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Guardian EcoGuard Indoor Wiper Floor Mat, It will have to do

I ordered two of these and i am in love with them. In fact i just ordered another one. I bought one for my camper and one for in my mudd room. They are heavy so the ends do not curl and very sturdy. A+++++ product, highly recommend, especially for the awesome price point.

Heavy weight and classy texture. Edges and corners do not roll. Catches the tracked in dirt, etc. Using over inlaid indoor/outdoor carpet in our entry porch with pet and kid traffic, but also a nice stylish greeting for guests. Paired 3 x 5 and 2 x 3 for fully coverage.

I used this to protect the wood floor under the dog dishes so water doesn’t damage the wood floors. Works great, this is heavy duty and well made. It could be used as an entrance mat.

Key specs for Guardian EcoGuard Indoor Wiper Floor Mat, Recycled Plastic and Rubber, 3′ x 5′, Charcoal:

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  • Carpeted surface is made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles.
  • Backing is made from used tires.
  • 24 oz. fibers for better absorbency.Dimesnion:36″ x 60″.
  • Bi-level construction traps dirt below surface.
  • Carpeted surface is made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles.
  • Backing is made from used tires.
  • 24 oz. fibers for better absorbency.
  • Bi-level construction traps dirt below surface.

Comments from buyers

“Durable, functional, soft., I returned it on viewing it in person, good quality, catches dirt well”

This mat is large and looks ok, however, don’t wipe your feet on it. The friction causes it to ball up and pill, and it will never look the same again. What good is a door mat if you can’t wipe your feet on it?.

This is a solid mat but there were a few things that put me off on it and i returned it. I was planning to keep it until i saw comparable, but much thicker and heavier duty mats at costco for $19 each. I also saw a lot of reviews about fuzziness, which i didn’t want to deal with. If i didn’t find better options, i might have kept this mat, but it doesn’t seem like it’s anything special and it is $40 which isn’t exactly cheap for an all black recycled rubber mat.

I have some water hog mats and was hoping these would be comparable. They are ok but nowhere near the quality of a water hog. I should have known by the much cheaper price.

Would have rated only 1 star after our first mat which refused to flatten out. The box clearly states to let it rest for a few hours at room temperature prior to unrolling which we followed. Pretty certain it was packaged poorly as the end of the mat was literally folded over almost creased. Anyways after days trying to flatten with weights, heat etc we returned/replaced with another. Second mat settled and flattened fine. Using it at our back garage door entry and seems to pull debris from our shoes fine. Check the end of the mat and make sure its not creased. If it is, dont waste your time trying to flatten it and replace immediately.

Awesome mat that i have inside by our door that goes out to the fence. Our wood floors stay so much cleaner after the dog comes in – it definitely catches the access dirt 🙂 looks really nice as well. Looks much more high quality than i expected. Will try to add a picture soon.

Delivery took a couple weeks but i won’t take off any stars for that.

We started with a small doormat and tested that throughout the winter. It did such a superior job collecting mud and water that we bought two of the large mats. All three mats are in our mud room. Since we’ve had them, the amount of dirt getting into the house has been minimized. They’re easy to clean — i just vacuum with the vacuum set to the shortest pile. At some point, we’ll take them outside and hose them off. However, in the meantime, they have been worth every penny.

Terrific mats for the office. We bought them to save ourselves the cost of having them brought and cleaned every month by a service company. We can buy a complete set of these mats for the cost of renting them for 3 months – so we can buy them and then buy new ones every three months or (hopefully) every six moths and save a lot of moneywe were able to order 4 different sizes to fit each doorway and corridor that we needed to cover. Guardian ecoguard indoor wiper floor mat, recycled plastic and rubber, 3′ x 4′, charcoal.

I’ve only had it a few days and use it as an indoor mat. I was worried about smell because some of the reviews on other mats but this one only smelled a bit when i first opened it but it has pretty much vanished now. I like the feel of the mat and the pattern. Its firm enough to easily wipe dirt, snow, salt, etc. From your boots but not scratchy when you walk over it with bare feet. I ordered the 2′ by 3′ and it is slightly smaller (about a half inch on both) but that wasn’t a big deal to me.

I bought this for use as a gun cleaning matt, after looking at all available items this seemed to make sense and if it didn’t work i had a outdoor matt. Well low and behold this is a great multi use matt the rug is nice to hold all the springs and screws without rolling off. It is soft enough to protect the stock and when working on the hand gun it covers the entire width of the table. It is a little heavy but the great thing is nothing get through the matt, clean up is easy. Oh one other thing when cutting or filing this gives me a place that does not slide. So feel comfortable about using this for any hobbies you might have.

I bought 2 and i’ve had the mats down for a week now. If there’s a problem with longevity i will update this review. But they look very well made, feel durable, and man are they smooth on the feet. They’re soft to stand on and heavy, reducing sliding. They’re not a ‘no-slide’ design, but movement is minimal. They do catch a lot of the crap i track inside at the door. I’ll add that they’re supple, not thick and rigid like many door mats.

I ordered these for a friend who is in a wheelchair. He uses them over the threshold area between his kitchen linoleum and his entry linoleum where the carpeting meets up with the harder flooring area. It makes it easier for his wheelchair to glide over where the two types of flooring meet. Seems sturdy and easy to clean.

These are great rugs for the entryway. Trying to get two small kids out of their wet winter things was a bit tricky on a tile entryway. These are soft on top and heavy and don’t slide. Only had them a few weeks so i can’t speak for durability, but they seem very well made.

I actually love this little mat at our back door. Catches a lot of dirt and debris from the bottom of shoes and paws because of the material and texture. My cats love to use it as a scratching pad so they are pulling it apart. Not the fault of the manufacturer. It’s a great mat and apparently the cats agree.

I use this as a mat for the dogs food and water bowls once it gets too dirty i take it out and blast it off with the hose and then let it dry. Highly recommended and so far has held together even with the dogs trying to dig and fight with it.

We placed this mat at the entrance from our garage, and it passes the opening to our mudroom. It has been fantastic at catching all the grime they are bringing in from the winter weather. Very happy with the purchase.

My daughter’s (unattached) garage has a cement floor which, if you step down into it from the outside with snow on the bottom of your boots, is extremely slippery. I almost took a nasty fall, which prompted the search for a non-slick mat. This one totally fits the bill. The mat stays put on the cement floor (without additional adhesives) and permits a secure entry.

Only complaint is despite what a couple of reviews said, it does have a noticeable rubber odor. It’s not overwhelming but it is there.

I had previoisly bought a coconut fiber mat that looked great at first but then looked disgusting after it got rained on a few times. I did a massive search for a 36 inch mat and i made the best choice ever. I have problens with my balance and this mat is thin enough but dense enough to provide a solid surface to walk on. The corners lie flat and color looks great even when it rains.

Advertized 3 x10, the one i received is only 9. 5 feet and the color looks more like a black. I am hoping that the other one i bought matches this one here b/c the color is also listed as charcoal.

Got the mat today and it looks like a quality one. I believe that because it is made of re-cycled nylon fibers that it will hold up to the nw weather here on the coast of wa state. Another winner by amazon imo.

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