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Coaster Contemporary Chrome Arched Floor Lamp, Not bad productfor the price

So happy i ordered this lamp as i was looking at lamps triple the price and decided i had nothing to lose by tying this. Very sturdy base and assembly was easy – box was heavy but was able to quickly assemble by myself (directions are printed on box in multiple places – no paper directions). Buy this lamp if you want a high quality item for a great low price.

I’m really digging this lamp. It’s really great quality,not cheap at all. When i look at it i still can’t believe i got this for under $90. It did not come with instructions,but it was sooo easy to put together. There was no damage,ir was packed well, and nothing was missing. The marble base is so solid and heavy that if you are not careful,you could break a toe. In the base of the lamp pole there is an inner screw that you keep unscrewing until it’s long enough to go through the hole in the marble base, then you tighten the washer and nut to fix the pole to the base. You make sure you unscrew the light fixture and place the half dome metal circleover the metal dome with the holes, then screw the light assembly together. You can also adjust the length that the curved top pole stretches out by twisting the adjustable metal thingy that attaches the two poles.

The lamp in theory is great and does the trick. It’s interesting to assemble a product that doesn’t actually require items being bolted together. The lamp head, for example, requires a part to be screwed into the top (like a bottle cap, versus with bolts), and then two other parts basically ‘sit’ together without any real attachment. I doubt i will be bumping into the lamp all that often, and so i’m sure things will stay in tact. The photo provided makes the lamp appear deep in its bend, where as i feel the lamp i received is taller and less deep. The packaging was damaged upon arrival, likely due to the heavy base, and so the area where the light bulb goes is crooked, and the curved portion of the metal base is ever-so-slightly askew. If someone isn’t staring hard at it, they likely won’t notice (or care). I care because i spent money on this item, however it’s not damaged enough for me to return it.

Key specs for Coaster Contemporary Chrome Arched Floor Lamp:

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  • Contemporary arched lamp in chrome finish with brushed steel and marble base
  • Take home one of these stylish floor lamps to illuminate your living room, office or bedroom
  • Made in China
  • It measures 28 L x13-3/4 Wx 85H (Inches)

Comments from buyers

“Not too Bad for the Nice Price, Well Constructed Lamp, This thing is a gorgeous BEAST.”

The lamp arrived in good condition. Shipment was quick considering that it only had to come from a local warehouse in my area. Even so, the box had a few dents given the size of the package, but the contents were well packaged with styrofoam protecting it in all the right places. Perhaps if they packaged the item in heavier gauge cardboard it would handle the trip better, but not a showstopper at all. Prior to shipping, furniture creations sends the buyer an e-mail giving extensive and well detailed information on what to expect regarding shipping of furniture items. Large furniture items such as couches, sofas, etc. Lamps such as this one ship via fedex. This is a well constructed lamp with a nice appearing nickle finish. In purchasing this lamp one needs to consider where they are going to locate the base and stand, as it has the initial impression of being huge.

So, i have pretty much never written a review on here, mainly because i’m really lazy, but this really is an amazing bargain. I have been looking for one of these lamps for ages, and i have been holding off pulling the trigger on this particular one because of some of the negative reviews, plus i really couldn’t believe that a lamp that routinely costs $350 to $1000 in stores could possibly be purchased for so little, but when i saw it at $87 i thought it was well worth the risk. It honestly is exactly the same as the much more expensive ones you see in stores – solid marble base, around 8ft high at it’s apex, swivel head etc. There are a lot of complaints about the packaging. But mine came pretty much triple boxed – a box within a box, plus they had reinforced the corners with extra cardboard, so it arrived perfectly. Maybe i just got lucky, but i have absolutely no complaints. Took 10 minutes to assemble, although you do need two people to do it since the base is so heavy. It even comes with a spanner to tighten the base screw. I was a little confused by the fact that the screw that goes through the marble base seemed too short, but it unscrews to extend through the base. I can’t believe that they sell this for so little.

Only drawback is you need to figure it out. The base to the arm assembly wasn’t obvious. Luckily stumbled upon the threading of the nut onto the arm. It if we tried what looked like the right thing. Just needed to be screwed on vs trying to remove the cap.

I have a small apartment and was looking for a floor lamp that would arc but not all the way into the living space. Also i didn’t want to spend a lot of $$$. This gave me exactly what i wanted. The package arrived pretty quickly. I had no idea that the box would be so heavy. The marble base was not easy to lift and maneuver. The directions are on the outside of the box printed on the box. You will need to have a phillips screwdriver handy for the small screw that attaches the arc together.

Finding this lamp at such a low price on amazon was great. Personally, i’ve never spent this much on a lamp before though but we have a modern style sectional and wanted something that fit in with the decor. It’s perfect for our living room and i know we’ll get complements on it. We get a lot of natural light so i’m looking forward to seeing it what it’s like in the evening. It’s sturdy enough (especially with the marble base) but if you get nervous about things that lean a little you might want to reconsider. Assembly was a headache for sure and the instructions are vague at best. **when loosening the joint to extend the arm you must turn it to the right not the left. I learned this the hard way and scratched up the joint (with a wrench) trying to figure out how to extend it out but after some angst and cursing i got it done. I will be buying a a chrome bulb later on to see how that effects the lighting. Overall, pretty happy with this purchase.

First let me say the package arrived intact, however when i removed the marble base it had two large chunks taken out of it(see photos) the chunks were not in the box, i think it happened at the sellers. The lamp is very easy to put together its common sense, they did include directions, the lamp is very well made and the arch is the same as the 1970’s lamps. Its very sturdy and looks great with modern furniture, thinking about getting another for my bedroom. I am very happy i took a chance with all the negative reviews, and photos of lamps that are not but together correctly. I will buy another for my bedroom, i have a tiny home and this looks perfect check out my photos. Customer service is sending another base, very happy with light.

I’ve purchased three of these over a year. I put them over my huge sectional couch. I love the pattern that they make on the ceiling. Two of them came with chipped or scratched bases, but the seller gave me a choice between a discount or to replace the bases. (by the way, they are 7 feet tall at the highest.

I was skeptical at first reading about how the marble base was chipped or the lamp wasn’t what it’s shown in the picture. But i still ordered and i have to say i am not dissapointed at all. The marble base was in perfect condition the arc is perfect. The lamp sways a little but that’s because i have it on a carpet, i am sure it would be rock stable on a hardwood floor. My suggestion to anyone reading this is go for it, and you wouldn’t be dissapointed. Also get the ‘ bulbrite 60g25hm half chrome 60w globe shape bulb’ which goes hand in glove with this lamp.

Instructions are lousy, printed on outside of accessory box. Be careful with the screw on top of base post, it is easy to strip. The threaded screw rod on bottom of base pole can be screwed out to meet the nut. Works best with the chrome backed lights available on amazon. The lamp extends from top by lamp, just loosen the knurled nut and pull out.

I had been on the fence for some time about ordering this lamp because of some of the negative reviews. I just kept obsessing about it and finally took the plunge. We received it today—faster than expected—and we are soooo pleased. My mechanically-challenged husband had no problem whatsoever and we had it out of the box, put together and enjoying it all within 20 minutes.It is so beautiful and exactly what we needed in our lake house over the couch. The marble base is very attractive and heavy as others have mentioned, and it does take two people to screw the pole into the base so plan on that. The instructions were printed on the inside of the box but honestly we didn’t even need the instructions. It does comes with the wrench that you will need for tightening the pole to the base. We have a 100-watt reflective bulb in it and i bought a floor dimmer switch to put on it which i’m glad i did now. The lamp looks much more expensive than it is and it puts out a neat light pattern on the ceiling. We seriously could not be more pleased. Amazon rocks yet againupdate. Since this picture was taken, we discovered you can extend the top of the pole out by another foot or so and it looks even better.

I intended on purchasing the $400ish knockoff of this designer style lamp. It occurred to me to see if amazon had the knockoff at a better than $400 price. $100 for this lamp, i was sure it was too good to be true. But the reviews were promising so i gave it a shot. Blown away by how large, high quality, sturdy and beautiful this light is for the price. Looks like i paid much more than i did. I was worried that, being such a low price would mean it would be cheap and possibly tip over. My husband tested it several times when we put it up, trying to bump into it to see if it would tip and each time, it bounced back to the base and never fell. Purchased the recommended silver tipped bulb in 60 watt and the output is greatcan’t believe i got this gorgeous lamp for the price.

Looks very nice when set up. The base is very heavy which makes putting it together a little challenging for one person, but with two people it’s a snap. Packaging was messy but sufficient to protect the lamp. Make sure you read the other review for this product – apparently there’s one particular company that’s fulfilling this order and the product is a crappy knock-off. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case for me.

But seriously, this is a really nice and cool-looking lamp, especially at this price. It has a nice, solid look to it that gives the impression of a much more expensive piece then you actually paid for. The base is very heavy so be prepared for a hefty delivery box, but it needs to be to support the arch and weight of the light. Also, the lamp projects some pretty cool retro-looking light patterns on the surrounding walls due to the holes in the upper sides of the design. Everyone that sees this lamp at our place gives us compliments and is surprised when we tell them what is cost.

It took about 30 minutes to put together. The bottom is so heavy but it needs to be or else it would fall over. I love the pattern it leaves on the walls. I bought the chrome light to go in it.

A little difficult to put together but turned out perfect for my space.

Glad that we read the reviews which told us how to put it together. We had no trouble at all, it took about 10 minutes i just ignored the ‘instructions’ which were printed on the box since they were of no help. My special silver coated glare resistant bulbs will be in tomorrow. Glad i got them since looking at the regular light bulb isn’t very pretty. The marble base is beautiful and of course very heavy. This lamp will not fall over. Everything arrived in perfect condition.

I compared several different retailers to find the ‘arc’ lamp that was the best combination of price, quality, and look – this lamp arrived on time to the midwest, us, and was easy to assemble. The hardest part of assembly was moving the base, as it is somewhat heavy – if you are on the lighter side, you may need one other person to help set the lower portion. In terms of aesthetics, it’s beautiful. Personally, i think it looks its best when the top portion is fully extended (see attached photo) – the semi-circle curve makes a room feel much ‘gentler. ‘i did see reviews complaining about the screw in the middle portion being unaligned – i actually thought this was the case for mine, but i realized that i wasn’t holding the middle part completely tight to the bottom – make sure that it is absolutely even and flush, and the screw will go in securely and easily.

Looks nice and gives me the light and look i want.

Nice looking lamp and good vendor response (very heavy solid marble base arrived chipped/cracked but vendor responded quickly by sending replacement base(which could also have been better packed though double-cartoned (poor grade cardboard cartons) and styrofoam packing wedges-maybe not dense enough?- did not hold up – inadequate considering weight of the item, even though shipped only from the los angeles area to the san francisco bay area. The lamp was easy to assemble. I only wish that the lamp shade could have been more flexible. Otherwise, i would have given it 5 stars.

I’ve liked the look of this type of floor lamp for a while, but they have been out of my budget. I decided to give this one a chance. The shipping was quick – less than a week. The box was in decent shape; don’t throw it away immediately as the instructions on how to put together the lamp are on the box itself. Before trying to put this lamp together, grab yourself a phillips screwdriver and a wrench. You will use the wrench to remove the bolt and washers from the pole, then you will use your hand to unscrew the screw base they were on to elongate it. This was the most confusing part of the installation, i realized i could elongate the screw portion just by chance. You will need to remove a tiny screw from the metal pole to insert the arched part, then put the screw back in to secure it together. The lamp is heavy, good quality materials, but the shade is a bit wonky (two pieces that don’t lay very well together but lucky near impossible to see once the lamp is together and upright) and the arch is not nearly as dramatic as pictured or expected. I bought a 100watt chrome-bottom bulb and it provides comfortable light for my windowless office.

I received the box and was dreading opening it because of the previous reviews. I opened it and it was not nearly as bad as i expected. The styrofoam wasn’t all crushed up and in particles. There were loose beads but nothing more than expected when there is a real heavy marble base. It was very easy to put together. There was a 1/4 inch chip in the base where the pole went into. It’s small, can’t really see it so really no biggie. The wire was pinched by one of the poles and the wire was almost visible.

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