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Wall Sculptures

Deco 79 Tree of Life Wall Art Decoration Branch Shells Home : Beautiful wall decor!!!

Absolutely beautiful piece that finished off our dining room wall perfectly. The hole for the screw to hang it was not flat to the wall, unfortunately, so the item sits slightly off of the wall, or did before tweaking it a bit to sit flat.

It arrived in perfect condition and is beautiful. I combined it with a vinyl wall cling (also purchased on amazon) and an old family picture (see pic). Almost everyone who’s visited my home has commented on how lovely it looks. The seller was bombay jewel. I would absolutely recommend others buy.

Tree of Life Wall Art Decoration Branch Shells Home

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Suitable to use as a decorative item
  • Best for both indoor and outdoor use
  • This product is manufactured in China
  • Traditional style
  • 30 inch updated traditional bronze finish iron tree of life wall sculpture

Beautiful metal art design well worth the price. Not too heavy or light weight. Husband hung in literally seconds with one nail. The opaque shimmering shell leaves matched our beige mosaic lamps perfectly. Super fast on shipping and well packaged.

Wonderful wall accent for my living room. The only downside was how it was packed for shipping. The bubble wrap was not above the top layer of leaves and the box was too big for the item. Top and side layers of leaves arrived bent but were easily moved back in place.

Like some other reviews i read – i was a bit disappointed when it arrived. The construction is somewhat sloppy. It had some leaves missing – so just a wire that goes up to. I wouldn’t buy it all over again at this price – but since i already did it is hanging on my wall.

Tree of Life Wall Art Decoration Branch Shells Home : I needed something for above my couch and this “tree of life” was perfect. It filled the spot just as i had hoped. The leaves are quit a bright green and browns which are just what i wanted. I hadn’t read the description very well and was surprised at the fact the leaves were shells, but not disappointed at all. Arrived very quickly and in perfect shape.

I decided to take a chance on this tree despite some complaints with flimsy packaging and the oversized box it was shipped in. For the price it’s a nice looking tree with those eyecatching leaves which really draws your attention to it, most reviews that i read were very positive. Although there were a few minor adjustments you had to make like carefully bending a few branches so that it would hug the walls better. A few leaves were a little loose because the wires holding them were not as tight but you could easily make them tighter by squeezing the wiring a bit which worked for me. However, i’m still curious why i received two trees in the packaging one of which did have some missing leaves while the other was fully intact. I went to the question and answer section to find out why it came in two sections and so thought they both had to be assembled together. Maybe i should have been clearer with my question because both trees were not broken aside from one of them having missing leaves. But i thought that the trees came this way even though others were saying that theirs came in one piece. Anyway, i’m still happy with the tree and if anything happens to the good one, i’ll use some of the leaves if any do break over time.

The tree of life (fruits of the spirit) is very meaningful in my spiritual philosophy. I have a small collection of tree of life items throughout my home. I have been wanting a piece of wall art to put over my sofa. However, most items are not in my budget. When i saw this piece i knew this would be perfect, especially at this price point. While the colors are not bright. I would say more understated, it does add color to my wall. The tree and branches are made of tin and the leaves are shells that are wired to the branches. My tree arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I was able to hang it up myself.

This is absolutely a beautiful piece. If you order it, you will love it. The leaves look gorgeous when the sunlight shines on it and are golden, bronze, and avocado colored. I do wish it were a little bit bigger or at least if they offered this size and a larger size. For where i decided to put it (above the fireplace), it does look a little bit small but i decided that i loved it enough to keep it. My other complaint is that it does not come with any screws or nails so you will have to get your own. It has one place where you can hang it but after you do that, the tree kind of doesn’t stay up against the wall if you know what i mean. I put it another screw between two of the branches so it stays up against the wall. Oh ya, and the price can’t be beat.I would recommend to others.

When reading some of the previous reviews, i was a bit hesitant about ordering ( i. E broken leaves and bent wires, not packaged well etc). However; i am so happy that i ordered this beautiful tree. I have at least 3 places i want to put it. It was not packaged well but, i was very lucky that it was in perfect condition. I love it and would recommend it to anyone for any room in the house.

I love this, it is absolutely beautiful. It was difficult to hang though, since it did not lay flat on the wall. I had to bend it a little and then i was worried about breaking it so i took a small white nail and nailed down the bottom between 2 leaves as well as hanging it on the hook.

I have been remodeling (slowly) the home that we purchased a few years ago. We finally got to the hallways and stair case. Exposed the gorgeous hardwood floors, and painted the dated walls. I needed the perfect accent piece to hang at the top of the stairs. I came across this and instantly knew it was perfect. The leaves are made from a sea glass type of material. The tree is lightweight and stunning. I have received compliments from everyone that has seen it. You can’t beat the price for such a statement piece of art.

My sister initially bought this for me as a christmas present and had it delivered to my parent’s house (where we were all going to be celebrating). My parents thought it was for them, opened it, loved it, and hung it on their wall. Much laughter ensued after they realized what happened but i went and ordered a second one so they could have their own and i could have my own. It’s a classic yet simple piece of art that looks good (i can truly attest) in many homes.

Unfortunately the package arrived open – there were several leaves missing – one was still in box – since this is a common complaint with this item i asked for a few replacement leaves which is not possible. You would think they would enclose a few extra in the bubble wrap and make a lot of people happier – it is really pretty and i am keeping it sans a few leaves.

I was tasked with decorating a room for my friends while they were away getting married. I thought this would be nice on one of the walls, a tree of life as they begin their new life. It was much more stunning in person than i imagined. The leaves are made of gorgeous shells and shimmer in the light. I was worried it could arrive with some of the leaves cracked and/or broken, but it was packaged very nicely. My friends love the piece, so everyone came out happy. I doubt anyone could order this and not love it5 stars.

I ordered this for the dining room of my new home. It was packaged nice, arrived in one piece and was exactly what i wanted. I thought it might be too big but was amazed how nice it looks. Easy to hang and not that heavy.

This metal base tree is beautiful. We have dark brown leather furniture and tan colored walls in our living room and this really horrible blank space above the tv that just needed a perfect little something. This tree has amazing colors that match our furniture and decor really well. The leaves are delicate and they seem to change colors depending on the way the light hits them. Other reviewers have mentioned that the leaves get broken in shipping due to the lack of proper packaging. The box was pretty beaten up when it arrived, but the tree was in perfect shape. I have decided to lean our tree against the wall on a shelf instead of hanging it so i can’t review whether or not it hangs crooked like others have mentioned.

For the priced listed i was worried it would look cheap but i needed something to hang over my range until i can find the tile i want for my back splash so i crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. I didn;t want to spend a lot of money for something that was a temporary fix but also didn’t want anything that looked really cheap either and capping the budget at $30, i know i was asking for a lot. Lucky for me, this tree of life wall art delivered. Very happy with the product and will have to find another place for it when it’s no longer needed in the kitchen.

There is no way to get this to lay flat against the wall. It was easy to hang and it is nice looking but it is poorly designed.

I have been looking for a tree of life wall hanging for about a year. When i first saw this one i really liked it, but couldn’t make up my mind. My husband surprised me with it, and it looks wonderful on my wall, wish i had gotten it sooner.

I ordered this tree of life to go with a fruits of the spirit vinyl decal bible verse that i am planning on putting up in the front room of our new house. My husband is active duty in the air force and we just moved on base. We are allowed to paint the walls, but we have to paint them back when we leave so i decided to decorate with wall art and vinyl decals instead. My tree of life got here today. I was suprised at how fast it got here. I was a little worried about it being broken when i saw the packaging. It was in a flattened box so i was nervous that it would have broken pieces, but it was wrapped in bubble wrap, so it was fine and there were no broken pieces at all. I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful it is in person. I love it and i am so glad that i decided to buy it.I can’t wait to get the tree of life and the vinyl decals put up so that i can show it off to our friends and family.

Looks good in picture, will probably look ok on the wall. I will let my critics decide(my daughters). Very cheap careful removing from packaging it bends easily. Really looks like a $15-$20 piece of art. Nah, i think its going back.

Benzara Deco 79 99139 Metal Wall Decor Plaque – Attractive Wall Art

I love how this looks on my wall, but i hung it sideways because i liked how it looked better. The hook in the back is only for hanging one way so i had to improvise. It is solid metal and looks great.

Challenge to hang but i love the way it looks on my wall.

It’s a beautiful addition to my style. There was a few raised squares that are bent. Maybe better inspections would help??. Here are the specifications for the Benzara Deco 79 99139 Metal Wall Decor Plaque:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Unique design; Modern artistic appeal
  • Made from metal of top quality
  • Minimal styling and clean details
  • Antique style
  • Dimension: 27.5″ H x 20″ W

As in other reviews, the colors are not as bright as it shows. It came shipped in a box with no padding or packaging materials. Unfortunately, it came a little bent and twisted. The corners were bent in and some of the paint was scratched off. I was able to bend it back into place pretty well. If it were hung on a wall it would not lie flat. I hung mine over the fireplace on stone, so the unevenness is not very noticeable.

The picture is better tahn the item received. The colors are not as vivid as those depicted, but it is still a nice item.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A beautiful piece of art!
  • Damaged, scratched and bent from shipping. Otherwise an interesting piece of art.
  • Absolutely love this thing

I was so excited when my package came. They look amazing and the quality is the best and the price was just right for my budget. There are several different colors in the art piece that i can bring them into the room with cushions and napkins and holders. I bought this one and the 2 piece as well that match as well. I had never thought to hang 3 pieces of identical art together, but they work well together. They are an excellent quality and size. I hung them in my dining room with my modern decor. I changed the lighting to match and bring out the color. I’ve received so many more comments with these pieces of art than any other pieces in my entire house.I had originally bought them for my bedroom, but loved them so much i didn’t want to hide them away in there.

I read reviews about this piece not hanging straight, but the size and comments about its beauty swayed me. My solution was to use an extra screw in the wall to straighten out the piece, and it looks great. The hanging bracket is welded to the back and cannot be adjusted, so if you get one that is crooked, it will hang crooked. This is the reason for the 4 stars. But i love the piece and it looks great on my wall.

The colors are not what i expected. You can barely see the colors unless you turn the lights on. I’m not pleased but i will make it work.

I don’t know why people are posting that the colors aren’t bright or are hardly visible. Even after reading those comments, i went ahead and ordered this piece and find it to be colorful and oh-so-beautiful. No, the colors are not bright, but they’re not bright in the picture either. They are supposed to be subtle, and that they are.

I am very happy with seller and service, but the product came up a little short. The colors in the mid section were not very colorful under dim lighting. I repainted all the colored sections. Now i am very happy with it.

Had trouble with hanging it though. It doesn’t hand straight without something other than the supplied hook. Other than that, it is very pretty and exactly what i wanted for my office. The color is much softer than what is pictured.

We hung this outside on our long, beige garage wall. Several of our neighbors were really impressed.

Yes miss honey, i recommend this, i love mine. You go out and get one, it’ll really dress up your boring walls that you all have, i’m sure.

I have two fireplaces in my home, one being in my tv room which is unused. I’ve searched in vain for a piece of art to place in the opening and when i found this piece i ordered it immediately. It arrived quickly (amazon prime) and was packaged well, maybe even over-packaged. Upon opening the box i was very pleased, amazed actually, with the looks and excellent construction. Nothing like what i had expected. I thought this thing would be made of lightweight tin but it’s very solid and ruggedly-built iron. My plan is to mount it, turned horizontally, with the round shape at the top, and centered in the opening of the firebox. In that positiom it looks fantastic, with several pieces of modern pottery on the sides of the hearth. It’s been said here that the colors are not as vivid as expected.

It doesn’t look too industrial despite the metal framing. It’s warm and sophisticated and very modern.

Love this piece it is a great addition and the colors are wonderful.

I was some what disappointed in this item due to the color in it wasn’t as pictured and after buying the two smaller ones that had the color as pictured i almost returned it but it was a gift and they were not satified but kept it anyway. I don’t recommend this at all.

Colors are mostly painted over by black paint and there is no way to hang sideways.

It gives a room a rustic but modern feel. The colors are good, not over bearing. I wasn’t looking for bold or loud colors. . This fit the bill perfectly. This piece accents the rest of my decor perfectly without being intrusive. Also, it’s very light weight and easy to hang but strong and sturdy.

This plaque looks very nice on the wall, but the design makes one side heavier than the other, so it will not hang straight using the attached hanger. I had to place an inconspicuous nail to one side so that it would hang straight. Nice looking but poor hanger design.

However, not carefully balanced and having only one place for a hook hangs with a tilt. Given the design, it’s very hard to straighten it without exposing your efforts. So, i kept it but had to find a different place to hang from what initially planned.