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Homelegance 9700FCP-3 Double Reclining Sofa – Not Bad For The Money

It’s a leap of faith to order furniture online, but i’m glad i took that leap for this love seat. Our family room is an odd shape and 3 love seats fit way better than a couch, a love seat and chair. I love how both sides recline. Now we can have six people watching a movie or ball game on tv and everyone can recline. We’ve had them now for 3 weeks. They are super comfortable and they were easy to assemble, too. The quality seems good so far. My family can’t tell the difference between bonded leather and leather so that’s a bonus.

Moved it into our rv with no problem. It comes in one box regardless of what you read. The box contains the base, two backs and two side pads. We have a 24′ door and it just fit through it. It takes two people to carry it through the door and up to the main floor. I would guess the base weighs about 100 lbs. The other pieces could be carried by a young child (there so light). We used the seat belts on our rig’s floor to secure it. It reclines almost horizontal. Makes a great bed for two people.

The recliner itself is very comfortable. . As a matter of fact it does lay back flat and i have fallen asleep on it for a pleasing and restful nap. One aspect of this recliner i would ‘adjust’ is that first of all, thee leg extension will not stay put which to me is not the end off the world and secondly it takes a bit of ‘oommpph’ to push the leg extenders back into their locked position which might be a great bother to some. My problem with the recliner was during its delivery. Our door pounded practically off the hinges the afternoon of the delivery day (we had thus waited most of the day). . When we scurried to the door, the driver was already walking away to his truck even though the instructions clearly specified being present for delivery. . When we mentioned this the driver brazenly answered that his ‘dropping the box off’ at our doorstep constituted a signature and that if it were raining he ‘might’ of done us the favor of shoving it further in. . I know that this is a locally contracted company but, if this is the kind of low speed, worthless, low-bid kind of delivery personnel that amazon. Com contracts in areas unfortunately like mine (i imagine there are other areas with excellent customer service. ) i’m mostly disappointed since i’ve had a looooonngg and mostly happy relationship with amazon. Here are the specifications for the Homelegance 9700FCP-3 Double Reclining Sofa:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Plush Microfiber
  • Imported
  • Cranley Collection seating area is covered in brown textured plush microfiber and side area is covered in faux leather (Bi-cast vinyl or PU)
  • Overstuffed arms, seats and backs upholstered with high-density foam in cushioned comfort
  • Lever action reclining mechanism for easy operation
  • Measures 83″ x 39″ x 40″H; Easy seat back assembly is required
  • Matching chair (9700FCP -1) and loveseat (9700FCP -2) to complete your ideal seating configuration; Other fabric options: 9700BLK & 9700BRW

Comfortable for naps even though i am almost six foot tall. The recliners work great for watching tv or even for working on my laptop.

We were extremely hesitant to buy furniture online without the opportunity to sit on it first to see how comfortable it is. But after looking around locally and online, we just couldn’t find anything comparable to this in a similar price range. So we took the chance and ordered this and the love seat, and i’m glad to say it’s as comfortable as advertised. We’ve owned these for 6 months and i have nothing but good things to say about how comfortable and how nice the set looks. The material feels good and they recline just perfectly. Don’t let the fact that you can’t sit on it before buying deter you. The only reason i can’t give this 5 stars is because the material is definitely a bit thin. We have cats that are declawed (front only) and didn’t anticipate any issues. They are older, more mellow kitties but they have still managed to tear this furniture up pretty badly in a short amount of time. I have attached a picture, hopefully decent enough quality to make out the damage.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good quality and very comfortable
  • After almost a year of owning this sofa, it
  • Very comfortable, but pet owners beware.

We got the loveseat yesterday. It was in a large box which was intact. The delivery man was going to take it all the way into our home but couldn’t. We live in a 36 foot fifth wheel trailer with a door that was too small for the box to fit through. We ended up entertaining the nosy next door neighbor by pulling everything out of the box and hauling it into the trailer. Once the loveseat was unpacked everything fit through the door just fine. A little advice here—when bringing the base through the doorway lay it on a blanket so that you can pull it through the doorway without doing damage to the unit or your home. Once we had everything inside we got it all put together in less than 15 minutes. We’re senior citizens—we figured 15 minutes was great timing.

While i would never recommend this item due to horrific delays and ‘customer service’, the loveseat itself is adequate. Assembly is straightforward. The recliners are its weak point. They don’t come up high enough. Your legs are always pointing down. Also, if you are over 5′ 8′, your legs will extend way past the foot rests. Seats seem comfortable enough so far. Basically, you get what you pay for. Find a different seller, though.

Can’t say enough good things about this couch. I moved into a new place and was couch-shopping both locally and on the internet. I found a couple of things that were less expensive than this one but i kept gravitating toward this couch because i was willing to pay a bit more for an item with moving parts in order to ensure better quality. I am extremely pleased with the choice i made. The faux leather is of good quality, the color is truly espresso, and assembly took all of 2 minutes without any tools. The back comes in 5 different pieces. Three are back rests as you can see in the picture of the product, and two are the vertical rests that flank the left and right back cushion. All of the back cushions slide into either a prong protruding from the sofa seat and the vertical parts slide into the cushions. It is a bit heavy and i had to drag it on the carpet but it wasn’t too bad. If you have wood floors it’ll be even easier to drag it.

I am 5-9 and it fits me comfortably. It doesn’t have an arm to retract the foot rest and you have to push it back with your feet which is good for the tummy muscles. It is difficult to tell which parts are leather or not. Time will tell about the quality, will need to update someday. Many of the reviews fault the delivery and my experience is: they called to confirm the delivery. Delivered on day and time frame planned. Delivery man, working alone, was pleasant and helpful in that i got him to bring it into my living room.

So far a very good love seat. Have had this just over a month and we like it very well, very comfortable. I was a little surprised when it did arrive as it was in what i thought a rather small box. Opening it up the backs and side supports were separate. In about 10 min we had them installed (they just slide onto arms) and we were set.

First ever couch purchased online so thank you to all who left reviews as it was so helpful. This couch is comfortable, easy to clean and comfortable. It does not have the bulk of a normal recliner which is what i was most concerned about. Also, we desperately needed something with lower back support which this couch has.

My review may be skewed as i purchased this item at significantly less than it is currently listed, however for the price (i purchased this for under $500) this is a great couch / recliner. The faux leather material is very comfortable and doesn’t seem particularly cheap to me as some have mentioned here. If you are buying a couch in this price range you clearly are not seeking out the finest of materials and so i am reviewing it for what it is. My one major complaint, echoed by others as well is that it is really not a couch made for anyone above 5’10 or so. The leg support does not extend very far and if you are that height or above your feet / legs will hang off to some degree, so if you are looking for full support of your feet that is not happening. The back also does not extend out in any fashion so you will not get into a horizontal sleeping position if that is what you are looking for. The reclining mechanism itself seems robust enough and i have not had any issues with anything breaking down as of yet. All in all, great product for the price, if you manage to get a good one (it fluctuates constantly).

Very happy with this purchase. Bought both the loveseat and couch. Very nice quality, very soft, and very easy to put together. Also saved a small fortune by ordering thru amazon.

The whole transaction, from ordering to delivery, was excellent. I bought this to get me thru until i can get lay z boy double recliner, center console full length couch. I got this based on a particular review by a 6′ plus male. I am 5′ 10′ and when i sit in the upright position the tops of my shoulders and head are above the seat back. When reclined with my head on the headrest part my legs stick out past the end of the footrest part roughly 8′ from the bottom of my feet. This is good for people, 5′ 6′ or less, or short term use by taller people.

After days of shopping in stores and online, we finally took the plunge. Delivery was a breeze and arrived quickly. The backs and upper sides are not attached for shipping. No tools are needed to assemble and takes less than 3 minutes. We easily assembled the unit inside of the motor home because the entry door is 24 inches wide. The base of the loveseat easily fit through the door with no problems. We have a 26′ class c and took out the uncomfortable booth dinette and put this in it’s place. It needs about 6 inches to fully recline and most would call it a wall hugger because the first recline position moves the back down and away from the wall. It is very comfortable, although you have to remember that is not top grain leather, so with that said, and speaking from experience, a good cover is in order if you have pets or will be using it constantly in a home because this material tends to peel after a couple of years.

Very good fit for our living room. It was very easy to assemble(maybe 10 minutes). It looks nice and is verycomfortable. Taller people may find it is too short in the foot area, but we are short so it fits us well. I like that there are no gaps between the foot part and seat, easy on your legs.

I put led light’s underneath the sofa looks great and feels good.

Arrived today and fit thru the 24′ door into the rv with room to spare. For potential buyers looking to install in an rv there are multiple holes in the steel framing that can be used to secure the seat to the floor. 3/8′ lag bolts fit without issues. A little difficult to reach but workable.

Bought this for our class c rv. We had a dinette booth with drop down table to make a bed. And also had a small jackknife sofa. We had no comfortable place to sit in the evenings and watch tv. So i decided to remove both the dinette and the sofa. I replaced the small sofa with a table and 2 chairs for eating and the dinette was replaced with this double recliner. The recliner was in pieces so it was easy to get in the 23′ door and after it was inside it went together in a snap with no tools. It is really comfortable and reclines almost horizontal. Only needs minimal wall clearance too.

Love the sofa so far, it is very comfortable. I was afraid the pillow would be too firm, but the headrest pillow is actually quite plush. I was hoping the footrest would come up all the way to flat, the back doesn’t go all the way down neither. Still recline low enough for me to take a nap though. Assembling the back to the sofa base is simple, though the round cover for the side controller fell off and i almost threw them away along with the packaging. They snap back in easily once i found them. The sofa itself did not come with a brand tag, nor a warranty card. I’m in the process of working with amazon and homelegance to get the warranty info. Update: homelegance does not want to deal with end user customers. Amazon ended up giving me the 3yr furniture plan from smartgard (http://www.

I ordered two of these recliners. They were each delivered in a large box. The delivery men brought them into my house and placed the boxes where i wanted them and then left. When you open the boxes you find four pieces that have to be assembled. The two arms, the back and the bottom of the chair. The good part is that it is very easy to put all of the pieces together just by sliding them into long slots that are there for the assembly purpose. The recliner is very comfortable and was exactly as i had expected. Such an easy way to shop for furniture and then delivered right into my living room.

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