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Furinno 99130EX/BK Turn-N-Tube 3-Tier Double Size Storage Display Rack, Good for the price

We purchased this for my husbands man cave to display memorabilia. There were a few chips on the bottom right shelf. We weren’t really fans of the plastic poles that came with it to assemble it because it gives it a cheaper look. Luckily it is staying downstairs so it’s fine for now.

I live in a studio apartment with no kitchen storage, my apartment is set up where i can’t use tall storage unless i block a window. It was so incredibly easy to put together. I had it done in less than ten minutes. The color is beautiful and matches all my other furniture, so that’s a plus. It have all my small appliances stored on it and my bulk food, it hasn’t caved or tipped over. It fits right under my window too so i don’t have to worry about blocking it. And it was cheaper than most kitchen organizatiors.So happy with this purchase.

Given the price, i’m happy with it. A little shaky but hoping it’ll settle with things on it. I added felt pads to each foot to protect my floors but had to add a second one to one of the feet to level it out. There was some damage on two different shelves (see pictures) but they were fortunately on edges so i was able to place them toward the walls. The edges joining the sides to the surfaces were not filled in with color but i used a black furniture marker and it looks perfect now (see pictures). All in all, i feel i got what i paid for and would consider getting another one if i needed it.

Key specs for Furinno 99130EX/BK Turn-N-Tube 3-Tier Double Size Storage Display Rack, Espresso/Black:

  • Simple stylish design yet functional and suitable for any room
  • Material: Engineered particle board and PVC Tubes.
  • Great storage organizer unit for bathroom, closet, home office, living room, kids room, kitchen, etc
  • Sturdy on flat surface and no hassle 5-minutes assembly
  • Product dimension: 47.2(W)x11.6(D)x29.5(H) inches
  • Rounded edge design prevents potential injuries.

Comments from buyers

“An honest review of a nice and affordable shelving unit., Perfect dimensions for a plant shelf, Don’t expect more than the description offers okay?”

Shelves have not sunk, a little test pushing shows the legs are stable and not swaying. It is carrying a lot of my books so i’m quite happy it hasn’t toppled. Will definitely purchase more in the future.Affordable, easy to assemble, and sturdy.

I needed something functional yet inexpensive for my books in my bedroom, and this shelf is both. Super easy to assemble and surprisingly sturdy. Would definitely purchase again.

My box came in good condition. There’s some flaws but i am still giving it 5 stars since i don’t think it’s a big deal. It’s mainly the plastic tubes. Per photos, there’s still some plastic shavings left and then some of the tubes there’s still tiny pieces of plastic still sticking out. Which were meant to be sliced off during the manufacturing process. But they’re really small so it’s not really a big of a deal. The shelf itself feels sturdy enough for the items that i’m going to place on it. 5 gallon vaporizer for my baby that roomshares with me. I think you can even put it together with your eyes closed. Maybe under 8 minutues it was done. I think it’s pretty good for the price.

Expect to get item as pictured. Very easy to pull over though (kid warning). For the price i’d say it’s what you expect in a less than $40 bookshelf. But quick allergy warning for those with chemical allergies: i didn’t read the building materials, the rods are pvc. I did not think furniture would be made of pvc, until my throat started closing up from a reaction and at 1am i was in a panic trying to figure out if it could be the new bookshelf causing it. Building materials are clearly left in description, pvc rods. When i left the room, symptoms began to improve. Immediately removed it from the house. One week later, my throat is still very sore but still slowly improving. So we cannot use it, but my sweet 6yo tossed the box making it nonreturnable so we will use it outside or garage.

Just what i was looking for, for my classroom. I got two of them and in less than 30 miutes, i had them assembled and ready for organization.

Yes, it’s made of particle board and plastic tubes. That’s how it is advertised. Do not expect to be jumping up and down on it but it is perfect for my 10 pound flat screen, dvd player, tv box, etc. If you’re looking for something your kids can’t break.

Packaging&assembly: the packaging was very good for this item. It was not as bulky as i had expected and it was light enough to bring into the house myself. There was not an unnecessary amount of cardboard and the entire shelf fit into one box. It took maybe about ten minutes. The directions were very clear and simple. All you really have to do is screw the plastic legs into place and stack the wood. No tools needed and the wood pieces are not heavy. This is a simple job if you are doing it alone. Overall look: the wooden pieces seem to be cork board, but the finish does look appealing.

This shelving unit proved to be far better than i expected for the money. It assembles easily and quickly and is finished well enough to eliminate any need to ‘hide’ it. As for stability, if you load it using common sense it will hold a substantial load (heavier items on bottom shelf,etc. ) no, you wouldn’t make it the center of attraction in a room, but beyond that, i see no significant limitations. It does the job and i would buy another should the need arise.

This is perfect for showing off collectables, knickknacks or just any odd stuff that doesn’t really fit anywhere else. I was very pleasantly surprised when it arrived and saw that it was a lot bigger than i first thought. Just attach the feet on the bottom (it can be any shelf as they’re all the same), then screw in the legs, place the other shelves on the legs, then screw in the caps on the top shelf. Of course for the super easy setup and low price does come the drawbacks. It is that cheap pressed wood laminate material so it is easily frayed and scratched.

Just twist the poles together through the holes and you’re done. The legs are plastic however so i wouldn’t recommend it for very heavy objects like a huge television. I use mine for books mostly and it’s holding up well. Very good length and height so it can hold mostly anything in each area. I would highly recommend for someone that doesn’t want to use tools but have a great looking bookshelf.

Great shelf for light weight things. I would not recommend for heavy items.

I am 60 years old and put the shelf together myself in about 20 minutes. It’s not too high and i purchase the storage cubes on amazon that fit perfect on the shelves. I like to be able to fold heavier clothing items like jeans instead of putting them in a dresser. Works well sturdy for the price.

Came with damage to the edges, some gouges and scratches. I placed the worst shelf on the bottom and went up to the best looking shelf. I still like it and will probably purchase another one.

I have three of these double wide shelves. I use them for plants, and they have worked exceptionally well for this purpose. While i wouldn’t put a large, heavy ceramic/cement planter on one of these, i have had no issues with loading the shelves up with plastic planters, trays, and so forth. The supports are spaced perfectly to allow for a 1020 tray in each quadrant, which makes these shelves ideal for starting seeds. Unlike many shelf units, this is the perfect length for 4ft grow lights. I attached three 4ft integrated led shop lights (barrina t5 leds, 6500k) to the bottom of each shelf (so six lights per unit). Many tube-style integrated led shop lights come with small metal brackets that attach to a surface with a single screw. The lights snap into these brackets. Because the furinno shelves are a composite material, i was able to screw on the brackets using a manual screwdriver. The bracket screws that came with the lights were exactly the right length to attach the bracket and go through the entire shelf without poking through to the other side.

Very simple and quick to put together. I use the top shelf for a tv stand, the middle and bottom for other random around the house stuff. Papers, speaker, able house,’and items it can hold. It’s a decent size and looks nice in my bedroom.

I wanted to post a review for my new furinno 3-tier display rack. When i read reviews here on amazon, i tend to see a common trend of polarizing reviews. It’s either, ‘this product is the worst ever, one star. ‘, or, ‘this is the best product ever, five stars’. I decided to purchase this shelf because i needed more room for displaying my monster high and ever after high doll collection. The shelf arrived with no major damage to it, just a very small ding on one of the wooden shelves. The assembly was very easy and all of the parts fit together with no issues. If you are expecting this shelf to be a piece of furniture art, you are being a delusional. If you want a nice looking, sturdy and affordable shelving unit, then this is a good choice for you.

Bigger than anticipated, but perfect size for my collectibles. It’s not heavy once assembled, which is great. The material does feel kinda flimsy, so definitely can’t put anything even a little heavy on it. It’s particle board, and the bars are plastic & screw into one another. Each section between bars states 15lb max, i would definitely stay below that. It’s brown, but in my lighting, it looks black. Edges have minor scruffs all around every shelf, which is why i deducted a star. (included photo of one edge just to show what i mean). Very easy to put together, no tools.

I use the shelf for homeschooling supplies and resources, including some heavy coffee table books and have noticed no bowing so far. The shelves look thin, but they can hold quite a bit. The edges do look a little fragile, so it might get beaten up if you have a dog that chews or are an over-zealous vacuumer :).

I would have liked them more if the pvc had been either wood or metal. They would have seemed more sturdy. I don’t know if i would load them down with anything very heavy. But these serve the purpose that i purchased them for (to set drinks on behind my couch).

Amazing price, nice touch of class with simple, classic styles. Super affordable when you’re on a budget. Put this together with 4 separate furinno pieces.

Looks nice, but the top has disks that connect to the pipes so the top isn’t an actually flat surface. 5×11 piece of paper fits on it, but with no room to spare. Wobbles when interacted with – good for storing things that don’t get used often, but if you’re constantly getting things off of it it might not hold up well.

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Furinno 99130EX/BK Turn-N-Tube 3-Tier Double Size Storage Display Rack, Espresso/Black
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