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Coaster Home Furnishings Oversized Faux Leather Storage Ottoman Dark Brown – Amazing quality! Again!

This was purchased for my husband for christmas. We have four kids, so i had to shop for something that looked like it would hold up to jumping, rolling, crawling, stuffing, etc. It’s holding up to the girls just fine, and it’s big enough inside to hold dvd or wii game cases. We keep all of our wii accessories, games, and family movies in there. It’s super comfortable, and just the right height for a foot stool. It’s big enough that my husband and i can both use it at the same time while sitting on the couch. The only problem is that when it came, there was a broken piece near the hinge of the lid on one side. We weren’t sure at first if it was broken, or if it was supposed to be that way. A few days of our older kids sitting on it to play the wii during christmas vacation exacerbated it, and now you can really feel and see that it is split in there.

The material finish reminds me of my grandmother’s fine antique furniture protected by plastic covering. Except more like saran wrap pressed on it. The legs feel like foam and have a reddish gleen as if they were originally designed to be cannon balls at a children’s circus show. I was hoping for the item to look ‘like’ the advertised picture. My cat enjoyed chasing the buttons on the top that started popping off when i sat my feet on the lid. For the entertainment, i recommend this item; it was worth the price just for laughs.

I received my ottoman yesterday and after screwing the feet into the bottom – fortunately the only assembly required – one of the feet snapped off when i turned the ottoman upright. An insert that the feet are screwed into had snapped completely off the frame. Fortunately, i was able to put it back on with some wood screws. I’m not very happy about that, but arranging a return would have been problematic since i could only get the ottoman out of the box it shipped in by tearing the box apart. The rest of the ottoman seems sturdy enough but i was surprised that when you open the top, there’s no way to lock the hinge to keep it open. Given the other glowing reviews here, maybe i just ended up with a lemon, but i can’t help feeling a bit disappointed.

  • Wow, very nice and prime shipping in 20 hours!
  • Great deal for the price
  • Mostly Great, One Small Problem

I have had this for a little over a year now and i am very pleased. It is a good quality, and just as pictured. It has a very nice storage area and looks way more expensive than it was. I had done research and priced several other ottomans that were not nearly as nice as this one is and for more money. My living room is very small and i needed storage space and a place to prop feet from the sofa. Whenever i have company i serve drinks on a serving try and it works out nicely. Assembly was very easy (single mom here did it in just a few minutes) the free shipping is great incentive as well. Great product, highly recommend.

I have a bad habit of reading the bad reviews *after* i order, so i stared skeptically at this for several days expecting it to fall to pieces or evaporate or something- it’s aok though. It’s much nicer and more substantial than target’s similarly priced faux leather tufted ottoman. Maybe 4-6′ wider and longer. Quality is fine- i would guess it would be 2-300 bux in a furniture store. Bit darker than pictured; i would post a pic- but it makes it seem too dark. I would say it’s more espresso than dark brown. My only complaint would be that the seam on the trim is off center on the hinge side; so i have the hinge side pointed toward the loveseat this is paired with as the other side looks nicer. All in all a good value though- very quick shipping. I suspect if i don’t let my kids (who ruin everything they look at- good thing they’re cute. ) play on this, it will hold up just fine.

Features of Oversized Faux Leather Storage Ottoman Dark Brown

  • Set includes: One (1) ottoman
  • Materials: PVC, flakeboard, plywood, hardwood and sponge
  • Fabric Color: Dark Brown
  • Finish Color: Dark brown
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Tufted accents
  • Storage compartment
  • Upholstery type: Leatherette

You just can’t tell it’s faux leather, the quality is outstanding. The seams are well stitched. The upholstery tension is just right for use as a coffee table, while allowing comfy cushioning for seating if used as a bench. Lots of storage space, easily giving me room for 2-3 queen size blankets and a pillow or two. There are soft-close hinges to prevent crushing curious little fingers on close. My only gripe is the paint job on the screw in feet; the medium/dark cherry finish was not uniform, but you can’t really tell once they’re on the ottoman. 99 3 year warranty on stains, punctures, rips and breakage etc. Offered in the cart, this ottoman is absolutely a great buy.Caution: the well packaged shipping box weighs over 70 lbs so you may need help getting it into the house.

For the price, this is a great piece of furniture. It is well made and sturdy and comes put together. I love the storage as it holds a lot. It really completes our bedroom. It takes a beating from our dogs jumping on it to get to the bed and it still looks brand new. Best purchase i have made in a long time. The color is exactly as shown – a chocolate brown. It also scoots easily on our laminate floor for cleaning under. It sets well too and could hold a very, very large person.

This ottoman is very nice in actuality. I thought it would be a chocolate brown, but it is like a dark cocoa brown. The color is ok for our purposes. The length is perfect for us because it is for a loveseat sofa. This is filling a small living space for us and the storage is helpful.This ottoman is versatile because it can be used as a footstool, storage space, ‘coffee table’ and expansion of a loveseat into a ‘lay down’ type of space.

The look of it and frame are great. But after having it in our tv room 3 weeks with moderate use as a coffee table we can see where the vinyl around one of the buttons is pulling and exposed the white stuffing underneath. If we bought it at a store i’d have returned it by now for bad craftsmanship. But it’s too much of a hassle online so we’re keeping it, especially since its too hard to find another bench this size and price and 99% of the time your never notice it.

This my second unit, my first one held up for about five years. The moves and teenagers finally damaged the hinges and the edges of the unit. I still have it just in the not in the living room anymore.

The price of this ottoman seemed too good to be true, but we tried it anyway. I would not have ordered furniture on-line if it weren’t for amazon prime. That being said, this is a nice ottoman. The leather-like material is a good quality and has a nice feel. The hinged top stayed up and the piece as a whole seemed very sturdy and well made. The problem we had with this piece was that the tufted upholstery on the top was not straight. You could easily see how the buttons drifted off to the lower right corner – very noticeable. I would have hated to have to pay for the return shipping on this one.

I have had this ottoman for almost 4 years and it is still in excellent condition despite a lot of use and abuse. My kids were 5 and 7 when i got it and our great dane uses it as a way to get to her favorite corner of the couch. It is used heavily every day and i have had only one button come off. I tacked down the material around the button indent and sewed the button back on and that worked. The amount of storage is amazing as well. I store blankets and comforters in it. I highly recommend this ottoman.

It’s really nice look dark brown ottoman. It had everything in good condition. I was looking for what i wanted something that would look good have it in my master bedroom and store bed liners and blankets in it behide my bed what i needed for store and sit to change socks, shoes. This is really great quality for the price and look way more expensive. You won’t be disappointed and you will love it. Yes it is described ottoman.

The shipping was fast and there was no outside damage to the box. The ottoman, itself is a rich chocolate brown color and is truly sturdy. However, imagine my surprise when i opened the box and found no invoice from the company nor feet for the ottoman. In the box, under the lid and even under the ottoman itself, thinking it was enclosed in a zip up compartment. I contacted the company via email through amazon’s site. Will keep everyone posted regarding their timely response and how fast they solve customer issues. Otherwise, it’s a very nice ottoman, it just now looks more like a fancy trunk. Update: i contacted superior importers to ask if they could send me the feet to the ottoman.

Despite my concerns about it looking potentially cheap i have found that in person, it looks quite nice. The leather like material has held up well but keep in mind we do not have children. It only takes a moist cloth to wipe it clean and an occasional vacuum around the buttons. We store extra blankets and a comforter inside. It came in a box with the legs unattached so you just have to screw on the legs and you’re good to go. I imagine that you could change out the leg style to change the ottomans appearance but i rather like the stubby wooden legs.

Really looks and feels like leather. Is very nice quality, and comes all in one piece except for screwing on the legs, which is easy. It is in front of my two br windows, and they can look out the windows at the view or nap in the sun, and enjoy the breezes. Wish it was deeper in the storage area, really, but i am still happy with it. All the ones i have seen are never very deep in the storage area. Sturdy to sit on, looks a lot more expensive than it was, and the color goes great with my dark walnut br suite. Would look great at the foot of my bed, but not enough space between bed and dresser. I store my throws inside it.

Ordered on 10-19 and received today 10-25. I requested a tracking number twice from the seller and never received it. Had to call my local fed ex to track it. Luckily they were able to assist without a number. That’s poor customer service to me on the sellers part for not responding and providing in the first place. Ottoman is nice however, the legs are no where near the same color as the photo. They are a very light reddish brown color and one of the legs was scratched up. Now i will need to purchase some stain to match and take the time to stain something properly that should have been included in the purchase. This is very noticeable and should have replaced before shipping.

I’ve had a storage trunk in our living area for the past decade for the kids toys, games & crafts. Its been repaired a few times over the years, and finally it fell apart a couple days before christmas. I was looking for a storage ottoman, and i did not want to spend a lot of money. I was a little nervous hoping the item was as good as it looked. I’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for. But i took the chance and ordered it. I was really pleased when it arrived to find the item to be better than i expected. The color is true to the picture, a deep dark chocolate brown, the tufted top is well done and looks much more expensive that it cost. The hinges on the lid seem to be good quality and work smoothly. The lid stays up when lifted and closes without slamming back down when closing.

Bought this ottoman as an extra sitting space for family hanging about our living room during holiday gatherings. It is larger than what we could find in the local furniture stores and at fraction of the price. It was missing a slider on one foot peg but other than that, it worked as we had intended and looks great. It has since moved next to a window and serves as storage space for board games.

I have been looking for about 2 years for a storage bench for our foyer. I had found this one about a year ago but wanted to be sure i couldn’t find one that was better somehow. I couldn’tthe price is better than any other i checked out. I found some that i liked equally as well but they were in the 700$ price range – no thank youi love the storage option – some others utilized baskets under them and that wasn’t the look i was going for. The compartment for storage is nicely lined with some sort of black facing material. We are going to store winter hats, scarves & gloves in this. Possibly our boots too – they will fit lying down. The legs on this are short and substantial – so when the kids plop down i believe they will hold up. The legs are also solid, real wood.

I purchased this to go in front of my sectional as a table/ottoman. I have put a small flat tray in the center and put a colorful arrangement of baby pumpkins and leaves and pine cones on it for the fall season. I can move it around although it is not a light piece, during christmas when the family comes for extra seating and it allows for plenty of room in the middle of the floor. I don’t have a real large living room. The buttons are tight, the color is a dark brown and it opens to reveal a huge area to store items. I keep my yankee candles in there and remotes, dvd’s cookbooks, or whatever i want to hide away. It is great to put your feet up now and there is no damage to it as it isn’t a table. The grandson won’t get hurt around it and i just put a small table cloth over it if he wants to play ‘cars’ on it. It came shipped totally put together and all the hubby had to do was screw the legs on.

I really wanted to love this item, but there are few problems. The leg color did not match the item description. Contacted the company, and was told they cannot be liable for color variations. They color is clearly not as described, the espresso colored ottoman has dark red legs. I wished they would have added that to the description. There was also some identations to one of the coners which they agreed to partial refund. If not for the hassle involved i would have returned the furniture. *update*this ottoman didn’t last very long, the hinges broke after a couple of months, buttons started coming off. We barely used the storage, and the fabric inside started to rip.

Ok, so firstly, i ordered this around 3 pm yesterday and it arrived at 10 am this morning – gotta love that prime membership – there were cheaper prices, but once you added shipping it was less than $10, and i have waited weeks for other companies to send stuff, so i trust amazon fulfillment to deliver when requestedsecondly, this item is really good quality – it does look like leather, it’s very nicely made, lots of storage, easy to assemble, not that heavy to move by yourself if you have to (i’m 5 ft and had to carry it upstairs, another person would have helped a bit). The photo on amazon is pretty good at representing the color – it is a very dark brown – it is not a medium or milk chocolate kind of brown. Lots of storage room inside, but only about 8-9 inches deep, but very wide and long so wuld easily fit blankets, a couple of pillows etc. Now, to answer some of the bad reviews you may have read giving it one star:- this item said made in 2010, but wherever mine was stored it didn’t smell and there was no plastic smell after it was unwrapped either. – the legs i got were the right ones, but were more of a cherry/ mahogany color and i would call the ottoman more of a dark mahogany color – that might bother some people (doesn’t bother me). – i checked the item thoroughly, all the lines on the top of the ottoman line up nicely and are well sewn and sturdy looking. – there were a couple of loose staples on the underside attaching the mesh that tidies up the bottom (underside) of any furniture – i realized those staples had gone in crooked and totally missed the frame, so i took a small hammer, lined them up at a different angle and tapped them back in and all fixed – make sure you check this and fix it right away or the whole thing could start to separate and it’s an easy fix. – the legs lined up nicely and went on easily, didn’t have any issues that people have mentioned with those legs. – the hinges are very sturdy – the lid stays open nicely (doesn’t fall at all) when you’re adding things and the lid closes down tightly so it looks just like a seat – this way you have hidden storage. I have added a couple of photos – one of the piece by the end of my king size bed and one of it open to give you an idea of how big it is – check them out at the top in the photos area.

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