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Couch Clamp – Sectional Sofa Connectors – These help a little bit. I have a huge

Before we had these, are sectional would keep creeping apart, forming a big gap. These have completely solved the problem–it’s like it’s a one-piece sofa now. I was initially concerned because my sofa legs taper a bit toward the floor, and so i thought the bands might gradually work their way down, but that hasn’t happened. Attaching them was fairly straightforward, but they are powerful bands, and so some caution has to be used.

I have a huge sectional that for some reason was made with out clamps. We have hardwood floors and these clamps help a little. The pieces still move a little but not as much as they did. I could see these working very well if you had carpet.

Update 12/21/17: these lasted about a year and a half then dried out and broke. I guess that’s the nature of rubber. I’ll be looking for another more permanent alternative. Keeps our sectional couch from sliding apart on the wood floors. Was a little tricky installing it on the inside corner piece of our couch but once it was on it was great. Hopefully these keep their strength for a long time.

  • AWESOME product!
  • Exceeded my expectations
  • Great, as long as your sectional has “normal” feet

Large inexpensive rubber bands. However, what they do is keep your sectional within a few inches of each other rather than across the room. You might still lose a wallet or cat in the gap.

Easy to install – great customer service when i accidentally broke one of the clamps. Should have bought this product years ago – works exactly as advertised. With tapered legs, i needed to drive a small nail into each leg so that the clamp would not slide down to the bottom of the leg and come off. Keeps my sectional together beautifully.

Features of Couch Clamp – Sectional Sofa Connectors

  • Won’t damage furniture
  • Most affordable sectional solution in the world
  • Durability which will continue to work for years
  • Nearly invisible once installed
  • Can be installed or removed in seconds

I had a section that frequently separated and slid on my hard wood floor. It was one of my biggest pet peeves. I had low expectations for this product. But i thought it was worth trying before i screwed brackets into the couch. This product exceeded my expectations. It has done a great job keeping my couch together. There has been some slight separation between the sections but nothing compared to before i bought the couch clamp. The legs on my couch are dark so they blend in well and go unnoticed by visitors. I would definitely recommend to anyone with a sectional that separates.

Why did i not buy these years ago?. Finally, our sectional couch is not sliding around when sat upon, creating giant chasms when unsuspecting guests sit down. These are basically huge rubber bands. They are a minor pain to put on as you need someone to hold both couch pieces up so that the second person can stretch them across, but well worth the effort. Best nine bucks i ever spent.

Works perfectly in keeping the sections of our sectional sofa together. The bands are strong and appear to be of good quality.

I had a real problem with my sectional moving apart on a daily basis. It was annoying to say the least. In the past i have used rubber circles under each leg but that didn’t do the trick. My sectional is partly on hardwood and partly on a rug. These sofa connectors work great. I am glad i found about this product and wish i had discovered it sooner.

These went on easily and hold the sectional pieces together. They have been on my sofa for a couple months now with zero problems.

With a seven piece sectional, i wondered how well these could work, but decided to try them first before any of the options that required drilling into my expensive couch. It wasn’t an issue in the last house with carpeting, but now it is on a wood floor and i quickly found that just laying on the couch could lead to falling in between sections – especially during the night, imagine waking up to that. I bought a bunch of these, 4 packs, and secured my couch as many ways as i could (which is very awkward of course, these bands are tight and trying to reach into tight spaces under the couch without seeing what you are doing isn’t ideal, but you only have to do it once, hopefully – i had one band slip off a month ago the day after they were first installed, no problems since). I can sleep all night on the couch if i want and the sections do not separate. There may be a little give that creates a little gap with pressure, but the sections push right back together and you can feel the band holding tight. I keep a blanket covering my sectional, so even the occasional little gaps don’t bother me at all. The legs on my couch are identical to the legs on the couch in the picture, but these bands should work on most legs, although tapered legs may be an issue that could cause the bands to slip off.

Are they giant, industrial rubber bands?. Are they a permanent solution?.Are they easy and reasonably quick to install, cheap af, and do the job at hand?. I don’t know why anyone would expect these to last a very long time, or to otherwise take the place of installed metal clamps (which are more permanent, more costly, and more labor-intensive), but until i want to bother with the heavy-duty stuff, these are just the very thing.

These worked while my couches were on carpet and they didnt move so freely and easily, but once i moved and my sectional was on hardwood floors and moved more freely just from sitting the bands wore out extremely quickly. I would not recommend these to anyone who has their sectional pieces on wood floors where they scoot around on the floor more easily.

These are great for just slipping on if you don’t want to use the more permanent c/u clamps. The couch will still shift a bit, but not like before. Works for what i need it to do. Editing my review from a few years of use down the line. These are great if you don’t need to move the couch around a lot. Otherwise they will break and have to be replaced. The couch will still slide a bit as well, so i suggest getting grip pads for the feet of the couch. Wish their elasticity wouldn’t wear out and make hem break.

Ought a new sectional that had ten pieces. I never expected these to work so well.

After purchasing a new sectional with a chaise/ottoman and having it delivered, i was told about finding connectors as the newer sofas didn’t come with them. After searching on google and reading reviews, i decided to try out these couch clamps. I was skeptical when they arrived as they looked like giant rubberbands. My skepticism wasn’t warranted though as they fit my triangle couch legs perfectly. They did slip a bit and it would be nice if one side was grooved to grip the legs but overall i’m pleased especially at this price.

These bands do a good job keeping my couch generally together, but do not keep the sections tightly connected as shown in the picture or like you might get with a metal clamp. However, they are much easier to use, and if it bothered me enough i could get another set and tighten it up a bit.

Super easy to put on and do the trick well. I was concerned that they would be ugly and showing but you can hardly see them.

Good idea but they won’t work for me because my sofa legs are too broad (maybe 4′ square). If your sectional has narrower legs , this seems like ti would be a good solution to the separation problem.

These work great as long as the feet on your center sectional piece line up with the feet on the attaching pieces. The connections are noticeable but not unsightly. My couch’s feet are slightly tapered and these bands slip off, but not very fast. My sectional has a chaise on one side so the front ‘foot’ of the chaise doesn’t line up with the front foot of the center section on that corner. Having this product on 3/4 corners of the connections really helps, and it seldom moves when paired with no-slip cabinet liner cut to fit under each of the feet.

This is not holding our couch sections together. After just 2 days the bands are stretching and there is a 6-12′ gap between the sections. Since these are giant rubber bands i expect that as time goes on the gap may get worse as they stretch out even more.

Since i read the reviews and q&a, i knew what i was getting. These aren’t ‘clamps’ but rubber bands and so far, they’re alright. They are obviously thicker than regular rubber bands but not quite as ‘heavy duty’ as i thought. I’ve seen rubber seals for jars that are more dense. Only time will tell how they will hold up. If they don’t hold up, my next try will be regular large rubber seals, o-ring style.

These things are crazy cool for keeping your sectional from slipping apart. They have enough stretch and give to make putting them on a breeze but are not so overly stretchy that the sections of the couch can be pulled away from each other.

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