm design
  • Elegant welt trim detail – Button tufting on the backrest;Sturdy construction
  • Enclosed ball bearing mechanism for both a rotating swivel function & smooth gliding motion
  • Supportive spring core foam filled seat – Recliner size: 41.75″ x 30″ x 37″. Maximum Weight Capacity: 225 pounds
  • High-quality nursery and baby room furniture delivered to your door. Easy assembly

Comments from buyers

“Comfortable chair with wild price swings, Comfortable chair for tall parents and their little babies, I love this chair”

Not for shorter people but great chair. This chair is beautiful, easy to assemble, no needing any screws-just click two pieces together. It’s very comfortable and really moves well. My husband is 6’0 and i’m 5’4 unfortunately it’s a little too big for me. I need a pillow behind me to rock in it but it works otherwise. Without a pillow i can still touch the floor and rock but on tippie toes. We’re keeping it anyways bc it is perfect for husband and may use it downstairs and get a new chair for something else.

I’m a 6’0′ mom and while i would have loved a 1k glider from land of nod, it just wasn’t in the budget. For the price this is great. For tall parents, at 6ft i find that when i’m in the partial and full reclined positions i can rest my head on the headrest (which is when i want to be able to rest my head). When it’s up in swivel mode, my head is a little too high to rest on the back. I can use a pillow to support my head if i need to, but i really don’t. The wings on the side don’t come out far enough at all to rest your head on. The fabric is fine, soft and durable. The foot rest does take some effort to kick in, not good for those healing from a c section but fine for others. It does make a loud sound and is jerky when putting it in, so if you’re holding the baby you might wake her up.

This chair is much nicer than i thought it would be. I’m not a fan of micro fiber, but this is great quality. The chair itself is adorable and the cushions are plump, but firm leaving a good amount of room to break in over time and my head rests comfortably against the back. The only disappointing thing is the ratio of my elbows to the arm rest. I can tell i might need to use a pillow to prop the baby up when breast feeding; with that being said, all of the positives outweigh that one little negative. It was also super simple to put together, took less than 2 minutes. You can’t beat this chair is awesome especially for the price.

After much research and comparing nursing chairs, the wife and i agreed on this one. I was looking for something i can rest my feet up on. She was looking for something that rocks/ swivels. We both wanted something in good size that wouldn’t take up too much room without having to sacrifice comfort. This chair was perfect for all. Not only did it match nicely with our ‘ash grey’ crib and dresser, but it was the right size to fit into the corner. The chair reclines nicely and the foot rest is retractable, unlike the original chair and foot rest i wanted (took up too much room. ) the chair is very comfortable. Much more than i had anticipated. My wife is 38 weeks and she loves this chair.

We chose this chair on a visual-comparison whim instead of one we tried out in-store—and we love it. For me, while i’m still expecting, the chair has proven to be a great place to nap and take some of the painful pressure off the hips and pelvis as baby keeps growing. The seat and back are also firm enough that it makes getting up and out of the chair still relatively easy, even at 37/38 weeks. The chair was the easiest thing to put together, and i’m still amazed. Definitely make sure you hear the ‘clicks’ as the pieces in the back connect—they are audible clicks and will let you know everything is connected as should be. We haven’t had any issues with tipping, but we have the chair in a corner of the room, where it will be less likely to tip back anyway. In terms of the foot rest: it was a little stiff to close up again the first few times, but now all it takes is a bit of a swinging start to get it closed. At any rate, even if it doesn’t click shut completely, it seems like the footrest will stay in a down position for the time it would take for one of us to get up, baby in arms, and walk away from the chair without waking the baby. The only disappointment was that there was some kind of grease stain on the top part of the seat cushion and on the front edge of the chair (maybe joint lubrication?) when we unpacked it. However, whatever it is seems to have been absorbed by our clothes (good?.

Things which i like- it’s quite and comfortable. – arm rest is at a perfect height- my husband uses it to bottle feed my baby and he is happy about it- haven’t figured out how to use a boppy pillow with this glider while nursing. So most of the nursing is on a sofa or bed. – we both use it to rock the baby to sleep and relaxcouple of improvements which i have done to make the chair more pleasurable(especially if you are shorter like us 5’6” and less):- i am using a small pillow for lumbar support. – sometimes i use a separate stationary footrest to rock the chair. Only complain i have is, it’s really impossible to close the foot rest for petite people. Beware its really large and heavy, and the shipping box is tight fit for small apartment doorsi have used it for less than a month, so i will update this review if i see any issues.

After searching high and low for a nice affordable chair, i stumbled across this one with great reviews. It came on time in a giant box on the doorstep. My husband and his friend put it together (two pieces i think) but only one person really needed to do it. It is very sturdy and solid but not too heavy. I love the fabric even though i was expecting microfiber. It is lines on it and that worried me at first that it would not be as easy to clean but it does clean up similar to microfiber. Cat and dog hair falls right off. The color is great and just as pictured.

This is the best chair you will find for everything you get. It’s a swivel, rocker and recliner. Very high quality, nice color and well packaged.My man fell asleep in it within minutes. Super easy to assemble, no men required if that makes sense. I’m feeling some type of way about this chair right now, everything about was a blessing. I was very worried when i originally ordered it because i felt it was too good to be true, and i found no reviews anywhere for it which is stressful. I have never left such a solid review before. I hope this helps, and i highly recommend it.

I wanted a chair that my 6’2′ husband could nap in with the baby. The market is saturated with gliders that aren’t that dad friendly, but we all know that dads love cuddle time too. This one is great for a taller man or woman. It is comfortable, looks good, and most importantly soothes the baby. That and the fact that it swivels, glides, and reclines makes it worth the price.

I was really pleased with the quality of the product especially because we paid less than $215 for it. My husband said it wasn’t that difficult to assemble. It came in two pieces, and it is rather heavy to move. I didn’t realize how much the cushion on the top half protrudes out, but you get used to it. The chair is fairly comfortable, but i’m not sure if i would be able to fall asleep in it. I am 5’10, and my feet hang over the foot rest. The foot rest isn’t that difficult to close, but it is rather loud. I will have to see how it works when the baby gets here. I like that the chair swivels and glides, but the swivel could move a little smoother. But for the price, i am definitely happy with my purchase.

I read a lot of reviews of different affordable gliders for nurseries/breastfeeding and landed on this one based on our needs. We already had an 8 week old infant at the time of purchase and were replacing a very nice but very used glider we had purchased a garage sale. Eight weeks in i knew what i needed and what i needed was an upgrade. This chair isn’t the chair of my dreams but it gets the job done. One complaint is the arms: for breastfeeding moms they could be higher to help provide support, and they could be more plush – they’re not very soft. Another issue is one mentioned often in the reviews: you really have to kick the reclining piece back into place. You don’t want to do this if you have a sleeping baby in your arms, so i don’t recline if i’m attempting to get him to go to sleep. Finally – the most surprising issue and probably the biggest issue for me (and one that i didn’t see in other reviews) was the seat depth. I am 5’6′ and have never had an issue finding chairs too big for me.

I was nervous to buy one online without trying it out, but i trusted the reviews and went out on a limb. I wanted a comfortable chair that reclined and rocked easily, but that still had some style versus an ugly recliner you find at most furniture stores. This one is perfectpros:- rocks very smoothly – it’s almost a gliding motion it’s so smooth – perfect for soothing baby- rocks with a large range of motion- great style- the handle to recline is easy to reach on the side- swivels – this wasn’t a must for me, but now that i have it i’m so glad i do- easy to get out of when sitting- the rocking/gliding motion helps propel you out of the chair (takes some getting used to actually haha)- reclines far back so that you can nap in it- extremely easy to set up – comes to you in only two pieces and you don’t need any tools – once i had help moving it into the nursery i was able to assemble it on my own at 7 months pregnantcons:- as most mentioned, it’s a bit difficult for a shorter person to push the footrest back in- for a shorter person, it’s a bit difficult to keep it rocking as your feet don’t touch the floor – i think i’m going to get a small cute little footstool to put in the front to put my feet on for short sittings and to keep it rocking easieroverall, i love my new chair.Hoping that maybe the footrest will loosen up and get a bit easier over time.

I gave this 5 stars because for this bargain price, the quality would usually be on the lower end, but this chair is as nice as chairs double its price. I was torn between choosing linen or microfiber because normally linen would be my first choice as i believe it to look more stylish and expensive, but after seeing some nice reviews and customer pics of the microfiber, i decided it almost looked a bit more velvety than most cheap microfibers. I’m glad i took the risk and ordered the ‘microfiber’ because it is soft and good quality and has a nice look to it. I would not even call it microfiber, i’m not sure what this fabric should be called, but it’s nicer. The gray color is nice, not too dark and not too light. The function of the chair is good so far. I am short and my feet do dangle if i sit up really straight, so i have to slouch a pinch to reach the floor to rock, but the rock, swivel, and recline function overall are pretty good. You do have to give it a good push with your feet to close the footrest, but again, i’d have to pay double or triple to get something much better. The recline goes back really far, so you can really relax if you want to.

It is pretty heavy in the box, so i recommend the husband to bring in the house. The recliner goes very far back which is lovely for those late night feedings we are having. The back is high enough for head support and i am 5’7′.

The chair is comfortable and beautiful for the price but we were extremely disappointed with how it was packaged. The box was torn up and filthy so we were worried about the state we would find the chair in. Luckily, the chair wasn’t dirty but it did look like their were faint scratch marks along the foot reclining area and along one of the sides. I’m not sure if those are common for the material but it seemed like it wasn’t a brand new chair. We decided to keep it just because we were so close to our due date. Otherwise very pleased with the chair.

I was really skeptical about buying a recliner from amazon, but we looked everywhere and for the price this is definitely an amazing deal. It is the perfect size for a nursery, not too big. It is really comfortable (like i was comparing it to la-z-boys comfortable). The seat is really deep so at 5’4′ if i scoot all the way back my feet don’t touch but i added a decorative pillow and a foot pouf so i can rock comfortably, and the deep seat is perfect for my 6’1′ husband. It’s a great combo of comfort but still cute. And it’s great that it glides, swivels, and reclines. It really is perfect and people ask where i got it all the time.

This chair is actually pretty comfortable while being able to swivel, glide and recline. It was easy to put together where you just slide the base into the bottom of the chair until it clicks and you’re done. So yes, buy this chair, however, be aware of the price fluctuation. I bought this for $199, as i write this it’s $457. When i had originally added it to my wish list it was $385. It then went down to $299, and then to $250, then $260, then $215, then $199 which is when i bought it, then $300, and then $485. This was all within a two day period. I took note of the price changes simply because i had never seen anything like it. Maybe i bought it while amazon was adjusting their algorithms and lucked out, but i figured i’d at least give the heads up and how low it can go.

Wife and i have been sleeping in the chair a lot. She’s 5’4′ and her feet don’t easily touch the ground when sitting but it hasn’t been a big deal. Packaging arrived half destroyed and looking terrible but the chair was in fine shape. Hopefully the chair holds up over time.

This is such an amazing chair. I thought from the picture that it would not be comfortable but it is soooo comfortable. The only reason i’ve slept at all since the birth of my son has been because of this chair. We are moving from our apartment to a two story house and we purchased a second one. One for upstairs and one for downstairs. Seriously, leave the furniture store behind and buy this chair. It’s super heavy though and kind of difficult to get through the door but once you do it’s easy to assemble.

Absolutely love this recliner . We just put it together today. It only took about 10 minutes to unwrap and assemble. The base was extremely heavy. My husband is 5’10 215lbs and fits comfortably in it.

Shipping was really really fast . However there are a few dirty ( metal rust) spots and small scratches.

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