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Big Joe Large Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair : Great for the money! Gets the job done!

But mine had a funny smell and 1 or 2 pointy pieces inside and when i called to exchange they told me no. I did recieved a partial refund but i know every chair has different filling so i really wish i could go back and not let amazon customer service talk me into a partial refund. The refund was better than nothing. But now i have a slightly less expensive defective chair. Should have stuck to my guns and insisted on an exchange because i barley use it now because i don’t want to be pricked in the back when i lounge. My fault though, and i’m confident this is just the bag i recieved not all of them.

I’m a big guy 5 foot 9 about 300 lbs. Well i just got this couple days ago and boy it was worth the money it’s one of most comfortable thing i ever laid in i practically use it as a bed at this point, the odor that people talk about it’s not as noxious as it seems it’s like sniffing sharpies the smell faded away within an hour or so for me it is pretty clumpy because of the blocks of memory foam but it has a nice cradle in the sack itself if you do buy this i recommend shaking it around and roll it around it i had this sack for almost a month now and it’s still super comfy and it’s large enough for this big guy not to touch the floor but in all honesty i love it and i will most likely buy this as a gift for my friends so they can enjoy this.

We needed extra seating in our family room, but there’s already enough furniture, and besides, i wanted something fun. I ordered this six-foot fuf after scouring these reviews for all the pros and cons. It arrived quickly, packed just as i expected into a bulging box. Once open and flopped onto the floor, the fuf looked meek and humble and my family gave me some odd glances. And then it started to expand. It grew into a gentle beast that we all fell in love with. I am firmly convinced that there is no beanbag-style chair that is as fun as the fuf. My (college-age) kids and their guests jump on it like jumping into a pile of leaves, and the fuf remains good natured. It allows us to pummel and punch it into whatever seating shape we want, and once you sit in it, it is so cozy and comfortable, you really don’t want to get back up again. Be warned, the people you’re watching movies with may get tired of bringing you popcorn and sodas as you loll in the fuf.

Like many others, i read the negative reviews before ordering. My adivce: don’t put too much stock in them. Now, i admit it is a legitimate concern/critique of the product if you buy multiple units of the “same” color at once and the colors don’t match. But some of the others i read??. Claiming that it was despicably advertised as a styrofoam beanbag chair (which it wasn’t), or that it has no filling and you fall to the floor?.Did you not read the directions?it should be seen as a positve that they vacuum pack the sucker into an amazingly small box (considering the final size of the product) to cut on their shipping costs (and to make it possible to move the box around). It clearly states in the included information that you have to wait for it it attain its full expanded shape. Right away, you can get your hands “in there” and knead the memory foam blocks inside, pulling them apart (through the supple cover of course) and shifting them so that the expansion goes as fast as possible but no matter what. They will continue to expand for some time – not exactly sure but i wouldn’t be surprised if there was still some expansion going on at 7 or 8 days. One fact that people need to be aware of though (and some other reviewers have mentioned) is that this thing is big and it is unwieldy.

  • Perfect. Solid. Heavy. Exactly What It Says It Is.
  • Really pleased with this bag, despite the fears leading up to its purchase
  • Great for the money! Gets the job done!

Big Joe Large Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair, Comfort Suede, Blue Sky

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  • Filled with super spongy and long lasting, upcycled Fuf foam to make this chair as Earth-Friendly as it is happy-body-friendly
  • Re-Fuf by fluffing it up again and again over time to refresh its cushiness
  • Ships in a box a fraction of its size and will expand to its full, glorious size over time
  • Designed and Filled in the USA
  • Approximately 4 ft of cozy length

After a little over a year of use (so just outside the warranty period) i started to notice the stitching come loose in areas and then eventually rip open. Since it was not under warranty any longer i decided to stitch up the holes by hand. Fast forward another year of ownership and this has been a continuing process with having to stitch up rips in the seams and i am about at my wit’s end. Big joe does not offer replacement covers, and considering there is no inner lining anyways that process would mean removing the foam entirely and putting it into a new cover. I’ve looked into replacement covers from other brands which have similar dimensions and promise better quality, but are 2/3rds the cost of just buying a brand new big joe. If deciding to purchase this item just be mindful that it may not hold up as long as you expect and that the cover is not removable which makes cleaning the cover a chore (as opposed to unzipping it and throwing it in the wash). Do your research and look at other brands and before settling on the right choice.

Only complaint: the cover for it is *not* suede. It’s more like a cheap, thin lined, corduroy. I think it feels a bit like a microfiber cloth in that it catches on rough parts of my skin a bit. It looks very nice though, and almost exactly matches our couch. I would urge the makers of this bag to install handles for easier maneuverability. If it had handles, i could move it around the house myself very easily. I’m thinking that i will probably try to do it myself at some point. It is however very large and fluffy. Laid out, it takes up about as much floor space as a full or queen mattress and is 1. This morning, we had 3 people, 1 medium dog, a small dog, and a cat laying stretched on it. If we used it as a wide chair, i think we’d fit 4 people quite comfortably, 6 a little less comfortably. It is also highly dangerous. Do not lay in this unless you have nothing to do for many hours. You will fall into a very comfortable sleep and won’t be able to get out.

Look, it’s around a $100 and it’s a big bag filled with soft stuff. That’s all it is and that is what it’s supposed to be. It’s not going to stop poverty, create world peace or be the single most comfortable thing you’ve ever sat or laid upon,it’s a sack. It’s a big sack with tons of pillowy foamy things in it which holds your body up from the ground or whatever else you were going to sit on. So as far as that goes, it serves its purpose. It’s not filled with memory foam, it’s not super firm but it works. It looks good, it’s comfortable, it’s big and it’s a good value. Yes, it smells when you first get it. Let it air out for a few days (days go by fast nowadays) and it will be fine. Mine does not smell at all anymore.

My wife got me this fuf for a christmas present and despite all the negative reviews i love it. When you read these reviews take the negative ones with a grain of salt. When people complain about “lumpy foam” and “sharp pieces” or “unbearable smell”. C’mon people first off the foam is not sharp at all and second, what do you think it’s gonna be made out of beans?.People are idiots sometimes and also people claim it’s a scratchy non suede material. It’s not scratchy at all it’s a soft suede like material. As far as the smell goes, yes it smells in the beginning like its brand new out of the factory which it’s supposed to smell like and after a couple days you hardly notice it. If it bothers you that much just put dryer sheets in it and just fluff it up some more and boom now you have a pleasant smelling fuf. Also a negative review i read what the size and weight. It’s a six foot bean bag for pete sake. It’s not going to be lighter than airanyway i’m 6 feet tall and my wife and i have no problem laying on it together along with my 18mo old son and 100lb black lab. So do yourself a favor if you are on the fence about buying it for your son/daughter in college or just in general it’s probably more comfortable than the bed he/she is sleeping on haha if you are thinking about buying this for your husbands man cave or just extra furniture in your living room he will be thoroughly pleased and will start doing those small projects around the house that you’ve been asking him to do for months because he is just so relaxed due to his time in the fuf and it will become your new favorite piece. All jokes aside i’m quite glad my wife didn’t stray from this gift because a few people negative pompous comments.

Feels great even after just a daythe negative reviews are pretty sad. Fuf makes it perfectly clear, if you do two minutes of research, that they use recycled foam as filling. The foam is clumpy but soft enough that you can’t feel it when sitting. They were larger than expected, so beware of that. 4′ doesnt seem that big until you actually see it. I’d say for the price it’s incredible. It’s not as comfy as a $500 lovesac, but you can get 5-6 of these for the price of one of them. I bought two of these for a home theater setup and they are perfect. You can move the foam around inside to form the shape that you want.

You gained your nickname when, straight out of the box, you attempted to devour me whole. I’ve spend the vast majority of the last year laying on you, wondering where you had been all my life. Yes, you collect dirt like no tomorrow, and are constantly needing to be fluffed, but these are things i’m more than willing to deal with. I’ve learned, over the last year, to never fall asleep on you. Every time i have, i’ve woken up with the worst back pain ever. But then, daylight comes, and we snuggle until all is forgotten. But now, we’re in a new home and finding a place for you is. I don’t want to send you away, but you’re just so large and it seems like you’ve grown even more.

It really does expand over time and it’s very comfortable. Just make sure to “refuf” it often. Edit 10/30/2016:okay, so i just hauled this thing 2 hours to a new house while strapped to the roof of my dad’s jeep– not only did this thing manage to stay put the entire way, i was able to shake it “re-fuf” and it came exactly back to its monster shape. It’s a solid peice of lounge furniture.

First and foremost, i’d like to address some of the reviews i read about garbage inside of their fuf. I have opened mine and i can assure you there is nothing but memory foam in mine. Second, i’ll explain why i gave it three stars. I bought this for my family to use, and we all love it. The kids nearly fight over who gets to sit in the fuf, it’s a hit. As a buyer though, it is not the quality i’d expect to get if i paid $100 for something. That might not be a lot of money to some, but as an undergrad that’s a decent amount of money to me. After you sit in this, you need to fluff it back up and allow the memory foam to replenish and reach its true fullness again. I have no problems with this. We’ve had this product since christmas, and i’ve noticed the foam’s ability to fluff back up has deteriorated a considerable amount.

When we ordered these we compared them to love sacs and wondered if they were the same size, comparable feel, etc. Well the size is very comparable, but be prepared to fluff for several days to reach their maximum potential. The packages arrived very compressed and almost bursting at the seams. Be careful not to use a sharp object to open the boxes as the material can easily be cut in the unpacking process. Once unpacked you are faced with a box shaped blob. Then the fun begins and the family took turns turning it over and breaking up the materials that are inside the chair. This was substantially accomplished in about 10 minutes. But we also read the directions and fluffed (which consists of turning the chair over several times) each day for about 4 days. It seemed to reach it’s maximum size in 2-3 days. They are comfortable but not quite the same way the lovesacs are.

Just for some background on the person giving this review. I am a guy with his own apartment who just got out of college and needed to be frugal with his money. I’ll bullet out the pros and cons before i talk a bit about why i love this purchase (the big joe xl). Pros:-extremely comfortable. -easy to move around and place around the place. Cons:-has a chemical smell to it when you take it out of its packaging-takes a day or two to settle out of its packing state. It looked extremely lumpy when i first bought it and was regretting the purchase at first. -i saw reviews that made it sound like it could seat 3 people. Realistically, it can comfortably sit 2 people without them touching. -the elevation you are sitting at is fairly low to the ground.

One of my son’s asked for a new bean bag with extra beans for christmas. Compared to the other kids, that was pretty much his list. Ordered a 6 ft bag from another manufacturer and bought a pound of pinto beans. Wellso there i was, needing to order a replacement bean bag because the one i ordered was supposed to arrive the thursday after christmas. I ordered this one because it said two days (just like the first one, but it sat in amazon’s warehouse in california for a three days before going to ups where it sat for another three days. )so it arrived in a fairly normal looking box, until you go to pick it up. The bag is not light but i would not want it to be. I opened it up and went to kneading it and working on it to get it to start fluffing up. The cubed bag, is rock solid. Went to bed with the next day being christmas eve.

I think i spent about 4 months going back and forth about which bean bag to get, of what brand, of what price. The return awkwardness, the fear. . But i’m actually pretty happy i took the leap of faith. I did make sure that amazon was the seller, for the record. My girl and i play video games on this together (among other things). 5 months and it’s served us pretty well. It’s made of memory foam, and holds upright shapes better than traditional bean bags. Beware, the other images of it looking like trash on the inside are no exception with mine.

Very good, i have had the item for a week and it pretty much expanded to full size immediately. It has gotten ‘fluffier’ as far as volume & height, but i’d say 80% of expansion occurs almost immediately and 90% within 48 hours. There is ano odd smell but it doesn’t over power the room and i can only smell it when i am sitting on the thing. There are odd shaped and textured items in the bag when you grab it to feel what’s inside, but these items do not detract from the comfort. There are no ‘hard edged’ items in the bag, but some of the foam pieces must have some kind of plastic (grocery bag like & thicker) backing (i assume because i have only felt them). I don’t regret purchasing this item & i’d buy it again. In my opinion some of the harsh reviews are too much. It’s a big bag with what seems to be odd scraps of foam inside of it, it’s a decent value in my judgment. Pictures are from a couple of hours after unpacking & 48 hours later. It has more volume now (1 week later), with a slightly bigger footprint (largest size).

I ordered this a few months ago and it is absolutely perfect. The bad reviews on it had me a little worried but i figured that it was worth the chance. I have 6 daughters, and 4 dogs who all adore it when they get the chance to sit on it. I have put a queen size bed sheet over it to keep the dog hair off of it of course. I was surprised at how large this chair actually was after the foam had expanded. No problems with feeling any hard or undesirable foam pieces like others had complained about. If there had of been any uncomfortable pieces, it’s a simple process of unzipping it and removing them. I like the fact that i can refill the foam at any time in the future. This was a great purchase and i for see it lasting a very long time.

It is extremely comfortable. But it is huge and i mean big. I laughed when we took it out of the box. :)i’m 5’8′ and can sprawl out on this thing like it’s no big deal. Be being 5’8′, my girlfriend is 5’3′ and we have a 80lb chocolate lab.

This thing is huge my kid hasn’t left it for 17 hours,, awesome product that just keeps growing.

I’ve only had this thing for about 24 hours, but i had to go ahead and write a review for it, because it’s amazing. It’s supposed to take a few days to fully expand, but it’s already huge. To give you an idea of how big it is, i’m attaching photos — one for size reference, which as you can see, it’s as big as my couch. I measured it the best i could, since it’s round/cylindrical, and it’s almost 6 feet long (maybe around 5’11ish) by a little over 4 feet wide, by 2’5′ tall. A few reviews claim that it’s not as fluffy as the picture — well, they must not have read the instructions, because (as you can see) it’s definitely fluffy enough. The box it arrives in is about 3 square feet (i can’t give exact measurements, since it bulges a little bit, but it fit through my front door with about an inch or two to spare). When you cut the ties, the box pretty much opens itself. Just dump the chair out — it weighs 60 pounds, so that might be a challenge for some. Once it’s out of the box, the fun starts. Stretch it out, flip it a few times, shake it, punch it, kick it, jump on it — whatever you can do to separate the foam inside.

I’m sorry–i wasn’t going to spend $800 on a bean bag chair. I would rather buy a nice sofa. My husband loves the lovesac but he didn’t want to spend the money. I saw this and the other alternatives and took my chance with this. We love itno it’s not memory foam. Not sure where the other reviewer saw that. It says ‘filled with super spongy and long lasting, upcycled fuf foam’we’ve had it about a week and it’s filled out quite a bit and and softened. It’s soft, i suppose smoothed out is more like it. My husband loves it and we can both lay down on it, the dog too.

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