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Cotton Craft Hand Knitted Cable Style Dori Pouf – Beige – Floor Ottoman – 100% Cotton Braid Cord – Handmade & Hand stitched – Truly one of a kind seating – 20 Dia x 14 High – Stylish and Sturdy

I really love the look of these. They were exactly the same size as i anticipated. I ordered two in cream, and the color was great. They are very solid construction (hard, so you can put your feet on them or a tray without tipping). My husband thinks they are the oddest trend and mentions it every time he uses them, which is multiple times a day 🙂 the material that the ball is made with is very sturdy and a little course. It feels like it will last for quite a while. The only reason i can’t give this five stars is because one of them arrived as the picture of perfection. The second one arrived slightly lop sided and oddly shaped. It wasn’t so much that i went through the hassle of returning it, but i definitely notice it when i walk in the room. Because it is packed so tightly, it isn’t the type of thing that you can push around to reshape it.

Beautiful and works perfectly in front my couch. It is way smaller than expected but it does fit the dimensions. It’s pretty hard and stands up to my 5 year old sitting and jumping on it. The fabric is not soft as i was expecting. Overall, it’s beautiful piece in our living room.

So cute and makes a perfect seat or ottoman in my town house. Here are the specifications for the Cotton Craft Hand Knitted Cable Style Dori Pouf – Beige – Floor Ottoman – 100% Cotton Braid Cord – Handmade & Hand stitched – Truly one of a kind seating – 20 Dia x 14 High:

  • 20″ Hand Knitted Cable Style Dori Pouf – Floor Ottoman – Beige
  • Hand knit beanbag chair/foot rest
  • Size: 20 Inches Diameter x 14 Inches Height
  • Care should be exercised near open flames or with burning cigarettes.
  • Shop with confidence and trust. You will be delighted with your purchase.

After reading many, many terrible reviews i decided to gamble and order this pouf ottoman anyways. Luckily, the one i received was in good condition and has worked out for us. I’m using it in my son’s nursery paired with a rocker/glider chair. This pouf works great because of its round shape and ability to rock with the chair. I also like that it’s light weight and can be tossed to the edge of the room if i want more floor space. The look is great and the teal color is a nice teal. I would recommend this, however, i understand that other buyers have not had the good experience that i have had.

This is just as cute as pictured, but i expected it to be way softer. I expected it to be kind of like a bean bag pouf. Instead it’s very tough and not flexible. Just a note to someone who may be looking for something soft.It’s super cute though and works great as a footstool.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I bought this ottoman in January and was so happy with it
  • Beautiful in my home
  • Just ordered a second one after unpacking the first one!!

I have had this product for almost 10 months now and it has held up the shape very well. I have purchased poufs in the past which just shrunk to the ground in just a few months. But this one is pretty sturdy. Also its knit beautifully all around so top/bottom does not matter so much.

Really cute and goes well with the nursery. A little stuff but i’m sure it’ll loosen over time. My only complaint is that it’s pretty dirty. Looks like it got rolled around on a shelf before being sent out. Pretty disappointed in that for what it costs but i’m sure they all look that.

The color went with our chair and carpet perfectly, we were very happy with that. The pouf otherwise looks exactly like shown is a nice addition to our family room. As with all poufs, you need to rotate them to prevent them from getting flat in certain spots. They do ‘deflate’ over time and become a bit misshapen.

I just recently moved to la and chose a color scheme of white and gray. I bought two of these to go next to my sofa table (on each side). They are comfy/stiff at the same time. Great pattern, and very strong and good quality material. My dog tried to bite/rip them and nothing happened. I also bought these on amazon because of the price. I found similar ones in cb2 where i originally looked for $120. Buying two of these for $60. 00 were a steal, and they look and feel great in my living room.

After using this item for one week i have noticed it is very uneven. I’ve tried to bolster it up by squishing it, but to no avail. Unfortunately, after receiving the first ottoman and after only a few days, we ordered a second one so we would have a his and hers. We are not very pleased at this point with the performance of these items. I will say they are very decorative but do not function as promised. I am very disappointed in this product, especially for the pricei want to edit my review regarding this product. After using it for several weeks i’ve noticed the item has evened out. In fact, you can turn the ottoman and rest your feet at intervals and it will even itself out. Actually, i have sat on it and has evened itself out also. Sorry for the first review which wasn’t very good.

I’m in between a 3 and 4 star for two reasons. One, mine came already flattened down and squished more then i would like. Also this item is surprisingly light. I plan on using it with a glider and i don’t think it will stay in place. A slight tap and item moves, pretty disappointed in that. . ) i have discovered that item is a inflated rubber ball covered with bag and then rope. I’m contemplating popping that ball and filling with heavy fluff. However, i have also discovered that one can spray paint the crap outta item and it works pretty well. I got black but upon changing room ideas i decided that navy blue was better. I wish amazon would like me attach pictures using my phone but alas not yet an option.

As you can tell by the five stars, i’m a big fan of the pouf. Mine is ivory, but no doubt it would be just as fabulous in any of the other colors. I use mine as a footstool in our bedroom seating area, and it does its job beautifully. I am guessing, as the need arises, that i will buy another to use in another room in our home. I must comment on the photo that an unhappy customer posted of a collapsed pouf; in order for that to happen, someone would have had to jump up and down on it until the inner lining exploded allowing the fill material to leak out. I can’t imagine any other scenario than ‘pouf abuse’.

This was purchased to use as a foot stool with a rocker in my new baby’s nursery with hopes to use it as a seat for him in the coming years. It is nice and firm, great as a foot stool and will support an adults weight as a stool. The color in the photo is very accurate and lovely in person. The cotton yarn it is knitted from is smooth and soft but still sturdy.

This little poof ball arrived timely. It is firm, the weave is tight and there are no gaping holes. I got the grey shade which matches this photo. The only complaint i have is that it had small rope ties for some tag or something on it, and they are still there, because i’m afraid to damage the weave on the ball by cutting them off. Good productupdate: purchased in april, 2016–updated october, 2016. I downgraded my review from 5 to 3 stars. After a little less than 6 months of use, the pouf is completely deformed. It is utilized just for propping up feet about 1. The knot that ties it has been visible the entire time i’ve owned it.

I read all the reviews before ordering these poufs. They were exactly as described and the photo was true to color. I purchased two of the teal and would recommend.

Most people that give bad reviews is due to it going flat. It isn’t supposed to be a chair but something for your feet. The added pressure of sitting will surely flatten it. I was waiting for the ivory to be back in stock and jumped on it quickly.

It’s a perfect stool for in front of the rocking chair, and it’ll be a perfect place for him to sit as he gets older.

It was delivered pretty fast and packaged well. Its very sturdy i could not find in flaws with my product at all. The only thing that was needed was a little reshaping which i just tap on the sides and top thats it. Fyi this is a foot rest not something you sit on. Unless you weigh like 15 pounds. Again it very well made and its beautiful i love the look it added to my living room. I will recommend this product to my friends and family.

Ordered the ivory stool for our chair in the nursery and it came exactly as pictured however it is a little smaller then expected. I’m 5’9 and my husband is 6’2 so we could use a bigger one but it will do bc it looks cute in the room.

Got two of these and had them for a while now. They are cute and have been holding up. Toddler sits and lays and rolls all over them and we use them as a foot stool and just for cute decor.

I got two poufs and they are so cute and are holding up so well even with my kids rolling them around sometimes and they love to sit on them. They look so nice in my living room.

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Cotton Craft Hand Knitted Cable Style Dori Pouf - Beige - Floor Ottoman - 100% Cotton Braid Cord - Handmade & Hand stitched - Truly one of a kind seating - 20 Dia x 14 High
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