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Flash Furniture Mid-Back Leather Swivel Task Chair : Good value for money

All i can is this chair is excellent it is so comfortable and at the same time you can slide all over the room with ease very comfortable i would give it a 10 star.

I just put it together, just 12 screws, so very simple assembly. The one tool needed is provided in the box. This is a super nice chair for the price. Looking it over, i only see 1 issue. I don’t like the zipper on the cover on the back. I wish it was just stitched. I hope that zipper holds up. If not, i guess i’ll be stitching it myself. It’s headed to my daughters room for her desk.

Have been through a lot of desk chairs over the years, but i like the quality of this one. Important to note, there are 5 base arms and they are metal, not the cheap plastic i have had break down on me many times. Very easy to assemble, had it put together in about 15 mins. I bought this through the amazon warehouse deals section and it was labelled as good which means possible blemish. There was not one problem with this chair, judging by the packaging and the fact that the hardware was all over the place in the box, it was probably a return. Their loss, my gain, i highly recommend this chair. Its comfortable and thankfully for once, the bolts that attach the seat to the pedestal base don’t come through the cushion (a common problem i have always experienced). The seat cushion is pretty nice, not too fluffy but also not thin. I am very pleased with this purchase.

I’m a 5’5″, 26 year old, kinda-adult female whose kinda chubby (like if i could just get my life together and just lose 30lbs i would be good) and my fat ass fits in this chair just fine. I like to sit indian style in it and draw or work on boring adult stuff. If you or your child can “barely” fit in this chair that is a personal problem, don’t take it out on the chair. It’s not ergonomic but i got it for $50 so i wasn’t expecting it to feel like i was sitting on a cloud, this is not jesus’ office chair it’s an inexpensive one off amazon. Look where you are and low your standards accordingly. It was easy to assemble, it has wheels and arm rests, it leans back, it’s nicer then the one at walmart that is the same price and has no arm rests. Office chairs are expensive but if you want one that lasts forever, can hold up you and your fat ass kid together, and feels like your butt cheeks are being cuddled by two clouds then be prepared to spend at least $200. Otherwise this is a great chair for the price, i use it daily and have had no problems.

  • Looks good, but not practical for long sitting sessions.
  • This means that there is a good length of sitting area that is reduced
  • A nice comfy chair to use at home at the computer

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Leather Swivel Task Chair with Arms

  • Contemporary Task Chair
  • Mid-Back Design
  • Tilt Lock Mechanism
  • Tilt Tension Adjustment Knob. Nylon Arms
  • Swivel Seat Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment
  • Black LeatherSoft Upholstery
  • LeatherSoft is leather and polyurethane for added Softness and Durability

I received this chair two days ago because i needed something for my desk since i work from home. It was also super easy to put together. Took me less than thirty minutes. Used it that first day and everything was great. Well the next day i work a 11. 5 hour day and by the end of the day my butt is hurting. The padding has already been smooshed down, there is absolutely not comfort there. No, its not an expensive chair and i shouldn’t be surprised. But i would have thought the padding would be atleast last a bit longer than one day.

Pretty good considering the price you pay. It feels like it’s quality built and it was very easy to put together. I wouldn’t recommend this chair for larger people though. The space between the non adjustable arms is quite narrow. This also isn’t an all-day sitting chair. It’s good for about 4-5 hours in my experience. You’ll have to spend more to get a chair with all-day comfort and support. But for the price, i recommend it.

For the cost of the chair its great and comfortable, but as some have mentioned, its smaller than one would assume. I’m 5’9″ and about 150lbs, and this comes up to the middle of my shoulder blades when sitting erect. The claims about not being able to lean back are in my experience so far, not true, it has a lean back feature, and i’m slouching as i type this. I have added photos of it at my desk that depict it next to me to demonstrate scale. This is not a chair for a big person, in terms of height or weight. I would definitely recommend this product to a friend.

I accidentally purchased this chair using the one-click feature on my phone and when i got it, was thinking of sending it back, but my husband wanted it, so we kept it. It was fairly easy to put together; took about 20 minutes. Goes up and down nicely, swivels well too, but the arms are not very far apart, so if you have wider hips, it’s not super comfortable. Also, the way it sits on the top of the base (no screws), it doesn’t always feel like it is very secure. If i were really in the market for an office chair, i would rather have tried something out at a local retailer and then considered purchasing online depending on sale price.

This chair is very good for the price. The seat is firm, but very comfortable & the back is just the right size (i’m about 5’3″ so finding a chair can be tough). The wheels roll smoothly & i don’t feel like i’m going to fall when i lean back a bit. I would be surprised if it is actually leather as the description states, but it doesn’t have that sticky feel that some vinyls do, so it’s fine for my purposes. The seat itself is kind of small (plenty wide, but not very deep). I didn’t realize it until this chair came, but i like to sit “criss-cross-applesauce” in my desk chair & this seat doesn’t allow this. All in all, this fills my needs & was a great value.

I bought this chair because it was quite a bit cheaper than all of the ones i saw in local stores by at least 40 bucks or more. So far it is a sturdy chair, easy to put together and fits under my short desk and accommodates my short legs so they can touch the ground. The chair is lacking some quality cushion but that is to be expected for such a low price. My main problem is that this chair is so narrow. I would really like some extra but space, but thats what you get when buy online. Keeping the chair because it essentially does the job and is moderately comfortable.

This chair could possibly survive a nuclear attack. I haven’t seen a metal office chair with padding and arm rests since the days when pin-up posters were common place in american shops and businesses. As i was assembling it i found myself humming the fallout 3 theme and the tune to the closing credits of dr. Strangelove, vera lynn’s “we’ll meet again”it really seems to be a tough and durable chair. I gave this chair a low review at first because they forgot to put screws in the shipment but i called up the number on the side of the shipping box and they responded quickly with the parts to put it together.

Nice chair, easy to put together, simple instructions, don’t really need them. Neat that it tilts back and forth for the price of the chair, all the chairs i’ve had were cheap, didnt tilt. If i only i could remove side arm bars, sometimes i don’t like them, if i do remove them, it removes the back support pad; the arm bars are screwed with the seat and back padding with 2+2 each bar 8 total. Has a black fat knob on the bottom of chair, don’t whats its for, maybe adjustment of some type i didnt bother to see whats it for. Seems like your everyday generic office chair, wouldnt say office cause offices i’ve seen rely on those 300$ plus chairs in which i can’t find on amazon sadly 🙁 more like just home office. Does scare me sometimes when i tilt back all the way, feels like i’m going to fall backwards, isnt the first time hehe. See how long before the leather type fabric starts to crack on me perhaps or tear.

The chair is also comfortable, i just wish it would go up a little higher as it sinks a little when you sit. But for the price point it’s great and comfortable. Just watch out, food crumbs do tend to get stuck on the lining at the edge of the seat. Also for taller people, it may not cover your entire back (if you care about that sort of thing). For reference, i am 5’9 and it cuts of about an inch before hitting my shoulders. This may be bothersome for taller people who like to lean back. Chair is wide enough for me, but i can see this being an issue for heavier set people. For reference, i’m 175lbs and can comfortably sit with my legs apart. But if i were 50lbs heavier it would start to get uncomfortable.

Okay, i just got my chair today, and after building and using it, there are 2 big gripes i have with the chair. The back of the chair was designed to sit on top of the seat, rather than behind it. This means that there is a good length of sitting area that is reduced. Essentially, unless your under 5’6″ (i’m 6’2″), a great majority if your legs is going to not be on the chair. I think this may be a manufacturing error, but the leaning mechanism on my chair was backwards, meaning that chair leaned forwards and locked forwards. At first, i thought that i had put it on backwards, until i realized something. For one, the front of the seat was matching the front of the lift mechanism, and also, it can’t be put on the other way while using all 4 screws on the bottom. For whatever reason, the distance between the 2 screw holes on the top are closer than the 2 on the bottom, which means for me to be able to lean back, i could only use 2 screws to attach the chair to the lift mechanism.

I saw post about this being a small chair. I agree but needed a smaller new chair for my elderly father who is slim and 5′ 6”. I purchased expensive chairs for him and he didn’t like them. He had an old chair that was worn out then thrown out just like this chair. He likes this chair after i purchased 2 $150-$250 chairs. Now i am 6′ 2″ medium build at 210 lbs. I sat in it and it was too small even with the height adjustment. So if you are a man or women or young adult who is slim and under 185 lbs it will work. There also isn’t a ton of padding but it is adequate. I would say its a good chair for the money for the right sized person.

Now that i have this chair assembled i am in love with it. When i bought this chair it only had three reviews and i was hesitant to buy it because there were comparable chairs with many more reviews, but i decided to give this chair a chance because i loved the way it looked in the picture. At its price point the chair looks and feels about as good as it gets. The leather is soft and feels good on your skin. I am writing this review because i don’t think anyone has accurately described the level of difficulty putting this chair together. The package comes with an inventory list and picture instructions(no words). The instructions are very easy to follow and simple in procedure, however, i found every screw to be a real chore to tighten down all the way with the included hex wrench. I am a pretty strong guy and it required just about every bit of torque that my wrist could produce to tighten each screw down all the way. I was worried on several occasions that i may have been stripping the screws. I started putting this chair together myself but this job really requires help to hold things in place while you screw things in. I strongly recommend rotating, tightening each screw a little bit at a time. In the end, once all the screws were all the way in, the chair has come together to be rock solid and i am very happy with my purchase as i have never had such a nice chair at my home computer.

I was quite excited to get this, as my old chair was extremely broken and causing me a lot of pain. And while i’m not grossly displeased with this chair, neither am i gushing with praise here. First, assembly was simple and straightforward. The only issue i had was a little difficulty with the arm by the height adjustment lever, as the lever is a little in the way. Nothing major, just required a little more work. Second, the leather is nice and soft, and i really like how it feels. However, it is also thin, so you will want to be careful not to bang it around. My desk is an old office writing desk, not designed for computers, so the entry is a little narrow and this chair bumps into it a lot. This resulted in me damaging the leather a bit where it bumped.

So i bought this chair because it was cheap. Figured it was full size and just made out of pleather so they can keep it cheat. I didnt realize it was a kids size. Im sitting in it atm and im pretty sure im gonna go back to my full size chair and give this to my little sister.

For it’s price point, it’s better than what you think, however, it is what it is; a cheap office chair. Overall it’s solid quality, however if your a frequent pc user/gamer the padding will wear out very quickly. Also to note mine started falling apart, literally, last night. So if you can afford it, spend the money, get a higher quality chair. If your on a budget, this is a good pick, it’ll get you motivated to working towards a higher end chair.

I spent much time online looking at computer chairs and reading reviews in the 100$ price range. Many chairs that i found looked nice had many reviewers complaining about the quality. I found this one here on amazon but with 1-2 reviews i browsed on other sites for some more feedback. The reviews seemed all positive so i gave it a go. I received the chair this morning and first thing i noticed was the box. The box was smashed beat up and abused (which scared me) all the contents seemed unharmed and everything was all there (well except one thing) a ‘screw’. The assembly took me only about 15-30 minutes by myself. The instructions used pictures instead of words but it was very straight forward. The overall quality of this chair is excellent for the cost. It doesn’t feel cheap or look cheap like most chairs under 100$.

I suppose i reserve 5 stars for the platonic chair in the mind of god. I have to say that i do not understand the 1 star reviews, which must be the product of material failures and/or some sort of packaging errors. I had a luxurious executive chair from costco, but the leather pealed after 5 years, and i spent most of my time cleaning up bits of black leather from the carpet. I bought this chair to replace it. Assembly took 20 minutes and can be done alone, but having a friend to help would be good when holding the pieces together to be screwed in. Follow the pictorial instructions; they are excellent. The chair is sturdy, essentially heavy metal and is by no means too small. The chair does not encourage long long periods in front of the computer, which is good. That is, it’s not so luxurious that you can sink into it for hours. But it is very comfortable for whatever academic work you might be doing at a desk or on the computer. Backrest moves back comfortably; hydraulic system works well. All this is based on day one, hour one of ownership and use.

I really like this chair a lot. I purchased it for several reasons, one being the seat height. I have a very tall desk with the computer high on a platform. This chair can lift me to the height i needed though my feet rest on the legs. It doesn’t not lean back very much and the knob to adjust the tilt is kind of difficult to twist thats why i am giving it only 4 stars. The first chair i received had a broken hydraulic. However, the company sent me a new chair in less than a week. It was not at all a hassle so i am happy about that. I am a petite girl of 5’1” and 115 lbs. I think the chair fits me just perfectly.

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