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Halter Wall Shelves – Set of 3 U Shaped Floating Shelves – LOVE them! I too

Very nicely made, looks great.

Easy to install and they look great.

This allows me to display my stuff as room devour and looks so cute. Sure, it’s basic, but i knew that when i bought it, and i can always put trim or something on it to make it prettier.

  • Quality and stylish
  • LOVE them! I too
  • These are definitely fine. As has been noted

They were easy for me to put up and are aesthetically pleasing.

Wanted some shelves in our kitchen for both decorative and functional purposes. I love the versatility of where you can place them. Do note, they are very narrow, so if you’re wanting them for books or anything large they will not work for you.

Features of Halter Wall Shelves – Set of 3 U Shaped Floating Shelves

  • U shaped shelves are decorative & functional in every room, .
  • Great as ledge shelves, display shelves, decorative shelves, hanging shelves, or a trophy shelf
  • Easy to mount – all necessary hardware are included – No hardware is visible after mounting
  • Made of MDF, finished with Brown laminate – will match any decor
  • Comes in 3 sizes – 15.75″ – 13″ – 10.4″ with 4″ depth

Cool design and easy to mount.

I too, was a little skeptical after reading reviews of scratches upon receiving shipment etc. But all of my shelves were in great condition and i ordered 4 sets. I plan to order more in the future as they were incredibly affordable and look fantastic and expensive when mounted. Very happy with this purchase overall.

Note, these are smaller than you might think. Refer to measurements for exact size. Not super quality, but affordable and look great. Used for psp games and they fit perfectly. (not deep enough for my anime figures or gundam models fyi). They are pretty shallow, so they won’t hold anything to deep. Also, wouldn’t test with a lot of weight since the screws are connected to the shelves just by particle board on back of shelves. Definitely will rip away with more than a couple of lbs. Good for display or light weight items.

I love my halter wall shelves they look so cute on my wall and can be placed in many differentpositions to fit your personal style these are perfect for any room or small space.

Great shelves and they look great once up on the wall.

They are sturdy and can hold quite a bit. I can’t say much to the hanging of them because i enlisted my father and uncle to do so. But i will say that for 2 pretty handy men, it took them a little while. The directions didn’t give too much away, but they eventually figured it out.

Purchased these from warehouse deals and had no problems as the shelves are nestled well in lots of foam board. The installation screws and anchors are average quality. Installation is not difficult, but getting the spacing for the keyhole slots just right and level at the same time was moderately challenging. Yes, i had to reposition a screw to make it work–luckily i wasn’t anchoring in drywall nor in an area where extreme visual scrutiny will detect the issue. I failed to closely read the depth dimension, so i wish they were deeper, but that’s on me. The provided photo is totally out of scale, so get out your ruler/tape measure and think carefully. I would also not trust the pressed wood material to hold anything with much weight and/or significant personal value. Not sure i would purchase again.

Holds just enough storage for the capacity there ment for.

These shelves were everything and went very well in my bathroom. I needed more space and organization and these did the trick. The price and quality was amazing. They were easy to install just use the anchors that comes with them.

These were the easiest shelves to hang up, and for the price, you can’t find better-looking shelves. They come with the screws and anchors, which fit in the holes on the back of the shelves. They fit perfectly on the wall behind the toilet in my half bath downstairs. Now all i need to worry about is how to decorate them.

Exactly what i was looking for to house my funko pop and small collectables. Super easy to install and are plenty sturdy. These are not meant for bookshelves or anything heavy but if you want to display something on the lighter side they are ideal. Will recommend to others and buy another set soon.

I am very happy with these shelves, they are holding my art supplies. I love the dark color of the wood.

Very nice on wall to display daughter art and hold other items.

Smaller than the picture would lead you to believe, but the measurements in the description are good. Construction is solid, and they’re relatively easy to hang. The veneer is obviously a veneer, in similar material and texture to other furniture of this price range, so moderately high quality plastics. All in all, you get what you pay for with this, its not overpriced, or a great bargain, but the build is good and its handy for knick knacks.

Serve their purpose really well. I know the measurements are listed, but the picture makes the shelves look a lot bigger than they actually are.

Great price on nice looking shelves. I purchased these shelves for my future bathroom that’s being built. Going with a nautical theme. I wanted white shelves to help give my ships a little more pop.

I ordered the white shelves and they sent me brown, which was a bummer. Then i contacted the company and they sent me the white ones with no charge and let me keep the browns ones. Saved me the hassle of sending them back. And shelves are very good quality, worked for exactly what i needed.

These work great in my bathroom for organizing my girly things.

Furinno 99557EX/BK Turn-N-Tube 4-Tier Compact Multipurpose Shelf – I love the size of it

This was the perfect shelf unit for the small place i needed it. This was the perfect shelf unit for the small place i needed it for. It fits perfectly and the wood tone of the shelves looks really good in the room. I had bought it to replace my old small computer desk (which i believe was a furinno product) that i had been using for extra storage place. The shelf fit so well, and because it wasn’t as deep, i ended up putting it behind the desk. Suddenly i had a really neat little work station for my art and photo projects. That was such a bonus for the small amount of space we have in this room. If you’re looking for this, i don’t know what price you’ll get. I found it for $24 on amazon and it was one of the best deals i’ve found in a long time. I’m a big fan of light weight functional furniture that can easily be disassembled and moved when and if needed.

Simple, minimal, and easy to assemble. .Plan on painting it all white to match my decor, but overall extremely happy with my purchase. Will be buying others in the set to match.

It’s not too big but not too small. It doesn’t take up a lot of space so it’s perfect for small rooms like in apartments or townhouses. It fits a lot of stuff on it and it’s sturdy for the price. The shelves are sturdy enough that i was able to stack a bunch of books on it as well as two laptops on another shelf. It was not difficult to assemble and i love the color. Here are the specifications for the Furinno 99557EX/BK Turn-N-Tube 4-Tier Compact Multipurpose Shelf:

  • Simple stylish design yet functional and suitable for any room
  • Material: engineered e1 particleboard made from recycled materials, durable highly processed recycled plastic tube
  • Great storage organizer unit for bathroom, closet, home office, living room, kids room, kitchen, etc
  • Sturdy on flat surface and no hassle 5-minutes assembly

If you have the room, this shelf is worth the money. I live in an apartment, so i can’t be drilling holes for floating shelves, nor is there much room for the bulkier, solid wood cabinet/shelf, so this fits the bill perfectly, function wise. I got the dark espresso version, which is the color of dark chocolate but with more brown, if that makes sense. Looks rather modern, by no means in a traditional looking room will this blend in, what with the plastic pipes. Any who:likes:- each shelf (wood plank) holds according to the manual, 89 lbs, which is more than enough for my needs- no tools are needed*- there are only a few steps to assemble each floor of the shelf, then you repeat- little wobbly but rigid nonethelessdislikes:- the end caps for the topmost pipes were slightly squished (two of four), so i had to use pliers to squeeze them back into shape, this isn’t enough to warrant a star deduction though- doesn’t make me breakfasttook about 15 minutes to assemble, possibly less if you forgo reading the instructions (if you’ve built one of these already, you can assemble this shelf in 10 or less minutes). You can also disassemble (i presume) the shelf if you need to move, you just reverse the order of the way you put it together. I actually do have enough room for another one so if i so desire, i shall buy another. Great shelf for the money*unless your end caps are squished from shipping, then some pliers can help shape them back.

I’ve been remodeling our upstairs myself for a few weeks and i was doing my craft room and kitchen and was getting a few ‘i need’ items and ran across this for my craft room. I do a lot of diy and a ton of painting. Furniture, our walls, everything. So i needed something with decent sized shelves for cans of paint, things like that. But i didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg. I am remodeling an entire house, i can’t blow our budget on one room. I put it together in about 8 minutes. It was shorter than i expected. Clearly i didn’t exactly read dimensions on the product description.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • If You Have The Room, This Shelf Is Worth The Money
  • Simple and Satisfying Shelving, but be Informed
  • great simple shelf for the price

Not as sturdy as a wood table but does amazingly the job. I needed to declutter my kitchen counter and i’ve found this. ??i just displayed 3 tiers because it was too high for my kitchen and i used the 4th under my sink cabinet. On the top shelf is the microwave. On the second is my mini oven and on the bottom shelf is the rice cooker and things i put here and there. The bottom shelf is definitely the sturdiest.

Can’t ask much more for the low cost. These units are pretty stable as that i am using them for heavily magazine and book-type items. They go together easily without the need for any tools and don’t look too cheap considering the cost. My only negative feedback might be that the packages only come with one wall anchor each which really isn’t helpful and that one of the caps for the top part was stripped.

First of all, the shelves arrived remarkably fast — i ordered them on wednesday morning, they were delivered before 3 pm on thursday, and that was supposed to be standard prime 2-day shipping. Other than that, the main pros, to me, are:1. They are extremely easy to assemble — two sets took me probably about 10 minutes, at most. Granted, they are not industrial heavy-duty shelves, but for my purpose (office storage space), they are absolutely perfect. I’m considering buying a few more for the basement as well. Of course, i’ve just returned the absolute rubbish that were the wire shelves from walmart (ordering them — or anything from walmart, for that matter — was obviously a huge mistake that i will never repeat), so i might be a bit overly enthusiastic because these shelves are actually cheaper yet look (without exaggeration) a million times better. I’m probably going to place heavier things on the bottom two shelves, but i’ve seen in other reviews that they easily hold 15-20 lbs, and they do look like they would. They’re cheaper than pretty much any other 4-tier shelf unit i could find. Any other units in that price range are tiny, flimsy wire shelves, and i couldn’t believe my eyes when i found this unit and saw the reviews (which is why i immediately ordered two of them). Truly a great find on many levels.

Selves for product and organized. Good produce for your work i love it.

Simple, minimal, and easy to assemble. .Plan on painting it all white to match my decor, but overall extremely happy with my purchase. Will be buying others in the set to match.

Very happy and purchased more.

Great quality shelf for a good price. I bought this as a shelf for my for my dining room to display books and small picture frames and other little figurines that i have had sitting packed away. I used the bottom shelf for some heavy hardcover books. The second to bottom shelf i used for books and i used my owl bookends to keep them from toppling over. I put smaller paperback books on the second shelf, also with small bookends on the side. On the top i put a few small picture frames and some other small treasures that i have wanted to display (a small framed collage my son made, a couple of glass figures, a tiny eiffel tower from my trip to france years ago. I like that this came with a small cord so this can be fastened to the wall. Granted, it is not going to stop the shelf from falling if someone rips it roughly, but when my ten pound cat decided to try jumping on the shelf, it didn’t come toppling down. This was so easy to put together.

Simple and satisfying shelving, but be informed. The first thing that caught my eye for these shelves was the price. Prime it and get it fast (if you need some fast inexpensive shelves)i needed a set of book shelves for my 12×12 apartment bedroom to get things up and off of the floor. These are absolutely doing the trick and more. Assembly was easy and they went up super fast. The also look, at a distance, very nice and of good quality. The shelves i received have a cherry veneer on the shelf tiers. The tiers themselves are made of a very nice high density compress board that feels very solid. The interconnecting poles, ehh, i have mixed feelings about.

Cheap, easy to assemble and very convenient. Basically you’re getting 4 wood shelves and some plastic tubes that twist-lock into one another. Assembly takes less than 10 minutes and even a caveman can do it. The black/grey version does look significantly cheaper than the beech/white. You can safely store and stack whatever you want – books, movies, figurines, etc. I’m not advocating using this to store a safe or your bowling ball collection because the wooden shelves aren’t thick enough for that kind of weight. I have a blu-ray player, wii, wii u, xbox 360, and playstation 2 on this rack and they all fit perfectly. I can fit 2 consoles on 1 shelf, with breathing room so they’re not right on top of each other. I purchased this and the furinno nw889be 4-tier shelf storage shelves cabinet bookcase bookshelf bookshelves with bins, beech finish and i must say the furinno nw889be 4-tier shelf storage shelves cabinet bookcase bookshelf bookshelves with bins, beech finish is by far the better deal for just like $2 more.

It’s easy to setup and the shelf looks relatively nice. I do have to say that the top and bottom tiers are the weakest since, it doesn’t have the top and bottom support bars. So if you put more than 15 lbs on the top and bottom tiers the wood bends slightly. But i haven’t had any issues with it and it seems to be able to handle a decent amount of things.

Insanely easy to put together. Insanely easy to put together. Did it by myself, sitting in a chair, in about 5 minutes. 15 minutes total from opening the box to putting the shelf in place. The rods are plastic, but that didn’t bother me. One shelf came with a bent/cracked corner due to shipping. I just put that one on the bottom and put that corner toward the wall.

A solid shelving system for this price range. They’re a little shorter than i pictured in my head, but worked out perfectly for my craft room. While i wouldn’t overload them with super heavy items, they’re pretty study. The shelving system doesn’t rock too much, stays together well. I like the color of the wood laminate, very neutral and bright. Pros: sturdier than anticipated bright and clean a simple but well-thought-out design (with caps on the top shelf to cover the ‘pole holes’, and small feet on the bottom to slightly elevate the shelf system. The laminate is a pleasant wood pattern and well wrapped, only a little laminate edge is visible around the shelf (as seen in the pictures). Cons: a little smaller than i pictured. Couldn’t hold heavy books (but that’s not what i bought it for, so no big deal there) errrr that’s about it.

I absolutely love this shelf. I have my tv on the top shelf, my xbox on the 2nd shelf, a small picture printer amd a can of change on the 3rd and some notebooks on the bottom and it works perfectly. It’s strong enough to hold all of this, especially the tv, and is quite sturdy. If you have a kid that’s learning how to walk or hyper dogs or something i wouldn’t recommend it because a large amount of tugging or pushing will knock it over, but it’s very nice. It also only took me like 5 minutes to put together, which was great.

Terrific value no tools required but incredibly sturdy. These are a terrifc valuethey go togather with ease but they are very sturdy the way they fit togather is seemless and they dont need tools and they are even very visually appealing i will be buying more and i already bought 7 i am very happy with them.

Terrific value no tools required but incredibly sturdy. These are a terrifc valuethey go togather with ease but they are very sturdy the way they fit togather is seemless and they dont need tools and they are even very visually appealing i will be buying more and i already bought 7 i am very happy with them.

Needs to be packaged better. It’s perfect for what i needed- the price was right too. Had i paid more i would have wanted better packaging since my shelves were slightly damaged; they need to separate them individually so they don’t damage each other. Also description says its pvc pipe- it’s not. It’s more like the material little tykes uses for their kid toys. I gave it 4 stars not because of it being cheaply made i expected it not to be top of the line materials (it’s $18) but because regardless of it being inexpensive it’s still money and with that i expect to get a product that is completely undamaged & a product that correctly defines what the materials are. I would have still bought it and it works well for what i needed. Over all great buy super easy to assemble and i would buy again although i wouldn’t be surprised if item were even more damaged then one i got because of poor packaging.