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Flash Furniture Vibrant and Chrome Drafting Stool – in front of my standing desk when I feel like sitting down for a while

So, when folks complain about the seat being slippy. The seat is ‘slippy’ because the back rest does sit back enough and/or cant be adjusted for proper bun placement. Also, this seat can’t be lowered for standard table height. 21′ is the height of seat–which makes it difficult to place feet on floor. Making it necessary to use foot rest—leading to knees rising above the seat level. Meaning you will need to use this chair at a high table that will give you at least enough room for your knees.

I have bought 4 of these stools. The first was lime green on wheels, no back. I love it, bought 2 years ago, still in fabulous condition, despite kids thinking it’s an indoor xtension of the outdoor playset. I use it at my kitchen desk, but can also use it as an extra stool at my island, should i need to. Because i love it so much, and because i was a bit bored with my kitchen, i purchased 3 more to replace the cheap, falling apart kitchen island stools i’d been dealing with. It may have been add, it may have been wine, it may have been a complete misplaced sense of style, but i decided to buy three different colors. Red, blue, and yellow-orange. Now, to be fair, i thought the yellow-orange would be more orangy than yellow, but it’s bright yellow. Like, kindergarten classroom, primary colors yellow. If you like yellow, you will be thrilled.

Just received the chair today. It came in a small box and went together with a few pieces and an allen wrench (included). My husband noted that it was hand-packaged – it’s made in china – the quality is superb. The tractor seat pieces are super glossy and feel sturdy. It easily adjusts from a regular-height chair to a drafting stool – well tall enough for my 40′ tall desk. The first thing i noticed was how large the seat actually is – and it is very slick. So if you like sitting indian-style on your chair, you can do it if you’re small enough (i can easily), but you will need to stick yourself into a position that works, and stay there, lest ye slide out of your half-lotus. I do like that you can literally slide in and out of it, which makes it a pretty fun chair. And, it swivels like a champ, so a +1 on fun. *and another+1 on fun if you have small children, who will sit in the chair at its low setting and then pull the lever, rocketing them up to space.

  • Was OK ’till it broke – UPDATE: fixed – UPDATE PART 2: Broke again, same place – UPDATE 3: fixed again
  • Exactly what it is advertised to be. I find it a good product for the price.
  • I seldom give five-star reviiews

Easy to put together and fairly sturdy. You’ll need to add felt pads on the bottom as the were scratching the wood floors. I love the bright color that pops in my room. They do chip quite easily though. So i took the top in and matched it to some nail polish. They are super cheap and super comfortable. There’s a reason that that tractor seat design is so long lasting. Great item for the price just make sure that you get some paint to match.

This is based off me being a larger than average person. The stool was super easy to assemble. The stool is a little more flimsy than i would have liked. It wobbles back and forth, but for the price i wasn’t expecting much. The screws had fallen out of their bag and were loose when i opened the box and i was missing one screw. (that might be where some of the wobble is coming from. ) the description and color online were spot on. Hopefully it holds up to a couple hours a day at the standing desk to give my back and legs a break.

Features of Flash Furniture Vibrant Red and Chrome Drafting Stool with Tractor Seat

  • Contemporary Draft Stool
  • Red Finish
  • Comfort Molded ”Tractor” Seat
  • High Density Polymer Construction
  • Swivel Seat
  • Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment
  • 8.5” Height Range Adjustment
  • Chrome Foot Ring
  • Heavy Duty Chrome Base
  • Black Plastic Floor Glides

This is a fabulous chair for the price. It is not as industrial-grade, heavy-duty as it might look in the pictures, but it seems solid. It’s easy to put together, it elevates and descends smoothly and easily, the plastic seat and back rest look great – though they are plastic. I am recovering from an injury/ surgery and can’t put weight on my leg for about 3 months, so i needed something in the shower to sit/ perch on. This isn’t made to be getting wet, so i’ll see how it holds up. Most stools that are made for showers are so low, i don’t understand why they’re made that way, unless you’re getting onto them from a wheelchair or something. With this, i can adjust the height, and i can be almost standing. It feels a lot safer than having to lower myself down to some really short stool, and it’s easier to bathe, and i don’t have to get the water blasted in my face the whole time i’m in the shower. The base is solid and doesn’t slip.

The good: very easy to assemble. With the included tool it can be assembled in just a few minutes. Better than what i anticipated. It’s very stylish and makes a nice accent piece. The bad: if you have short legs and a long torso, this is probably not the chair for you. I’m 5’10’ and just shy of 200lbs. The bad: the plastic is very slippery and one can easily slide off of it if you don’t sit on it carefully. People who are elderly, disabled, or heavyset should be very careful sitting in the chair. Now that i realize how much of a hassle returning this will be (more on that shortly), i think the best thing to do would be to modify the chair with some non-slip strips or tabs or a non-slip cushion.

As someone of average-to-low-height and weight (150lbs, 5′ 8′) for an adult male i find this chair to be more than adequate for the price. I think some of the complaints that are not to do with being an abnormally large person, but rather with materials and processes, have been addressed. The threads that the bolts engage on the seat are no longer directly in the plastic, for instance. They are in brass bolts molded into the plastic of the seat. Once you have sat in the thing for a few minutes it becomes impossible to separate the base from the stem, and the stem from the seat, so it quite easy to move the chair once assembled and sat in for a minute. The plastic on the bottom of the feet makes the chair slide pretty easily on hard flooring and carpet alike, so there is that as well. The only complaint i have is that the finish of the seat makes to too easy to slide off of. I have modified it with a little velcro tape and a memory foam chair cushion i got from kmart and it’s now very comfortable to sit in all day long.

This is a good chair if you have a standing desk and want to sit occasionally throughout the day but would not be good for a full day of sitting. The back rest only sits on the connecting rods and is prone to pop off. The chair is a bit wobbly at the base because the only things that are bolted down is the seat to the top of the center bar. The seat is also very slippery so you can lose you footing while adjusting or moving around in the chair. Still this chair works for my needs as i will lonely be sitting in it 1-2 hours a day spaced throughout the day.

Seems to be a pattern among the reviews, there is a design flaw with this chair causing it to break where the back connects to the seat. That said, for the money it’s a great chair and the company does stand behind the product. I too had mine break and after emailing the company, they honored their warranty and shipped out a replacement seat right away. While they might need to adjust the design a little, i would still recommend this to anyone looking for a stool. Just don’t lean against the back too hard or it will snap.

I purchased this for my son’s room, we are re-doing it with industrial look and this fits in perfectly. The chair was easy to put together and seems sturdy. The only drawback is that he isn’t heavy enough (at 70 lb) to make it go down, he has to get me or my husband to help him. I would definitely recommend and buy again.

Listen folks, it’s a very cheap shop chair. This isn’t going to be super sturdy, rugged or heavy duty. It’s meant for a very casual use chair. Understanding that, and reviewing it for what it is, it’s exactly what it claims to be. I didn’t pay $100 for this, so i shouldn’t be expecting a $100 chair. I wish people would review this as the cheapest possible way to get a shop chair in their garage. Shock works well, it cushions when you sit on itnice travel and seat height options. Pretty comfortable and contoured about right. Cons:i wish the back bars were stronger but again. I wish they’d threaded some lock-tite but again, price?. Throw a bit on and keep the bolts tight.

It’s a nice chair that came very easy to assemble. The only issue that i have with it, is that it is extremely hard to get the chair to lower again after raising the seat with the lever underneath, at least it is for my son, whom i purchased the chair for. I bought this chair for my son bc it looked much cooler in his room with his desk than the one that his desk came with, that was not adjustable and is still currently too low for him. -but when my son lifts the lever to raise the seat on this chair, it automatically lifts him all the way to the top and he can not get it to go back down even a little bit. He is constantly having to have someone much bigger/heavier than he is, adjust the seat for him. (for an idea of what i am talking about, he is 8 years old & even on the taller/bigger side, yet the seat still goes flying up with him in it & as i said, when he pulls the lever and will not budge even a millimeter downwards) other than all of that, once the seat is adjusted and left alone, it is very nice & looks just like the picture.

It’s not the greatest quality as was expected. I saw all of the reviews about the chair breaking in the same spot. The chair is in a bind on the back screw so i added a washer to fill the gap between the bracket and the plastic seat and it seems to have fixed the issue.

For the price it is hard to beat. I have a standing desk that i normally use while working, but there are times when i don’t want to be standing. I keep this chair in the background and pull it up occasionally to the desk (which in case you are wondering is the safco muv stand-up adjustable height workstation). This chair is tall enough that i can still comfortably do my typing at the standing desk, although as another reviewer stated, it would be ideal if it could be raised a wee bit higher. For a plastic chair it is reasonably comfortable, but my caveat is that i have not used it for long periods (hours). It was easy to assemble, with only 5 bolts to screw in (an allen key is included). I found that the blue model was cheaper than the others (at the time of my purchase). Overall recommended unless you want something very sturdy that will be where you park your butt all day long, in which case i might recommend spending more $$.

The only reason this doesn’t get 5 stars is that some parts are held in place by gravity only. The seat and foot rest are not secured in any way so when you need to lift and move the chair you have to do it by the feet. I wish it had wheels and will see if i can’t make that happen. It was easy to assemble and very comfortable. It is rich and reminds me of a really good paint job on a car.

I seldom give five-star reviews that don’t have the caveat ‘for the price. ‘ i think people need to get used to the idea that you don’t get to expect five-star quality for a two-star price, that being said, i like this chair. It was well packaged in multiple layers of paper, bubble wrap, foam and cardboard. The hardest part of the assembly was removing the packaging, it took less than ten minutes. It is very comfortable — a major consideration for me, being two weeks post prostate surgery. I bought it to be my shop workbench chair and it is great. The seat is made of plastic and the backrest doesn’t adjust front to back at all — even so, it works very well for me. If it continues to work well, i may buy another shorter with casters for my office. This could be a nice bar stool if your decor is techno-industrial.

The base is sturdy and solid metal. The plastic for the seat back and bottom do feel a little flimsy. I wish they had an option made of wood or metal. I use this chair at my standing desk which is 43 inches tall (i am 6ft) and it is just tall enough. I’m pretty thin and the chair only goes down about 1 inch when i sit at it. Others mentioned it going much further down so i imagine it depends on your weight. I have the white version and i noticed the small metal buttons on my jeans (sewn into the corners of my hip pockets for some reason?) have scratched the paint already. This chair is crazy cheap for what it is, so i would still recommend it. I would happily 2-3x as much for a version with metal or wood instead of plastic though.

The stool is decent quality, especially for the price, and would be fine for kitchen/bar use, but not the height of a standing desk which needs to be 34-36′ +/-. However, i bought this because it says that it extends up to 34’+. The lowest part of the seat (the cup of tractor seat) is where your butt will sit on the stool, and on my stool that maximum height measures as: 30′. I bought this for a standing desk, and it is not tall enough for my needs.

I’m sitting in it right now. It goes up and down and has a place for my feet and just enough support for my back. The plastic is thick and durable and the color vibrant. It went together in 5 seconds (not counting removing packaging). I’m really happy with this chair. I’m using it in my art studio for my sit/stand digital painting, my drawing board and easel. I’m a small woman and the chair feels like it has plenty of space and i have to push on it a bit to go down so it will support a larger person too.

The plastic seat broke where the backrest supports connect to the seat. Photos show where break is located. This one was sold by amazon and shipped by amazon, not one of the other sellers. Update: emailed flash furniture and they emailed me back within 24 hrs; replacement seat was shipped out promptly and i just installed it. Parts are warranted for 2 years of purchase date evidently. Update on the update: yep, the replacement seat broke in pretty much the same place. I’m getting the impression the mold used to make these seats was intended to cast aluminum, not plastic, because the gussets that break around the rear center screw do nothing to add strength. Photos 1&2 are of the first break, #3 is of the replacement update, #4-7 are of the break in the replacement. Update #3: new replacement seat arrived promptly from [email protected]

This is a pretty nice chair, especially for the price. Some reviewers have commented that you tend to slide around on the chair a little because it is smooth plastic, which can be true. I find that as long as you have something to put your feet on it works well. Assembly was easy and i probably had it put together in 15 minutes or so. I really like the color (green) and the overall look of it. It is pretty comfortable, but i only sit in it for maybe 15 or 20 minutes at a time so i can’t really speak for sitting in it for hours. Overall i am happy with the purchase.

Bought this for my husband to use at his standing height workstation. He has severe back pain and needed a sturdy chair that forced him to sit up. Purchased this and he loves it. It has helped his back pain during the day and he has been able to get more of his project accomplished. It was very easy to assemble and a great price. We will be purchasing 2 more in the near future.

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