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Dorel Living Brady Twin over Full Solid Wood Kid’s Bunk Bed – Perfect Space Saver

Two parts had cracks in them but we contacted the manufacturer and they sent us replacement parts with no questions. Easy to put together, looks great and i love that on down the road we can split them into separate beds. Does not support box spring but i’m ok with that, plenty comfortable without it.

So far so good, 2 months in and no cracks in my set. I feel the planks under the mattress could be better, if you buy a cheap thin set, you will feel them all. The only issue was the planks, some of them split while installing. Has to do with the design, they wanted more strength, so they used vertical sticks. But if you drive screws through it, it tends to split. Anyways, it works, just could have done it alittle different in my opinion. But over all good value so far.

You won’t find bunk beds for this price anywhere else. $250 is very cheap for twin over full wood bunk beds. As some of the reviews say, there are some small cracks in the wood after a few months but nothing severe. Overall i think the quality is good for the price i paid. Here are the specifications for the Dorel Living Brady Twin over Full Solid Wood Kid’s Bunk Bed:

  • Easily converts to two stand-alone beds, 1 twin and 1 full
  • Designed to accommodate a mattress without a box spring
  • Bed support slats included
  • Guardrails included
  • Features a ladder that can be installed in 1 location

It was easy to put together. But i do not recommend doing it alone. I’m a single mom and i didn’t think i needed any help. I mean, i’ve put things together by myself before, so a bunk bed?. Yeaahh, i woke up the next day to sore muscles, back pains, and somewhat sore, swollen fingers from the l wrench that came with it. I had no trouble following the directions but when it was time to assemble the top bunk, that was the real challenge, trying to keep all the top heavy pieces together using my head and shoulders while screwing and tightening every bolt and screw. Took me 4 hours to put it all together. My 4 year old daughter slept in it that very night, and i finally had my bed back – not that it matters, i usually pass out on the couch.

My wife and i finally agreed on a bunk bed for our four and three year old daughters after searching for what seemed an eternity. We were sending options back and forth, and just so happened to send this one to each other at the same time. It arrived quickly, and i was pleasantly surprised at the heaviness (indicating to me it was indeed solid, sturdy wood). My wife and i have had some horrid experiences in the past trying to follow instructions and put things together with each other. This bunk bed, however, was something of a miracle. We only yelled at each other once or twice, took one cigarette break, and somehow still managed to put it together in less than two hours. Our girls absolutely love it and so do we. Would absolutely recommend it to anybody searching for a cute, solid bunk bed.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very sturdy and pretty easy to put together
  • Decent quality for the price point. Requires two people move and assemble, and over four hours of assembly time with basic tools
  • In love with my daughters room!!!

The only negative thing i can say about this bed, is that it does take some time to put together and the number stickers do leave some residue behind when you peel them off. Some sweat and a few choice words for sure, but overall pretty strait forward construction if you follow the directions. I was concerned given some reviews that the quality was questionable but as far as i can tell it’s sturdy and it really does look great.

Our bunk bed arrived with the box completely opened. Of course, we assumed items would be missing/damaged. However, dorel has great customer service. We called to report which items were missing/damaged and dorel sent out replacement parts free of charge the same day. The best surprise for me was the amount of space beneath the bottom bed. It’s double in height from the previous bed we had. Storage space in our small house is hard to come by, so this was a big plusthe bed is on the cheap side. It’s definitely not heirloom quality, but it will do the job. It was easy enough for my husband to assemble with some quick assistance from me or my son at a few steps.

First of all, i read a lot of the reviews on this product. I was a little afraid when some people commented about cracked boards. I am an electrical contractor for thirty plus years. I watched two of my electricians put the bed together. Most importantly i am very impressed with the quality and solidness (if that’s a word) of this bed. The wood slats for the mattresses are spaced perfectly and in abundance. Excellent product and what a value for the money.

When i ordered it, it took about a week to get to me which wasn’t bad. The packaging is long and heavy. I couldn’t lift it up myself. I was able to kind of push it from the porch into my house and that’s where it stayed untili was ready to assemble it. The packaging was really good. I had all parts and none were broken. It’s wood pieces so there are some flaws in the wood which is expected. I started putting it together by myself and realized how much of a task it would be.

Was very impressed with the quality. We received it with no missing parts or cracks or breakage. Recommend using a drill to put together it will be faster. My two teens love it and it is very sturdy. After reading reviews i noticed that the white set had more of the issue with cracks and i ordered the black set. I will update to see if any develops, but i can’t imagine it happening since it’s so solid.

Seems like a great product for the price but still can’t give you my final answer. . Got started building this bunkbed to find out i was sent the wrong piece. Called for a replacement part and have now been waiting for over two weeks to complete this bed for my kids. As of now they’re having to share a bed.

I bought this for my 3 year old and 6 year old. It fits perfectly in there room and is very sturdy. My husband put it together in about an hour. My only complaint is that when we finally had the time to put it together a piece was broken from transit and the instructions were missing. But dorel has a very handy website that i could download the instructions from and i was able to order the broken piece as well at no charge. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that this bed comes with a 1 year warranty. All in all this was a great purchase despite the two small issues. I bought ply board for under the mattresses for support.

I love this bedit came within a couple of days in one long box. Everything was pretty compact, so there was limited waste in packaging, and the parts were all clearly labeled. It took two of us a total of about two hours to assemble the whole thing. Thanks to clear instructions, well-packaged hardware, and good labeling all around, it was a surprisingly simple project. There were a few dinged pieces, but nothing i can’t easily cover with a tad of white paint. And considering the cost, doesn’t give rise to lowering the rating to four stars. All in all, it’s a great value, a sturdy bunk bed, and it looks great.

I gave it three stars for one reason – the slats. Foam mattresses don’t really work on the slats they give you. I ended up going down to home depot and bought thing sheets of plywood to put over the slats so a foam mattress would work. Once it did that, it worked great, but it was a pain in the rear to do that. All in all our kids love it, it’s solid and sturdy, but if i were the manufacturer i’d take a hard look at your slat design, and start making it more foam-mattress friendly.

I love them and so does my daughter. It took me about 3 1/2 hours to put together and, i had to wait for my husband to get home to lift the twin up on to the full. My daughter is 9 and these were her birthday gift.

This bunk bed was very easy to assemble with clear directions and all parts were packaged nicely. It took me about 2 hours with my 4 and 5 yr olds helping. To speed up the process i used a drill with the hex bit. Some of the screws have to go in pretty far and with the supplied allen key, it was a pain. It seems very sturdy once assembled, the top bunk fits on the bottom with very large wooden dowels so you can unstack later on if needed. The box was pretty big, obviously, and weighed in around 120 lbs as i recall. Having someone to help you move it around is nice. When you unbox, there are a lot of pieces, so it’s nice to have an open area to lay things out for inventory. All the hardware comes packaged together and labeled nicely which i was very grateful for. The ladder is sturdy, and it can be screwed in place, however, that makes it very difficult to make the bottom bed, so we left it unscrewed.

It’s a decent bunk bed for the price. Like the other reviewers, i notice cracks along the wood as well. So far, it doesn’t seem to affect the overall structural support of the bed, but i guess we’ll wait and see. The space between the slats are too wide in my opinion. I am planning to buy a bunkie board for the top bunk to play it safe.

We received ours yesterday and the packaging was great. Everything was organized well inside of the box and easy to find. Once i got to finishing the bottom bunk i ran into trouble. One of the legs is broken and not able to be put on and i was sent an extra x piece instead of a y piece so i will need to drill a hole in it myself to get another leg in. I also ran into trouble with one other piece that didn’t have holes in it for the peg pieces to go into. Drilled those myself with no problems. Going to homedepot today to try to figure out the broken leg piece. Hopefully i can figure something out so that my husband can lay in the bed without worry of breaking it.

Two bolts broke and the manufacturer sent a whole hardware set in about a week. I moved the ladder to the other side and put in a slide. All 3 kids now sleep in baby brother’s room.

Overall, this is a decent quality, young children’s bed for the price point. There are some issues with quality control, primarily a result of lesser quality lumber, but not unexpected due to the cost. As shipped, the box requires two people to move around. Assembly is tedious, but only requires a second person to mount the upper bunk on the lower. A drill will greatly speed up assembly time. The bed is constructed from a combination of pine for the finished pieces and plywood/laminate for the mattress slats. It appears that the pine has not been dried completely before milling and some the pieces may develop cracks over time as a result. Obviously, cracks can weaken the bed’s structural integrity depending on their severity and location. In the three months since purchase, i have noticed only a few small cracks in the spacers between the top bunk slats, nothing that has given me concerns about integrity or safety. The bed requires full assembly, headers and footers are boxed as components, not completed pieces.

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