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Folding Tables

Flash Furniture Folding Card Table – Great table great price

Just what i needed when i’m doing jigsaw puzzles or playing cards with some friends. Nice padded top — i was very pleased with the quality of this item for the price.

I bought 2 of these tables for bunco. They are good tables and the dice roll very good on them. The problem with them is the vinyl had tears in both tables. So i returned the tables and amazon sent replacements. The two replacements both had tears in them as well. Very disappointed because i don’t want the hassle of sending them back again to get more that have tears in the corners. If it weren’t for the small tears in the vinyl i would’ve given 5 stars because i really like the tables.

I ordered this table for my rescue group. They do pet adoption events and they were in need of an extra table not too big or too small. This was just the right size for all the paper work that they do.It’s super easy to open and close it . That’s exactly what they needed . Something that they can open and something that they can close and store since they have no space.

  • Good serviceable table
  • So far this table is as good if not better than the one I discarded
  • This Is Simply Perfect

The table arrived with two small tears in the vinyl covering on the corner, which is not a big deal. The table was easy to set up and is sturdy. However, the table has a strong chemical smell that is hard to get rid of. I kept the table mostly because it’s large and bulky and would be a challenge to get to the post office.

Great table, perfect puzzle table which is why i bought it. It did come with a tiny tear in one corner just as several people posted in their reviews, but it was not worth the trouble to send back and i just put a tiny drop of glue on it to keep it from getting bigger and you can’t even notice unless you are looking for it.

Features of Flash Furniture Black Folding Card Table

  • Multipurpose Folding Table
  • 130 lb. Distributed Weight Capacity
  • Seats up to 4 Adults
  • .1875” Thick Black Table Top
  • Easy to Clean Vinyl Padded Table
  • CA117 Sponge Foam Padding
  • Black Powder Coated Legs
  • Plastic Floor Glides

Sturdy, well made and the top is padded. Multi functional, to use as for your crafts, to dine on when you have extra company, play cards on, or to use for events.

Use this as my computer desk. The soft top is great, seems breathable as my arm doesnt sweat while on it. Isnt the most sturdy thing in the world but its taller than other desks and the legs lock in place firmly. If you’re taller and need leg room i recommend this.

This arrived in perfect condition. We just needed a small table to play games and do puzzles with company over the summer. This is a good size to leave open (with an unfinished puzzle on it) in our family room. We just tuck it into a corner when we’re not using it. I’d be careful about putting any hot mugs or plates on the top because of the vinyl top, but coasters or heavy place mats should help with that. For the price, we feel like we got a good deal.

This table came with a small cut in the fabric of the tabletop cover, which was a little annoying. But it was off to the edge and for the price it didn’t seem worth it to return it and get a new one. It works as an extra table top. My only real complaint is that the top is very squishy, which makes it hard to use for anything like crafts, since you need a hard table top and this is definitely not that. I know most folding card tables have a somewhat soft top, but this was softer and squishier than any others i’ve ever seen.

One arrived damaged and was too much of a hassle to return so i’m just dealing with it. The other one i ordered arrived undamaged and i’m happy with it.

A little expensive but a nice table, mine came thru with some small damage on the covering but wasn’t anything tocause a return or any complaint.

I bought it to make jigsaw puzzles on. Its the perfect size and light enough to turn to get to the other sides. Its easy to set up and take down. The only negative quality is the top is padded with vinyl top, so it holds air, which makes it hard to set the puzzle pieces in place.

Caution: be careful folding down table. The metal bends if you apply too much pressure or weight to close. Use this for a picnic station in the park with no complaints. Light weight to carry but solid when setup.

However there is a piece missing on top. (just smaller than a quarter) there was a number to call, however, i was not about to wrap it up to send back. I will put a piece of duct tape on it and it has a table cloth over it.

Very sturdy and well finished. It’s a snap to set up as you just unfold the legs and it’s rock-steady, and the padded vinyl top is a nice touch. Update: the vinyl is quite thin and tears easily from sharp objects like cat claws. I’ve ordered an elasticized cover for mine.

It was a great table, but came with a cut in the corner. After setting it up, 2 more cuts showed up. It was very sturdy and good quality.

Bought this for my son to use in his college house for the summer. Was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. Exactly what we were looking for.

This table is nice looking and definitely holds up to it’s name. Great for card games and board games. However, if you’re looking for a table to work with stuff, or you want to play games like jenga, avoid this table. The soft foam on top is nice to touch, but anything with weight sinks lightly into the table. A laptop is at risk of overheating on this thing, for example. And it’s a little shaky if you’re building any kind of project. Not impossible mind you, but there are better choices. Setting drinks on it isn’t a problem. If you just want something to play poker, magic the gathering, or monopoly, then this table will do just fine.

2 nicks on the edge of the table where the packing bands cut through the box i used puzzle glue on it so they wouldn’t tear anymore just wasn’t worth the hassle of trying to send it back.

I paid about 38 bucks for it and no shipping since i have the prime amazon offers. Oh, i cannot say enough about how strong this table is and how perfect for just about anything you’d need it for. It doesn’t have to be screwed together (the legs just pull out and lock) the top is butter soft but it is easily punctured or melted. This flash furniture is the way to go nowadays since we are always having to run from storms and disasters and things.

Table is easy to move and set up. The legs lock in place tightly and it stores anywhere. I planned to use it for puzzles but i had to put a piece of wood down to make it a harder surface. Overall good product for the cost.

I had to discard my old card table as the legs kept collapsing. So far this table is as good if not better than the one i discarded. It seems very sturdy and is very handsome.

Replacement table after i borrowed one from a neighbor and accidentally tore the top. Super fast shipping arrived the day before it was scheduled to arrive. Great sturdy table and nice padded top. I would recommend using a table cloth to protect the vinyl cover over the padding. This was a better table than what they had for sale at my local walmart. Ordered on a sunday and it arrived wednesday.

Office Star Resin Multipurpose Rectangle Table : Good Heavy Card Table

Super table, easily portable. . This is a super table, very sturdy, with three adjustable height levels, which are easy to adjust. It also folds easily into a 2′ x 2″ size, with a fabric handle for carrying. The table top has a slight texture, but is smooth enough for an optical computer mouse to function easily, and the top edges of the table are slightly beveled so there are no sharp edges to irritate one’s arms when they are resting against the edge of the table when typing. This is the second table of this model that i have bought. It is a slight improvement over the earlier version because the current version has an easier locking mechanism to secure the table closed in its folded carrying position.

We ordered these after returning another brand. These were much sturdier and worked great. One table had a dent where it folded, but it still worked so we kept it. The table is a lot darker than it looks in the picture. Didn’t matter to use since we will cover it with cloths, but just in case you really want a white table, this may not be your choice. It folds up easy and is sturdy. It is flat when it folds out and is so easy to store. I would have given it 5 stars but the color doesn’t match the picture and one table had a definite dent.

Solid table, does its thing. Nice and sturdy table, not much else to say about a fold up table. Only thing i don’t like is that the legs are not all in the same spot on the corners because of how they fold up. Doesn’t really affect anything mechanically, i just like symmetry and so it bothers me.

Folds in the center without being wobbly. . Love that this table folds in the center without being wobbly. It is sturdy, easy to clean, and takes up minimal storage. It’s close to 2″ when folded and works great for kid’s crafts or as an extra table for a party. I highly recommend it and recommend buying it on amazon so that it is delivered directly to your front door.

  • This is not your mother’s bridge table!
  • Ideal Craft and Gift Wrap Table; Sets Up Easily, Stores Easily
  • Sturdy and fold great

Office Star Resin Multipurpose Rectangle Table, 6-Feet, Center Folding

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  • 6-foot center-fold multipurpose table with carrying handle and lock
  • Heavy-duty blow-mold off-white resin top and gray powder-coated steel tube frame
  • Waterproof, stainproof, scratch- and impact-resistant; ideal for indoor or outdoor use
  • Sets up and cleans easily; folds flat for storage
  • Measures 72 inches long by 30 inches wide by 29-1/4 inches high; weighs 34 pounds; holds 300 pounds

We were looking for a standard card table but found this instead. It is much heavier than a card table but really well built and stable. I think it is slightly larger than a light weight card table but a great alternative. The legs swing down two at a tme and lock in place and the whole structure is much stronger.

I use mine as a sewing and cutting table. There is absolutely no wobble in this table. It very sturdy and strong, while also being portable.

Surprisingly heavy, but heavy-duty and well-priced. I purchased the 6′ long rectangular table, which folds in the middle and has a handle. It’s very heavy, but a great table at a great price. The handle is such a great feature.

It has a simple handle so carrying it while it is folded up is easy. It also has a clasp that holds the two sides together so it does not unfold while carrying it. The table is sturdy and does not wobble when in use. I’m 200lbs and can put all my weight on the table without it flexing. While folding the legs snap into clips to hold them into place and keep them from folding out on their own. The hinge in the middle of the table locks in the open position so the table will not bend in the middle while sliding it around or moving it, you have to press the release lever when you want to fold it up for storage.

Strong, sturdy, heavy, built like a battleship. Lock rings slide into place when table is upright. The top is just as strong and solid. This table compared to all others we have had over the years makes them appear to have been built of matchsticks, straw and a few leggos.

Yet another one damaged in shipping. Received the product via amazon prime and fast, as always. This time, however, the corner of the shipping carton was badly damaged and, upon opening, found the corner of the table top bent (crushed actually, but not cracked). Since this is for my wife i left it to her whether to go through the return process. She wanted the table now and so said she would live with the damage. If it were mine i would definitely send it back. In fact i rather angrily started the return process and then decided it was just too much trouble for such a large item. Very disappointingthis table was ordered for use as a sewing table. My wife said it was a perfect size for the purpose and could easily be folded and stored in her sewing room closet. After seeing it in use i have to agree with her.

Ideal craft and gift wrap table; sets up easily, stores easily. My son moved out, and a room opened up. What i wanted most this year was my own little gift wrapping space, a private paradise full of bows, paper, tinsel and tie-ons where i can spread everything out and not have to pack it all back into the closet after each wrap. I was a little concerned by some of the other reviews that suggested this table would be flimsy; it’s so hard to tell from a picture, and the price might be too good to be true. But for my purposes, it is exactly the right size, and plenty sturdy enough. The top won’t be easily dinged, either. It needed zero tools to set up; we slid it out of the box (my spouse and i are both senior citizens and needed something easy), pulled off the bag; straightened the legs; and we tipped it up and eased it against the wall. Doneand if my extended family should expand to where i need this extra table for the family holiday feasts, it folds right up and can go downstairs with just one person carrying it; afterward, it is easily tucked away. If my wrapping room should turn into a guest room, i can disappear this table into the closet with little fuss and no drama. There are even little built-in holders on the underside of the table to lock the legs into place so you won’t bang yourself to death trying to put the table away.

I’m used to using cheap rickety card tables, so i was pleasantly surprised at how solidly built this table is. I like how the legs fold up into the table top core (see middle photo). The fit and finish of the molded top is just “ok” though. As shown in the last photo, you can see a series of dot impressions all around the molded top surface of the table. I use a heavy vinyl table cloth though, so no one sees the finish of the top. Overall, a surprisingly good solid card table for the price.

Grandma approved, great buy. Got it for my grandma for our growing family dinners. I don’t know why we didn’t think of a folding one all along. It stores easily and just being able to maneuver it makes all the difference.

In our ministry we use large tables for sorting donations and packing boxes for shipment. In the past these tables have been quite adequate. We just ordered and received four more tables but one of the four arrived with a very clear defect in the top. It appears to be a palm print or depression which makes the top no longer flat. Rather than return table we elected to keep it because the appearance is not that important to her work but we are not impressed by the quality as we once were. We also note that the strong plastic handles have now been replaced with what appear to be spun cloth handles which are much harder to use.

Good price, the table is sturdy and is easy to set up. Legs can be locked in place with a sliding metal ring lock. It comes in a big flat box, the table is one piece of plastic, not the kind that folds in half. The surface is textured, not glossy, and the material is durable, easy to clean.

I use mine as a sewing and cutting table. There is absolutely no wobble in this table. It very sturdy and strong, while also being portable.

Wonderfully practical tables. After looking at many sites and many similar tables, i settled on this one for a few reasons:  1) the fact that they fold in half since storage space is an issue, 2) price, since it was very well priced compared to all the other ones i’d seen, 3) the stated sturdiness and size, 4) it had a handle, and 5) it was an amazon prime offer so i knew returning it, if necessary, wouldn’t be a problem. I received one right on time but something happened during shipping with the other one and there was a delay in receiving it. But they let me know right away and i received the next one within the week.  after reading many of the other reviews, i was sure to open up the pkg right away to make sure they were okay and here’s what i learned:  1) they really are very well built and sturdy, 2) they really are very easy to set up and take down, 3) there’s a very substantial and sturdy handle and it even has a velcro strap to tuck it up out of the way when the table is open so it doesn’t bother the person seated there, 4) when folded, there is a little closure opposite the fold that keeps it folded securely and at first i thought it didn’t work. I thought it wouldn’t close. But with a slight readjustment of the angle of both sides, it fit just fine, 5) as others mentioned,  i checked  to make sure that it was even, that when  it’s put together, both sides come together evenly so there’s no sort of lip. And there wasn’t, 6) like some others, i found the packaging was somewhat inadequate as two of the corners  were dinged ever so slightly, but i just hammered both areas with the wooden handle of a hammer and it looks just fine, 7) when opened, there are little rings to keep the angled leg supports straight (so the legs don’t fold while in use). You just slide them down but two out of the four (i have 2 tables, remember) were stuck. All it took was a good whack with the hammer handle again, and 8) the color really is gray.

Very happy with my purchase. So happy with this purchase tired of having to borrow family members who don’t take care of stuff and spending hours scrubbing just so it’s presentable for my occasion just to return so the process repeats very counter intuitive. So i bought this table and no renting out lol.

Yet another one damaged in shipping. Received the product via amazon prime and fast, as always. This time, however, the corner of the shipping carton was badly damaged and, upon opening, found the corner of the table top bent (crushed actually, but not cracked). Since this is for my wife i left it to her whether to go through the return process. She wanted the table now and so said she would live with the damage. If it were mine i would definitely send it back. In fact i rather angrily started the return process and then decided it was just too much trouble for such a large item. Very disappointingthis table was ordered for use as a sewing table. My wife said it was a perfect size for the purpose and could easily be folded and stored in her sewing room closet. After seeing it in use i have to agree with her.

This is not your mother’s bridge table. After 1,001 reviews, there is nothing i can say that has not already been said about this table, but i will reiterate a couple of points because i feel so strongly about the product. Based on the reviews, i was expecting a ‘heavy duty’ card table. This is, simply, a work table and should not be compared to typical card tables. My first observation was the weight, it is probably twice as heavy as a quality card table. This is due in part to the fairly thick and very rigid blow-molded top, but just as much to the folding leg mechanism. There is a lot of ‘machinery’ on the underside of the table (see photo). The key to the outstanding stability is an arced tube welded between each pair of legs. These tubes plus the tight tolerances of the leg locking hardware eliminate any wobble for all practical purposes. It is necessary to use a little bit of force to get the legs to snap into their fully locked position, but once properly locked, the table is up to any task within reason.

The table came today and i sat it up for inspection. The table is better than i expected and it was easy to set up and take down by one person. The fact that it folds in half means i can carry it in my car to where i need rather than needing a truck. There were a few issues with it but they didn’t bother me enough to warrant a replacement. The surface of the table seems to have a very minor warping action. There was also crushing/pinching damage on the surface near the fold seam. And the screws used to mount the latching hardware used to secure the table in its folded state stick out and interferes with the latch closing properly. Minor issues but enough to warrant the loss of a star combined.

I bought this table mainly because it folded up. I am going to use it to do craft shows in the fall, however, i am not sure i can use it for that, as many of the screws on it are not even tightened, and when i tried to tighten them, all they did was turn in place, so i am thinking that most of the screws have been stripped. And the table will not lay perfectly flat, there is a bit of a peak in the middle of it, which i do not care for. I kept it, because i needed it right away, but i do not think it is worth buying another, which i was going to do, because i feel this table is not as sturdy as it should be. I am only giving it three stars because i did decide to keep the table, but frankly, i am not sure it is even worth three stars.