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Bunkie Boards

Signature Sleep Ultra Steel Bunkie Board : It was not comfortable and always moving around with me when I tossed

This was easy to put together, and it is sturdy. We have an antique metal frame bed, which is a little irregular in size, so we still had to leave a couple of boards under the bunkie board, but we were able to take out the box spring. This lets my daughter’s short legged fur babies to easily get in and out of bed.

I’ve only had it for a couple months, but so glad i purchased this one. I’ve seen so many terrible quality bunkie boards and was hoping this wasn’t another. I went by the other reviews and wasn’t let down.

Signature Sleep Ultra Steel Bunkie Board, Full

  • Quilted, polyester fabric included
  • Premium metal frame construction
  • Ideal for use with platform beds, bunks and daybeds with supporting slat system
  • Can be used with any mattress
  • Provides a solid surface foundation and additional support

Turned our crib into a full size bed and this bunkie board fits like a glove.

I’m dropping this two stars due to inaccurate size description on here. I bought two of these for my kid’s bunk bed to replace the wooden slats. The bunk has a narrow (1/2”) lip on either side and i measured that i need a 38 3/4” to a 39” width to make sure the board will sit securely. The description on the site says 39”, which is perfect. However when i try to put the board in, it wouldn’t reach both sides. I brought it down for a measure and it’s only 37 3/4”. That’s a whole inch and quarter short of the stated width. Naturally i can’t use these and need to return them. Otherwise product looks like it’s well constructed. Just wish i could’ve used it.

I bought this as a modified box spring for my toddler’s full-sized mattress. I didn’t get a regular box spring because it would have made his bed entirely too high and he wouldn’t have been able to climb into it. This bunkie board is absolutely wonderful. It provides outstanding support for his mattress and made an immediate difference. It’s very easy to put together – took less than 5 minutes. My 130 pound dog, my two year old, and myself have all been in this bed and the support is incredible. I recommend this to anyone looking for a ‘shorter’ boxspring option for their mattress.

Signature Sleep Ultra Steel Bunkie Board, Full : Bought this for use with the dhp brooklyn bed frame. I hate the look of box springs, but this particular frame has just slightly too much space between the rungs to support a foam mattress comfortably. My mattress was also not heavy enough to prevent the rungs from clanging and squeaking loudly against the rest of the frame. This product solved both problems perfectly. It actually took longer to unpack from the box than it did to assemble. Literally 2 hex-screws and 1 zipper for the cover, and you’re done. It was very well-packed, and the cover itself came in its’ own protective bag. The attention to details like that is appreciated.

Great product and great price. Most of the bunkie boards you buy are more expensive and are just wood, this is solid steel, i wouldn’t even recommend the warranty. It’s solid and fits full size perfectly.

Been using plywood support for my son’s full, captain bed. Hated the smell of the wood and even the low profile (5′) box spring we received with new mattress was too high. Great support and comes with cover to protect the mattress you put on top.

Purchased this to reinforce the slats on my teen daughter’s metal frame daybed. The bed came with steel slat bars that hook into the frame. They were then secured with plastic stabilizing hook clamps to prevent the slats from separating and sliding out of their assigned slots in the frame. My daughter, at almost 6 ft tall weighs in at 210lbs. The metal frame would squeak terribly whenever her friends came by and sat around in the room. Pillow fights would make me fear that all the slats would bend into a u-shaped mess. I did a bit of research and determined the signature sleep ultra bunkie board to be my best rated and. Most economical option for a durable steel frame support. It arrived in a slim box and consisted of 2 frame pieces, hardware and frame cover. My daughter, in a rush to go out with her friends, assembled and mounted the frame support on top of the slats of her daybed.

These were just the ticket to use with 4′ foam mattresses to give our growing grandchildren more room in their bunks at nanny and grandpa’s lake house. Sturdy, easy to put together, great support.

Just what i needed to firm up a daybed; so that an adult could sleep comfortably. I had purchased a new firmer mattress for the daybed in my study. But was very disappointed that it still was not comfortable to support an adult with 200+ pounds. I purchased this steel bunkie board to help add the firmness and support that i hoped for. It arrived in two pieces that fit together (which my 70 year old clumsy self) and was able to fit it together by myself although i said a few #%&*@ words, broke a sweat and wished several times i had an extra arm/hand or two. But i got it together along with the quilted cover. And now the day bed is comfy for skinnies and fatties as well.

This seemed to be the only bunkie board i could find that fit what we were looking for. We wanted something that wasn’t too tall for our toddler’s bed (under 2′), something metal so he wouldn’t instantly break it, and covered in cloth so it wouldn’t slide or rip up the sheets. We purchased a panel bed which had 3 support boards. As other reviewers have noted the frame does not measure 39′ – more like 37. 5′; it would not reach the side supports of the bed. We had home depot cut 5 additional trim boards for extra support and set the bunkie board on top of the 8 boards. The box was extremely beat up and the screw box was open, but the unit looked to be in pretty good shape. When we slid the 2 halves together only 1 screw would go in – the other hole was rotated on the pole and could not be reached through the slot. It seemed like someone else had discovered this and returned it. We ordered a 2nd unit hoping for better quality.

I’m using this bunkie board with a twin size memory foam mattress (no box spring), and the support is exactly what i was looking for. It’s made out of solid metal, is easy to assemble, and fit perfectly with my bed frame – i have one of those simple metal frames that come in 2 pieces.

After spilling a bottle of windex on my sons mattress, which promptly soaked thru his memory foam mattress and onto his bunkie board (who came up with that name??) my husband and i were in a panic. Didn’t realize what a piece of crap old board was, literally became a warped piece of cardboard. Searched and this sounded like the best bet. Just got delivered by ups, took about 3 minutes to put together and it’s on his bed. It’s very solid and i am happy :).

It fit perfectly and made the bed so much more stable & comfortable. Thinking of buying another one.

I’ve had lower back issues for most of my adult life, nothing to serious but annoying enough to really affect my everyday life. In september it got worse when i moved in with my girlfriend. We bought a king size memory foam mattress (i was on a full memory foam for 3 years prior and back was ok) and we put this bed on a platform frame with wood slats. It was pretty cheap like 250 for a king frame from zines but good quality mostly except for the slats. So i assumed my back was just hurting from moving all the furniture and playing a ridiculous amount of golf. But fast forward almost a year later and my back is much worse even when i first wake up it wasn’t stiff anymore it was painful. So i bought this and it too 5 minutes to put together very simple and slid it under my side of the king size bed for extra support. It has definitely firmed up the bed just a tad and added support. My back has now gone back to just being stiff and not so much pain and i’m hoping over the next few weeks with exercise it gets better.

Purchased this to use under a daybed mattress so i could use a safety rail for my 94 year old mother. Also purchased safety rail from amazon and couldnt be more pleased.

Had my doubts but it ended up being perfect for my youngest son’s pb daybed trundle. I wasn’t comfortable with just the wooden slats and wanted an extra layer of support. Pottery barn makes lasting furniture, however the spacing on their trundle daybeds is awkward. I was going to add foam to make up the difference from the bunkie board and the frame, but ended up using a long body pillow we had and it worked perfectly with no additional out of pocket. Attached pics to show the bunkie board on top of the wooden slats – perfect fit. I also have to add that the cover is essential to the mattress not slipping and moving around. Also, this purchase was absolutely necessary in order to have the bed rail up and supported for safety. Hope this helps y’all transitioning your babies into big kid beds.

Solid construction, cover is snug which is nice. Width is too narrow however for my standard full size bunk bed. I have to lay it on top of the bunkie boards (which i was hoping to replace with this) so it doesn’t fall to the floor underneath. I’ll have to get wider pieces of edge support wood to keep this in place.

Quality is fine and it was well-packaged. Unfortunately, it was not wide enough for the platform bed we bought. It would not even reach one side when balanced on the interior rail on the other side. We did put it on the bed (a return would have been expensive given the weight) but had to put in all the pine support slats that came with the bed (which we had hoped to avoid, and thus the reason for the bunkie board).

I just purchased a daybed with wooden slats for its base. I needed firm support that would be relatively thin at the same time. It’s easy to assemble–just 2 pieces that slide together and are bolted. The instructions were very clear. The quilted cover was easy to slip on. I appreciate that it has a zipper closure. It’s sturdy without weighing very much. With an 8′ gel foam mattress i get the security and support i wanted and still find it pretty firm but still comfortable.

This works perfectly in-between a memory foam mattress and daybed trundle.

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