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Flash Furniture High Back Ribbed Leather Executive Swivel Chair – Sophisticated Comfort

I shoped for a chair for over 2 months. Wanted to get one at crate and barrel , but it was very uncomfortable. Went to a few stores and saw this model in letherette material. Felt compfy so i pulled a trigger on this one. Everything exactly what i expected at @ under $180. Good quality, everything heavy duty metal except wheels, which i dont care since it rolls on the hardwood floors. It does not roll from side to side when you sit in it -on the hardwood, which i am happy about (some type of plastic wheels can’t stay in place on hardwood floors). One complain is the smell, took over a month to get rid of it. Get ready for a smelly apartment with this chair-or open it and let it stay in garage for some time) everything else is great.

I replaced my big bulky ergonomic chair with this one. It’s comfortable, sleek, and fits into a small office space beautifully. It looks great and gives a sophisticated dash of style to your workspace.

This chair was packaged well, delivered ahead of schedule, and was simple to assemble. Although i’ve only had it two days – so i can’t be entirely sure of it’s durability – it seems to be constructed very well and is sturdy. The shape of the back lumbar support is perfect for me (5’10’) but seemed a bit too high for my wife (5’4′). It’s comfortable and keeps my posture good which is very important since i can spend anywhere from 3 to 8 hours per day in this chair behind a desk. While function and support are probably the most important factors for long hours in the chair, the look is also very elegant. The only knock on this chair is that i must apply significant pressure from my feet on the ground to tilt the chair back at all, and must maintain that pressure throughout the duration of the tilt. There is a tilt paddle under the seat but after trying to figure out how it works for several attempts, i’ve given up to avoid potentially damaging the chair. For me this is no biggie though. With that being said, this chair, in my opinion, is a great price and i researched the purchase and compared numerous other chairs before pulling the trigger on this model. I would recommend this chair to anyone who wants to add a beautiful piece to their modern office furniture.

  • I just received my chair today and it looks amazing in my office space
  • Nice looking and comfortable chair, functional and esthetic
  • Very fast assembly, very easy directions.

We bought these chairs to give our office conference room a high end look. And the chairs did not disappoint. We are very pleased with the quality and the materials used. They were very easy to put together and each took less than 3 minutes to assemble.

I bought this chair almost a year ago and i am still sitting in it. In fact, i am sitting in the chair while typing this review. I read that some reviewers had issues with this chair not lasting but i use this everyday and i have no problems so far. It does sit high so if you have a low desk i would take the measurements and see if this suits your area. As far as comfort is concerned, it’s not a la-z boy, it sits stiff and you can recline. The chair is easy to assemble.

Features of Flash Furniture High Back Black Ribbed Leather Executive Swivel Chair with Knee-Tilt Control and Arms

  • Contemporary Office Chair
  • High Back Design
  • Coat Hanger Bar on Back
  • Built-In Lumbar Support
  • Foam Molded Seat and Back
  • Dual Paddle Control
  • Locking Knee-Tilt Control Mechanism
  • Tilt Tension Adjustment Knob
  • Swivel Seat
  • Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment

There are two different bases in the photos, the one i received had the more pointed base, which is unfortunate as i was hoping it would match the chairs i already have in my conference room. Otherwise the quality is fine and it matches close enough.

Looks as good in person, and feels sturdy, with good base and wheels. Was concerned it might clash with my white ikea desk, but relieved when it looked great together. Only downside is that if i spend more than a few hours at my home desk, the thin profile design with minimal padding means it is not as comfortable for long desk sessions as other bulkier office chairs.

Beautiful looking, modern, and stylish. Fits well in any modern-looking office. I had to have one this style, so i went with this one. It seemed a little expensive but i’m glad i went for it. It has held up very well for the past year, the only complaint i have so far is that the metal arms scratch very easily. It is surprisingly more comfortable than you would expect. Packaging was interesting, it came seemingly half assembled, the back is one large piece (the back curved to the seat = one piece), it came in a very large box because of this so be prepared for that. It was then very easy to put together, only took about 5-10 minutes.

It looks good to me, how ever the finish isn’t very smooth on the crome part and the spring to tilt back is stiff, maybe i just need to brake it in ?. How ever it does fit nicely the box arrived broken with a hole in it so i thought it might of been damaged, it was not, it assembled very easily i would choose a chair with more padding next time.

The look and comfort of this chair is excellent. However, the assembly was a nightmare. What initially appeared to be a simple job of connecting 2-3 parts together ended up actually requiring my husband to take apart the pieces that had already come pre-assembled by the manufacturer. The chair came with critical pieces joined together backwards. Putting it all back together was physically extremely difficult as it required stretching the seat out to get pre-drilled holes to match up correctly. Luckily, my husband and teenage son were able to get it all fixed and now we have a comfortable, functioning, stylish chair. I am hoping this was a one time mistake by manufacturer and the rest are rolling off their line correctly as i would not wish this trouble on any other customers.

This chair is great (i’m sitting in it as i type this). The contour of the back is extremely comfortable, the leather seems to be of high quality, it was easy to assemble with the provided instructions, and looks great. My only complaint is the minimum height adjustment seems a bit high. I’m 5’11 with fairly long legs for my height, and my feet just barely brush the ground when i sit upright at the minimum height. Probably wouldn’t be good for anyone much shorter than me.

A handsome replica of the ‘eames aluminum group’ chair for those who don’t want to spend $1800. The tilt / lean has a lock, but the spring is far too tight to use the function even when loosened to the maximum. The height is also pneumatically adjustable. All of the reviews saying that the tilt is too stiff are 100% correct, but i didn’t buy the chair to relax in. It’s my office / desk chair. It serves utility in that sense perfectly. If the chair tilted at all, i’d give it 5 stars.

I don’t remember how much i paid for this chair but if it was over $50 i would not buy it again. Its flimsy and cheaply made but it does the job. It reminds me of an ikea chair. I noticed that my apartment office has the same chair and they only buy modern cheap items.

I have back problems and i’m able to sit in this chair all day for work and it’s much better than any other chair i’ve had. If your looking for a chair that has tons of padding for your bottom, this isn’t it. I’m also able to use my heating pad with this chair very well, bonus.

I just received my chair today and it looks amazing in my office space. I would of gave this chair 5 stars, however the item was delivered with a few small scratches on the arm handles of the chair. I am a little disappointed because the marks are a little obvious and peeling slightly. Besides that the chair itself is beautiful.

I feel like miranda priestly from the devil wears prada. I know this isn’t the ‘legit’ chair but who cares?. Who’s going to ask you if thats a gucci or louis vuitton chair as long as your ass is happy to sit on it. It is functioning very well after 4-5 months now without a single problem. It doesn’t go back like a lazy boy chair like you would expect or like any other fluffy office chair. But it does recline back a little to the point where you’re like, ‘should i just end my life?’. But overall its superior than anything else that you would find. Thats allask me anything you desire.

It’s a beautiful chair and the quality is great. However is not really a comfortable chair. It may be great for a meeting room where you don’t have to be sitting on it for hours at a time. Don’t get it as your working desk chair, it’s definitely not comfortable enough for long sitting hours. There’s a small lumbar support, but not enough for most people. The seat itself has very small cushion and you’ll feel tired real soon. Again, if you buy it for the looks and for short periods of use, it’s great. If you’re buying it for long hours of use.

Comfortable, looks great and moves smoothly. My husband works from home and says it has helped his back much better than our previous chair. The only drawback was it was slightly difficult to assemble bc one of the screws did not line up with the holes on the bottom of the seat.

Updated – 16 july 2014: the last thing i mention is if the chair can survive my cats (i have a lot of cats). There is one ‘claw hole’ near the top of the chair, and some ‘scratch pull’ type marks on the chair as well. I had picked up one of these as a test to see how it held up against our use – and the cats. It appears as though the cats are going to win. I can work in this chair all day long without a problem, but i am going to have to seek another alternative that can survive my cats – who are relentless. If they only made this thing in 100% plastic. First things first – the chair arrived in excellent condition. There is a slight smudge on the top, back, center of the chair around where my shoulders are, but some light washing with dish soap, and most of that came right off. It could have happened anywhere, even while taking it out of the box it came in.

We already had one in our office from a couple of years back and this new one matches it. Super easy to assemble and the chair that we’ve had for 3 years is just as good as the day we got it.

Firstly, one of the previous reviews (and q&a) mentions that this chair is made of leather and given the price i was a bit skeptical of that. As i expected, it is not leather but a leatherette material – although the quality is pretty good. The chair was easy to assemble, and went together in less than 10 minutes. It is comfortable and all of the mechanisms work pretty well. What concerned me was that the packing of the product was terrible. While this didn’t appear to be a returned item, the plastic and bubble wrap was filthy and dusty, and being a white chair, it too was dusty and dirty with fingerprints all over it. I spent approximately 45 minutes cleaning the chair once i got it out of the box and assembled. There is a cloth sling material that attaches the leatherette to the metal base and a couple of those fingerprints got ‘lighter’ but could not be removed. There was also an oily film on the chrome parts, but that wiped off pretty easily with some window cleaner and a soft cloth. Overall, the chair is a good value for the money – you might want to consider the black one because it would not show the dirt that the white one did.

This chair allows me to sit up right in a comfortable position and my back is supported. I am 5′ 6′ when i sit all the way to the back of the chair my feet heels don’t touch the floor by about an inch and a half. I am giving this review 4 stars because of the misadvertisment. The chair is not leather it is man made material and the label on the bottom confirms the material is not leather. I hope that the material doesn’t peel as others have stated in their review.

Stylish chair is not as good as i would have hoped. It’s firm and the lower part of the arm rests bump up against my thighs. This chair is most comfortable when sitting very upright. If you like to slouch or relax, this is not the chair. It’s a working-man’s chair that encourages upright seating. The instructions were easy to follow and i had the thing together in under 30 minutes. When i think executive chair, i think of those big tilting chairs with the boss putting his feet up. Although this chair claims to ‘reclines’, it does barely go back, more of a slight lean.

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