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Flash Furniture Mid-Back Mesh Multifunction Executive Swivel Chair, Comfortable, high-quality, good features for the price

I was leery about buying this chair. 8 – 10 hour days are my norm and i eat at my desk a lot. This is by far the best chair i have ever owned – and i can tell it’s helping my back after only a few weeks of owning it. 1) it’s super easy to assemble2) it’s very comfortable and very adjustable. 3) i’m 6’4′ and it sits at the perfect height for me. 4) really nice for the price – i’d buy one againedit – i did buy one again.

My husband bought this chair for himself for christmas. I made fun of him for buying a chair without being able to sit in it and feel it out. I thought he would be so disappointed in it. Then it arrived and he put it together and sat, gloriously, in this computer desk throne. It is so adjustable, you can change the angle of the seat, and the angle of the back of the chair as well. You can lean back when you want to, or sit up so straight you think you’re about to fall forward, too. I was so jealous of his amazing new chair that i ordered one for myself and have been using it for about 6 hours a day while i work. Even though it was quite uncomfortable at first, having the chair all the way straight has just about eliminated my ‘i just sat in the same chair for three hours and now my back is stiff’ feeling. I made fun of him for ordering a chair on the internet. Seating is one of the few things i swore i’d never ever buy online or order from a catalog because you can’t really tell if it’s comfortable.

All of the parts of this chair are heavy duty, and are not likely to break easily, except for the wheels, which are the generic plastic and steel wheels that you find on most office chairs. The mess back give very good lumbar support. The seat is covered with a synthetic mesh material, has adequate padding, and is shaped to fit your body, so it is comfortable enough to sit in for a few hours. The arm rests are adjustable, up and down. I am 5’6′, which is not too tall, so the arm rests in the lowest position works for me. The seat, up and down adjustment goes low enough for my feet to be flat on the floor. It has three paddles to adjust the seat. One paddle adjusts the seat height. Another paddle adjusts the seat angle. The third paddle adjusts the back angle, which can be adjusted to about a 45-degree angle.

Key specs for Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Multifunction Executive Swivel Chair with Adjustable Arms:

  • Contemporary Office Chair. Infinite-Locking Back Angle Adjustment
  • Mid-Back Design. Back Adjusts 2” up and down. Multi-Tilt Lock Mechanism
  • Flexible Mesh Back Material. Back Height Adjustment. Built-In Lumbar Support
  • Seat size is 19 inches wide x 17 inches deep. Arm height from seat is 7.75 to 10.25 inch height
  • Triple Paddle Control Mechanism. Tilt Tension Adjustment Knob

Comments from buyers

“Very ergonomic, highly adjustable, but rather difficult to assemble, Live at your office? Buy it!, 2 MONTHS LATER – added to the bottom of my original review”

It is built with a nice comfortable thick seat. Most of the lower price chairs skimp on the seat cushion which i find is a big mistake. I purchased two of these chairs. One of the chairs did have a construction issue where the seat holes for the shell were not properly aligned seat bottom. Also the bottom shell was missing a chunk out of it. I had to drop a star for that. However, no one will probably ever know that issue except me since i was the one who assembled it. It is a quality chair with the number of adjustments you would expect from chairs built by higher end manufacturers at 3 or 4 times the price. It has enough cushion to allow you to sit for long periods of time without the need for adding an extra cushion.

I have this chair for 2 years, i am heavy around 250 lbs and i use it a lot i. Good:mesh still holds up pretty well. No complainsavailable adjustment options are very good for this price range. Bad:it makes a lot of noise. You move a little bit and it just squeaks. I am 5′ 6′ and i preferred it could go 1 inch lower.

Chair arrived today, 1 day ahead of schedule. As my other office chair had promptly lost 2 wheels, rendering it unusable, i needed a replacement rather quickly, so this is appreciated greatly. The box arrived with a nice hole in it, was dented and showed significant abuse. This might be due to ups, and not the packaging facility, but it is worth noting. It’s a rather heavy package. I’m honestly surprised nothing was damaged during the transit, because the lift mechanism’s packaging was horrible, the base of the chair was on the outside of the box with no padding or protective sleeve, and the back of the chair was on the section with the hole poked through the box. I guess it’s a good thing the back is made of mesh. Second, multiple parts arrived rather scuffed and beat up.

Very sturdy, exceptionally easy to assemble, and every adjustment you could want. Goes at least a few inches higher than i need (i’m 5′ 11′). Here’s a list of the possible adjustments:1. ) seat height – paddle control. ) seat angle – paddle control, sets the angle of the seat bottom and back together (see #4 below). Can be locked in place, or pull the lever all the way up to allow the seat to rock freely. ) ease of rocking – adjustment knob located under the front of the seat bottom. Adjusts how easily the seat rocks if the above paddle control is in the ‘up’ position. ) angle of seat back – paddle control. Allows for independent adjustment of the seat back. Can be locked in place, or pull the lever all the way up to let the seat back move freely. (seat back is spring-loaded to move forward; the spring is a bit heavy and applies more pressure on my back than i like, so i lock this one in place with the paddle control.

Want a really stiff chair with a shallow seat and no reclining at all?. You’re in lucki don’t know if this chair was a mistake or what. The whole thing went together very easily but it was then that i realized that the chair inclines forward, and doesn’t recline at all. If you want to lean forward so you can slip out of your chair, then this is the chair for you. Basically i have to sit straight up, or lean forward. There’s a lot of other adjustments you can make, like the height of the chair and the arm rests, the height of the back so you get proper support. But it’s just not comfortable. It’ll also hold a lot of weight. This thing is not having a problem holding me at all. I just wish i could actually kick back in it.

There are many great features of this chair. The chair has a mesh back, much like the much more pricey and highly acclaimed aeron miller office chairs. The height of the chair back provides adequate lumbar support. Note that this is a ‘mid-back’ chair rather than a ‘high-back chair,’ meaning the back of the chair does not extend as far as others do, such as this chair’s rival, the lorell executive high-back chair. Despite this small limitation, the mesh back still contours nicely with the dip in the users’ upper and lower spine, encouraging healthy posture. The seat pan is contoured to support one’s legs and is comfortable enough for long-term use, but it is made of cloth rather than mesh in more high-end, but pricier chairs. The arm rests are height-adjustable by depressing small buttons on the side that allow them to move up and down freely. By positioning the arm rests at a height that matches the level of the desk’s keyboard and mouse, one can protect against developing carpal tunnel syndrome. The horizontal extent of the arm rests is also adjustable, albeit at the time of assembly only, by positioning the arm rests before tightening the bolts and washers with the included allen wrench. If only one person is the primary user of this chair, then this lack of flexibility is a non-issue.

First off, there were broken pieces of plastic in my packaging (which had a hole in it) and the chair back height control doesn’t work. So, it may not be the quality of the chair as much as a damaged height/tilt/backrest controller. Maybe my replacement from amazon will be better. As for the rest of the chair, the height is great and the chair itself is very sturdy, the control levers are nice and tight (not loose and cheap-feeling) and the chair offer very nice sitting options. I’m a little wary of the mesh back; i just hope it doesn’t stretch and become un-supportive. The tilt-back torque wheel is also turned all the way and only offers a modicum of resistance to leaning back. If my replacement resolves my issues i’d give it 5 stars.

I’ll keep this review in a concise, list format. Likes:reasonably comfortablemesh back prevents what i like to call ‘sweaty back syndrome’full range of articulation: back reclines, seat bottom leans back, vertical adjustment in the seat height, armrest height, and back heighti have found the wheels work quite well on carpetpadded seatprovided you sit up straight from time to time, it is reasonably ergonomic dislikes:after 5 months, the padding on the seat is noticeably degraded and thinner compared to a new one (which my mother recently bought after testing out this chair and liking it)the choice of a mesh material for the seat bottom is questionable at best. If you have animals, you will find relatively quickly that hairs can get under the mesh, and at that point you have absolutely no hope of removing said hair. This mesh material also makes it difficult to clean small particles off of it, such as food crumbs. The seat angle adjustment mechanism will occasionally not quite engage all the way, which results in the rotation on that axis becoming very sticky at times. This is especially noticeable for me, as i very frequently change the reclining angles of my chair back and forth.

When i first unpacked it, i was disappointed to find that the plastic grip on one of the paddles was broken, but i called flash furniture and their customer service agent went out of her way to find my order and get the replacement part, which amounted to the entire under-seat mechanism, sent out to me immediately without making me feel as if she was putting herself our or doing me a favor (which she was) -it’s well made and attractive – if you’re really short, the seat may not adjust low enough for you, but i’m 5′ 3′ and the lowest position works fine for me – the only thing that i’m less than thrilled with is that the fabric on the seat is a little rougher than i like and if i’m going to be sitting on it for an extended period of time in shorts, i throw a piece of fabric over the seat – on the other hand, i use the chair in the room where i sew, so there’s no shortage of fabric around to use -all-in-all, i’m very pleased with this purchase and, honestly, i would recommend anything from flash furniture based on the quality of this chair and the outstanding service that i received when i needed it – c.

Purchased this chair about a year ago to replace an ikea one that was getting old. I work from home about 2 days a week and spend a lot of time at the computer for college too. I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone that needs to spend that much time at the computer. It has minimal adjustment for your back and tends to allow fatigue to set it pretty quickly. We use high end chairs at work and this doesn’t hold a candle. The fabric on the seat tends to catch crumbs and keep them as well (it’s mesh) so don’t eat at your desk with this thing. Nice and bright and very durable.

Yes, the people saying the chair it too tall are correct. Unless you are tallmy wife is tall and this chair is perfect. As for complaint of the arms breaking, they are arm rests not haul-your-butt-out-of-the-chair props. Using the arm rests on a rolling chair to lift yourself is a bad idea as the rolling chair could roll and leave you sitting on your butt. Anyway, this is a great chair. Fully adjustable and very comfortable. One suggestion would be to add tall to the product description. Had they done that, i would have bought two additional chairs from them earlier in the year.

I really like the design of this chair and the options that the three levers provide. Unfortunately i can’t sit in this chair for any length of time due to the cushion. It simply isn’t good for long term use. You get what you pay for and unfortunately i was a little disappointed. I’m a relatively large man, and for someone smaller that doesn’t need as good of a cushion, it would probably be fine. Everything else about this chair was excellent. When it arrived, the part of the bracket that the back goes into had been damaged. I was having trouble working with it, so i called the company and explained the situation to them. They sent me out a replacement piece that arrived quickly and at no charge. I love good customer service.

Just received and unpacked my new chair. The first thing i noticed was that this was not new. The box was barely holding together. The parts that were in a plastic bag (seat, back legs) were loosely tied, other parts free floating. All styrofoam pieces were broken and i couldn’t tell what they were intended to protect. The biggest problem was that there were no screws or washers included. The directions were so badly copied that i couldn’t tell if there was piece missing from the base too. So, i’ve been on hold for customer service for 42 mins now. When i first called there was one caller before me, but after 15 mins. There are ‘zero’ callers ahead of me so either the person before me has taken up the one customer service rep’s time or he/she has gone out for a while.

It’s exactly what i have been looking for. I am so glad i got it on a lightning sale. First, it’s stylish and sleek looking. It goes great in our contemporary styled office. Second, it’s a sturdy mesh material which i really needed. I got rid of a leather chair for this one. We live in az and it gets so hot in the office running two computers with the monitors and other machines in there. This chair helps me stay cool. I sit for 8 hours a day at work, 1. 5 hours in the car and then use this chair at home. It’s more comfortable than my office chair and my car seat. The paddles let you adjust back angle, tilt, and height. You don’t normally get all of those options with a chair in this price range.

So, i’ve had three other desk chairs. Not a large amount of chairs, but i feel as though my opinion is a valid one, so read on keeping those things in mind. First of all, let me say that i’m loving this chair, although this should be taken lightly, as today is my first day using it. To keep things simple, i’ll just list out the pros and cons of this chair, according to myself. Pros:sturdy build(vertically) adjustable armrestsgreat lumbar supportmakes you sit up straight, but very effortlesslythe mesh allows for complete ‘breathability’ of the backthe rollers are very quiet, even on hardwood floorsvery easy assembly (only requiring a total of 10 screws and washers (included)clear instructionsan vertically adjustable backa tilting seat (forward and backward)very comfortable (cushy yet firm) seatcomfortable and cupping armrestsheight adjustment of the entire chair is very smoothoverall, this chair is very adjustable to a very large amount of individualsthis chair is sold at a good price, and is, in my opinion, a bargaincons:the only con i can think of, is that the armrests sometimes make a bit of noise due to them being a little more loose because they are adjustable in height. This sound can sometimes be heard when adjusting your arms or moving the chair in certain ways. I would like to point out that this is not annoying, and is negligible. I hope this review helps you decide whether or not this is the chair for you.

When i first got this chair i was fairly happy with it. My only complaints were that it didn’t recline and the arm rests rattle. It has an adjustable back but does not recline. I have had the chair for 21 months now and have 2 more glaring complaints. First, the pads on the arms are a little tough. If you spend any time in the chair and use the arm rests, you may feel it in your elbows. Second, and this is what caused me to shop for another chair, the mesh back has stretched to the point where the plastic in the mid back support is cutting into my back with only slight pressure leaning back. Given i had my previous chair for probably 5-10 years, 2 years seems a little early to stretch to the point of being painful. Other mesh-back chairs seem to have more room between the mesh and any support behind it. I don’t know if it’s that or this mesh doesn’t hold its shape as long before stretching.

I have owned this chair for about 4 months now. First, the adjustments that can be made are incredibly helpful for comfort. I was starting to experience back pain from my desk job and decided to purchase a new chair. My main complaint is that as someone who is only 5 feet tall, the arm adjustments do not raise high enough for that perfect fit. While this chair is far better than any other i have used, it would be nice if there was just that extra inch or two for the armrest height. Also, if the chair leans back too far i find that my feet cannot touch the ground and the cut off on the chair can sometimes make my legs go to sleep. Other than that, this chair is great.

For the price you cannot beat this chair. I’ve had the same office chair that i bought from wal-mart over 6 years ago, and it got so flat it really hurt to sit in for more than an hour. After upgrading my personal pc and getting into some longer gaming sessions, i knew i needed something that a) wasn’t fake leather and b) had all of the support and adjustments i needed to personalize my sitting posture. This chair delivered on all accounts. The breathable mesh on the seat is thick, retains its shape, and the back is comfy yet durable. It was simple to put together, the rollers are high quality, and the adjustments are all strong and hold well. I can game for hours in comfort without having any pain in my legs or rear. The only gripe, and it’s a small one, is the armrests are very hard. They work great for mouse/keyboard, but extended typing or using a gamepad and resting our arms against them at an agle really hurts your elbows after a while. I don’t expect soft, padded armrests but that’s just something to be aware of if you’re buying it to game or you type a lot.

This is a review of the flash furniture mid-back mesh chair with triple paddle control. It took me 35 minutes to get my tools, unpack and assemble the chair. That is, without the arm rests because i don’t like armrests. The images on the directions are acceptable but the only two sentences in the directions are poorly written. Tips:install the wheels before installing the gas cylinder. I suggest using a rubber mallet and the edge of small 3/4 inch thick board (if you have one handy) to pound in the wheels. I placed the edge of the board in the middle of the caster slot which made a great strike point. When attaching the 3 handle mechanism to the seat, use the 4 short screws and 4 washers. Keep all screws loose and start them by hand because you might need to shift the mechanism to get all the screws in. Tighten them only after all 4 are in loose. Note: the gas cylinder does not screw into the wheel base. You just set it into the base with the small silver tip facing up.

If it weren’t for the adjustments on the underside working well, i would have given this product two stars. Two issues:one, the right arm. At first, it developed the problem of falling down under pressure, so that it would only stay at the lowest adjustment. After two or three hours and taking apart the arm and then the other arm to see how they worked, i couldn’t figure out what exactly caused the problem, though i could figure out what must be happening. I switched the two plastic components of each arm for the other arm, and for some reason have had less of a problem with the right arm now, and no problems at all with the left. But the right arm sometimes still drops. I think it must be a design defect, somehow connected with the fact that the two metal pieces are exactly the same, so that the left arm has the slots facing forward and the right arm has the slots facing back toward the back of the chair. Kinda odd, really, but i guess somebody wanted to make the parts completely interchangeable for ease of production. I think it makes the product bad though. Two, the entire seat is slanted down to the left.

I generally like it – it looks nice (just like pictured). It’s nothing like the $900 steelcase chairs they have in my office, but for $100, that’s to be expected. The foam seat is firm and supportive. The tilt function is nice, and the adjustable stiffness of tilt is a nice added feature. My chief complaint – i’m 5’2′ (only a little shorter than the average woman), and when this chair is at its lowest, it’s still about 1-2in too tall for my feet to properly rest flat on the ground. What does a girl have to do to find a small office chair that isn’t either a piece of s***, or built for kids?. Also, the arm rests are a bit higher than i would have liked (they won’t go under the keyboard tray, so i can’t push the chair in, and they’re high enough that i have to cock my elbows out a bit to rest my hand on them). Finally, i do love the feature on my fancy, expensive chair that allows you to move the arm rests in and out (since i’m small, i don’t rest my arms as wide as, say, a 6ft man). Obviously, given the pricepoint, this chair does not have that adjustment.

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